Coaching Call #023 has been released today! Today’s topic: Manifesting And Epic Love.

This call is for all those who want to manifest an epic romantic relationship, but have no idea what that looks like. It includes a really detailed process of how to create a visualization that actually addresses your resistance and retunes you to what you want. See the full summary of the call here.

Awesome dude asks: “I listen to a lot of LOA teachers, one being Jack Canfield. Everyone I listen to says don’t take action until you have inspired action, but Jack says the universe rewards action and he says to go out and take action. But what if this is not inspired action? Can’t that hurt you more than help you? Please help me with this.”

The questions of when to take action, whether or not to take action and how we can tell if it’s inspired or not come up quite often around here. So, I’m more than happy to write another post on the subject. It can be a bit confusing, especially when you’ve been well trained to “make it happen” by taking action.

I’ve already published an article, a podcast and several posts in which I explain what inspired action actually is and how it feels (links at the end of this post). So today, I thought I’d do something a little different: I’m going to offer you a new way of looking at action, one that may really help you get a handle on when to take action and when to leave well enough alone. Ready? Here we go:

Breaking down a manifestation

Instead of thinking of yourself as just the boss of the creative process (and NOT the victim of it…), it’s helpful to realize that you’re also a cog in the machine of your own creation. Let me explain:

A day in the life of a manifestation:

  1. You experience something you don’t like. Maybe your car is giving you some trouble.
  2. Even before you know it, the desire for a better functioning car is born.
  3. Your inner being focuses on this desire and matches the frequency of it. It is actually, in that moment, created. All you have to do is line up with that frequency and the experience of a better feeling car is yours.
  4. You may focus on the crappy car for a while and complain about it, but eventually, if you’re a good LOA student, you’ll remember to focus on what you want – a well functioning car.
  5. As you do that, the Universe begins to bring together all the components necessary to bring you that well functioning car – in the way that’s easiest for you to allow.
  6. One of those components may be you, in which case you are inspired to do something, go somewhere, talk to someone, etc.
  7. You may begin to see glimpses of the manifestation as it comes closer. You may see your dream car all over the place, or read about someone who won a new car, or meet someone who just bought their dream car. You might be tempted to get jealous to use this evidence to focus on the fact that you don’t yet have your well functioning car, but that would be a BIG mistake.
  8. As long as you stay in a good feeling place and stay in alignment with what you want, the well functioning car will come into your reality.

Your action is a manifestation, too

When we break down the manifesting process this way, we can see that your action is part of the manifestation, or more accurately, it is a manifestation, just one that’s part of a larger one. Your action is a manifestation of your vibration. Always.

So, let’s say that you’re taking some action, but it’s really hard and you’re all frustrated. This is a manifestation of your current vibration. But because it doesn’t feel good, it becomes apparent the vibration which is causing the action you’re taking is nowhere near where you want it to be. In other words, your actions are aligned with your vibration, but not your desire.

When your vibration is aligned with what you want, the actions you’ll take will also match that frequency – they’ll feel good.

All action is technically inspired action

When I use the term “inspired action”, I’m usually talking about action inspired by a high vibration, one that matches what you want. Seen from this new perspective, however, all action is technically inspired action. So, the question becomes less about whether or not the action is inspired, and more about, “What vibration has inspired this action?”, or “What belief has inspired this action?”

Or, to put it even more bluntly, “Where’s my vibration at?”

If the action you want to take feels really, really good to you (in which case, you’re probably not even asking if you should take it, just saying), then it’s being inspired by your alignment with what you want.

If the action you want to take feels frustrating or hard or forced or like obligation, etc., (in which case, you’re probably asking if you should take it because you don’t really want to), then it’s being inspired by your fear or limiting belief.

Let’s look at an example, shall we?

Meet Bob

Bob is running a small business and wants to get more clients. Bob has taken the time to create a vision of a successful, thriving business that feels great. He spends time every day visualizing how amazing it will be, and a lot of the time, he does manage to feel great while doing it. So, he’s attuning himself to what he wants. But, Bob has some resistance, too. He has some beliefs that being successful requires a lot of hard, torturous work, that getting new clients is difficult in this economy, that vendors are a hassle to deal with, etc.

Now, as I said, Bob wants more clients. He devises a marketing plan that he hopes will get him more clients. He advertises and sends out mailings and even does some cold calling. He’s hustling like crazy, and yet, the clients are only trickling in. Not only that, but the new clients he’s getting are all kind of whiney and difficult. What the hell Universe?

If Bob had stopped before creating and implementing that marketing plan and asked himself some simple questions, he could’ve created a very different outcome (and he still can turn it around from here by asking the same questions):

Why am I taking this action?

Bob’s Answer: “Because I want more clients and I think this marketing plan will help me do that.”

How does this action feel? Does it feel closer to fear or joy? Does it seem like it’ll be more of a hassle or that it’ll be really fun?

Bob’s Answer: “Uff. Well that’s a hard one. It definitely doesn’t sound like fun. I guess, if I’m really honest, it feels more like fear. “

What are you afraid will happen if you don’t take this action?

Bob’s Answer: “I’m afraid I won’t get more clients, and that my business won’t expand.”

So, what vibration is inspiring this action? Where’s your vibration at?

Bob’s Answer: “Ooooh. I just got it. I’m focused on “no clients”, aren’t I?”

Bob’s Solution: Scrap the marketing plan, and spend more time lining up with what he wants, which in this case would entail defining his perfect clients (perfect for him), seeing himself happily dealing with tons of perfect, appreciative, affluent clients, and maybe visualizing himself welcoming new clients to his business on a regular basis. He could also possibly visualize hiring help to deal with all the amazing clients he now has (as long as it feels good to do so.)

In other words, Bob’s going to clean up his vibration some more and then see what he’s inspired to do.

But what about Jack Canfield’s suggestion?

Don’t worry, Awesome Dude; I haven’t forgotten about your question. So, why would Jack Canfield suggest that the Universe rewards action and that you should just do something? Well, as I recall from reading some of Jack’s work, he doesn’t actually suggest that you should just go out and do something. He advises that you set a goal (define what you want) and then take some kind of action towards that goal every day. As long as you keep your eye on what you want in a way that feels good, much of that action will naturally be inspired by the vibration of your desire.

Will some or a lot of that action be inspired by fear? Possibly, yes. Will you still get there if you consistently stick with it? Eventually, yes. Taking action inspired by fear won’t ruin your chances of you getting what you want, but it will slow you down. Remember that in each moment, you get a new chance to take a different course. You may have to adjust and readjust that course a few times, but eventually, your inner being will be successful in calling to the frequency of what you want (you will, at some point, get sick of taking frustrated action). Also, if you have a positive expectation that this process will work, it will help you get aligned with what you want, as well, which will make the whole process a bit easier.

I don’t disagree with what Jack Canfield says, I just take it further. I think there are a lot of people out there who aren’t ready for this level of explanation. They’re going to resonate with “set a goal and take action towards it”. You have to be ready to pay attention to how you feel. For some people, that very notion is still very uncomfortable. Jack’s books are designed to appeal to massive audiences. If he goes too deep, he’ll lose that appeal.

I would, however, reword the statement that “The Universe rewards action” to “The Universe rewards aligned action”, (because you guys, being awesome and all, can handle it, damn it!) When you realize that the action is really just a manifestation, then forcing yourself to take action is obviously a reflection of your fear. You’re determined to “make it happen” because you don’t trust that it will, if you don’t get in there and do it with your bare hands. If, however, the action you’re taking feels good, passionate, and/or joyful, then the action you’re taking is being inspired by a high vibration, one that matches what you want. The second type of action will get you where you want to go much, much faster and without all the bumps and bruises.

I also want to point out (again and again) that the process of aligning is a type of action, as well. Focusing is action. Visualizing is action. Aligning IS action. When you are visualizing or meditating or daydreaming or deliberately getting happy, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING. I just wanted to make sure you knew that. πŸ™‚

Bottom line

I’ll probably continue to use the term “inspired action” to represent action inspired by the vibration of what you want. But, ultimately, it’s valuable to understand that all of our actions (and reactions, but that’s another post…) are manifestations of our vibrations. When you ask yourself “Why did I do/eat/drink/say that?”, what you’re really looking for is the answer to “Where was my vibration at?”

Want more?

The following articles and posts also talk about inspired action:

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Now, it’s your turn. How you do determine if the action you want to take is inspired or not? Do you have a litmus test of your own? Share in the comments!

