So there I was a few months ago, lying in bed one night, meditating as I often do (I can get into deeper meditations in the dark), when I had another one of my epiphanies. I’ve had a few in my life, some huge (like the one I’m about to share here), many slightly less huge (like when I figured out that I could stop a panic attack by stepping into it rather than fighting it), and tons of insights about my own personal life (like the time when I saw every moment of my life laid out and understood how every second of it had served me, something I haven’t written about because the information flow was so intense that words completely fail me). Let’s just say that I’ve dedicated a lot of time to figuring shit out.

This moment of clarity was so profound, so mind-blowing, that I wasn’t even able to attempt to put it into words for several days. And even then, it was a disaster. I remember my first effort to try and describe what I’d witnessed to a friend of mine. I’m normally fairly eloquent (this girl can talk, damn it), but this time I was um-ing and ehm-ing all over the place, trying to find the right words and phrases, the analogies and metaphors that would convey even a fraction of the understanding I’d gained. I’m not going to say that I failed completely (my friend is very intuitive and has had many similar experiences), but it wasn’t pretty. I certainly wasn’t ready to write about it. Until now.

[Friendly neighborhood disclaimer: This is a HUGE topic. It is not going to be an easy read. I will do my best to give you the overview, but if I went into detail, I could spend days, even weeks or months explaining it all. I wasn’t going to even try to put this in a blog post, but my intuition said “Do it”, and well, I listen to her. This post isn’t meant to answer all of your questions (it will probably lead to more. You have been warned), but rather to broaden your perspective and let you take it from there.]   

Today, I’m going to tell you why we’re here. I’m going to give you the meaning of life as I have come to understand it. This is my interpretation of the energy I tapped into. Others have translated it slightly differently, but the gist is the same. No, this information isn’t new. It’s been around since the beginning of time, but I didn’t really get it until that fateful night. And no, it might not satisfy all of you. Remember that you don’t have to accept or believe anything you read here. Ok, are you ready?

The evolution of perspective

I’ve written quite a bit about Who We Really Are, non-physical beings of pure love who project part of themselves into this denser dimension so that we might experience the physical. I’ve told you that we’re here to have fun, to experience joy through the physical, and that suffering isn’t really necessary, although still valuable. But WHY are we really here? Can’t we just have fun in the non-physical? If Who We Really Are is pure love and joy, then what do we need this reality for?

Everything in the Universe, including Who We Really Are in our non-physical state, is energy all vibrating at different frequencies. We don’t have access to all frequencies at the same time. For example, if you vibrate at one frequency, you will have access only to the range of wavelengths that are close to your vibration, and not those which are far away. I explained this in much greater detail in the post How Exactly Do We Create Our Reality? A Technical Explanation. Another way of saying this is that in any given moment, you can only experience the range of frequencies which are near you.

So, when you meditate and raise your vibration, or even if you take more drastic measures to achieve a Quantum Leap, you can only ever gain access to the highest vibration that is within the range which you have access to. Over time, as you continue to evolve, you can gain access to higher and higher vibrations. But what, exactly, does that mean?

Let’s say that you meditate regularly. As you do, you are reaching for the highest vibration you have comfortable access to (the closer you get to your current limit, the more uncomfortable it will get). When you achieve that high vibration, you feel calm and safe and peaceful. If you stay in that state, you will attract thoughts and ideas that vibrate on that same frequency – you’ll get clarity. In that moment, you might have an idea that solves several of your up until now unsolvable problems. You might understand why certain events in your life occurred and how you manifested them. You might suddenly figure out what belief has been holding you back in your love life and instantly release it. You will gain access to a higher level perspective. (I bolded that because it’s important. Stay with me, y’all).

“Raising” your Vibration

Now, as you continue to meditate, your core vibration rises. Whereas your perspective was mostly negative before, you’ve gradually (but not necessarily slowly) shifted into a more positive one. Better feeling thoughts are easier for you to think. Problems don’t loom as large, it’s easier for you to imagine that a solution might exist even if you don’t yet know what it is, and you’re willing to trust that it will present itself. You leave the doom and gloom behind and become more of a silver lining kind of person. In other words, you see the world from or through a different perspective, one that feels better.

In order to be able to choose a better feeling perspective, you must first be able to see that new point of view; you have to know that it exists. Raising your vibration will give you access to new and different points of view (like walking up a mountain and getting a better view), allowing you to choose a better feeling. We always choose the best feeling perspective that we truly have access to, unless we’re resisting them. This is our natural inclination, so it’s not something we have to do deliberately.

So, a more accurate way of saying “raising your vibration”, would be to say “broadening your perspective.” Each time we broaden our perspective, we gain access to new, better feeling points of view which we then naturally adopt. If we find worse feeling perspectives, we don’t naturally adopt them. We can be trained to do this, by being taught that certain points of view aren’t valide, but our natural inclination is always to feel better.

When we block off perspectives, when we decide that certain points of view are invalid, unacceptable or out of reach for some reason, we call that resistance (this is a new definition of resistance I have never given before). When we block our natural inclination to find new perspectives, when we stop ourselves from expanding our view, we feel discomfort. Therefore, “releasing resistance” is really just accepting the validity of perspectives we previously wouldn’t allow. Notice, I didn’t say that we have to adopt or agree with all perspectives. To open up the energy, we simply need to accept them as valid.

When you’re in a debate and you can see the other person’s point of view, when you can understand where they’re coming from and why, you accept their perspective. You may still prefer your opinion over theirs, but you’re no longer invalidating their views. And when you accept their side as valid, the fighting stops, true communication can begin, the energy opens up and flows.

The value of each perspective

So, when I say that we only have access to a certain range of vibrations, what I mean is that we only have access to a certain range of perspectives or points of view. The “higher” your vibration, the broader your perspective, the bigger your point of view. The more perspectives you can allow, the less suffering there is (remember that suffering is simply a byproduct of blocking perspectives). Allowing a perspective and experiencing it, aren’t the same thing. You experience a perspective when you fully agree with it, when it becomes your truth. You can allow a different perspective as valid without making it your truth.

Now each being, physical and non-physical, has a unique perspective. Just for the sake of clarity, I’m going to focus on humans for now, but the same holds true for everything in the Universe. So, at any given moment, you in your human form, have a perspective that’s completely unique to you, resulting from your unique life experience, thoughts, ideas, and focus. Others may share a similar point of view, sometimes very similar, but never completely the same. Your perspective is uniquely your own just as my perspective is uniquely mine.

