I get A LOT of questions about Karma. Loads and loads and loads. I know that a lot of you have been waiting for this post and it seems that today’s the day that you’re finally ready for it (oh, you thought the timing was all MY idea? No, no my pretties. It’s all you. I’m just the happy shiny and willing (not to be taken the wrong way) messenger. So, without further ado, here’s what I have to say about Karma. But, I’m going to warn you now, I feel an acute attack of sarcasm coming on. For those of you who enjoy that sort of thing, you’re welcome.

Does Karma Exist?


Well, that was easy.

Oh, you want more? Ok, fine. I’ll explain.

When people talk about Karma, they usually mean one of two things:

  1. What comes around goes around (i.e. if you hurt someone, something bad will happen to you.)
  2. If something bad happens to you, it’s because you did something horrible in a past life and it’s coming back to bite you in the ass.

These two, frankly bullshit, beliefs are based on two even more bullshit assumptions (oh yeah, there’s going to be cursing in this post, people. I feel strongly about this):

Assumption Number 1: The Cosmic Bank Account

In order for there to be such a thing as Karma, there would have to be judgment, which we know (well, some of us do), is a human concept, not a Universal one. The Universe does not judge you. There is no cosmic moral bank account that keeps track of your actions and intentions from this life or any other, and then seeks to create a balance between the credits (actions judged to be “good”) and debits (actions judged to be “bad”).

First, of all, who could keep track of such a tally? And second of all, who gets to decide which actions go on which side of the balance sheet? Sure, you might say that murder is always bad. But is it? What if it was self defense? What if it was in defense of another? What if the murderer is mentally disabled and had no idea what he was doing? What if it was an accident? What if you lived in an age or area where killing others was a way of life and you learned that it was ok? What if it happens during war? What if you were ordered to do it? Does it make a difference if you know it’s wrong? And we’re just talking about killing here, never mind all the lesser “sins”.

Ok, some might say, the deciding factor isn’t the action, but the intent. If you actually wanted to hurt another being, then you’ve got bad Karma. So… every time you feel powerless about something and it causes you to get angry, and in that anger you want to smack someone, you are adding to your negative balance sheet whether you actually do it or not? In that case, you might as well get to smackin’, you’re already screwed. By the way, can we see where some of the screwed up ideas about negative emotions are coming from?

Assumption Number 2: The Boomerang Effect

Let’s take a look at the idea of “what comes around goes around”. Basically, believers of this adage will tell you that whatever you put out in the Universe comes back to you, kind of like a boomerang. So, if you throw out your boomerang of negative intent, like say, wanting to smack someone (I’ve got a theme going here), you spew forth that energy and after a while, it turns around, comes back to you and smacks you in the face, sometimes literally. But, if you put out a lot of kindness, the energy of that turns around and graces you with lottery winnings. And if you end up losing all your lottery winnings a couple of years later, then the money obviously corrupted you, causing you to create negative Karma, which then came and took all your money.

Why we like Karma

In other words, Karma allows us to explain why bad things happen, and it’s always by assuming that you get what you deserve. When we see something bad happen to someone, we console ourselves with the idea that he must’ve done something to deserve it. He must’ve been a bad person. And well, we’re not bad people, so we’re safe. That thought feels much better than thinking that random shit could just happen to us at any time and there’s nothing we can do about it. Or, to put it more bluntly (and just to amuse myself): We like to think the poop can’t hit us if we didn’t fling it first.

When Karma breaks down

The problem arises when really bad shit happens to really good people. That’s when it gets a bit more depressing. What did they do to deserve this? How could so much pain be showered upon people who have clearly done nothing wrong? It’s easier to use Karma as an excuse when it comes to strangers, but when we know the “victims”, or when bad crap happens to us, the explanation falls short. The best we can come up with then is to speculate that we must’ve been really, really evil in a former life, which is totally unsatisfying at best.

We’ve always had a need to make sense of why bad things happen. The idea that events are just random didn’t feel good (because it’s not true), so we searched for a better feeling explanation (as is our nature). We came up with Karma (I’m going to skip all the stuff about how religions picked right up on the concept and used it to make us feel guilty just for being born and all that). And well, Karma did seem to explain a lot, and when it didn’t, we could tweak it so it did. But when it didn’t seem to apply, we had to admit that sometimes bad stuff just happened to good people and that there was nothing we could do about it. So, when Karma explained things we could feel a bit better, and when it didn’t, the only other option we had was to feel powerless.

A better explanation

Here’s where LOA comes in. Instead of giving you two options – one really crappy one and one slightly better but flawed one, LOA offers an explanation that, if you accept the premise, makes sense. Every. Time.  (Notice that I said that you have to accept the premise. People who don’t resonate with the basis of the Law of Attraction aren’t going to resonate with this explanation either. Keep that in mind when you go to correct someone who claims that they’ve been divorced three times because of Karma.)

What about when Karma seems to be working?

One of the most frequent questions I get about Karma generally involves the witnessing of how someone did something bad and almost immediately experienced something painful being done to them. The boomerang effect seemed to be working well and to the great delight of the onlookers. How, pray tell, I’m usually asked, do I explain that if there is no such thing as Karma, eh?

Here’s how: It’s called the LAW OF FREAKING ATTRACTION!

So, there’s evil Bob, doing evil things, and BAM something evil is done onto Bob. Let’s look at what really happened, shall we?

Bob is not evil. Bob is doing evil things because Bob is in a great deal of pain and feels totally powerless and being a sadistic asshole is the only way that Bob knows how to make himself feel better. Having control of others, even for a moment, means having control of something. So, Bob does what he can to relieve the suffering he feels in the only way he knows how.

The vibration that Bob is offering is one of powerlessness. Guess what powerlessness attracts? That’s right, experiences that make Bob feel more powerless; in other words, experiences of more pain. So, while it may seem that Bob is getting exactly what he deserves, Bob is really getting exactly what he’s attracting. There’s a difference.

Now, take Happy Susie. Happy Susie is happy (hence, the name), and spreads her happiness throughout the kingdom. People are always kind to Susie and seem to just give her stuff. Isn’t that Karma? Well no. It’s energy. Susie is happy. She has a high vibration. She’s going to attract more experiences that match that happiness.

It’s not about what you deserve

It’s not about your intent or your actions. There is no judgment. There is no tally sheet. And, there is no boomerang. When bad things happen to you it’s not to punish you and it’s not because you deserved it. When painful events happen, they usually happen for one of two reasons:

  1. You have massive amounts of resistance, and you’ve had tons of smaller, much less painful manifestations which have been trying to get your attention for eons, but which you’ve ignored. It took something really big to get your attention.
  2. It’s not about you at all, and you’re in pain because the perspective with which you’re looking at the situation is totally messed up (due to how you’ve been taught to look at it).

It is never, ever, EVER because you deserved it. What’s more, you don’t have to prove your worthiness is order to deserve something good. If you give to charity just so that you can get good Karma points, and you’re not aligning with the energy of whatever it is you want, you’re not going to be reaping any rewards soon. You can’t get in good with the judge if there’s no judge. And, say it with me now, THERE IS NO JUDGE.

Letting the evil bastards off the hook

Here’s another question I get frequently: But what about people who’ve truly done bad things? Shouldn’t there be some kind of universal punishment for them? After all, it feels kind of good when the guy who embezzled millions from old grannies gets cancer of the balls. Can that guy really just repent and/or think positively and wipe the slate clean? (I may have paraphrased a bit, but you get the gist).

Ok, first of all, there’s no slate. I already went over that. And no, he can’t repent, because there’s no one to repent to (no judge, remember?). There’s no absolution because there’s no reason for it. And yes, I know that this is the hardest pill to swallow. The Universe does not judge you. Even if you’re an evil bastard. That’s because the goal is not to prove your worthiness and be the best person you can be, it’s to be the happiest person you can be. And when you’re an evil bastard, you’re not happy, and you’re already punishing yourself by being so far removed from Who You Really Are. You’re already in hell (this is, pretty much, what hell is). What else can the Universe possibly do to you that you aren’t already doing to yourself?

But, can said evil bastard just begin to think positively and manifest loads and loads of happiness? YES! That’s the thing – it is never too late to move towards joy. Not for any of us. No matter how badly you think you’ve messed it up, you can still find your way to Who You Really Are. You get to be happy. All of us do. And if an evil bastard, aka someone in massive amounts of pain, manages to shift all that energy and find their way to Who They Really Are, if that former unhappy bastard manages to find joy, the Universe doesn’t throw down the towel in disgust and yell at the TV about how unfair that is. The Universe rejoices! Just as it rejoices when any of us find our way to higher vibrations.

And yes, it can, theoretically, happen instantly. Practically, it usually takes just a touch longer to let go of that much pain. Moving from evil bastard to joyful saint would be one hell of a quantum leap. People have done it, but they usually fall into a coma or something and make the shift while less focused in this reality. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m just saying it’s a big ass shift. The process is a lot faster when done deliberately, but no matter how much pain someone is in, or how that pain has manifested in their lives (actions are manifestations, too. More on that in an upcoming post), they can always make their way to joy.

So, now it’s your turn. Have my sarcastic rants validated what you already knew deep down? Or, do you believe in Karma? If so, why? (No sarcasm and no judgment, I promise. I’d really like to know.) Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Hi Mel-
    Came here looking for your take on karma again as I had been wondering about something. I will refer first to your response to someone above about what their sister had been doing and how the person felt as a result.

    Your response is that the sister was/is mirroring her own vibration back…Which I totally understand. It’s easy when it comes to humans.

    But what about animals? Are pets who are abused (although I understand the people doing the abusing are in pain) doing some sort of reflecting back to the abuser in order to attract this pain and abuse?

    When it comes to pets being abused, I’m having a tough time with the mirroring effect and vibration reflection.

    What’s your take?

  • I am sorry shit was funny. I could have stopped reading from the first no and would have been satisfied. Thank you for both confirming and clearing up something I had studied before but never had put so charmingly blunt. It was refreshing. Now I can go smack my neighbor who pissed me off and feel good about it. ( I am kidding of course ) But thank you the information was refreshing and did clear up a few things I needed confirmed as I am now working to release negative beliefs.

  • I think that the context in which each soul comes to live his given life here has something to do with the past experience, otherwise how’s the choice made whether one comes into a hunger and poverty stricken society or an economically thriving one, for example… Dear Melody, what do you think? And thank you so much for your blog, I really get many great and working ideas from you:

  • Karma does exist! Except most of you do not know and do not understand how it truly works, so you either make up something strange that does not make any sense, or say it does not exist because you do not understand it or to make yourselves feel better. Yes Karma is not a judgment but it is something else! It is the greatest gift we are given to undo our stupid mistakes. And no Karma is not a law of attraction, the law of attraction is completely different separate thing from Karma!!

