Awesome Nay asks, “I see so much advertisement and campaigning for becoming aware of and/or stopping many things in our world. Cancer, hunger, texting while driving, government problems, etc. Like the breast cancer awareness campaign, with pink on any and every product you can think of. A similar example is hunger around the world. I can easily see how awareness and funding can be important for finding and treating.

But now that I know so much more about LOA, I have to question what it is accomplishing. Does this stuff really do what it intends; help to make things better? Or is making people more aware of these issues creating more of those problems? I have some of my own ideas on this, but would like your input to see if I can get another perspective.”

Hey Nay (sorry, couldn’t help myself),

Your intuition on this is spot on. Continuous focus on the problem does, indeed, perpetuate the problem. So, am I saying that all those pink ribbons are actually doing damage? Well, it’s not such a cut and dry answer. Here’s why.

Problem Oriented Awareness

Let’s say that you come across a problem, like a disease. You find out that loads of other people have this disease. And you feel like people should be aware of this disease, because, well, folks have a right to know. So, you start a campaign to raise awareness of the disease.

And by doing so, you get everyone focused on the disease. “Look”, you say. “Look at all these suffering people! Someone should do something!” And everyone agrees. Someone should definitely do something. And as everyone focuses on the disease, more and more sufferers seem to come out of the woodwork. “My!” everyone exclaims. “This problem is much bigger than we thought!”

Now, even though your intentions were good, your awareness raising campaign has actually gotten more people to line up with the disease by getting them to focus on the problem.

Solution Oriented Awareness

But, let’s say that you come across a disease. And you find the solution to that disease (either in real life, or you’ve envisioned one). You want people to be aware of the disease, but only so they’ll also become aware of the solution. What’s more, you want as many people to focus on the solution as possible, so that its energy continues to grow and attract more of those who are asking for it. You want it to become so big that anyone who is even slightly in the vicinity of the solution will be sucked right in and will benefit.

So, you get everyone focused on the solution. “Look”, you say. “Look at all these people who are being cured! We are doing something!” And everyone agrees. We are definitely making a difference. And as everyone focuses on the solution, more and more of those who have benefited from the solution (or can offer ways to implement it) seem to come out of the woodwork. “My!” everyone exclaims. “This situation is even better than we thought!”

Now, true to your intentions, your awareness raising campaign has gotten more people to line up with the solution.

Focusing on a solution that doesn’t yet exist

“Ok, ok, Melody”, I can hear you saying, “that’s all fine and well if there’s a cure. But what about if you see a problem without a solution?” What about when people are dying of an incurable disease? What about when people are dying of hunger and no one seems to be doing anything? Shouldn’t we cry out and make people aware?”

Yes, you should if you feel inspired to, by all means. But if an apparent solution doesn’t yet exist, you can still create one. You are a powerful creator. Let’s flex those massive focusing muscles! I mean, what do you think you were given your imagination for, if not to create that which does not yet exist, eh?

So, let’s say that you see some starving people. You know what the solution is – you want them to be fed. You don’t want them to be hungry anymore. You just don’t yet know how you can make that happen. By focusing on the hunger and getting others to focus on the hunger, you may inspire someone to eventually focus on them being satisfied and healthy, which will allow them to come up with a solution. This is generally what happens and it’s the slow way to go about it. This system depends on someone out there being willing to go against the grain, and against the considerable momentum you’ve built up by focusing on the hunger.

If, however, you were to focus on the solution – we want these hungry people to be fed. Even if you don’t yet know how, you’ll get others to also focus on the solution (fed people), which means that you’ll get answers and ideas flooding in from multiple sources, as more and more people line up with specific solutions (the HOW of how it will be done). Now, your system doesn’t just depend on someone out there going against the grain. Your system allows all those who are even close to the vibration of the solution to be swept up by the flow of energy you’ve created, and to come up with their own version of an answer. Now, you’ll have loads of solutions to choose from, some maybe better than others, but at least you’ve got everyone thinking in the right direction.

When you don’t know the solution, get people asking “How can we solve this?”, rather than “Oh how terrible, someone should do something.” One feels empowering, while the second feels powerless.