As Who We Really Are projects itself through our human form, we get to experience each unique perspective. And because we are all connected, that unique perspective gets added to the experience of all that is or Collective Consciousness. This, in a nutshell, is how the Universe evolves and expands.

We create and experience

In our human form, we can’t experience more than one perspective at a time. We can know there are others and we can switch back and forth, but our ability to fully experience points of view as our truth at the same time is limited (this, again, adds to the uniqueness of our perspective). We have no such limitation in our non-physical state. And yet, the Law of Attraction still applies. We can only experience the frequencies or points of view that are in our vibrational vicinity. To put it in simpler terms, we can’t experience the denser physical frequencies while in our non-physical state. We can understand them, we can accept them, we can know that they’re there, but we can’t fully experience them. You can’t fully know what it’s like to be an ant, until you’ve been an ant. You can’t fully know what it’s like to be poor, until you’ve been poor. You can’t fully know what it’s like to be a woman, a man, a rich person, a tree hugger, a clown, a corporate big shot, a sexy fireman, a dog lover, a triathlete, an ANYTHING, unless you’ve been one. You can imagine, you can sympathize, you can empathize, but you cannot really KNOW.

And that is why we’re here: to fully experience all these different perspectives and to add to the expansion of the Collective Consciousness and the Universe. We create the physical from the non-physical so that we (and many, many others like us) can project ourselves into the physical and fully experience points of view we otherwise couldn’t. We are explorers, full of curiosity, sifting through all the available data (what Abraham calls “the contrast”), looking for our next perspective to adopt. You can see this so clearly in children: they want to see everything, touch everything, go everywhere. They will explore until they drop, and the next day, they’ll do it again.

We are also creators, actually producing new points of view. Consider that each point of view is like a point of light, in an infinite Universe.

From each point of light, or star, if you will, you can perceive the other stars around you, as well as yourself. And in between those stars, there is space – space just waiting to be filled with new stars, new points of view not yet discovered, not yet experienced. Each time we become a point of light that is already present (think a thought that already existed, merge with existent energy), we add our unique perspective to it, creating a new point of light just next to the first one. When we create something extraordinary or shocking, something never seen before, we’ve created in a space with few or no other points of light near our new one. So, each moment that you are alive, you are creating and experiencing new points of view, that your non-physical counterpart then also gets to experience through you.

All perspectives are equally valid

Seen from this perspective, we cannot judge one perspective to be more valid than another. Poor isn’t worse than rich and rich isn’t less spiritual than poor. Sickness isn’t less valid than health (it isn’t necessary, but it’s still valuable). A man born in a devastated region of the world is no less powerful a creator than someone who works on Wall Street. This also explains why a person in a poverty stricken region of the world could actually be happier than someone who seemingly has everything. It’s not a matter of things or possessions or station in life. It’s a matter of how allowing you are. You cannot measure another person’s success by how much they’ve accomplished or how they live. You have no idea what perspective they are experiencing. It is possible to be happy with nothing and to be incredibly unhappy with “everything”. It all comes down the perception of the individual, and no one but that individual can judge that.

Notice that even though one perspective is just as valid as another, you will still have your preferences. Just don’t assume that everyone else shares your preferences. They are part of your unique perspective, part of your own experience.

The perfection of all that is

As we experience each new “truth”, each unique perspective, we experience not only our reality around us, but ourselves, as well. Think of it this way. If you put on those glasses that optometrists use to check your eyes, you’d have many different options of lenses to choose from – many very similar, some very different. So, you choose a particular combination, and you look at the world around you. Everything you look at is adding to your unique perspective and experience. You’re gathering data, so to speak, adding to the picture of the whole. Now, you don’t just look at the room and other people, you also look at yourself through those lenses, and you perceive yourself.

If you change to a different lens, even if it’s almost the same as the first, your perspective will change with it. You will add more experiences to the whole – slightly different data. Now, consider that you are the non-physical being, projecting itself through that human avatar, taking on a certain perspective, perceiving the world, the avatar and, if your human avatar is so inclined, even yourself (the avatar perceiving the non-physical being through whatever lens it has on).

You can experience Who You Really Are to whatever degree you can allow. Who You Really Are has a vibration, too, or rather, a range of vibrations (just as you are a collection of vibrations). You can access the frequencies in that range that you’re a match to. It’s like looking at an object with a very bright light behind it. At first, if you look directly at it, you can’t see anything, and you’ll be blinded. The experience won’t be a good one. But, if you put on sunglasses, you can see more. It filters out much of the light, so you can see the object, although, it’s black and white and you can only make out the general shape. As your eyes adjust, you’re able to perceive more and more of the object. You could then switch to lighter sunglasses and get an even better looks. Eventually, you’re able to take the glasses off completely and see the colors and details you couldn’t before.

So, when you connect with Who You Really Are, you are only ever able to perceive as much of it as you are ready for. As you perceive the world around you, which is filled with that very same energy, you will always perceive just as much (no more, no less) as you are ready for (or a match to). And again, each perspective is valuable. Each point of view is data. Because as we perceive each point of light and in between, from each newly created point of light, we are adding to the picture, to the knowledge, to the experience, to the truth of the ever expanding, never ending, always evolving, infinite whole.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is God, experiencing himself.

I know, right?!

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  • This is one question that has been bothering me quite a bit from the time i turned 14… Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for answers and have come across many different perspectives, but I loved what you’ve given here! It rings so very true. Thank you so much for sharing this post!

    Mumbai (India)

  • Yeah, a good correlation was an old t.v. show called Starman which continues to be my favorite show of all time. It resonated with me, even if I was in grade school when it aired. He was an energy being that occupied a physical body in order to experience the sights, sounds and feelings his experiences on earth brought him. He came from a one-dimensional plane, a far-away star. He did use energy and he was so calm, understanding and gentle, like our higher self. That is pretty much it in a nutshell.

    • You know, I think I saw that show. It sounds familiar! Now would be a great time for a remake. People probably weren’t all that ready for it in the 80’s…

      I’m finding that a lot of science fiction shows get it right on in many ways. When they show gentle, wise aliens more advanced than humans, they get very close to the energy of who we really are. It’s not just for nerds anymore, people! 😛

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts! They certainly are a breath of fresh air!

    After thinking about this one some more, is this the reason it is so vital to have experiences? I mean, experiences are indeed the best teachers but also to add to this collective universal perspective. Just like another marble in the jar, continually adding to it. We are in it for the experience and the experiences within the experience. This sure beats being yet another cog in the same wheel in which you stagnate. That does not help anything. No wonder there is an enlightenment of sorts happening. The former situation lacks in experiences, and that is no good.

