Ok, ok, I’ve written loads about death, dying and the afterlife in the last couple of months. I think it’s time to get back to the living. I’ve presented the perspective that death is not a tragedy, and that it’s not something to be feared. But what about when it’s not our time? What if your body is currently failing you in some way, but you’re nowhere near death? Is it possible to heal the body using the Law of Attraction? And if so, how?

This post will be about the basics of changing the physical body in some way. This includes healing ourselves from illness as well as changing our physical appearance by losing or gaining weight, etc.  I plan to lay a foundation here that I’ll then build on with more detailed descriptions of specific issues in the future.

Your Body is a Manifestation

This is so important, I’m going to say it again: Your Body is a Manifestation. What does that mean?

It means that your body is a reflection of your vibration, just like your job, your relationship, your bank account and the car you drive. It is not some independent entity with a mind of its own, that will either work against you or with you depending on how much you like it. Now, that might seem like common sense, but be honest: If you’re sick or overweight or have some other unwanted physical condition, don’t you at least sometimes view your body as your enemy? Have you really never asked “Why is my body doing this to me?”, or called your body stupid? Haven’t you ever felt betrayed by your body, as if it was some evil meat suit which could conform to your wishes of thin, healthy and buff if only it wanted to, so the fact that it hasn’t is clearly indicative of the fact that your body hates you.

But your body doesn’t hate you. Your body is not the enemy. Your body is a manifestation of your vibration, nothing more and nothing less.

If your body currently isn’t healthy and fabulous, there’s a reason for it. It’s called resistance. When there’s pain and suffering, whether emotional or physical, it’s always due to two or more conflicting frequencies being present within your energy body. This means that you want something (you can’t help it. You want what you want) and you also have a belief that you can’t have what you want, which causes a great deal of conflict. The bigger the blocked desire is, the more painful the resistance will be. The longer it goes unchecked, the bigger the manifestation of that resistance will be.

The stages of resistance

This is, of course, a gross generalization of how resistance manifests, since everyone’s manifestations are unique and perfect for them. But the basics are usually the same:

Stage 1 – Negative emotions

Stage 2 – Emotional outbursts (bigger manifestation of negative emotions)

Stage 3 – Physical pain, tension, and minor illnesses (headaches, sprained muscles, unexplained muscular or joint pain, the flu, infections), as well as minor injuries (like bumping into something, stubbing your toe, cutting your finger), and being overweight/underweight.

Stage 4 – Major physical illness (cancer, auto-immune diseases, “incurable” conditions, etc.), major accidents (hospitalization, near fatal crashes, etc.) and being morbidly obese or anorexic.

Stage 5 – Death (not to be seen as a failure, just a manifestation of releasing resistance).

Which stage a person might be in at any given time depends on where Who They Really Are is at, how much resistance they have, what their beliefs are, what they want and a whole lot of other variables. So, one person might be in Stage 1 with a belief that might cause another person to progress to Stage 4. You cannot correlate the severity of someone’s resistance to the severity of their illness or condition. You can’t ever judge anyone’s manifestation from the outside. An issue that might give your neighbor cancer might not even give you a headache and vice versa.

Your body is a perfect machine

Your body responds to your vibration, perfectly, and without exception. So, if you have no resistance, then your body will be perfect. That is its natural state. This is an important distinction to make. Most people view their bodies as being on the rapid decline, and they try desperately to keep the decomposition at bay while understanding that it’s a battle they can’t win. In other words, most people think that their bodies are doing their best to fall apart, while they try to stave off that process in any way they can. They see their bodies as the enemy, one which will ultimately take them down.

But it’s not like that. Our bodies are perfect machines, designed to renew themselves and continue to function even in circumstances that are far from ideal. And while we do age with time, we don’t have to get old; there’s no reason we have to decompose and fall apart while we’re still alive.

So, just as our natural vibrational state is one of a high frequency, it is our body’s natural state to function perfectly. The only thing that ever gets in the way is resistance. It interferes with the body’s natural processes, if you will, and mucks up the works like gunky oil in an engine.

The manifestation and belief are not usually directly linked

While it would be great if a belief about your foot made your foot sick, that’s not generally how it works. A fear of cancer won’t give you cancer if you don’t have the resistance necessary to create it. If you do, a fear of cancer might contribute to that resistance manifesting as a tumor, but it’s also possible that it will manifest another way.

Sometimes, the link between your beliefs and your physical condition makes sense, like problems with the uterus being caused by limiting beliefs around being a mother, for example. But your kidney disease can also be caused by abandonment issues, your stomach ulcers might be caused by feelings of inadequacy, and your emphysema might be caused by a fear of death. There are those like Louise Hay and the study of German New Medicine which have found correlations between certain diseases and certain conditions. But for the sake of this article, I just want to say that a disease in a certain area of the body isn’t generally caused by a focus on that area of the body. This may make sense when it comes to a broken foot, but it also holds true when it comes to issues like being overweight.

You’re not fat just because you feel fat. That may contribute to you staying fat, but it’s not the root cause.

Think of it like this: Our skin is our biggest organ. Even though it’s on the outside of our bodies, it’s linked to and affected by the entire body. When one of our other organs has a problem, it can show up on the skin as a rash or discoloration. So, the rash on your thigh could actually be a sign that your liver has a problem. In that case, the root cause has nothing to do with the skin and simply treating the skin won’t take care of the actual problem.

You can’t heal the body just by focusing on the body

When we accept that the body is a manifestation of our whole vibration, and that the root cause of a physical condition will not generally have anything to do with the afflicted body part, then it stands to reason that you can’t cure a physical ailment just by focusing on said body part. In other words, if you have kidney disease, you can’t cure it by simply imagining healthy kidneys. Doing so will help, just like putting cortisone on that rash will help, but it won’t treat the underlying belief or cause.

Your body doesn’t need you to heal it

Remember that your body’s natural state is one of perfect health. So, affecting healing isn’t so much about returning the body to that state of health, as it is about removing what’s in the body’s way, so that it can heal itself and return to its natural state. You have to stop doing whatever it is that you’re doing that’s making and keeping you sick or fat or too skinny or whatever.

This requires a two pronged approach.

Prong 1 refers to the root cause of the disease or unwanted condition. This is the belief (habitual thought) that caused the vibrational conflict and the resulting imbalance.

Prong 2 refers to the energy and response to the disease or condition itself. Something caused the disease (Prong 1), but once the disease was there, you noticed it and responded to that (it scared you, frustrated you, etc.). Sometimes, these reactive emotions are the same as the ones resulting from the original cause, but often, they’re separate and in addition to the original problem. So, you may actually be perpetuating the disease by focusing upon it (Prong 2).

You can affect healing by working on both Prongs 1 and 2, or just by resolving Prong 1. The ideal choice is determined by which healing modality you use, how serious the disease is, how much resistance you’ve built up to the disease itself, independent of the original cause, and much more. When in doubt, treat both prongs.