  • Focus on health rather than disease.
  • Focus on happiness rather than misery.
  • Say, “This is what we want. Who will help?”, rather than “This is what we don’t want. Who will help?”
  • Get people to focus on the problem only long enough so that they understand it. Then, ask them to focus on the solution.
  • Show people brief images of the tragedy and then images of what you want. Inspire people to share ideas rather than making them uncomfortable with ever more depictions of what’s wrong.

Bottom line

Raising awareness isn’t a bad thing at all, as long as you raise awareness for the solution rather than the problem. I realize that our media isn’t very good at that, and that suffering makes for more powerful headlines than happiness (at least for those focused on suffering. Personally, it’s the happy headlines that catch my eye). But it is possible and every once in a while, someone gets it right. That’s when miracles happen.

Oh, and one more thing: Don’t limit yourself to one solution, even if you already have one. All those concerned people out there have brains and collectively, those brilliant brains may come up with far greater solutions than you can imagine. Actually, there’s no maybe about it. Count on it.

So, are all those campaigns doing damage?

From my view, not really. Solutions will still be found by those willing to go against the flow, it’ll just happen much more slowly. Also, so many ribbons have been created and so much problem oriented awareness raising has been done, that the public, in general, has become desensitized. A lot of people don’t really pay that much attention to yet another ribbon. This is because problem oriented awareness raising is uncomfortable. It feels powerless. And, as is our nature, we will always do our best to move away from a feeling of powerlessness. This is what happens when people ignore the ribbons or make statements such as, “Oh God. Not another cause. I’m so sick of all these do gooders!” They’re not sick of helping, they’re sick of being made to feel powerless.

So no, I don’t think the ribbons are doing much damage, I just don’t think they’re doing nearly as much good as they could or were intended to do.

What do you think? I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Hello!

    This post reminded me of this women I once had the honor to hear in a public lecture. It really shifted my point of view and made me become aware in a more positive way 🙂

    She’s an economist for Zambia, that states that aind isn’t helping and that there is so much to empower in the so called “poor countries in Africa”.

    I hope it inspires you.


  • Hey Kat!

    Well, I still have plenty of things that can get to me, so I’m right there with you. 😯 Nothing has changed ‘out there’, and I do have focus habits that tend to stick longer, even with all the changes I’ve made inside. And I STILL have lots of emotions and desires, obviously! But key is working with them instead of against. If I get upset, I get upset. I DON’T let that bother me. When anger hits, I’m learning to let it happen. Then as soon as I can, I let it go instead of hanging onto it and/or getting upset because I got angry. It gets faster and faster the more I do it, which is what really keeps me so much happier now!

    And here is a quick, and to me, simple method for improving how you feel. It may seem stupid at first, but it works! I do it all in my head, but always end up with a crazy grin on my face and happiness almost bursting out of me! 😀 It’s what I call ranting, but good ranting, about what I want and what I want to feel. And it has to be done with great feelings! I have to really, truly feel good about the thoughts and the wants while I’m doing this. This is soooo important. If it doesn’t feel great while doing it, it’s a waste of time. Remember, these are my words/thoughts/wants, so induce my feelings. I change it and adlib all the time, so change this one up or leave it and use it in a way you want, or come up with something totally different. You can be very specific or very general, but the key is making yourself feel good!!!! And practice has made it easier. I’ll just make one up here that’s very general.

    “I want to feel great! I want to feel excited! I want to feel happy! I want to know great feelings! I want to know what is wonderful in my life! I want to know fun things! I want to be fun! I want to be funny! I want to think amazing thoughts! I want to think wonderful thoughts! I want to find joyful things! I want each day to feel wonderful! I want to wake up with energy and excitement! I want to know I am powerful! I want to know my power is limitless! I want to know source is my supply! I want to know source provides everything I want! I want to feel capable! I want to feel love! I want to embrace total love! I want to love myself completely! I want to accept myself completely! I want to know everything I want is coming my way! I want to love my perfect life!”

    That’s it. All kinds of good things that I want to know or want to feel. And I have a very sound reason for doing this: like attracts like, even thoughts. So whatever I think about most will attract more/similar thoughts. If I can get more thoughts in my head about things that I want and things I want to feel, and feel amazing while doing it, then I’ll start attracting those things more and more, and faster and faster because my mind is filled with all these wonderful thoughts and emotions instead of down thoughts. And so far, this has worked amazingly for me!!!