    I apologize of this has been repeated in the comments, but I just had this thought I wanted to confirm, or, at least confirm that I am on the right track.

    • Hey Kat,

      NO worries. This is another, slightly different way to express the same point. Yes, you’ve got it. This is also why we feel so bad when we shut down experiences and stagnate in the same old reality over and over again. We crave new adventures (some big, some small, it’s a very individual thing). And the more we allow ourselves to keep up with that, the better we feel. Wheeeeeeee!

      Huge hugs!

  • You’ve done a fantastic job of commnicating an experience for which there are no words. Thank you!

    I had an experience 32 years ago that I can still recall as though it were yesterday that I still have no explaination for but it was similar to yours in that it was impossible for me to properly relate the experience even though I was so excited and wanting to share it with everyone. We simply don’t have the language. Like you I would end up hemming and errring and trying desperately to think of analogies to accurately describe it. But unlike you I gave up in trying to retell it. I’m really glad you didn’t. Your experience resonates with me.

    • Hey Debra,

      Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback. That’s kind of my thang… I get a lot of joy from finding the right words to convey something, which makes it all the more frustrating when something seems to defy description. I’m pretty satisfied with this one, but of course, it doesn’t come close to having the actual experience… 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,
    Right! Thats four times i’ve read it in two days. Of course, i took no notice of your warning and now i’ve got little insights that i only get when reading it forcing me headlong into read number five and now as of read number four i’ve got questions starting to rear their ugly head. what have i done? lol


    • Ha, ha, ha, Shaun,

      I did warn you! 😉
      But isn’t the pondering of this stuff fun? It is for me. Often, just coming up with new question feels so satisfying. And then, when the answer shows up, Wooohooo!

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    Another great one, and yes, very easy to understand even for someone that might still be new to this concept.

    It is so important to realize that the higher our vibrations, the more we are going to experience, well higher stuff… feelings, insights, visions, etc…

    Thank your for revealing your inner revelations with us.

  • hmmm…I think I get it. but how come I don’t feel all of the wonderful feelings other peeps are feeling? is it because maybe I don’t really get it after all?

    • Hey Marjorie,

      Don’t assume that you’re not getting it. You can’t judge your experience against others’. It all depends on where you were at when you read it (vibrationally). And there are many layers to these concepts. Maybe you’re getting it to a degree, but you have yet to discover more layers (as we all do, actually, the layers never stop). Your experience of this article and these concepts is your own, and it was exactly what you were ready for. Don’t judge it as not enough just because someone else had a different experience. If this post didn’t leave you feeling confused, you got it. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    What a fantastic post! This stuff is not totally new to me and I kind of knew it all along, only without words. I think some things are too mind blowing to find the right words for them but you succeeded very well and it is so great to see that so many people ‘get’ it.

    I also receive some deep truths sometimes when I am in a meditative state at night but when I get up the next morning often the finer details are all gone again and I cannot exactly reach them anymore.

    Right now the difference between knowing and experiencing occupies me a lot as I have received a lot of truths in the course of time which I know with all my heart to be true but which I only the last decade or so started to experience. Because I already knew them to be true (and as such they already were my truth and my perspective) they were a lot less frightening to go through when they finally became my experience.



    • Hey Anny,

      That’s the gap we all have to close – it’s not enough to just know it. We have to actually live it to really “get” it. But when we do, ooooh, isn’t the rush fun! 🙂

      Thanks so much for your kind words.

      Huge hugs!

  • I am going to have to come back…I can not get this to tweet or link to any of the links and I think that is telling me something….I better come back…

    my vision is all blurry too and I am back into sleeping all the time…we are finally having summer and it is hot today????

    • No worries Patricia. This kind of information takes time to process. I’ve had time to sit with it, and even I’m re-reading the post over and over (details filled in as I wrote it, providing an even deeper understanding, even for me).

      Come back to it when you feel ready. This is one of those that has to be read several times…

      Huge hugs!

  • Great job Melody…it’s definitely a more than once read…and I love that about it, and you.

    I was reminded of a dream I had where God was showing me the secret of the Universe – it was being written on a blackboard and I remember thinking in my dream…wow it’s so simple. Then I woke up all excited, and couldn’t remember what the heck the secret was. 🙂

    I like your vision better!

    Love Elle

    • Hey Elle,

      Ah, that sucks! When you know you had a great insight and then can’t remember it. And the secret, no less. 😉

      I’ve really come to understand that when I have insights like that, that I can’t remember, that I did receive them. I opened up to a new frequency, a new layer of understanding. And even if my conscious mind doesn’t remember the details, the access to the understanding is still there and it comes through over time, or when needed. When I get a new big insight like this, I might, in that moment, get the whole picture. Then, when I come out of it, I can only convey and hold on to a fraction of that picture. But as I sit with it, it comes back bit by bit and more details fill in. Each time I talk about it, or write about it, or think about it, I get more pieces. And I always have the pieces that I need in every given moment. And once I’ve fully integrated the new understanding into my conscious mind, that’s when I’m able to live it. I’ve had to make peace with that process, but it totally works.

      So, you do know the secret to the Universe. And you’ll share it when we’re all ready to hear it. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • I can totally accept that Melody…and as soon as I get all the pieces I’ll let you know ‘the secret’.

        Now I can release ‘having’ to know…because I already do know. Thanks Melody. Love it.

        Love Elle

  • Melody, thank you for being there for us. Every day I am expanding my horizons and having great experiences due to your repitition of some core themes.
    Lately when I don’t believe that something will work for me I rememberi that it is only my perspective. Remembering your words I decide to try on the perspective. I tell myself okay this is my perspective but it is possible that x is also true. I open to the new perspective and things just start to flow in a positive way. I cannot thank you enough.I see how I have been limiting things. Your posts constantly remind me to allow the law of attraction to manifest for me, by not judging. I’ve read so many posts that It is becoming second nature. Great job.

    • Hey Mi,

      Thanks so much for this. Hearing that my blog has helped you gain a broader perspective makes me all warm and fuzzy. 🙂 And you’re right to keep reading, if this works for you. Repeated exposure to these ideas (in whatever form) does really help to reset the mind and accept these new perspectives. It’s generally a nice, gentle way to go about it, and very, very effective.

      Huge hugs!!