    • I agree with you Selene. I was almost starting to believe everyone in this blog was on drugs. If things are like Melody says I’d rather not keep on going. What purpose does life have in that case? If that was true how could anyone have hope for the future?

  • That is true karma isn’t calculating whether something is good or bad or if you deserve something or not all it’s doing is bringing the energy type that you put out to you in like kind, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Ok the comment of “After all, it feels kind of good when the guy who embezzled millions from old grannies gets cancer of the balls.” is making me laugh so hard that I find myself having to find my place again and reread to comprehend only to find myself trying NOT to laugh again. All over your site Melody I have laughed so much that these people at work are going think I lost it. As for Karma yeah I seen it happen to people (what I thought it was) however I love this article, it puts in perspective of why some “evil bastards get it and some don’t” Thanks for the insight, your website has been a dream come true πŸ™‚

  • I know karma exists. Plant an apple seed in good sunlight, soil, and water it and it grows into a tree. The sun, soil, and water signifies good karma the lack of sun, soil, water signifies bad karma and the tree never grows, it’s completely scientific.

    • I forgot to add that intention is a small part but the vibration of action will generate that action, if you wanted to smack someone all that would generate is someone that wants to smack you, but they won’t actually smack you though. Actions put you at that exact vibration, intentions aren’t strong enough to generate opposite action only intent.

  • Hi I had a psychic tell me that I was suffering from Karma from a past life. It made sense when she told me because she foretold things that have since come true as well. she also told me I am psychic and that I need to listen to my intuition and read and that I will be able to get in touch with my abilities. Since then I have read several books that are awesome, The Seat of the Soul, and Ask and It Is Given – I’ve found myself really finding these books my truth, especially in Ask and It Is Given with the law of attraction you talk about. I am seriously beginning to doubt my belief in Karma now. Thank you for a lovely read. Happy Thoughts to you!

  • Hiiiii. Nice blog. Esp. liked letter to Universe.
    Karma is more like Brownian Motion than Boomerang Effect. It is random in its essence.

    First law of Karma : Gahana Karmano Gatihi
    means : The track (GATIHI) of KARMA (ACTION) is mysterious (GAHANA).

    it is difficult to understand the intricacies and indefinite extent and shape of Karma (Action), as it is so complicated,
    intricate, zigzag, unfathomable, dynamic, inscrutable and mysterious because the life is such. The trail of Karma (Action) is jagged and intractable.

    But surely there is no doubt that karma will not come back. Because accounting is done on upon us.

    • Uff! Well, in general, she would have to find her power again. She feels utterly powerless at the moment. She would have to let the anger out, find the belief that things could change that she is worthy of a better life and that one exists for her. This would not be an easy feat. But possible. Things are changing, though. Women are fighting back and standing up for themselves. And the acid attacks are down. Let’s focus on that, on the improvement, on the increase in empowerment. These women are finding their way. It may take some time, but stories like these only serve to make us all want true peace and equality more than ever.

  • Karma!! I don’t know about it. I use the word karma only as in what comes around goes around. It’s just a way to express that you should treat other people only as you would like to be treated.

    I don’t use in a religious way……I don’t believe in earlier lifes.

    Have a nice one


  • Oh my, where to begin? Kama has nothing to do with punishment or judgment. What you are talking about is a misconception, kind of like the dumb daily horoscopes that lack total understanding of how all things in the Universe are connected and the action of one ripples throughout everywhere.

    If you plant a carrot, a pea doesn’t grow. If you push on a wall, the wall pushes back. So, if you wanted a pea, and planted the carrot, you are not being punished, it is simply you reap what you sow. Kind of an age old precept.

    Karma has to be viewed in the correct context. It is tied to the belief in reincarnation. Therefore, the carrot may not grow this season-actually it is biennial, but won’t grow until the conditions are right. We feel the results of all of our actions when the ‘time is right.’ It has noting to do with good or bad, right or wrong, or some judgmental evil god that wants to punish you. It is basic science, for every action, there is a reaction.

    Correct, there is no repenting, that is bs. But if I push you off a cliff, you will fall. Yes, the scale will be balanced, but not by judgment, but by the fact that the Universe seeks equilibrium, balance. It is not a conscious act that water flows down; that diffusion occurs, or that osmosis happens-it is the nature of this reality. Throw a rock up, stay where you are, and at some point it will split your skull. Don’t throw the rock, and your head is safe. The things that happen are simply the things that result from our actions, there has to be a reaction. It’s not so much that good begets good, but rather that ‘good’ creates no negative reaction.

    • Hey Phillip,

      Thanks for offering yet another view of Karma. I’m glad I defined Karma in the post, since there are clearly many, many different definitions and my comments only really pertained to the one I explained here.

      Huge hugs!

      • Just wanted to be sure that your many readers understood that there are common misconceptions about karma, since, in fact, it is the LOA in action. Put out, plant seeds of love, healing prosperity, and that is what you sow and it returns to you-like attracts like. Big hugs back as always!

  • Nay,

    Partner, there is no turning back or stopping. I understand what you are saying, but just for your own confirmation, clarity and review, these discussions help! Therapy isn’t as effective because it does not solve the problem and sometimes perpetuates it whereas here, energy is shifted leading to results, sometimes instantly.

    Going over this stuff is important and I deeply appreciate that! We are on a quest to shift energy so we can live the life we know we should be living. It’s all good. There is no feeling sorry for yourself with the LOA for it doesn’t work when you do. Doesn’t your inner being laugh or smile when you do, like its not important?

    there are two emotions- love and fear. All the other emotions stem from fear but there is only one love. that is where the power lies. Fear is so tiring! Love is the bridge to all.

    • Yep, can’t feel sorry for myself anymore. Whenever I start to, my new beliefs jump up and slap me out of it! Hahahaha. I get frustrated and want to do more, but I can’t fall into my depression anymore. Not like I used to, thank God!

      But like you, I do review this stuff all the time, and it also helps pull me out of any funk or doubts I might have. And though I didn’t want to admit it to myself at first, I love commenting on here! It’s almost cathartic, and I can’t even say why except I get others opinions, I can throw mine out there, and I express so many things so freely. Maybe it’s the sense of anonymity, maybe I’m just feeling more confident in myself, or maybe I feel like enough people here think the same way so I feel comfortable. Who knows, who cares! I’m just glad. πŸ˜€

      And I think the same thing about our emotions! In my mind, almost all my negative emotions seem to have a base in fear. And yep, wears me out. I would love to feel absolutley NO fear and see what happens. I still can’t quite imagine it, but I have no doubt I am getting closer.

      Cheers Kat!

      • Yes! That is what I am finding too! When all that crap starts rolling me down the hill, my new beliefs enter the scene and stop that cascade from continuing. Thank God! But the kicker is that the crap is not even my own most of the time but that of other people who have affected my life in one way or another (blah- why do I even bother with them- are they so freakin convincing, WTF?). It is their voice I hear driving me nuts, it is not even my own! How is that for proving that there was conditining! Man! They scare the crap out of me with their fear, which is not even my belief, but I had taken it as such (oh Lord!). How twisted is that? I know this happens all the time and Abe calls our attention to it and we talk about it here. This is what needs shifting.

        I recall it all started when I entered their way of thinking and I was lowered into the pit of despair, wrought with panic, fear, worry, etc. requiring my escape to save my ass. And, it is not even so much for me, but certainly my husband and my inner being, who has been so patient with me through this entire thing. And yes, for me because a taste of that bitter pill made me appreciate the vortex even more and made me understand it better! Whew!

        Cheers, darling!

  • Thanks, Nay, yes, it is sad and true. Easy, safe, yet bad, ain’t it the truth? It can be done slowly but surely, leading us to new heights.

    I had another view of the power Melody wrote about in the last post and commented there. This power is like when Prince Adam summoned the power and turned into He-man (it was an awesome cartoon). It was done through a sword, which served as the conduit, yet he reached new heights and things went his way as He-man with the power. He was even glowing in the transformation sequence, like the halos the saints are depicted with. When he let the power return, he changed back to Adam, back to “reality” as it was, but he had to give up that power to be “plain” Adam. I am using this example because it describes what is possible with the power and what happens when we relinquish it πŸ™

    That is what we are doing, and of course know better now.

    • Kat,

      Love your movie/cartoon references because they can make ideas just so clear! But the good thing is we don’t need a conduit, and we don’t have to relinquish our power. We are the conduit and can keep that power once we realize it’s ours and step into it.

      Knowing better is half the battle. Getting past our fears is the other half. At least in my mind! Like KimS said, I think most of the reason we don’t accept the power is because we’re afraid we’ll screw up since we have that much power!!! Now I’m going to have to really think about that and see what I will allow myself to let go of.

      You know, I didn’t think this would be so exciting still, or that I could keep coming back to talk about it. But here I am, even if I’ve had a horrible week feeling sorry for myself or frustrated with lack of progress! I just keep getting excited all over again, having questions, and getting insights from this blog and people like you! Keep on chugging Kat, cause I wil be right here with you partner! πŸ™‚

  • Wow, Kim, you’ve got many good points if what the reality is outside the matrix! I have read about it and a lot of what you say covers it! Fear is a terrible emotion that holds us back for sure and we are so conditioned it has become part if us. Letting it go causes transformation in our life like a miracle, but this is indeed the natural state if things once we bind with the universal ether and not be torn from it by our conditioning. And that does not feel good. Yet that is reality and not quite the artificial one that was created for us in which we live now.

    I think this is how species evolved and how the earth itself evolved. As a species, we could have been even more spiritually evolved now if it weren’t for societal conditioning holding us back. I read in another post that Jesus actually had a temper. Well, I would not blame him if he taught this awesome stuff and people would go back to follow what others say in the matrix. He got pissed. He knew they would choose Barabas over him because that is how people are. In the end they go with the way they know, however twisted and unhealthy it is because humans really are sheep yet have the power to be free if the herd.

      • Hi Kat!

        I think what really gets us, is we’re aware there is another way, but haven’t figured out how to break the conditioning! To know what’s holding you back, know it can be changed, but be unable (or is it unwilling?) to do it… Then you question whether you really know what’s holding you back, or are you missing something? πŸ˜€ But we do so like or comfort levels and our routines, because they’re easy and safe, even when they don’t serve us.

        Ahh, to be free of fear and the herd mentality. I really can’t imagine what and how things would change. But I’ll damned well keep working on it. πŸ˜‰

    • Kat,
      My monster hugs your monster πŸ™‚ ————————————————->

      I like how you keep referring to the matrix* — yesterday. I found myself staring at a plastic fork and suddenly I knew I could levitate that thing and then I thought, “There is no spoon.” πŸ™‚ Today, every once in a while, I will stare at this plastic spoon* near my monitor and remind myself that there is no spoon — and then I will imagine levitating it. I suppose that as soon as I can imagine myself levitating it and NOT being afraid that I have just levitated it, then it will float to the ceiling. haha! Oh, and now I just imagined trying to un-levitate it! Once I’ve totally accepted the new behavior of this no-spoon, how would I get back to the old way of viewing the spoon? haha! These ideas are such fun to play with! πŸ™‚

      When it comes to the fear, I’ve very recently had the idea that my focus should not be on letting go of the fear, but on surrendering to the joy. I asked myself once, a long time ago when I was much younger and wiser :), “who would I be if I forgot to constantly remind myself who I am?” Now, I want to play with this idea — if I forget to remind myself to be afraid, what is left? If I were to forget that I am struggling, then … what am I doing? If, this morning when I woke up, I forgot to get dressed in yesterday’s idea of myself … who would I be???