    I believe, now, that if you want to change your focus to good things instead of bad or upsetting things, then you have to tell yourself what you want, continuously, by asking for the thoughts you want and the feelings you want. The more ‘good’ you put in your head and the more often you put it there, the more you will think it, because you attract what you think about. And, even better, your brain doesn’t have time for as many upsetting thoughts if you focus on these types of rants. I only do this at night before bed, and/or in the morning. Sometimes I do it more often, but rarely. Even so, it’s to the point when I start thinking ‘I want…’ even if I’m pissed, I can’t stop a smile from starting on my face. I find this totally amazing and so cool. 8: And it only took me about two weeks to really get this going strongly.

    I have other things I do, so if you want them let me know and I’ll throw some up here. They are pretty much based on things I’ve picked up from this blog and from Abe, and adapted for myself, so not really anything new, just my way of doing them. But this ranting is probably the quickest and most valuable thing I’ve done for myself, ever! Not only are my feelings skyrocketing, but it is helping me keep my mind full of what I want and what I want to feel, instead of the constant negative droning that used to be there. I’ve created this habit or neural pathway in my mind and it automatically responds with awesome feelings. And yes, better and better ideas, thoughts and feelings are coming to me continuously on so many things! Even as general as I keep this, everything seems to be shifting!

    I really, really hope this works for you, or you can adjust it into something that works!!!

    Journey onward partner!

    • P.S. The way I see it, I’m inundating my mind and body with good thoughts and feelings. And the negative, the things I don’t like, seem to be fading away, slowly but surely. Which to my thinking means I just don’t see them anymore because my mind is focused elsewhere! I don’t have to look for anything either; I’ve just given my mind something to think and feel good about all the time.

    • Nay,

      I have been trying to apply this but the dominant thoughts that come out are that things can be worse and are worse in many other situations, so you must be deeply grateful and appreciative for what you have.

      I got a huge headache worrying about everything and since I’ve been grateful, I’ve been calmer. I guess if we can’t get to those awesome thoughts just yet, we can bask in the knowing that we are in a good situation which can be a lot worse. What do you think of this?

      • Hey Kat,

        Of course feeling grateful is just as good, if not better, than the litany of ‘what I want’ thoughts, as long as you can feel good while doing it. As for thinking of how much worse it could be…yes you are in a better situation and can appreciate it, but if you are still seeing the ‘worse’, you’re still focusing on something that is not a happy thought. To me, that still dredges up the negative. BUT!!!! If you can use it and move towards better and better feelings, then use it. As far as I can tell, that’s what Melody’s ladder is all about. Building from negative thoughts to positive until you feel good about what you are thinking, about a specific situation!

        It’s all about a steady stream of thoughts that make me feel good. I think of it as building momentum for a habitual state of feeling good. The better I feel, the closer I am to the vortex. And it DOES NOT matter what I feel good about. As I feel better, all situations around me have just started improving, which makes it easier to focus on feeling good, more often.

        What if just saying AWESOME makes you feel good? What if just saying PADDYWACKLEDOODLE makes you feel good? It doesn’t matter what it is, the key is creating a steady stream of feel good thoughts/words, even if you’re just repeating something/s.

        What do you think? Does this make sense, and is it usable? Or is it still just not something that floats for you?

        • Yes, this is most helpful Nay! It does not matter what it is! Great!

          I did realize while doing this that the past was not that bad at all. It was quite good actually. Why was I even sad then? Things were fine and I was sad. I imagine that when I look back to these days I’ll feel the same way? Thus, things are not so bad. So why do I suffer so? It’s inconceivable really. I know this sounds like an excuse, but I feel like I am influenced too much by outside forced around me which are way too negative for my taste. I know better than this, yet still fall into the trap. Yikes!

          Thank you so much dear! This allows me to continue riding the wave.

          • Wow Kat,
            Your words could be my own! I’ve had the exact same realizations not to far back! Even when my past was not all that bad, I could be so sad. Made no sense. And I still let outside forces influence me more than I would like. It happens so easily! But, what I’m working on is trying to use it as a tool to figure out what parts of it I think are good, and/or what I would rather focus on. When I feel something negative, I figure it means I want something different, so try to figure out what that ‘want’ is. NOT always easy. 😛 But I am getting much better at it!
            May our joy rides last longer and longer!

