It’s time for another awesome, eye opening, inspirational video! I’ve got a couple more incredible finds to share with you, and today’s documentary had me doing another happy dance. I’m no stranger to nutritional therapy – I’m a huge believer that the foods we choose are a direct reflection of our vibrations. As we raise our vibrations, our diets will change to reflect it, but we can also assist our energy changes by choosing different foods. It’s all connected, people.

Years ago, I heard of a doctor who’d opened a clinic in Mexico and was quietly curing cancer patients. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. After all, there’s a lot of crap floating around out there. This was before the internet, mind you, so it wasn’t easy to verify or dispute such claims. But I liked the idea of it – a rogue doctor having found “the cure”, fleeing to Central America to heal the sick. In my mind, he looked a little like Fabio (anyone remember him? The “I can’t believe it’s not Butter” dude? No? Just me? Sigh.) It would make a great Lifetime Original Movie. Well, it turns out it’s not fiction. There is a clinic in Mexico and several more around the world, which are actually doing the undoable – they are bringing people with terminal diagnoses back from the brink of death using the protocols of a German doctor name Max Gerson (although, he looks NOTHING like Fabio. Oh well, one can dream).

I’m not going to give you his whole life story here, the documentary covers that; nor am I going to give you a rundown of what the therapy entails (ok, really quickly, it’s all about the right nutrition). Instead, I’ll tell you why I love Dr. Gerson’s work and that of his daughter so much. It’s because it underscores an incredibly important message, one which we can’t repeat enough:

We are not powerless. We have everything we need to heal ourselves and progress right here, and we’ve always had it. The answer isn’t to find ever more complex solutions, to take more drugs, to invent bigger, better, faster whatevers. It’s to get simpler, easier, quieter, calmer, more basic. That voice inside you, the one that tells you to slow down, to take it easy, that all that other crap doesn’t really matter, that quiet little voice you’ve been taught to ignore, it has the answers. It’s in our food. It’s in our water. It’s in our spirit. It’s in our laughter and our joy. All we have to do is listen.

You’ve had the power to find your way back home to Who You Really Are all along, Dorothy.

I know a lot of you are suffering from health issues. Will the Gerson therapy help you? Use your intuition. Nothing helps everyone. There is no method or way of life that will overcome your vibration. But as I said at the beginning of this post, you can support your vibrational changes with higher energy foods. It makes perfect sense that honoring our bodies and what they need would help us to change our energy. So, sit back, relax and enjoy. Then, let me know what you think!


After posting this video, I received a question from a reader, regarding the apparent mismatch between the message this video sends and what I normally teach. The reader asked why I was supporting giving our power away to nutrition, when I normally supported the idea that all illness and how we feel is all down to our vibration. While answering her, I realized that I really hadn’t been clear about that in this post. I’m posting my answer to her here, so that all of you who may have had the same questions can benefit.

“Dear Awesome,

Thanks so much for writing to me with your question. I never meant to suggest that any diet held the answers or that if we just “eat right” that this will solve all our health problems. I thought I’d made that clear in the words I wrote before the video, but if I didn’t, I apologize and I’m grateful for the chance to explain.

Of course our health and the state of our bodies are a direct reflection of our vibrations and beliefs. And so, it is possible to eat whatever we want and stay healthy, or eat all the “right” foods and still get sick and die an early death (which, by the way is not some kind of failure. People don’t die because they failed to live longer. They die because it’s the next logical step for them).

However, I’ve found that food and how we view it and our bodies can play an integral part in helping us change our beliefs. So, for example, you may be ill and/or overweight and you’re looking for a solution. Now, of course, there’s something going on in your belief system – a lot of things actually (it’s never just one belief, that would be way too easy) – but how to do go about shifting all of that? One way I’ve found is to actually use food to help us shift our beliefs rather than fight against it (food) or try to somehow surpass it altogether.

So, you may look at different diets, different possibilities. What you find and what resonates with you will be shaped by your beliefs. But, if you pay attention to how you feel (maybe for the first time ever), you’re going to be able to find the BEST POSSIBLE choice you have access to. In other word, the choice out of the ones you have access to that most closely matches what you want – to be healthy and/or thin. As you then begin to eat this new way, you will start to feel better. You will be doing something that more closely aligns with Who You Really Are. Maybe you’re nowhere near your higher self yet, but it’s closer, and that’s the key. Now, as you go, you may notice, in time, that you begin to resonate with a different way of eating; or foods/methods/ideas come in that you didn’t have access to before. If you keep paying attention to those impulses and follow them, you will continue to move towards what you want.