An example

I had a client, let’s call her Lily, who came to me because she wanted to lose 50 pounds. She felt fat and unattractive and hated her body. She’d tried every diet, hypnosis, fitness programs, pills, you name it. She had even considered getting her stomach stapled but had opted against it because of the expense. Lily was desperate (which is, generally, when people turn to LOA…). Let’s look at both prongs.

Prong 1 – The Root Cause

While initially reluctant to talk about anything except the weight itself, I was able to convince Lily to let me poke about in other areas of her life. It turned out that she had been molested as a small child. This was not news to her, but she never thought it could have anything to do with her weight. Connecting with her energy, I saw immediately that the two were clearly linked. Lily’s weight was a protective mechanism. It made her feel unattractive, which kept her from pursuing sexual relationships. Her fear of intimacy caused her to manifest a condition that pretty much guaranteed that she wouldn’t be intimate.

Prong 2 – The Response

Lily had been fat almost all of her life. It was how she thought of herself. She wanted to be thin and attractive, but whenever she thought of herself that way or noticed other women that looked the way she wanted to, it made her sad. She was inadvertently triggering her resistance, all of it, whenever she focused on being thin. If she did manage to lose some weight with a great deal of effort, there was always some breaking point at which she’d fall off the wagon and regain all of the weight and more. Lily felt like a failure, because she couldn’t seem to lose the weight no matter how little she ate or how much she exercised. When she went to fitness trainers and doctors, they didn’t believe her story. After all, it’s just not possible for someone to eat 800 calories a day, run for 3 hours on the treadmill and be unable to lose weight (this is much more common than people think). They could find nothing wrong with her medically, and finally concluded that she should take anti-depressants. That’s when she came to me.

The Treatment

So, in order to help Lily line up with a thin and healthy body, we needed to resolve Prong 1 – the original fear of being raped and the fear of intimacy which had caused her to form the protective layer of fat in the first place. But we also needed to resolve Prong 2 – a whole series of beliefs that Lily had formed about herself as a result of being overweight most of her life. These were also contributing to her inability to lose weight.

Beliefs are kind of like the root system underneath a forest. They are intertwined and tangled. It’s impossible to isolate one belief at a time and clear it completely, while leaving the others alone, especially when it comes to complex issues like money, weight and health. When I work with a client, I work intuitively, and so I simply streamed energy at Lily and then helped her deal with whatever belief presented itself to be released. The perfection of this process is miraculous. Whatever belief comes up is always the perfect one to be worked on next.

We had to clear several layers of the issues of self-worth and powerlessness before we could get anywhere near the molestation. And even once we’d tackled that, there were more layers of unworthiness, powerlessness as well as self-loathing to get through. There was a lot of guilt and shame stemming from the original molestation as well as the weight.

Once we’d cleared enough of those roots, the manifestations in Lily’s reality began to change. First, she noticed that she felt better. She felt lighter, her heart more open, less anxious. Next, she noticed more attractive men in her reality. She wasn’t meeting them yet, just noticing them, but for her, this was a major triumph. She wasn’t as afraid of the subject of sex anymore. I had advised Lily to give up her obsessive dieting and manic exercising (which had caused her to focus negatively on her body) and just relax for a while, eat healthy, take nice walks and be kinder to herself. She noticed that she was naturally being drawn to different foods. She had actually deprived herself of nutrition with all her dieting and now her body was asking her to replenish what it had lost so it could heal.

Lily began to dress differently as she felt better about herself. She wore more dresses, did her hair and makeup and bought some heels (notice, she didn’t do these things TO feel better about herself, but BECAUSE she felt better about herself). She’d never been comfortable wearing them before because she’d considered her legs too fat, but now she felt differently. She felt sexy wearing heels. She began to flirt a bit more, and enjoyed noticing men paying attention to her. As the weeks passed, she became more and more comfortable in her own skin.

And then, without warning (ha!), the weight started to come off. Slowly and gently at first, it just sort of melted away. Lily was eating well and exercising regularly, although nothing as hard core as she had done before. She wasn’t on any diet, wasn’t taking pills or supplements, and wasn’t depriving herself of anything (she wasn’t eating donuts and fast food, but didn’t want them). As her energy came into line, so did her weight.


Now, I know that many of you are going to be asking “How exactly did Lily do it? What did she eat? How many reps did she do?”, but those questions miss the point, which is that you can’t just focus on the body in order to heal the body. You have to focus on HOW you manifested the condition in the first place and then stop doing that. That’s how you affect healing. It’s not about the method, the diet, the medication, the certain doctor. Sure, you can manifest healing through those things (I did advise Lily to stop her obsessive and unhealthy dieting, for example, and helped her find a way of eating that was more aligned with the energy of what she wanted), but they will only work if your vibration will allow it. So that’s where you have to start. You have to fix the underlying cause, and then the way to manifest what you want will present itself. Only, when it does, it’ll feel natural and easy and good, not frustrating and impossible and torturous.

I promise to write more about healing and weight loss more specifically in future posts. But for now, you have the basics of healing. Tadaaaa! You’re welcome.  

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  • I don’t get it, if we can’t change the body just by focusing on what we want from it, how come I made my crooked teeth get straight, my skin get clearer and my legs get thinner as soon as I focused in each of them?

  • Great post Melody!

    But am just curious what are your thoughts for Acne issues? What type of beliefs would trigger Acne?

  • great post melody.

    BUT ,
    How to find out the root cause to my problem.
    If I don’t know that which underlying belief is causing the problem how would I even start the healing process.? How How How

  • Hi Melody,

    Will mental health be included as part of your health blog series?

    I’m not just referring to thinking positively, or lacking good thoughts. I mean mental health problems that have manifested so badly the person even has a label for them.
    Things like: PTSD, BPD, Bipolar, MPD, Schizophrenia etc

    Or when people use these labels as weapons or insults, in the manner that “gay” used to be an insult and still is for some people.
    Having dealt with many family, friends and people that have been involved with at least one person who is “mentally ill”

    It seems that these labels sometimes do them damage.

    Recently I was directed to this website: http://gettinbetter.com/articles.html

    I was shocked at the sheer hatefulness within the descriptions of Bipolar and BPD patients as written by a psychologist.
    The views contained here are very judgmental and in some parts-downright nasty. I imagine a patient with these conditions would feel worse and have their self-esteem attacked by these kind of websites.

    I am hoping you’ll share your views on the issue and what can be done when someone is “mentally ill” and what they can do while they are recovering to avoid attracting the wrong kinds of help and negative “advice”.

    • Hey Veronica,

      Yes, I suppose that eventually, I’ll do my best to cover all the bases. I’ve written about anxiety and ADD, which would both fall into the mental health category. I’d certainly be happy to address bipolar “disorder” and schizophrenia, although I don’t have as much direct experience with those.

