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When we were little, our moms told us to take a jacket with us when we went outside, “just in case” it got cold. We may stick an extra $20 into our pockets, “just in case” we need it. We slow down when driving around the corner, “just in case” there’s a cop lurking behind it. We’ve spent our entire lives believing that it’s best to prepare for the worst possible scenario, “just in case” it happens. But, is that really a good idea? Does this mindset actually protect us from experiencing those worst case scenarios, or does it, in fact, pretty much guarantee that they’ll come into our experience?

I’m not saying that taking a jacket or an extra twenty bucks is bad, or that we should all drive around corners like maniacs. But this “just in case “mentality is pervasive in all areas of our lives. We’re afraid to focus too positively. What if what we want doesn’t come about? What if we don’t get it? Isn’t it better to expect the worst than be disappointed?

And therein lies the fallacy: When we accept that what we focus on grows, that what we give our attention to manifests and that what we expect can’t help but come into our reality, do we really want to go around expecting the worst case scenario “just in case”?

Most unhelpful point of view, ever

Trying to avoid disappointment by preparing ourselves for the worst possible outcome, is like trying to avoid hunger by throwing out all the food. You know, just in case. The very premise of trying to avoid disappointment requires there to be an expectation of disappointment. You’re basically saying, “I want this wonderful thing, but I don’t think I will get it, and so I’d better prepare for the horrible outcome I don’t want, but which I’m actually expecting.”

I’m sorry people, but bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

A helpful example

Let’s say that you’re looking for a new job. You have a job interview tomorrow, and your nerves are strung tighter than a hefty man’s mankini (do not Google this on a full stomach, I implore you.) So, you try to prepare yourself for every possible scenario. Only, you don’t. You focus heavily on the worst case scenario, the difficult questions they might ask you, how they might try to trip you up, how you’ll react if the interviewer is a total douchebag. And, having spent the better part of the evening envisioning every possible way that the interview could go wrong, you go to bed satisfied that you’re well prepared for the worst. Just let the douchebag try to throw you off. You’ve got this.

You get what you focus on

Only, you haven’t “got” this, at least not in the way you think you do. If what you want is to guarantee that you will get a douchebag interviewer who will do his best to screw with you, well then you’re right. You’ve got this. You lined right up with the energy of that. Congratu-freaking-lations.

But, if what you really want is to get an awesome job that makes you so deliriously happy that you feel like singing schmaltzy Disney songs all day, then I’m afraid that I’ve got some bad news for you. You done got on the wrong train, Goober.

Once you understand that you will manifest whatever you have predominantly focused upon, it makes little sense to spend the majority of your time practicing the worst case scenario. And yet that’s exactly what most of us do. Just in freaking case.

A new way to use “Just in case”

I’d like to propose a different way – a new way to use the phrase “just in case”, and one that I believe works a hell of a lot better (Now Bullshit Free, for your pleasure!):

Let’s say you have two options (you really have three, but I don’t consider focusing on what you don’t want an option to getting what you want).

Option 1: Do nothing and just let your vibration, whatever frequency it may be at, manifest your reality. You may be aligned with what you want, and you may not be. You may only be kind of aligned with it, in which case you may get some of what you want and some of what you don’t. You could get the job, but realize that it sucks in various ways. You may have a great interview and not get the job, etc. Your manifestation will show you where your vibration is at, since the two always have to be a perfect match.

Or you could exercise your right to choose

Option 2: You do some positive focusing on the best case scenario and ensure that you line up with the outcome that you want. You know, just in case – just in case your vibration isn’t quite yet where you want it.

There, now doesn’t that feel better?

But… is there never a good reason to prepare for the worst?

