Dear Readers,

Periodically, I bear my soul in embarrassing detail here on this blog and give you a glimpse into some of my own struggles. When I do this, it’s not because I want to brag about the roller coaster ride that is my life and not even because I’m trying desperately to make sure you don’t put me on a pedestal, but mostly because I see the value in sharing how I gained valuable insight from falling smack dab on my ass in some way.

Previous examples include a post where I wrote about the wisdom I gained from having my water heater explode and, oh yes, there was that time I got hacked.

I will, as per usual, offer the following disclaimer: I am by no means perfect. I have resistance, just like everyone else and I will continue to have some as long as I’m alive. In fact, I tend to live fast and focus on what I want with a vengeance, which means that when I hit resistance, there’s usually a loud bang and a whole lot of carnage. I’ve learned not to try and avoid the carnage, but instead, I do my best to use the information contained in those manifestations to help me move towards what I want. Today, I’d like to share one such recent example with you.

This is the story of how my teeth tried to kill me. Well, sort of.

It begins…

Regular readers may remember my last Spa holiday in June. I love Spas, and often visit one once or twice a year. They make it easy for me to relax, recharge and just feel like a queen. Spending a week in a quiet, tranquil space also gives me an opportunity to meditate much more than usual, and spend a great deal of time in self-reflection. This means that during this time or shortly after, I tend to have a flood of manifestations, both positive and “negative”, depending on my level of resistance. I’ve learned to just allow this to happen; I’m always better off for it.

So, there I was, having a wonderful Spa holiday. I only had a couple of days left, when I woke up in the middle of the night with a toothache. I was a bit confused, since the tooth that was hurting no longer had a nerve – it had been subjected to a root canal many years ago. But it was aching and there I was, in the middle of the mountains, without a painkiller or any means to get one. I detached from the pain using the Butterfly technique, did a bit of Reiki on it and was able to go back to sleep. In the morning, the pain was gone and I just let it go.

A couple of days later, as we were about to leave the spa, the pain flared up again – this time during the day and quite a bit worse. I was flying back to Barcelona in just under 48 hours, though, and figured I could make it. About 12 hours later, I changed my mind. I hadn’t so much as taken an aspirin in years, but I found myself having to pop Ibuprofen at shorter and shorter intervals. It was time to go to the dentist.  After some back and forth (finding a dentist who would see me on short notice and would be able to charge me directly, considering I don’t have dental insurance which is usually required by law in Germany), I was able to get an appointment with a specialist, no less, just hours before my flight. He took one of those X-Rays where you stand in the machine and it rotates around you, you know, the kind that makes you feel like you’re being scanned for cloning in some futuristic (or not?) Sci-Fi movie. I always kind of expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to pop out and eliminate the real me, once the scans are complete. Considering how much dental work I’ve had in my life, there could be a whole army of Melody’s out there somewhere. We could get one hell of a Spa discount!

The verdict

Once Schwarzenegger had taken my X-rays, he gave me the news: Not one, not two, but three of my teeth were infected due to shoddy root canal work and they were all fixin’ to explode, like nasty, little time bombs just waiting for me let my guard down and do something, like, oh I don’t know, go on Spa holiday and spend every day in a sauna, the heat of which just happens to be to infections what napalm is to a bomb. My first gut reaction was a familiar sinking feeling. I grew up with bad teeth. Cavities were a given and dentists with whizzing drills, Turkey baster sized Novocain needles and maniacal, evil cackles haunted my dreams. In the last few years, I’d been able to get the situation mostly under control. As my energy had shifted and my diet had changed, so had my teeth. New cavities were rare, my gums looked great and checkups were generally a pleasant experience, which represented a huge triumph for me.

But not this time. My stomach clenched as I realized that I had, once again, been totally betrayed by my body and that I was going to be spending the next few months getting treatments. Worse yet, the German dentist informed me that unless I found a highly skilled Endodontist (dentists who specialize in Root Canals), I would most likely lose all three teeth. I was not a happy camper. I received more painkillers and some antibiotics and was sent on my way.

The build up

What followed next was one of the most painful experiences of my entire life, surpassed only by the time, over twenty years ago, that one of my teeth decided to just up and die one day, but decided to go out with a bang. The pain of it nearly drove me insane.

We all know what happens to a water bottle in the cabin of an airplane. The pressure squeezes the bottle until it buckles. If it’s not flexible enough, it explodes. Now, imagine that your jaw is that bottle. And it’s not that flexible. Yeah. It was like that. As the infection in my lower jaw was put under pressure, the pain increased. In my haziness, I mixed up the medication and instead of dousing myself with painkillers, I was actually giving myself a massive dose of antibiotics. This, as it turned out later, wasn’t actually such a bad thing, except of course that my pain remained at a full 100%.

I focused and detached and was actually able to step completely out of the pain for seconds at a time. Even while in pain, I recognize an opportunity to practice focusing when I see one, damn it, because I’m hard core like that. For several hours, I was able to stave off a complete meltdown by focusing. I also did my best to stay positive. There was a reason for this, I just couldn’t see it yet. Everything would work out. The pain would pass. And it worked. Until I got home.

By this time, I’d been in massive amounts of pain for hours. Landing hadn’t made the pain any better. In fact, it seemed to be even worse than it had been while I was in the air. I held it together on the taxi ride home from the airport, but when I stepped into the sanctuary that is my apartment, I started to cry. I was feeling sorry for myself, was having a really hard time staying positive (I wasn’t positive, I was trying to be but was totally lying to myself at this point), and feeling a bit like a failure for not being able to figure out what the hell was actually going on. I mean, I teach this crap, for crying out loud.

On top of this, I hadn’t been able to get a hold of my dentist in Barcelona, so that I could make an appointment. His office seemed to have been shut down. So, I was going to have to find a new dentist, someone I didn’t know or trust, to fix what the German dentist had told me could only be handled by a highly specialized expert. Oh goody. I figured that I’d log onto the internet and begin the search, but when I tried, my PC, the lifeblood of my business, my entertainment, my main communication device with the rest of the world, wouldn’t boot up.

It was at this point that I totally and completely Lost. My. Shit.