      I do think that being labeled is ultimately destructive, although it can bring some relief at first (now people believe that you actually have something wrong with you. Often, unless there’s an official diagnosis, patients like this aren’t taken seriously). But after that validation wears off, the label can act very limiting. It becomes part of the patient’s identity.

      Yes, I’ll address mental health as well. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • Wow this is excellent! Thanks Melody (and Veronica!)

        Did you take a look at the BPD website? It is rather harsh from a so-called psychologist isn’t it?
        I was wondering a few things. Firstly why do certain illness attract more stigma to them than others.
        “Borderline” patients often have some of the lowest self-esteem and stigma tied to them.

        On a different theme (of stigmas upon certain groups) why do countries as a whole have “personalities” or their own stigmas?
        E.g. Americas’ negative stereotypes as “war loving” “big, fat American” “stupid American” “gun loving” ‘ignorant”

        and Europe as : “elegant”, “advanced”, “arrogant”, “romantic”

        We all have distinct reputations and negative stigma. Is the commonly used phrase of “big, dumb American/yank” by nearly every other country in the world a reflection of the collective self-esteem of America?

        Are they feeling fat and dumb in general? Is this low collective self-worth? What about when a country is generally obese in reality?
        (America, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UK, Tonga, Greece…) Depending on the test different countries come out on top. (if they go by percentage of country or amount of obese people)

        And also animals that are extinct…. What on Earth attracted one species to be wiped out and another like cockroaches to breed and breed and breed.

        Is it that the Pandas etc feel badly about themselves? πŸ˜‰

        • Hey Kane,

          This is so interesting. I did check out a couple of articles, and what I read wasn’t hateful or harsh. I must’ve matched up with very different passages. I didn’t keep reading though, in an attempt to discover the ugly stuff. I have no interest in that.

          It’s the low self-esteem that causes the “borderline” behavior, not the other way around. The stigma comes from people observing that behavior and running it through their own filters, trying to make sense of what they are seeing, but not really understanding energy. I don’t really understand the term “borderline” myself, but then I don’t really like to use labels, if I can help it.

          The big fat American label only mirrors the self esteem of Americans to the degree that they experience that label. I don’t identify with it and it doesn’t offend me. It says more about the person using that term than the people they’re talking about. People often speak like that about other cultures when they don’t understand them and often don’t even know one person from there. It’s just ignorance and feelings of inadequacy. Why does every culture make jokes about some other culture, calling them stupid or clumsy or whatever? You put someone down to make yourself feel better. It’s no different when a whole culture does it. But each individual can buy into that or not.

          Different regions and cultures definitely share beliefs. This makes sense from an energy perspective. Like energy attracts like. People of similar beliefs flock together, perpetuating those beliefs and evolving them further.

          Abraham says that extinct animals aren’t extinct. They have just gone where we can’t find them, because they’re no longer a vibrational match to us. I like that. We can’t prove it, but I like it. Maybe cockroaches won’t go away because we push against them so much? It’s hard not to, I know, but doesn’t that make sense?

          Pandas have incredibly high self-esteem. They are the most confident of all the bears. πŸ˜‰

          Huge hugs!

          • Hi Melody,

            Well it seems on second viewing her new work is more enlightened and compassionate. I can see what you must have found.
            Her older articles that I perused are downright rude, attacking and nasty in many parts towards these people. (Maybe she’s grown?/people grow kinder?)
            One thing I saw in some Q& A was her readers asking what advice she would give for dating someone with these disorders.
            Her answer was “don’t!!” which I felt was wrong as even a “mentally ill” person is deserving of love. It went on to basically explain how terrible they were and to avoid at all costs.

            Anyway… I’m just feel strongly about being kind to children, animals and adults in vulnerable situations.
            I get just as distressed when reading about 911 operators that play videogames as they take a suicide call…
            Cruelty in general is hard for me to tolerate. How do you do it?

            Where is the highest vibrational place you have experienced?

            As for the animals… HOLY COW! Where are all the dinosaurs hiding? Behind my couch???
            Are they coming back to eat us all?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            Oh la-di-da pandas!

          • Hey Kane,

            Well, I can see why she would advise against getting into a relationship with someone who is troubled. Being tolerant of people in all situations and getting into a relationship with them are two different things. It’s a personal decision that everyone has to make for themselves. But you can’t really logically choose whom you fall in love with. So, if someone were to ask me (and I can only ever tell you what I’d say) if they should date someone, I’d help them figure out how they truly feel about this person. When someone asks this question, they are either asking for permission to date them because that’s what they really want to do, or they are looking for validation of their intuition that’s telling them to run. A relationship with someone who has been diagnosed with these disorders can still be a perfect match to where you are and where you want to go. Such a person can mirror your vibration just like anyone else. And while there may be more drama in such a relationship (emphasis on MAY), there’s also potential for joy. I would never say that such people are undateable.

            I would think that 911 operators play video games because it helps them stay detached. Who wants a 911 operator who becomes so distraught by what they are hearing that they have a breakdown. They have to practice detachment so that they don’t fall apart. I don’t see it as cruelty at all. Just like ER staff can come across as cold, they often become that way as a coping mechanism. They separate their emotions from what they are experiencing so that they can do their jobs. Yo don’t want an ER nurse puking on your shoes, or sobbing on your shoulder about your accident. Can they sometimes take it too far? Of course. But the principle of detachment is a sound one.

            I have to detach from my clients’ pain, as well. I’ve found a way to stay compassionate and warm while doing it, (in part because I’ve experienced “cold” ER staff and didn’t like it), but I don’t allow myself to get sucked down by their pain. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to help. If you wanted to crawl out of a pit, would you rather have someone in the pit with you, or someone outside who could reach down and help you out?

            No dinosaurs aren’t coming back to eat us all. Just some of us. Apparently, they prefer the Japanese. πŸ˜›


  • Squeezing some juice from a lemon into a cup of hot water in the morning should help with balancing the pH of the body. Adding lemon slices to water throughout the day helps as well.

  • I love this guy:


    I don’t “resonate” with the entire diet set out in his book which starts off weening you off crap with the aim being a very healthy, mostly raw diet.
    But I do resonate somewhat with the fact that if you can afford truckloads of fruit and veg to grind down and juice, you could heal a fair bit of illness.

    Not sure about all the claims, but I do recommend it if you feel a bit full of rubbish.
    I know this is also weird.. but plain carrot juice is actually really sweet and tasty!

    Start off slow at first as you’ll pretty pretty sick when you first start changing your diet.

    I’d never give up red meat, but I can see myself slowly eating less white bread.

    Also for the men wanting to lose weight…try investigating “caveman diets”/ “stoneage diets”

    Mostly lean meat, vegetables, natural food, fish… nothing processed, certainly no white bread.
    It appeals to men as it’s healthy but includes meat which is something very hard for most men to give up.


