Coaching Call #24 is out today! The topic of this call is Overcoming Her Social Anxiety And Reducing Her Drinking.

This client has quit every job she’s ever had, because she could no longer take the stress and pressure she felt. She asked for this call because she now found herself at home, after leaving yet another job, avoiding work and drinking too much. We uncovered that the source of her work avoidance wasn’t laziness, as she had thought, but a powerful social anxiety. After getting to the core of those fears (this call contains a great deal of information about bullying), we were able to shift some of her beliefs (you can only do so much in an hour) and came up with an action plan that will help her to finally let her true, fabulous, social butterfly self out to play. (Please note that this call addresses the source of drinking too much, NOT full blown alcohol addiction.)

See the full call summary here

My vision

A few months ago, I was in the middle of a deep meditation, when I reached a new level of understanding. I was introduced to the concept of a Win-Win society (or rather, I attained an understanding of it I’d never reached before). Unlike our current “Us or Them” mentality which is built on the premise of scarcity and shortage and the idea that only one of us can prosper, so I either have to be a selfish bastard and get what I want at the expense of others, or sacrifice myself for the greater good, a Win-Win society is built on the premise that everything I do to truly benefit myself will also automatically benefit the whole, and everything I do to truly benefit the whole will also automatically benefit me. Notice that I’m using the phrase “truly benefit”, which means being aligned with what we really want, and not what we think we have to do to get what we want. I saw with crystal clarity how an enlightened society would never sacrifice the individual or the group for any purpose, but would always look for the win-win, and find it.

I was instantly smitten and set the intention to know more, to gain an even deeper and more practical understanding of what such a society would look actually like.

Thrive – A society built on personal freedom

Those of you who have watched the documentary Thrive, which I posted a couple of weeks ago, may recall that at the end, the film makers advocated for a society with less restrictions instead of more. They envisioned a world where personal freedom reigned supreme and everyone was essentially allowed to do anything they wanted, as long as it didn’t directly hurt someone else.

To me, this concept of a society built on personal freedom is part of the same concept. One thing was instantly clear to me – those who served their own purpose from a place of alignment instead of fear, would automatically be doing what’s best for society. Of course, creating such a society would necessitate eradicating or at least severely limiting fear.

Buckminster Fuller

A few weeks ago, I came across the following quote from Buckminster Fuller, which stopped me dead in my tracks:

“We should do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian Darwinian theory he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.”

I resonated so strongly with this idea. I could feel the “truth” in the notion that we should all be inherently free to follow our passions without restriction. And I truly believe that if we all did so, the world would be a far, far happier AND more productive place.

And yet, up to this point, it had all been theory. My vision, the Thrive movie and Bucky’s inspiring words – all of them had resonated deeply with me and had given me a glimpse of what could be. But, I’m a practical puppy; I’m not content with beautiful ideas. Don’t get me wrong, beautiful ideas are awesome, and I love to ponder them, but at some point, I want to know how something could actually be implemented. What would it take? What would a society built on freedom and passion and the Win-Win concept actually look like?

I set the intention to find out. I figured with all the genius thinkers in the world, both past and present, someone out there must’ve surely taken the Buckminster Fuller quote to a new level. And I wanted to read the book, hear the speech or watch the science fiction movie that brought these ideas into a more tangible reality.

Well, that manifestation arrived and it’s better than I could’ve hoped for. And today, I’m going to share it with you.

The Venus Project

Meet Jacque Fresco: Futurist. Mr. Fresco has been inspiring others with his vision of the future since the 1960’s. Unlike conspiracy theorists, who often just bitch about what’s wrong with society, Jacque offers solutions, and heaps of them. He paints a picture of a true Win-Win society and offer practical applications, using technology and resources already available today. He addresses the problem of eradicating the fear caused by the falsely created (and falsely perpetuated) idea of scarcity. He’s brought some of the world’s smartest people together to come up with solutions for distributing the world’s resources in such a way that it would raise everyone’s standard of living significantly and in a very short amount of time. Individualism would reign supreme, as would personal freedom and choice. And, people would be encouraged to contribute to society in the best possible way: by following their passion. Education would be set up to support this very endeavor, instead of trying to achieve conformity.