The release

That’s right. I had a total meltdown. I wasn’t just crying anymore, with elegant tears trickling down my carefully arranged face while staring soulfully off into the distance. I was a sobbing, snotty, drooling, red-faced, sweaty mess. I was like a two year old throwing a tantrum – a very foul mouthed two year old, that is. I screamed at the PC, at the Universe, at God and the world. I bargained and pleaded and threatened. Take away the pain God damn it, or I’ll stop helping people. Even as I screamed my anger and desperation to the ethers, I knew I was being ridiculous. I didn’t care. I’d had enough and nothing mattered as much as getting rid of this pain. I called the Universe names, asked what the hell it wanted of me (again, I knew I was being ridiculous, but that really didn’t matter in the moment), asked why it would punish me like this, and wanted to know what the hell was wrong with me that I needed to manifest this much pain to get my own attention. Anger and rage and helplessness and desperation flooded through me and it all came busting out.

I hadn’t been triggered like that in years and quite frankly, it was all encompassing and a bit stunning. I have no idea how much time passed or how long my tantrum lasted, but eventually, I ran out of steam. I felt empty and tired and spent and like my guts had just been ripped out. But I also felt better. I had no solutions yet, the pain was still there, but the rage was gone. The emotional pain had passed.

The shift

The second my release was over, my PC booted right up. There had never been a problem with it, but the manifestation of it not working had been the last little push I’d needed to put me over the edge. I had clearly been holding on to something; something old and ingrained so that I hadn’t been able to tell it was even there. It had taken a lot to break me, to get me to let go, but once I had, my reality changed. And fast. At the time of this writing, I’m still realizing some of the manifestations that came out of all this. The PC turning on was just the first glimmer.

  • I finally managed to take a real painkiller and slept soundly through the night. When I woke up the next day, the pain was gone. Sure, my face had swollen up, but the pain was totally gone.
  • Through a series of amazing circumstances, which would take too long to go into here, I found an incredible Endodontist in Barcelona. She speaks English (my dental Spanish is incredibly limited, although I’m now learning), is incredibly positive and as it turns out, totally believes in energy work.
  • She was able to save two of my teeth. The third was so messed up (three dentists couldn’t figure out what had been done to it), it had to go. I made my peace with that. Another specialist who does nothing but implants pulled the tooth. Incidentally, the tooth that had to go was the same one that had died and caused me all that trouble over twenty years earlier. I saw its departure as a kind of closing of the circle.
  • The process of fixing a botched and infected root canal is not easy or short. Before each appointment, I visualized the procedure going incredibly well and being as pleasant as possible. My reality complied. More than once my new and wonderful dentist exclaimed that the procedure had gone better than she could’ve dreamed. That’s LOA for ya, baby!
  • It also turned out that while these three teeth needed work, there was absolutely no other decay present. This was huge news for me, since it meant that I’d pretty much completely stopped my teeth from deteriorating any further. Considering a lifetime of cavities, this was HUGE news for me.
  • On top of all of this, all of this work was going to cost me a tiny fraction of what it would’ve in the US (like, 1/4 the price). Halle-fricken-lulia.

The lesson

It wasn’t until after my first visit to the dentist that I turned my attention to figuring out what had REALLY happened. What had I been holding on to? As I meditated and relaxed and intended to figure it out without putting pressure on myself, I remembered that a couple of weeks before my holiday, I’d been poking about at my money vibration. I’d realized that abundance was not flowing into my reality as much as I felt it should and that something was blocking it. I tried out different visualizations but couldn’t discern any emotions. I was so used to them that I couldn’t tell the difference. So, I focused on what I wanted in order to increase the energy flow. Basically, I sped up the energy so that whatever resistance I had would become big enough for me to notice it.  Well, it did.

The release of this energy was not a psychological process. I had set the intention to release it, not even really knowing what it was. I just knew what it was standing in the way of. I knew I was dealing with beliefs that I’d most likely picked up at birth. There were feelings of powerlessness in there, but I couldn’t get a whole lot more specific than that.

For me, personally, there are few things that make me feel more powerless than dental issues. Sitting in that dentist’s chair and enduring the pain is not dissimilar to being tortured. It suddenly made total sense that my rate of tooth decay had declined and my dentist visits had become much easier, as I’d become more empowered over the years. But here was this old energy, being represented by old dental work gone bad. And there was nothing I could do to stop the pain, nothing I could do to remedy the situation. I just had to put up with it. It had been the perfect manifestation of total powerlessness. And when I surrendered to it, when I gave up, when I let go of my anger and rage and just let it out so that the energy could shift, I released the belief right along with it.

The aftermath

The changes that have resulted from the release of this energy have been phenomenal. I’d been searching for a coach who could help me figure out the next steps, and although I’d resonated with a couple, I just couldn’t seem to book a session. After this shift, circumstances led me to an amazing coach and before I knew it, I’d whipped out my credit card. It felt like the most natural decision in the world. It was like I was suddenly running on pure intuition.

The session led to several key insights, which have caused me to completely restructure my business to not only take some of the pressure off of me, but get it ready for the next level (more on this shortly). Blockages I hadn’t even been aware of were falling by the wayside, and suddenly, my thoughts around money were not only much more positive but much, much bigger. Ideas continue to flood in faster than I can even capture them. People and opportunities are coming into my life at a pace that’s nearly overwhelming. The visions for my business are now on a whole different level. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s not just a new ballpark, it’s a new game.

Are all of my shifts this volatile? God, no. In fact, as I said, I haven’t had one like this in years. But I think it beautifully illustrates the perfection of our manifestations. The tooth pain, for me, was the ideal way to mirror the powerlessness I felt around money past a certain income level, and also the perfect vehicle to drive me to the point where I was willing to let it go. The process works whether we are aware of it or not. I didn’t even need to know exactly what the belief was. I just had to intend to release it and then let it happen (not that I had much choice with this one). Hell, I even made sure I didn’t numb the pain with painkillers, by manifesting a mix up in medication. Looking back on it, the whole situation couldn’t have been any more perfect. And because of this, I don’t regret a single painful second of the ordeal. My teeth are healing nicely, the dental treatments are now a really pleasant experience, and old, shoddy work is being expertly cleaned up once and for all. My business is evolving to a place where I’ll be able to help more people, while eventually working less and making more money. All in all, I’d say it was a huge win for me.

So, whattaya think? Is it helpful to you to get a glimpse into the inner workings of my vibrational life? Have you been able to see the value in some of your “negative” manifestations?

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  • Hello Melody, It is 11 and a half years after you posted this and i came back to it because I have toothache and I remembered this post. Thank you. Powerless is how I feel at the moment. I did not know it before I read your post but it guided me. And dentist and money goes hand in hand for me because I could buy a small car with all the money spent on teeth, some now long gone. I hope you see this, don’t know what you are up to these days but I miss your posts – I hope you are doing well. Thank you for keeping this up, I still visit.