    Bottom line from both perspectives is the fresh, natural and avoid processed crap/grains.
    They say very different things about meat/animal products but its compatible on most points.

    Melody, I ‘ve also heard from multiple sources about the milk thing… It makes sense from a basic biological point of view.
    Anyone with basic scientific knowledge knows that processing kills the live enzymes that digest our food.
    Mild is heated and becomes denatured, and sludges up the intestines.
    But raw milk… doesn’t sound saniitary, especially when transported from the farm etc surely this would create bacteria?
    Where are you getting your milk from on your raw diet?

    • Hey Kane,

      I totally agree with you here. I’m a huge fan of juicing and actually plan to write about that here in the future. I’m not a big fan of declaring meat to be bad. Personally, I haven’t eaten meat or chicken in 2 years. I do eat eggs and fish occasionally, when I crave them. It’s all about finding the right balance for you. I try not to push against anything, but I can’t help but recommend that people get off the fake foods. Our bodies have such a hard time processing them, and if someone is having health issues, this would be the first step I’d take. But of course, the eating of fake foods is a manifestation, too.

      I don’t drink milk. I haven’t had dairy (I do eat eggs, so milk based dairy) in a long time. I’ve never actually liked milk, even as a child. I’ve not tried raw milk – I wouldn’t even know where to get it where I live, but I’d love to, just to see how I feel about it. But from my research, I know that the body processes it very differently. It’s still not ideal food for humans, though. It’s just a hell of a lot healthier than the processed stuff.

      You know, we’ve been so conditioned to think that food straight from the farm has a ton of bacteria. But studies have shown that meats and dairy from mass production farms have far more bacteria in them, even after processing. The plants are so large that quality control is no longer possible. They have acceptable levels of rat poop and the like. Small organic farms, don’t. They don’t bleach their chicken, for example, but end up with far less pathogens than store bought chicken. If the cow is happy and healthy and well taken care of, I’d have no problems with the milk. In fact, I’ll take that milk with its bacteria over antibiotic filled milk any day. πŸ™‚ But that’s just me.

      On the bacteria front, I saw an article by the CDC the other day advising people not to eat fresh foods when they go out because it’s easier for them to contaminated. They were actually telling people that processed and fake foods were healthier, lol. That’s training for you. πŸ˜†

      Huge hugs!

      • Glad you like the juicing. That sounds like a cool blog. I have the juicer, but it is pretty expensive just to make one glass, so much stuff gets grinded down!
        J.K. has a huge custom fridge too.

        Is it resistance that gives people digestive problems, headaches etc when they first start?
        Or just the body not being used to so much fibre/health. It seems lots of carrots would be good for me, they feel refreshing…but too much really hurts my stomach. I just feel queasy.

        They say when you start eating like this you are releasing “toxins” (they are always so vague about this) so after a couple of days you’ll feel pretty sick and that is normal.
        That’s why they say to take it slow. Some people walk right in and do the change all at once.
        They might even get some liver failure because of all the stuff get processed out of their bodies.

        As for the raw milk:


        For me this makes sense. But pretty broke so not gonna happen anytime soon (trips to farms…)
        I do beleive it is really good for you. Always loved milk. It’s a good start. Hey, if I could afford double the cost I’d also use soy..that’s actually really nice.

        I notice when I’m hungry I used to crave peanut butter, so I take it if I cooked more that’s my bodys’ way of asking for proper meat!
        I tested the theory and yes, I was right, some steak really hit the spot. πŸ™‚ Is natural peanut butter real food?

        There could be a market in making tables/conversions for real food, to get people started.
        e.g. one column has the “fake” food and the other what it could mean you really crave.

        Bread & grains are the hardest thing for me. Something is telling me white bread is not compatible with me, but I really love it.

        I wonder why we crave what’s just rubbish for us?

        Oh and don’t get me started on training…I’m slightly nuts and believe “someone” sprays our food etc to make society dumber. (???)
        But I still eat it, as deep down I know it’s nuts..but I really have a bad feeling about huge department store fruit…it seems waxy or something.

        • I’ve been fascinated by this subject for years, so I could go on and on about it. But what I’ve found is that among real foods (things that you could pick off a tree or out of the ground, things that come directly from nature and haven’t been processed or had things added to them, things you could make yourself in your own kitchen, etc.), there is no Right or Wrong. It comes down to what’s best for you in any given moment. My diet changes from time to time, not quickly, but over time. I add foods and take foods away depending on what my body wants.

          Juicing doesn’t have to be that expensive. Carrots aren’t pricey and you don’t always have to go and get the most expensive veggies. There are simple juices that cost much less.

          I would consider natural peanut butter real food. If you feel good eating it, then by all means have some (some is not a jar full, everything in moderation…) But it’s a source of protein and so is meat.

          The body is a representation of our vibration, and that energy translates into physical chemical processes and biological functions. When your energy causes you to feel an emotion, there is a change in your brain chemistry that causes you to physically feel that response. When you eat foods that aren’t good for you, the body does it’s best to cope and keep you alive. But if it can’t deal with all of crap, so to speak, it stores it away in your fat cells. Toxins are mostly acidic compounds that your body can’t release into the bloodstream unless it has enough alkaline compounds to neutralize them (this is a total oversimplification, I know, but I’m trying to not write a book here). So, if you eat a lot of meat and no green veggies, or worse, if you eat a lot of processed foods and chemicals and nothing natural, the body has to store a lot of that away. Then, when you stop eating those things and you flood your body with alkaline green juice, for example, it starts to release the trash in a process of cleansing itself. These are the toxins they speak of. And yes, as a byproduct, you can get headaches, etc.

          Those headaches are also indicative of withdrawal, not just from caffeine but from other substances as well. Don’t think fake foods are addictive? Think again. πŸ™‚
          But it only ever lasts about 3 days.

          Why do we crave foods that are bad for us? Generally because our bodies have made an association between certain foods and nutrition. Also, our feedback mechanisms can be all messed up due to eating too much processed food, not ever being exposed to proper food, our taste buds being all messed up by eating bad foods, as well as parasites and various other imbalances.

          The main reason we crave high calories foods is because we’re starving – we don’t really need the calories, but we need much more nutrition. So, our bodies crave food. The majority of people who are overweight are actually suffering from malnutrition. This will cause cravings for high calorie foods as well as an uncontrollable urge to eat (it’s called hunger).

          This is such a complex and fascinating subject. But really, the botom line is: Figure out which foods make you feel good and eat those. Keep paying attention to what your intuition tells you. Raise your vibration (the food choices that match that will follow). And don’t ever get too rigid about your food. There shouldn’t be any rules. That will cause you to ignore your impulses and not eat what you need.