Of course, as you do this, all kinds of emotional stuff will come up, too. And you may well have experiences that mirror specific resistance back to you. If you pay attention to those things, too, you will be able to release them. So, over time, the fact that you began to eat in a way that felt a bit better to you was the catalyst that moved you closer and closer to what you want and Who You Really Are. This is very different from just doing a diet or eating “right” out of fear, or trying to use action to get what you want. Paying attention to how you feel is the key.

Looking at the Gerson Diet offers people the chance to see food differently. Fasting and juicing often allow people the opportunity to shift a lot of energy and access vastly different perspectives they’ve never had access to before. For example, during one fast, I realized that I’d always been afraid of food. Not eating made me realize this fear and I was able to release it. Going raw allowed me to see that I’d always had a lot of guilt around food. The first time I had a raw chocolate smoothie packed with nutrition, I burst out in tears. It was the first time I’d ever had chocolate without feeling guilty about it.

These kinds of videos also show people that it’s possible to heal. It gives hope where there often is none. Just knowing that someone else has achieved it can often make the difference between continuing to try and feel better and resigning ourselves to powerlessness.

Of course, the goal is to get to the point where what you eat doesn’t matter at all. But many of us are nowhere near that and it’s a journey to get there. We can use food to help us go down that path. We can use the beliefs we have about food. I don’t personally know anyone who went from having food or health issues who was able to instantly drop all the beliefs they had around that and just be healthy and be able to eat whatever they wanted. It’s always a journey.

Ok, yeah, I get that maybe I wasn’t entirely clear on that.

Now that I’ve written all of this, I can see how many people might be confused about the post and the message. Again, thank you so much for sending me your question and giving me the chance to clarify. I’m certain that you represent the energy of a whole host of people who will be grateful that you did.”

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  • I had an exceedingly serious illness that started since I was a child and I was literally living on my bed for 8 years. I couldn’t walk, talk, eat and my hair stopped growing. Without depending on ANY diet or medicine, I healed myself simply by being happy. I was so happy, I was on top of the world, I healed myself but I was only 16 and had no explanations to give to any doctors and my relatives as to why I didn’t need treatment. The only medication I took was the anesthetics doctors gave during the surgeries. And I literally allowed myself to be excruciated practically for hours together with no anesthetics. It was sort of fun; I never even thought for once I was sick. I also studied on my deathbed, became topper, got brilliant qualifications; I painted and mastered a school of art myself, volunteered for a charitable organization and wrote books… all on my bed. My condition was so bad everyone, even my doctors swore I wont live. On two life and death battles I resorted to prayer and love and within hours of the life and death battle, I was alive and kicking. It was impossible for medical science to believe. Doctors literally brought other doctors to show their miracle patient who didn’t have pain while undergoing the most painful treatments. Happiness and optimism were the only medicines I took and that worked like a magic. Today, no one even believes I had such an illness because I look so different. Then came an accident where my leg broke and I was so happy, that accident seemed like a joke to me, compared to all previous illnesses. I cheated my doctors once again by not taking any of their medicines and treatments (I was forced into the hospital by my parents) and simply with faith, prayer and love, was alive and kicking and started dancing once again.
    It took me ages and ages to even make peace with the fact that others don’t heal themselves. I just couldn’t understand why people ever went to hospitals and why there were hospitals and treatments in the first place. I sort of was angry that there was a profession called medicine itself, when people can easily themselves – it all looked clownish for me. Doctors do what they know nothing about – they probably know about anatomy and physiology and they go to universities and slog for decades to get degrees – but they have no clue as to how to heal and cure. I met 100s of doctors and not even one knows how to heal and cure.
    So no one needs to go to Central America or anywhere for healing and curing, according to me. You only need to look within. Healing oneself is the easiest thing in the world.

  • Brilliant post, as always, Melody.

    I have an issue which is connected with the self healing that I’ve learned about since starting to learn about LOA. I work for the biggest health provider in the UK, I’m on a staff bank, which is a good way to work: I cover holidays, sickness absence, etc, so basically I tell them when I’m available and they fill up my hours. Handy lol!

