Will there be a Tsunami in Florida?

Awesome Dudette asks: “I have a friend who lives in Florida and has had “visions” that came true in the past regarding hurricanes and tsunamis.  She had a vision in the last year that Florida will have a huge tsunami from the mid eastern Atlantic ridge. Could this be true?”

First off, just a bit of a disclaimer: I don’t read people’s futures (or future events). That’s not what I do. So I can’t tell you for sure if Florida will have a Tsunami or not. I can tell you that when I think of that scenario it doesn’t feel true to me. But then, that’s MY reality, so… πŸ˜‰

Whatever happens to you MUST be a vibrational match to you. So, the real question is: “What kinds of experiences are you currently a match to?” You’re clearly afraid of being caught in a devastating event. You’re afraid of suffering. Do you think you’re a match to that? Is suffering showing up in greater and greater ways in your life? Or, is it more likely that you’ve got a bit of fear going, most likely a fear of losing control in some way, and that this encounter with your friend has triggered that fear?

This experience of talking to your friend is your manifestation, my dear.

But, let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that there is going to be a Tsunami in Florida, or anywhere else. If there is, and you’re not a match to pain and suffering, your experience of that event won’t be full of pain and suffering. You’ll be inspired to leave before the wave hits, or you’ll be in a position to help others. You could be empowered, finding solutions and supplies when others can’t. Or, you may be thousands of miles away, having had the sudden strong urge to go visit a relative.

Being afraid of a natural disaster doesn’t serve you. But there is a message here: Why did you line up with a conversation that scared you so much? What is it that you’re afraid of? What bullshit thoughts are floating around in your head that this experience can make you aware of?

If, however, you can’t shift this fear, then I’d advise you to leave the state even if you’re not driven to do so naturally. Because if you continue to live in that kind of fear, you’re going to keep manifesting more and more experiences that match it. You won’t need a Tsunami for that, either. You could just be the victim of a good old fashioned robbery. So, stay and feel good or leave and feel good. Don’t stay and feel bad. That won’t serve you no matter what.

“In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity” – What does that mean?

Awesome Kat asks: “I have always loved Einstein’s empowering quote “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”, but have wondered the true meaning of his statement. 

Did he mean that no matter how shitty we see things, they really aren’t that bad?  Or it is in difficulty that we expand?  It is in this manner, through difficulty, that we can truly learn, even though LOA says that easy is peasy, i.e. there’s no reason to make things hard.  Or is it in difficulty that we can be open to other avenues that we may not have noticed before?  Perhaps all of the above?” 

Here’s my take on the quote: Difficulty can be another way of describing a “negative or unwanted manifestation”. So, when life gets hard or the shit hits the fan, you’ve got difficulty. Negative manifestations always have two purposes: The first is to mirror some kind of resistance back to you in such a perfect way that you can figure out what it is. So, if you have a scary experience that makes you feel vulnerable, you may well have some limiting beliefs that make you feel vulnerable, as well. The message is in how the experience feels.

The second purpose of negative manifestations is that they also ALWAYS provide us with the perfect opportunity to overcome that resistance. By doing so, we are able to catch up with the energy of Who We Really Are and receive whatever that little piece of resistance was standing in the way of. As we move towards what we want, any beliefs we hold that contradict that desire, those obstacles that are keeping us from getting what we want, are going to manifest so that we can release them and get what we want. So, the resistance is manifesting to serve us.

A simple, but perfect example is when you get the flu because you don’t like your job. Not only is the flu going to make you feel even more overwhelmed and scared of losing your job (the mirror), but it’s also giving you an opportunity  to rest, to take it easy, to get away from work and shift your perspective. By being forced to take a break, you end up realizing just how much you’ve been pushing yourself and just how unhappy you’ve been, which causes you to start the process of changing your situation. There was massive opportunity in that there flu.

I don’t want my soul mate to die!

Awesome Bret asks: “I want to attract a soul mate but sometimes I get thoughts about them dying early and me breaking down completely.  So I was thinking I should do affirmations that state what I want in my soul mate AND include that I want them to live a long and healthy life with me. What are your thoughts about this?”

It’s clearly time for me to break out the sarcasm. But I assure you, I do it with love and only to make a point. πŸ˜‰ Ready?

So… what you’re essentially asking for in your affirmation is that the love of your life adjust her lifespan so that you can feel good? My question to you is, why do you assume that you would break down completely if your partner died before you? What fear is being triggered by that thought?

You can’t control how long someone lives. None of us can do that. But thinking that your happiness is tied to the lifespan of another gives all your power away. You’re actually expecting to be unhappy forever if someone great were to come into your life and leave for some reason. You’re also kind of expecting the Universe to be an a-hole and bring you some amazing woman only to kill her off shortly thereafter. By focusing on that fear, however, you’re almost certainly keeping the most amazing women away from you. Your fear won’t let them in. It thinks it’s better to be single than to go through that kind of pain.

Let me tell you something: No matter who you end up with, she’s going to die. So will you. There’s no avoiding that. But, is it really better to sit alone in the playground, or only play with the gross kid who eats his boogers, because you’re too afraid to get attached to the fun kids in case they go home an hour earlier than you? Or, would you rather play with the funnest kids available, trusting that if they do leave, you can find other fun kids to play with, or even have a great time climbing the jungle gym by yourself? Do you really want to miss out on all that awesomeness, watching as others live it up while you send sad glances their way, unwilling to take the risk, just in case? Do you honestly want to be that guy? Of course you don’t.

Living life instead of existing means taking risks. And once you understand that you truly create your own experience, meaning that if Ms. Awesome dies on you or leaves in some other way, there’s no reason you can’t attract the Ms. Spectacular that Ms. Awesome prepared you for, then the risk isn’t even all that great. Do you sit down with your favorite meal and ruin it by lamenting the fact that it’ll be eaten and gone soon? Or do you enjoy every bite, while you’re eating it? Well, don’t go looking for the woman of your dreams while focusing on how awful it’ll be when she dies. I promise you, even if you could find her with that mindset, your life with her wouldn’t be the one you’re dreaming of.