  • Melody,

    This post is just so mind blowing and profound. Brain frying really. How do you not just explode sometimes with these insights? 😀

    So if one could live this, truly know this, then they would never be sad or unhappy again. There would just be experience after experience, and the joy of experiencing that experience…yet at the same time, our emotions are part of that experience, so being sad or unhappy would just be part of the experience, which would bring on happiness!?

    So many thoughts running through my head, I can’t even express them. And though I hate to admit it, the idea of this, the sheer magnitude of this knowing almost brings fear. And I don’t even know of what. Like a giddy jump in the heart, that says, could this really be…Ahh yes, that fear of not being able to have what we want.

    Does anybody else feel like they just stuck their finger in a light socket?

    Much love Melody!

    • Yup. I certainly do. I feel free and have more understanding about what this thing we are involved in really is, after a 2-year quest. At least I have a greater understanding now and this is knowledge that is freeing. That’s a great feeling! Sis boom ba, as you would say, Nay

      • Ha Ha Kat!

        It is a great feeling! And the new understandings that keep coming on a regular basis are just amazing. The coincidences are too many to be coincidences. I’m at sis BOOOOMMMM right now! 🙂 It’s like a big explosion inside, that is still building. I’m so excited for more and more.

        Now and always, I’m working on internalizing, not just understanding. To accept this and know it and use it, and all the joy that comes with it. That will be the ‘ba’, or maybe it’s really an ‘AH’ or AHA!!! 😛

        To this amazing trip we are sharing Kat!

        • “Now and always, I’m working on internalizing, not just understanding. To accept this and know it and use it, and all the joy that comes with it.”
          Amen! 🙂
          How amazing it will be to have finally gone beyond accepting/knowing/using and just BE … just BE this Truth… no more internal debates and reminders and affirmations and all the etcetera that comes from being at the beginning; to have every action and thought and word and choice come from the place of BE-ing, instead of “wanting to be” or “learning to be”. 🙂

    • Welcome to my world, Nay. 8) Sometimes I do feel like I’m going to explode. And I do the same thing; I have the insight, and then spend the next weeks or month integrating it into my actual life. So, do I automatically and immediately allow all other perspectives 100% of the time? God no. I often have to work at it. But, the realization that I can do that, and the knowledge of how freeing that is, provides all the incentive I need to do that work.

      Your second paragraph is so spot on. That is Who We Really Are. That is what life can be like and there’s nothing stopping us from that kind of experience except, well, our learned perceptions. But those are going bye bye now. 😉

      Huge hugs!!


  • Hey Melody,
    Wow! – Wonderful Out-of-this-World Wagga-Fantastic… Like I said WOW…..!!!!!!!!!!

    I find myself speechless and I’m one of those non stop chattaboxes that loves philosophizing and Melody you spoke the words that Resosonate so clearly and makes amazing sense. IT MAKES SENSE and my perception has a few more of those lights beaming brightly. Vibrating at a higher level is so liberating maybe because it’s so natural and doesn’t require the heavy energy to block and resist that ways us down into the negative spectrum which is helpful at time (perfect as it is for then – to see the contrast) of how beautiful and amazing it feels to FEEL GOOD!

    Thank you!
    I’d like to share a saying or a portion of a Sanskrit writing that was introduced to me when I started to meditate and found it difficult (due to expectations)over 10 yrs now and is one of my favorites. The teacher used it to help me understand that each time I meditate it was perfect the way it is. He used the example of dropping a glass and it shattered into pieces and at that moment it is what it is – Perfect – and at that time I really didn’t understand it but today I certainly do … It goes like this..
    ” That is perfect,
    This is perfect,
    Perfect comes from perfect,
    Take perfect from perfect,
    The remainder is perfect,
    May peace and peace and peace be everywhere”

    Just wanted to share and Thank yourself and the other bloggers for there amazing thoughts and descriptions from there perspective which enlightened me as well

    • You’re so very welcome Josie! That’s a lovely saying! This, to me, is the essence of allowing – to be able to see the perfection in everything. The distinction that really helped me was to realize that by seeing the perfection in it, I still do not need to include it in my experience. I can prefer one perfect thing over another, but that doesn’t mean that I have to stop seeing the perfection of both choices. 🙂

      You’re so very welcome. Thank you so much for your support.

      Huge hugs!

  • Breathtaking explanation….standing ovation for the insight! I feel extremely light and open right now after reading this. You know I had a debate about vaccinations yesterday that brought me to tears. I have never vaccinated my children (ages 16 to 4)and I was scolded by a nurse that my children were the carriers of the diseases that the vaccinated children come down with. Anyway, today I have no ill feelings against her. I feel comfortable in allowing her to have her perspective. I understand that with her perspective as a nurse, stripping away her faith and belief in western medicine would be stripping away a great deal of who she is (not to be confused with WHO SHE REALLY IS). And now after reading your post, I reeeeallly have an openness about others perspective even when completly opposite of mine.

    Wow! I wish I could accurately describe what I’m feeling right now. I’m sure I don’t have to because you’re already there. And that’s obvious by this post!
    Much love to Melody! You knocked this out of the stratosphere…..GO GIRL!!


    • Wow, Kim, that is great! Thank you for the story. I really needed that! I keep re-reading this post and comments because they are so helpful.

    • Hey Kim,

      Welcome to my world, he, he. I’m so glad I published this now. As usual, my intuition was spot on. You guys are really getting this! But you also see my challenge. Words are sort of really inadequate when you get to these insights. I do my best though.

      Congrats on gaining a new perspective on the vaccines. The nurse truly believes that you are being irresponsible. From her point of view, she believes that vaccines are helpful and that there’s no logical reason not to use them. Your point of view is different. She may not be able to allow your point of view, but you can allow hers. And then, you sleep at night. 🙂

      And thank so much for your kind words. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Um…wow! It’s definitely a re-read. I understood it and of course I will find more in it at different times of reading it. I think that’s really cool.

    I think you should wrote God experiencing herself. Haha.
    And I gotta comment on the beginning where you said how you figured out how to stop a panic attack by stepping into it. It made me think how when I get the hiccups, if I “step into them” and actually enjoy them. I find they go away really quickly, instead of when I’m annoyed by them and they stick around too long.

    That’s confusing though. Wouldn’t it make sense that your panic attacks should stay if you’re accepting it or same with my hiccups if I’m enjoying them?