Is it really so dumb to take an umbrella when it’s cloudy, or to prepare for tough interview questions, or run a quick Google search on the guy you just met to make sure he’s not a psychopath? No, it’s not dumb. But it shouldn’t be your main focus. Here’s the difference:

If you’re afraid that it’s going to rain and you spend some time focusing on how uncomfortable it would be if you were caught without an umbrella, then you are lining yourself up with an uncomfortable experience. If, then, taking that umbrella makes you feel better, therefore shutting down that crap before it can manifest, then take the freaking umbrella.

If you’re worried about tough interview questions, and you’re unable to focus yourself out of that worry, then spending a bit of time preparing some answers may well allow you to feel better. Once you’ve soothed that fear by taking a bit of action, you can then proceed to align yourself with a positive outcome unimpeded by doubts and fears of douchebaggery.

If you get a wiggy feeling from the guy you’ve just met, it might be your fear, or it might be your intuition telling you to run, run like the wind. Either way, a quick Google search will tell you if you’ve got some resistance to overcome, or if that dimple you found so attractive was actually the result of the orderlies at the mental hospital defending themselves with an ice pick that night he escaped (why orderlies at a mental hospital would have ice pics, is beyond me. Why wouldn’t they have mace or syringes with sleepy time drugs? Someone should really have a word with them.) If doing the Google search puts your mind at ease, then by all means do it.


Don’t spend more time than absolutely necessary on this train of thought. Soothe it and move on. Otherwise, you’re actually insuring that you are lining your energy up with the exact experience you’re trying to avoid.

I’m going to go and visualize myself being waited on by the San Francisco 49ers. Naked. You know, just in case.

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  • Your sense of timing can really be uncanny. The morning this blog was posted I was scheduled for an interview. This opp was perfect in every way except for my slight hesitancy with the implied long-term commitment and the ideal candidate was someone with more direct experience. I was surprised they even wanted to meet me. The incumbent would have to be willing to grow into managing the entire US part of the business. Based on my circumstances, I could commit to a shorter time-frame. So it wasn’t a surprise when they decided not to move forward with me, as I was also thinking that just in case this didn’t work out I have another fallback in the works. When I first found out, of course I was deflated. But quickly remembered the conflicting feelings I had in the back of my mind.

    Could I have just imagined myself in that senior position and leave it to the universe to sort out the hesitancy I felt about its heavy commitment? Perhaps. Would my lack of direct experience trump the other candidates who were more suitable if I just focused on seeing myself in the position? I don’t know, perhaps you can offer your insight Melody =) But then maybe this is what was meant to happen.

    • Hey Mimi,

      There’s no way to know now if lining yourself up would’ve made you get the job or not. What’s important is how you react to what has happened. Certainly you’ve discovered that you could’ve visualized more positively and next time you will. But you may have also discovered some details of how this job wasn’t quite right and what you’d like to create instead.

      So, either way, your job now is to focus on what you want, possibly a slightly improved version, and on lining up with that, NOT to lament why you didn’t get this job and what you did wrong. The first option will get you where you want to go, the second option will slow you way down. Learn what you can from this experience in terms of what it has caused you to want instead and move forward. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I wrote this article a ways back and hope you view it as appropriate to this conversation.

    While there are many successful users of the Law of Attraction there are still many who have yet to find the secret to the “Secret.” The publishing world is ripe with books on how to effectively use the Law of Attraction, including my book, “Jesus Taught It, Too: The Early Roots of the Law of Attraction” but still, many have yet to master its use. One major roadblock to would be masters of their own reality is what I call, “The Just In Case Syndrome.”

    In addition to the notion that “like attracts,” the Law of Attraction contains within it basic corollaries such as form follows thought, where consciousness goes reality flows, what you think about the most you attract, fear attracts more fear, reality is thought made manifest and your world is a mirror of your predominant conscious and unconscious thoughts. Basically, what you hold in thought becomes your world.