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  • This is amazing, Melody. I now understand more of what you’re saying that the action is just a manifestation. You don’t need to push it. I just need to focus on visualizing on my dream. It has been a long road but I’m now more aware of what I really need to do to make my dreams come true.

    Thank you so much for this post. πŸ™‚

  • Call me a silly old Taoist but what’s wrong with loving your misbehaving car? A bit of TLC goes a long way to getting things to run smoothly. :v

    • Hey Will,

      Nothing at all! In fact, loving your car would be a great way to lining up with more love-worthy car, whether that be the old one working again or a new one coming in.

      Huge hugs,

    • Will,

      I recently did this with the old gas boiler that needed to be replaced in the place we rent, but the landlord did not want to go ahead with it. TLC is the cure. The new one is superb, but sending love to the old one was the key. I think about the lovely things it is now being shaped into.

  • Hi Melody,

    I’m not sure what Jack’s teachings have been like as of late but back in 2007 he explicitly stated to take ONLY inspired action. I recently watched a recording of him (wished I saw it sooner, but that’s another story) on Oprah in 2007 where he said that you don’t say “hell yeah!” to the inspired action, then the answer is a definite “no.”


    • Hey Lucy,

      Thanks for clarifying. I’ve read a couple of his books and in those, he did focus quite a bit of taking some kind of action towards your goals, but didn’t specify it as having to be inspired. I can’t remember which works they were, though (I have books stored on three continents, so it’s not always possible for me to look it up, lol).

      I’ve heard the “hell yea!” quote. I didn’t know it was Jack Canfield’s. Yay! I love it!

      Thanks so much for adding your wisdom here.

      Huge hugs,

      • You’re welcome, Melody. I haven’t read any of Jack’s books outside of Chicken Soup and a couple of business books way back when. If I find that video of him on Oprah, I’ll be sure to post the link.

        Hugs back!

  • Thank you for the post. I believe you should take action or inspired action. With that action that is not “inspired” is better than taking no action at all. Why? because it will lead you somewhere else that you’re able to learn from – good or bad. Life is all about creating experiences and becoming a better person and they way to do that is to take action, make mistakes, and learn. I also, agree with you that if you take action, inspired or not, you can always change your course and move towards the right goals.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Melody,

    I see alot of housewives, saying they don’t have work, but it’s not a cause for concern or getting a crap job just to pay the bills.
    That makes sense seeing they have a husband, with a ring and all that jazz, and he earns enough so that this is not an issue.

    How do we not take “uninspired” action, or actions motivated by fear in the case that husband suddenly took out a divorce or said “sweetheart, I’m not putting up with your mooching anymore, you yell and nag at me…AND you don’t even work…nope, I’m better than this, goodbye!”

    In that case they would have to get work, ASAP, so I don’t really buy into the whole waiting around for inspired action, because you know, you’ll get evicted or the power will get cut off.
    OR What if the husband hits them or cheats or does something they don’t like…well, they are going to need a job to walk out independently and leave.

    And I have seen an interview with “the secret” team including Jack Canfield, and I think he or another man said something about a similar topic, and jokingly said “don’t sit around manifesting then, or they will come and take your furniture!”

    I think this is really important.

    • Hey Alice,

      If immediate action is necessary, I would do whatever feels best (so, get a job, any job and get out).

      But, I would ALSO, take every possible moment and focus on what I want. Really give it my all, do nothing else. Focus, focus, focus and appreciate and feel good and look for anything I could find that would easily allow me to feel better.

      Sometimes, not taking action is so distracting that you can’t ignore it. In that case, just take the action and then get on with the “real” work. If taking action feels like relief, then do it. But don’t forget the actual work that will make things truly better – the focusing and raising of vibration. The nice thing is that almost nothing will focus us more powerfully than emergency situations. I’ve done some of my best work while in emergency situations. Once I’d had enough of the suffering, that is.

      Huge hugs,

      • How did it go?

        I saw this in some depression forum, which is how I found this site in the first place, from some other reader! It looks really good, but I’m afraid that there might be ways this could go wrong. The tracks are free to download, and the instructions are only a few minutes long.

        • I’ve had a chance to check it out a little bit and download the free version. I had dental surgery yesterday and used one of the tracks to work on my nervousness around that (I had one implant before a few years ago and freaked out when I stepped into the operating room. Ok, maybe freakout is a bit strong, but I had an anxiety response, and I didn’t want that again this time). I did one run through, and I was calm as can be during the surgery (I had also visualized it going really well, which it did. Much better than the surgeon had expected). To be fair, the fear associated with the surgery wasn’t all that big anymore, but the PSTEC track did seem to help. I’ll have to try it out on a few more things before I’m ready to give a real opinion, and maybe get the paid version if it seems warranted. But so far, I’m definitely intrigued, that’s for sure. I resonate with this a lot more than with EFT, which is quite effective for many, many people but has never really gotten me personally excited. This shows a lot of promise. If it’s a total winner, I’ll review it via a full blog post here on the site. But I’ll have to do a lot more testing before I’m willing to do that.

          Huge hugs,

          • Ah, that’s very exciting, and I look forward to hearing the verdict. I am happy it has helped so far. My concern was that if you were a poor focuser, your thoughts may drift to happy ones, and that the happy thoughts would be tampered with.
            I also felt it could be a temporary solution. It is effective, therefore removing the negative feelings, but would that be dealing with the cause. Do we need to deal with the cause? Would those negative feelings simply move on to another area of our lives? Would this cause people to feel good about things that they should feel bad about? (in order to make a change) For me, such an effective solution brought up fears about change and the entire meaning of what it is to heal and “deal” with issues. It’s as though you could take the trash out, but you just moved it into the dump. Is it really gone? Do we really want it gone?

          • Hey Veronica,

            If we truly shift, then it’s permanent, so long as we don’t go back to the old way of thinking. WE don’t need to know the cause, we just have to allow the emotion. The only reason we do all that work to find the cause is because the emotion isn’t being allowed. It’s like the mind needs permission to allow it.

            The emotion is caused by a though. If the thought shifts, so does the emotion. If the emotion shifts, the thought has shifted. The emotion then doesn’t get transferred to some other area.

            From what I’ve read, you can use PSTEC to align positively as well. There’s natural process at work here. And any healing modality that actually works is always just supporting and working WITH that natural process (my coaching is the same). If we do that, nothing can go wrong. When you’re moving in the right direction, you can’t mess up your positive vibe. You’re moving towards more positive vibrations. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs!

  • These beliefs manifest some of my actions, my reactions, my acceptance, my resistance:

    The belief that being poor is noble. The belief that it’s not okay to be rich, to have nice things, to have more than I need. The belief that suffering is righteous — and suffering silently is even more righteous. That sacrificing for others is holy. The belief that my life doesn’t belong to me, that I should be infinitely available to others, that I don’t own myself. The belief that if I say β€œno” or β€œI want” that I am selfish and bad.

    The belief that I am powerless. Being afraid of my own power, to be afraid to exercise my power, that if I get what I want, then bad things will happen to me — or that I will ‘eff it all up’, or that someone else will have to do without, or that I will have done something wrong. The belief that I have to give it all away if I do get it bc I’m not supposed to be happy.

    And there it is: I’m not supposed to be happy.

    This may not be the ultimate core program that is keeping me limited, but it certainly is one of them!

    Okay, how to switch that around? So that my core belief is changed. So that I don’t have to keep reminding myself t

    O. M. G. HOLY SHIT. (<— this right here: moment of illumination πŸ™‚ )

    This is not my core belief. This is not my core program. (!!!!!!)(!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    My core program is one that I am supposed to be happy. No — that I AM HAPPY. This other program is a shell, a script running over the top of the core program, modifying the output of the original program and returning the message that being happy is bad and I'm not supposed to be happy.

    Except — I am happy. My core program, my original state of being is one of happiness and joy. Love.

    My other programs are shells. But my core program is one of love and happiness and joy and GOD. God is Me, I am God and everything about Me wonderful!

    Shell scripts — modifying the output of my core program — also modify the manifestation of my life. Core program is love. Actions and reactions are a manifestation, an output of a shell script that has hijacked the output of the core program.