    But over the last year, I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to motivate myself to go to work! I love people, and I’ve never had a problem with it before, but now I feel like I’m actually assisting a health service which in most cases actually makes peoples illnesses worse. I have a huge conflict with it, but I need to bring in money to support myself (until such time as I figure out what my real life purpose is and kick my butt into gear to pursue it :P).

    I think to myself “If I wasn’t here working with these people, maybe somebody less caring would be” so I try to up the vibes of the environment as much as I can for as long as I’m on a ward, but this thought keeps coming back: – modern medicine most of the time makes things worse.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the above information keeps being shared until it seeps into more peoples consciousness so that we can begin changing the way people are cared for to actually benefit them.

    You’re doing amazing work getting this out there.


    • Oh dear Lou. “Modern medicine most of the time makes things worse.” – What an awful thought to have, especially if you’re working for a health care provider. Well, you have two choices. You can quit, or you can choose some better feeling thoughts. I’d say, go with the second one for now, since this stuff isn’t likely to go away anytime soon and it’s a big part of you reality.

      He’s the thing: Modern medicine doesn’t make things worse most of the time. The people who are resonating with modern medicine haven gotten themselves into a mess by not paying attention to their emotions (because they were actively taught not to). They are seeking a way to feel better and for them, modern medicine represents that manifestation. It’s the best possible solution that they can allow at that time.

      You cannot ask the medical establishment to change so that those who are manifesting it can benefit. That would defy the vibration of those who are manifesting their solutions through that system. If you tried to tell those people about energy and emotions and beliefs, they wouldn’t hear you. You’d come off as a nutter. For them, the medicines and procedures they get ARE solutions. These are the solutions they are ready for. Don’t blame the system for matching the vibrations of those who are manifesting it.

      Remember, not everyone is ready for the solutions you’ve found. Let them get there in their own time. Bless them and know that they will get there in time. And be grateful that they are matching up with some kind of solution (not everyone does). Remember also that you have to be ready for healing to occur. You could use the most advanced energy healing methods on someone and have them not work, if they weren’t ready for the healing to take place. And when someone is ready, they will manifest that healing in whatever way is right for them – even through traditional medicine. It seems that modern medicine is not making things better, but that’s only because the people who resonate with it aren’t ready to change, or are doing so more slowly than you’d like them to.

      I myself had dental surgery yesterday. I made use of traditional medicine, because it was the best path for me to get what I want. I am not, however, taking antibiotics or painkillers. I’m going the homeopathic route. I didn’t bother telling my surgeon about this, he wouldn’t have understood. I fully expect to heal in record time. I use the combination of solutions available to me, to get what I want. Don’t condemn the solutions. They are all the perfect solution for someone out there. To condemn them is to say that people should be more evolved, and should no longer need such solutions. But who gives anyone the right to judge where everyone should be? 🙂

      Did that help?

      Huge hugs,

      • Thanks, Melody!

        Yeah, it makes total sense. It’s what I’ve been doing – working on keeping up my vibes so that I can cheerfully get through a shift, because most of the time, I feel that’s the best I can bring to the people I work with, a bit of a giggle; everyone needs a laugh, especially when things mostly suck. I don’t try to share this stuff often, only if someone seems to be saying things that resonate with what LOA is about, but with those people I’ve had some interesting convos.

        I was thinking about it again after reading your reply, and to be honest I’m thinking now that the low morale among most of the staff (I’m definitely not the only one feeling bad about the health service at the moment) might be a good thing. It might be the resistance that has to come up before people start looking at what can be done to improve things. And I absolutely do think it’s an individual thing, but more and more people are starting to turn to alternatives; obviously whatever seems to resonate with them at the time.

        And I’m seeing more and more of LOA teachings seeping slowly into mainstream writings. Have you noticed that? So maybe we’re coming along and learning, slow but sure.

        Thanks so much for the reply!