    • Hey Mary!
      I’m so glad that this post was helpful to you! Yes, I’m still around, mostly working in the background, but very much still here. 🙂
      If you have any burning questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I still love answering them.

      Sending you big, smooshy hugs, Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  • I am entering this discussion months later,
    but I have an insight I wanted to share.
    Melody said she had a hunch the vibration or belief she wanted to shift had been with her “since birth”. My insight is that when we are born we have no teeth.
    We are also at our most helpless and vulnerable.
    So teeth issues and feelings of vulnerability could very well be linked or have an association. T

  • Melody – sounds like you sure have it going well for you and I like the marketing tools you have in place that have come my way. Continued success with all you do. Hugs back to you 🙂

  • You’re welcome Melody and you’re right about the process always being perfect. On another note about your comment on being candid, how do you get paid for that – is it eBooks, coaching, seminars, etc?

    • I get paid for coaching. And this blog attracts an audience, some of whom become my clients. I don’t do seminars yet, but will in the future. More is on the way, but it’s essentially all me, expressing in different ways. So, I consider that being paid to talk. 🙂


  • Melody – (forgot to add this) you’re welcome and sending many more warm thoughts and wishes. It seems like we’re so dense sometimes we won’t get it until we’re knocked up along side the head (just a little thump – don’t believe the Universe sends us bad stuff).

    But I believe we really do have an army of love and support behind us. We just have to be patient and ride it out to the end.

    Love back and thank you for writing so candidly about your dental experience.

    • Thanks Pat. And exactly! The process is always perfect, even when we’ve let it get more painful than we’d like. It will still take us where we want to go.

      And you’re welcome. I’m nothing if not candid (used to get me in trouble and now people pay me for it, LOL).

      Huge hugs!

  • thanks Mel, this is epic I’ll read again, I really wanna get this…
    area of life not working – set an intention to release the resistance, then wait for the manifestation that helps shift the belief (I may not even know I had)?

    • Hey Nay,

      If you’re not getting something that you want, you have some resistance. You may not know what it is, but you know it’s there, otherwise, the manifestation would be here.

      Focus on what you want as much as you can (get as close as you can)
      Set an intention to release whatever is blocking you
      Relax, forget and go and feel good. (Notice that this hit me at the end of my Spa holiday. I’d spent a great deal of time allowing during that week. I was wide open).

      That’s it! Well, it’s one way, but it’s really effective, especially when you can’t figure out what it is (those big, old beliefs are sometimes nearly impossible for us to detect in ourselves…)

      Huge hugs!

      • Mel, you’ve helped me change my life, I’m so grateful! Thankyou for the great, clarifying reponse… and, glad your teeth are finally sorted X
        I’m going to work on this concept – I’ll keep you pposted!

  • I am currently experiencing this same cycle. It started in PERFECT timing with this past weekend’s Full Blue Moon, and I feel like I am now towards the end of the cycle, or the Shift and Lesson part of your article. Reading this was so incredibly synchronistic and “coincidental” for me…thank you

    oh and I reblogged this article here:

    love and light =)

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks so much for spreading the word! 🙂

      I’ve certainly felt my big releases increase in the last two years and more so this year. The energy is continuously speeding up. That can make for a rougher ride, but the great thing is that it’s also getting easier and easier to manifest. Yay!

      Huge hugs!

  • I had a root canal on my two front teeth the Friday before my Sunday wedding….hmmm
    Then I got mononucleosis on my honeymoon….no lie…..It was a big transition and I figured my honey needed to be fully informed. It also gave me the skill to sleep away whole weekends when the world got too much for me…I love this manifestation!

    Now I have had a little cyst removed from my spine – about to explode…and it will not heal..I do not want to write on my blog…I do not want to write…I just want to keep reading….It is very painful to me to think that no one is listening or reading what I share and need to say….it is like my whole life experience – parents, teachers, siblings…friends.
    An older woman in our neighborhood group has been cutting me off the last 4 gatherings….saying I am so negative?
    I think I am on to something big here….I am my own personal resistance revolution…
    I think it is a good thing….
    Nice to know that you are a living human sort….:) Thank you for sharing

  • Thank you Melody for this wonderful story as it further confirms messages the Universe has been sending my way more these days and that is “release”. Over the past 1-1/2 years the messages haven’t comes via dental work but by way of critical family health issues, cancer, family horse death, loss of mother-in-law and loss of job to mention several.

    When my acupuncturist asked me in view of the cancer diagnosis whether I wanted to live or die I couldn’t really say at the time. All I could say was that I was tired. Apparently, I wanted to stay and it has been a whirlwind like in your post but through it all I feel as if I’m on the outside of it like a third party looking in. Sure, I have felt some of the physical and emotional pain in working through these events but still get the feeling more is going on. There is a release happening and someone has taken the wheel and I’m in for the ride.

    For example, I wanted to share a little story ( and a site “11:11 Awakening Code” (!/pages/1111-Awakening-Code/141194563292) that just showed up on my Facebook (and I see 11:11 all the time).

    So I definitely get what you’re saying about releasing and how our bodies work together with the energies that be to get us to the best place for the work we have to do in loving and helping those around us.

    Thank you for sharing such a personal and vivid experience. I felt like I was right in the chair with you feeling your pain but also feeling the release with you.

    God bless

    • You’re so very welcome Pat. Thank you for sharing yourself! What a powerful story and so honest. We have so much more help than we realize, and oddly enough, it’s in the moments when we move out of the greatest pain that we tend to get the biggest glimpse of just how supported we are. Whatever journey you’re on, it’s perfect for you, even if it takes you through some rough terrain. Just knowing that can be a big help. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind and wonderful words. And thank you for sharing here.

      Huge happy shiny smooshy-faced puppy hugs,


  • Hey Melody – thanks for sharing this story. Not just physical pain like the horrible experience it sound like you went through at the dentist, but other circumstances and life events also tend to produce similar awakenings in our life, don’t you think:) ? They come into our life for one thing but really wake up a lot of other things about us!!

    LIfe can be a painful, sometimes persistent teacher:)

  • Melody…

    Do I ever identify with your story…..and feel your pain. I realized that I had cracked a tooth about a month ago. Knowing that I was going to Philly in October where I have a wonderful dentist, I decided to put it off…until I spoke with a dentist who told me how dangerous it was to not address it. So, I broke down and went yesterday to a dentist …and guess what? I need root canal, etc., etc., It was a major reminder about listening to our bodies…xxoo-Fran

    • Hey Fran,

      Thanks for sharing! Many of us ignore our intuition when it comes to our bodies. We take pride in being able to put up with a certain amount of pain, have a resistance to going to the doctor, etc. But we can often manifest our healing through a dentist more easily than by just letting it go. I’m sure that next time, you’ll listen more easily because of this incident. And maybe, you’ll even hear it before a tooth has to crack. Ah, the dream. 😆

      Huge hugs!!!