    Here is the problem: while many want to try to use the Law of Attraction, they suffer from the “just in case syndrome.” Here are some examples. You want or need a new car and you go through the steps of forming your intention, visualizing your new vehicle and even begin to show gratitude for what you expect to come. So far, so good. But, “but just in case” you fail, you decide to put a lot of repair money into your existing car. Another scenario: you want to free yourself of some illness or dis-ease and do all of the visioning for a whole and healthy body. But, “just in case,” you take any and every medication to try to cure you ailment. Or how about finding that perfect job? You begin to see yourself in your perfect occupation but, “just in case,” do all that you can to ensure that you do not lose your existing job.
    The “just in case syndrome” applies to many such situations. Reducing weight, finding that perfect relationship, building a business, achieving a life goal, reaching a state of enlightenment, moving, finding a new home and all of those things one may desire are subject to this syndrome. Your thought process goes something like this; I desire “X” but “just in case” I am not successful, I will plan for “Y.” Now “Y” is often your current situation or something near to it. It exists because it has been your predominant thought(s) in your life. It is what you see in your life’s mirror that you do not like and want to change. The problem is that what you are really doing is trying to alter the image already in the mirror rather than changing what you are projecting on to the mirror.

    Your personal mirror, despite all of its failings, is a comfort zone. You have become used to the image and even if it is ugly, it is familiar and has some odd sense of safety. It is what you have known to be true for your life and even though you want to change it, you provide for its continuance, “just in case.” Does this type of thinking send a clear message to the Universe about what you really desire? Are you not really telling the Universe, “I want this, but…?” Is this a powerful intention and a clear image of what you are aiming to manifest? This is not to say that you should delete all medications or not keep your car in functioning order. However, you have to closely examine your intentions and thought patterns and determine if they are more in the direction of what you want, or more in the direction of “just in case.”

    Think about this syndrome on a national and international basis. We desire peace, but ‘just in case’ we also want the latest and most sophisticated weapons technology. We want better education and health care, but “just in case,” here is my compromise plan. The economy may be doing okay, but “just in case” here is our economic stimulus package. We want people to get along and share ideas but “just in case,” lets build this wall or fence. It should be clear that intentions are mixed at best and contradictory at worst. When you say one thing and act in an opposite manner, the Universe sees your actions as your predominant thought and the world is as it is accordingly.

    Some may say that the “just in case” syndrome is another term for lack of faith or belief. But of those words, to me, are suspect and by definition, imply uncertainty. There is “knowing” and there is belief, but “just in case” it might get confusing, that will be a topic for another day.

    • Philip,

      That was great! Thanks for sharing. This human quality comes from the deep-seated belief of lack, wouldn’t you say? The masters give all their belief to the universe and that is how things manifest for them. One guy had asked a master how he can get the job of his dreams and the master said, “let go of the present one.”

      So, for things to truly manifest for us, we really have to let go, even though it makes no sense to us. How can we “let go” and want something at the same time? Don’t we have to worry about it, bitch and comlain, cause a stir and make ourselves sick over it for it to manifest? (I mean this sarcastically).

      Our humanness prevents us from letting go because we are used to what we have, even if it is crap and our heart calls us elsewhere, but the crap is all we really know so we sit in it and continue to do so until we get sick, all the while looking out the window to that something else. This is our own prison that we have created in this way, stemming from this limiting belief. This limiting belief is so pervasive in human existence, it is really hard to teach it to others, for lack of their own belief in anything else but what they see and already know. Why tamper with something that “works”?

      you see it in all cultures, however, I do not think this is how humans evolved. for any evolution to take place, there had to be the sense of stretching and reaching out to “better and better” things, for lack of another term, with a basis of this LOA. But how do humans fall back to limiting beliefs? What can’t LOA dominate? Is it only for those who understand life outside the matrix? It is not so fun when you have to fall back into the matrix. Really. Especially after experiencing other things. It is like going back to black and white photos after seeing color pics, yet black and whites are still used for certain occasions.

      Do these two thought processes need each other to co-exist (i.e., LOA and limiting beliefs)? I do not see why, but I am sure this is a plausible answer, for I think the masters come down not only to teach this stuff, but also to experience for themselves and allow themselves to expand more and more.