Jacque Fresco and his wife continue to work with the world’s best and brightest to plan this future and inspire others to share in the vision and bring it into reality in Venus, Florida, and have dubbed this work “The Venus Project“.

Below, you can find a documentary about the Venus Project which brings this vision to life. I adore this! It makes it so easy for us to “see” what a society like this would actually look like and helps us focus on it. Remember: Don’t focus on what you don’t want, even if it’s your current reality. Focus on what you want to create, and what you want the world to be like.

I hope this movie inspires you to do just that and gives you tons of new and concrete ideas for your own vision of the future. Enjoy!

What’s your BEST vision of the future? Share in the comments!

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  • Odd that after the Thrive video I had a memory of his pod cities. I believe he was featured in the second Zeitgeist movie which I haven’t seen in a few years. Synchronicity, I suppose.

    I’ve heard a channeler talk about how we’re moving towards a resource-based economy.


    • Lucy,

      “Bashar likes to state that circumstances donโ€™t matter; only our state of being matters”.

      Yes, I think I have heard this on youtube. It really resonated with me.

      I wonder why this is a reality projected by our lower selves and not our higher self. Do people ignore their higher self? It seems so, otherwise everyone would be kind, calm and willing to help each other, but this is not the case, as it is the lower vibration which seems to be dominant. That is not where I focus, though, so I do notice that it disappears from my reality at times…

      • Hi Kat,

        I really liked that circumstances phrase. I’ve used it during some really trying times in the past and it helped calm me and shift my perspective.

        According to various sources, we created this lower-vibrational reality on purpose because we thought it would be fun. According to Bashar, our oversoul/inner being found out that if we operated in the lower frequencies and then deliberately raised it (listening to our higher self), we could slow down the manifestation process enough so that we could experience what it would be like to experience the moment of creation.

        In a recent Abraham recording, they talked about the 17 second consistent thought brining about a point of attraction. They said that at one point in time it was 46-ish seconds and that the length of time is contracting (each person at a different rate). Both Abraham and Bashar say that at some point those 17 seconds will go down to zero, or in other words, that’s when instant manifestation happens. At that time, we’d better have our acts together to figure out what sort of reality we want to experience! Those 17 seconds we have today serve us.

        Without this lower vibrational reality of disconnection to our higher selves and source, we would have instant manifestation and would not experience what it feels like to create in the 17/68 seconds (and the time thereafter). This is an advanced playground, intended for souls who wanted an intense experience.

        Not to worry though, depending on who you believe, it seems the resonant frequency/tone of Earth is raising and is taking us with her whether we want to go or not. 12/21/2012 is supposed to be the date when we move from a slightly more negative energy to a slightly more positive energy and the positive energy will just snowball from there on out. I think that’s when more and more people will wake up to to their power and connection to their higher selves.

        This is exciting times we are living in! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • It’a all good! Life really is an amazing ride, especially once we realize what the rules of the game are!


          • Oh, btw, I was at a Bashar event a couple weeks ago and he said the last time the energy on this planet was more positive than negative was sometime mid-Atlantian civilization or 20-30,000 years ago (my guess would be around 23,000 years ago, the beginning of the age of pices.)

            This gives more insight to what Abraham had once said (that I didn’t understand at the time) that a huge number of beings wanted to incarnate on this planet at this time. I believe their words were, “You should have seen the stampede” to come here.

            To quote someone else, we were the ones who “got the lucky golden tickets” to ride this ride. We already won the lottery big-time!

          • Thank you for the reminder about life. We must remember that it is an exhilarating ride. Abe once gave an explanation if why dogs allow the insects to get in their eyes when they stick their head out the window- because it’s a small price to pay for the sheer exhilaration of the ride! Woohoo!

            As for Bashar, very interesting. I am wondering if the Native American Indians were part of that group. They were high vibrationally.

          • I am wondering, also, if the lower vibration corresponded with the onset of agriculture. I think the vibration was higher before and its onset actually tipped the scales to create have and have-not societies and imbalance of resources. Could be where the focus turned on the brain as well, and time was freed up to use the brain more, keep up with crops, wheras before it was a mix of intuition and brain.