      • what if the core (root) of our “Instincts” became infected , due to our one-sided- picture of the whole….how would we know?…..esp…if we carry on the thought that this one-sided view we’re presently entertaining IS the whole Picture? thus leaving us with a Hole in the WHOLE inviting infection to occur? (i.e. the other half of the whole picture we resist or haven’t learned to embrace yet, being left open to invasion on a sub-conscious level}
        Wouldn’t trusting in a one-sided structure be setting myself up for experiencing the collapse of it sometime in my immediate future. (i.e.physical pain or times when the “sh*t hits the fan” moments? Could it be that…That which is being experienced as resistance is being produced from the UNBALANCED FLOW of one’s awareness /energy flow distribution between both aspects of the whole. resulting in a “DAM”{i.e. separation} producing resistance?

        • Hey there,

          Yes, in a sense, I would agree with you. I would refer to this as having a limited perspective. At its core, this LOA work is really about gaining a broader perspective, seeing more sides, more aspects, more options. The bigger our view and the more points of view we can accept as valid, the less resistance we have (we can see the resistance as an inability or unwillingness to see certain points of view).


  • Melody!

    Your fearlessness in relating this episode blows my little mind away.

    First, thank you for digging as deep as your endodontist on this. You are lancing a lot of boils for the rest of us. (Or am I speaking only for myself here??!) Truly, verily, I say unto you, wow. So much that has gotten better in my own life after painful intensity makes more sense in light of the ‘burst and release method’ you just described in riveting detail.

    Second, looking back now, do you think there was an easier way to release this tombed-in-your-body feeling/thought?

    ( . . . . skipping through my dozens of other comments so as not to put you to sleep, which all really boil down to this: You amaze me with your power of personal observation, and subsequent retrieval of universal messages . . . )

    Thirty-eighth, I’m aching to buy and read a book of yours about your own personal journey, filled with your life lessons . . . and hell, simply your vibrant life stories . . . . Is there any chance you’re secretly putting something together like that right now? Something I can buy, oh I don’t know, Thursday?

    I’m sure millions of your minions are clamoring for this —


    • LOL Evan,

      My “minions”? He, he, he. I love it. Well, I hadn’t thought about doing a book about my life story, but I have been planning on writing a full on Deliberate Receiving book at some point. I could pack some personal history into that… Hmmmm. That actually makes a lot of sense. Done! But you’ll have to wait on the publication date, I’m afraid. There’s too much goodness on my plate right now that I want to get out into the world first. 🙂

      Sure, there could’ve been an easier way to release this resistance, had I been able to detect it earlier. But I couldn’t. I tried, but couldn’t see it. And so, it manifested precisely as big as it needed to in order to help me figure it out. Or rather, in order to force me (allow me) to let it go. I didn’t actually figure it out until it was over. This is the beauty of the process. It works whether or not we understand it. I do think I shortened the process considerably by keeping my spirits up during the ordeal (I didn’t add more crap to the pile) and also, just letting the emotions out when they came. But all in all, I was being really stubborn about this energy without even knowing it, so it took a lot to make me let go of it. But even as stubborn and ingrained as this belief was, my intention to let it go (my intention to figure out and release the abundance blockage) was stronger and won out. Focusing on what I wanted caused the resistance to come up and be released in the perfect way for me in that moment. And so, seen in that light, there was no easier way for me in that moment. The way it happened was perfect. 🙂

      Thanks for being such a great minion. 😀

      Happy shiny puppy hugs!


      • Melody,

        I would love to read a book of yours! I am sure it will be full of great examples and would help anyone needing to raise their vibration and get a more in depth look at this material.

        Keeping spirits high and focusing on what you want are key!

        • Thanks Kat! Duly noted. I now have 3 readers for my book, lol. I have several books that are in the loop, and are just waiting for perfect timing to come out. One is 70% written but has stopped flowing for now. But they’ll all come in time. 🙂


  • So, I actually just had an emotional breakdown (pretty rare for me) tonight. I didn’t know where else to go to regain some stability and refocus, so I went to your website 🙂 Thank you for that.

  • Wow Melody!

    I had one root canal due to a filling that had cracked the tooth, causing a massive infection. And yes, the pain was excrutiating before I went to the dentist. And for you to have to wait and be on a plane!!! OH MY GOD!

    But what makes this post so cool to me is, I was just thinking the other day about some of your experiences with LOA, and what you have gone through, and how you have handled them. I love the examples you have given before, and wondered what some of your more difficult experiences were. I’m guessin’ this would be one!!!

    And seeing the tie between pain in the body to major resistance in life is very eye opening. The releasing part is where I still get stuck a little. Getting angry and releasing it makes sense, but also kinda bugs me, since I’m working on letting anger go. But I can see why/how it can be very cathartic!

    Might have to have a go at just lettin’ it fly when something pisses me off. Just not towards my husband. I kinda like the peace we have right now, so I’ll go for an inanimate object. 😉

    • Hey Nay,

      Letting anger go means letting anger out. And yeah, it’s better to do it in private. Then you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. You feel safe to be totally ridiculous. Of course, your husband is good at just letting you rant until you’re done, but not every partner is like that. If they try to “fix” the issue in that moment, it will either not end well for them, or you may shut the anger response down to appease them. I prefer to throw my tantrums alone. 😆

      Yes, this was one of my most difficult releases. I’ve had others like this, but not for a very long time, and usually brought on by emotional pain, rarely physical pain. I still release stuff all the time, but it’s usually annoying or frustrating at worst. This was a biggie. But it also cleared up a huge blockage that I hadn’t even known was there. And the rewards from that are amazing. I suppose I could write about the more minor releases, but they’re kind of boring… 😉

      I was a bit hesitant about publishing this post, because I didn’t want to scare people. I didn’t want anyone to think that this kind of suffering is absolutely required to release resistance. It will happen in whatever way is best for you. But sometimes, it might involve some pain and suffering. Even if it does, though, there is a purpose behind it. And that’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

      Huge hugs!

      • Melody,

        When you said:

        ‘The release of this energy was not a psychological process. I had set the intention to release it, not even really knowing what it was. I just knew what it was standing in the way of.’