Focus on how you will feel at your happiest and trust that as you hold that vibration, you’ll line up with more and more experiences that feel that way. When Β you focus in your soul mate living a long life, you’re almost certainly focusing on your fear instead, so stay away from that whole subject. Don’t go too far into the future. Focus on thoughts that feel truly good. As you do that, a future that feel the same way will start to come into focus. And then Ms. Amazing will show up. With her twin sister, Ms Spectacular. Or, if you prefer, you can think of her as Ms. Backup.

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  • You’ve heard the saying “Good things come to those who wait.” From my understanding now, I think it should say “good things come to those who wait to align”.

    • OMG!!! You guys are so right. My daughter is 22, very diligent, brilliant young woman who has put her harp skills, Japanese language studies, other studies and her ambitions of being a voice actress (the voice behind cartoons) before the inkling of dating. She has never shown any interest in either sex. I was prepare to love, accept and support her in any life style she chose… Alright, secretly I was beginning to wonder if she was going to grow up to be the crazy cat lady.

      She has this guy pal, who again is intelligent, diligent, hard working, volunteers at the animal shelter, takes care of his disabled aunt four days a week, from a good family, not angsty in the least, not sexually active…give this guy a puppy and he is every mother’s wet dream.

      HE KISSED HER!! YAY!! My daughter being the brilliant little woman she is said “I think I will see if maybe I can work him into my schedule once a week.” I am so ecstatically happy! My little girl might be dating! Dating may be over shooting it, working into scheduling!! Close enough! Thank you Universe, she’s not the crazy cat lady!!

      • Hahahaha. You are hilarious Dusty!
        Kids. They never do what you expect and always keep you wondering what they will or won’t do next. And as you see, it doesn’t stop when they’re adults. But it’s just our preconcieved notions about them and how they ‘should’ be, or what we expect of them after diligently trying to ensure they are ‘on the right path.’ πŸ˜‰
        Once you let go, they just surprise you. But you know she would be perfect in your eyes even if she was the crazy cat lady!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Ok Dusty,

    I was thinking the whole idea was thought. It is the creation of everything. Key is thinking what I want, without all the little by-play conversations in the background that argue for whay it’s not possible or so difficult. Think, ‘I want this.’ And then let it go, knowing it’s already there. Because there are no steps when it’s a known. It just is.

    I still disect too much. ‘What’s the best way, why do I want it, how will I get it,’ etc, etc. But I am catching myself at it, so can stop it. I figure the more I stop the underlying thoughts, the easier it gets. So far, so good. But lots more to go.

    • How do you create clarity? If it were a car, I could see it, touch it, smell it, take it for a test drive, get flames painted on the side and tell the dealer they really were there before I took it out.

      I know clarity is within me. I have the desire to be clear. What does clarity look like? What does it feel like? Clarity is effortless… Damn it why am I putting any effort into it? Apparently because I am not clear… I have to manifest clarity….

      The dissection of your desire, depending on who you read, helps you get specific.

      • you dont create clarity. you uncreate the feelings that make u think you DONT have clarity πŸ˜›

        dunno if tht makes sense !
        to me it does πŸ™‚

      • Dissection for clarity can be good. Totally agree. But it’s when I’m not in charge of that dissecting that I feel a desire to halt and analyze. When it’s running in the background, and I become aware of it, I often find a lot of negative or I guess limiting beliefs there. My inner doubter is dissecting something and pointing out all the bad stuff.

        What mopeychild said below does make sense. It’s eliminating that habit of doubt by dissecting the things that run in the background and remaking them into possitives. Then you no longer doubt your desires and have clarity.

  • The thought behind the question was when I try to manifest following the steps, nothing. When I don’t follow the steps, actually when I don’t think, things happen. So, how do you harness the power of non-thought? How do you want something without thought? Right now, all I am trying to manifest is clarity. What do I really want? It may not be coming because of resistance or it may not be coming since I am trying to be clear.

    • ok see..im no expert, but i do understand what u mean by non-thought.
      things crop up when we least expect them to. and the thing about non-thought is that you dont even NOTICE that wht you want isnt there, and THEN it comes along.
      when we try do step by step manifesting, we keep triggering the resistance of noticing what we DONT have, in effect perpetuating frustration. when we give up and let loose , things we want just pop up !
      i think thats whats meant by non-thought πŸ™‚ lets see what melody says !
      also (i think melody would say this again) what you REALLY want is not clarity, you want the feelings that come with clarity. like, an aha moment might make u feel empowered and confident. what youre looking for is to feel less muddled and instead feel better ! so aim for the feeling place, and clarity( or anthing else you want) will automatically creep in ! but NOT if u keep noticing the abscence of it !

      • Yes, I believe it is the feeling place that matters. This is how I understand it. Clarity comes along later, on its own, but we need to be coming from a place of good feelings. This is what Abe says.

        It’s always good to review this stuff!

      • Ahh, perfect Mopeychild! Go for the feeling. I keep foregetting to remember this! As Kat says, review is so important, until it’s just the way you are.

    • What mopeychild said! πŸ™‚

      Also, you can try to go for non-thought by meditating. Or, you can just go for distraction. Think of something else, and unrelated topic and immerse yourself in it. It will stop you from triggering the resistance and the clarity will come. Or take a nap. If the resistance is fairly minor, that’ll do the trick. Huge resistance needs a bit more work, but if you poke at what you want (do your steps) then the resistance will show up with evidence as to what it is. Then, you can shift that and move towards what you want. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • We need to have faith and knowing, for sure. I always use the example of Indiana jones in the Last Crusade. His father was shit and he had to save him by following the map left by the ancients. One of the hurdles (the difficulty) was to go to the other side if a seemingly pathless bridge. This required faith. So, Indiana muster up all his faith, stepped out upon it only to find that it was merely an optical illusion and there was really a bridge there. We need that type if faith to move on in our life because ultimately, everything really is taken care of, we just get caught up in the actual path, something that masters say not to do, for it can lead to insanity. Whereas knowing and calmness lead to moving along the path of life. Just some things I’m actually reminding myself of and sharing here.