          • I don’t think agriculture has anything to do with it. I think more than anything else it’s the belief that we are not connected to source. Those who are not connected think there is scarcity and therefore limited resources. If there’s limited resources, there’s doubt and fear of well-being and survival.

            Those who are connected understand that there is no scarcity. I sometimes still struggle with this myself.

    • Hey Lucy,

      I think Jacque was featured in the third Zeitgeist movie. A friend of mine told me about it (I stopped watching the Zeitgeist movies. They were just too doom and gloom for me), or rather, told me about the Venus Project. So, I checked it out directly.

      I’m not surprised that this idea is coming through multiple sources. Anyone who allows themselves to open to the solution can connect with it. After all, this is a huge co-creation, born out of all of our frustrations and disappointments and desires for things to be better. It’s like the best of everyone’s wishes have come together.

      Huge hugs!

      • Do you think this includes leaving people alone, in nature? It appears to have green spaces, but also apartment buildings and all that.

        Why am I so concerned about personal space and wilderness..when I am lonely?
        (mostly rhetorical)

        Why can’t we just run with four legs and get away?

        • I do, Alice. Jacque keeps making that point over and over again. It’s about MORE freedom not less. MORE personal choice not less. But it’s so common for our beliefs to try and take that pure concept into a dark place. We fear that there will be restrictions. Certainly it will mean compromise and sacrifice, won’t it? But no. That’s the point. Those are results of the old model, the old way of thinking. Win-Win truly means everyone gets what they want, what they TRULY want (no one truly wants to hurt others, they just think they have to to get what they want). But is the challenge, isn’t it? To allow ourselves to see it for what it is – true freedom.

          You’re worried about being restricted in your choices, and it’s a fear that many have. It can be really hard to imagine a world where choices are no longer limited given our current beliefs. So you’re struggling with that one, that’s all. Personally, I think it would be perfect to have a home in the city and the countryside. And maybe another home in another country, so I can bop back and forth. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Huge hugs!

          • Interesting, but I see some amusing resource based/bartering flaws/questions:

            In this resource based economy, how will the people with no money pay for your coaching?
            What will you barter or swap it for? International clients, what can they possibly give you over the phone or internet?
            What if they don’t have that exact thing you want?

            You may not want my sheep. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact maybe no-one will want my sheep. Except for maybe ….I’m going to stop right there!

            No! They don’t need sheep, because sheep are freely available. No-one needs it.
            The resources are there. So what do we give Melody Fletcher? That totally ruined my sheep idea.

            What do we swap for the following?:

            -janitor work (WHO WILL DO IT?)
            -cleaning of toilets & vomit areas
            -strippers…what do we throw at them?
            -“life” coaches…what do we give those NLP guys? flowers?
            -energy coaching
            -massage, spa….what do they want? a bunch of carrots?

            I would actually be pretty rich in this world, because I could find so many random things to hand people. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Jobs made redundant:

            -investment bankers
            -stock brokers
            -money changers
            -money lenders
            -accountants (or maybe you still need them for the flowers and sheep)
            -tax collectors?

            Basically any money-based job will be useless.

            How do we “save” to go to Disneyland?

            Put petrol in the car?

            How does this work?

            I can’t wrap my head around it. Again who will create the sewage systems?

            Who will be the proctologists?

            Sewer inspectors?

            Dish washers? Who will voluntarily do that?

            The people that have to collect sperm from animals?

            Check-out person?

            Fry-cook? You get the point.

          • What about the sick or disabled? How do they work or swap things they can’t create?

            ………………Would welfare even exist? Wow!

          • The sick and disasbled would contribute in whatever way brought them joy. Welfare wouldn’t be needed since everyone’s needs would be taken care of. Everything would be plentiful and free. Everything. I know, hard to get one’s head around that… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • So no-one would come with torches and pitch forks and tell them they are lazy, and to earn their living?

            Incredible! I am astounded, what a heaven! What a relief.

            We shouldn’t have to justify everything, earn the right to simply live!

