Coaching Call #022 is out today! The topic of today’s call is: Healing Childhood Abuse + Powerful Healing Meditation.

This is, quite possibly, the most powerful coaching call I’ve ever published. The client originally applied for a coaching call in order to figure out why she kept manifesting recurring financial disasters. What came to light very quickly, was that the setbacks were a manifestation of the powerlessness she felt, which has been caused by childhood abuse, something she thought she’d long since dealt with.

I took the client through a healing visualization, and she shifted so much energy so quickly, I have to admit, it even surprised me a bit. I decided not to edit the visualization process, even though there are some periods of silence, so that anyone listening could follow along and benefit from the massive energy produced on the call. Even if you haven’t suffered from childhood abuse, this technique can be applied to a variety general or specific situations. Let your intuition guide you.

I really look forward to your feedback on this one. See the Call Summary Here.

I’ve mentioned many, many times that I’m a huge fan of Abraham, and consider them to be my most influential teachers to date, surpassed only by my own guides (whom I have incidentally dubbed my “Superfriends”, Southpark fans rejoice). And because my understanding of the Law of Attraction has been so heavily influenced by Abe, I get a lot of questions from people asking me to clarify statements that Abraham has made. I’ve decided to start publishing some of these questions, along with my answers. It’s taken me a while to do this because, well, I had a few concerns to overcome.

I was a bit worried that people might think I’m trying to infringe on Esther Hick’s territory (as if that were possible…) I’m totally not. I want to make it clear that I’m not talking FOR Abe (although, they have recently joined my Superfriends and I converse with them regularly, something any of us can do). So, I can’t tell you for sure what Abe meant when they sent that block of energy to Esther, or why she chose to translate it in the way she did. That would be impossible. We don’t know what the energy of the original question really was, and it’s changed by now, anyhow. What I can give you is my own take on the question, as it pertains to the energy of the people who are NOW reading this blog. In other words, you may sometimes elicit a slightly different answer through me than the original asker did through Esther. (If this paragraph didn’t make much sense to you, don’t worry about it. It was directed more towards Abers than anyone else.) So, with that disclaimer in mind, here we go:

Is Negative Emotion Really Always About Me?

Awesome Dudette asks: “I have a question about the quote below. How is my emotion always about my personal desire? What if I see someone mistreated and feel bad? Or a helpless animal? How is it about my relationship with my own desire, Melody?”

Abe Quote: “Your emotion, your indicator of vibration, is indicating the ratio between your currently focused desire and any other belief or thought that you hold about same. When you feel negative emotion, anger about something, or fear… the name of the emotion does not matter, it always means that there is a desire within you that, in this moment, you are contradicting with some other thought. Your emotions are always about your relationship with your own desire, and nothing else.” – Abraham

First off, read the following two articles, which fully explain what your emotions are and what vibrational discord is. Go on, I’ll wait here.

The Purpose of Our Emotions

Vibrational Discord Explained

Done? Ok, good. The way that “desire” is used here, pertains to ALL of your desires. When we talk about the essence of all that we want, we can also refer to that as Who We Really Are, because Who We Really Are evolves to become the version of us that has ALL that we really want in each and every moment. Vibrationally, the two (your true desires and Who You Really Are) are a total match.

So, when you look at something in a way that causes you to experience negative emotion, you are, in that moment, focusing on a frequency that contradicts (or really doesn’t match) the vibration of Who You Really Are, or something that you want.

If you see someone being mistreated, and it feels bad to you, the reason it feels bad is because of the way that you’re looking at it. This can be confusing. How could you look at someone being mistreated and feel good? Well, you can’t. Your Inner Being isn’t looking at the mistreatment. She is seeing the Inner Beings of the people involved and focusing completely and totally on their safety, happiness and well being. This feels good. Does that mean we should just ignore people who are being mistreated? Nope. It means that we should notice how “off” the mistreatment feels and then determine what we want instead and focus on that. And, often, as we do that, we are then inspired to solutions – we may step in and stop the mistreatment, or we may rally others to do that, or we may come up with ways to prevent future mistreatment.