        What do you mean? Can you explain a little on how you set the intention to release a blockage even when you’re not sure what it is. Did you just sit down with the knowledge that you had a blockage, and meditate on letting go of any blockages? Was it your inetense focus on what you want, ie, more abundance, how you set the intention to release? Can you just decide to let go of any unknown blockages without focusing on anything specific, or do you need to know of something that you are having a problem with?

        Hope these questions make sense…cause for some reason, the idea of setting the intention to release unknown resistance seems to be like trying to catch water with a net. I can’t seem to hold onto it, or make sense of it, even though I know this whole blog is about releasing resistance. Wait a minute! could this mean I have a blockage on this…just kidding! I think. 😉

        Thanks as always for such an amazing insight on how LOA works!

        • Hey Nay,

          I focused on what I wanted, and could feel that there was discord. First of all, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted – the flow of abundance past a certain point wasn’t easy. Basically, I’m ok up ot a certain income point, and then, there was this blockage. The ideas weren’t flowing, it didn’t feel quite right (no strong emotion, so I couldn’t discern it, but it felt closed off somehow). So, I did different visualizations to see if I could get at it, i.e. figure out a way to line up with abundance and/or figure out the specifics of the resistance. I did move some energy with some of my visualizations but I didn’t clear it or get clarity on what the blockage was. So, I let it go (no use getting frustrated) and set the intention to figure it out. That’s how I left it. “I will figure this out.” And then I forgot about it.

          The poking about I did, the different visualizations on abundance, that was enough work to speed up the energy so something would manifest. I’ve used this before, but of course, I had no idea what a monster was about to come to the surface. Either way, I don’t regret it for a second.

          Come to think of it, I didn’t keep poking about int eh same way, but I did incorporate a very general visualization of opening myself up to receive energy in several of my meditations from then on. It’s a pleasant visualization and it doesn’t trigger anything. But I wasn’t pushing, and I really didn’t keep “working” on it. That’s another reason it didn’t click right away when the manifestation arrived. It took me a while to make the correlation.

          Does that make sense?

          Huge hugs!

          • Melody,

            Makes perfect sense! This will be a practice I will be adding since that sense of things not flowing or happening is what I sense on some ideas I am working with. Like you said, visualizing isn’t bringing anything up and I’m not feeling any strong emotions, but there’s that sense of…stagnation I guess. Not going anywhere. Not quite the void, but definitely not flowing either.

            I’m excited that you’ve punched through and ideas and plans are comming together. It’s the least you deserve with all the positive energy you put out! 😀

            Thanks bunches!

  • I’m so glad I came across your blog. I’ve had dental issues in the past year and I’m now rethinking why the heck did this have to happen to me? I didn’t quite have the issues you experienced but I sure did go through the ringer getting my teeth fixed. Now as I reflect I wonder how it all ties into a business opportunity that came my way about the same time. Hmmm… funny how it all ties together. Suzanne

    • Isn’t it a lot more fun when you go and play detective rather than just accept that your body is a bastard? 😆 I love it that things actually do always make sense, even if I can’t necessarily recognize how in the moment.

      Huge hugs!


  • I completely understood your release moment. I had one myself not long ago when working out the budget and realizing the spending money for our vacation was gone. We’d been saving up each month. We got enough for the tickets, then for the hotel. Now all that was left was gas / spending money and it was gone. Part of it was poor planning, but part of it was for yet another high electric bill that was $30 more than I’d budgeted – and I’d been upping the budget every month since May.

    I ranted and raved about the stupid house, the one I specifically asked the rental agent – does it cost a lot to heat / cool? And the man said no, it didn’t. Very reasonable, he said. So I ranted about the cost of the heat / cooling, I ranted about having to cancel a vacation last fall due to a high heat bill (vacation money had gone to pay the gas bill), I cussed out the property manager that had lied to us about the bill, I yelled about the heat wave, then said it didn’t really matter because it was the electric in the summer and gas in the winter. We couldn’t win.

    I yelled that none of this LOA stuff worked anyway, this was our life, we’d be working to pay the utility companies the rest of our life and would never be able to ever go anywhere ever again. We may as well just give up and accept the fact that we’d always be broke and every time we planned to go somewhere it was going to fall apart. And why was the bill still going up even though we were turning off lights, turning the AC up to 76, running a fan instead of the AC, etc. It didn’t seem to matter what we did, the bill just kept going up and ruining all our other plans.

    My husband let me yell it out. I know I was being ridiculous. I even took out my $100,00 check to myself and my “wish list” that I carried with me and prepared to tear them up. He took them away from me and just let me cry it out.

    After that outburst, the next day I got called about a typing job. I asked for the amount of money we’d from the vacation kitty and got it. To top it off, the guy actually paid me $20 more than I asked for. So we got the money back, we’re still going, and we’re adding a bit more to the kitty every day. We’re taking off the weekend of September 28. And we’re not canceling!

    Now I’m intenting for gas to go down again before we leave.

    • Hey Christina,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story here! These little meltdowns aren’t fun, but they are powerful, aren’t they? And, as an added bonus, it does feel better when the yelling finally stops.

      Congratulations on your wonderful manifestation and on your vacation! Have a fabulous time, enjoy every moment in guilt free bliss, and use that time to easily slip into a high, joyous vibration. Not only will it be fun, but it’ll set you up vibrationally for the next few weeks. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Ok.. This is weird… This seems like my story. Maybe I should come to Spain. Australia is so expensive in dental work which over the last year has been a small fortune but I have been so grateful for the flow of clients that see me and thankfully pass it on to all those practitioners that assist me. I love the flow of money as I watch it move gracefully Around and around. It’s not mine, it’s ours and ultimately the Universes.

    And yes, removing blockages all in its timing is such an awakening experience when it happens. Again the timing is always perfect when it becomes my reality.

    Thanks for sharing Melody. Again, just when I need some assistance in releasing some major blockages.


    • Hey Josie,

      You’re so very welcome. The thing is, I had an American dentist before (the one who suddenly went MIA), and his prices were much more expensive. I had arrogantly thought an American dentist would offer a higher level of care (I’d had some bad experiences and heard some horror stories about Spanish dentists). As it turns out, PRIVATE dental care in Spain is top of the line, while the prices are comparatively miniscule. You can get an implant for just over €1000, just to give you an idea. Makes you wonder why US and Australian dentists and doctors have to charge so much (if it’s not standard of care, then what??).

      Yes, come to Spain! Although, by the time you pay for the flight and the hotel and stuff, you might not actually save much money, lol. Ok, don’t come for the dental care. Come for the fun. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • LOL! More similarities between us – I’ve had dental issues most of my life, until a few years ago. Funny how I had a very similar issue with old root canals gone bad. I lost two back teeth right next to each other because of it and needed implants.