          • Actually, Alice, I believe in that economy, my coaching would be free. Since I wouldn’t need any money to pay for resources, and almost all services would be automated, there would be no need to buy anything. It would all be provided for free. So, I’d coach and write books and spread this information in any way I could, just as I’m doing now.

            Don’t think in terms of one person swapping value for another’s services. It’s not tit for tat. It’s about doing what brings you the most joy and benefiting the whole at the same time.

            We have the technology to automate almost everything these days. We wouldn’t need sewage workers or dishwashers. It’s simply cheaper right now to use manual labor. There are people out there who love being proctologists (they were not forced into it in medical school…), and every other job that would be needed (engineer who designs sewage systems, for example). When we see the great potential that humanity has and allow them to express it, we no longer try to keep people down, and small and stuck in shitty little jobs.

            For example, I used to manage restaurants in another life. We had a lot of South American employees. Many of them could’ve done much more than wash dishes or chop veggies, but they spoke no English and often had no real education. That didn’t make them stupid. They easily learned anything that was put in front of them. They could’ve done much, much more. And just imagine what they’d be capable if given the opportunity, the education and the freedom to go after their passion. Imagine if everyone was! That’s the world this post is talking about. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Huge hugs!

          • But why would you do your coaching all the time if you had everything you needed?

            And prostitutes, 98% of them wouldn’t be there by choice (there is a very small amount that like or even love their job, have safe work conditions and just love having sex all the time…it’s rare but true.)

            they don’t generally want to do that with slobby, mean guys that pay them money…and disrespect them…

            So where will the people go that used to take advantage of the people in bad jobs?
            Robot sex?

          • I would do coaching because I love it and it benefits me greatly. It’s my passion.

            I’m sure that human ingenuity would figure out how to satisfy the world’s desire the world’s desire for sex.

            And you don’t need prostitutes to have a match up of those who require the denigration of others and those who allow themselves to be denigrated. Money doesn’t have to change hands for that to happen.

          • What would you barter for your coaching calls?

            Without money, what will you accept?

            Will you start this now with people that don’t have money, they can give something else?

          • There would be no bartering. It’s not a tit for tat society. You put your value out there, doing what you love and everyone else does the same. When everything is given freely, and everything is provided in abundance, there is no need to take any kind of payment.

            I already do this with the free coaching calls. People “give” me their permission to use the call in exchange for the call itself. I plan to do more of this in the future, yes, as I’m able to.

            Huge hugs,


      • Yes, co-creation at its best!

        After the fall of 2008 I was obsessed with finding out the root causes of it and found a huge plethora of information, including Zeitgeist. Running down that rabbit hole threw me into such a deep state of depression that I was hell bent on finding a way outโ€ฆand I found Abraham. Not too shabby. I believe that all these conspiracy theories are good. If I found out that I am the creator of my own life because of them, how many others are in the same boat? Lots, I imagine. Again, co-creation at its best!


  • Melodious —

    You had me at hello — or rather the first paragraph above in My Vision. Truly transcendent.

    My best vision of the future involves interacting more and more with fab impish spirits who are rocketing humanity forward and upward. So this means you too. Lunch is on me next time I blow through town (or you blow through South Florida).

    Ciao ciao — Thanks for all you put out here!


  • Wow, i soo want to live there, this video was truly amazing. But i feel that to get from here to there would take decades. People get mad at me when I get excited about the 2012 doomsday ideas, I watch all the documentaries and get super geeked about the whole idea, or when they pronouced the banks to big to fail and I yearned for them to collapse. It’s only because I truely believe if the current system collapsed we could move forward sooner.It would force us to look at more sustainable solutions to live in the manner described in this video. Sometimes you have to loose all you have in order to gain so much more. Soo although I truly want something to collapse the current system on 12/21/2012, I don’t truly think its gonna happen. But wouldn’t it be great.

    • Catrice —

      Things don’t have to collapse to evolve . . . it could be a wondrous evolutionary spurt in ways we don’t see coming.

      Consider when oil took over whale blubber as the fuel of the day. Or vehicles took over the burdens of horses and oxen. The horses and oxen didn’t have to collapse for the evolution to occur.