  • Ok, whoa. So, it may not make sense for some people but I’m going to bring religion into this… Because while there is a certain percentage of people who understand the “law of attraction” stuff and are living it/manifesting their reality every day — the overall percentage of those people compared to the population on earth is small. Lets just guess .1%? This doesn’t mean we don’t have an influence (because we most certainly do, on raising the overall vibration), just that it may be slow moving than say some other mainstream idea that people can grasp more easily.

    That being said, I was raised in the Baha’i Faith which is the newest, most recent world religion. And we validate and believe in ALL the other major prophets of world religions — Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammad ETC. We also believe in the most recent: The Bab and Baha’u’llah. These Teachers come to us every so often -say every thousand years – because we get “off track”. Humanity develops and improves when we practice love, kindness, acceptance, joy ETC. but religion often gets into the hands of greedy/control hungry people and gets changed into hate/fear etc whatever — RIGHT? The core truth of the Message is lost.

    So, Baha’u’llah came in 1817 to proclaim that humanity is ONE. We need to practice UNITY and equality in order to move forward and LOVE is the strongest power in order to do so. We must eliminate prejudice and the extremes of poverty and wealth. Universal education is key. This will balance things out overall… So, in my eyes, this new, most current religion will raise the vibration of humanity on a MASS level — and this pattern WILL continue into the future. We are “an ever advancing civilization”. There will be more Great Teachers when we need our overall vibration “boosted”. These Teachers bring a new Message and a new level of understanding, but these truths must be shared in small incriments or else we wouldnt “get it”.

    That being said, a lot of people have already accepted this TRUTH (which is all the same) without knowing who Baha’u’llah is. He is just one of many wise and inspiring teachers. Many people have tapped into this reality already and are practicing it, but religion may just spread it on a broader/wider level.

    Now, I know a lot of people have a knee-jerk reaction to religion these days but that’s because you’ve experienced the negative reprocussions of what religion has become in the hands of evil, greedy people… People change the CORE message of religions which is peace, love, harmony, unity etc. and Baha’u’llah has promised that we are entering into a time period of peace. Once we reach this higher vibration we will never go back to war — a base and brutish method of “solving” world issues.

    Yes, I’m going to go there. The Baha’i Faith teaches that science and religion must (and do) agree. We do have laws: we don’t drink alcohol, we fast for 19 days each year, we pray and meditate daily — all which raise vibration to a higher degree, little by little, bit by bit… And anyone who is practicing love and kindness, eliminating hate and hurt, is practicing this one universal truth and raising the overall vibration of humanity. Bam. Thank you, Melody!!

    • I’ve always been fascinated by the Baha’i faith. I knew a few Baha’is back in school, they were very tolerant people. Also, I think you guys have a tradition that when you graduate from school, you do volunteer/charity work for a year? At least the ones I knew did, which I thought was fantastic!

      Anyway, back when I was still looking for a religious identity, I considered Baha’i… But then I read about the no-alcohol part and no way could I do that! Not now in my twenties anyway!! 😀 All respect to you though!

      • Hi Karin,

        Yes, some people choose to do a ‘year of service’ but its not a requirement. Hmmm I was raised as a Baha’i so the no alcohol part is kind of second nature for me. I don’t really feel like I’m “missing out”. But I can see how it would be difficult to adjust!

        I was thinking about alcohol (and other drugs) in terms of LOA, because to me it seems when people use substances they are trying to escape a certain life experience (extreme example) or “just relax”. But if you need alcohol or something else to just relax and have fun, isn’t there something missing or something you’re not dealing with directly? I’m not sure how to word it. Maybe Melody will have a suggestion? 🙂

        • I agree with you to some extent, but “needing” alcohol isn’t the same as choosing to drink alcohol. A lot of the time it is escapism, but sometimes it’s just cultural. I live in London, and there is a big drinking culture here. If I lived in a society where people didn’t drink, I guess it would be different.

          I have drunk in the past to escape, and I have also drunk because I like the buzz, and it’s fun! 😀 As I’ve gotten older and more into my spirituality, I am drinking less (or that could be because as I get older, the hangovers get worse!!). But I don’t see anything intrinsically wrong with any mind-altering substances, illegal drugs included. It’s more about the intention behind it. But yes, a lot of people approach alcohol and drugs because they want to escape, and then it gets murky. Do it with positive intentions, and you’ll have a good time. Do it because you’ve just broken up with a guy and you want to escape your thoughts, and you’ll end up crying in front of everyone at a house party and accidentally breaking your friend’s tv (true story, when I was younger and a little stupider). 🙂

          In terms of LOA, everything is a learning experience, and I don’t regret any of it, because all my crazy experiences have shaped who I am today. Still couldn’t do the no alcohol thing though. Having a delicious glass of Pinot Noir for the taste and the slight buzz is different to getting wasted!

        • Hey there,

          Heard my name, so jumping in. 🙂

          For me, there’s not only a difference between having a glass of wine and getting wasted, but both can be valuable. You’re right, Denise, that people use alcohol and drugs to escape, but sometimes that’s the best thing they can do. Sometimes, escaping is the way out. Meditation is a kind of escape, a kind of detachment, just on a different level.

          I try not to proclaim anything as off limits. I may not personally choose to partake in an experience, but I try not to make any rules against it. From what I can tell, that’s pretty much what you do in the Baha’i faith. 🙂

          Having said that, I went to dinner a few nights ago with friends and I had some wine. It was the first time in months that I’d had any or even wanted any. But that night, it looked really good to me. When I drink from that state of feeling about it, I don’t get drunk (normally, my tolerance is so low that even half a glass goes to my head, but not necessarily in a fun way), I feel fine the whole time and there are no repercussions of any kind. I don’t drink unless I want to, but when I want to, which is about twice a year, my body has no issues with it and then I really, really enjoy the experience. I love the taste, the ritual (the swishing, the toast, etc.), the way it mingles with the food. When I don’t want it, it holds no appeal for me.

          So, that’s how I try to see everything. I don’t see it as ok or not ok. It’s more about, do I want this right now or not? Does it resonate with me right now or not? Do I feel good about this in this moment or not? And if I do feel good, if it does resonate and if I do want it, I give myself full permission to enjoy. It has to be said that coming from that place, I have never, ever overindulged, because I’m not doing it to run away from anything.

          But even then, as I said, there’s value in it. Is it the end goal – to deal with our problems through inebriation? Of course not. But we have to allow for the fact that none of us are at our end goal. We are all in transition, and each of our paths is valid. :o)

          My two cents.

          Huge hugs!