          Have you read my posts on Intuitive Eating? Here’s the first: http://www.deliberateblog.com/2011/09/06/intuitive-eating-best-diet-ever/

          Ok, I’m going to stop now. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

          • Yeah I’ve read them matey,

            I found that “foods that make me feel good” confuses me. Chocolate makes me feel good but also sometimes creates headaches.
            The same with bread. It tastes great and feels nice, but sometimes it creates a huge headache.

            Good fat like olive oil etc is also something that makes me feel excellent. (no headaches) But I’m not sure that all that fat, good or not is really “good”?

            I’ve also read your other blogs on headaches and pain management but nothing seems to be working.
            Don’t know what it’s gripe with me is. When digging all I get is “yeah well it’s painful!” and nothing deeper than that!

            I’ve been avoiding any food that might trigger it..all to no avail.

            In the past you said that wine was raw… but natural peanut putter isn’t?

            Aren’t they both natural things (peanuts and grapes) that have been squished down and bottled.
            Surely it’s not that bad? It’s that like juicing..squishing them all up so it’s spreadable?

            The reason this blog went from health to food/weight IMO is because health triggers people.
            Nothing worse than being in pain/struggling/dying and reading about a cure then finding you can’t make it work for you.
            In fact I’m sure that would make people angry! πŸ™‚

            Diet and nutrition is more logical and less triggering.
            I’m sure that’s why there aren’t many sick people in this neck of the woods. πŸ™‚ They are somewhere else being angry, giving their computers flying lessons out the window.

          • Chocolate doesn’t equal chocolate. You may be reacting to the milk…?

            But I wouldn’t consider things that give you a headache as making you feel good. You may get some emotional relief by eating these foods, but ultimately, are you willing to pay the price of the headache to eat them? Many people are…

            Peanut butter is generally made from roasted peanuts. I don’t know if you can find it raw. You can certainly make your own… I never said peanut butter is bad. It could be perfect for you. Try it and see how you feel physically. Hold a jar in your hand and see what sense you get. Do you want this food? You can train yourself to tell. I do that with fruits and veggies to see what my body needs that week.

            I think you’re right. People feel powerless about weight, but not nearly as powerless as they do with sickness, although the underlying concepts are the same. It’s easier to get them when it comes to weight, though…


    • Hey Jason,

      I know… I hadn’t planned that, but I think that when you start to look excess weight (or too little), as an energetic “condition” or reflection, the same as disease, instead of as just a lack of willpower, it helps you get a new perspective on both weight and disease, or the body as a whole. This post was more about the overall mindset. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • so the process to get the physical shape we want involves feeling the way we would when wed have our ‘ideal’ body, right? but how do we even do this when everyday im seeing my current body in the mirror and wearing my current set of clothes?

    also i suddenly have my parents (i live with them) asking me for the past two weeks if ive gained extra weight? is their questioning me also a manifestation of mine? and is their asking me about my weight a sign that i have resistance inside me?..ie. that im putting on weight-which seems to be my default mindset, even though ive tried SO hard to be cool and easy about food and my body for the past month now πŸ™

    how DO you get cool and easy? ive always had a complex about my body anyway, even though ive been told i have a nice figure. is my outside weight just a manifestation of self hatred on the inside that could nhave been building up for quite some years now? ( am in my early twenties)

    • Hey Avery,

      I will write more about weight in the future, I promise.

      But yes, your parents’ questions are your manifestation, in terms of how they make you feel. That is showing you something. Is your weight caused by self hatred? I have no way of knowing that without connecting more with you, but it could be, sure.

      How do you get cool and easy about your current weight? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it. First, stop making your weight so important. Don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do. Go have fun. Dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself NOW. When you look in the mirror, focus on your best part, not your worst. Appreciate the bodies of others. Appreciate your own body (if not for the way it looks then for the way it functions). There are countless techniques you can try. But getting to the core of what caused the manifestation in the first place is going to be the big work. If it is self-hatred, then you can work on loving yourself more. That takes a bit more time, but it’s very effective.

      Try this video to start: http://www.deliberateblog.com/2011/12/13/how-to-love-yourself/

      Huge hugs!

  • Sweet post Melody! Looking forward to your future posts on body transformation as well! I’ve been getting a bit into hypnosis as of late & i feel like this explanation made it a little clearer to me as to how it works. Am I right to say that hypnosis for particular desires (like growing taller) works more so to alter the 2nd prong which is helpful, but can bring limited results if the 1st prong is still immenent? However, by releasing from that 2nd prong, you become more ready to release any underlying resistance?

    • Hey Mike,

      It really depends on the hypnotist. Some do work on the first prong, too. But let’s say that yours doesn’t and you just start to align on the second prong. Yes, that shift in energy will start to move everything that’s connected to it and it will start to manifest. The problem is that these manifestations can seem completely unrelated to height, so you may well not recognize them as such. To the untrained person, it can seem like something random has just gone wrong. They won’t see the message there and realize that the negative manifestation is actually a good thing, one that will lead to a major wanted resolution. But that is what it is. And if you can recognize that, then you can use various methods to poke at the issue and then deal with what comes up. Because what comes up will always be relevant and helpful. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Since I haven’t had many issues with my body (I tune into the occasional aches & pains and deal with the emotions that created them pretty quickly) and I’ve been pretty happy with my weight, I’m using everything you’ve said here on my finances. I’m getting similar messages from you and Elle at the same time (yes, more of my manifesting what I need to hear).

    While I’ve obviously got some major resistance going on, I’m having a hard time finding it and dealing with it. Following what you said in your tooth story, I’m asking the Universe about the resistance and its source while I’m focusing on what I want and the related feelings.

    In my interactions with others related to my search for work, I’m focusing on relaxing into it, being myself (frequently difficult in the professional world) and focusing on how I can be of service others vs. the fear behind “I need a job.” The difference in outcomes is dramatic! An outcome that pays hasn’t yet manifested but lots of opportunities are opening up and I’m feeling good about it.

    You’re always in the back of my mind Oh Wise Puppy!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Hey Paige,

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience here! Of course it works with money and any other subject.

      Keep us posted on your progress. Wise Puppy… I like it! He, he.

      Huge happy shiny and wise puppy hugs!


  • My healthy body rant, just cuz!

    With great enthusiasm…
    I want perfect health. I want my body to be in perfect condition. I want to feel great every day, all day. I want to have beautiful, smooth, flawless skin. I want to feel sexy. I want my joints to move with smooth and fluid grace. I want my body to be strong, flexible and energized. I want to sleep easily and soundly every night. I want to get up every morning feeling well rested and refreshed. I want to know which foods provide the greatest nutrition for me. I want my body to eliminate blockages and toxins, quickly and easily. I want energy to flow through me freely and perfectly. I want these awesome thoughts to fill my mind always.

    This is my rant, and though I didn’t include them, there’s pretty much exclamation points behind every sentence. I’m excited when I think them or say them. And when I do, I always feel awesome during and after the fact. I used ‘I want’ instead of ‘I am’ because that feels best when I think it. Why? because every sentence is solid truth to me. And trust me, the more I do this, the better I’ve been feeling. Whoda’ thunk it?!