    But the shell script is not the core program. The core program is the Truth. The shell is what I have been taught to believe about the Truth — which is easily confused with the Truth. πŸ™‚

    Part of the problem (for me) in recognizing the output of the shell scripts is that they so rarely result in β€œspoken” thoughts — mostly, it is actions like procrastination or overspending or over-drinking or over-donating, that are β€œmaking me feel better” (which is how these shells so successfully pose as the core program, by mimicking the output (!!!)).

    If I had the spoken thought, β€œI'm not supposed to be happy”, I could call bullshit on that thought right away! But, my shell scripts are directing my actions and feelings, so there's no easily heard thought-words to catch my attention so I can say, β€œwhat the –?? did I just think, 'I'm not supposed to be happy' ?? Well, that's Total Bullshit!” And then I can blow the whistle and throw the bullshit flag on that play and change my thought to β€œI'm supposed to be happy! And I am allowed to be happy! Hell, there's no getting around all the happy that I am because I AM HAPPINESS!” LOL!

    I want all my actions (and reactions) to flow from the core program, unmodified by limiting beliefs. I want to be as happy as I am capable of being, not just feel as happy as my current scripts will allow me to feel. (β€œbe” happy vs β€œfeel” happy. hmm…)

    So, how to delete or bypass or disable or rewrite those scripts so the output of the core program is manifested directly into my life, with no modifications or qualifiers? (Also, I don't want this to take years…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ )

    Why do I spend so much time and effort running away from/denying/trying to bury the glorious truth of myself? the truth that cannot be run away from? I am an unlimited being of light and love. I am happy. I am that I AM.

    No wonder I am so tired and cranky — I am constantly working against myself. My scripts are trying to rewrite the core. πŸ™‚ It's a lot of work to convince myself (every moment, every day – exhausting!) that I'm NOT a Glorious SuperBeing capable of creating any damned thing or experience I want. Seriously, I think that just going ahead and being glorious would be way easier! LOL!!

    • KimS,

      Hahahahahaha, sniffle, hahahahaha! So acurate!!! Your brain is damned good at analyzing, and you write it out so clearly…would that I could! πŸ™‚

      All those beliefs you wrote? Ditto! 😯 I’ve had or have them all. I wonder how many people do? I would bet way too many, and I don’t want them anymore. Haha! And I do the whole, ‘So how do I rewrite that thought…’ thing all the time! Sometimes it works wonders, sometimes, not so much. But when it works…hot damn! That’s when I feel like I am really getting somewhere.

      I think of the negatives as lenses effecting how I see life. Nothing new there, but I can work with the old wheel. πŸ™‚ But the way I work through changing it is to start putting positive thoughts in, as often as I can. And I mean as often as I can think about it! I imagine those positives thoughts as a new lens, slipping in front of the old negative one, cause I can’t imagine the old lens just disolving. (Not yet at least)

      Like a convex and concave lens. Which ever one the thought goes through last, before entering my reality, is what determines my focus. If the negative is more dominant (in front), then I see more negative. If the positive is more dominant, I see more positive. And if I’ve been working the positive lens often enough, they do become dominant!

      And you hit the nail with the rest too! Our habits are moslty actions without thoughts or words. We just do them. And since we like to speak so much now, if it’s not in words, we don’t pay attention or recognize it happening as often. Which is why that whole ‘pay attention to your feelings’ thing can be hard. Because it’s not in WORDS! That’s so funny, yet I see it so clearly.

      So this is where the gurus come in and say, shut the hell up and meditate, listen and pay attention to something besides your plethora of thought words!!! Ha! And this is so hard for me! I love reading, and I think in words. But, I am learning to use what I have. I write what I want to think. Seeing the words helps me to remember them and build the feelings I want. Felt crazy at first, but it works for me!

      Keep on analyzing. You’re hilarious and so spot on!


    • Wow KimS,

      I love that metaphor – shell scripts. It’s not that they’re trying to rewrite your core program, BTW, it’s that your operating system gives priority to the shell scripts unless you expressly tell it not to.

      I know it can be exhausting, and this is where meditation comes in. And distraction. Sometimes, you just have to shut it all down and just take a nap. And remember, it doesn’t have to be hard. If you find that it is, back off. You’re pushing too hard and have gotten further into resistance. I find that the biggest obstacle is often impatience. We want to get relief NOW, and so we keep pushing. We’d rather push and feel worse than wait and feel better. At least we’re doing something, we tell ourselves. So, patience actually gets us there faster. That’s a hard, hard lesson to learn, though… πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!


  • All the comments about the job and everything – “Again those penguins talking about rehab seems like the most likely reaction.” – it’s just what I was thinking:).

    Well, every time I read your posts I think to myself that’s easy, I can do that, I think I understand it… but I’m not sure I always do. It got me thinking, people who are shy (like me) or have social anxiety or any type of “psychological problem”, can be really self-destructive. I sometimes catch myself in thinking negative but can’t stop thinking about it, even though I realized that my vibration is low and it doesn’t help me. It’s like don’t think about green elephant. You know you shouldn’t but you do that even stronger. So, for example I can’t find a job, I’m very bad at meeting people, to get to know them and make friends, so I’m not comfortable with that situation. But although I realize that’s my problem, it’s still (even on a good days) hard for me to get a contact or anything that might help me to get a job. And I think about that even harder so it’s like I’m in a vicious cycle and it’s spinning so fast that I can’t get out – maybe I’ll fly out of it someday:). But seriously, I just don’t know how not to think or feel negative… I read your post about getting out of negative thoughts but I think I’m still missing one step there:(. Oh, and although it’s inspiring to know that you create everything it’s also actually very scary for me, and sometimes paralyzes me to think that I do that to myself and attract crappy things in my life. Any thought on that? Thank you for everything, I appreciate your help.

    Love and hugs

    • Cranberry,

      I have to give you a little of my input here, and hope it doesn’t bother you. πŸ˜‰

      Yep, scary thought, we control our reality. KimS and I were just posting about that… But to me it feels better knowing there’s a reason for things happening in my life than just random chance shitting on me!!! Because that means I can have an effect on it. ‘I’ can change it, and that just feels better! Still scares me, since yeah, I worry I could screw up. But it excites me even more.

      As for feeling better. If you go back about five or six months, I was right there with you, and had been for years. I had no idea how not to be negative. So maybe I can give you something. It’s not any different than what Melody teaches as far as I can tell, but here ya go.

      What’s something that makes you smile? What’s something that makes you laugh? What’s something that just makes you feel good. Find ANYTHING! Find as many simple anythings as you can. ‘The way my hair ‘worked’ today…my stupid lovable dog…the warm weather…the way the mist forms when I breath in the cold weather…how comfortable my bed is…the great dinner I just had.’ It doesn’t matter what, as long as it makes you feel good. And the simpler, the better. You don’t have to go for ecstatic, because that will just piss you off, or at least that’s my experience.

      And NO forcing it! ‘I should feel happy because I don’t have it that bad…I should love being around my kids.’ This is pure shit when you aren’t feeling it. Just because you think, or someone has told you, you should feel good about something, doesn’t make it happen when you try to stuff it down your throat! It’s about what YOU TRULY FEEL good about, never what you ‘should’ feel good about.

      I used to read a lot. And it made me happy. It used to be one of the few things that did make me happy. And I got nothing but crap from many, many people. ‘You need to step out into the real world…Stop living in those fantasy worlds…Aren’t you sick of sitting there yet…You’re wasting your life away.’ And so I almost always felt guilty after the fact, because I let what they said affect me.

      Sure they were trying to help ‘get me out of my shell,’ but it wasn’t about anybody else. It made ME and only me happy. In time, I learned to ignore others. I had to. Why should I stop doing the one thing I enjoyed doing, that made me happy? So as much as you can, do NOT let others affect you. My husband does not believe in any of this ‘crap,’ as he would call it. He really isn’t interested in talking about it either. Not that he’s mean, it’s just not his thing. So when I get excited about it or try to explain it to him, he’s like ‘meh.’ At first very frustrating, but now, no big deal because I’m feeling better. And yes, he loves that I am so much happier, but he doesn’t want to hear the run down on my why. What I feel is THE important thing in this. Yeah, I wanted someone to ‘get it’ with me, but I truly don’t need anyone else to feel good!

      And that is your goal. Find the things you like to do, despite what anyone else is saying or telling you. And yes, you will most likely have to start very simple because of where your vibration is at right now. BUT START! And please trust me. It builds. The more often you can feel a true smile or laugh, the more things start showing up that make you want to smile more! You’ll have ups and downs of course. But the ups start increasing. And you will catch yourself and start figuring out ways to stop the spiral back into the funk. It takes practice, but it does work!!!