    • Hey Denise,

      I believe you’ve written about the Baha’i Faith before (if not you, it was someone else), and it sounds like it’s another wonderful and perfect avenue for this information to come through. I totally agree with your vision of what’s happening and where we’re heading. And so many people are realizing this through various channels. Some are just coming to these conclusions themselves. And for those who would like a more religious type structure to support them, it sounds like your Faith fills that desire.

      This is just one of my thoughts (not a criticism or judgment in any way), but I wonder why any religion would still require “laws”? Why not make them suggestions? That certainly would’ve changed Christianity. Imagine if Moses had brought down the 10 Suggestions from the mountain? Oooh, there’s a huge discussion in there! This may be another one of my fun blog posts! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody,

        Yes, it was me. And I find it very cool that there are so many paths leading to the same ultimate truth!

        I actually asked myself the same question when I mentioned the law of ‘no alcohol’. What I’ve noticed is that even though the laws are clear in the Baha’i Faith (and other Faiths) people will make their own choices anyway, and this process is an absolutlely important and necessary step to learn. There’s no clergy in the Baha’i Faith and no one *should* be judging: our personal and spiritual growth is a private matter between us & God.

        Personally, I’ve realized that following these laws helps to avoid A LOT of drama. They actually make life easier… but you have to live through some drama to figure that out. Just like LOA? Its a great topic!!

  • And by living my life exactly as ME, (as if there were any other way to live it!! OMG, I can’t stop feeling the joy!) — “warts” and all — although I see now that THERE ARE NO WARTS (!!!!!) — by living my life as ME, enjoying my ice cream and not liking wine (but trying to because I think it would be cool to be wine afficianado) and being chubby and angsting about being chubby and … well just everything about me being me and living as me —-


    My life is a gift, not just from God/the universe/however you want to say it, but TO God.
    I finally, finally GET IT. (!!!!!!) (at least for now!)
    guess what? I’m going to give God a fabulous experience when i go buy a delicious cupcake and enjoy it only as I can.

    (sorry, I don’t mean to spam the comments. but, damn, this is realization grabbing me and hugging me HARD!!)

    • Kim,

      Love the caveat, ‘at least for now.’ So perfect. Your insights are soooo helping with my own.

      And love reading just how happy and excited you are!!!!! You rock!

        • Kim,
          Makes you want do the shimmy dance around the house, out the door and around the neighborhood, hug everyone, laugh until you can’t stand up, tell all your friends and family how wonderful life is, then scream cause you can’t get it all out!

  • Hi Melody,
    I think your take on this,”why are we here” question, is right on the mark.Great job on this write.But I have a question, whats up with this sexy fireman stuff…you seem to be have this attraction toward firefighters…lol I’m kidding here but, speaking as a retired Firefighter of 30 years, i can assure you that most of the time there is nothing sexy about firefighting…believe me when i say that,i can remember numerous times taking a breather outside,.huddled in small groups with our noses running like fire hoses…
    but back to you article…for me personally,being sober for 2 years i have experienced the shifts you spoke of…and it’s all good….truly amazing…
    thanks for another great write…
    Stan- walks-a lot

    • LOL Stan,

      I concur with Kim. Firefighting is probably not sexy. It’s dangerous and dirty and although I have deep respect for what you do, running into a burning building scares the crap out of me. I suppose, though, that might make it kind of sexy – someone brave (or crazy) enough to run towards the danger…

      I don’t know where that picture came from. I’ve seen firefighters who were not sexy. But then… there are those that are. And add the Uniform to that and, well, let’s just say men aren’t the only ones to objectify the opposite sexy. Men have pin up girls, we have firefighters. They make calendars for both. 😀

      Thanks so much for your kind words.

      Huge hugs!

    • Fit men (well I assume you have to be in good physical condition to be a firefighter), risking their lives to save people, plus the uniform? What’s not to love about that! *drool*

      I guess it’s the same as men who have a thing for nurses and nurse outfits. Firefighters are depicted as brave and strong heroes, which is attractive to many women, and nurses are depicted as caring and nurturing, which is attractive to many men (although the image obviously doesn’t always correspond with reality).

  • Okay, here’s what I am understanding, please correct if mistaken: I am supremely important — just as each of us is supremely important — not more important or less important, but equally supremely important — because I am the only one with my perspective. And experiencing life through my unique perspective, it is entirely possible — damned well assured? — that I will add something completely new and never seen before or thought before or experienced before to the Universe. I, myself, little ol’ insignificant me, is actually adding to the experience of the Universe, adding to the experience of GOD, in a way that no other being is capable of doing, simply because I am the only One Who Is Me.
    wow… I am as far from insignificant as a being could be. *cue happy tears*

    • Mind is blowing! … and if I weren’t God, if I weren’t the Universe, then there is no way that I could add to God’s experience. My sister can’t directly add to my life’s experience through her experiences, she can only tell me about her experiences, and then I add that to my experience by listening. but I haven’t lived her experience.

      I am living God’s experience. God is Me. (As Jesus said, I and my Father are One.) and God is my sister. And God is my bofriend. Oh, and God is my mom (not Satan as I have often thought, but God! LOL!)

      Oh, the happy tears of new understanding are a-streaming 🙂

      • Wow Kim!

        That was so awesome you made me cry! HAPPY TEARS. Ok, happy dance, cause just sittin’ and crying happily isn’t cutting it!

        Thank you for such a perfect summing up.

      • So, there is really nothing to worry about because we are God and vice versa. Worry is a belief that does not serve us. Most if us do it out of habit. It’s a bad habit because we are stuck on something that does not serve us.

        If we let go of our limiting beliefs and raise our vibration, we are even closer to God and can even be sustained by the ether, for this is how masters do it. They mesh with God and, many times, go without food, drink or sleep for a while. Just had to ask this question. 🙂

  • Wow, that was one sleepless night! 😉 You certainly are a thinker. Actually, you did a great job of explaining your view. I’m sure there’s even more to it than you could put into words.

    Really, how do you explain a deep sense? Like when you see a sunset, or stare into space at night … how do you describe every nuance of emotion and understanding that is presented to you? And if we could, what would be the need of so many of us unique individuals?

    Like you say, although we’re all connected we’re all experiencing life in our own fashion with our own lenses and in our own ways contributing to the evolution of consciousness. If it were easy to describe everything that’s happening inside us we could simply “put it out there” and be done with it.

    We’re needed because we can’t describe it! Each has to perceive on his or her own. That said, I absolutely loved hearing your perspective and you really did a fabulous job of conveying it to me. 🙂

    • Thanks Carmelo! I appreciate your kind and supportive words.