        • Hahaha, I know, he almost died until Indie’s faith allowed him to cross the bridge to get to the holy water that saved him! Do you remember that scene? I was young, yet never forgot that scene! Now that is faith!

          • Yeah I remember it! Makes me want to re-watch all of the movies. Loved them! But I didn’t see it in this context until you pointed it out. And it’s such a perfect example too! Faith/belief equals success in any endeavor. And then there is that first step…maybe hesitant, but that first step is essential.
            Cheers my friend!

          • Kat and Nay,

            I lived near where the tank scenes were filmed. Cortez, Colorado was about an hour away.

            What is the biggest leap of faith you ever taken?

          • Colorado, home sweet home!
            I really have to think about this one, cause I don’t have a clue! I really can’t see where in my life I’ve just jumped. Well, not that I made a whole lot of decisions either. I just kinda let life drag me along, while thinking I didn’t like it much.
            Now I’m loving life, but can’t say I’ve taken any great leaps as of yet. But give me time! My life is changing in leaps and bounds, so anything could happen. πŸ™‚

          • I joined the jet set crowd instead of following an educational program. I still got a professional degree, though I have not used it yet at its full value (do not ask), and traveled, partied my ass off, dated multiple guys at once (you can’t do that everywhere, they get annoyed and dump you), went to the best parties and lived a legendary life for a while. They still talk about it!

            However, at some point, I regretted not following the other thing, and felt awful about it, yet I no longer feel that way. Which is why I answered this question. To see how I feel about it after reading this blog for a time and I am actually ok. Of course, life is a work in progress, so I am not back to square one, rather, just moving along accordingly. the chance to be a jet setter is rather rare, so I took it and enjoyed it. I did learn a lot and it did add perspective to my life, so no regrets! Hooray! I am clear of this!

          • Nay and Kat,

            A willingness to change is a hellava leap of faith! To sacrifice the comfort of what is known for the unknown is probably the scariest thing you can do. Even if your existence is uncomfortable, it’s easier than starting trying something new and deciding to want more.

            I don’t think we ever stop being a work in progress. How boring would it be “Ta dah!! I am perfect!” Looking around, twiddling thumbs…”Now what?”

            Kat just because you can do something doesn’t mean it is your path, calling or purpose.

            The biggest leap of faith I have ever taken was really a leap. In Kentucky, there is a place where you can go cliff diving. Yes, jumping off a real cliff into water.

            (I am terrified of heights, about four flights of stairs starts the alarm bells in my head, my legs get shaky and I hold onto the rail for dear life.)

            Seeing the first few people jumping off and surviving, I thought I should give this a go. I started to run for the edge and my legs gave out. They didn’t allow me to get up for a few seconds. Eventually, I was able to get up and walk. I was going to do it.

            I started to run from a closer point, my legs should give out after I’m over the ridge. The split second I crossed the edge, I closed my eyes. I started trying to count the seconds. Objects usually reach 50% of terminal velocity within three seconds. 8 seconds to reach 90% and an additional 15 seconds to reach 99%. In total, I would have to fall for about a minute to reach speeds that would kill me. Hence the term, terminal velocity, terminal being dead.

            I didn’t realize how scared or fast I was counting. I reached 15 seconds, or so I believed. I opened my eyes to find I was only halfway down. The sheer panic overwhelmed me. (My friends said it looked like a roadrunner cartoon. I grabbed at the air and appeared to be trying to run up.) I struggled as I fell, nothing under me, nothing above me just space.

            My face broke the solid surface tension. It was a brick wall. Even though it was a searing, everything within me rejoiced at the sensation. I was alive… but sinking. The hyperventilation I had experienced on the way down lead to the burning, pounding, aching in my chest.

            My ears were popping and the pressure behind my eyes. If I go too far down, I will cause reticial hemorrhaging and possible retina detachment. Fear was threatening to overwhelm me. It was screaming to every muscle “struggle!!” I couldn’t even tell which end was up. There was nothing but murky grayed green and luminescent bubbles in every direction.

            A gracious moment of clarity came to me. If I struggle, I would use what little oxygen I held and would drown. The crazy little fight or flight response would have to shut up and sit down. I willed my muscles to relax. This action allowed me to feel the sensation of up. I knew which way to propel myself and broke surface once again.

            After gulping the best tasting air I had ever experienced, I cried. Treading water and crying, crying in gratitude, crying to release all the stress. It was amazing. Lol, still scared of heights but I found I could push through it to mountain climb, have dinner on the 96th floor, make it up a 56 story fire escape (coming down is harder) and a 15 story observation deck (those look like a structure you made in first grade with toothpicks).

            I found a video on youtube of the place I jumped. I stepped it though. The whole experience probably only lasted 7 seconds, 10 at most. All of that for ten seconds. It felt like a lifetime.


          • Wow Dusty,

            That is an awesome story! And yes, I was laughing because I can imagine the scene, and have a very ‘sick’ sense of humor. πŸ˜‰ But I am so impressed that you forced yourself through. I can’t imagine what you experienced or what changes it made in your view of possibilities!

            I wish I had something, but nothing comes up that I consider a leap of faith, or that I didn’t hammer with thought before doing. o.O What can I say, I’m a thinker.

