I have a confession to make. I’ve been getting the tar beaten out of me lately. I don’t mean physically, although some of it has manifested that way, but energetically. And, according to my Intel (Skype, Facebook and my comment section), pretty much everyone I know has been going through the same kind of thing. We’re all being hit in various ways: shifting large beliefs rather quickly (which is just a tad uncomfortable, and by “a tad” I mean “bite down on this leather and hold on”), difficulty controlling empathic abilities (being hit by everyone’s energy, even if you’ve long ago learned how to control that), and TONS of resistance coming up (loads of seemingly bad stuff happening in very short succession).

Today, I will not tell you how to stop this phenomenon. I can’t. Today, I’m going to explain to you what the hell is going on. Ready? Here, bite down on this leather and, oh never mind. You know the drill by now.

December 21st. Ish.

While I give absolutely no credence to the idea that the world will end on December 21st, 2012, or any other time soon (or at all…), the energy is clearly speeding up and has been for some time. The global and Universal vibration is getting higher and faster, which means that right now, in this moment, the energy is moving faster than it ever has.

The Mayans were on to something. While the actual date of the end of the Mayan calendar is hotly debated, most of the current theories put the end date within a one year period (Dec 2012 – Oct 2013). Now, while some people believe that the end of the Mayan calendar signifies the end of the world (dramatic, much?), I think it simply (ha!) represents a major shift in our vibration. Like, super major. I’ll elaborate, shall I?

It’s Evolution, man!

So, since the beginning of, well, creation, our Universal vibration has been slowly but steadily and consistently rising and speeding up. We humans have been contributing greatly to this rise just by living. Each time we identify something we don’t like, we also (often inadvertently) identify what we would like instead, or a new desire. The non-physical then focuses on that desire and matches its frequency. It evolves to match that new, higher frequency, which is now also available to all humans. Since the non-physical is a lot less resistant and more focused than anything in the physical realm, and because there are a lot more of them than of us (we’re not actually separate, we are a part of them, but that’s another story), let’s just say that a great deal more focus is placed on those new, higher frequencies than on the lower, more resistant ones. So, even if we humans choose to stay miserable and bitchy, the non-physical is always focusing on the highest available vibration.

So, the average vibration in the Universe (and yes, it’s all one. This is what Abraham means when they say “we’re all in this together”. We’re all working on the same vibration) is rising, because the great majority of consciousness is focused on the highest vibration possible. Up and up and up we go.

It stands to reason that as we keep movin’ on up, every once in a while, we will reach a tipping point where our collective vibration has risen enough to bring about a kind of evolutionary jump. That’s where we’re at right now. The energy is building and building and we’re about to take a flying leap into our evolutionary future. Or rather, we are doing it already. This kind of jump doesn’t happen in an instant, mind you (well, relatively speaking it does, but not seen from our perspective). It takes years.

What does this mean for us?

Well, I think it’s different for everyone. Certainly, we all seem to be releasing resistance like crazy. For those who understand energy releasing, it will make more sense. The rest of the population may misinterpret what’s going on and think all hell is breaking loose, they’re having a run of bad luck, or even that they’re going a bit crazy (break out the meds!). It may mean unexplained emotional outbursts, wild emotional fluctuations, spontaneous shifts in perception (epiphanies and awakening), increased resistance (physical ailments, accidents, emotional upsets), and an increase in our ability to perceive energy.

How everyone experiences this time will be a deeply personal thing. I think it all comes down to the intentions you’ve set, where you are (vibrationally) and where you want to go. We all came here during this time on purpose, because we knew it would be incredibly exciting. In other words, we knew that big shit was about to go down, and we wanted to be right in the thick of it. In my experience, you can’t make a distinction that those who have a higher vibration will have an easier time, and those with a lower vibration will have a harder time, which makes perfect sense when we consider that high and low vibrations are all relative.

I believe that we’re all being guided to exactly where WE want to be. Some of us simply wanted to get there faster, ahead of the pack so we could help others. Some of us might’ve been a bit more ambitious in how much of Who We Really Are we wanted to remember and how quickly.