      I think the same thing is going on today. It may only be some wild technical improvements and a few years till we find ourselves evolving beyond oil into an even better solution. That’s how I feel it will come about, for everything, the old systems will simply evaporate as better systems forge into being. Better solutions always rise up, causing the inferior ways (which were once superior ways) to wither away.

      Like when I left my tricycle behind for a bicycle. The tricycle didn’t have to collapse into chaos for that natural evolutionary move.

      As more and more people live from higher perspectives the new and better will naturally surface — it’s already happening. Melody’s site here is an excellent example, prompting us all to higher thought and action.


    • Hey Catrice,

      What Evan said, lol. It’s good to see the chaos as serving a purpose. You’ve done that – you’ve made peace with the fact that the turmoil could actually be the catalyst for many to make the leap to a new way of thinking. But it won’t be like that for everyone. As Evan said, chaos isn’t necessary for evolution. Some will choose that path (not consciously, but by waiting until their own resistance forces them to make the change towards what they want) and some will shift much, much earlier. The crowd that’s gathering here is deciding to deliberately move towards what they want now, instead of waiting until it becomes more painful.

      Also, remember that you don’t need anyone else to wake up and make the shift in order for you to. sure, it’s easier when everyone agrees with you, but as you pointed out, that could take a while. You can move towards the vision of what you want right now. Finding this video is a big part of that. You wouldn’t have seen it if you weren’t ready for it. It’s a manifestation born out of your (and our) desire for a solution. And what a perfect solution it is on so many levels! And don’t think that this is the end – you’ve seen the movie and now you have to wait fifty years for the next manifestation. I’m certain there are people out there who are already making this more of a reality than we can imagine right this second. Or, maybe we will be those people. But all we have to do is line up with more of this energy and then let it manifest. We haven’t gone as far as we can NOW. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • With 7 billion people I think one of the enemy of the environment and these beautiful goals is lack of contraception.(inspired ppregnancy lol) I’m kidding!!!

    But really, there’s too many people to do this without overcrowding nature. Goodbye country living and wide-open spaces.
    no matter how well this were executed, if you have to build all these cities and populate them and stretch, covering the grass and the green with more swarms of people.

    Its unbalanced the amount of humans living in one concentrated area rather than spread out with nice chuncks of green in between, you never have to be crowded.

    Also I don’t like the idea of encouraging humans to keep building to the point where we have to make cities in the sea just to fit everybody.

      • Abraham Hicks had once said that we have had a far greater population in our history than we have today. Our population isn’t as big of a problem as many think.

        • People say this most likely live in large spacious areas of America, in large homes, with big backyards, a porch and large cars and large areas in general. That won’t last however, when people in more crowded areas of America expand, and start moving into those spaces, and in future if that continues there will be less “wide open spaces” being alone will be a luxury.

          Actually it already is. You have to drive out into the mountains, but there’s more and more people camping and going out there.

          You have to own a car (I don’t and travell 8 hours away just to find a secret spot where no humans go!
          Then you will truly be alone with nature. Every human should have this option. People onece did vision quests.

          Abraham-Hicks say many nice things, but that’s not really helpful, when this is something that can have a solution, but the solution is not denial.

          Now that’s (wide open spaces) not the case for Mumbai, Kathmandu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, parts of India…have you seen the trains there???? HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAINS IN TOKYO AND INDIA???
          (that’s not yelling, there is no bold option) They don’t even get that option. Some places don’t even have a beach or wide open space.
          There will always be a another human being in your personal space.

          No one wants to have to sit on top of each other, breathing in body odor. Only the very wealthy areas have large open spaces, and luckily hard to access places such as Australia (so far) because of the looong and expensive plane trip.
          But already Sydney peak hour trains there is hardly a time where you could sit or feel like you are getting air.

          I don’t think people should have to live like swarms of ants. I don’t think we have the right to chop down all the trees to make more cities and expand humans and encourage more expansion.

          Why are there wild animals and birds in the city?? Because we cut down their natural environment and food sources. Humans are being a menance to the animals and natural environments.

          There is a positive solution, but as I said, denying the problem of blatant over crowding and population and rampant human destruction of other creatures spaces and green areas is denial and denial solves nothing.