      You’re right. I tried to give an overview, but there’s more information in these insights than I’ve probably even realized myself. As I try to talk about them, more understanding comes out. It’s often like that – you tune into the energy and the information flow is HUGE. Then, when you need them, the details present themselves.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and that others did too. I was kind of wondering if maybe this one was just for me… 😉

      Huge hugs!

  • YES! This is exactly what I have believed the purpose of life to be for a few years now, but I never could have explained it so eloquently. I like your metaphor with the stars in space, I will use that the next time I try to explain my view on the meaning of life to someone. In the famous words of Bill Hicks: “We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively”

    Here’s another, slightly wackier theory that could tie in with this theory, if you believe in aliens and all that stuff. Not sure if I do, but it’s a pretty fun theory nonetheless:

    Especially the following bit:
    “Because those who incarnate on Earth have a huge emotional range, compared to other races, the issues become magnified and creative solutions come more quickly.
    So, for example, if someone’s solution to a particular issue (whether group-based or personal-based) that arises on Earth works here then that information is immediately more broadly available throughout the universe – and those solutions benefit all.”

    • Hey Karin,

      That theory isn’t all that out there. To me, personally, it doesn’t really matter. Why not? Because the way I see it, we have manifested the human race by planting the see through another race. But who planted their seed? Perhaps this is how we operate.

      And come to think of it, couldn’t Who We Really Are simply be another level, above which is another level, above which is another level, etc.? Of course it could. But would that change our reality here? Not as far as I’m concerned. It all fits together, either way. Whether we simply focused ourselves into existence, or whether we manifested the biological evolution of our species through another race, it ultimately irrelevant. Interesting, but ultimately irrelevant. 🙂

      I have pondered the whole experiment theory and I don’t like the word experiment. It brings up thoughts of malevolent creatures who see us as lab rats. And that’s not the sense I get at all when I connect with non-physical. It just doesn’t feel true. What I feel is that they are so appreciative of us, joyful with us, celebratory of us, even grateful to us. We want to come here. There’s an enthusiasm there that’s hard to express. Think kids going to Disneyland. So, if it’s an experiment, it’s one where the scientists joyfully experiment on themselves (or at least, a projected version of themselves.)

      It’s so hard for us to understand this, but there is no malevolence there. There is no ulterior motive. It’s cooperative, mutually beneficial, inclusive. It’s moving toward the wanted, not fleeing from the unwanted. It’s being motivated by joy and adventure instead of by a fear of pain and suffering. I find I still struggle with this, as I connect at deeper levels. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something to fit the human idea that there’s always going to be a man behind the curtain. And there never is.

      So, even if we’re not at the top of the food chain as humans, it doesn’t change Who We Really Are. 🙂

      Ah, the mind is reeling!

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody, Kat and Karin,

        Our higher self is the ‘alien’, experimenting with themselves, to find new ways and things to experience, which expands consciousness for all, always!?

        As said by others, I will be rereading this many, many times! Because I can wrap my head around much of it, but know there is so much more. And I so want to expand my consciousness… 😀

        Keep em coming Melody!

        • Nay, that is how I understood it once. I think Deepak Chopra was explaining how the universe is “studying itself” through us, something sling those lines. It is not an experiment, as mentioned, but a way to expand and keep adding to stuff.

          This is so cool!

          • Kat!
            Gotta love Deepak. I read all of his Celestine Prophecy books years ago. I think I need to read them again! I’m betting they would read completely different now.

            And yeah, way too cool!

          • Indeed, this is awesome because there is no need to have so many negative emotions. We still do, and must practice not being so absorbed by them, but it is all okay because it will be okay and we are all okay.

          • OOOPPPS!
            James Redfield did The Celestine Prophecy. Not sure why I was associating Deepak Chopra with it. Probably reading him close to the same time??? Who knows. Still love his work!

          • Yes, “studying itself” sounds better than “experiment”. A study of all possibilities. Either way, I love the idea. It gives everything in life a deeper, profounder meaning, regardless of how insignificant or pointless it may seem from a physical perspective.

          • That’s why I find it very comforting. One can actually feel the love this way and it makes more sense.

          • Also, the basis is about perspectives, feelings and experiences, not necessarily about things. That is why you do not take anything with you when you go from here? Things are just a by-product of expansion, I gather, I mean, we are all star stuff, but the expansion is a force that keeps on going and we do need to catch up, but our habits most of the time prevent us from doing so?

          • Exactly Kat. Limiting our perspectives is really just a habit of thought. And we can change habits.

            That’s a great way to see it. We don’t take things with us. Things are fun to play with and we don’t have to shun them, but they are not the main show. It’s all in the experience of it. 🙂

      • All this alien talk reminded me of a question my daughter asked the other day. She wanted to know where we came from, but before I could think of an appropriate answer to share with her, she came to her own conclusion. She said, “What if we are all just aliens pretending to be human.” At the time I was thinking “body snatchers,” but after reading this, I wonder if there was more to her answer than I realized. I think she understands more than I (and most people) give her credit for (she is 7), but she just doesn’t have the words or experiences to properly portray her perspective. Interesting stuff, as always.

        • Ooooh! I love it!!! It sounds to me like your daughter feels that who we really are is bigger than what she perceives here… Yay!

          This. Is why I adore kids. Wise little buggers, aren’t they? 🙂

          Huge hugs!

  • And Melody,

    How about all the studying we do about the things around us? We study them because we are curious about them, at least, that is what initially sparks it, yet the universe already knows everything there is to know. So, do we study them to learn about them from this perspective?

    And the things created, like songs, litereature, paintings, etc, express things felt in this dimension, so again, things felt or desired and expressed from this point of view which our higher self wishes to know from this perspective, but the universe already knows. This must be how our higher self rolls to experience physical and still be connected to source?

    You are right, more questions will arise from this massive topic, but more for purposes of clarity, I think. I find all this very comforting, though. It is great to know of our higher self and the universe, that there is a purpose to all this instead of the linear, sometimes chaotic, experience people seem to think life is.

    • Ah, but that’s the rub – the Universe doesn’t already know all there is to know. It will never know all there is to know, because the Universe is always expanding and there will always be more to know. We are discovering new perspectives, even when we look at old perspectives, we see them in a new way. It’s when we get stuck in old perspectives and don’t keep moving that we don’t feel great.