        Big cuggles

        Lou 🙂

  • I have a very close family friend ( my oldest daughters grandma) whom I am very close to. she is like a mother to me, I love her as much if not more than my own mother. She has had cancer 3 times before, of the lungs, and each time before, surgery has sustained her, and she has fully recovered. I saw this post a few days ago and didnt watch the video because I was like, this doesnt apply to me.I didnt think of her at the moment. but today I went to visit her and I was awe struck . she looked soo weak, and thin and I just couldn’t believe it ,she told me that once again the cancer has come back and that this time the doctors told her that her body was inoperable. I love this women, and I knew she was sick, but I didn’t know the extent, when I got home I immediately watched this video, feeling it would somehow give me the knowledge or incentive to help. after watching I don’t know what to do. I talked to her about death and she said she is not afraid of it, however she wants 3 more years of life, for some reason. Im torn… i don’t know if i should gather all my funds to send her to this clinic, or just give her the gift of meditation, and explanation of the Law Of attraction and explain all I have learned in the past few months and help her move on to the non-physical or just stay out of it entirely..Help please…somebody, anybody.. and just so you know i visualized and alligned before I went over to her house. and all worked out as I planned. we had a great conversation and i felt really good. Just don’t know where to go from here.

    • Hey Catrice,

      Here’s the thing: you can’t control when or how she chooses to transition. Which option feels best to you? If you can’t tell, then present them to her and make sure she knows that you’re ok with whatever decision she makes. If it’s not her time to go, then she will find her way to a “cure” with or without you. You have to separate (and I know this is incredibly hard) your fear of her dying from any inspiration you may be getting about what to do.

      Here’s what I would do: Talk to her and cheer her up. Get her to laugh. If LOA comes up in a conversation like that, it’s inspiration (you’ll be laughing too, which will put you in a higher vibration and will make it much easier for inspiration to come through). Keep your own vibration high whenever you think of her (even if you’re not with her). That will help her more than anything you could say. You can tell her about the clinic with no pressure and see how she feels about it. You’ll see if she gets super excited about it, or if it’s just kind of blah. You don’t have to make that decision for her, either way, and you won’t be if you stay neutral about it and just present the information. Also, don’t assume that you’ll have to be the one to pay for it. Why not manifest the money together (and it’s really her manifestation. Remember that. Don’t take on the responsibility for other people’s creations. You can’t and trying to do it will drain you.)

      The most important thing in all this is that you keep your own vibration as high as you can. Make it your mission to be happy with her, to feel so good that she feels good around you. And you can explain how to feel better without going all LOA on her (talk about positive thinking instead of vibration). Use your intuition.

      Getting her to raise her vibration will not only make her time here more enjoyable, but is the only way to align her with the 3 more years (or possibly much more) that she wants. Because really, she’s the one that needs t be inspired with solutions, not you.

      Does that help a bit?

      Hang in there. This is a huge time of growth for both of you. It can be rocky but no one ever said evolution was easy… 🙂

      Huge hugs,

  • Hey Melody. the LOA reminds me of the popular cartoon He-man. He summoned the power with the symbolic sword which even turned his fearful cat into ‘Battlecat’. That transformation sequence was badass and it sent chills down my spine as a youngster. To change back to Adam, he “let the power return” but when he tapped into it, he became He-man.

    This is the power we can tap into to give us the strength in our lives and “fight” like He-man, metaphorically speaking, as things always tended to go his way!

    The same with Wonder Woman. She became a wonder when she focused in the power. When her little sister focused as well, she became wonder girl.

    • Ooh yes! I love it!!! I find a lot of the Superhero stuff really jives well with LOA. I adored the Green Lantern movie, too. That was so LOA it was scary. I was jumping up and down in my seat the whole time!

      Huge hugs!

    • THANK YOU! Glad someone appreciates my taste for hot Italian bods. There’s a reason he was on all those romance novel covers! Not that I ever read those. Ahem. At least not for a long, long time… 🙂

  • My mother-in-law cured her breast cancer using Gerson’s diet — with NO ill side effects, an impossibility with standard, allopathic treatments.

    This was back in the late ’70s when nobody knew who Gerson was, unless, like my mom-in-law, you refused to take what allopathic medical “experts” were dishing out, namely pills, toxic chemicals and radiation, and did your own research for the real cure.

    (That’s the huge problem with cancer foundations like Susan G. Komen for the cure, all of which push Big Pharma’s so-called “cure,” which is nothing more than toxic prescription drugs and procedures.)