      I hope this helps, and if not, just ignore it, because I know Melody will have something more for you! πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Cranberry,

      The key to not thinking of a green elephant, is to think of a purple elephant instead. You can’t stop a thought, but you can replace it.

      So, when you think “I can’t do that”, think “What if I can?” instead. It may seem like a small thing, but it will feel totally different (“I can do that”, will be too far and you won’t feel relief.) What if you pretended for a minute that you could do it? What would it feel like? Spend some time on this. Don’t dismiss it after a second or two. Spend 5 minutes on the idea and you will feel better. You’re probably abandoning the good thoughts way too quickly. It takes a bit of time to build momentum.

      What if you got a job interview through LOA? What if it just fell in your lap, without you having to talk to a bunch of people? What if your new boss was really good with shy people and understood you? What if he didn’t make demands on you that made you uncomfortable? What if you could get a job despite being shy and in a way that didn’t trigger the shyness? What if the whole thing was comfortable and easy and light?

      Also, what Nay said. πŸ˜›

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody,

    I don’t feel in a very good place right now (discovering resistance, as my life change for the better – normal with changes, right? – and recently an aunt of mine died, and my parents are dealing with elderly problems regarding my grandparents, and it all feels sad for everyone). I feel kind of numb and sad.

    However, I’m very open to the possibility of smiles and feeling better and your last posts helped a lot.

    I only have to say that right now (how I evolved until know and incorporated in me the sense that LOA’a love and energy philosophy makes and regarding how I feel in the present moment), my actions are based on its usefulness. It doesn’t feel good or bad, but the idea of preparing a better place to be (confortable, my LL.M. going smoothly, changing countries and finding accomodation not to be as stressful as it is “supposed to be”, have time by then to go out with classmates and, why not, find new friends and a guy to love him and be loved in return) in the future are there.

    So here’s my tip for everyone.

    “Huge hugs!” :)*

    • Thanks H.,

      Sometimes, relief from pain is as good as you can reach. And that’s ok. It may not yet be joy, but “better” is a great place to keep reaching for. πŸ™‚ So, each for feels a bit more right, or less difficult, or just a bit easier, or useful. It’s all good.

      Huge hugs,


    • The above comment is in the wrong place… oh well…Melody, this post was great, we need more like this including “How to explain this to the whole world”–along the same line as the “How to explain this stuff to your partner”

      Or one comical thought I think my friend would appreciate (the 40yr old guy that had to move back in with reluctant and unimpressed parents):

      “How to explain this to your unimpressed parents, society, the welfare office and everyone else that thinks you’re the worlds’ biggest irresponsible douche, that doesn’t understand the meaning of hard work.”—

      The definitive guide for the underemployed, partially employed, employed but getting paid too little and the flat out unemployed individual that society laughs at.

      Again those penguins talking about rehab seems like the most likely reaction. πŸ™‚

      • Ah, my dear Alice, we can’t explain it to all those others. We have to make it irrelevant what they think. Because if we don’t, we keep ourselves stuck in a reality THEY can agree with, which is not what we want.
        The key is to ignore them and know what we know and think what we want to think and feel good anyway, and then, our reality will shift. And once it’s all done, only then will they see. But then we won’t care anymore if they do. It’ll be a nice bonus, but it won’t be important.

        Huge hugs!

        • ” Because if we don’t, we keep ourselves stuck in a reality THEY can agree with, which is not what we want.”

          But really, we are keeping ourselves stuck in the reality that we THINK they agree with, because we are projecting our beliefs and our vibration out there and it is being mirrored back to us.

          Been thinking about this a lot as I am trying to change what I think my family is thinking! πŸ™‚ haven’t quite hit on the good visualizations yet, and the best I’ve come up with so far is, “Don’t tell them anything.” Apparently, I feel the need to justify myself to my family… urgh.

          • I feel the same thing when it comes to my family, and even when I talk to them I feel my vibe go down, but I am working on this. I would like to be the high vibe person and not accomadate their vibe but instead go on bring myself and then we will see what happens. I’m sure ill have less contact with them and the contact I do have will be better?

          • Kat and KimS,

            I do the ‘Don’t tell them anything.’ I just said it below in another comment, before reading this. My husband doesn’t believe in any of this ‘crap.’ Most of my family doesn’t. So talking about it, or trying to explain what I am doing usually gains me blank stares, questioning stares, smirks, rolled eyes, or some kind of joke about something I tried to show them.

            No, nobody is mean to me, so don’t think that! They just aren’t interested in this with me and don’t care to discuss these topics with me, or they think I’m wasting my time, or that I’m not quite in sync with reality. And I have tried many different approaches outside of LOA, so have given them lots of ammunition for jokes when it comes to me and my self help. πŸ˜‰

            I know I’m not to the point where I don’t care at all, because I am not open about everything I am doing, but it doesn’t bother me like it used to. But I also don’t explain it to them either. I still wonder what they think, and yes worry about it, but not even close to as much as I used to. I love them, they love me, and that’s all I try to focus on when I start wondering if they think I’m cra’ cra.’ :mrgreen:

          • Oh, Nay, I love your smilies and your comments, really! Wait ’til you don’t care at all, then you will certainly be flying! When I started caring, that is when things went south and have been spending all this time getting myself back up. I know I make it sound dramatic, but it was. For me. It’s like the guru who made himself stop bleeding and, once he became conscious of the others’ comments, opinions and criticism, the bleeding started again. Need I say more? That is such a downer, the good opinion of others. We are slaves to it. But who the F—cares? I realized that was what I did differently- I did not care.

            My husband practices LOA by default and lately I am meeting people who do everywhere I go! I do not call it as such, but these people do not worry about anything and do not care either and they are better off than most of the population. They just approach me to talk, just like that! Like the old days, I tell myself. Because I “have this glowing smile on my face”.

            My family will never get this, so I keep things as casual as possible with them, but at least others do! πŸ™‚ It does not matter either way, though.

          • Your husband sounds like mine! And here’s to not giving a flying monkey’s ass about what others think!
            Did I offend with that? πŸ˜‰

          • Hi KimS,

            As I replied to Patty, I used to do the same thing with people on various topics. As son as they’d raise an eyebrow, call me idealistic or just laugh at my aspirations or way of living…
            I’d go on with my insecure infomercial. Making lond speeches to justify myself. Now I’d just avoid them, if they don’t get it, they don’t get it. Don’t waste your time.

          • Alice, it’s not that I truly care what they think — it’s that I care what I think about what they are thinking. I can’t truly know what they are thinking at all, so when I imagine their reactions to what I am saying, then what I am doing is making up a story that is really just reflecting back to me my thoughts about my manifestation in that context — the context of my family’s reactions. Which is important because these reactions that I am imagining are very clearly pointing out to me areas of resistance.

            I can’t know what they are thinking. And if i did know, I couldn’t change it. But I can change what I am thinking, what my perception is of what they might be thinking. That is what is important because that is where my vibration is at.

            If I imagine my family being unapproving or jealous or threatened in any way, what that really says to me is that some part of me that is aligned with my family’s values, that is identifying itself with my family, is feeling unapproving or jealous or threatened, and it is that part of me that I need to work on and help towards a change in perspective. Because as long as I feel that judgement against my manifestations, then my manifesting will be limited and maybe even totally cut off.

            It isn’t even about my family. It is all about me and my perspective. If I think, “Oh, my sister will be envious.” then need to look inside and find out why do I think that? Because that thought is happening in me.

            The judgement that I am feeling isn’t even coming from them — it couldn’t possibly be coming from them because they are not here now. I am the only one here and I am having these conversations in my mind. Therefore, it really is all me. Somewhere inside me is a judegment against this cool manifestation and this judgement that is in me is showing itself through this visualization that I am having about my family. It is being personified as my mom. πŸ™‚

            I have no intention of explaining myself to anyone. but my emotional reaction to the image of me explaining myself, that is a guidepost to where my vibration is at and also a clue as to how to clear that shit up. πŸ™‚

        • Sorry Melody, but in that case it does matter what they think, because the parents, welfare system or whoever is helping out that guy or anybody in similar situation is going to be impatient and want answers and evidence of pavement pounding.

          He showed me when you are getting a government payment, they literally want evidence of jobseeking, companies called, result of call, how many places you applied for jobs each day…
          Also you are not allowed to apply for work in the same industry, you have to apply for various things to prove you’d take ANY job.