The big difference between aligning with the solution and being inspired to action and trying to stop the mistreatment so that it will stop the pain (and really, it’s our own pain and discomfort we wish to stop) is that one really, really works (the mistreatment actually gets less) and the other often leads to even bigger problems (more powerlessness, more pain, more abuse).

When you see something you don’t like and it hurts you, it’s because your Inner Being has already asked “What do I want instead?” and is focusing there. The negative emotion you feel is your indicator that it’s time for you to do the same.

Did Abe Recommend Unethical Sales Practices?

Awesome Joy (whose name I love!) asks: “I was watching an old DVD from Abraham-Hicks about LOA and money. The Gentleman said how, as a realtor, he told his clients to hold off for a few years on buying homes because he felt prices would be lower. He felt it was a service because it was honest of him. He looked at what was happening logically and obviously, he was right. He told his customers this in ’06 and ’07. She [Esther/Abe] said if you look at the bigger picture it means improvement will come. The people that focus on what’s wrong are adding to it. She asked, was he going to add negatively to what’s coming? She said he needed to decide what part of the economic game he wanted to play. That it takes strength to separate himself from the predominate reality and everything is about the vibration each individual gives out. So from that and other things she said, he responded that by being honest and putting off business, it was not a service. That he could instead serve a higher purpose of letting everyone control their own economic reality. She said yes, don’t let the truth of something be the criteria of whether you give it your attention. How it feels is what matters, not the truth. I kind of feel like she’s saying they’re SOL [Shit Out of Luck].

I work in a lingerie store and do bra fittings. Some of the people I work with put people in ill fitting bras intentionally. I, instead, tell people the truth if we do not have their size and recommend places I use to find that perfect fit. While I do feel nervous and a bit scared telling them because I know how women are about their bodies, I’d rather them know the truth and have a better fit, because that’s what I wanted for myself and was happy when I had it. With Abraham-Hicks saying that, I may be interpreting it wrong, I was surprised and slightly disgusted. If I, instead, did not tell the truth because of the initial vibrations and he didn’t either, isn’t that a bit selfish and wrong? What if their intuition led them to us for that purpose? To tell them something they don’t know to confirm that feeling their intuition is giving them. What are your thoughts on that?”

Alright, yes, there’s a misinterpretation here. Abe wasn’t saying that you should be a selfish bitch, treat people in a way that makes you uncomfortable and excuse it all by declaring that they got whatever they vibrationally deserved. 😉

The original realtor was doing what felt right to him – he was warning people that the market would decrease and that if they wanted a good deal, they should wait. There was nothing wrong with that. The tweaking that occurred was in the perspective he had that caused him to think that he needed to be warning people – that the only available reality was one where prices would go down and the only way for people to get a good deal was to wait. He hadn’t considered that he could line up with good deals NOW, that LOA could bring awesome deals to him and his clients at any time, regardless of what the economy was doing. He was acting off of a limited and false assumption.

Of course he’s not responsible for the vibrations of his clients. But he is responsible for his own. He was creating, aligning with and adding focus to a future with an economic downturn. So, he was adding negatively to what’s to come. If he were to (theoretically) advise the clients he attracted with THAT SAME VIBRATION to do something else, that would’ve been unethical. It would’ve gone against his desire to serve others and provide them with the best deals he could. It would’ve felt off to him. But, if he changed his own vibration so that he would align with real estate that would increase in value, with deals that were awesome NOW, then he could attract clients (different clients, obviously) who were a match to THAT, and close all the sales he wanted NOW. And, he’d be adding to the energy of economic prosperity at the same time.