    • Thanks for adding your story Delving Eye. I find stories of healing so inspirational. You know the person was able to shift their beliefs in order to really find a cure. And then it worked! Really defies what so many people think is possible. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • hello Melody, whilst I haven’t heard the documentary but went on to further ,past the video,read your additional notes and a few comments, I would like to share my experience with nutrition.
    truly we are what we eat and what I do and what others do have their own vibrations and energy alignment to each individual, what works for me may not work for others and so on …I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis over 5 years ago, crippled with pain in all joints you could ever imagine…I was given drugs that, one, didn’t help and two,did damage to my internal organs…so i went on this journey of finding an alternative cure, I’ve never liked medication and perhaps that’s why it never worked…all i did after search in library and on internet, found something i resonated with, I changed my entire diet and within weeks i was rid of pain.
    My determination to heal myself, aligned me (as you said Melody , I “manifested a solution”)with the right course of action ( again as you said Melody “inspired action ).
    Thank you sweet Melody, huge hugs !

    • That’s wonderful to hear!

      I’ve heard of people doing this with rheumatic arthritis and adopting the diet that someone with Lupus. M.E., or HIV, or other serious autoimmune issues, would eat.

      Did your diet include olive leaf extract or any “super” foods? Did you get pain during humidity? What was it that really worked for you?

      • Hey Alice,
        I haven’t heard of the olive leaf diet…we had a holiday to months after my diagnosis and i was looking forward to the heat, thinking the heat would help, alive in the UK. You know what, the heat made it worse, i was all swollen and in a lot of pain, it was on my return i decided to research for an alternative cure.

        I completely changed my diet, no dairy, no gluten, no fried food, no acidic forming food or fruit, no salt, no sugar, no alcohol(that was easy as i don’t drink that much alcohol), in other words anthing fermented…

        …ah ! come to think of it, I just remembered, I tried writing a blog few years ago to share my experience with others, I’m not a blogger at all nor an expert, so what’s on the blog is just literally my experience, the lay out and title pages are a bit wishy-washy, very basic so excuse my nakedness.

        I wrote it about 2 years ago, and I didn’t know much about LOA but I was on a journey of finding something that truly made sense, other than our day to day ideology of what society throws at you, anyway before I start to rant on, lol !

        This is the link I even forgot what it was called, took sometime finding it, and takes me way back to my mental and emotional state of mind then, strange reading it again. I think it was months after that I started to read Deliberate blog…

        Hope it answers your question !
        Love to all…

        • some mistakes, I meant; I live in the UK not alive UK
          naiveness not nakedness, damn predictive text !
          I should have done a read over before sending, as I usually do, but in the past I re-read my comments so many times changing words and so on, I end up not sending it, lol !

        • Hi friendly Tinu,

          Your answer was what I expected. Heat and humidity make joint problems worse. I would recommend a cool-warm environment, with dry air and very low humidity.

          There’s no olive leaf diet. It’s an extract, so it’s a supplement.

          I don’t think I could cut fruit out! What a brave person, fruit is so friendly, it even looks happy.
          Also brave to type a blog up, as I’m sure your hand would hurt.

          I’m glad you found a solution. Did you use that weird, expensive gluten-free bread? Or just cut bread out entirely?

          What’s it like not eating sandwiches?

          What about milk in tea or coffee? Or not having those things?

          Fruit salad??? (poor fruit salad, I would miss him the most)

          I think the key to the fact this or that solution works for whatever reason, when it’s right for the person it would come naturally.

          Melody—you mention smoothies often….do you use yogurt…or some kind of rice milk or almond milk???

  • Maybe the cure of cancer lies in our beliefs and perception. Maybe cancer is a global feedback system to get our atention to how we really feel. Maybe LOA is a basic law, like gravity, and we are just ignoring it. And cancer is that alarm bell to wake us up.

    • This is a good point. I think the law is ignored because society is in the cave, or the matrix, if you will, kind of in a hypnotized-like state. Only with awareness and stepping out of this system is that possible, no?

    • I agree Anya. And as each and every person reacts to that cancer, they have the chance to overcome the resistance that caused it. And little by little, as each person heals themselves, they are healing the energy of the world. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • All I can say is that cats’ health food would be to stop eating cat biscuits where the first ingredient is wheat or rice. Cats are designed to digest raw meat. So the first ingredient should be meat. This will also help with their weight.
    (If weight is all in the mind, why do animals put on weight when keep in units with very little exercise or when they are “grain fed” to bulk them up?