          They ring up those companies and check that you sent the resum in, sometimes ask why you failed the interview.
          If they find you were making a half-assed attempt until you found a job you REALLY wnated, you’ll be cut off or its considered fraud.

          It’s VERY strict, and the longer a person is unemployed, the harder they get on them, the minimum is 10 job applications per weekday.
          And this does not include simply emailing resumes…they raised the bar as too many people were doing that. You have to have written a tailored resume, cover letter and a follow up phone call…
          So they assume you REALLY want 10 jobs per day… which is nigh impossible if done seriously.

          So yeah, it really matters what they think.

          • Actually I wish we had an Australian Michael Moore, as I think this would make an excellent film, but I don’t know how they’d get the cameras into the offices without angering security, or the people in the line.
            The faces would be blurred anyway…but people would still freak out.

            I think this would be one of the best expose’ films.
            It would be terrible, but also enlightening and bring compassion and truth on a covered up topic.

            I’m so excited! I think that would really be an excellent film, take note filmmakers!!!

          • Yes, yes, yes, you can think of MANY reasons why it matters what they think. And, if that’s how you want it to stay, keep listing all those reasons and arguing that point. What I’m saying is that you have the power to imagine it differently and focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want, no matter what is “REAL” in your reality right now.

            Of course you can look around your already created reality that matches beliefs that don’t serve you and find loads of evidence that your beliefs are true. OR, you can look for one reason, one thing that defies that or even make one up and focus exclusively on that until it gather enough energy to bring you a second piece of evidence and then a third until eventually it’s this evidence that prevails. It’s your choice.

            Keep arguing for the way it is, or create what you actually want.

            Huge hugs,

          • Ok, make a practical argument for the reverse. Imagine scenrios where you are across the desk from someone telling you to get any job or else. You might be kicked out, or cut from welfare, or your family or spouse will stop giving you money.
            Imagine eviction notice or some kind of bill piling up. Something powerfully negative in current environment, giving you signs to shape up , or ship out.
            Now, reverse it.

            Now do that positive argument, the reverse of what I did, in a practical way that could be applied to the most shittiest of situations and I I’d LOVE to believe you.

            But so far LOA doesn’t seem applicable in the dire situations or when you really need something right now and there’s no space to align, meditate and twidle thumbs, as time is ticking.
            “get a job son!”

            No, imagine a really tough father going, “back in my day, we worked hard!” Imagine all this, you get the point.
            You know where I am.

            Or imagine the one that is looking after the unemployed, getting all mildly suicidal like over money and being filled with massive amount of guilt and strain over that.
            Pedal backwards. We can start from feeling OK.

            Even better, imagine the welfare office, with the guy standing over the sholder and saying “find a job now! Ten jobs per day” Meet the obligations, do the requirements.
            Or the spouse getting sick of the parasite spouse.
            Do this or get cut off, with no one to pay your way. Feel better about that.

            Argue that with as much force and practical application and I’ll eat my hat and do a summersault. I’d give you the gold medal.

  • Yes, exactly! That is how I led my life prior to allowing fears to creep in, and I was receiving things I did not even search for. Finding my way back to that awesome place. Thank, Patty!

    • Yay, Kat ~ You’ll get back to your ‘happy place’! I can feel it from all of your awesome comments on this site! It’s so nice to see ‘proof’ of LOA through everyone else’s comments. Since I haven’t really manifested anything deliberately yet, it’s easy for doubts to creep in. Just like pesky weeds in my garden, I have to keep pulling them out πŸ™‚

      • OMG, Patty. My husband spent entire summers in Alaska and spent most of the weekend telling me about them! How fabulous! He had a grand old time there.

        • Oh, and Patty, enjoy this time you have off with no work responsibilities. Such occurrences are rather rare. I know you are used to working and doing stuff, but this downtime is a good opportunity to catch your breath and prepare for the next chapter in your life. When working all the time, one wishes for such downtime, so appreciate it. Then, when you are working again, you can appreciate it even more and perhaps know how to balance downtime better. This last phrase was just a thought that came to add to this tidbit of clarity I understood myself when it happened. Cheers!!!!!!!

          • Yes, Kat … this situation is exactly what we yearn for when we’re swamped with work! Hmm, how to get paid to do this? LOL I guess in a way I am being paid – Mark takes care of all of our expenses (mortgage, utilities, groceries, cars) while I am taking care of the house (cooking, cleaning, laundry, exercising the dogs). There, that feels better πŸ™‚
            Alaska is a wild and beautiful place … great to visit, just not the ideal place for a ‘civilized’ girl like myself to live πŸ™‚

          • Wow! I know, I know, you keep sounding like me! (Is “sounding” a word?)

            I’ve had gaps of unemployment in my life it seems between nearly every move I make, some stupid reason will come up, and it would take forever to find work, even at those teenage jobs.
            That put me in a spiral because it was like, oh so now I’m rejected from something I would hate and pay me badly? How humiluating!
            But as they say it turns out to be a good thing in the end. But I do understand desperation & need.
            I know what I need in my life in theory, but still perfecting acting that out. πŸ™‚
            Theory: Manifest perfect job or something that is at least positive and get paid either well, or at least better than you did as a teenager.
            Aim to raise your vibration to the point where in 6 months you truly believe you deserve that perfect job and pay. Then you get promoted or move on.

            Current reality of most people: Bills piling up, no income, people yelling at you, throws of your concentration, can’t even attract your old crappy job, end up listening to slings and arrows, whopper bill comes in, apply for job as toilet floor mopper in fast food resturant. Oh even better, fast food resturant frequented by office people on their breaks, that look at you smugly! No! In fact most people are even harder on themselves! They go for the job of the guy that massages the feet of the guy that mops the toilet floor of the fast food employees!
            People pat you on back for being “responsible” as you die inside. Lovely! πŸ™‚

            I also noticed some people I’m close to hate their jobs, and they get a continuous flu, always ill with something. Melody has mentioned this, and its so true. If you won’t stnd up for yourself, your body will!
            I noticed my travel sickness would play up big time on the bus to work, nearly each time I’d have to get up and throw up!

            But where you are, you can throw away the guilt trip! Ohhhh yes! Unlike the city, where it’s so easy to beat yourself up…you have a legitimate excuse! There are no jobs!
            Yaaaaay! I would actually have loved an excuse to ease up on myself back then.
            “Well there are no jobs” *expand body out to block off view of whatever factory happens to be there when people say this* and the people would nod grimly, and understand, indeed, there were no jobs.

            I also understand the fact, that when you are no working, there is no money, so you have all the time you wanted…but no money! So all those things you daydreamed about at work, you can’t really do them.

            The irony!

          • Oh, the irony is right! Of course, around here there’s nowhere to spend money anyway LOL I will still pursue it though, so I can move on ASAP!!

  • Wow, I LOVE this! I’ve been forcing myself to apply for jobs that I know I would hate, just to start making some freaking money already! I was thinking that this was inspired action, but it never dawned on me that the inspiration was FEAR .. of being poor, stuck somewhere I don’t want to be, etc!! Thank you, Melody, for this article that will help me approach my income generation in a MUCH better way. Now I will focus on the goal and trust that the right path will be made clear to me! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Patty,

      Your comment just jumped out at me and, if I may, tell you that was what happened with me. I had accepted a job out of fear (my own, as well as anxiety from people around me) that, though prestigious, was totally not for me and of course I suffered the consequences and had to leave. Doing stuff out of fear is no good. It is freeing for me to say this. Please do not think I am imposing and I will leave it at that, but I feel very strongly about this one. Thanks!

      • Thanks Kat!
        I don’t mind anyone’s comments at all; I value them, actually!
        My situation is such that I am VERY limited due to my current location, but after reading this article, I was awoken to the fact that I’ve been applying to a ton of jobs that are definitely not for me, feeling that anything was better than my current zero income, just so that I can start earning in order to be able to move in about 8 months. Since the move really can’t happen without funds, I panicked and recently found myself ridiculously frazzled. Thank you universe for this site to reign me back to reality … who knows how it will work out for us to be able to move? Maybe I don’t need a “job” at all!?!


          Hi Patty,
          I knew I was storing this for someone! πŸ™‚
          Patty, I could have written your comment at some point!