You don’t attract the same customers as your colleagues do. You may think that it’s random and that you just get whatever customer comes through the door next, but I assure you, it’s all precisely arranged by LOA. Your customers are a match to being told the truth and being sold well fitting bras (and, as a woman, I can attest that ill-fitting bras should have a special place in hell reserved for them). The clients that your colleagues attract are a match to wearing pinchy torturous monstrosities that give them back boobs. They are not your problem. Your own vibration is. So, if you wanted to do some tweaking, you could focus on attracting clients who will find a well fitting bra in your shop. That way, you don’t have to send them to other shops, but they still find the perfect bra. You could even get the reputation as the go to person for finding the perfect bra! And of course, LOA would only bring you those customers who were a match to that. 🙂

Got Questions about what Abe said?

Well, I hope that was as much fun for you as it was for me. I have several more questions about Abe statements that I’ll answer in future posts. If you listen to Abraham and have some confusion about one of their statements (and you resonate with my answers and clarifications), feel free to Contact Me, and I’ll add your question to the list.

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  • Oh my! I had seen the Abraham clips on youtube but just wasn’t interested in clicking on them until you wrote this post. And now I love them! They help explain (and remind me of) some of the concepts and gives more examples and makes me feel really good. And even better, I can come back and ask you for clarification through one of your future Abraham question posts. Yay! LOA dance party!

    • If you like my stuff Alanna, you should definitely like Abe. The core concepts are the same, it’s just the method that’s different (same message, different translator…).

      Huge hugs!

  • Abe always seems to have some great thoughts. It is so true how you your ideas about things seems to change over time. Interesting article. Thanks

  • Helloooo Meldoy!


    It’s all you. Sometimes this is so obvious, and others it just slips right by you. How you decide to feel about anything, whether it’s something you are seeing or something you are doing, determines the results you get.

    If I am upset about what I see, it’s because my thoughts are running in a negative way, and I am focused on that negative. This will just bring me more of what I don’t like. Time to change my thoughts on that subject to something more positive, or to ANY subject that I can be positive about.

    If I’m doing something or reacting to a situation out of fear, anger, worry, etc, then I will attract more situations just like it, as well as the negative emotions. But if I see a situation, and decide to react with positive thoughts and ideas, then I will attract more of the positive, to include the positive emotions.

    This is such simple stuff…just takes practice to change thinking and emotional habits.


  • I keep reminding myself one of Abraham’s sentences.”A belief is just a pattern of thought you keep thinking.”That really worked for me while trying to change my limiting beliefs.I am not complete of course,but listening to Abe gives me peace and trust for the process.:)Not to mention Melody’s posts and Mike Dooley’s great notes from the universe 🙂
    And I remember Melody’s words about Abe,how listening to Abe felt good when she was ready for learning.I remember trying to listen to Abe 2 years ago,and I was totally irritated,now I know that I wasn’t ready for too much information.:) Just wanted to share,love::):)

    • Thanks Aylin,

      When I first heard Abe through Esther, I think it’s nearly 10 years ago now, it was really uncomfortable. I could feel that I wanted to listen more, but it was quite hard to do so. I just wasn’t quite there, but I wanted to be. It was the free sample they used to have on their website as a download (don’t know if they still have that since you can find so much on Youtube now), and it shook me to the core. Now, I listen to them because it feels so good. It’s like I get to just relax and let them raise my vibration or keep it in a high place for me. Like letting myself float in the Mediterranean. Effortless. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Well, Melody, you were right. Thinking about the past when I was in the vortex and how great and easy things were for me then has been manifesting by bringing people into my life from the past, but in not such good ways. This is a bit off topic from the post, but I just wanted to share that this shit is amazing. I missed the greatness of the past and that brought people who have no business in my life anymore. Exes, bosses, classmates, co-workers. These folks all belong in the past and my mistake was to go on thinking about it.

    It is not the past that I wish to recapture, but the essence of flow and sheer exhilaration I long to have again. I have been working on it so it is near, but longing for the past gets you nowhere for sure. It is so obvious people not doing this stuff stay the same, that was what really stood out for me. So no more thinking about the past, but instead of the essence of the “vortex”.


    • Hey Kat,

      Right on. You are not the same person you were then. You don’t have the same vibration. You’ve evolved. So, the things that matched your elation then, aren’t a match to your elation now. You’re right to now focus on the feeling you want, instead of the people and circumstances.