    They should be fed good quality meat (except chicken, never give raw chicken), failing that poorer quality meat or mixed meat like sausage, failing that biscuits where the first ingredient is meat.
    Most people do not know this, and that’s why they wonder why their cat/dog eats so much, just like a human, not getting enough nutrients, they will eat and eat. If you give them good meat, they won’t be so hungry.

    Also they will go to the toilet better if you feed them protein and not human food.

    We can learn from the animals reaction to foods they are not meant to eat.

    • Hey Alice,

      I agree. Paying attention to how animals intuitively choose the right foods when given the chance set a great example for our own intuitive eating plan. 🙂 And whatever cat food the owner resonates with is a reflection of their own vibration. But not to worry, the cat has a vibration, too. It doesn’t just come down to the food. Cats and dogs get sick because there’s discord – usually they are mirroring their owners or the energy of the household. Not because of the food. But, if one cares about their pets to the degree that one is inspired to feed them well, then one is going to line up with a healthier pet. Generally.

      When I settle down more, I want to get a dog. I already know that I will only feed him raw dog food. That just feels right to me.

      Huge hugs!


  • Modern society tends to promote the idea of cause and effect, i.e. I drink green juice and I get healthier. The higher truth would be that you were ready to get healthier so green juice now became appealing to you. Or juicing fascinated you so you were open to being healthier. It’s not so much that A lead to B which lead to C as the collective ABC came to be as a state unto itself.

    There is certainly nothing wrong with these demanding regimes that are associated with positive results. If you need it to be hard to be healthy, the universe will oblige you and let you work at it really, really hard. Just know what you don’t have to believe it is hard or long or expensive.

    • Hey Kenneth,

      Exactly. This is what I explained in my update. When I went raw last year, it was as a result of my energy work. I couldn’t help myself. It just resonated so strongly with me.

      However, I have had some big shifts because I went on a fast and put myself in a state of mind and body where I could receive the next level. So, I do believe we can use food as a catalyst for changing our vibration. To an extent anyway. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


    • Hey Dusty,

      I’ve just made another update and put two versions there. If neither one of them works, I guess I’m out of answers. I’m certain there’s a reason the info isn’t getting spread…

      Huge hugs!


  • I had student 30 years ago that swore she’d cured her cancer by drinking only carrot juice for 40 days. Though be warned, this kind of cure can damage your kidneys or liver or something. The (in)famous Dr. Hummer also insists that cancers are the manifestations of unresolved conflicts that we are unaware of. I ain’t a true believer but the guy has got something. Our bodies are designed for self-healing if we just let them get on with it, and give it the emotional and dietary stuff it needs!

    • Hey Will,

      I agree with Dr. Hummer. It all comes down to our vibration. But, as I explained in the update I just posted (and as I should’ve rightly explained to begin with), we can use food to help us shift those beliefs. We should never take action out of fear, only inspired action. This can be really hard when we’re sick, but it can be done. The bottom line is, when we’re ready to manifest our solutions, we do. But I love presenting different solutions – it sparks great debate and often gets people to see things differently, which can cause shifts on its own. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • I, too, know of a woman who cured her uterine fibroids with juicing, coffee ground enemas and plenty of rest (she did not lift a finger for 6 months). The key was not to feed too much stuff to the fibroid so it won’t grow and, eventually, disappear. She is well now. No surgery, no drugs, no nothing, just TLC.

    • I’ve read similar things. I think juicing has it’s merits, but if you did it too long you might get IBS symptoms because of all that fibre.

      I heard about liver failure too, it’s probrably no the cleanse, but the toxins coming out from a cleanse done too rapidly and overwhelming the system. They say to do a partial cleanse, as the toxins released will make you feel sick until excreted out of the system by the usual means or by sweating.

      In the case of cancer, there isn’t really time to dill dally, so I’d take the risk of being overwhelmed by toxins and just go full steam ahead with the juicing. It’s alos cheaper than chemo, and I have the twisted idea that chemo gives you cancer, but most poeple would think I was missing brain cells, so I might get chemo from the peer pressure of society.