      But I think the biggie is Fear — when I ask myself “who am I without my fear?”, I start to see just how much of my world is defined by my fear. So, what if, just for now in this moment, I allow myself to be fearless — but instead of even having the idea of Fear anywhere in my mind, I just think something like, “I surrender to joy”. Because when I’m thinking of “let go of the fear” … I’m still thinking of fear. I’m cataloging everything I’m afraid of right then and then trying to release it — after I’ve just confirmed it!! LOL!

      God Whose Name I Do Not Know (And Who Is Me!) — I surrender to Joy. πŸ™‚

      … which is really — believing the Truth. Surrendering to Joy = Believing the Truth.

      (what do you think? just bouncing ideas around here… πŸ™‚ )

      *I assume you mean the movie?
      **I often eat lunch at my desk, in case you were wondering about all the plasticware πŸ™‚

        • No worries, Kim. I understood what you meant. Typos are common when typing fast and on smart phones where many words are automatically filled in.

          I understand what you are saying dear. You are the creator, after all. You the man or gal or dude? Does it even matter? The point is you are it, baby!!!!

          By matrix I mean society as we know it and its conventions and conditioning procedures and the like.

          I, too, eat lunch at my desk, like I am doing now. I totally got your reference chica! So, so glad!

          Yup, when I was younger I was wiser about this stuff! Man, I need to de-program myself. I’ve been trying to figure out this myth of competition that seems to be running rampant, yet, it does not make sense to me. It is hard to explain in words, so I’ll try . This myth is perpetuated by something, probably by fear, for jobs , let us say, because I am referring to this context. It is everywhere and instills fear in people from moving forward. Yet, when they do, all goes well, so does competition really exist? Is their perception not skewed and wrong in the sense that, when one is not aligned, there is struggle, but nothing can stop a person who is aligned. To get there, we must be fearless, like a child. Conditioning messes us up and tarnishes this energized state.

          It may seem as though I’m going off on a tangent here, and Melody had explained this in a previous post, but it is still the same concept as the spoon in essence, you know?

        • Hahaha! My monster is also a hugger so with open arms I gladly give your monster a monster hug πŸ™‚ My monster is actually a tree, at least that is how I’ve viewed him, and is my favorite color- green!

  • Nay, what if there is ONLY instant manifestation? because time is a figment of consciousness there is only NOW, so at any given moment of perceived time we will instantly receive only that (and ALL that!) we are available to receive in that moment? Our minds think we are planning for the future or think we are making up for or overcoming our pasts, but really, there is no past and there is no future, there is only Now and in Now we will receive everything that we are available to receive.

    “Now if I could just manifest the good things I want as fast as I can manifest good feelings, then I would be something!!!”

    This is an awesome statement! What if, in those moments when we feel really good, we took a moment to focus our intention and then, right then, moved into that reality(illusion)? (I’m just pondering, here, you know … throwing ideas out there.)

    Maybe it would help if we stopped referring to our perception of the world as reality. We know that the only REAL is the Truth of Who We Really Are. We know that Time and Space are figments of consciousness, a playground, a sandbox. We make stuff up here and play pretend. πŸ™‚ Everything here is thought-made-form, even our bodies. Change the form of our thoughts, we change the form of our world. We sculpt in thought as in clay…. or play-dough. πŸ™‚

    From this perspective, instant change is not impossible, it is to be expected. πŸ™‚ but, maybe, some part of us fears change, so we make our creations sneak up on us — some people take years to manifest the dream house on their vision board. But really, maybe that house showed up exactly Now in the moment that the person allowed themselves to be available to it, when he could finally believe that enough “time” had passed and enough logical steps had been taken to “explain” the appearance of this wonderful house in his life — in that moment, he receives the house which has in that moment been created for him by the Universe. πŸ™‚

    What if we didn’t have to explain the miracles in our lives? Not to our neighbors, not to our families, not even to ourselves. What if we just accepted the miraculous as every day and accepted instant manifestation as a way of life? haha! Right??!! YES!! (!!!)

    maybe we invented the lottery as a way to logically explain an instant manifestation of a huge sum of money, so we could have an easier time becoming available to it and receiving it. πŸ™‚


    I wonder if UniverseGodHigherSelfUltimateMeInfiniteIs laughs at how hard we make things — like, we’ve been handed paints and brushes and canvases and instead of just painting a picture, we stab the canvas with the brush or chew on the bristles or try painting with the wrong end of the brush, all the while saying, “ugh! this is soooo hard!!!”, before finally surrendering to how easy it really is and dipping the brush in the paint and touching it to the canvas. LOL!

    We should stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just start doing things the easy way.

    A few weeks ago, I played a game with myself — every time I caught myself worrying about the future or regretting the past, I would think, “that’s not even happening! I’m making that up!” and I would laugh at the idea that my Now state of mind was being affected by stuff that isn’t happening right now, that I was making up stuff to worry about or distract myself with or whatever. And then I would bring my focus back to Now. It was a fun game πŸ™‚

    • KimS!

      I love how you explain these points so succinctly! Some of what you say is what runs through my head often. And your whole fourth paragraph puts into perfect words what I am only starting to realize I am working on. There is only instant manifestation. So when I am in vibrational alignment, what I want is there.

      But as you said, it’s like there’s this mandatory time/delay for me in most things. Is it because I don’t feel worthy, that I feel I haven’t done enough, that I just can’t believe it is possible to have anything quickly? I really don’t have a good answer for myself. I can turn on the faucet and have instant water, but that wasn’t always a reality, and still isn’t for many people in the world. I can have that water instantly because I’ve accepted it as possible in my reality. That simple.

      When I think things like that, that’s when I have that little jump inside…like a flutter…shift of perception…flash of almost insight, for just a millisecond. As if I can almost see a different reality, but it’s just out of my vibrational reach. A reality of me figuring out what I want, and those things coming to me in a continuous stream as I expand my desires, whether those desires are feelings, ideas, objects, people or experiences. All of it just flowing. And don’t forget the fun and joy that I am experience during this!

      But to believe…it IS almost scary, which explains why it isn’t my reality. πŸ˜‰ Could also be that I don’t know what I really want. I spent years wanting to be happier, and now that I am, I’m kinda stalled out, trying to figure out ‘what now’… Not that I’m complaining! Words can’t do justice to how much better I feel about everything, so it’s a great place to be. I’m just ready to go farther down the rabbit hole, because it’s just so damned interesting!

      Maybe if I play the ‘now game’ I’ll get more than a flash. Love your painting analogy! Hilarious, yet probably more accurate than I would like to think. πŸ˜†

      Thanks KimS!

      • Nay, It IS almost scary, I totally agree! This response I wrote to you is actually the second draft — the first time I was writing the response, I landed on the idea of “it’s all illusion. it’s all thought-made-form.” and I had a very intense flash of understanding/insight — I understood in that flash how everything around me, was thought-made-form. I actually SAW the illusion and the truth behind the illusion. (!!!) And in that instant of awareness, I understood that I could create ANYEFFINGTHING and that I HAD CREATED _EVERYTHING_ in my life and that RIGHT NOW I AM CREATING — and it scared the crap out of me.

        My body started shaking, and my little earth-bound mind started wanting to not know how powerful I am, how infinitely powerful we all are. I deleted my comment, bc I could not keep reading it. I wanted to cry, I wanted my mommy. I started playing Bejeweled and listening to calming music — I was having a panic attack! haha!

        Finally (and I mean FINALLY, around 1am! haha!), it occurred to me that … I can deny this truth, I can try to run away from it, I can wish I didn’t know it,

        but I can’t change it.

        Whether I’ve known it or not, accepted it or not — I am this powerful. I’ve ALWAYS been this powerful. I’ve been taught – I’ve believed – I’ve pretended that I am just a little powerless waif existing in the shadow of and at the mercy of a huge god, but that is not the Truth of Who I Really Am. πŸ™‚

        There is nothing to fear — or at least it makes no sense to fear it. πŸ™‚ In the aftermath of that flash of awareness, I was so afraid that I would create a scary horrible world — I didn’t trust myself to create something wonderful for myself, but I was damned sure I could conjur nightmares. But … my vibration hasn’t lowered just because I had this spontaneous expansion of my awareness. Right? (looking for confirmation, here! haha!) And — I’ve ALWAYS BEEN CREATING…and so far, no nightmares. πŸ™‚ The only difference is now I have the awareness that I am creating. (good grief, my heart is racing! haha!) (oh good, I just remembered to breathe!)

        Today, I feel so much calmer. I feel like making up a game to play in which I will name everything I see as thought-made-form, as a creation delivered in response to my intention and availability….my alignment. πŸ™‚ (Even my body!!! I expect I will be losing weight and getting fit so much more quickly now than ever before in my life! haha!)

        What should I call the game? Maybe β€œSource Through Me. Thank You” or maybe, β€œThere Is No Spoon” haha!

        • KimS!

          You are cracking me up! πŸ˜€ Yet I feel such amazement of you and for you!!! And I really mean that! Such powerful insights. And hearing you say how you were afraid of creating a nightmare reality just helped me pinpoint my own fears which, funny enough, are pretty much the same. What if I have all this power, and I screw up?!!!!

          Funny how we talk about wanting this power so we can get what we want, yet run away terrified when we think it might be true! But you also point out, so clearly I might add, that we’ve been creating everything so far, and how’s that worked out so far? Then you think, ‘Well, I didn’t know I was creating, so didn’t know I could screw it up so bad!!!’ Ha… So funny to hear the thoughts racing once you really give it a good thinking. πŸ˜‰

          I used to sit and try to levitate things too! Haven’t tried for years, and you talking about it makes me laugh yet want to try again. But man, if it happened I would probably shat myself, run around screaming wondering how I did it, try to do it again, then hurl my dinner and pass out from shear overwhelm! That’s how contradictory my desires and beliefs can be. Confusion are us!!! Hahaha.

          You have me laughing and thinking so hard I have to say thank you! Love your insights, love your exclamation points, love your humor, and love your enthusiasm! And I know your vibration has jumped ten fold and wil continue. Awesome fun for all of us to watch.