          • Hi Alice,

            Yes, I’ve lived in Asia, in one of the most congested cities on the planet (#2 congested city in fact). I still do not believe we are as overpopulated as we make it out to be. The more people the better, as it means there are more talents and more creativity and ingenuity to contribute to society.

            Law of attraction states that you will see what you believe and look for. It also means that you’ll interpret each circumstances according to the lens you have on. It’s interesting to me to see how with each of the items you state I had a different reaction to than what I think you are trying to conjure.

            Bashar likes to state that circumstances don’t matter; only our state of being matters.

            Given that there are billions of parallel realities, it is entirely possible for you to shift to a planet with fewer people and me to shift to one with more, making both of us perfectly happy, and that’s ok too. However, if what’s in your vibration is about the overpopulation and scarcity of resources, that’s the reality you will shift to.

            Something to ponder. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Wow that was such a nice reply! Thanks!

            (I mentally deleted the last sentence about scarcity of resources though, as that’s not what I’m worried about.
            I just don’t like people up in my space.)

            I am confused if you personally saw the crowding in Asia, how you feel like that, but you are a different person.

            I once had a huge argument with some girl in college because there was a dumpy, littered grey building with the concrete falling down and I didn’t like it, and she called it “beautful”
            and I was like…yeah I preferred the trees and the birds that used to be there!
            And she called me crazy…and I was convinced she was a crazy pollution loving fool.

            So I just ignored her and tried to avoid looking out the window where they cut down the tree. ๐Ÿ™‚

            I still can’t understand why people prefer cities and swarms of people, I find it gross.

            Some cities are pretty, but my stomach turns when I see humans in large groups, as it looks cluttered and messy and like the humans move like just grosses me out.

            Even if I moved to a place, which I have already to an extent, that isn’t crowded, I wouldnt be happy about that, because I’d feel responbility for those I left behind to be messed up, and can’t just wipe my hands clean. I feel people need education on that.

            As for more creativity etc we already have 7 billion…what are those 7 billion doing? That is more than enough.

            But it doesn’t work like that, see the movie “Idiocracy”, the first part where the thoughtful couple don’t even have kids.

          • Ok….. I don’t really believe in that way of thinking, I come here for deep conversations, the jokes and solid things here.

            Have you seen Idiocracy?

    • Hey Alice,

      First of all, I don’t really see anything in this vision that would require people to live in cities. The idea is that people can live the way they want to, but that Jacque believes that most people will prefer to live in cities, closer to amenities. Those who prefer to live further away, will do so. Why not?

      The world is not overpopulated. The problem is not too many people, the problem is inefficient and false distribution of resources. The idea that there’s not enough of anything to go around (including space) is because false scarcity has been created. The model proposed here would eliminate that, and provide a much higher standard of living for all. There would be no more people sitting on top of each other. The only reason that happens is because currently, those people lack the resources to live otherwise, not because they want to or because there is no other way. In fact, I firmly believe that this way of living would be much better for the environment. There’s no need to pollute anymore. We have the technology to live and thrive without doing so. But again, false scarcity and the profit model keep us polluting. We could heal the planet and nature and have less impact on the earth than we currently do. That’s the vision I’m focusing on anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs,

      • I like it, you are focusing on what we want WITHOUT denying the people are crowded and that yes, there are too many people crammed into badly managed spaces.

        That’s all I’m trying to say. That I can believe there is a solution, but we can’t just deny the poeple sitting on top of others right now. It’s insulting. That’s delusion.


  • I am the one that told you about Jacque Fresco, in a comment long ago……………….I heard of him years ago.
    I mentioned him to people numerous times.

    • Hey Alice,

      I’m so sorry! Oopsy. I must not have been ready for him then. I didn’t remember you telling me about him (that happens a lot. People tell me about stuff, but I don’t quite yet resonate with that solution yet, and so I have to hear about it a couple of times before it clicks…) My bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs,

      • Not a problem, I’m not getting all these in my inbox though.

        I feel snubbed in some ways when people repeatedly reply to something I said, but indirectly, under the reply of you or someone else.
        Once or twice is fine, but again and again, can’t be coincidence, it’s a deliberate avoidance.