      Just trying to understand LOA and apply it to life.

      • In the manifest world there must be light and dark-yin/yang, but they do not have to be extremes. We stretch from crisis, not complacency, and that is why we are experiencing a time of great potential. When there is no longer black and white in your life, you will no longer be here. We are all masters here to experience the manifest world, some just remember this fact, others, most, need to remember.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this Philip! It’s very much on topic. 🙂

      I love that you bring in the national/global perspective. We want peace (ok, we say we want peace), but just in case, let’s make sure we have all the latest weapons and then let everyone know we do. It’s such a fear based mentality, but as you said to Kat, we are changing. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody and Mike,

    Great comments! Mike, I, too, am done reading all the stuff in the paper, even on LinkedIn. It is BS if the principles are not understood, which I am still working on myself and approaching intuitively mostly while figuring it out cognitively as well. I have just always felt that what all these people are saying is wrong. It can’t actually be like what they are describing. It is from a perspective that does not vibrate at all with me, to such a degree that it makes my heart ache and stomach full of knots, so I know for a fact it is not in tune with how the universe is working, but from a different place.

    As I understand it, we also need to operate at the level at which we want to be. We must not just think and dream of that level, not just aspire to be at a level, but “be” there already and operate from there. It is a bit tough for me to describe, but I have sensed it several times and it was great! That is how things flow, if you are already at that level and you go about your business from there. This is alignment, i.e, already being at that place and joining that vibe and thereby flowing with it.

    Hope I got it! 🙂

    • You’ve got it Kat, as always. 🙂

      The biggest hurdle is to give yourself permission to believe as you feel, even when tons of people disagree with you. That’s not easy, but very doable with a bit of practice. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I read this on Sunday, but had to come back & post a comment today because I just read an article where a very well known business figure discussed how hard starting a business is and how you shouldn’t expect to get things right the first time. It’s funny because I used to read stuff like that & just go with it, but I can’t resonate with it anymore. I feel like so many business guys want to be Mr. Harsh Reality, “I survived the storm and made it out successful. You can do it too if you have the guts to face a lot of rejection like I can.” This is what’s fed to the masses & then when an entrepreneur seems overly optimistic about an opportunity they’re pursuing, it’s like they’re looked at as a guppy about to get eaten.

    If I could summarize a lot of the tired advice I’ve come across in popular business blogs and books, it might go like this (prepare for a venting lol)….it’s going to be hard, you will get it wrong the first time, many times have to change around your idea, disprove many of your hypothesis that you assumed were right because they likely won’t be, embrace they idea that most businesses fail, hustle like a maniac and work your ass off, need the right team to be able to execute, not place importance on your lifestyle when building a startup, lower your standards if you need to, take a lot of no’s and rejection, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice…..

    Needless to say, I’m done reading articles I find with any related subject lines. I get it. It’s possible it could be that way, but that’s the end of the discussion. Anything further is implanting it as absolute truth & that’s BS. In this scenario, I think there’s two parts to conquering this.

    1) That we must focus on the best case scenario & use a “just in case” if necessary to line up (as said in this article)
    2) That if things don’t go exactly as planned, we know we must make an “adjustment” & that it is not “failure”

    Basically, that we focus on the best case scenario & line up, but if things get “hard” or go differently, you make adjustments.

    Positive Focus -> Just In Case (if needed) -> Adjustment (if needed)

    Definitely feels better. Not easy when I often come across new articles from popular figures discussing the opposite, but It’ll build. I’ll set the intention to find more stories of people who lined up with their energy and things started to happen in a great way. I just doubt they’ll be in the popular publications.

    If you haven’t noticed yet, I loved the article. Thanks Melody 🙂

    • Oh Yay Mike!