          Keep up the joy, and I’ll just keep reminding myself, ‘There is no reality, err, spoon.’ :mrgreen:

          • OMG — YES!!! to your whole comment!! glad i’m not the only one out there afraid of being just as powerful as I have been all along!
            (god, that makes me laugh so hard! LOL!)

            Keep up the joy!!!

            PS I’m extremely thankful to be able to read and be inspired by your insights, as well!!

  • When I was younger, I used to believe that if someone did something ‘bad’ to me, then bad things would happen to them. And they did, usually immediaitely, like them tripping over or something! As soon as I realised that I was the one causing it to happen due to my belief, I changed my belief.
    Now I believe that all of my experiences are positive, and it doesn’t take much for me to realise what I don’t want, so that unwanted experience fades straight away.
    It can be hard for some to forgive others, and sometimes it can be just as hard for them to forgive themselves. Both of these situations don’t feel good. I’m also beginning to belive that people are ‘waking’ up πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hey Charlie. I have also noticed what you describe. Lately I’ve been sending things I disagree with or things that don’t vibe with me love and it works out the way I want it to!

    • Yay Charlie and Kat! When you set yourself up for positive experiences, you have them! πŸ™‚

      And now that you know that people are waking up, Charlie, you’ll see more and more of them do so. Yay!

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody,

    As you can see from my other comments, I have thought about this a fair bit!! My ideas on karma are all tangled up. I also feel this is a really important, belief-shifting post and worth the time to think.

    1) I will use the example of rape. It feels great to believe in karma, because the rapist will bet a boulder of karma thrown at them, and the victim will have good karma, and happy things to comfort them.
    It feels good to know the universe is fair, and sadistic people won’t get away with heinous crimes.

    2) The first point is stupid, because you observe that nothing happens to the rapist. In fact the victim is the one that suffers more. The get PTSD, IBS, medical issues and tests to make sure they didn’t get AIDS, or Hepatitis or pregnant by the rapist.
    They might even be raped at such a young age it wasn’t even possible for them to have a chance to build up so much bad karma.

    3) The victim was young, so the ideas of “past life” starts coming up. They question themselves “did I slay an entire village in a past life?” “What did I do????”
    If they believe in karma, they’d get twisted ideas about themselves, leading to more bad self-esteem.

    4) The concept of karma from past life is bogus. The universe isn’t that cruel! Also that would ensure no-one had free-will or could break from the victim-predator cycle.
    e.g. Rapist reincarnates— as small girl that is gang raped—-who then reincarnates as a rapist to rape the reincarnated rapist, to pay him back…in a next life!!! πŸ™‚ That’s the dumbest thing anyone could invent….
    Here is your chance to start again, live a good life, and the universe goes…”nah, we’re going to send you a rapist, because yeah, last life we recall you stabbed someone!”

    5) Ok so we see why past-life karma doesn’t work, what about present-life karma? Well, as per point # 2… The victim is often worse off then the criminal. Just think of the 9/11 clean up crew that got PTSD, and lung problems from the ash…seems like the victims got a worse deal than the guys that either blew up the building, or made the behind-the-scenes plan to blow up the building. (Regardless of if you think it was a man in a plane, or a rich guy in a conspiracy…someone still did an evil act, because people died & suffered.)
    Or a more common example…work-place bullies…often the victim is the one to quit, the bully just gets a warning… So we see bad things happen to good people. Or those really cute kids with cancer…what sicko would say: “hey I bet he was Dr. Death in a past life!”

    6) Ok so we see that karma is bogus, but now there’s an empty spot where justice, no matter how twisted, used to be, and that doesn’t feel right either, to have no retribution.
    We go back to point #1

    7) True psychopaths have no empathy or remorse. They are good liars and unlike normal people, will not feel guilty about the lie, or even the evil action. Following the idea of LOA replacing karma, this means that sociopaths and psychos will have it made, because they don’t feel bad about what they do, don’t get depressed or beat themselves up over negative actions towards others. In fact the more conscientious being would be most likely to have a challenging life, because they guilt themselves and feel bad over the smallest things. They care sooo much, that’s it’s almost a hazard to them! They also have high empathy levels, so they’d suck in all the problems of the world.

    • Ok, well, I realize that moving to a place of non-judgment is a big step and that not everyone is ready to go there. That doesn’t mean that I won’t keep on teaching it. That’s what it takes to let go of the need for retribution.

      Sociopaths and Psychopaths exist in order to mirror the vibrations of the victims. I know that’s not going to be a popular view and is easy to misread as “the victims were asking for it”, which is NEVER what I mean. Victims are usually victims because of the beliefs they have picked up at birth, beliefs of unworthiness and powerlessness. And if the Universe is always going to mirror our resistance back at us, and it will, then it must have something to mirror that vibration. This is why a souls would choose to incarnate as a sociopath. On a bit picture level, such individuals are mirroring not just one victim’s vibration, but often a large scale belief in society, that we then get a chance to shift.

      This may sound fu*ked up – like I’m saying that sociopaths are here to actually provided healing (and I kind of am). Why would the Universe need to create such pain for healing? Well, the Universe doesn’t. We do. And we each have examples in our own lives when we needed to create a shitload of pain before we were willing to do something about it. This is simply a more extreme version of that. And because the Universe does not judge, it provides whatever the vibration asks for.

      In any case, we cannot control the sociopaths. All we can every do is control our own vibration. So, if we raise it to the point where we are no longer a match to such experiences, and enough of us do that, perhaps the day will come soon when sociopaths are no longer needed and will go the way of the dinosaur. I choose to focus on that day. And yes, I totally get that there will be some who will read this answer and decide I’ve gone off the deep end. But we can’t say we are all love at our cores and then add exceptions. It’s either all or nothing. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,


      • Melody,

        That is a wonderful explanation and it makes sense to me! It does not seem outlandish at all, although to others conditioned and who stuck to their conditioning, it would seem out there. So, innocents die at the hands of psychopaths due to the dominant vibe that exists and is reflected?

        I agree that if the vibe is raised, the psychos would disappear. But what I am afraid of is the boredom people will experience. But, hopefully this would not be an issue with a higher vibration as we mentioned in a previous post. Higher vibrations do not go there and lead to overall better things. Hooray! πŸ™‚

        • Kat, I don’t think we should worry about being bored. Actually,this idea makes me laugh and reminds me of a situation with my mom — my mom once had a fabulous idea for a business but she was totally terrified to put it into action. She kept saying, “I don’t want to pay too much in taxes!” She was afraid of paying taxes, that is what she focused her fear of change on: taxes. Finally I said to her, “I hope you pay a lot of taxes. I hope you pay a million dollars in taxes!! Because that means you made a SHIT LOAD of money!!” LOL!!

          Anyway, being bored at a higher vibration is the very least of my worries. πŸ™‚ Besides, ever since I began this work with LOA, and I’ve felt my vibration shift, I seem happier and less bored than ever before. I read once that boredom is the energy it takes to stifle creativity … and as we raise our vibrations, we naturally become more creative (bc we are Creators, after all! haha!), which means we are letting go of our boredom. Right? what do you think? πŸ™‚

          Also, I don’t like to think that the only thing interesting about this life is the struggle. I like to think that, at some point, I will cease struggling, cease trying to solve anything, and surrender to the amazing beautiful wonderfulness of Life. Life will be easier and way more fun bc we will be able to immerse ourselves in stuff we really WANT to do, instead of spending any time at all struggling with the crap we don’t want to do.

          Wow. It just occurred to me that the struggles we are engaging in — which are keeping us from immersing ourselves in the creative force — might actually be the boredom that is stifling our creativity. (!!!) (according to that quote I read ages ago!) haha! What a perspective!! πŸ™‚

          • Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Cease Struggling and just flow, that is it! That is the goal, Kim and thank you for summing it up so well and for your words of wisdom to your mom!

            I just got to the point of laughing about my so-called regrets, things which I regret doing, but were necessary in my life, so I am still working on the idea that life is a struggle. There is a quote on that, after all, and I am so conditioned that I still believe it at times πŸ™

            That was the voice of me in the matrix, and not the empowered me. However, the thoery is well-embedded in my mind and heart and I just know it is possible, so steps are just needed to get there along with shifts of energy.

          • KimS and Kat,

            Have to agree with the struggle part. I used to always think of life as a struggle, yet hated the idea and couldn’t figure out what the reason was. What was the point if everything was difficult and no fun? It just did not make sense. Like you Kat, I’m still working on it…

            But as I shift, I find my creativity has increased, and I can always find things to do that aren’t a struggle or just busy work ’cause I’m bored. So no, boredom will not be a factor as far as I’m concerned! The only struggle right now is letting go of limits on myself so I am always having fun with where I am and what I am doing. Even that is getting easier, thank you SO very much!

            I have to say, I think I need whatever KimS’ is gettin’ because girl, your insights are coming in like gangbusters! I have my own, but not as many or as often. I guess I’ll just add yours and continue to add Kat’s, and try to incorporate them into my own thinking! πŸ˜†

          • Again, it’s fantastic that people are geting so much from how I craft my reponses, triggers and questions. Yet by replying under Melody, I’m not going to see these wonderful replies.

            If I don’t scroll down here, I’m never going to see the replies, and maybe I’ll never know how much they mean. πŸ™‚

          • Dearest most fancy Melody,

            I know you appreciate me. πŸ˜‰ but you appreciate everything.

            The mistake the common peasants are making, is not knowing when to be appreciative. For example they will see a ridiculously good looking person, but no one will tell that ridiculously good looking person!
            Mainly because they assume the ridiculously good looking person is aware of their fantastic looks! As if they will magically know, despite the fact, rarely receiving compliments takes a toll on said stunning person, who will start to believe they are ugly.
            People will continue to cause the downfall of the great person, by thinking “what a fake” when the person blushes or shows disbelief or embarassment when they are complimented. They have been compliment starved by the cruel society to the point where they no longer believe or even know their great, awesome worth!
            By that time, they will start to get old, manifesting this rejection into wrinkles and ugliness galore. By the time anyone informs them of how great they were, it will be too late…they will have started to deteriorate.
            At that point the peasants will be content, because now, the fantastic person looks and feels just as bad as them. No more shining stars to be jealous of, no more ridiculously good looking people!

            Hahaha! But I am so fantastically intelligent, this could never happen to me. Even if you do say “Buwahahahahahaha!” which is all a diabolical conspiracy to make me feel unworthy and stupid!
            I know, I know the evil plan!

            The ostracism and lack of compliments from the peasants doesn’t fool me!
            My lack of fanfare isn’t a result of horrid, stinking personality! Nooo! Where would we be without comical delusion?
            Boringtown, that’s where!
            It’s all a result of mere peasant jealousitis, for I am so great, so great that no-one wants to inflate that greatness futher!!!! That’s how great I am!
            But I spare them my wrath, because I know, they are just afriad of how great I am, and it makes sense to keep the great ones in line!

            So from now on, any lack of appreciation will just feed the troll of my enormous ego! haha! I can’t lose.