          • Good way of looking at it! The negative feeling indicates your want for something else, thus shooting out a rocket of desire, as Abe would say. So you center your focus on that instead of the negative. I know it is easier said and done. It is great in theory but so hard to practice. But at least I understand the theory which is very important.

            I will think of you as my example. Go Nay!

  • Melody,

    Even better than I hoped! I couldn’t quite get to where I could see it being a bad thing to bring awareness to the front, but I also could see that the campaigns only seem to bring focus to the ‘horrors’. After LOA, it just seemed counterproductive.

    The change in focus makes so much sense. And even with the given campaigns, if I just make solutions my focus, then it won’t matter what or how the campaign focuses. MY awareness of solutions will just over ride anything else going on when I think that way. Simple yet profound. Such a broadening of the mind when put this way. WOW! O.O

    And the examples and ideas on the responses I’ve read so far are amazing! 🙂 Like Luzia said above, change it to ‘Health/Hunger/Peace/Awareness Solutions’ instead, and I can’t imagine how feelings would change and how many more ideas would develope!

    Thank you sooo much Melody!!!

    P.S. I often respond to complete strangers when they say ‘HEY! cause it sounds like Nay.’ Usually pretty fun-ny, sometimes embarrassing!!! 😳

    • Nay,

      This change of focus is so hard! Personally, I have no problem with this paticular topic, but others such as anger. I can’t help being angry about certain things. I do let it out, but how can I concentrate only on the good stuff when I see stuff that makes me angry? Arghh!

      Just as Melody advises Alice above to focus on her good days as opposed to the bad ones, and on good things, etc. Do you have any tips on this? How can I increase the calmness, and take on the “whatever” attitude more?

  • Hi Melody,

    I bet you knew seeing I have a physical and mental battle with a long-standing disease that this would be important to me! (And I totally agree, I can’t stand all those campaigns where they show things like lung cancer or other graphic’s like great, now my subconscious has that ick to think about!)

    I have a rare physical disease which is the backbone of most of my problems as it currently has no cure and most people that have it have their entire lives interrupted.
    It’s easier to keep indifferent and positive about things we don’t have to personally suffer through, but when you’re in it and it’s been told to you not many people have this disease and there is no cure… it kicks you in the guts.

    I’d love for this disease to be focused upon in a positive way and fous on a cure! That would be great and I’d wear that ribbon!
    On focusing on the positive–I mosly agree as someone who is not-yet-healthy (trying not to call myslef sick) that would give me hope if people were actively seeking a cure.
    I’d feel like people actually cared!

    Other problems just pile on top of this, so if I get sick on top of the chronic condition, it is truly overwhelming and that triggers mental complications like anxiety or depression related to the illness when it interrupts my social and work life–that’s just a domino effect on money, friends, enjoyment….
    My story could be applied to cancer too. I gues the positive of cancer is that it’s not chronic..there’s a horrific period followed by recovery. So that’s the silver lining is that many people got better?
    That’s the focus, how people can get better.

    For example, the mental health campaign is fantastic as it is removing the stigma from people that go through it and making it less of a freak show.
    People are focusing on the cures and positive action like getting community support and I think it’s fantastic.
    It makes it less embarassing. I do feel however that some spiritual people add to the stigma of mental health when they say the person is negative or not grateful enough, doesn’t use willpower.. as this creates another form of shame/failure. So people have to be careful and considerate about how they view things. It’s all to easy to chuck things in the “negative” basket and walk away.

    It’s also not a good idea to look at either of these things as something to pity. That’s insulting! That is another trap of “positive” action or LOA learners that feel they are advanced because they are healthy.

    On a sick and twisted perspective, (take with a grain of salt, I’m being twisted on purpose) making a rare disease that no-one cares about epidemic would have a weird positive effect when you think about it, because then enough people would be affected for others to take notice and actually help these people.
    It would certainly be a good lesson in compassion and knock down the barrier of “this doesn’t apply to me, screw you sick people..” mentality.

    We live in a majority rules society, where the amount is valued higher than the content. Therefore it’s “natural” people spam emails and campaigns and slogans without really think what their message or goal is.

    As Mary said above me, I’ve had people do similar things with horrid imagery and then I ask them what I can do to help and they say it’s an “awareness” campaign. Well I’m friggin’ aware, I live it! 🙂 So give me the solution and answer and I’ll be happy to recieve those emails. IF I can do something.