          I don’t really have the answers for the panic part and the anxiety coming off others… It’s very hard to ignore the “well what you are going to do?” and “freeloader” and “job snob” OH and “malingerer”<<<<get your fancy talk on dudes, its insult time!
          Actually no-one called me those, but their looks & energy said it all. Similarly, I can FEEL when people don't like my comments, senses just come at you.

          I was asked: "What are you going to do????" with such anxiety, it's like they were hoping I'd find an answer so they could mentally note it down, in case they were in a similar position.
          It's my achilles heel, because I'm an idealist that has not found solid proof and inspiration to live all my ideals. (which would include doing a job you love, despite all exterior circumstances, even if the person was in debt or a zombie, to completely believe this is possible and that people don't just have to take anything.)

          I live in Australia, now I know we have an international reputation as being easy-going and lazy….
          But in fact we are VERY harsh on non-workers..or people making career changes…"bludgers", "freeloaders", "scum" etc are some labels you could throw about.
          It's called "pulling your weight" and very ingrained especially from the grandparents, who often have the work ethic of someone commiting suicide in a death camp.

          That used to be me, working 12hr shifts, and feeling miserable, but still feeling that that's what people do YOU WORK HARD!

          When I cut back to 6hr days…well even that is considered "lazy" pfffft

          Oh, and teachers are "lazy too, because of the school holidays..depste the fact the generally use that to grade projects…

          Anyway, what I am saying is, I understand & if you take hugs from strangers…here's one big hug!!! O

          • Thank you, Alice!
            It sure IS hard to ignore the “inadequate, lazy” attitude – from myself or others! I’ve been an RN for 20 years, but having moved to this remote island, there actually isn’t even a job available here, so I’m forced to look for online work. I’ve found several that I feel would be a nice fit, so of course I’ve applied for those and remain optimistic that one of them will come through. My major frustration came when nothing was happening (and still isn’t … grrr! lol) so I frantically started applying for jobs that a high school student could do despite the fact that they wouldn’t pay much, and were well beneath my skill level and STILL haven’t gotten an offer. LOL to myself – thank goodness I haven’t been offered one of those; I’d HATE it, I’m certain!
            I’m going to work on manifesting the RIGHT source of income, and stay positive!
            Hugs from anyone on this awesome site I welcome and appreciate … and don’t per se consider it being from a stranger πŸ™‚ Hugs back at you from remote Southeast Alaska!

          • I haven’t found the perfect solution for those voices yet, but what I found did help, was getting to the point where I just made a joke of it.
            Instead of fighting them, explaining myself, telling them the truth they won’t believe (all the job applications, and how hard I worked in past)

            I just decided: “what you resist persists”

            and said yep, I’m a bum, what are you going to do about it?
            They were so shocked at my do-not-care attitude and walked away or laughed with me, understanding the joke. It was so much easier just to laugh about it, rather than make an entire infomercial in my defense.

          • LOL Alice ~ That’s awesome that you came to the point of saying yourself what you figured others were saying or thinking! At least here people KNOW there are no jobs … almost 90% of our town’s population (a whopping 200!) is on government assistance. I’m not employed and also not on assistance – yay me πŸ™‚

    • Yay Patty!

      So glad you’re back on the right track. The job you REALLY want is out there and will find you as soon as you line up with it. And it won’t feel like fear. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • I know it will, and honestly can’t wait to find out what it is! After being a registered nurse for 20 years and never, ever loving a job I had, I figure it’s time for some new paths to open up for me. I’m doing my visualization on just being happy and very well paid in whatever it is that I end up doing. Let’s see what the universe brings about, huh? Of course, in the meantime I’m totally open to taking one of these telecommute jobs if that’s what is necessary while things line up for my new venture. But for the next 30 days I’m focusing only on my appreciation as directed πŸ™‚

  • Hey Melody,

    Taking action is a big one for me. I always want to ‘Do it with my bare hands.’ For me the whole action/reaction was a big sticker. You have to have an action to get a reaction, and thought didn’t fall into the ‘action’ category for me. You can’t reap without sowing, and thinking is not sowing. I know that’s wrong, but it was an ingrained belief I grew up with.

    So, how to get around that? Well, I had an insight that has made all the difference. I can do busy work all day. I can find shit to do, not even caring if it’s moving me towards anything. I just feel like I have to be doing. When I realized how easy that was for me, it made me pause and think. 😯 Would I rather be frustrated and busy, or happily visualizing and aligning?

    That shouldn’t have been difficult to answer, but doing useless busy work was my norm, my habit, and was almost easier because I’m impatient, and can’t sit still. But the truth couldn’t be denied. I could finally see that I was really moving backwards, because I didn’t feel good while doing busy work, I just felt obligated to be doing something. So how was doing busy work that didn’t move me in any direction, better than visualizing and aligning my vibration?

    Obviously, it wasn’t. But I still felt like I had to expend energy to get something back!!! Then I realized that for me, thinking, visualizing, and aligning require as much, if not more energy work than just being busy. So, if I was going to be β€˜working,’ it might as well be at visualizing rather than coming up with random busy work!

    So your comment,
    ‘…the process of aligning is a type of action…Focusing is action. Visualizing is action. Aligning IS action. When you are visualizing or meditating or daydreaming or deliberately getting happy, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING.’
    rang that bell for me again. It may not be physical work, but I can work at that just as hard as I do when I’m just being busy.

    Kinda sad, but it did help. I had to justify to myself that visualization was truly work. But once I did, I felt way better, and now I don’t feel the need to do β€˜busy work’ when I want something to happen. And more often than not, I find that when I do start getting busy, I accomplish way more in a shorter amount of time, and I’m feeling pretty spiffy at the same time. WIN, WIN! πŸ˜†

    • Yay Nay!!! What a wonderful way to illustrate that point. You know, I had a thought as I was reading your comment. Society does, inadvertently, understand the concept that thinking and focusing are worth more than action: Who gets paid more? The guy coming up with the brilliant ideas, or the guy on the factory floor actually building the widget that’s the result of the idea? And which one do you want to be in the creative process of your life?

      Ah, I love me some metaphors! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!


    • If you relax and try to really apply your new way of thinking (start emitting your new vibration) do you suspect that

      a) something may come to disturb your peace of mind and you don’t want more disappointment or
      b) you don’t mind because even after some possible frustration you are confident that you’ll find a way to communicate without changing your beliefs

      Are you ok when people change their negative point of view to meet yours? Or will you have to change your thinking to meet theirs? Some people don’t change their vibration because they suspect that they might have to sacrifice something from their lives, or they are not comfortable with proving other people wrong until the negative people get it first.

      • Hey again Tony,

        Oh, I am still effected by others. I wish I could deny that, but I’m not that good yet. πŸ˜‰ But it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. And b) is my answer. I might get frustrated by those around me and feel like they are messing with my vibe, but I am also starting to catch myself, and stopping the process.

        And convincing others or trying to change their viewpoint/vibe? I have spent most of my life being uncomfortable in my own skin, and worried what others thought of me. So my whole goal is to NOT worry what others think. So trying to change other’s points of view would be counter productive really. Doesn’t mean I won’t dive into an argument for fun, πŸ™‚ but I don’t want the differing beliefs/vibes to be a deciding factor on my beliefs. I want to be more worried about me and my opinion than I am about others. But obviously I’m a work in progress.

        And yes, fear of change is almost always because I fear that I will have to sacrifice something. I would like to deny that too, but that’s my truth right now. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes it’s hard to see it, but if I really look into why I’m afraid to do anything, its usually because I fear I will lose something in some way.

  • Hey Melody,
    just a quick note to say, as I’ve got to read this post again
    …good timing Melody as always
    …I hear you !
    …it’s so simple yet we (I) make it so hard
    …I guess practice makes perfect ! slowly easing myself in

    Thank you thank you thank you ! !

    • Hey Tinu,

      Yes, it definitely gets way easier with practice (we’re never perfect at this) πŸ™‚
      But the more we get out of the way, the less we “meddle” and then see that things did, in fact, work out, the easier it becomes to do it next time. It’s a process and it can bring up a lot of fear (it’s scary to let go and we often think that things will just fall apart if we don’t keep all the plates spinning), so it’s best to go slowly.

      The biggest hurdle is becoming aware, and you’ve done that, sweet lady. You’re doing WAY better than you think you are. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!