            Zoolander/Evil Bob will now strut out of the building!

            (so you thought I couldn’t make a big deal out of a one line response)

          • OMG! OMFG Yes! Zoolander Evil Bob! I love it! I can so see it, with the leather pants and everything. And you could even be carrying your cat!

            Oh, but I have to warn you. The second you really don’t need their appreciation anymore, they’ll thwart that plan and come and give you compliments. They (the peasants) are cunning like that, always thwarting plans and shit. And they’ll turn your cold hard to mush, and pet your cat and give it treats, and then you’ll reluctantly change your name to Zoolander Not-So-Evil Bob, but the Evil just doesn’t fit anymore, but you’re not willing of giving them the satisfaction of admitting that you’re actually Happy Bob now, and the troll of your ego is now one of those cute, fuzzy haired trolls, probably with pink hair, which you secretly love. Only the cat will be allowed to know, but he’s got top level security clearance on account of having been a former spy for some Baltic country that no longer exists, so you know, he’s ok.

            You think you own the crazy? Think again Z.E.B.

            Mellow-D out.

  • Hi Melody,

    Why would a religion want us to understand and accept the concept of a cycle of cause and effect? Is it an answer to our desire to predict the events to come? Why don’t we let go of the belief, according to which “future exists and it’s unpredictable”?

    Why would someone want to manifest the awareness of such a belief?

    • Hey Tony,

      Religion would want us to understand the concept of cause and effect only in a way that would serve to create fear and bring them in as a middle man. At least, that’s how it’s been handled thus far. But I don’t think that religion originated the concept of Karma in the way I described it. I purposely left religion out of it, because they may have picked it up and run with it, but they didn’t create the concept.

      Yes, I believe it was the highest thought we had access to way back when – a better feeling thought than being totally powerless. An unpredictable, random future would make us feel vulnerable, and we wanted to feel more powerful. We innately knew we were more powerful and we searched for perspectives that matched that feeling. It’s just that these beliefs, which served us well in the past, no longer serve us now. We’re evolving past them. It’s time for new beliefs, new perspectives. Something that feels truly better NOW.

      The answers of the past were perfect for the past. They’re just not perfect for us anymore.

      Huge hugs,

  • INteresting,

    I guess in some ways, I was thinking of karma and LOA as the same thing. Your vibration determines what you get. If your thinking is negative, you attract negative, if you act in kindness you get kindness back, if you act in anger, anger comes back to you, etc, etc. Your thinking determines what you get back, despite what the action is…but I don’t think that if you have been a horrible evil person, then change your ways, you can never be happy because you must pay for those past ‘transgressions.’

    Not sure how I feel about past lives effecting this one…but do think we have past lives. Hmmm, maybe it’s more that I don’t think past life actions effect our now in the way of, ‘You were bad in that life, so in this life you must pay the price.’ But I can accept that our past lives can leave a trail of thinking habits. If your habits were negative thinking, then your vibration is more negative, so you feel the effects if you continue with that type of thinking in this life. But that makes it mandatory that you retain something from that past life which plays on what you do in this life. Like I said, not sure about how all that plays together, even though I do believe in past lives…

    I guess it’s a very fine line for me as to what divides the two. Is the dividing point that with karma, what you DO, no matter when, will come back to you sometime, but with LOA, what you THINK/FEEL now, comes back to you? And I guess with LOA, there would also be no ‘future’ repurcussions. (And I mean future as in years (not days) later you are finally effected by something you thought in the past) If your ‘now’ vibration is high, then you reap the benefits, no matter what your past vibration was.

    So I guess this also ads the question of the delay factor in LOA? I’m assuming there would be no delay if our vibration was equal with what we wanted instantly, but since it rarely is, there is the delay. Then again, that’s not really true because when your thoughts are running in the shit, you usually feel pretty shitty, so you have instantly manifested bad feelings. And when you are thinking positive, you usually feel pretty good, so again, instant manifestation. But we rarely get the tangible things we want instantly, so there is a delay, but then…

    Ok, I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole…I’m starting to confuse myself. But I think I have decided that LOA is more true than karma. I just can’t see something I did in my past coming back to bite me now, unless I am thinking, in the now, that it should. So my thoughts are the determining factor, not my actions. And it’s my ‘right now’ thoughts, not my past thoughts.

    Now if I could just manifest the good things I want as fast as I can manifest good feelings, then I would be something!!! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for helping me clear this up for myself Melody!

    • Hi Nay,
      I don’t think that what we think/feel comes back to us. Judging from my experience, the vibration I emit is a state of being. The think/feel tool helps us take a taste of the new vibration and imagine how it will feel like when we dive in the new experience -if we change the vibration. If we can’t handle the feeling outside of our comfort zone it will be a great wishful thinking. Some beliefs are stronger and according to our certainty they become knowledge and we then manifest the facts that support this knowledge. I think that you imply that your vibration depends on your thoughts. According to my experience, my thoughts depend on my vibration. I couldn’t lie otherwise.

      • Hey Tony!

        I guess because I have used my thoughts and the feelings to raise my vibration, I think of those as what cause the effects in life. But I use my feelings and what’s gong on around me to judge what I’m vibrating at too, so it obviously goes the other way too. Hmmm?

        So can you change your vibration without using thought or imagination in some way? Everything is vibration, even our thoughts, so each effects the other, obviously. This makes it easy for me to see how my state of being/vibration would effect my thoughts, but I can’t figure out how I could change my vibration without changing those thoughts?

        And true, it’s not my thinking/feeling that ‘comes back to me’, it’s what vibration I am at. Reading that now makes me see that’s not the right wording. It is so intermingled in my mind it’s hard to separate vibration, thought and feeling.

        • You have used your thoughts and feelings to increase or decrease the intensity of your vibration.

          We see the same vibration because we are in the same vibrational level. This vibration may be perceived as an object (or a mental object-this blog), or a situation. Let’s say, one man wants to see a suicidal wreck to make fun of him, and a suicidal wreck wants to meet a stronger man who will make fun of him. Those two meet. They see the same situation-the same vibration. That’s the truth in that level. The emotions they experience may be vastly different. The conclusions they draw may be different too. The man who wants to make fun of the other may want to reassure himself that he is fine and better than the other man. The suicidal wreck might want to validate his belief that he is unworthy and no matter what he does, people will continue to make fun of him.

          They manifested this situation, they allowed themselves to experience the same vibration-they emitted the same vibration and saw it with their eyes. But they don’t realise that what they saw is not random. It didn’t just happen. It happened because they were self-hypnotised to experience it according to their beliefs.

          Their thoughts depend on the vibration. If one of them starts thinking of the sea and how wonderful it would be if he was on a ship cruising the ocean, he is either mad or he is not living in the moment. He is daydreaming. But his thoughts of the sea do not change the vibration. He is still in a place where there are two people with different beliefs, one man happy, the other one sad. If one of them decides that he has had enough and realises that he can change that vibration (his surroundings or the way he feels about them), then he will have to go away or stay and do something else. Will his ego tell him that he is better? That he should stay there and argue endlessly and fight? The vibration won’t change. Will he listen to his heart that he has no business staying there and there are joys and experiencies beyond his current spectrum of available thoughts? He will be blessed.

          The problem is that when we are in dark places and we think it’s our duty to stay there, we reinforce the same frequency until it’s so “real” that we tend to forget all other things. That’s why we use the thinking process to reach thoughts outside of that range. If we use the intellectual inside that range, we are using our thinking against ourselves.

          We too, right here, we are manifesting (we are allowing ourselves to experience) the same vibration (blog). If we lived without pc or electricity then we wouldn’t have access to this vibration and the manifestation of the thought that we might have access to a blog with useful information might be useless. Do we experience it in the same way? You may be here to validate a belief or to experience the experience of gaining knowledge to accomplish something else (this vibration gets filtered through you according to your intention and your beliefs-consciously or unconsciously). If you come back again later and read it again, you may pay more attention to something else that you may miss now and realise something else according to the other intention you may have.

          That’s how I get it.

          • Tony,

            Without a doubt we get ‘stuck’ in our perceived reality. Perception is everything, yet can be difficult to shift. But once it shifts, you can’t go back. It’s a new reality. I want to make it my intention to live in a reality without limiting conscious/unconscious beliefs and negative conditioning…

            So why haven’t I? Is it fear, lack of understanding, my vibration is not there yet, I don’t believe I can? What you say makes perfect sense. It clarifies my questions, but I haven’t found my answer yet. But I am getting closer. πŸ™‚

          • Hey,

            You don’t have to be better. You’re just a human being getting out of her comfort zone.
            This is the part people give up. This feeling should be your friend. It’s a sign that tells you that you have started the real job.
            Get used to it.
            When I feel like this, I just remember that I need to rest. I don’t push more at that moment, I’m just cautious not to go back. When you’ll feel stronger you will be amazed.
            I read this in one blog and I liked it very much:
            “You have to be your best coach and your best fan”
            Honour your feelings, there’s nothing wrong with what you feel right now.

          • Tony,
            The resting part is something I am just starting to learn about. I hit a rough spot about three weeks ago, like I was overwhelmed and going no where fast. It took a few days of stress before I finally stopped thinking about it. Then I just relaxed and kinda shut down and stopped pushing. And like you said, after a day or so I felt soooo much better. New thoughts, ideas, feelings. I just need to keep remembering this!
            Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

          • You are welcome.
            Sleep is totally underestimated.
            If you want to make some serious realizations, I would recommend lifting weights.
            If you don’t lift already, try it. Not in a stressful way “no pain, no gain”, holding your breath and exhausting yourself.
            But in a way which seems more like meditation. Feeling the way the muscle slowly contracts, gently obeying the mind, paying attention to the breathing, inhaling on the negative,exhaling on the positive, being calm yet alert. It can keep you strong and you’ll notice the spots of your body that are tense. Where we tense,we leave our power. Quadriceps, glutes, abdominals and upper-back and neck suffer from our modern way of living.

            When I find myself in a semi-awakened state, tired and afraid of going back to old habbits, especially after a meaningless conversation with a person I’m not willing to sacrifice to make my life easier, I find this kind of excercise refreshing.

    • nay, please read my comment below — I wrote in response to your comment, but I hit the wrong “reply” tag and posted my reply to the main article instead of to your comment. thanks! πŸ™‚

  • If you used ‘killing’ instead of ‘murder’ at the begining, your analogy is good. Murder by definition is the killing of someone during the commission of a crime or with criminal intent. If you kill someone defending yourself, because of mental incompacity or it was accidental than by definition it is not murder. I make this point because intent is important here. Karma may not be a universal law but when you have caused intentional harm because of your ‘suffering’ and than realize that your ‘suffering’ is what made you act out, than yes you can become whole again. But than your deed could not be dismissed easily from your mind if you are indeed whole again. That would be your ‘karma’. = )

    • Hey Tony,

      So, to you, Karma is the process you go through to release the suffering and ultimately become whole again? I’ll buy that. πŸ™‚

      I love how people are offering more vibrationally aligned definitions of Karma here! Yay!