      Huge hugs!!

  • I’ll have to read through this later… but thinking your last two coaching calls sound wonderful… and had the idea, can you backdate membership?

    $20= 1 month=4 calls Could that mean $20= 2 call from one month and 2 calls from another month more relevant?

    I think there could be some cool deals made with the calls, and also people worry “membership” menas you have to pay every month.

    Hope that was helpful.

    • Hey Alice,

      You can’t backdate a membership subscription, but you can purchase the call individually for ten bucks. People don’t have to sign up for the monthly subscription to get one call. 🙂

      Yeah, I think I have to clarify a few things there… Still figuring out the marketing bit. Thanks for your input.

      Huge hugs!

  • This is an amazing post (as usual!). Thanks Melody!

    As you know, I have stated that I am manifesting something BIG (it’s not outside the limits of my belief, but when it happens, it will be miraculous so I can definitely point to it and say, “Me and God, we did that!” 🙂 ), and a lot of times I wonder, “In this economy, how can something like this (my manifestation) happen?”

    Well, it can happen bc there’s not just the one economy, now is there? haha!
    This post reminds me of articles and books I’ve read about fortunes that were made during the Great Depression. Even then, there were people that started businesses and flourished financially.

    Just want to mention something I think I’m noticing in my life lately — in my “efforts” (ha!) to manifest The Big Thing — well, while doing what I am doing in order to make myself available to receive The Big Thing, I think I’ve been noticing that … hmm, how to say this? .. a lot more good stuff and experiences have been occurring to me (good lord! what a statement! Seriously? “occurring TO me?” rephrasing..)*

    I seem to be manifesting/receiving/allowing a shit load more good stuff into my life.**

    I’m happy for it (THRILLED!, actually), but I wasn’t expecting this collateral blessing. I mean, it seems that in my effort to consciously manifest something awesome, I am unconsciously manifesting a lot of other awesome. (!!!) (<— you guys DID give the okay on exclamations! haha! )

    wow! … and yes, it makes me laugh! 🙂

    *I am truly surprised at how deeply ingrained is this “victim” belief in me and how often it shows up in my personal language — and in my “unspoken” thoughts as well! I am becoming more aware of it and I am learning to rephrase these statements so that I am no longer defaulting to these powerless phrases, these excuses as to why I am the way I am. I am no longer a child. I am the way I am because I allow myself to be this way. Period. Now, I get to choose the way to be. 🙂

    **wow, I'm nervous to say/think that — I'm still emotionally resistant to the idea(fact) that I am on par with God. Feels scary sacrilegious to equate myself with God — but, if I am God and God is Me, then it logically follows that I am not a puny worshiper of the Divine, I am an all-powerful Co-Creator. Right? Ah, childhood religious training — thank you for pointing out the belief-changing work I need to do! (also, “rephrasing” often times will include some four-letter words that weren't in the original phrase. I don't know why. 🙂 )

    • One other thing I’ve noticed — I seem to be experiencing Time differently. It just isn’t passing as quickly as it used to. (????) I’m NOT complaining! haha! — but I seem to have way more Time these days than ever before in my life! Today is ONLY the 11th! and it is ONLY 9:35am!! A-mazing!!

      • Hey Kim,

        That’s so great! And it makes perfect sense. As you raise your vibration, you line up with all kinds of good stuff. You don’t need to be consciously focused on something in order to attract it. You just have to NOT contradict it. So, when you raise your vibration on one subject, it often automatically brings other areas of your life into alignment as well. All you have to do is feel good! 🙂

        And yeah… time does slow down when you’re flying high. I get super productive when I’m inspired. Like, it’s not possible according to the laws of physics productive. But hey, that’s LOA for ya! 🙂

        Huge hugs!

        • Kim,

          That is so awesome, girl! Magnificent! Yes, we must bask in this and stop our silly doubts about stuff and just allow them already! Lots of de-programming ourselves there from living in the matrix, but we know better now!!!!!!

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