    I do think it’s sad that charities have to beg for money and research funding while things like the Olympic games and Superbowl easily get sponsors and money thrown at it. How can I think positively around humans in general, when they do seem so thick headed?… I feel like Phillip K. Harris and his excellent speeches on humanity sometimes.

    Conversely I can understand why people wear ribbons and support even the problem focused campaigns. If they lost a loved one, it’s like you are wearing it for them. It takes on a personal meaning for many people.

    I also understand how the bracelets become a trend. As kid I had one day where I had a red bracelet from AIDS day, a blue one for Depression, a yellow one for Cancer and a pink one for Breast Cancer.
    I just collected them over time and a family member looked at them and said “what a world!”
    and it dawned on me what a negative thing wearing them all was!

    So good about empowering! I know I basically just paraphrased your whole post, but with the thumbs up of someone who is actually ill.. you know so now you have the Alice seal of approval.

    I’d love to see you expand on this in relation to sick people getting help VS complaining getting them stuck. LOA has confused me on this issue.
    In that blog I ask a similar question, and I still didn’t figure it out LOL!

    Thanks again for another wondferful post. I did back off for a while and I noticed that the removal of just one person chages the co-creation of the blog!
    I didn’t think i was that important, but I certainly felt it took a slightly different direction depending which people comment and stick around.

    • Hey Alice,

      First of all, I want to tell you that just because your doctors don’t yet know of a cure, doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist. They are not omnipotent. They know what has been studied and looked at, but that’s a very limited set of data. There are people who have what you have, that have never been diagnosed. They may well have healed, but they’ll never make it into a medical study. They’re not heard of. Doctors are great, but their knowledge is limited. And your cure may not come through them. They are just one avenue for you, not all that is available to you.

      Second, thanks so much for the Alice seal of approval, lol. That really means a lot. Getting the perspective of someone who is living is this is so valuable, not just for me (validating) but those others who are suffering. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It’s not too long at all. It’s the perfect length.

      So, what do you focus on. You probably have some good days and some bad days. Give more airtime to the good days. Instead of talking about how you felt awful yesterday, talk about how you felt great last week. Focus on what’s working, on what’s not in pain, on the days when your energy is higher, on what’s going well, even if right now, the number of things going well is smaller than the opposite. You only really need one good thing to focus on.

      The silver lining in cancer is that it highlights something that’s not working in our belief system that we can then find and release. Also, it makes us want wellness all the more, which not only creates much more potential wellness for us to line up with, but strengthens the pull of the energy of that wellness, so that it’s call becomes louder. The cancer serves us in this way, but we have to be willing to see the message. When we fight it and don’t dig deeper, we tend to perpetuate it. But even then, we often manage to find out way to wellness eventually. When the pain gets too great, we let go of whatever belief we were holding on to and then the chemo starts to work, etc. So, even if we don’t do this stuff deliberately, we still get there in our own way.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    This is so true! And determinedly focusing on the solution has a ripple effect. When I arrived in Colima, the animal rights focus was on awareness of abuse by showing endless horrible photos and videos! I set up a Facebook page for animal control showing only happy photos of adoptable and adopted dogs and cats. Adoptions skyrocketed. Yeah! I refused to attend events that showed abuse images, and I talked about focusing on solutions every chance I got.

    Now, two years later, I just went to a fund-raising breakfast on abuses in the food production industry that was totally positive! No horrors, no talks about fighting anything – just positive examples of ways to cook and eat with conscience. Yeah!

    I’m not saying I changed things. It was a concerted effort by several of us, but we have succeeded in shifting the focus toward solutions – spay/neuter, adopt, shop and eat responsibly. The incidence of abuse images on local sites has dropped dramatically.

    The remaining challenge is to convince the anti-bullfight crowd that they need to come up with an attractive alternative, not just keep perpetuating images of atrocities – something like the delicious vegan breakfast equivalent (dog shows? rodeos?).

    Thanks for upending this idea that we have to be “aware” of (have our noses rubbed in) horrors! Focusing on solutions feels 100% better, and it works.

    Huge hugs,

    Mary Carol

    • Nice Mary Carol!
      Such a simple change in focus, but such a large impact!!! Just the examples I needed to get even clearer.
      Thank You!