      Huge hugs,


      • Actually, I’m agreeing with you that Karma doesn’t actually exist. You can change everything with your thinking. I’m just saying that if you cold bloodedly murdered someone during your ‘suffering’ and than let go of your ‘suffering’ by changing your way of thinking, the violent act you did would still stay in your mind and that would be your ‘karma’.

        • Ah yes, but if you were still holding on to the violent act (guilt, shame, etc), that would still be suffering. So, if you were to transcend ALL suffering, no more karma. Ha. (I know. Cheeky monkey…)

          Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody, interesting article and thanks for addressing this πŸ™‚ What you said about certain religionists making people feel guilty for even being born did strike a chord with me. However I’m going to have to disagree on the subject of karma existing because if it doesn’t, how do you explain this commonly experienced phenomena? (The ‘life trial’ many people claim to have experienced in near-death experiences?) Here’s the link here: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research24.html

    • Interesting stuff Louize! I read some of the stories & they were truly fascinating. Life reviews sound awesome! I noticed a lot of similar themes that Melody discusses & that are parallel to LOA, but the whole creating negative karma thing feels off to me and I’ll tell you the main reason why (other then the fact that it doesn’t feel good lol). It doesn’t seem right that these people talk about experiencing such unconditionally pure love & light & then say….o yeah & we can be punished for our deeds & reverse our own evolvement. How could such a truth be possible when all there is, is pure love. Interested to hear what Melody has to say about this.

    • Hey Louize,

      Well, I can only give you my take on life reviews:

      Near death is not death. It’s a partial withdrawal from the physical body and this particular perspective, where you then have the ability to leap (and yes, it is a quantum leap) to a broader perspective. But, you’re still very much connected to your body. So, you get access to this higher vibration, which comes with insights. You manifest more clarity. When you “return” your focus to your body, your brain then translates the energy you had access to your received. And that translation will make sense to you. It will make sense of the massive shift you just experienced – your mind will then understand what happened emotionally. It will all seem seamless, of course, and you may even think that you had an emotional reaction because of the intellectual understanding you achieved, but it was actually the other way around.

      No one actually almost dies. We either die or we don’t. Our hearts may stop, but if we recover, it was because we did not actually withdraw our focus from our bodies. We didn’t transition.

      I’ve actually experienced such a life review moment, and I’ve never been dead nor nearly dead. It was during a shamanic ritual. I saw every moment of my life laid out before me and understood the importance of each one. And I realized how perfect each moment had been, how utterly important. How nothing is wasted. Not a second, not a breath, not an encounter. And although I couldn’t hold on to the incredible amount of detail I experienced (I really saw my whole life!) when my focus returned to the here and now, the experience remained. And yes, it changed me profoundly. I had reached a new level of consciousness. Even though, upon my “return”, I wasn’t quite at that level of clarity anymore, I was much, much higher than I’d been before. It was a quantum leap.

      You see whatever you need to see in order to shift your vibration. And the near death experience and shift are manifestations – drastic ones. Often, people experience profound personality shifts after such an experience. Well, of course they do. They’ve experienced a massive shift in their vibration! πŸ™‚

      I hope that makes sense.

      Huge hugs!

  • I was shocked to read this article. It is a good read. You are right, karma is not some deity or force waiting in our closets to paddle our behinds. In the context, everyone seems very confused about the word karma.

    Karma and LOA are intertwined. Karma (the real thing verse the T-Shirt “Karma is a bitch”) is the action behind the law of cause and effect especially when speaking in Buddhist and Jainist terms. (Hindu karma maybe different but not that much. I can’t speak with certainty because I am not that versed in Hinduism.) Karma is not retribution. It isn’t even the boomerang effect. Karma is inspired action, each action has an effect.

    It talks about the “invisible and visible” causes that create suffering. It kinda sounds like retribution but it is not. In LOA, you are taught that you need to get to those higher vibes to attract what you want. If you are poor, it’s because you have a subconsciousness saboteur in your head who is telling you “rich people are arses and you don’t want to be that”.

    From what I understand of karma (the action), you create each action for the effect or consequence because you need the outcome. You create each outcome till you are able and available to live in a realm of total acceptance. The suffering only arises when we struggle and fight against what is in the now. (I am poor but wish I were rich but rich people are arses so I don’t want to be one of those… but I want to be rich but I am poor…On and on) The fight is actually the pain. Karma (the action) resulting from this internal struggle might be that you blew your rent on lottery tickets. The action was inspired but it was inspired by the struggle.

    Raising your karma or the chance of inspired action is always good. Smile. Be nice to people. Pick up liter. Be grateful. These are a few things I can think of off the top of my head. These raise your vibes. They make you feel good and you don’t expect a return. (A huge thing in karma building)

    Past life karma? I actually don’t know. I only live in this life. According to Burt Goldman, we can link with your other dimensional self, the one who has/knows what you need. Are we still being inspired by the last time around? Maybe but it’s like asking are we being inspired by the migration of the South American swallow. It’s possible but is it actually important to your now? If you live in the now, the probability of being influenced by the past or past life is virtually nil.

    Obtaining enlightenment, accept without judgement. Desire while releasing desire. (Using desire as an idea of a direction then using karma, inspired action) Here is a big one that LOA dances around slightly, not waiting while waiting. Basically, you want something, picture it but not wait for it. (Not sitting on a mountain wanting and waiting. Karma and LOA would assume you like being on the mountain wanting and waiting or otherwise you wouldn’t be there wanting and waiting.) Being happy or content in the now, the desires of life will come to you. Karma will show you the direction.

    • Hello Dusty,
      I like it when I read Melody’s blog post and receive clarification on something other than what the post is about.

      One thing you highlighted for me and one I needed clarity on… “If you are poor, it’s because you have a subconsciousness saboteur in your head who is telling you β€œrich people are arses and you don’t want to be that”.

      Need I say I am not poor, but somewhere in my psyche, I’ve had this notion that money brings arrogance, and guess what, I have attracted just those types of people. I remember I had an experience once with a very wealthy person and their arrogance got the better of me.

      I started to question myself, hoping “when” I’m wealthy, I really hope I won’t be arrogant, I didn’t like the feeling the experience left me with and it really really bugged me for ages.

      My father came into wealth when I was growing up and I didn’t like what it did to him…more to this than I’ve said but you get the picture.
      Thank you !

      • Hi Tinu,

        I can relate to this, and so many others can to! I think there needs to be a blog or website dedicated to good, rich people, to change this reputation, and hammer it deep into our subconcious minds.

        I know there are plenty of good, rich people, but am overwhelmed by the amount of people with money arrogance. It’s really hard to shake this belief, especially when, as you say, you met them in person, and there’s just something really off about them.

        I know that what really happened, was they were already arrogant, and the money just gave them more power to act it out.
        I know this at a conscious level.

        And the fact that with money you can literally “buy” other people, rich men “buy” women, prostitutes, dancers, maids, people to clean your toilet… well they are only having sex with you because of money!

        So it seems like you can have wreckless power with it. The amount of men I heard say all the gross things they’d “buy” with money…..argh….

        Or the Yakuza buying their way up the medical chain…getting ahead in the que for replacement livers…

        I also love money, because I see all the good it can do. Buy nice food, clothes, take the stress away or rent and bills, clear debt, pay for holiday, have fun, go out with friends, afford things you want… Get you out of dead end jobs…hey, if you didn’t have to worry about money…my God! The freedom!!!

        I tried to change these beliefs, but the less money you have, the more stress gets piled on the subject, and anger when you see wasteful things.. It takes so much willpower not to feel negative, when you don’t know how to pay a bill, and you see someone literally carelessly spend money..and you can’t help but think “oh, I’d have paid my bill with that money you just gambled away.” It’s not judgement, its more like a sadness, or wince factor.

        I don’t think I’d become like that. I already know what I’d do with money would be fun and positive. There’s even a few people I want to help, out of joy, not obligation.

        I’m not sure what my issue is, seeing I know I’d never be corrupted by money, and I know I’m not a natural jerk. I’m more of a natural nice-guy, if I did anything arrogant, it would be shouting people things they want, and feeling proud abouit that.

        Another reason karma isn’t real, because if you based it off what I’d honesty do VS my beliefs, I should be swimming in cash! πŸ™‚ I know that’s severely tooting my own horn…but I feel its true.

        • Alice,
          I’m just asking to make sure I got the gist of what you are saying… Rich people are arrogant bastards who are brutal, cruel and use their position to manipulate the population. Good people are stepped on. You are a good person. Why aren’t you rich?

          • I’m shocked…I thought this was Tony…wow….Dusty…no….that’s not what I said…reading comprehension…..

          • Thank you. That’s why I asked for clarification. I had been reading on the computer long enough words were blending together. Long night.

            Nice rich people, Anderson Cooper. Bill Gates, believe it or not, has done so much for schools. He and his wife have sponsored several vaccination centers. Betty Ford. Gloria Steinem. Those are just the famous people. Most absolutely, blindingly rich people think of themselves as normal. They acknowledge they have a buncha bucks but that isn’t what makes them who they are. It truly is the mind set.

          • Everyone knows Bill Gates is nice dude. πŸ™‚ I guess I wasn’t thinking of them, because they are exceptions, like so rich I can’t even fathom it.

            With me there is also the difference between self-made rich, with a goal, for something they are passionate about, or the rich just wanting to be rich for the sake of being rich.
            (like being involved with a job about money, to make money, for the sake of money… there’s no ambition other than money, its not attractive)

            I admire creativity, passion and a big goal. I admire J.K. Rowling for example, making money from books, she created herself, from imagination and hard work.
            Her goal wasn’t about money, it was about creating the type of tale she’d love to read.
            She never expected it to get that big. Its a really lovely way to become rich.
            It also is a credit to literature.

            But if people do it for bragging rights, or little pieces of paper..it just seems pointless.

            (like are they still trying to win the approval of parents of something? Who? What is the point? Why do we need to know what they earn, no-one cares but the person that is bragging. Its insecurity.)

            So it depends on the type of rich, and the point. That depends if I am impressed or not.
            Being from a rich family isn’t impressive, because it wasn’t created by a brilliant mind.
            I don’t begrudge the person, I’m just not bedazzled by it.

            Now also I said that people are already arrogant, not rich people, and that if someone is a bad apple, money will just give them more power to express that.
            Likewise, if someone is a good person, money will just help to propel their passions, and ability to chase dreams, help others and really shine.

            Similarly, I love hand-made gifts and things people made from time and effort, so its just my personality to be sentimental and not attracted to really flashy things.
            It just doesn’t impress me, because you can’t buy certain things.