          • Kat,
            I remember this in some of your previous posts. I am so GLAD you see it in a better way! Gives me even more enthusiasm for this journey. Congratulations!!!!! I’m almost crying with happiness for you…dead serious! I’m so sappy. πŸ˜€

          • Hon, you are not at all sappy. This stuff makes me cry all the time, but they are tears of alignment. That is how I know I am doing well. Feeling its true force has that effect. And I am so glad I feel it!

            My viewpoint was soooooo skewed. I was so detached from who I really am, it not only hurt like hell, but my whole world was reduced to almost nill, when nobody else saw it that way. So, I concluded that the problem was my perspective of it. I allowed people’s biting remarks along the way to chip at my heart, and it got too far. Had I remained in the “vortex” as I was originally, I would have been spared that period. I identified the cause and I now know how to get myself out of it, so even that was worth it. It is freeing. And “meeting” you was an added plus! Hooray! πŸ™‚

          • I must add something here about faith. Indeed, we must have blind faith. I recieved the Ananda ministry newsletter today which included excerpts of his writings and he did state that, along with meditation, we must be worry-free and have BLIND FAITH in the universe! My heart skipped a beat when I read these words. This is really the only way to connect to God. It is this faith portrayed here in the Indiana movie. This makes total sense to me, though it may seem very naive to the non-LOAer, but in practice-oofff!

          • Hi Kat,

            I think blind faith is one of the hardest parts in all of this for me. Blind faith entails letting go of having to control anything about getting what I want. And for so long, control was the one thing I felt could ensure I was prepared for anything. Hard to let that go.

            I do fine when it comes to my feelings about me, about being happy. My feelings are not so bound up because now I decide what I feel. Not every second, but most of the time. When I don’t feel good, I just analyze what I’m thinking, then find the better thoughts and therefore better feelings. I know, I truly know, that my feelings are all my choice! That is my blind faith right now.

            But, I’m not as good at the blind faith getting me everything I could possibly want or need. πŸ˜‰ I still feel that need to be in control, and have not yet accepted that faith can get me everything, not just better feelings. But I continue to work on it, and as I continue, I am looking for that blind faith feeling about things outside of me or, more accurately, what I think of as outside of myself. πŸ˜€

            I dont think I have ever really been inside the vortex before now, so have nothing to compare it to. Can’t even say I am in it or not right now, but I am damned well a lot closer if not in it!

            Not sure if that’s better or worse than having been in it before and knowing it, as you have experienced. I imagine having known that feeling and losing it has been hard for you, but it also gives you a baseline to look for. And with all of these little manifestations coming to you, I have no doubt you are slipping into it regular! Makes it that much better getting to ‘watch’ you flow!


          • Thanks Nay! I know, it’s the opposite of what one thinks it may be. When there is no worry or extra thoughts on the matter and there is happiness and contentment with the way things are, that is the vortex feeling and things just flow and pop up without one needing to even do anything! It was fabulous and I just wanted to give you the rundown. It just comes naturally. It may very well be our natural state and it is messed up by all the conditioning we are exposed to and the vibes we pick up by others. But, when I was totally selfish and focused on my own thing only, that’s when it came. So, there is no pleasing others here.

            I’m just kind of rambling on but this is so worth it because its actually the less we do the better with this law. I am trying to explain it in words. So, it is true, the happier you are by just being, you’re on your way! It is simple, but we mess it up with our crap, of which doubts are the worst.

            I just had to respond to you because you got a great thing going Nay! Hooray!

          • Nay, you know, on my way home today, it actually sunk in my being how ridiculous my “regret” even was! Wow! How is that for making a shift?

            We chatted about realizing most of our depressive states in our past were uncalled for and we know much better now not to ever go down that road again because it is just plain silly. It is laughable even. I was actually laughing to myslef when walking along today. Ahhh, nice! :-))))

          • Kat,
            Responding here to your comment below!

            Love this part…’When there is no worry or extra thoughts on the matter and there is happiness and contentment with the way things are, that is the vortex feeling and things just flow and pop up without one needing to even do anything!’

            Like you said, hard for words to explain, but I think you got it down. And letting go of the whole regret thing…I think I heard a huge pop with that one. πŸ˜‰ I so want to get on your wave now!!!

  • Fear, LOA and Chaos (aka stress)

    I am attempting to manifest myself into Chronos Master of All Time and Space. (I am using this as example so not to screw up any strides someone might be making towards their goal)

    I hope to be Chronos Master of All Time and Space.

    Is hope a nice term for fear? To hope for something doesn’t that mean you are subconsciously padding yourself up for failure? We hope for a better future while not believing it can be achieved.

    I write or repeat mentally I am Chronos Master of All Time and Space.

    Isn’t this a way to reassure my mind that I truly am not Chronos?

    I wrap the idea of being Chronos with love and tie it with a beautifully ornate bow.

    Isn’t this form of artificial dressing a form of saying “I’ll be happy when I am Chronos”?

    In LOA, isn’t formula (when broken down to its nuts and bolts) clear the negative thoughts because what is left is positive. Expect your outcome such as being Chronos in a knowing way. I know I am sitting on a chair. I am know I am Chronos. No questions, distractions. Take inspired actions like looking online for a handbook of what Masters of Time and Space do. Let go of trying to rush it because rushing it pushes it away. Blow off every thought of failure until success comes. Right?

    Soooo, how do we take that first step of clearing. We can clear known fears. We might even have success clearing some unknown fears. How do we keep ourselves ziplock sealed from fears that may be given to us from the outside world while living in the outside world?

    • Hey Dusty,

      You’re right that hope isn’t nearly as high as knowing, but it’s not the same as fear, in my view. There’s still some uncertainty in hope, but it’s positively focused. If not, it’s not really hope (I’m talking about the emotion we feel, not the words we say).

      What your mind hears as you write that you are Chronos depends entirely on how it feels to you as you do it. The mere act of writing doesn’t do much by itself. How you feel when you do it is important.