    May others find their own awesome rants.

    • Wow Nay! The energy behind your rant is so delicious! Thank you for sharing this with us! I love it. Use whatever words you want (see? Want!). The actual words don’t matter, it’s how they feel to you and no one else gets to determine what words are right for you. And these words feel wonderful to you, that’s apparent. Oooh, I have goosebumps! Thank you so very much! πŸ˜€

      Huge hugs!

  • Ok, I’m getting spooked. It’s like again my intuition Melody and your intuition are vibrating at the right frequency. The blockages I’m working on are being guided by your posts. I really see know how readiness, once opening your heart and mind presents you with the teachers to assist you to do the work to set you free. Its amazing. A process with all the help around me to support me as I get to the core, with love and patience, to view the blockage/resistance I have not been able to understand before. This is Magical. This is Healing. I love “what is” it’s freeing (even when very emotive).

    Thanks Melody,

    J xxx

  • “In other words, if you have kidney disease, you can’t cure it by simply imagining healthy kidneys. Doing so will help, just like putting cortisone on that rash will help, but it won’t treat the underlying belief or cause.”

    In theory though, if we sat down and visualised the end result consistently (healthy kidneys), would this not then manifest situations in which we could become aware of our resistance and underlying beliefs, in order to release them? That makes sense to me.

    • Hey Karin,

      Yes, you could definitely get the process started by focusing on healthy kidneys, by focusing very generally about how great your body is, how good you feel, etc. And if you work your way into that feeling, it will trigger the resistance that’s standing in the way of it, including the underlying cause. If you then know what’s happening and don’t freak out about the manifestations, but take the time to evaluate them, you can figure out what’s going on. The process happens naturally. The problem is that we’ve been trained to look at it wrong when it does and so we slow it down or even block it completely.

      My coaching clients often have breakthroughs just by answering the questions I ask them. All I’ve done there is help them start the natural process. And then, I help them allow that to happen. We always want to make it all out to be so complicated, but it’s actually the most natural process in the world. πŸ™‚

      Does that answer your question?

      Huge hugs!

  • Ok so..I have a question. What if I appreciate my body and listen to my body and treat it well. And then I’m stuck with th body I have right now?
    What if I wann lose weight ( or ‘ release’ kilos, to put it correctly)..an so I love the crap outa my body and then loa says , well..u seem to be perfectly happy with th body u have now anyway, so u might as well keep it as it is’
    What I’m trying to say is.. can my desire for my body shape be ‘ overwritten’ by loa so tht I don’t really get slim, but love my body anyway?

    • Hey Queen,

      There’s a fallacy in your question that I’d like to resolve: The Universe knows exactly what you want. If you want to be thin, it knows just how thin you want to be. You do not need to keep telling it what you want. That’s all taken care of. The only thing you have to do is to line up with what you want.

      If you need your body to change before you can be happy, then you are basically vibrating at “I’m not happy with my body”. And so, you keep matching up with a body that you are not happy with.

      But, if you become happy with your body now, even before anything has changed, you are vibrating at “I’m happy with my body!”, and so you start to match up with a body that will match that feeling, a body that will make it easy for you to be happy about it.

      The manifestation follows the feeling, not the other way around. Get happy first and it will open the door to allow the body that matches happiness to flow in. And yeah, it’s kind of like, when you don’t need it anymore to be happy, then it shows up. πŸ™‚


      • Okay. So this means that. If I actually don’t like my job, but find somethign to appreciate in it and then accept it and even be happy with it..that does NOT mean that I’ll be stuck in the job right? This is a question I’ve always had.
        Or tht if I want a guy, but learn to be happy single, the universe says, okay u might as well be single forever’.. is the learning to be happy more of a resistance clearing mechanism than an ‘ attracting’ mechanism? πŸ™‚
        Thanks in advance melody ( for replying) !

        • Hey Avery,

          Exactly. You don’t have to keep defining what you want. And when you find a way to be happy in your current situation it doesn’t mean that you’re saying that you don’t want it to change. In fact, this is how you allow it to change.

          By learning to be happy no matter what, you are attuning yourself to the frequency of what you want. You are always attracting what you are attuned to (you can’t turn the magnet off, you can only direct it). If you’re not attracting what you want, you have to attune to something else.

          Clearing resistance is what you do in the process of getting happy. Think of it as getting rid of excuses to be unhappy. πŸ™‚

          Does that make sense?

          Huge hugs!

          • Sooooo..ur saying that we need to ‘ask’ just once? And that repeatedly asking to nmake sure the universe has gotten it ‘ right’ is in fact detrimental’ is it? Cuz it showcases my doubt or whatver?
            This means we gotta be damn careful right? I mean..evrytime I look in the mirror and see something id like to be different, there’s no point ‘ asking’ for it again and again? Insstead I just have to ‘know’ that its gonna bloodywell happen,
            Just confirming !

          • Hey Avery,

            You have already asked. You don’t NEED to ask again at all. But it’s not necessarily detrimental to do so. If focusing on what you want feels really good, then by all means, do so. You can define it further, think of more details, and really bathe in the delicious vision. But if it doesn’t feel good, then back off and focus on something that does feel good.

            If you’re looking in the mirror and seeing something you don’t like, then train yourself to automatically look at a part of yourself that you do like, instead. Don’t try to look at something that feels bad and feel good about it. Look at something that already feels good. Again, by doing so, you won’t be telling the Universe that you no longer want to change. You’ll be lining up with the version of yourself that will make it easy for you to feel good.

            Bottom line – it’s about how you feel. Stop worrying about the details and about doing it wrong and focus on doing whatever you can to feel good. That’s really the key. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs!

  • Question about the acne bit — if it is a food allergy causing it, wouldn’t that be a resistance thing in itself? Could you LOA that away, too?

    Looking forward to additional posts on healing. Would love some details on how to figure out what the root causes of stuff are. I have a copy of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal You Life” and the section which lists all the dis-eases (her phrase) and their emotional cause is fascinating. And frequently spot-on. It just doesn’t cover everything though, and I’d love to be able to figure out for myself how to find the root causes of such things.

    • Hey Nathalie,

      Let’s say that you have acne and you figure out that it’s caused by a dairy allergy. You can’t figure that out unless you’re a match to the solution. And in order to become a match to the solution, you have to clear the energy.

      Now, the dairy allergy would also represent some resistance. But it could be something different. For example, more and more people are becoming allergic to non-foods that the body can’t really handle. Processed dairy is one of those (raw dairy is not). I believe that as we come more into line with Who We Really Are, many of us are gravitating away from foods whose energy doesn’t resonate with our intentions of healthy and well being. Those foods may be slightly different for everyone, so I don’t want to declare certain foods off limits. And while I personally believe that certain substances just aren’t meant for human or animal consumption, they do offer the perfect opportunity to help us manifest our resistance. Think of it this way: The acne is a manifestation of a certain belief, but in order to manifest the acne, you were drawn to dairy. By clearing up the belief, dairy starts to no longer look good so you stay away from it and the acne clears up. So, the dairy doesn’t resonate with you, but the fact that you were consuming was actually part of the manifestation, too. Does that make sense?