      You make so many great points here. Honestly, starting a business is not easy, but not for the reasons that people keep spouting. It challenges you to grow in a way that nothing may have ever challenged you before. You get so many opportunities to release limiting beliefs, more than you may be comfortable with, but that work provides you with an opportunity to quickly grow into a view of yourself that you never dreamed of. And the more you resist that view, the “harder” it gets. It’s a bit like a roller coaster. Some parts are scary, but if you don’t freak out too bad, you can really enjoy the ride.

      I can think of no faster way to engage in personal and spiritual growth than to start a business. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your super valuable point of view!

      Huge hugs!

      • Thanks! Love that point of view. It becomes hard because it brings up many limiting beliefs that we must overcome, but if we can learn to overcome them, we grow substantially. Awesome!

  • Hi Melody,

    I completely agree with what you mean by why hang it up on the phrase: just in case? For me that has always been a very neutral frase.

    Yes, sometimes I take an umbrella just in case it might rain. I might also take extra money with me just in case they already have that new book in the bookshop and yes, I certainly ride slowly around corners, just in case a child, or a dog, or a cat might run into the road without looking. I have never, ever made a link to a worst scenario.



    • That’s awesome Anny! Glad you aren’t focused on the negative. But so many people are. Hopefully, presenting this different point of view has provided some clarity to those who want it. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Huge hugs,

    • Ahahaha Arvind! You know I will! Although, of course, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a game. they could all be hideous by now. So, I’m leaving it up to the Universe to match the fantasy, not necessarily the specifics. Cause I’m wise like that. 😉

      Touchdown dance!
      (and hugs!)


  • OMG Melody! This blog just pimp slapped a strong belief out of me. :O)

    I just realized one of my crazy beliefs (which always comes true… because I cause myself to line up with it): Everytime I get a raise, my expenses increase so I never get a chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Well DUH! So each year, I get a raise then a higher mortgage, or raise and unexpected tax bills, or raise and higher day care, the list goes on and on.

    (Not sure what this has to do with ‘just in case’ but this is what came to mind as I was reading). But now I can apply the positive and focus on enjoying the extra income versus waiting for the sky to fall (without an umbrella at that!).

    Thanks for the slap…I needed that!

    Kim AKA Nefer

    • You’re so welcome Kim aka Nefer! 😉

      Isn’t it great how you can be reading something seemingly unrelated, but have the energy of it inspire just the right thought for you? The perfection of this process continuously blows me away.

      I’m happy to provide slaps whenever needed, he, he.

      Huge hugs!

      Melody aka Happy Shiny Puppy

  • This post is exactly what I needed to read right now — I have very recently written a letter to the Universe but in spite of that, was having trouble not thinking along my old thought patterns. Being new to consciously practicing LOA, I kept thinking, “I’ll do Plan B, just in case my LOA skills are still weak or slow — while still trying for Plan A, of course.” All the while, I’m aware that I’m splitting my focus which dilutes my LOA results! But, I didn’t know how to stop doing that! Now, I know what seeds to plant “just in case”! Thanks for an awesome post, Melody! (Urgh! It’s hard to just relax and allow the Universe to do the work! haha!)

    • “I’ll plant these seeds, just in case the sun shines!” wow — that metaphor points me in precisely the right direction as to my next actions to take! (I’ve got goosebumps and giggles!)

  • Awesome stuff!

    I’m still so excited about having control over my own emotions, feelings and reactions, that this just makes me freakin vibrate with more excitement! So many areas to look into and see if my past way of thinking can be replaced with better and more serving thoughts.

    Planting the best thoughts I can think of, just in case I wasn’t thinking them before.
    Planning for the best day, just in case unintended worries were running rampant.
    Envisioning the best visit with family, just in case old thought patterns were running in the background.
    Expecting the best outcome for my next project, just in case self doubts were lurking.
    Planning for the best, always! Just in case!!!!

    • Yay Nay!!!! Now you’ve got it!!!! You could leave it to chance, or you could guarantee the outcome. Isn’t it just the coolest how powerful we are? And that we get to know it, right here, right now?