      Adding love to the equation is only artificial if you don’t really feel it.

      How do you keep others out of the equation? By not needing them to agree that you are Chronos. Make their understanding or witnessing of your creation unimportant.

      Your formula is correct, as long as you truly do KNOW that you are chronos, just as you know that you are sitting on that chair. That’s the hard part…

      You can give everyone the day off, but if they don’t believe that you are Chronos, they won’t take the day off. However, if you make that irrelevant, then the mere act of giving will serve you.

      Great theoretical discussion. Unless it’s not. It is possible to slow down or speed up time in your own reality, you know. Oh wait, you do know, Chronos. πŸ˜‰

      Huge hugs!

      • Time is always relative!

        The Chronos aspect came from my husband. He found me reading your blog and asked if I found everything I needed to be Chronos. (teasing of coarse)

        How would you set this up to reduce the amount of variables? Let’s go small so it can be repeatable and believable. A cup of coffee. I know there are cups of coffee all over the world. There is an abundance of coffee.

        Since it is coffee and I know it is possible to receive a cup coffee. There should be very little resistance to it.

        I DO NOT want to be a cup of coffee. I want to manifest a cup of coffee. (such as a neighbor showing up with a cup for me or a free cup from the gas station)

        What do you focus on? Do you focus on the coffee itself? Do you focus on the love/affection you feel because someone thought of you? Do you focus on the physical sensations of drink the coffee? (For a cup of coffee, I’m not sure we need affirmations.)

        • Well, first of all, give up the idea that you NEED to manifest a cup of coffee in order to prove something. Second, imagine yourself with a cup of coffee and see yourself chuckling at how it came to you. You don’t have to know the HOW, but you can see yourself reacting to it happily after the fact. Feel the gratitude and appreciation for this wonderful and fun manifestation. And then, let go of it. Just trust it’ll come and distract yourself. The better you get at trusting, the faster stuff will come in. That’s it. If you have little resistance to a cup of coffee, and you don’t make the manifestation of it too important, it’ll find you in a weird and wonderful way that you can chuckle about. πŸ™‚

  • The underlying cause of all evolution is stress. Think about it. If everything is fine, almost nothing changes. The stress can be environmental, climate, asteroids, cosmic rays, politicians (big time), economists (even bigger), husband, wife, kids, etc. That is why it has been, and is being said, that humanity is on the cusp of a great evolution. After all, all of the factors mentioned, and more, are being out pictured from the collective humanity. A utopia can be a stagnant, boring place–too much like Walgreen’s, or the Stepford Wives. So don’t freak out over stress, embrace and know it is setting the stage for your next great change. But, as Mel is fond of pointing out, don’t greet stress with fear as that will only bring more stress. Instead, greet it with joy and know that it is the precursor of something wonderful!

  • Melody,

    That’s the first time I have seen you be slightly (very slight)hard on someone. I can understand where Bret is coming from. A couple of close friends and family have had the experience of finding their soul mate and having difficulties with them because of death. One had a wife that he loved dearly. When she passed away, he never got over her and didn’t really stop grieving for the rest of his life. It was the mother of his children and best friend. They had to grow up without a mother and he had to deal with being a single parent at the same time as yearning for her.

    Another had their first love pass away from illness. It was their first experience with true love and they strongly felt that was their soulmate. After she passed away he had difficulty connecting with other women. They cheated on him and he did his best to move on. When he did find someone that didn’t cheat on him, someone that very well could be his real soulmate-he struggles with her and being with anyone. It might not have anything to do with his love that died, but it might be part of the reason.

    I also have a friend on the reverse end of the stick. She once dated a man that lost his girlfriend to cancer. I never met him, so I’m not sure if he felt this was his soulmate or not, but I do know that she had difficulty with him.

    I know the feeling of being deeply in love with a brilliant man and feeling his mind is something I wish I could preserve. I wish I were smart enough to know how to clone him or something as I feel the way Bret does, once you find someone like that, someone that isn’t just a date or a nice enough person–someone that fits you perfectly and blows others away-well you want to keep them safe and make sure they live a long and happy life.
    Is it really so bad to wish the best for this wonderful, amazing person?-someone that is one in a billion….These are the types of people that have the whole community attend their funeral. Someone that was just bigger than life itself.

    Sure there are “plenty of fish in the sea” many “nice” and reasonable people.I’ve encountered many wonderful matches in my time. But there are some people that walk into our lives and blow us away. They command the room with their presence, they are full of vibrant energy. They are better than a good match..there’s just something about them.
    There are people that are “twin flames” or as you say “matching vibrations” and they are almost like a soulmate or the perfect person for you in that moment. However there are people just like that, but with an extra something..something that even other people notice and wonder where you found this gorgeous human being. Those people touch all the lives of those around them, those people really stand out. You cannot simply replace people like that.

    I’m not advocating never taking risks, but I do understand the desire to have that person in your life for as long as possible because waiting until next incarnation to find them again might be a very long wait… We just don’t know when we’d ever see them again.

    • Veronica, I get so teary-eyed about these subject matters. They hit right at the heart and are of such a higher vibration, even talking about twin flames sends chills down my spine and gives me goose bumps, so I had to chime in here. Thanks for adding this information.

      Yes, these are very special relationships indeed. Melody did write a separate post on it based on a question of mine. It is these relationships, if lucky enough to be open to them to experience them (they are very intense and most people just don’t want to deal with that) they open your heart and mind and even belief system and life perspective. They are very influential to one’s life, for sure.

    • I am the one who intruded the idea there might have been a trauma. Melody didn’t say anything near this idea.

      My day job for last 8 years was teaching children, who range from the mildly traumatized (if there is such a thing) to those with severe psychosis, how to express themselves in acceptable ways. Through art, sculpture, song, dance, kickboxing, writing or even telling them, their body is changing, masturbation is fine as long as it is done in private. I have spent years listening for buzz words and fears. The next step would be to try to determine if the fear is real, anomalous, catastrophic, hallucinatory or a miss direction. Then, get them into the right place to get help.