      You know that rush of energy you feel when you move into a new understanding? That’s non-physical rejoicing with you. You found a new perspective! We all found a new perspective! Yay! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Oh, so it doesn’t? Yet, it still gives us what we want and knows what we want. We need to have faith in it, as we are in this together.

        It is in constant expansion, so it is learning with us along the way as well?

        I like what you mentioned- that we all rejoice! Hooray!

        Thank you!

        • Sure, the Universe knows what you want, because through your focus, you have identified it. You’ve created it energetically, whether you in the human form know it or not. But the Universe did not know it before you created it.

          We humans are just slow to catch up. We’re sort of the last to get it.

          The human you experiences and find preferences. The BIG YOU and the Universe experience it. And then, at some point, the little you catches up. Rinse and repeat. 🙂 Read Kim’s comment below. So beautiful! 🙂

          Huge hugs!

      • I like to add a UniquePerception:

        You exist within a closed system {i.e. physical form called body}

        Needless to say the …Input/Output…..[I.e. inflow/.outflow]..of Energy must be maintained WITH BALANCE in order to experience your physical form as comfortably as possible.

        Upon reading Melody’s material ….you’re taking energy into your body {remember it’s a closed system thus it has limits}….and Your physical form may be unable to keep up at the rate of the Input comfortably,…even though you may not notice this .{Remember the physical form requires TIME to Ingest-Digest-Absorb/distribute and Eliminate the INFLOW of new higher frequencies…for .it takes time to change the internal wiring to accommodate your higher self}

        So what I’m getting to is:

        As you sit down and read/re-read the information provided …Do so with a jug of water at your side and .After reading a few sentences …..Take Time to Sit-Back and Reflect-upon what you just read WHILE DRINKING WATER….
        Visualize the water distributing the new information to each and every cell of your being while you reflect upon it.
        You will be consciously assisting in the assimilation-digestion and distribution of this new high frequency information by giving your physical form the Time/Space to do so at the same time of inflow….By reflecting while drinking water (the transportation vehicle) you provide your body with assistance in catching up. at a rate that is most comfortable for the whole (body/mind/spirit) Water also aids in transporting {elimination process} the old, spent energy out of your system…..Thus Maintaining an INFLOW/OUTLOW BALANCE

        May I add ………this seems to also result in less chance of resistance building up.

        • Wow UP,

          That’s a great suggestion! Thank you for sharing it. I’ve often used water to help with assimilating or softening energy flow. When doing deep energy work, showers or bathing in a river (flowing water) can really help to rebalance the body. It’s tangible. I might feel all icky or drained or overwhelmed from shifting tons of energy. Go in the river, and voila! I feel better. Ocean works too. 🙂 I’ve never tried the drinking water approach, but I will!

          Huge hugs!

        • I’m gonna have to try this! Cause I need a way to ingest some of this stuff, that’s a little more absorbing than just wowing on it in that moment. I want to keep wowing on it, hold onto it and make it a constant ‘given,’ instead of a new thought passing by. And maybe this will help!

          Thanks Unique Perception!

  • Hey Melody,

    Very nice post about the most fundamental question. So, it is all a matter of perspective. Our non-physical counterpart needs to gain that perspective and so it is added to the universal consciousness. That is what I got from the first read, and I will be reading it again.

    And through this desire to experience different perspectives, negative emotions come up, like greed, envy, sadness. Are these a by-products of this expansion? That is how I understand them. If so, then this adds to my understanding and it makes sense, though still feels uncomfortable with me. I feel like we should have fun here and not suffer, but it is all up to us then, isn’t it?

    • Hey Kat,

      Couple of fine tunings: Our non-physical counterpart doesn’t NEED to gain those perspectives. It wants to. Big difference. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s awesome. It’s not necessary. It’s a drive toward something wanted, not a fleeing from something unwanted. 🙂

      Our negative emotions aren’t a product of our desire. As we sift through different perspectives, we will prefer some over others. We know which ones we prefer because they feel better. The ones we don’t prefer don’t feel good. And, if we could just see the ones we don’t prefer as such and move on, that would be the end. But we don’t. We hold on to the unwanted and close ourselves off from the other options. And that increases the feedback – the negative emotions. They get bigger and bigger and eventually manifest as pain or illness or whatever. But it’s just feedback – there are other options you’re not seeing. Go look! This one ain’t it!

      It’s a mechanism. And when we remember that and see it for what it is, we can open ourselves up to more options, bigger perspectives and relief.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,
    You are such a gifted writer and communicator ..duh…Is there anyway to give some real life situational examples of the concepts that you are discribing here?…I guess I am kinda asking you to offer parables of sort. Hey Jesus did it. Just sayin’. I guess I am not quite at your vibrational level and so find your eloquence a bit over my head.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Well, if Jesus did it… lol.

      This is a very high level post, I admit it. This is the stuff that I struggle to communicate. A lot of this is so experiential, that words just aren’t enough. But, my intuition said do it, so I did. 🙂

      I’ll do my best to break some of these concepts down further into more real life situations in future posts. I actually already have, in many ways (the parallels may not be obvious).

      Main messages:
      – We’re here to play and explore.
      – Everyone’s experience is valid, valuable and perfect.
      – Suffering is unnecessary and yet not wrong. It adds value, too.
      – You can’t judge another’s experience.
      – Suffering is causes by resistance.
      – Releasing resistance means shifting beliefs, which is really just a shift in perspective.

      I’ve written posts about all of these points, or explored them as part of other blog posts. I just went WAY deeper this time.

      Does that help?

      Huge hugs!


      • Thanks Melody,
        I like the bullet point approach for my level of understanding. After I wrote to you I realized that your phone-in practice is the real life situational discussion so you really do have all the bases coverd. Smart girl !!!
        Happisness and health, Victoria

  • Hi Melody

    I’m the first one leaving a comment here. Yea! I must say I have to read it again to appreciate more. I have been reading Bryon Katie’s books lately and your words have reminded me of her material.Once I emailed you and said I wasn’t too comfortable with Katie’s inquiry. Now I am totally comfortable and find it useful. I have been using it and turned some of my negative thoughts.
    Your blog has added more perspective to Katie’s inquiry
    Thank you for sharing this blog. I like it a lot.

    • Hey Claire,

      Yeah, I think I’ll read it again myself, lol. There’s so much in this post, but a lot of became more clear as I wrote (I just let it come out). I think we’ll all learn more as we read it again a few times.

      I’m glad that Katie’s stuff is getting more accessible to you. I actually really love her work. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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