    • Yay Mary Carol!!! I love this practical example in action! It’s so perfect and it shows how powerful a simple shift in focus can be. Great for you guys!

      Thanks for sharing this.

      Huge hugs!

    • I remember at one point, earlier this year, where I disagreed with you on this pertaining to abuse of animals. I had the attitude that just because we look away, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

      But now I am seeing how we can still raise awareness using your method much more clearly now. Your points and responses before made sense but this particular post and your analogy here really hammers it home for me. Thanks MC. 🙂

      The anti-bull fighting comment has me thinking too. I will brainstorm that myself.

      • Hi Laura,

        I’m glad the shift is coming into focus for you. I’d love to hear whatever you come up with as alternatives to bullfighting. I think the US dodged that particular bullet with rodeos – not perfect, but they beat bullfights any day.



  • Melody, thank you again for a great post. This is sooo true and so important to realize.
    Often when I’m at a supermarket checkout the cashier asks: would you like to donate to breast cancer? And then I have to say: Do you want me to donate to breast cancer or to the cure for breast cancer?
    If we see the word cancer everywhere nothing good can come from this. It should be: donate to “Breast Health” or donate to “Health Solutions”, that would be much more positive.

  • Thanks, Melody. Take a negative and make it positive, so to speak. Just another perspective, really. I love it! I tend to stay away from trends like the ribbons. Probably because I don’t know anyone personally that has been affected by the disease but also because I tend to go against the grain socially…

    You’re the!


    • Ha, ha, Marjorie,

      Thanks for that. I’m not a big ribbon wearer myself, but have no issues with it. I’ve just generally always felt a bit off about the focus, but only figured out why a few years ago.

      Huge hugs!

  • Thank you, Melody!! Its like nails on a chalk board when I constantly hear about “the war on terrorism” and the “fight against drugs” and the “fight against breast cancer”.

    I know most people have good intentions but really, it seems kind of out of control. Especially when organizations like the Susan G Komen Foundation only spend 15% of their funding on research. (So don’t feel bad for “not going pink”.)

  • Very interesting article as always, Melody. The catch 22 is: How can you focus on anything without being aware of its opposite? You can’t think of health without knowing of the disease, you can’t think of night without knowing there’s a day. Interesting! The duality of life is inescapable. However, pure focus is possible. Well, pure in a sense where you can ignore its opposite as seeing its opposite as not its opposite.

    You want better health because you are sick. Why would you want better health if you are healthy? So in part the wanting of better health is coming from sickness. BUT! And that’s a huge BUT, you’ll have to see the sickness as not sickness.

    Melody, you bring up a good point. All these people focusing (unintentionally) on the economy and gas prices. It creates and manifest “more” of shortage, where there is none. Actually, we have created one, however, we can (and will) eventually create the opposite. We live in a physiological reality. There are those that are living in awe right now, and are not concerned about the economy. They are bigger than the economy. When you place a person, situation, or thing on a pedestal, you have raised it above yourself.

    Sickness has to be below you without focusing on it. If you focus on it, it becomes bigger than you. I never see the president as anything other than a man that craps in the toilet like everyone else. Okay, that may have sounded random, but basically I try to see people and things as equal.

    Sickness and health doesn’t have to be on opposite ends. As they come closer together, you become healthier, and less sick. Not having money, and putting yourself in a physiological place of already have some, will create more.

    The new puppy

    • Hey Tony,

      The sickness serves a purpose – it makes you want health. In that sense, the “negatives” actually help us create the positives. And we can be aware of the sickness, but then focus on signs of health instead.

      The example of the economy is perfect. I’ve been doing a lot of walking around my city this week because I have family visiting. I’ve seen tons of new shops which have opened in just the past few months. Others are expanding. There are people shopping everywhere, restaurants are busy. Sure, there are signs of a crisis, but this other, more positive stuff, also exists and that’s what I’m focusing on. And it’s wonderful. I see recovery and people refusing to be beaten down by naysayers. They are going out, having fun, spending money, treating themselves, and living their lives. And this in a country that is said to be on its last economical legs (Spain). You can always see evidence of both sides. Focus on the evidence that you want to create more of. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Ooh, interesting thoughts. I’ve wondered about the effectiveness of all the awareness campaigns. Since sales of the ribbons, bracelets, and so forth contribute toward research money (in most cases) it obviously can’t be all bad to sport them. But, it sometimes feels like it becomes more trend than cause. As for commercials, I couldn’t agree more about not being gratuitous in showing the problem. There’s a point where people go from being touched and wanting to help to feeling like they’re being emotionally manipulated.