            So the rich artist guy would win my heart better with a painting he designed for me, rather than selling the painting and just handing me a wad of cash…that would be depressing and thoughtless.

            So I see money as neutral, but powerful, something that you could do great or terrible things.
            It can also highlight good or bad traits like being petty, not good at sharing, domineering, generous, stingy, caring, helpful…whatever.

      • Tinu,

        My mom had the bucks growing up but I didn’t know it. It wasn’t until I got out in the workforce that I realized how fortunate we were.

        There might have been that arrogance that you speak about in me. When I was 17, I got a job paying three times the minimum wadge. I’m a think’n I am all that and a bag of cool ranch Doritos. I strut up to my mom, letting her know IZ the rich woman. She looks at my pay stub giving me the “aww you are cute when you are deluded” smile. She shows me her pay stub. I ALMOST made as much as she paid in taxes.

        • Hey Dusty, I’m certain there are ton loads of very warm, friendly pleasant wealthy people out there. What’s happening to me though is because of the resistance or can I say the experience growing up with money left me with, is something I need to let go off, and could be slowing down my own financial growth pogress. Also because of these resistance, my recent experience had to get me so bugged down, leaving me with a bad taste. Now I know, all the experience was doing, is showing me, a resistance or limited belief I had to be rid off. Melody has said this so many times, and you get to know it and understand it when it happens to you.

          Sure my dad and mum were not bad or arrogant when they came into wealth, more the opposite too generous to a fault. There were just certain things you absorb as a child growing up, more on my dad though, I wasn’t happy with and the adverse effect it left on my family, well, on me in this case.

          • Hey there,
            I tried to offer some understanding on some perspectives, but as you can see from the reponse above, people get really personal, which isn’t pleasant at all. Please don’t be sad if I have to leave this conversation. πŸ™‚

          • Wealth is always a matter of perspective. My daughter makes a whole whopping $100 bucks plus tips a week. (She plays harp at the local coffee bar) She still lives at home while going to college so her needs are met. She believes she’s doing darn skippy. She thinks I am being mean by demanding that she put $20 in a savings account every week.

            My first brush with the “class war” was with my half brother on my dad’s side. He had been out of work, a usual state for him. He asked me for a large amount of money. I called my bank, made sure I could obtain that through a personal loan. He went out to the car because he had a friend in the car he wouldn’t bring in the house. I heard him telling his friend there was no way he was going to pay me back because I wasn’t hurting.

            Once he came back in, I told him I needed his account number for my lawyer just in case he defaulted on the loan I was giving him. He called me names, said that I was just greedy and left without the money. He didn’t want the money if he had to pay it back. He believed he deserved what I had because in his eyes, I had more than enough. He made nothing so asking me for a sixth of my income shouldn’t be a problem.

            Because I listened to his idea of me, I made less than that the next year. Once I realized where the “rich people bad” came from, I could shake it off. Get back into my mindset so my kids don’t want for the essentials. Toys, they can work off because someday I won’t be around. They need to know how to do it for themselves. (Okay, the 22 year old. The 9 year old and 2 year old… Mom and Dad are still Santa)

  • i wish karma existed as my sister has been out there trying to destroy me. i just cant believe she would get away with it, because she is a happy person yet very evil and manipulative. i am depressed as a result of her sctions as she ruined my relationship with my inlaws my father and she is outcasting my son..this conniving person is getting away with murder…please tell me why she wont get what she deservesas she hasnt yet

    • Hey Hope,

      Your sister is mirroring your own vibration back to you – your experience of her actions is your manifestation (not her actions, your experience of them). You are drawing her into your reality. Don’t put your focus on her. I know that’s difficult now that she’s so large in your reality, but find ways to feel good. Be angry with her, but don’t focus on what she needs to do for you to feel better. Just feel better. There’s something you need to let go of here and she’s showing you that.
      Is she a good person? Maybe not. But she’s a good soul. And it’s her soul that’s agreed to show you what you need to release. Perhaps it’ll be easier for you to deal with her on that level.

      You’re immersed in a vibration of powerlessness when it comes to her. This is what you want to shift. That’s it in a nutshell anyway. It’s not about her, or what needs to be done to her. It’s about you and your experience. Always.

      Huge hugs,


      • Dear Melody,

        Its people like you that give me hope in this world, you have no idea how happy i am just to know that there are people like you that exist in this world. I love you and i dont even know you! thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my distressed message. you are truly a gem of a human:) your message realy helps! take care and please let me know if there is anything i can ever do for you

        Warm Regards,

  • Love this post, Melody, especially the *cursing.* πŸ˜› (Yeah, I feel strongly about this stuff, too.)

    I think the main problem for most of humanity is that we are taught NOT TO FEEL DESERVING of anything good. When someone compliments us, we say, “Oh, I’m not really that” instead of “Thanks! I AM all that. And it feels really good! And by the way, same to you!”

    Here’s a cool example of that in action. My husband is a singer, and though we are not church-goers, he occasionally sings in a church choir. (The choirmaster is one of our best friends.)

    The song that elicits the strongest response from the congregation (and the choir) is called “You Are Worthy. (Worthy of All God’s Love.)”

    People weep tears of relief and joy when they hear those reassuring words.

    • Oh, that’s beautiful Delving Eye! We all want to feel worthy, but we so often don’t give ourselves permission to. It is a big shift from what we’ve been taught about ourselves.

      But people really, really love the idea and when they go with it, they can actually start to feel that way. Your husband is doing great work! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,

  • Great article Melody!

    I was reading yesterday on the subject of how to improve my karma and it struck me strange that I could be a victim of a previous life experience. I thought that there must be a more loving and kind universe than this to punish one for a previous act in another life.

    Thanks for setting the record straight about karma. I feel much better now!

  • “… if that former unhappy bastard manages to find joy, the Universe doesn’t throw down the towel in disgust and yell at the TV about how unfair that is. The Universe rejoices!”

    This reminded me instantly of the parable of the Prodigal Son. πŸ™‚ I’ve never really understood that story, reading it through my filter of judgement and ideas of “deserving” — it just now occurs to me this story must be tough for churches to teach! haha! How to convey obedience to church and dogma (deserving), when so clearly with this parable Jesus, himself, was illustrating the idea of “worthy” and always being holy, no dogma or penance/repentance required! πŸ™‚

    hmmm…. still thinking on this one! Thanks Melody!!

    • Oooh, good point Kim! Well, I think religion is often full of such contradictions. Often, I think they that they hold Jesus up as an ideal, but then kind of also say that we’re never going to meet that standard. For example, Jesus taught tolerance and turn the other cheek, and including EVERYONE. The church generally follows and teaches none of those. Quite the opposite, in fact. This is what drove me crazy as a child.

      Also, selling worthiness is a great way to make money, ha, ha.

      Huge hugs!

      • And if they taught how Jesus truly was as a human, religions would I suppose run into the same problem. It’s not like he was perfect. It’s my understanding he didn’t bother to heal those who didn’t believe in his abilities. In fact some folks names I think.

        He also had a temper. All this being said of course, I’m speaking of the historical Jesus, not the biblical one. In addition, no one REALLY knows if he even really existed.

        A good point made in Religulous (the documentary) is how the story of Jesus in the bible matches so many other “gods” in mythology and other religions.

        • Good point, Laura. I personally do believe Jesus existed, and that he was a powerful healer, a high vibrational human and a great teacher. Beyond that, I think a lot of what’s in the bible has been made up. I don’t really mind when people want to pray to Jesus or believe everything the bible says. I just wonder why they insist on doing it in a way that actually doesn’t feel good… And I think that’s what a lot of those people are starting to wonder, as well. πŸ™‚

    • Hey KimS,

      Thanks for mentioning that Bible story. I think the father was kind and loving, but feel the older son was kinda taken for granted and can understand why that would feel unfair.
      It reminds me of a family where the siblings went through depression, and one took drugs and got rehab. Everyone was happy for the recovery, but it was a bit sad the other depressed son didn’t get a pat on the back for his own pain and dealing with it in an invisible manner…they all praised the recovered drug addict!

      I feel both people deserve acknowledgement, including the son that was always “good”, because we can’t asume it was easy for him not to go off like the younger son. They might have been lost in a mental battle, that no-one else saw…

  • I think that, like other things governed by the LOA, the karma effect becomes more predominant the more you focus on it. If I cut someone off in traffic, and I’m thinking about how bad I feel about it, I might in turn get cut off myself later in my commute. If I slow down to let someone merge, I might be feeling good because I’ve done good, so later something good will come back to me. I don’t think that we’re punished by some unseen judge in one life for something bad we did in another life, but on a small, day-to-day basis, I think that if we expect that (a) there are scales, and (b) the scales will be balanced, they generally will be, because that’s where we’re turning our attention. And if I do cut someone off, feel bad, and then get cut off in return later, maybe that’s what it takes for me to forgive myself and move to a higher vibration. I know that’s not ideal, but the idea of karma might allow some people to move on from a bad deed/low vibration when they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. So… I guess what I’m saying is that karma can be a reality for a person if they believe it is, for good or for bad.
    And also, re-reading this, I notice that I seem to be interpreting “karma” as “car-ma,” since my examples are all about driving. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Andrea,

      that’s a really good point. There was a time when the idea of Karma was the highest thought we had access to (on a mass scale), so it represented a high vibration. And, even now, it can be of great comfort, depending on the vibration of the individual. But now, there are many who have evolved beyond that point and to whom karma doesn’t feel all that great anymore. That doesn’t mean it can’t still be helpful to many. πŸ™‚

      Ah yes, car-ma. That’s fitting! A lot of people experience karma or the longing for it while driving, ha, ha.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,
    Thanks for posting this. I agree too , karma is just frightening and the main reason why I hate eastern religion.
    But I got a question, you said the universe doesn’t judge. So what about a serial killer who sadistically murders people and torture them? Won’t the serial killer get some kind of punishment by some force? It’s weird to think that these people world be getting away with the perverted things they done.


    • Hey Arils,

      Well, this is the toughest pill to swallow. Serial killers are also not judged. No one is. They are steeped in suffering, feeling the pain themselves and part of a world of pain (the victims, the pain that’s passed on) and the vibrations that attract it on all sides. They are already in hell. There is no need to punish.

      There is no “getting away” with anything. Think about it: you may ask “so, it’s ok to go out and hurt others?” And I would answer, it’s not about it being ok. What would have to happen for you to WANT to go out and hurt others? To actually do it, not just theoretically talk about it? You wouldn’t just go out and hurt people if I gave you permission to do it, that’s saying that you and everyone else naturally wants to hurt others and the only reason they don’t is because someone said it’s not ok. It’s saying that our natural state is one of chaos and hatred and pain. And that’s not true. Our natural state is one of love.
      Have you ever actually tried to hurt someone or something? It’s not easy. Depending on what vibration you’re at, it can be impossible (as I’ve raised my vibration, I’ve come to the point where it’s hard for me to even squish bugs. They have to really piss me off, otherwise I just take them outside). Those who are able to hurt someone have to be in a place so dark and painful that the idea of hurting others is no longer so uncomfortable by comparison.