      That is ME. Not her.

      What MELODY SAID was go out and live fearlessly. (paraphrased of course) That’s all she really said. It is fantastic advise. Why not? Who doesn’t want to live fearlessly?

      Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about your grieving friends and love. Just from what you said, never meeting these people, my take is ….

      First person, grieved for his entire life for his wife. That is completely his prerogative. It does seem a little bit like a lonely life. He could have a lot more fun if he gave himself permission to let go. Just because you love someone with your whole heart does not mean you have to emotionally die with them. You do have to give yourself permission to grieve, time to figure out who you are without that person. Once that is done, you should move on. If this means enjoying your space without someone there, fabulous.

      Romantic movies glamorize pining away for that special someone. It’s great for an hour and a half but doing it for a life time can be very lonely.

      The second, the guys she is dating is clearly not ready to move on. She needs to find someone who can see her, as her. Not compared to a romanticized version of someone else.

      Wishing the best for someone is completely different from being afraid they will die and leave you.

      As for soul mates, if you married at 20 and spent a few more decades with them and they died. Your soul mate that would come next would be a very different person. You are not the same person at 50 that you were at 20. At 50, being good at beer pong is probably not a virtue.

      The truth about most soul mates: they didn’t come out of the box that way. They matched your vibrations when you met. BUT, they evolve as you do. This means many growing pains and compromises. There may be times you wish you could hang them from the ceiling fan by their toes. Those times are short lived and forgotten as you both grow.

      • Re: Dusty:
        A perplexing reply; was not sure at first if you were replying to me, or had the comment in the wrong place. I had read Melodys’ blog post and then commented. I have not read any of your comments. You sound like a very literal and intense individual.

    • but isnt it always like..the ‘special’ relationship is always special just for the people who are IN it. for an outsider its pretty normal.
      and talking about people being irreplaceable is idolizing em too much, isnt it?
      i frankly dont think anyone is indespensible ( dunno how to spell this!)

      the choice to pine away or start afresh is always a personal choice, not a foreordained one IMHO

      • Thank you mopeychild. It is true, that in most relationships, the one we love is nothing but a stranger to someone else. They were special to the individual, at the time and may not even be well known or even that extraodinary outside of the opinion of that single individual.

        What I was talking about, was something on a higher level, something as Kat bove me said: “It is these relationships, if lucky enough to be open to them to experience them (they are very intense and most people just don’t want to deal with that) they open your heart and mind and even belief system and life perspective. They are very influential to one’s life, for sure.”

        And there are people that are not merely remarkable for a single individual, but to a whole community, or even the entire world. As I said: “someone that is one in a billion….These are the types of people that have the whole community attend their funeral. Someone that was just bigger than life itself.”
        “other people notice and wonder where you found this gorgeous human being. Those people touch all the lives of those around them, those people really stand out. You cannot simply replace people like that.”

        They don’t blend in, whether they live in a population of four hundred or four billion, they stand out and have a magnetic force that could put the world on hold and make the very elements stand to attention.

        These people live up to their potential 100%. Yes, as Melody says, everyone has a beautiful soul, but these people actively flaunt it, show it and excel, like a shooting star or a firework that leaves the crowd in awe. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Veronica,

      If Bret had lost someone in the past, I would’ve addressed this differently. I didn’t feel that here, and my tongue in cheek approach was meant for him and others who block themselves from love out of fear. Although, even though my approach would’ve been gentler, the message would’ve been the same. There is not just one soul mate for us. We can connect again. Maybe not the next day, but if someone dies on us and we don’t, it’s because we’re not done. We can’t control if someone dies. Of course we want them to live a long and happy life, but that’s not the same as not falling in love in the first place because of an intense fear of losing them, even before we’ve met them.

      Many people have such a skewed view of death and the chances of love that they do develop huge fears around losing a loved one once they’ve gone through it. In that case, I’d recommend therapy. Seriously. It can help a great deal. But simply because people often have trouble getting over such a loss doesn’t mean it’s not possible to do so, given time and compassion. I advocate doing that. I don’t take grief lightly, but if the “surviving” partner comes to a point where they want to date again, where they want to love again, it is possible for them to open themselves up enough to attract another soul mate.

      Huge hugs!

      • That seems so meaningless, people aren’t made with cookie cutters, baked and put on the shelf for anyone that matches up to them. People like that are more like a rare butterfly or orchid. They aren’t simply pumped out, like Barbie and Ken, a match made by Mattel.You can’t just replace people like a worn out machine part.

        I wouldn’t recommend therapy to someone that understands the value of love. Maybe to help them grieve. Love isn’t something you can just council out of someone.

        • Hey Veronica,

          I certainly never meant to imply that one could “replace” their loved one. I agree, we are not cookies. But to think that once we have found love, that we can never find another experience that would provide us with love again, well, that’s just depressing. That last love changed us, caused us to evolve. And so, when we look for love again, we may find it in a very different package than before. That’s not replacing someone, it’s moving on. The new love will be different, but no less joyful. And, of course, no one has to move on. One can stay single forever, that’s a choice too, and one that many who have lost a love will make. There is no obligation to move on, I was simply saying that it’s possible to do so if one wants to.

          But the question did not come from someone who had lost a loved one and needed help moving on. The question was about the irrational fear of losing someone that wasn’t even a part of his life yet. The very idea of possibly losing someone caused him to close himself off from love in the first place, denying himself the experience of it. When that rare butterfly comes along, it’s better to be ready for it, rather than walking right past it and missing out on that wonderful experience out of fear.



  • Meldoy,

    Where our thoughts dwell our reality dwells, whether fear, difficulties or happiness. Simplicity itself when we start wrangling our thoughts towards what we want instead of letting them randomly take us towards what we don’t want.