        Maybe I was just feeling sensitive because of that.

  • Wow!

    It’s almost too much to take in, but I am overwhelmingly…I can’t even find a word! Awed? Excited? Ready to jump up and do something, anything, to see this become our reality? So many things that make sense!

    I do find myself automatically wanting to say ‘But!’ Such a knee jerk reaction because this colossal idea is so foreign to how we have been thinking and living for so long! But the vision just takes off in my head. How would it be?! Could we do it right now? Could we build a town that was self sustaining in this way? Could we have a town that did not need any monetary system to survive? Letโ€™s go try!!!

    Yes I see a lot of holes still. Like what if you didnโ€™t want to live in a city? What would happen with people who never thought to take care of the environment, or destroyed things without care? Yes, those negatives are still there in my head. Like my first thought on giving people everything they need made me think…when you give people everything they need, they donโ€™t help themselves. I can SAY thatโ€™s not true, but obviously the belief is still there. ๐Ÿ™

    But I also see that over time these holes would be filled in, because we would have time to focus and figure out solutions without getting bogged down by the question of where the money would come from! And, as was stated, people WANT to be active and do something. Itโ€™s just that doing what you donโ€™t want often causes many people to shut down and want to do nothing. If that went away, I do see how things would change. Like another post stated, not needing to work for an income does not promote slothiness. Instead it promotes ideas and action, because the brain does not stop thinking!

    And what if we took all the money we put into war support, and used it to build this new idea/world? Now thereโ€™s an idea that I find so feasible! Use our soldiers, who are NOT only trained to kill, to work these projects. So many military people are taught to be adaptable, look for solutions, trained to improve communication with people, and have another job that has nothing to do with fighting. Put all of that training into making our world self sustainable. A military base is a self sustainable city! The military goes all over the world and puts together small cities all the time, infrastructure included, sometimes in the middle of nowhere. No, itโ€™s not the same, but the knowledge is already there and used, if not in the same manner weโ€™re talking about. And they already have people always working on automation, so letโ€™s use them to make utilities, food production and distribution automated!

    As Fresco said, we have the means to do everything, but money is the cog that is slowing everything down. And yet it is so hard to imagine our world without the monetary system. Even if not money, then the barter system. Always that idea that you have to give something to get something, nothing comes for free, or you have to earn everything in some way. To change this thinking…that is the key.

    Whewโ€ฆI think I pulled something. Such grand ideasโ€ฆsuch a wonderful new way to imagine the world…to see this in my lifetime! I want it! ๐Ÿ˜€ This was an amazing video Melody! Yes, itโ€™s got me all buzzed now. Thank you sooo much!

    • Hey Nay,

      I had the same reaction to this! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the biggest hurdle to overcome will be the fear that if I give everything away for free, will others do, too? We’ve been taught to mistrust each other and fear each other. And this kind of society is built on a feeling of ultimate trust in well being and a total feeling of security – the polar opposite of what we have now. It would be awesome if we could build a small model of this to prove to others that it could work. But, I think the whole concept depends on there being huge amounts of resources. A small town or city would have limitations and therefore limited resources. The world, as a whole, is not limited in this way. So, you’d have to take a region large enough that they can be completely self sustaining.

      Military bases aren’t self sustaining. They ship in their equipment and supplies from the outside. But I agree – we have the knowledge and resources and the talent to make this happen NOW. Let’s keep focusing on that, and on how amazing this vision is, and watch for signs that it’s coming. Yay!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs,

      • Yep, thought about how most cities, including military bases, get so much from outside themselves. But set up a city to produce everything it needs with the ability to adapt to changing needs…the WOW factor just keeps growing! It is an amazing vision!

        And lucky for us, the vision automatically brings up all the stumbling blocks too…primarily our beliefs and fears, because it’s so outside of our norm. The whole concept is almost foreign. And it’s so easy to try to plug it into what we have tried before, like marxism and/or communism, or even the fabled Utopia. Because these have been something we have had around in reality or our imagination for a while. But the difference is our advances in technology make this viable. We just have to start, which is usually the hardest step. But once taken, things start rolling!

        Thanks again!