      • Hi Alice,
        When you juice, there isn’t any fiber. It’s good to get fiber of course and nature made the food whole so eating it that way makes sense. But juice (fresh that is) is like taking a liquid multi vitamin. And for liver issues, you can take herbs or an herbal tea aimed specifically at cleansing the liver.

        As for chemo, I’m in agreement with you on that, but not the peer pressure part. I’d rather live longer with the cancer than die from the chemo. Just my two pennies.


        • Hey Laura,
          that’s interesting, no fibre…weird. I wish I didn’t know that. This makes juicing look silly. 🙁 What’s the point of doing that to your intestines. I feel so dumb now. Also no fibre would be terrible for curing bowel cancer… the poor person!

          I agree with you on chemo. I just know from people that survived cancer that used chemo, and the poeple I’m close to would put the fear of God into me if I refused it, and fill my mind wityh doubt because some are nurses and they mean well.
          You know that society would claim you are committing suicide if you refused chemo, and may even be considered mentally ill, and that stress alone might harm you more than just getting the damn chemo.

          It’s be like telling someone you no longer need to eat. It is possible, there are people that live off Qi/Prana, whatever… but if you let people know you were doing that…oh boy…would you get sent to the looney bin faster than you could say “but it really works”

          • Juicing isn’t dumb. It gives the digestive system a break. Humans tend to overeat for a variety of reasons and it’s easy to do with all that processed food out there given that it has a bunch of addictive additives in it…at least most processed foods, unless you process it yourself. We’re overeating yet starving to death.

            The lack of fiber in juice helps the nutrients to enter the blood stream faster along with providing less work for the body to digest any solid foods. If one is sick, nutrients from liquid is more easily absorbed and nutrients more easily extracted.

            The body utilizes a whole lot of energy to digest food and the body will focus on digestion before anything else if there is food in the stomach. But if there is no solid food to digest then the body can focus on giving energy toward healing. When someone juices it’s a way of getting out of the body’s way so it can heal itself. I don’t see how that’s dumb at all.

            I used it at one point to heal myself from a pretty serious skin problem. Along with juicing for 7 days straight, three different times, I also did colonics twice a day for those weeks. My skin problem which was very itchy, scaly and just plain gross cleared up and hasn’t been back since.

            You don’t have to be sick to use fresh pressed juices either. It’s a good way to get some real energy, instead of bombarding the adrenals with caffeine.

          • *sigh* I don’t know how you took “I feel dumb”<<<>>> into “juicing is dumb”…………

            I remember replying to you before as a juicing enthusiast myself. I just didn’t know about the fibre, all the rest is old hat, old news to me, preaching to the choir. 🙂

          • Oops…sorry I misunderstood and mis-read.
            It was a bit later than I should’ve been replying or writing anything. Now I feel dumb. LOL 🙂

          • Nobody is dumb!
            Thank you so much for this. I always feel a bit anxious after replying in what could be an ambigous manner, and has been taken the wrong way before on this blog, that you might get mad.

            My vibration must be changing slightly. Yay!

          • Haha…I know what you mean. I’ve had the same issues in the past. It can be tricky to fit tone of voice between the lines.

            Cheers to high vibrations!
            *raises glass of veggie juice*

      • What amazes me is how far we have strayed from natural eating habits! Prehistoric us (and those lucky enough to live naturally now) would simply eat anything that didn’t need cooking when they found it. Meat or fish would be taken home but if you were out in the jungle you would just pick and eat fruit and veg as found. A guy I met recently from Senegal said his grandfather often went out for a couple of days carrying no provisions whatsoever and never came back hungry. As kids, our fast food was fruit, from a bowl next to the kitchen door so you just took whatever you fancied, whenever. I haven’t managed to instill the same habit in my own kids (except the youngest) to the same extent I admit, but part of that is because of the counterproductive Spanish habit of having your fruit as a dessert, just right for letting it ferment on top of your paella…

        • Hi Will,

          That sounds like what I grew up with. 🙂 Paella..I’ve always wanted to eat that, the photos look pretty with all the prawns and nice ornage/red colour.

          Is it easy to make?

          • Lots of recipes out there, the rice should end up half-dry, but the trick to a really tasty paella is to have it ready at 3:30pm, when everyone is starving and has been at the wine…he he.
            Sorry Melody, got a bit off-track here!

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