My personal experience

Like I said, I’ve been getting the tar beaten out of me. Mind you, I’m not complaining. I’m actually incredibly excited about the changes that have been happening. Here are just a few, to give you an idea:

  • I started seeing dead people. So far, three have visited me. I’ve never been able to do this before, and it just kind of spontaneously happened, but hell, I’m not complaining. No, I’m not going to start doing readings with your dead relatives, that’s never been my thing. But it has been interesting so far. I’ve had two visits from dead folks who came to thank me for helping their living relatives, and one from a dead relative of mine. I’ve been able to reach out to my own transitioned family for quite some time, but these people just popped in. So, yeah, that’s happening now.
  • I’ve seen a marked increase in my ability to read energy in much more subtle ways. About eight months ago, I spontaneously read the energy of a client’s husband through her. When that became routine, I then gained the ability to go deeper into the family tree, reading parents and grandparents (as it pertains to the clients. I don’t get access to all their thoughts or anything. I can’t tell you where your grandfather keeps his secret stash of vintage Playboys.) Since what I do is like a turbocharged version of therapy, knowing why your great aunt who terrorized you as a child was such a bitch does come in handy.
  • I’ve been releasing more and more stuff on a purely emotional level, no longer needing to even understand what the issue is. Since the real work is emotional not intellectual, and since the only reason that I explain things the way I do is to get the mind out of the way so the real work can take place, this is pretty phenomenal. To me, this means that my mind has started to finally get out of the way (well, somewhat) and is allowing an energy clearing to take place. Yay!
  • I started releasing a rather large (actually, possibly the largest ever in my own history) childhood issue that I’d blocked from my memory. This is the one that gets me the most excited, even though it’s the one that’s been beating me up the most. I believe that this incident, which I don’t yet fully remember, caused me to shut down a lot of my intuitive abilities. Since I’m regaining them now, I figure that clearing this blockage out might blow an important door wide open. I always say: I don’t know what I’m turning into, but I can’t wait to find out. Stay tuned. I will write about this when I’m done, although this may well be the basis for a book, not a blog post. Ok, stay tuned for a while. Sorry. For those of you who keep asking me to publish my life story, this is essentially going to be the whole basis of the book. So, there’s that. πŸ™‚

Bottom line

There’s nothing to worry about. It’s all good. All of this releasing which, granted, can be a total pain in the ass, is benefiting us. Those with loads of resistance who aren’t willing to let it go may have a tougher time than others, and may well think that things are getting worse and worse. But for those who are willing to understand the process, that resistance manifests only to serve us, won’t see it that way at all.

And, of course, it won’t stop with the releasing. That’s just the beginning. We’re clearing out the garbage so that we can take the next step in our evolution – remembering Who We Really Are, coming into our own power, what many would call the age of enlightenment.

Like I said. Big shit’s going down y’all. This is what we came here for. So, let’s enjoy it! Here, bite down on this leather and WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Have you been getting kicked around a little lately? What have you noticed? Share in the comments so that everyone (like me) knows they’re (I’m) not alone. πŸ˜‰

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  • It’s always so Nice to go back & read Post that make you say” OK I remember what’s going on. It’s 9/25/2013 and this post sooo resonates with me right now; I do feel I am now clearing the smoke as to say. I’m finally feeling lighter; better, really honestly understanding more of what has happened since last year. Like you said, Melody “Big Shit” is really going down..lol

    Thanks so much for your post.

  • The timing of reading your post couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m glad I’m not alone in the craziness and energy shifts. I’ve been feeling all the things your readers have mentioned above (except for seeing dead people – that hasn’t popped up yet but could given my family history of my psychic grandmother).

    It’s a lot of the resistances and baggage all rolled into one and throw in some proscrastination too as well as physical fatigue and stomach stuff. I can feel the movements and changes of energies all around me but can’t quite nail down any specific thing. Sometimes feel bound and trapped and helpless and just allowing and flowing with it.