        The biggest stumbling block is our beliefs and fear.

  • I spent a lot of time on the Venus Project website today. Pretty amazing! Reminds me of some the buildings you see in Dubai. If more people believed in a win-win society would all be the beneficiaries. Do you think it could ever happen? I’ll watch the documentary later. I just love watching great documentaries.
    Thanks, Melody, for another thought provoking post!

    • Hey Betsy,

      I do think it could happen, and it will. I think we’re going to see major shifts in our society’s thinking within our lifetimes. All the turmoil that’s going on now is leading us straight there (sometimes we have to experience a lot of pain before we’re willing to throw up our hands and try something totally different). It will take some pain to cause people to overcome their fears, but we’re getting there.

      Keep on focusing! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs,

  • It seems like the ultimate in positive thinking. When enough of us start seeing the solutions instead of just the problems our focus (on the good) starts bringing to pass what we really want.

    After watching the video, I realize, as he admitted, that certain fundamental shifts will be real challenges. How do you get nations to volunteer an inventory of their resources? At what point will religions cease fighting for their beliefs? Can you have a progression towards reduced nationalism and non-power or would it have to be a sudden shift?

    This man is trying to create solutions before the world is ready for them and that’s commendable! What if more of us followed this thought and goal? What if more of us tried focusing on the solution rather than the reasons it isn’t possible? Would we reach the tipping point far sooner?

    • Yes Carmelo! What if? What if more of us defied the rest of society and just focused on what we wanted? This man is a perfect example of someone who has focused on his vision long enough, that’s it’s come into the physical enough for others to “see” it. And that creates more momentum. Because now we can all focus on it, too. I do believe that we’ll see major shifts in our society’s thinking withing my life time. I’m convinced of it. Things are simply moving too fast now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • I just had a long conversation about this this morning. Yes, it takes people willing to focus on something long enough for it to become the focus of more and more people … like us!

        And speaking of “us” the change on the outside is a result of enough people changing on the inside. Or, maybe it’s more accurate to say enough people accessing the “inside” which is already truth. Just letting it out finally, right? Yep, it’s happening with more people all the time. Truth finds a way.

    • Hey Kat,

      All the turmoil that’s going on now is only serving to make people want something else with more intensity than ever. And, I do think it will take quite a bit of intensity to get people to be willing to overcome their fears and take the leap to this kind of cooperative, Win-Win society. But, as we know, when the pain gets too great, that’s when change happens.

      Of course, we can start lining up with that world now. We don’t have to wait for the masses to get there. Yay!

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but wanted to comment on your comments. Wow! The consciousness of the world is rising all at the same time. Yesterday I was talking with a friend about exactly this.

    We are in contact with an earnest and hardworking group for the welfare of animals, BUT they think welfare comes from eradicating problems. It’s so clear how their pushing against (in a terrible irony) actually gives more force to the abuses.

    Instead we’ve decided to envision an excellent Colima for all humans and animals, and we’ve brainstormed and described our vision in detail. That’s our blueprint for change. We are starting a non-profit with this mission. Yeah!

    By coincidence or something better, today in my inbox is an invitation to a pet parade in a couple of weeks, ending in a competition of pet superhero costumes. How positive is that!!

    Huge hugs and happy Sunday,

    Mary Carol

      • Thanks Kat and Laura!

        Some posts I’ve written here on August 5, 19 and 23, 2012 (in the archives) touch on animal welfare. The August 5 post is specifically about this subject. We’re working on the mission, goals and objectives of our non-profit and I’d be happy to share and get your feedback, if you’d like to email me. Melody can give you the address.

        Hugs to you both,


        • Yes yes, MC. I would love that.
          This is where my heart and soul is, in all areas of pet care…even after once they have homes. Not everyone knows what to do once they get a pet home from the shelter.

          I’ll email Mel, unless she sees this first, (I’ll give her a minute.) ๐Ÿ˜‰
          And ask her to send it to me. Thanks.
          Cool. This is exciting.

    • That’s amazing MC! I love how you and your cohorts are creating change by focusing on what you want. It really does work, we just have to have the courage to do what others think is impossible. You know, no pressure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Huge hugs!

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