  • What a refreshing post! Great question and explanation! Thank you for clarifying what action is, and all its aspects. Good to know. So clarity, feeling better, feeling good, these are all shifts in energy and forms of action. These happen to be prerequisites to manifestation, based on a solid foundation of faith, as blind faith, as I have recently read, for if we have this, we are not afraid! And, getting rid of the fear is almost the entire battle.

    “eventually, your inner being will be successful in calling to the frequency of what you want (you will, at some point, get sick of taking frustrated action)”. I loved this statement! Yes, it does come to that point, so in this case, it is better to do nothing and just focus on what is wanted.

    • Hey Kat,

      You’re so welcome. Clarity is a manifestation. So is feeling better (emotion is your first manifestation of a vibration, your first indicator and chance to change what you’re offering or go with it). You can think of them in terms of “smaller” manifestations and “bigger” manifestations. If you like the smaller manifestations, then don’t change a thing. Keep doing what you’re doing, focus wise. The manifestations will get bigger. If you don’t like the smaller manifestations, then you can change something, focus wise. Your action is not required. It’s just, that you get a chance to play (inspired action is NEVER action you don’t want to take.) It’s like the Universe was handing out jobs, and it knows what you like to do and it assigns you that job. But if you don’t want it, it’ll find someone else. Often, we don’t wait to be assigned a job and we just go in there and start messing about. “I guess I’ll have to do this. And this. And this” we say, while the Universe just stands there shaking it’s head and saying “Um, we have people for that. People who love doing that and are really good at it. But, ok, we’ll wait until you’re done messing about.”

      And then we feel like we’re the only ones doing anything, when in the wings, there are all these components or workers who are just waiting for us to get the hell out of the way so they can get on with building our manifestation.

      As Abe likes to say, often the only uncooperative component is us. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • Yes, thank you. I was thinking about the last thing you mentioned about “the Universe just stands there shaking it’s head and saying β€œUm, we have people for that.” This is so very true! An overqualified person is not wanted at lower jobs for which he/she is qualified. The HR office thinks it is outrageous, indicating some sort of madness on the applican’t part. Not that we care what they think, but yes, they will ultimately prefer someone who is more properly suited to do the work, not the over-qualified person. This person may get hired on a temporary basis, with the condition that they leave in an allotted period of time, and they will be reminded of this, I have heard it said in executive meetings!

        There are jobs out there. So, such people need to expand their views, and not just look at what is our there listed in front of them.

        • Not everyone thinks this way Kat. The overqualified person just needs a reason for why they’re willing to do a job that’s “beneath” them. I used to hire overqualified people all the time. A lot of people want to live in Barcelona, it’s a gorgeous city. So, I’d easily hire a bunch of foreigners for English and other language jobs, who were WAY overqualified for what they were doing. It was awesome. You’d have all these amazing brains looking at systems and problems and coming up with solutions that a “properly” qualified person never would’ve seen.

          So, someone who wants to live in an area short on jobs might take a job they’re overqualified for. Or, they might like the hours (flex time, etc), the commute time (better jobs might be farther away), whatever. It’s all in your confidence and in how you sell it. If you know you’re overqualified for a job, address it. Don’t make them wonder, just tell them why you’d be great for the job, despite being overqualified. I’ve gotten jobs I was underqualified for and jobs I was overqualified for. I once got a job as a waitress just after walking away from a General Manager position. The manager knew I wasn’t going to stick around long, but he also knew I’d need no training and was happy to bring in that kind of experience. I convinced him I’d give 110%, wouldn’t be arrogant and was looking for a break. I actually wanted a job that I didn’t have to take home at the end of the day. After what I’d left, waitressing (not a low stress job, really) was like a vacation. I wanted time to figure out my next step and didn’t want to just do nothing. The manager needed help and so he saw hiring me as a good stop gap, because I presented myself as a solution.

          Likewise when I was hired and wasn’t qualified for the job. I proved that I was a super fast learner, enthusiastic and would brighten the office with my energy. The manager just liked me, even though he really had no business hiring me, based on my resume. I didn’t disappoint him, though.

          If you believe you will kick ass and you ooze that from every pore, they will hire you. Unless it’s not the right job for you, in which case, good riddance. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

          • Great one Melody!!!

            I don’t agree with all this “overqualified” “underqualified” BS of recruiters anyway. Unless it’s vital to the job (like medical training to do surgery!) or something so advanced, that takes years to learn…people underestimate people all the time.

            I had this happen to me in reverse. Got a job I was underqualified for, but they could tell I was intelligent, they were short staffed, so it turns out if you get an intelligent person, unless its brain surgery, you can train people to do most things, people aren’t idiots. I was very good at it!

            Sometimes the most qualified person has the personality of a broomstick!

            That’s why they considered lowering the maths scores required for becoming a GP, because you will have all these brilliant, scientific GPs, with the bedside manner of Chopper Read.
            With slightly less left-brained individuals, still intelligent, but no need for genius, you have a better chance of more well-rounded people with good people skills.

            Sure, there are genius minds out there with great compassion, and social skills, but just as many with some kind of social interaction barrier and difficulties relating to the common man.

            With you taking the waitressing job, sounds just like a close friend of mine, working in high-end jobs you need to had a Uni degree in to understand. She also moved to waitressing, which really raised her vibration.
            The instant pleasure of serving someone and then going home and that is that.

            On a tangent…
            Personally in my own growth, I’ve dropped perfectionism long ago, as I was *shock horror* a very intelligent person, with good grammar, and would spell check everything, and have to be perfect and accurate in everything I did.
            Speaking to others with flowery words, like the Mistress of the land.
            I have put that in the bin where it belongs!

          • Thanks Alice! And thanks for sharing your own story here. I totally agree. You can teach a person who is intelligent and has a great personality loads of stuff, but you can’t give someone a personality or a bedside manner. I kind of do want my doctor to understand math, though. There’s a big difference between .10 mg of morphine and 10 mg of morphine. I don’t know what the street value of that stuff is, but I’m guessing it’s a lot. See? This is where math and shit would come in handy… πŸ˜‰

            Smooshy hugs,


          • I didn’t see this reply before…sorry! Yeah, well basic maths, enough to know the proper doses without killing people. πŸ™‚

            In biology there was a guy that spent the majority of his life looking at a particular type of fly. This is really handy for society, and maybe the reason the Universe invented Aspergers, because many people with this condition are fixated on something, and are really good at studying it.
            However, they often have social issues, and in extremem cases this guy didn’t even have an interest in getting married, or standard interests so he can dedicate his life to one thing.

            This is fantastic for technological advancement, behind the secene work and the science behind the medicine.
            But yeah, no one really wants their so called friendly local GP to be like that.

            Now, you have been watching to much “Weeds” and things like that. You could use LOA to manifest yourself the life of a rich, druglordess.

      • Melody, one more thing. When we are done messing around, we just need to be still and let the universe do its job, lest we mess it up yet again. Hopefully, we learn the first time around. These actions come from a state of panic which stems from fear, i.e., rather uninspired actions if I may say so. Those vibes would lead to further such vibes and merely perpetuate them. But again, we just have to have faith in the universe to deliver to us what we really want. It will just happen.

        Good thing the universe is energy responding to our vibrations. If it were personified, it would be like “WTF!” all the time. I guess this is where the personified deity comes from, it’s a reflection of the way a human would respond to it, at least most humans, not every single one. Perhaps it is no wonder that God was perceived as angry? Anyway, this is a tangent. I love the universe!

        • One final afterthought, promise! πŸ™‚

          This may be part of what Caroline Myss said when one if the major problems of the world is that most people are not fulfilling their destiny. Of course, one cannot post this on a job board, as people are not ready for this, but it is obvious that people should wait to bet the job best suited for them instead of scrambling here and there, the circle trying to fit in a square-shaped hole. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

          • Actually, you can totally hire vibrationally, as well. You can also hire based on whether or not the person will be happy in a position or company. If the vibe is there hire them. If not, don’t. It’s not very PC but it really, really works. πŸ™‚

          • Yes, totally, totally, of course it works, that is the crux of it all!

            I was referring of the miserable hiring managers who hire according to their misery and do not even notice any vibes or anythng but the paper in front of them with the college attended listed. It just so happens we all come across this at one point or another. The very myopic point of view, found in most work environments. As we raise our vibration, of course, those instances won’t pop up, but if one has no idea of the LOa or anything of the sort and just needs a job and then wonders why things do not go as planned and they had to resign. Just saying.