      I will write a lot more about these subjects in the future. Check out Louise Hay’s A-Z book. That’s a really good one, too. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    I just have to chime right in with everyone else and I too helped manifest this post. As I was meditating this morning, I was thinking that I wanted to be a certain weight. I then said well why and my response was just the freedom to feel good in my clothes, to not look so chunky (I’m only 5ft so I showcase every pound), to not feel my thighs rub, etc. I know there is an underlying issue, but not sure which one is producing the excess junk in the trunk. I love your reminder that the body is perfect and we just get in its way to manifest as so.

    I used to think that it was too mundane and not spiritual to focus on my weight but you’ve reminded me that its ok because its just one of stages trying to get my attention to resolve the underlying issue.

    Big Fat Hug and Kisses…

    • Hey Kim,

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your weight. It’s not any less spiritual than any other desire. We are spirit, everything we do is spiritual.

      The question you can ask yourself is this: How would you feel about yourself if you were thin? Then, start feeling that way. I know, way easier said than done. I’ll write more about weight in the future. This post needed to be written first, though.

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    Great post. My favourite part was the ‘evil meat suit’ πŸ˜€ might have to borrow that phrase for some day. Not quite sure how that would come up in conversation but I’m sure I’ll figure out a way! In seriousness though, as someone who has (mostly) healed a chronic illness, this is a bit like looking back and working out exactly what it was that I did, even though I didn’t really think about it like that at the time. Very interesting!

    Big hugs x

    • Hey Antonia,

      Feel free to use my meat suit phrase. I’m pretty sure I partly stole it from True Blood, anyway. πŸ˜†

      Congratulations on your healing! It’s so much easier to see the process and value in hindsight. But that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome to look back and see it all make sense. And of course, once you’ve done that, it makes it much easier to get through future releases. You may not always be able to see the pattern right away, but just knowing that there’s a process at work that will make sense later brings relief. πŸ™‚

      Keep up the great work!

      Huge hugs,

  • This is great and something I needed to hear!

    And I have just the lighthearted manifestation story for this. Can you change your body physically? Well, I have to say yes.

    I always wanted bigger boobs. Yeah, surprise. Nobody else has EVER wanted that!!! But really, I grew up with my mother always talking about how small our chests were, how she wished she could shift some of her butt to her chest, how much she hated being so small, how she could never find clothes that looked good on her because of it, and how guys always wanted women with big chests. It was a litany. Small TaTas are NOT ok. So of course I fell right into it. I think a lot of women have fallen into this, so I know I’m not alone. But I refused to get implants, ever. That terrified me.

    And bra shopping! Nothing but angst and frustration. When they fit around the chest, the cups were too big, when the cups fit, I couldn’t breath. I hated trying to find bras, and hated how they looked on me most of the time. I was convinced that my chest could best be compared to mosquito bites and I would be forever bra challenged, just like my mom.

    But, after years of wearing uncomfortable or illfitting bras, I went and endured what I considered the humiliation of getting sized. What a concept huh? And lo and behold, I was a cup size bigger than I had thought!

    How was this possible? Well, what it came down to was I’d always looked for a specific cup size, and never deviated. Never EVER thought to get sized or that a larger cup size was even remotely possible. I had just continued with my mothers beliefs, never thinking to look beyond them at myself.

    Oh, and I gained a half inch in height too. Probably because I quit hunching over to disguise my mosquito bites. πŸ˜‰

    So did I manifest bigger boobs? Of course I did! No surgery needed. πŸ˜€ Am I a buxum babe whose chest leads the way into a room? Nah. Don’t want to be. But I am perfectly proportioned for my size!


    • Yay Nay! It’s amazing how our perception of ourselves can actually shape how we look, isn’t it? I had a good friend a few years ago who was convinced that she was flat chested. She wasn’t. She had an A cup, which was perfect for her frame. She didn’t have big boobs, but she thought of herself as having the physique of a little boy, and that was just not true. But because she thought of herself that way, she dressed to hide her chest and hunched over. The way she dressed and her body language actually did make her look flat chested. The first time I saw her in a bikini, I was surprised that she wasn’t. She had made others see her that way because she saw herself that way.

      Good for you and your boobs! πŸ˜†

      Huge hugs!

      • That was me exactly.

        I did feel built more like a boy most of the time, and was very athletic too, which added muscle too. Not very girly or desirable in my mind, at all! Now I can see how my feelings were reflected in past events. Not that I could see it then, or for many years.

        It’s amazing how hind sight is twenty twenty when looked at through LOA. And it can be such a great tool for opening your eyes to the fact that your thoughts are the builders of your reality.

        Now, off to ponder thoughts that make my life kickass!

  • hi melody,
    Thats amazing but i should not be surprised. only just 3 hours ago i was in a conversation with a lady who was telling me about her virtigo and half way thru the chat i instictively told her i believed she had some resistance some where to have attracted the condition. When she said she had no idea how to go about getting rid of the resistance, i then said i would try and find out. and then there was your blog right there today like a genie timed to perfection. Many thanks, shaun

    • Emotion: Energy-in-Motion

      Resistance: Any force that tends to retard or Oppose Motion

      It is safe to conclude, that Resistance does not manifest as an emotion, nor does it Attract conditions. It in itself is a natural force that is neutral..

      It is the sensation felt, from the build up of energy not being allowed to flow, An example would be ..not allowing oneself to experience an energy-in-motion {emotion) at the time it occurs …{i.e. resisting an Emotion.} thus over a period of time, the build up of non-released energy is felt as an uncomfortable pressure…. sort of like a water balloon’s resistance to the flow of water while being filled and at the same time maintaining a balloon shape ,,,until so much water is directed inward that the pressure within bursts the balloon’s ability to resist and maintain its shape.

      Change: Energy-in-Motion in a transformation or transition from one state, condition or place to another. What we all are experiencing at this time of evolution, on the physical level of our development.

        • Just remember:

          If you are facing resistance, IT IS A SIGN that you have touched upon something important or valuable, and caused an emotional process to occur within yourself. You are resisting as a way to defend against having to make a difficult or unpopular decision, confront an organizational problem, or deal with a personal reality that you have been trying to emotionally avoid.
          Resistance is predictable, natural, and necessary part of the learning process. When we wish resistance would never appear or would just go away, we are, by that attitude, posing an obstacle to our natural ability of integrating and learning from our experiences…”

  • Hey Melody,
    I would also like to know if this can be used to treat acne and scars. I tried going for laser and those accutane pills that claims to cure acne but just made me have super dry lips and painful gastric. Still all those treatment still don’t work or very little.
    So how can I use loa to fix my scars and acne? Can I use the loa and the treatment together? Or do I just have to use loa? Or is loa useless in fixing scars and acne?