    • Hey Raina,

      You’re right. It can feel like manipulation. If you’re a good person, then obviously you’ll do something about this suffering and whip out your wallet. It’s your obligation… None of that feels good. People will help if they want to. Just give us a chance and an opportunity. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Excellent post Melody, and this had to be said. Focusing on the problem only brings more of such problem.

    When people are wearing all their little pink ribbons, what they are really doing is attracting more of what they are “fighting” for, and only hoping that someone else will come up with a solution. So, in other words they are spreading more of the thing until someone may or may not come up with a solution.

    For some reason this reminded me of something an Health Insurance salesman once told me. When you buy health insurance the insurance is “betting” on your health. As for you, the buyer of the insurance, your are “betting” on illness. Interesting, isn’t it? That stuck with me forever.

    Thank you for the awareness, Melody 🙂

    • Hi Sylviane,

      I felt the need to reply to you, I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

      This topic is quite personal for me as I have mixed feelings about it and thought the same thing you thought about these campaigns.

      I have a rare disease which has no cure and has interrupted my entire life from work, friends, social’s a knockout!
      It’s something not many people are aware of and it’s therefore not given priority by doctors as I feel thay address the “popular” (epidemic or media frenzied) causes like cancer etc, because of the theory of lives of the many VS lives of the few.

      Also there are so many diseases that they have priority of which ones can kill you the fastest, down to which ones wreak havok on your quality of life and that is the last priority.
      It doesn’t matter if people are suffering, it matters if people are DYING it has to be that dramatic, in this society! (the news oves this! That’s why they always have the dying (cute, with big eyes) child on camera, not the suffering adult with same disease–for greater emotional effect and more viewers–it’s just manipulation. Not true care about the condition.)

      I feel this is a somewhat twisted perspective (by the media, pop culture etc) and this is what these campaigns are doing, making something more ‘popular” and giving it more attention so that with enough people losing a loved one to this they will find a cure.

      It turns something serious like illness and getting better into a popularity contest for sponsors…
      Which is just wrong.

      Thanks so much for the quote from the insurance salesman!

    • Hey Sylviane,

      That’s an interesting quote. I see it differently. If getting insurance gives you peace of mind and lets you stop worrying about getting sick, get insurance. It’s an easy way to release worry. But I absolutely love the idea that the insurance companies are actually betting on everything being alright. What a wonderful perspective!! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Wow. I have been feeling guilty (not really) for be uninspired by the “Pink” ribbon type of campaigns. Just didn’t hit the sweet spot. Now I have stratagy for a different mental focus when these campaignes come into view. I was suprized that someone else had some questions about this. If feels good to know that there is a team out there that is playing the same game that I am interested in. It is a great feeling.

    • Hey Vic,

      Oh, there’s a team alright. 🙂 A huge team all working to bring you the clarity that you want. And many others who are similarly focused. The questions that resonate most with me, that jump out to be answered on the blog, are usually the ones that are being asked by many people. And as you can see by the comments that have already come in, you’re certainly not alone. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Timely. This is something I’ve struggle with a bit, myself, because I donate partial proceeds from my jewelry sales to charities supporting mental health awareness and colon cancer awareness. In my mind, I’ve always focused on mental *health* and promoting and supporting that, rather than mental *illness* and trying to prevent it, so I’m OK with that aspect of things. Plus, I’m kind of my own success story with that, so I *know* it’s completely possible for people to regain and keep their mental health.

    I have a harder time with the cancer thing, though. How do you focus on the positive aspects of that? I suppose I could focus on how the funds that I’m raising will go to research to find a cure, and to supporting those who have it (so, in some way, making their lives better even though they are not cured “yet”?)

  • absolutely – raise awareness for the solution – not the problem (Woman after my own heart)
    (but then – that wouldn’t keep the pharma machine in pocket would it?)

    • LOL Annie,

      No, it wouldn’t. But I’m convinced that if they put their minds to it, they could make just as much money off of the solution as the problem. They just have to be willing to see it. And, coincidentally, that’s the reality I give my focus to… 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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