    A rough and tangled path at first, but it gets smoother with use. And I’m finding the work of clearing that path is well worth the view I am getting as I continue to clear it. Even with the disruptions that surface from old beliefs.

    Thank You

      • Thanks Kat,
        I often wonder if I know, I mean truly know what love is? And when I do know it, will everything else fall into place? Because I am starting to believe that real love is everything, and I just haven’t gotten it down yet. Yes, I know I love, but is it complete, selfless, all encompassing love?

        Maybe that is what I should be focusing my thoughts on as much as anything else. Just pure, infinite love. Something new to ponder! Thanks Kat!

        • Yes, I have been practicing this the past couple of days, and things have been running very well. I focus on the universe itself, way way above what we have surrounding us here. This way, all worries are released and all I feel is joy and possiblity and presto! Of course, it is really difficult to describe or put into words. It is all based on feeling. I know it is that because I get very emotional, so I experience tears of alignment and it feels wonderful. When you are at that point, you just understand things more.

          It changed my perspective on feral cats, for example. When they first appeared, I looked at them as pests and tried to push them out of my life. But as I aligned, I understood them better, their struggles, like my struggles, yet they keep going, they do not sulk and cry over the past or whatever petty things I complain about, they are focused on survival. I fed and gave them water and ended up liking them from that understanding. And eventually, the kittens grew a bit and the mom took them away. so, they left on their own, I did not have to do anything. This may not be such a good example, yet it is a recent one. Even if one does not get it, this is always a good review for me. examples I can apply to my life. Sorry it is so long!

          • Kat,
            Have you read some of my posts? In comparrison, you have yet to write a ‘long’ post! πŸ˜€

            And yes, that change in perspective…so essential. I really like your idea of focusing on the universe…way above our pressumed reality…taking us beyond our worries and into feeling great. That so resonates with me! And Melody is always telling us it’s about feelings. Go figure.

            Your example is amazing! That the cats just disappeared from your reality once you stopped fighting against them. Made a little shiver go up my spine. Examples like these are like a huge gift. And I have no problerm taking it and ripping the wrapping off so I can admire and savor it properly, and then plan on finding more that are even better! πŸ˜‰

          • So glad it helped! I appreciate examples, too! Yes, they are like presents, what a great analogy!

            Also, when you go higher like that, above everything else, you bind with the universe and its driving force of love. This is when tears stream down my eyes, the indication of alignment, I guess, and release of all the negativity we tie ourselves down with. You then send each situation and person love and see what happens. Things get good.

          • well actually kat, the feral cat example is a pretty valid reminder that ‘how we do anything is how we do everything’. the small things always snowball into the small ones. if youve changed ur mindset enough to think of feral cats with love, its likely youl think of a lot of things ( that irritated you in the past) with understanding !
            its a BIG thing, not a small one at all !

    • Really cool Dusty, thanks! Indeed, we must heed some fears, which protect us from danger. What concerned me was “fabricated fears” instilled in us from various sources that hold us back from doing something and living life to the fullest.

      Masters say conquer you fears, I guess for this very reason. It sounds so ridiculous to not go after something because of limiting beliefs, but this happens all the time and it is so sad. Working through them in order to move on and on is the way to go. It is all work, but for the good.

      • I agree. The examples Melody gave are two VERY different situations. The second bothered me. If it was just a case where they were watching some tear jerking movie and he couldn’t even picture a life without his soul mate, awesome. Then you know where the fear came from and you can deal with it.

        IF… it came from a trauma. Then there is serious work to be done. It would be less about the vibes and more about untying the knots around the event. If not, there could be other issues besides low frequencies such as self sabotaging the relationship to keep himself safe.

        When we talk about fear, getting help should always be an option that is left open.

      • Dusty and Kat,

        This is where I get LOA, and really understand it, but also haven’t figured out how to really be there…if that makes sense. So let me elaborate. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. When we have fears, we build them up and cause the negative reactions in our reality.

        Melody did write about this in one of her posts. If you have built up your fear enough to where you are truly afraid, you are most likely going to manifest something that is the culmination of that fear. By that time, yes, you need to listen to your fear and take some action to get out of a situation. But, and I say this with the greatest respect because I understand the difficulties, the easier way is to root out your fear before it manifests.

        So what I am trying to say is a better way to address this is to get rid of the fear, not wonder if I should listen to it. Yeah I know…easier said than done. But that should be the goal, not working around or with the fear.

        I am looking to find that point when I don’t get ‘That creepy feeling in the pit of your gut that tells you not to go down the dark alley…’ The point where I know there is nothing to fear because I determine my reality, and in my reality, there is nothing to fear in that dark alley.

        Wish me luck! πŸ˜€

        • Ah, yes, this is great, Nay. Thanks! Gotcha! Hon, I have been brought up in fear, and am trying to disperse it, as you say, because it is just a figment of our imagination, yet can drive us nuts and prevent us from living.

          You know, if the universe is indeed a hologram (it may very well be, since we have all had that feeling come up, even for a split millisecond, brain wiring and electrochemistry or not, that all this is not real) there is absolutely nothing to fear anyway! This for me is comforting. It is merely a projection and, as you say, we determine our “reality”. I still do not understand the nitty-gritty of it, like how certain crimes are manifested and such, and what I am saying now can be outlandish for most to read, but this is the thing. I see what you are saying. Thanks!

          • I see it too, but as you said, I haven’t eliminated the nitty gritty parts either. They’ve lessened, but still pop up. Then again, these are the things that show us what we need to work on too. So I can’t be too frustrated by them, even thought I want complete, perfect control, NOW! πŸ˜†

        • Nay,

          WOW! You got my little brain thinking.

          “I am looking to find that point when I don’t get β€˜That creepy feeling in the pit of your gut that tells you not to go down the dark alley…’ The point where I know there is nothing to fear because I determine my reality, and in my reality, there is nothing to fear in that dark alley.”