    I struggle with the fear that everyone else will get enlightened and changed and I’ll be left behind – that maybe I’m not doing enough through this transition or I’m not doing it right (more resistance and baggage I know that needs to be released – now that I know what it is).

    Nevertheless in the middle of all of this your post helps me to realign again in my heart and spirit and gives me encouragement and thankful that I’m not going crazy.

    Thank you Melody!

  • I LOVE this post, Melody. I was always really curious about the whole 2012 deal, but never really resonated with any of the answers that I’ve came across, including all of the BS about the end of the world and other LOA teachers’ responses to that, like nothing special is really happening, 2012 is just another year and we’re steadily growing. I know that we are, but I still knew there had to be something else, something more exciting than that.
    Last year was that year for me. I wasn’t satisfied with “The Secret”, although I’m very grateful to it for setting me on this path, so I started digging deeper. That’s when I came across your blog and stuff reeeally started to make sense. But with me gaining all of this amazing knowledge, I think I wasn’t vibrationally ready for it. It was way too big of a quantum leap ( Like light years wide quantum leap) it felt like hell. Little did I know at the time how valuable that time was for my growth. And I couldn’t make peace with it I had no idea what was going on, so I blamed it on the LOA and I started to think that knowing all of this actually robbed me off an ability to naturally live my life. But despite all of the pain I knew that it was going to be over and then I would be more aware than ever, happier than ever. It incrementally started to get better, everything started to make more and more sense. Now I’m at the point where every second of my life I am amazed. I am amazed at what kind of thoughts I have access to, at what the Universe is sending to me and how many wonders await. And every time I don’t feel connected I remember that She’s got my back and I need not to worry. I remember that growth is an incremental process, I made peace with my now and my resistance. Some awesome stuff is about to go down πŸ˜‰

    • YAAAAY Arina!! Thanks so much for sharing your story of transformation here. I’m sure it will help a lot of people who are currently struggling, and many, many are. When you’re in the midst of that turmoil it can feel like it might go on forever. But it’s always just temporary and it always leads to greater understanding in the end. I’m so privileged that I get to witness that process over and over again in others (and in myself. I’m not immune or anything…)

      Huge hugs!!


    • You can release sadness, fear, anger and a whole host of other emotions by crying. The crying is just an indicator of a shift in vibration, not the actual emotion itself.

      Energy that shifts has to be released. There are many ways to do it. Crying is one (but a really good one). Breathing deeply is another. In severe cases, puking or diarrhea. Or, if your chakras are open, you can just feel a kind of a whoosh pass through you and out the top of your head (have been feeling a lot of those lately. It’s kind of pleasant really once you know what they are).



  • Thank you, Melody, and all for your good comments.
    I was really getting worked up about some disasters happening, even to the point of building up emergency food, etc.
    Otherwise my relationship with my husband has greatly improved. I feel a “dark force” has finally been lifted.
    Now if I can just stay calm for the airplane Christmas trip I’ll be just fine.

    • Yay Pooh!

      We all get worked up about something from time to time. That’s totally ok. Just don’t forget that you have the ability to line up with what you want instead of the thing you got worked up about. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!


  • 1) Did you inform the “owners” of the dead relatives? πŸ˜‰ How are the flying around, do they need a license?

    2) Can you only read energy that came through a phonecall? Because we hit many deadends in text it seems, or has the evolution overcome this obstacle of comments and emails not having the same amount of real-time energy?
    Can explain how this works with the time difference, how it would work with copy, paste and running through a word editor, and without giving away private details, how am I feeling right now?
    Does this change depending on how long spent on comments, if the person surfed the web then returned to the page…oh…and BLANK comments…would they still carry energy?
    I don’t get the concept of distance reading, especially if you don’t have a photograph…but still photographs have the energy of that current monet or aura of the time….or do they carry the person in general?