            And of course it all depends on the situation and the location and the group of people involved. I was just referring to some very bad office situations where whining occurs all day and when retirement comes, as they referred to it, they throw you out in a body bag. How horrible is that? Those are the type of situations that can be avoided with the LOA.

            Kat over and out.

        • “If it were personified, it would be like β€œWTF!” all the time.”

          Universe: “Dude! WTF?!? i’m trying to get you what you asked! Now would you just back the eff off for a minute?!?”


        • Kat!

          ‘When we are done messing around…’ Hahahaha! Perfect.

          And all this talk about jobs… I need a job too, I just so rarely talk about it because I am refusing to just take whatever. I can survive without a job, but the money is TIGHT! But the more I think about it, the worse I feel, so I avoid thinking about it. I’m not in denial, but if thinking about it stresses me, then I’m wasting my thoughts. Obviously my vibe isn’t there yet. But I also have so many other things I am working on, and know that as I work on all those other things, my vibe MUST go up. So I focus on what I know I can feel good about.

          But this is when I can see the universe reminding me that ‘Your LOA is weak, grasshopper.’ When it comes to my feelings, and my body, I think I am really getting the hang of it! I truly believe that I have control over ME. But the outside stuff…like a job…getting that new car…making that millions of dollars… Not so much. I’m not quite to the point where I can see me effecting the ‘outside’ world, as in outside my mind and body, as easily. Yeah, I know, I know, there is no spoon. But it’s not quite there. In thought, yes. In belief, not quite. πŸ™ But the more I effect myself, the more real all of this is becoming. I mean, I start thinking about it and my heart starts thumping, and ideas start running.

          So even though there is doubt, it is fading, and the possibilities are growing in my mind. And those little blasts of insight and hope are getting more frequent, and louder! And before I deny that anything outside of myself has changed, I just realized I do have one thing that I consider outside of myself. And yes, it has made my hope jump even more. It’s small, yet huge to me.

          I go to pick up my son every day from school. It’s not a long ways, which is wonderful, but the traffic can be crazy. And of course now that summer is over, construction has started on the main streets I use. Well, I started trying the practice of ‘paving the way’ a few months ago. Before I would get in the car, I would say that the trip would be smooth, quick and without incident. And guess what? IT WORKED! Almost every day for the last month, I have had zero problems. Even when there is a delay because of traffic, it’s like no big deal because, for some reason, I left a little early that day, and I end up at the school in plenty of time!

          So maybe I have doubt, but it is fading because I just keep plugging away, remembering that positive is where it’s at. And you Kat of all people know how up and down I have been before. So I’ll just try to get my ass out of the way and quit mucking with the universe’s job!!!!

      • Hey,

        I’m replying to summarize my understanding of this. There is source energy all around us and out in the universe. It is the energy that creates worlds. In order to manifest stuff, we must work with its awesomeness in order to do this, we must align. But it is so good, so pure, so awesome. After all, it had created the universe. So, in order to bind to it, we must feel good about our experience and the thrill of being alive, here in physical. Anything less than this does not cut it. You get half requests that way. Bitching, being fearful, panicking and the like only tears you apart from it. Where is your freakin’ faith in me? it asks. Why don’t you just relax, let me take care of things, and you enjoy the ride? Tell me what it is you want, but no bs, as the order will come out weird, ok? So, just work with me here, never fear, for I am here!

        How is that?

  • Hi Melody,

    As a lifelong doer, I spend a lot of time these days reminding myself that not doing may be the better choice. To me, it comes down to clarify, clarify, clarify with minimal overt action, so when the perfect opportunity is in front of you (your manifestation, of course), you recognize it and seize the moment.

    My personal example relates to helping dogs, which feels like a mission though the details aren’t clear yet. In the meantime, I’m trying out options: volunteering with spay/neuter clinics, running a FB page for adoptions, etc. Slowly over two years, it’s all coming together. We’re starting to create a vision of what the best possible Colima (my city in Mexico) will look like, including the care of animals. With the vision in focus, and especially realizing how close we already are, the steps will start to accumulate and accelerate.

    Same thing with my blog, which I’m leaving fallow for the moment (sorry readers!). When it feels ready, it will come roaring back!

    Thanks for a detailed explanation of a sticky topic. It’s really hard to hold still, but that’s where clarity comes from.

    Huge hugs,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey MC!!

      Yes, I like that. It’s all about clarifying what we want. Just in doing that we are firmly focused on what we want, and therefore can’t also be focused on what we don’t want. What a great tip!

      Sorry to hear about the blog, but that’s the great thing about the internet – the content still sits there, available to anyone who wants it, even when you’re not updating. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!


    • Hi Mary Carol Moran, I did type in MC like Melody did, but changed it as I thought, I didn’t want to over familise myself with you, could have done away without saying this, but I felt inclined to.

      Hope you don’t mind me saying this, I thought about you just a day or two ago.

      I’m a regular here, yaha ! love who Melody is, awesome and she does say some freaking sense, and more so the community she attracts here, I learn so much more, GREAT! AWESOME that she is.

      Although I don’t usually comment, until lately, when I feel confident/comfortable enough to, but getting better. eh hey ! I’m now !

      I use to look forward to what you had to say on here and I haven’t seen you here a while…just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and good to see you here again !

      Sorry to waffle on…

      Huge Huge Hugs

      • Hi Tinu,

        Feel free to call me MC. Or whatever you want… hee hee.

        I’m so glad you feel comfortable commenting here now. Yeah! Thank you so much for sending your good wishes. I truly appreciate it! Nothing has been wrong, just working through the higher global vibrations, which for me are bringing up old stuff I thought was long gone. I’ve told Melody that I’ll try to write a post about it sometime soon. I have several friends who are going through a lot of the same, as I imagine many readers here are as well.

        Giants hugs to you too,


    • Hi MC!
      Clarity in stillness. Like it! And yes, I do believe clarity is a big key. I was saying in a another post how I think right now one of my slowing points is a lack of clarity. I haven’t quite figured out what I want next!!! I’m just jumping from idea to idea in my head right now. Oh, how I suffer… πŸ˜€ But I tell you what, this is a better place than where I was, so I just can’t complain!!

  • Once again, Melody, you have clarified something for me. I love your way of breaking something down and showing us all the different aspects of it which make up the whole. Much like a body is made up of limbs, organs, a circulatory system, and a heart (and these specifics could well be metaphors for plans, actions, circumstances and such that rely on that great desire in one’s heart) working and functioning well on their own so that collectively, that body is a lean, mean, fighting machine–I see that all these different aspects of manifesting our dreams and goals are each so important in their own right. Your words about being motivated by fear really resonated with me, and have caused me to take a good, hard, clear look at the Big Picture. It takes some time and developing good new habits but I’m hopeful that re-evaluating the belief system and its limitations and then forming new, limitless ones will finally be the breakthrough I’ve needed. Thanks so much for your insightful, wonderful posts!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Ayla!

      Awareness of the issue is the big, huge, first step. Even just knowing which questions to ask yourself and doing so, and being willing to answer them honestly is huge. So, you’re on the right path, and while it may take some practice, you’ll notice that it gets easier pretty damn fast. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!

  • I’m taking action by smiling and trusting the whole process which means doing the opposite of what I used to do.I’m trusting and believing that the Universe will help me reach for what I want.It sometimes feels weird as I’m used to make things happen with My bare hands:) But I realise feeling as if dreams came real feels so relaxing and soothing.I guess this is an action :):) Love to everyone πŸ™‚

    • Hey Aylin,

      Yes, that is an action. Aligning is action, too. πŸ™‚ And I know it takes time. We all will fall into the trap of trying to make it happen to some degree (there are different layers to this) from time to time. But, when we realize that we are feeling frustrated or tense (an early warning sign for me is when the back of my neck gets tense…), we can back off and do the aligning work. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody! I love this!

    Love it soooo much.

    I’ve lived this, and wanted to explain it — you nailed it.

    The difference between the “universe rewards action” and “the universe rewards aligned action” is key.

    P.S. I find your understanding of Jack’s “mass appeal” also wonderful.

    Keep ryzin’!

    • Thanks so much Jason! Great to see you here my dear. I found that the understanding that my actions were manifestations took the pressure off of trying to do something and made me more allowing. It was a valuable shift.

      Huge hugs!


    • Welcome back, smart cat! Hmpft! You said you’d update that profile picture of yours; get a new, spiffy one done by a gen-u-ine-like photographer and all that jazz hands?

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