      Cloud nine ain’t nothin’ baby! Ha!

      Huge smoochy puppy hugs,


  • Hello Melody,

    I liked this post, it reminds me how taking out insurance or something makes me feel so much better and ensures nothing will happen because the safety net is there.
    You used this yourself by having money saved up “just in case” you lost your job and now you can feel better.
    I am sure even a LOA expert will take a parachute when jumping off a cliff, just in case they aren’t caught in a tree and hit the ground.
    You need a plan for the bad times so you can enjoy the good. Knowing a safety net is there makes all the difference.
    I can’t relax because in my situation I haven’t been able to find a safety net so I can focus on the good knowing that part is taking care of. The fact it is not and I haven’t mastered LOA (clearly because of the state of my life and my recent question about bullies and such) so I know unlike a LOA master I need a seatbelt as I’m not in the clear.

    Do we have any control over the weather?

    The traffic lights?

    Random comment, but will you ever write a blog about how you spend your life running your own business and living alone and what you do? How you made friends in a new city and all the challenges.
    That would be interesting.
    Also telling us how you got out of depression, & phobias in detail and how you got from A to B and how long it took. If you do this, please don’t skimp on the real parts or focus on the clever things, show us how you really did it and when you relied on others, even if it was the entire time.

    • Hey Kane,

      There’s a misconception that if you’re an LOA Master you’d never need the seat belt. That makes the assumption that the goal is to never have any resistance. But that’s not possible. It would mean the end of expansion and that won’t happen. Mastery comes at the point where you recognize your fear, soothe it by putting on the seat belt and then get off the subject of what you don’t want. You master the process, not the resistance. 🙂 So, mastery is a lot more attainable than you may have thought.

      “Do we have any control over the weather?” – Yes. You have control over what weather you match up with. You could experience rain in the middle of a drought, sunshine in when everyone sees rain. And yes, others would see it, too. You can create the weather in your own reality. Focus on what you want and WHY you want it. Almost always, when it comes to weather, we are focusing inadvertently on what we don’t want…

      “The traffic lights?” – oh absolutely yes. You can line yourself up with easy, flowing traffic, all green traffic lights, friendly drivers you let you in, etc. Just do it before you leave the house, not while you’re stuck in traffic already.

      Hmm. I’m actually giving an interview this week on lifestyle design, where I’ll be talking a lot about that (I’ll announce it on the blog when it’s published…)
      I’ve talked about some of the dark days as they pertained to specific beliefs, but not in a structured, Autobiographical way. I think it would take much more than a blog post to tell that story, so it might have to be part of a book. I’ve been asked about that before and I’m sure it’s in my future (there are several books on their way).

      I can tell you that I didn’t pull myself out of depression deliberately. I didn’t understand LOA back then, not nearly to the degree that I do now, or that you do. It took me years, and I can see now that it was the perfect journey, but it certainly didn’t feel like that then. There is one reason I don’t talk about those times often, and that is that I don’t want to give too much attention to my pain, even if it’s in the past. And I certainly don’t want thousands of people giving their attention to it. So, most of the time, I prefer to dip into those areas briefly and then focus on the solution. Humor also helps me to dissipate some of that focus on negativity. But the time will come when I can tell the full story without it impacting how I feel. I’m already there in a lot of ways, but perhaps not 100% on all topics. I write intuitively, which means I choose my topics by what feels right. When this feels right, I’ll write about it, and then I’ll do it with all the detail necessary to get the point across.