    On my drive home from work one night an incredibly intense pain built up in the front of my shoulder. By the time I got home, I was in tears because it hurt so bad (I can usually withstand great amounts of pain). I didn’t want to go to the hospital because I knew there was nothing physically wrong. It was after hours so I called my chiropractor and met her at her house. After working on me for a bit, she asked if I had any dental issues. My root canal gone bad was on the same side as the shoulder pain. She felt that was the connection. The next day at the dentist, as soon as the novocaine kicked in, the shoulder pain stopped. I had to do a lot of releasing for everything to end on a happy note.

    Looking back on my incident in light of your releasing your feelings of powerlessness around money, I think there’s probably a similar connection.

    My teeth have been very active in the past, sending me messages. I used to get frequent “phantom” tooth pain – intense pain but no dentist could find anything wrong. My body likes to speak to me by creating aches and pains. I pull out my Louise Hay book, Heal Your Body A to Z, look up the physical problem and focus on the underlying emotional issue and the problem usually clears up within an hour or two.

    Thanks for sharing this as your story has given me lots of new stuff to meditate on and hopefully new solutions to old problems.

    Thanks so much and Big, Big Hugs!!!

    • Hey Paige!

      I never realized that my teeth were a mirror to my powerlessness until this happened. So, this is a very recent insight. But seen through that light, all my dental issues suddenly make sense. I almost want to apologize to my teeth for putting them through all of that, lol. That’s a very different perspective from hating my teeth and seeing them as weak little anarchists.

      That’s so interesting with the shoulder! Like the teeth weren’t enough to get your attention! But apparently they weren’t… You know, I used to be so proud to tell people that I could handle a lot of pain. Now, I realize that it just means that it has often taken a great deal of pain to get me to give something up. Or, to be more blunt about it, I’m willing to put up with a lot of pain before I make a change. Of course, I’m not actually all that willing to put up with pain anymore, which is why this incident surprised me so much initially. But when a belief has been with you since birth, it can be almost impossible to detect until the resistance shows up in a big enough way. And so what, really? As long as, in the end, I actually shift something.

      Sometimes, we just have to allow stuff to come out in whatever way it will and deal with it from there. Take the message – look it up in Louise Hay’s books, and then release it. It’s actually a pretty efficient system if you know about it. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your own perspective here!

      Huge hugs!

  • What a story Melody – I felt your pain and trepidation of dentists! If this is you sharing nude photos all over the internet I say keep going…we learn so much and as you say resistance is going to be part of our life…so might as well make good use of it. 🙂

    As for your question “why does it matter” I’ve begun to ask myself “can I let go of having to know why, or how or whatever” it seems to be a great way to release feelings that get in my way and make space for the old intuition to kick in. Just begun this practice, but so far so good!

    Love Elle

    • Hey Elle,

      Thanks for the encouragement. I have noticed that these kinds of posts always get a really great response, which is why I keep writing them (probably should do more…). It’s still a bit nerve wracking, though, lol.

      I find that question so powerful and so many people never consider why or even if something truly matters to them before expending huge amounts of energy on something (see my response to Kat and Laura above). A lot of times, things don’t matter nearly as much as we blindly think they do. And the relief that comes from letting something like that go is huge, at least for me.

      Carefree happy shiny puppy hugs!


  • Thank you, Laura, for this!

    I totally get you. It is always that chicken/egg question yes, and, with me, it goes one step further, as I’ve always asked why the heck am I here? The circumstances have led me to ask “I really intended this? WTF? I think I was a bit rash to come into physical”, but we all know that is not the case.

    I see what you are saying. I have injured my back a few times. I had fallen down a flight of stairs, after which, on another occasion, I fell on my butt during a maneuver and another time my mom threw a toy at me to which I turned my back to protect myself. Those are the three times I actually hurt my back, and two of them were induced by family. In the former, my parents had dragged me to a party pretty late. I always needed proper rest, no matter what, and fell asleep in one of the bedrooms upstairs at the house of the party and ended up falling down the stairs to get water. The specialist said that is what probably caused the discs to bulge a bit, since falling down stairs is one of the worst things for the back.

    I am glad your back itself never hurt and you are better now! Whew! That is the important thing! 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • Yeah Kat. That was my question exactly, your last one that is. However, I think there are probably lots of other reasons for it that are physical but then you can still bring them back around to emotional, or LOA. I mean I “attracted” the injury because I hadn’t taken care of myself. The disc that causes me problems is in the area of the root and sacral chakras. So you can take it from there I’m sure. All of my behaviors leading to the injury (and there wasn’t any one blow to the area) led up to the injury.

    The reason I indulged in those behaviors however are from deep emotional pain, feeling detached from family, and then the behaviors led to more distance from both family and self. So really isn’t it a cycle anyway? Always that chicken and egg thing going on. It brings to mind the big question of was there really a beginning to the Universe? But that’s a whole other ball of wax. Sorry to go way off there, but it’s just that so many thing having to do with what we don’t always understand comes back to a chicken and egg sort of thing.

    And to answer briefly your question on the herniation and sciatica…I’m OK now. I went through PT and still do the exercises. I know what you mean about that sciatic pain. It was the only pain I had. My back itself never hurt. It was my left leg and I felt the same as you. It was a rough couple of years, but I got through it. I had no health insurance at the time, but thankfully I had someone suggest I do something that eventually led to me getting health care and being able to take care of the problem.

    • Don’t want to get in the middle of your excellent conversation, but just had a thought on the chicken and egg thing. Does it matter? Will either answer change our experience right now? I’ve been doing that a lot lately, looking at arguments or debates and realizing that neither perspective would change anything, really and that both could be right, often at the same time (this requires widening our perspective, and I’m usually the only one who sees that, but then I’m freaky that way).

      I just kind of wonder how many “issues” we spend time trying to figure out which don’t actually matter either way.

      So, that’s going to be my answer to the chicken and egg debacle. I will answer with the question “Why does it matter?” People will either be annoyed or it will spark a great conversation. 🙂

      Sorry to go off on a tangent. I’m in pondering mode today.



      • Good points, Melody. It is just our nature to ask, but, then again, it is linear thinking, when the universe is far from linear.

        And for my question, who would sign up for this anyway? With LOA, I find some guidance.