      So, how do you stop someone like that from hurting others? By “punishing” them and hurting them some more, increasing their pain and giving them MORE incentive to hurt again? Or by raising their vibration, making it too uncomfortable for them to go against Who They Really Are, so inflicting pain is just not an option for them anymore. They can’t bring themselves to do it anymore. They see other ways to feel better, which they didn’t before.

      When you see a small child throwing a tantrum, you may look at them and think “What a brat. Someone should smack that kid.” Or, you may realize that the child is tired and hungry and has the flu. In that case, you’d think “Awww, someone should hug that kid and make him feel better.”

      The Universe knows that when humans throw tantrums (and lash out and hurt each other), it’s because of their pain. It sees the reasons and feels compassion and love.

      It’s not easy to surpass judgment and it necessitates taking a BIG picture view. But either our natural state is hate or it’s love. And if it’s always love, it has to be ALWAYS love, even when it comes to serial killers.

      I hope that helped.

      Huge hugs,

      • hmmm… There are many people in pain. Sometimes so much poain they smile at the idea of falling asleep and peacefully dying in said sleep. They are miserable. But they still don’t hurt other people, despite being so torn up inside, so sad.

        There are people that have been raped, bashed, humiluated, broke, in debt, sick…they led a life of pain, that never seems to end. Their vibration is low. But they still get sad about squishing a spider or hurting someones feelings.

        I think low vibration and being in pain are two different things. You can get a really sweet person that is sick and miserable, but they wouldn’t hurt a fly.

        For a serial killer they’d have to have both the pain, and the personality to go with it, as there are POW people that are still kind to others despite being tortured.

        • And personally, the more sad I am,…which is further from Who-I-Really-Am….right??
          Then how come a sad person, far away from their soul, seems to have more heart and soul?

          So how come in my case, the sadder I am, the worse the idea of hurting others feels to me?
          When I’ve been depressed, I cried about accidently stepping on an ant, or hurting someones’ feelings. It feels worse!

          Happy and confident, I’m more likely to shrug off hurting someone else, with a simple apology, but not really care that much…..
          In fact I’d be more likely to laugh about it and say, “oh well” feeling sad, I’d deem that as a really awful thing to do.

          • I also noticed depressed people to be quite conscientious and considerate of others feelings.
            They say things like: “I’d never want anyone to feel like this!” and are careful about others, and kind to them.

            Then I look at that nice, but sad person, brow etched with worry, and WISH that karma were true, as they DESERVE to be happy, but they aren’t. You just want to give them the world…

          • Alice,

            Low vibration is relative. How you feel is always a product of where your current vibration is in relation to that of Who You Really Are. And no two people will manifest their “low” vibrations the same way. So, you can’t say that everyone in suffering will hurt others. But you can say, anyone who hurts others is in suffering. But there are also those who hurt themselves (either physically or emotionally). And those who swallow their pain. Everyone is different in that regard.


        • Serial killers are a different breed. Most people try to imagine that the killer was a psychologically fully functioning person who was bullied or something to make them that way. Some were but not all. Usually they have a disorder, a lack of empathy, grandiose sense of self, lack of remorse, no guilt or shame, shallow emotions, need of stimulation and lack the ability to feel love. True serial killers are motivated by some form of sexual intent even if the crime was not sexual in nature. (No, I didn’t learn this stuff from CSI or any other cop show.) There is usually some form of prefrontal cortex because emotional states are important for regulating behaviors.

          Not all of us have the potential to be serial killers.

          • “For a serial killer they’d have to have both the pain, and the personality to go with it.”
            I wouldn’t think you got it off CSI. πŸ˜‰ I’d think CSI borrows from psychology, and makes it sensational.
            Why did the universe create indiviuals like this, if it’s intention is to always move people upwards?:

            “a lack of empathy, grandiose sense of self, lack of remorse, no guilt or shame, shallow emotions, need of stimulation and lack the ability to feel love.”

            I often wonder this in regards to true psychopaths, because that is faulty hardward, they are born with, rather than corrupted software….Deliberately created with faulty hardware, that is harmful to humanity!

          • One school of thought is there is no wrong in the universe. It unfolds as it should the only thing that makes things wrong is our perception of right and wrong.

            Another school of thought states, we need tragic events to guide us to the next phase of our evolution.

            The third option is there is the idea of the collective unconscious. We all share this state of one mind. The only reason we are separate is we believe it to be so. The pyscho killer is just another aspect of our nature.

            The last option is things happen because they happen.

            Every species has its own rogue aspects. There are chimps, usually males, that kill other chimps. Lions, fish and even dolphins (oh no not dolphins) have had a form of being that didn’t conform, in a bad way, to social convention. This rogue is usually killed.

  • Ah Melody! You’re talking about fairness, or what we want to believe is that life is somehow “fair”! We do need to make sense of what happens to us and by others who hurt us. Believing in Karma is a simple way to process it to level the playing field again.

    You said it:

    “There is no judgment. There is no tally sheet. And, there is no boomerang. When bad things happen to you it’s not to punish you and it’s not because you deserved it. ”

    How how how can we believe in a loving Creator and believe He/She is a judge? πŸ™‚

    Well explained! I could read it fast as I could “hear” your post in my head in your voice as I read it and I believe you were typing fast! LOL

    • Hey Lori,

      Yep, the posts do tend to come through at top speed. I was on a plane once, writing the post and I found the man next to me staring at my hands. He was fascinated with how quickly I was typing (I’m not a savant or anything, but when I really get going, I’m pretty fast, and type with all 10 fingers). I’m not nearly as fast when I’m writing something else or paying attention to my typing. But when the energy is flowing, watch out! πŸ™‚

      I think LOA is truly fair. It’s the same for everyone. A system built on deserving isn’t fair at all. LOA is the only explanation I’ve ever found where everyone has the ability to get what they want and where we actually have control over our experience. And isn’t that ultimately all we want?

      Huge hugs!


  • The subject of karma flashed through my mind about an hour before i even knew you had posted this. I’m not surprised any more. I’ve gone from WOW! that’s amazing, to YEP! That’s Melody for you. Thanks for sharing this, although it’s along the lines of what i believe, i feel even more educated on the subject now. kind regards, shaun

    • Thanks Shaun! And lol, that’s too funny. Actually, it’s Shaun for you. You lined up with the same energy I did, that’s all. So, we’re just on the same vibrational level. And isn’t it fun here? πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • As always, great picture and love the bullshit fairy approval! Very nice post confirming things I’ve suspected. Can’t people just be happy? The world would be so much better. You’d think it would be the easiest thing in the world, but, alas, tangled webs are weaved leading to more entanglements.

    So it is always up to us to get away from bad situations and people who don’t vibe with us because some are really deep in misery and powerlessness. And, as happy shiny puppies, we can go on being ourselves and spreading more light!

    • I love it, Kat. Can’t people just be happy? Apparently, some can’t. Not yet, anyway. But we’re waking up, letting go of old beliefs and the day will come when we can answer that question with “Yes! Yes they can!” πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!


  • Amazing post….and of course I was just thinking about this issue yesterday! I was a believer of the Law of Give and Receive but it didn’t always explain things as nicely as LOA- especially in the case of serial killers who get away with their atrocities for years!

    I love reading your posts in the morning before heading to work ….and who doesn’t love happy happy Susie! Yay!

  • Nice post. Had this very same talk at the Zen center. My points were corresponding with yours, though at times different wordage. Was not heard, the go to counter technique used was your description of “the boomerang effect.”…..as said in the great movie “role models”, “chin-chin, oh by the way this stuff is poison.”.. People keep drinking the idea of judgment, in this case Karma down. Repent ye sinners haha


    • Hey Brian,

      What’s weird to me is that Buddhism preaches non-judgment in many ways, yet Karma prevails. The problem is that the majority of the population isn’t ready to let go of judgment. It’s still too satisfying to think that bad people get punished. Of course, then someone has to decide that we are bad, and determine where the line between bad and good is. I only we could all agree on that… πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Huge hugs,

  • Karma has such a bad reputation? Poor thing. Pretty much define it like the Bob part. You get more of all that clutter where you’re attention roams. Livin’ your life hating and giving others hell… yeah, what goes around comes around. Or is around. It’s not a judgmental thing, it’s a happy people don’t run around hurting others thing. It’s people to stay away from on the quest for a higher and higher vibration. Don’t match, don’t do, try something else. Like moving to another country. We need more Happy Susies.
    You were kidding with the “no sarcasm” right? Right?!
    Karma is evil, spelled backwards XD

      • This is huge for me. I have noticed some of the biggest jerks don’t just seem happy, they ARE happy.
        I don’t think it’s a fake mask they put on to impress people and secretly cry at night, these people have lots of friends, money, a job, a house, dignity, and get away with laughing at others and being a big bully, jerkoff!

        But guess what! They are happy with all their stuff, their good health and FRIENDS! Poeple like them…..
        Quote from one badass jerk: “life is sweeeet”

        And some of these are in security, police force, upper management…traditionally jerky roles of society…
        And they are NOT nice to others. And smile while they are being not-nice.

        One of these guys is really rich and have many people love and admire him!!! But seriously he’s such a jerk!!!!

        It just makes no sense. That’s how I know karma doesn’t exist because people like Mr.Jerkwad exist…happier & more fortunate than me!!!

        Oh and don’t get me started on the person I know that feel no guilt about the idea of becoming A PROPERTY INVESTOR and LANDLORD, and is already making jokes about evicting people!!
        Yet they are happy, happy with their plan to make people homeless…

        Where is the love? eh?

        • Now THAT was real sarcasm! πŸ™‚

          Melody, you are so nice, your version of sarcasm is really sweet! πŸ™‚

          But in all seriousness, I am not impressed with people planning to evict others and make money from it… that seems like a lame, mean career choice.

          • It is mean, Alice. Happy people are not mean. One of the biggest insights I’ve ever had was to realize that I could not ever judge how someone else is feeling. And that people can seem happy and like they’ve got it all together, and be secretly miserable. People wake up all the time and realize that they’ve been miserable for years and didn’t even know it. They just glossed over everything. And yet, how they really felt festered underneath.

            Why not stop focusing so much on other people and giving them our power, and focus on ourselves and take back that power. Because then, we can create what we want, and if those others can’t keep up, they can stay in their own reality. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs!


  • Hey there Melody….I don’t have a long answer here..other than to say -Amen to that! lol

    I’ve never believed in Karma…for similar reasoning…ie…all the ‘judgement’ going on and does the Universe/God/Spirit really seem like the vindictive ‘human’ sort? Never did to me! Thanks for putting it out there for yet another look at Law of Attraction, in action! πŸ™‚

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