      I can’t promise that I won’t be clever though. I could try to contain the fabulous, but it tends to come squishing out anyway. 😛

      Huge hugs,

      • I have now chosen my new standard maxim…

        ‘I could try to contain the fabulous, but it tends to come squishing out anyway. 🙂 ‘
        I’m keeping this one !!!! Hahahahahaha :))

      • Ahoy there Melody,

        I seem to have a lot of control over weather. Don’t understand this due to my depression, but if I want it to be sunny the next day, despite a forcast of rain, where I will be will be sunny.
        It also seems to respond more to anxiety. If I say it’s got to be sunny, but deep down I am avoiding something and want an excuse to stay inside and not go for that walk, well it’s going to be overcast.
        If there’s more pressure it will rain just to prove my point about “oh I thought it was best I stay in”
        The direct weather out the window seems to say something about my current state. Like right now.
        It’s overcast, not raining, patches of sunshine–the weather is not really making it’s mind up and neither am I.

        I don’t won’t to completely give up resistance to the point where there is no contrast or excitement.
        But just to get rid of the sh*t load that I have that stops me leading even a mediocre life that most people take for granted.
        I’d like to get to a mediocre life, enjoy the relief from suffering, then keep moving up into a great life, an outstanding life.
        Inside my future outstanding life there are minor annoyances that make us appreciate what we have… but this time things are easily overcome, problems last for minutes or maybe hours…not months or years.

        I’ve been through so much that I want a break from resistance and a 99% trouble free life for a long time. (equal to the amount of time spent in pain)
        Once that’s balanced out over some years, then I might accept a bit more resistance and contrast…
        but that’s a long way off. I want my super-fun years of making up for depression first.

        Every time I’ve thought of a friend, I get an email from them. It’s like reading an email from myself…
        Very weird. I hope to keep meeting these twin-like people, more closer to home would be helpful.
        I’ve been reading and watching videos of different personality styles..fascinating. The facial expressions, gestures, way or wording things, pauses, speed of speech…Try and identify people like you in the street Melody. It’s a nice little trick.

        Traffic lights… I’m a subway guy myself, but would like to use this to avoid delays at pedestrian crossings.
        I tend to get stuck at a crossing for ten minutes or more.

      • As for humor–the greatest humor comes straight from depression.
        The things we say and do to avoid negativity are funny enough.

        I’ll be gone before I hijack yet another post. Gotta hate those double-posting, long commenting douche-bags (using your insultasaurus) that dominate most blog posts with their latest display of LOA mastery or self-de-panting in public. Like that Kane guy! Confound that troublesome beast!


        • I shall take my trousers off I want to, thank you very much.

          And that Kane guy is very welcome to comment here, anytime he likes. Call one of my readers a douchebag again, and I’ll spam your trouser wearing hiney, you hear?

          See what I did there? 😛

          You’re clearly a powerful manifestor! You just have to trust yourself a bit more. You’re much closer than you think. Focus that powerful mind of yours on what you want in a way that feels good (NOT on what you don’t want) in a very general way.

          You want to feel free. You want to feel good. You want to feel relief. You want to feel joy. You want to laugh. You want to breathe. You want to smile. You want it to be easy.

          And every time your mind starts to interject with “Yes but…”, gently guide yourself back to the generalities of what you want.

          It’s all a matter of finding the right focus. And hey, you must be doing something right to end up here, no? 🙂

          Huge hugs,

  • I was that girl Melody – are you a mind reader or what??? Looking back at the one who thought she could ‘manage’ her life better by looking at the worst case scenario all I can say is dearie, dearie me. How grateful am I for my ‘awakening’.

    Love Elle

    • It all makes so much sense in hindsight, doesn’t it, Elle? If only we could be that wise in foresight, he, he. But since discovery is the point, really, it might take all the fun out of life…

      “How grateful am I for my ‘awakening’.”
      Me too, chica. Me too. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Rox,

    Live this: “if it isn’t the truth that when you focus your positive attention on a thing it happens. It happens when it is most needed to and happens just exactly when we will benefit most from it”.

    Thank you for this. Good to know, dear!

  • Wow, Snarky Puppy Chick…you rule. I am sure that you knew this, but in case you didn’t, I had to tell you…lol…just in case!