      • Hey Mel-
        Get in the middle of our conversation? Lol. You started it. Hehe.
        And your question…why does it matter? I’m thinking it was more rhetorical, but I’m gonna answer with my thoughts. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t. There are times when I get into circular thinking and make a point to say to myself, out loud at times, “It doesn’t matter!” That helps to stop myself when the questioning is doing more harm than helping.

        Like Kat said it’s linear thinking, aka human thinking and at times if I can reach some sort of “conclusion” or at least something that my mind is fooled into believing that, then the questions stop. But yeah, a lot of time can be wasted on questions that will never have answers. Cool, sort of an aha moment there. 🙂 Thanks.

        Sometimes however, it can be fun to ask and see what others have to say. These discussions are very interesting and thought provoking.


        • Ah, but if it’s fun, then that’s why it matters. 🙂 As you said, we so often spend time trying to find answers that don’t really matter. When they do matter, it doesn’t have to be some grand, glorious reason. It can be as simple as it being fun for us to dissect it. But when you dissect questions for fun, you rarely get frustrated by the process…

          This works just as well with non-rhetorical questions, by the way, which is where the real payoff comes. For example, I was with some family members last year who were going on and on about welfare deadbeats draining the system. I let them bitch until they ran out of steam and then calmly asked some questions, the crux of which was “How your life change if this welfare issue was solved?”. It took a while to get to the answer, since that was a completely different direction from where their thoughts had been. The answer was basically that their particular lives wouldn’t change at all. They had gotten truly upset on a regular basis about something that, if “fixed”, would not impact their lives at all. Ha.

          “Why does it matter”, or “Why does this matter so much to you?” are powerful questions. 🙂


  • Hey Laura,

    I, too suffer from lower back pain due to a couple bulging discs which flare up from time to time, but when they do, I want to chop my leg off from the pain, because it turns into sciatic pain. I find that being active and moving help tremendously, as well as stretching every day, performing the stretches I learned in PT specifically for this pain.

    Is the pain better now? Does it bother you as much? Will it disappear totally one day? I am kind of detached from family, too, and feel I never really belonged to this immediate or extended family, or to the community to which they belong either, but I am around to teach them things, as I fight my way through. Could that be the “root” cause I wonder?

  • Whew! You just brought back memories of my experience that led to my only root canal. The pain is more than can be described! At first you don’t want to bother your dentist but when it gets to a certain point, you don’t care if you have to go to his house in the middle of the night, take his kids off his bed, dress him and demand he open his office NOW!

    LOA lessons? Well, sometimes a toothache is just a toothache, IMHO, but allowing yourself the freedom to accept the situation and move through it without judgment and without condemnation might be the experience I was after.

    And maybe my dentist even benefited in some way! ha! yes, i did it for him….. 😉

    • Ah Carmelo, but in my world, a toothache is never just a toothache. Sometimes we can’t figure out what the cause was, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one. It actually took me a few weeks to really figure this out. In the meantime, I did have to just accept it, and the idea that I might not figure it out. That had to be ok, too.

      LOL, yes, your dentist benefited some way, too. It’s always a co-creation. Your reality really does revolve around you. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Hmmmm, so maybe in some crazy way as co-creators my dentist and I made this happen together. He got to come in on his day off and I got to learn something about asking for help even though it was inconvenient for him.

        Hey, I already KNEW the world revolved around me! 😉

  • This was interesting to find in my inbox this morning. I just had a dream (early this morning) where I lost one tooth. So when I saw the subject in my email, I thought, “Whoa…that’s freaky.”

    Just as in a dream, I’m thinking that when different body parts that are in pain, infected or in some way unhealthy, represents different things, right?

    For example, I had a herniated disc that caused excruciating pain for a long time. My thoughts on that are that it had something to do with feeling like I have no roots, not only detached from family, but essentially have no place to actually call my own home. However, am I correct in thinking that if I had or you had become aware of the real issue, you would’ve been spared the pain? Would the infection have gone away in your case, or the herniation in my back gone away or fixed itself? Or is it that I would’ve done things to fix it without even knowing consciously about the herniation?

    I looked up what the tooth dream means. I had lost all my teeth in a couple dreams but this time it was just ONE tooth. I read that teeth falling out in a dream indicates that one is going through a transition and entering into a new level of waking life. (I know this is vague. But given a conversation I had last night with a friend and the plans I’ve been making, and even the outer environment changes I’ve made, this would make sense.)

    So the conclusion you came to makes complete sense. I would imagine that if they indicate such things in dreaming life, then it would indicate the same sort of thing in waking life, right?

    Thanks for sharing your story. And congratulations on your process and progress on your journey. I always look forward to your emails and reading your posts.


    • Hey Laura,

      I don’t believe that tooth issues have the same root cause for everyone. Your tooth issues will be caused by your own personal reasons, so whatever resonates with you is going to lead you to your answers. But yes, your dream will have the same meaning for you as manifestations in reality will. Most people don’t have a problem with change, per se. They fear something they’ve associated with the change. So, if the idea that your toothloss dream was fueled by your discomfort around changes in your life resonated with you, then dig down further into that. What is it that you’re afraid of? What exactly is it that makes you uncomfortable? Questions like that. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind words. These kinds of posts are always a little bit freaky, because they’re so intensely personal. I always feel a bit like I’ve posted nude pics of myself, lol.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,
    Ouch, that hurt just reading about your experience. Since I’ve started following your blog, I’ve become more aware of LOA and when something negative occurs I wonder why and question what it is trying to teach me. I usually learn something from my experience if I am open to receiving.

    Glad that you are back on the right track.

    • Hey Zequeatta,

      Thanks for your warm wishes. But I never left the right track – that’s the point. Even when we manifest pain or suffering, it ultimately still is pulling us in the right direction. How much pain we create ultimately just has to do with how aware we are of our resistance. But even if we missed something, it will eventually get big enough to get our attention. And then, it’s the perfect catalyst to help us move in the direction of what we want. It doesn’t have to be painful, but even when it is, it’s still the right track. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • hi, melody! I read this blog post and felt your pain. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us (although it wasn’t all wonderful, the outcome certainly was)! I continue to learn so much from you as well as your readers daily 🙂

    • Hey Marjorie,

      You’re so welcome. I do consider it a wonderful story, actually, now that I can see the sense of it. Yes, there was pain, but ultimately, it was very temporary and no real damage was done. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,

    Can vision also be imporved with LOA? I have read accounts of people releasing resistance, letting everything go and leaving it behind, experiencing bliss and pure positive engergy, thereby improving their vision.

    I wonder if one is extremely nearsighted and opens up more to the world, i.e. not seeing the world as such a bad, scary place, will vision get better in that sense?