          This put me in a real logic loop. Like the joke about the guy stuck in the flood. A boat and helicopter comes to save him only to be turned away because god would save him. He drowns and asks god why he didn’t save him. God asked who do you think sent the boat and the helicopter.

          Are you safe because you don’t allow fear in your universe? This is a mind blowing question. Is it truly just your universe? Or because others have free will, can they collide in your bubble at any time?

          You walk down the alley. Something happens was it because the universe tried to tell you or is it because you only control your bubble but not theirs?

          As for fears created from traumas that come back. The best way to clear them is to observe them. Don’t ride the roller coaster of emotions, just watch them.

          To take ownership of your own mind, you need to learn how to get still within your head. A thought comes up, label it, thinking, planning, story, past, future, whatever you want to call it. Just being quiet in your head, greeting the thoughts by naming them then letting them go.

          When I first started, I did this this. The conversation in my head went something like this: Finding the quiet within me… Thinking… back to quiet… planning… quiet… WTF!?! Can’t you just shut up for one minute!?!

          So start small, find one happy thought and hold it steady for one minute. Lol, even this is not as easy as it sounds. It took me two hours to achieve one minute! After a week or two of one minute, holding a happy thought, hold a happy thought for 15. Relive an great day or even just see the clouds floating over your head for 15 minutes. Do the one minute exercise at various times during your day. Especially if you are going towards a moment you think might give you stress.

          Eventually, you will be able to slow down your mind enough you can say which thoughts you choose to explore. That includes fear. I have to say I am pretty good at it but I’m still no Chronos.

          • Not so good at slowing down the mind. Used to really work at it. Now, like you said, I just let it flow. And while it’s flowing I start directing it the way I want it to go. And yeah, it wanders often, but it is getting easier to get it back on the track I want. πŸ™‚

          • The logic loop is the question “Is it only my universe”? If it is who are all you people!?!

            If it isn’t only my universe then how much of my will, vibes or energy controls the actions of others?

          • Exactly!
            But wait, isn’t it whatever you decide it is? Logic can be so…cumbersome sometimes. Is logic more important than feeling? Or does logic ultimately decide our feelings, or do feelings ultimately decide our logic?
            Are we really being logical or just suppositioning ideas and attaching logic to them, because our minds are so determined to be logical, even when our ‘logic’ often comes from beliefs, which have no logic.
            Ok, I’m done. My brain is smokin here, so I’m gonna let it go. Just let it go… 😯

    • Dusty,
      Thank you for the link. Just read Illusions…and the book was amazing! I’m so glad you posted the link.
      Again thank you!

      • I love this book! I read it the first time when I was 7. One of it’s most exciting features is that when you read it, you end up thinking of someone else who needs to read it. I have bought over 40 copies, loaned each one out. They never come back because they usually end up in the hands of the next person who needed to read it.

  • Not all fear is bad. That creepy feeling in the pit of your gut that tells you not to go down the dark alley, serves its purpose. It might be some form of precognition or it might be your subconscious picking up on cues you conscious mind didn’t notice. Or it might just be a really spooky alley…

    Anomalous fears, the ones that make you feel completely out of control, pop up every now and then. The “what if’s” hit us all. The trick is not to hold on to them. The more you quash them, the more they come back. It’s like telling your head not to think of the word “polar bear”.

    If the fear is a hurricane in Florida, they do happen, is it telling you to reinforce your structure/house? It makes sense to be proactive. Polar bear. If you having the same fear and you live in Chicago, examine it. Is it telling you to be proactive about something? If not, blow that sucker up. “OMG! I’m terrified of a hurricane hitting the midwest. The cows will be sucked away. Their milk will fill the ocean. We’ll have nothing but cottage cheese and who needs that much cottage cheese!!” Polar bear. Have fun with your fear since it doesn’t serve a purpose. You are acknowledging that you had the fear while reminding yourself how silly it really is.

    Fear of someone dying usually comes from a previous event. Your goldfish, Larry, died and gave you a sense of impermanence coupled with abandonment issues. That damn fish! “Catastrophic thinking” comes and goes for most of us. Melody is so right. Live, love, laugh and use your time to the fullest…. BUT….

    If it is persistent, get help. There is something going on that you are clinging to with both fists. Those types of issues aren’t usually the easiest or the best thing to try to untie all on your own.

  • Oh, wow, Melody this is the shit. I will need to read over these wonderful explanations again to totally digest them. It just confirms more and more that our reality is a reflection of where we stand in relation to who we really are and how much more we need to go to match that level.

    All these indicators help us out. That is why living in fear won’t get you really far, even if you have been taught that worry means you actually care about something. Well, those teachers never attuned themselves to the exhaustion, stomach aches and all the rest if the manifested stuff that comes with worry. We know better so here’s to fearless living! If we come from a place of love and fearlessness, i.e., the place from which who we really are is at, that’s the best place we can be and there won’t be as much crap and obstacles to deal with, right?

    Thank you for this wonderful volume if questions and answers!

    • You’re so welcome Kat! I think it’s easy to forget how different this thinking is to how we grew up. As we become more stable in this perspective, the others fade away. But it’s actually a huge, giant leap away from the belief system we were taught. Worry doesn’t serve us, except to show us that we’re focusing in a way that isn’t going to get us what we ultimately want. What’s amazing is that I can’t really quite relate to NOT knowing that anymore. πŸ˜‰

      Huge hugs!

  • Loved these. Thank you for posting em πŸ™‚
    As time goes by and I read more and more of what u write I understand things a little better each time ( I think !)

    • Thanks Mopey. That’s pretty much how it worked for me. I just kept inundating myself with LOA material and it sunk in. πŸ™‚ You just keep getting on deeper and deeper levels. Yay!

      Huge hugs!

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