    • Hey Arils,

      Yes, it can certainly be used to treat acne. But don’t focus on creams and potions. That’s trying to take action in order to make something happen. That’s not LOA work.

      Instead, figure out the core reason that you want the acne gone. What do you want instead? Why? Then focus on that and let LOA bring you the ways in which you treat your acne successfully. You’ll then be led to that one cream that actually works for you, or you’ll figure out that you have a certain food allergy that is causing the acne (for a lot of people, it’s dairy and gluten). Or something else will come up.

      LOA, my dear, is never useless. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,

    • Hey Arils,
      Applying thin slices of the inner part of RED Potatoes (“white part” not the red part that makes up the skin of the RED potato) on top of acne once to twice a day for about ten to fifteen minutes gives you results.you’ll be pleased with,within three days or so…

      Aloe Vera and vitamin E applied directly on top of scars, .can be applied mixed together or separately

      • Pure cocoa butter in the form of the stick works great on scars. It smooths out the skin and also helps with the healing of acne. It contains Vitamin E, no side effects. Apply at night before going to bed.

        • Or u could use a mixture of benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. It keeps in check acne. Or u cud try out azithromycin pulse therapy. Just saying.

  • Hey Melody,

    Your blog is fantastic and goes a long long way in explaining to me why things happen the way they do.
    I just have one question…can we use loa to grow taller ? I’m very happy with my body the way it is but could really do with a few extra inches :/

    Lots of love and shiny puppy hugs πŸ™‚

    • Hey Bhavna,

      I’ve gotten this question before and will almost certainly include it in a blog post in the near future. But here’s the short answer: Do you believe that you can physically grow taller? Because unless you do, you can’t force that to happen.

      But, just for theory, the process would be this: Figure out why (the core reason) you want to be taller. Then move toward that and it will manifest in whatever way you can actually allow. And yes, if you are able to allow actual physical growth then I do believe that your body would conform to that. But the bottom line is that you want to be taller for a reason and that reason can be fulfilled even if you don’t grow. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • This blog post is EXACTLY what I needed!! πŸ˜€
    I’m so sure I attracted it to me and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I read it the same day you posted it. ^^
    I hope that you’ll soon write another post on that topic with more details. πŸ™‚
    I’m sure I’m one of the few who want a weight gain not a weight loss.^^ So hopefully you’ll write about it, too. :))
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing post!!! I’m really grateful πŸ˜€

    • Hey Johanna,

      You’re so very welcome. It wasn’t a coincidence. I write intuitively, which means I always write about whatever topic comes up and asks to be written about. By doing that, the post always seems to be the answer to someone’s question right then and there. I’m just allowing your manifestation to come through me (I’m nice like that..)

      I will write more about healing and weight and all of it. This was clearly the post that set the basis, so that I could refer to it later on. Watch this space!:)

      Huge hugs!

  • I, too, contributed to the manifestation of this post. As Abe ways says, “Feel better and then…” or when someone asks about a certain success, the LOA answer is I felt good and allowed it to happen.

    Excellent example. Some ailments are a bit more complicated and more digging needs to be done, but follow the same principles. I find exercise helps me feel good emotionally and that is the main reason I do it. It helps a lot with well-being which we should concentrate on, not necessarily what we see.

    Thanks for this!

    • strange thing is that I wasn’t feeling good but was trying to understand why I felt like my body was slowly falling apart…so I’m a little confused but also very happy (now)! so glad it touched you too!

  • So basically I manifested you writing this blog post…atleast I think that’s what’s going on. I have wayyyyyyy too much to say so I’ll just say thank you and send you a hug!

    • LOL Marjorie,

      I know the feeling. Sometimes you either have to shut up or let it all out. πŸ˜‰

      Everything in your reality is a manifestation, so yes, you manifested it. The only question that remains is “why?”

      Huge hugs!

      • It’s more of an ALIGNMENT rather than a “You Manifested it” …for here on the physical realm whatever yourself connected to, has already been manifested and you just happened (consciously or unconsciously) find yourself in ALIGNMENT with the vibrational frequency of it. This is an important distinction to make.

        • Hi Melody:

          You State:

          β€œYour body responds to your vibration, perfectly, and without exception. So, if you have no resistance, then your body will be perfect. That is its natural state”

          Observe the following re-wording of this :

          Your body.{i.e. Particle state of energy), responds to your vibration,{i.e. wave state of energy) (or also known as Consciousness)….. Harmoniously….(I can understand why you choose the label perfect).. …This is its Natural State

          When you .are not experiencing (i.e.” feeling”) and labeling sensations of β€œresistance” from your surrounding reality β€œ. Then this is a sure indication/sign that your body ….mind and. spirit are in alignment (i.e. Harmony) ….vibrational resonance
          And you can be reassured that your body, mind, and spirit are in balance on the physical level of development.
          .and that your body’s vibrational frequencies are in complete vibrational Resonance..(i..e. Harmony) with your Conscious development.

          Whereas if you are experiencing β€œfeelings” or actions/reactions in which you find yourself becoming aware of and mislabeling them as β€œresistance”.. Rest assure this can be used as a useful Tool .; . An indicator that the area which you are viewing and labeling as β€œresistance” is being brought to your attention because your higher consciousness (i.e. a higher frequency [higher self]) ….cannot continue to download into your body form {i.e. comfortably flow into /out of}….Without you first upgrading this Area’s β€œbelief pattern” that needs to be Re-written.
          The current frequency of this area is being brought to your conscious attention asking to be Rewritten……Not Just Released and Let Go….but Consciously replaced with a more expanded flexible belief structure than the one previously installed there.
          Ahhhh taking part in taking Responsibility for ourselves could this be what we are attaching the label of resistance to? …Are we Resisting partaking in the construction of our very own foundational structure of beliefs within our very own system (i.e.bodyform).Hhhmm

          We can. raise the frequency of the. Pattern of beliefs previously installed within our bodyforms by taking the time/space to gather more information and actively reaching out and replacing our surroundings with nurturing substances and nurturing Beings …instead of energy-depleting ones
          (Until you’ve gain insight and strength to face such things again of course …for here on the physical plane they will always be there and thus sooner or later encountered)
          …………………..thus enabling yourself to create and to replace the” old programmed way of looking at things” with a more flexible belief system that will be able to support your higher self’s energetic flow into the body. So yes something has to be released…. but it is not “resistance” (one of our tools of creation) but
          It’s the Belief System/Structure that underlies the area that’s being felt and called/labeled “resistance” that needs to be addressed…..Which MEANS accepting responsibility for the co-creation of the reality you find yourself experiencing.

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