    I have been NOT focusing on the ugliness that COULD befall my hula studio/Spiritual Business, but rather and only on all the cool things that I planning and intending and manifesting for it, and dangit if it isn’t the truth that when you focus your positive attention on a thing it happens. It happens when it is most needed to and happens just exactly when we will benefit most from it.

    I think I know what I am going to use this information for next…ummm, EVERYTHING?

    Well DUH !!!

    You Know I Love You, Girl!!!
    Rox…the feral rabid kitten

    • Hey feral rabid ktten!

      Isn’t it all perfect? I’ve actually had to slow down a bit, stuff was coming in too fast and it became a touch overwhelming. Of course, that just made me realize what I wanted instead, so I did some fine tuning and am now lining up with an even grander vision than before.

      OMG, I love this stuff! 🙂

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs for you!


  • Another good article Melody making another good point. I never thought of ‘just in case’ quite like that before. But it’s true.

    I have so been so conditioned on how to interact and react that responses like this become such second nature until I stop and think about it. Which is what you did in writing this post.

    Thank you for bringing to light little things like this so I can become more aware of them and stop and check it out the next time it happens for a switch.

  • LOL! You a funny girl Mel. (Error intentional.)

    This is a topic I’ve questioned a lot though. And now it makes more sense. Thanks for that. It’s that self-fulfilling prophecy stuff. This illustrates in a big way how powerful people really are.

    Anyway, I love the scenarios and the umbrella thing is actually the first thing that came to mind. This is NOT 100% for me, but MOST of the time, if it looks like rain and I go out prepared, then it doesn’t rain. I’ve had it not rain when not prepared sure, but it seems to happen more often when cloudy and I forget the umbrella or water proof hiking shoes. Better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. But it’s true that I notice, if I leave and forget the umbrella (and I know the whole forget thing is another story) but I dwell, “Oh I hope I don’t get caught in this. I hope I can get back or to shelter before it starts.

    I walk some dogs a couple days a week, so this can sometimes be an issue for me, more than is typical. I actually like the rain, and don’t mind getting caught in it if it doesn’t come down in buckets.

    Thanks for the chuckles.

    • Hey Laura,

      Thanks girly! I do my best. 😛

      It takes a bit of a mindset shift to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t. And it’s so easy to fall back into that trap, so don’t beat yourself up when you do. I actually like the rain when I’m inside. I like how cozy it feels, especially at night, when I’m under the covers and safe and warm. But during the day, I prefer the sunshine, maybe with a bit of a breeze, or some clouds to give a little break from the heat at just the right moments. And now, in the fall, when the sun shines but it’s not as intense, so you can be out in it longer. I love this time of year. Rain, what rain? 😀

      Huge hugs!

  • you’re so funny Melody lol
    love that post-I myself use option 1 all the time, sometimes I am just lazy to prepare for the worst or visualize to prepare for the best, lol. It seems to work out ok! What I actually do is send angels to that place I will have to be at and make it ready in the best possible way for me, or us, if we go as a family. I think the rain just disappears and sun comes out if I do that (99% of time) even if the weather report said otherwise!

    • Hey Marina,

      That’s a wonderful way to focus on the outcome you want. Whether you think it’s the Universe, or angels, or whatever doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you’re lining up with what you want. And then it comes. Yay! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,

    Very nice information to read first thing in the morning! This will make my day. Most people react this way, but now I see why it is not helpful. It’s like the example if having a plan B. similar example. If it soothes you, then by all means have a plan B so that you feel good going for A, but don’t pay too much attention to it, just have it there and focus on what you really want. That’s what I’ve gathered.


    • Exactly Kat! The Plan B post explains this same concept further.

      It’s ok to have a Plan B if it makes you feel better, but don’t make the reason for that Plan your main focus. Soothe the fear, and then focus on what you really want. Choose to focus on the outcome you actually want to attract.

      I always think it’s nice to start your day with a little happy shiny puppy love. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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