    • Hey Kat,

      Yes, it can, but I’ve not been able to do it, personally. The thing is, your vision isn’t just about how you see the world. Just like my teeth issues weren’t about anything tooth related. So, figuring out what piece of resistance is causing the bad vision can be a daunting task. I’m beginning to realize more and more that if we don’t focus on details like that, but rather on what we really want (like I focused on abundance), the details will take care of themselves. So, my vision might improve as a result of work I did on my self worth, or trust or whatever. It’s not about focusing on the eyes… Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

      • Focus on Indifference – NOT Resistance!

        So is indifference just another form of resistance? I think not. The first is a coping behavior that foils change and the latter is an authentic reaction fueling change.

        Resistance is the emotion that occurs when our expectations of ‘the way things are’ are interrupted. Two words are important in this definition:
        – Emotion: the essence of resistance is that it creates an emotion. That means: not logical, not rational and most of all: not predictable.
        – Expectation: resistance does not only occur when things change, but when our expectations are interrupted, regardless of whether that makes rational sense.

        Resistance is a Blessing

        A common misunderstanding about resistance is that it is a phenomenon that gets in the way, something to avoid, something to prevent, etc. The belief that resistance is a bad thing is caused by the fact that the emotion is interpreted as negative and the energy is mostly directed against the change (at least: that is what we think!). What’s more, emotions are infectious. When an outside event produces negative emotions for an individual in a close relationship, it easily sneaks into the team, the department or even the whole organization. As a result, most of us will try to avoid those emotions that get in the way.
        Unfortunately, whilst we are putting all our efforts in avoiding and fighting resistance, we don’t realize that we are hypnotized by our own panic and fear.

        The first distinction we need to make is the difference between the intention we have inside of us and the behavior that we demonstrate on the outside. They can be in sync or out of sync.

        Resistance pops it’s head when the intention you have inside of you is out of sync with your behavior that you demonstrate on the outside…thus the collective energy force trying to flow smoothly through you…. cannot flow and energy builds up….which ironically, once understood can be used by you as a source from which you can consciously come to understand as an energy supply being made available to tap into and swipe clean of the old labels, and see it for one of the CREATIVE Forces of Nature that it truly is,

        Let’s face it: resistance is e-motion and e-motion contains the energy you need in order to move from the current state to the future state. In organizational change you NEED resistance. The point is that you should not avoid the resistance or prevent this energy from being built up…….. Your challenge will be to channel and redirect the emotional energy in such a way that it helps you achieve the goals of your project. Nothing can ever be changed without the proper amount of energy. So resistance is not the problem but the means to achieve your goals.

        just offering up a different overall perspective

        • Hey I Am,

          I appreciate your perspective. It brings up some interesting thoughts for me to ponder.

          I would say that Resistance occurs when our expectations and our desires don’t match. But I totally agree that resistance is not rational or logical, nor is it a “bad” thing. I’ve never heard anyone describe resistance as a fuel source before, but I find the concept very interesting. I’ll have a think on that. 🙂

          Thanks for sharing your point of view here. It’s always appreciated.

          Huge hugs!

    • Hi Kat,

      I too wonder about vision. And this will make you laugh. I started wearing glasses at 12 for nearsightedness. Spent most of my life wishing I could get them fixed. Then the opportunity to have surgery to fix it came up, and man did I jump on it. And my nearsightedness was fixed!

      Now for the funny part. As soon as the nearsightedness was fixed, I found I needed reading glasses. And over time, it’s getting worse and worse. Hmmm. This does make me wonder, A LOT!

      Could this maybe be a clue? A clue! A clue! Blue’s clues, Blue’s clues! Sorry, I digress. LoL!

      Maybe I better start doing a lot more resistance work. 🙂

      • Hey Nay,

        I got glasses for nearsightedness at the same age you did! I got by with contacts. The laser surgery makes eyes worse as time goes by and pretty much everyone i knew who had it done had to repeat it and still needed to wear glasses or contacts.

        I read the works of an optometrist who researched perceptions and vision on their correlation. He also suggested exercises to see clearer. According to him, nearsightedness is caused by looking inward.

        I have also read vibrational work takes care of it. I have read accounts of people who improved their eyesight by releasing resistance. When they did, their overall health improved, including their eyesight, as Melody describes above. everything improved. 🙂

        • What does this mean..bout nearsightedness coming from looking ‘ inward’?
          Am asking cuz I got the laser lasik surgery too. And then my eye number crept back. Its not that bad ( my eyes were super bad before surgery) but still..the number did come back ! I sometimes even need glasses to prevent eye strain.

          • Roberto Kaplan looked into eye ailments, particularly near and farsightedness. A friend gave me the book “Conscious Seeing- Transforming your life through your eyes.” I have not read it yet nor will I for a while, but his patients have improved their vision with his methods, i.e. the cause of these ailments are mostly psychological and when you work on that part of yourself, you improve.

            With LOA, you need to raise your vibration. In Autobiography of a Yogi, master was able to see with his eyes closed and, in one chapter, transfer the ability of how the universe sees things, for about a minute, to his disciple. I cannot even describe it in words here, so I can’t go into further detail, but along those lines.

  • Yes, Melody, this story was a real eye-opener for me. Wow. You seemed fine during that time. One would not have known that you were going through all that. It is similar to the fainting experiences you had previously mentioned. Too much resistance and you fainted. That was an indicator that you had to change your situation, if I remember.

    If I understand correctly, the resistance we have manifests itself in various ways and is amplified to get our attention if it has been building up for a while. Pain can indeed drive one up the wall and make one insane, but it does grab one’s attention. A dire situation is one where something has been building and something needs to be done. Solutions appear. It is scary, but all in all, we should not be scared.

    • Hey Kat,

      Thanks. I wasn’t fine that night, lol, but after the release, I returned to happy shiny puppy status pretty quickly. That’s my default setting, really, so I always come back to that.

      The fainting was definitely a manifestation of resistance, only, I didn’t know that then, so I didn’t heed the warning. I ended up getting really sick for quite a while before I finally made a change. Knowing that there was a reason and that I would eventually find it definitely helped a lot. It made me a lot less scared. But even the fear is helpful since it pushes us in the direction of change (eventually).

      This was a relatively short experience, really. I wasn’t ill for months, I was in real pain for about 24 hours, and no real damage was done. In fact, I will be better off after all the work is completed. In hindsight, I’m glad it happened. And yes, I will always try to catch things well before they reach that level, but when I can’t, when it’s too familiar, I’ll catch it when I can. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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