    Ha-ha! Explain that! πŸ™‚

    What if the energy changes as the type, read the blog, type some more…you get the point…

    3) You are turning into a triffid. Where did you get your degree? Think about it.


    Oh, and this was the alternative to my original thought, that you forget while the party is going on after the storm, many don’t survive the storm and frankly this December 21st is going to be a suicide day for many.

    Now, thankfully I have brought some Ying to your Yang.

    • Oh..and does the energy change if we re-read our own comments or stare at that text huh?
      What is giving you this so called energy reading?

      Now I could have saved a lot of eye gouging with my grammar by editing, but for the energy experiemnet this should be raw.

      I could also replace we/I/our with “one” but man, that sounds poncy. So forgive the colloquial.

        • It’s a big wiggly plant, that eats people! It was just a random joke.

          And when I say huh at people, I’m imitating a spoof gangsta, but it occured to me, that it might seem rude, if the joke is not got.

          (picture a bugs bunny voice going…hey…a wise guy huh?)

          (also Yoda grammar doesn’t help)

    • Hey Alice,

      I did inform them, yes. When the time was right and my intuition told me to. They were very receptive and grateful for the information. They’re always around. I can connect with them anytime I like, but the new experience is that they seem to be calling me. I have clearly made myself available for that, and I’m happy I did. πŸ™‚

      No, I can read energy in person, on the phone, and in writing. A photograph helps me a lot, but that’s because it helps me focus on tune into the person. Perhaps the day will come when I no longer need that. It’s a tool I use. The problem with emails or comments or anything in writing is that I always connect with the energy of where the person is at NOW. I don’t read the energy of the time the photo was taken, either. It’s all about the now. So, if you leave a comment in a dark moment and are feeling better by the time I get to it, I will feel the discord between the words and where you are now. And then, I tend to give more general responses, intended more for others who will be reading the comments later. Because I can feel that the response is no longer really necessary.

      I no longer work in writing. Only over the phone and in person (very rarely, though, due to location). If find that more satisfying.

      I can’t explain exactly how I read the energy. I wish I could. But distance seems to make absolutely no difference at all.

      But yes, your energy can change significantly by reading your own comments, or what you’ve written in your journal for that matter. Changing perspectives in any way (which you do when you read what you’ve written, it’s a different way of experiencing what you’ve expressed) can help you make shifts.

      I hope that answered your questions (you = all who will read this).

      Huge hugs,


  • 2012 is super big for me, huge changes, emotional rollercoaster. It is a year of making up my mind, final decisions. It is about realizing who I am, where and how I really feel and I am on my own in it. Time for action which I have been resisting for so long. People around me experienced life changing events, to me it feels like lots of people just wants to actually, finally feel better. For real. I feel so fed up with putting up with bls, I am done, I dont understand it but I feel angry and upset I really have enough and I am bitter. Something has to happen. I have been waiting so long for a change which should come long time ago, but it didn’t. I am so fuc*in pissed!

    • Yay Anya,

      Let that anger out, girl! It’s serving you. Punch the couch, write angry rants in your journal, let yourself feel the anger and think the angry thoughts, even if they’re not rational or logical or “enlightened”.

      Just make sure you don’t turn the anger towards yourself. Push it outwards. Get angry about other people, or the government or whatever. Don’t worry, it’s temporary, especially if you let it out. Then it passes quite quickly. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!


  • Kia Ora :]

    all good here my gorgeous ones :] lots of resistance going daily but IT IS COOL!! No trauma!! Just absolute clarity about where I’m going and what I’m doing. Pennies dropping into slots big time!! Bloody Bloody Freakin’ Fabulantastic :]]] Have had a few ‘what the heck am I supposed to be doing’ days but overall – awesomely awesome.

    I can identify also with what’s going on with peeps around me. My mum has released physical pain she’s had for 25 years, no pain meds anymore :] My resistant partner, is finding my rapidly rising vibration more and more uncomfortable. It’s pushing him way out of his comfort zone and he’s constantly like a taut wire. My kids are buzzing and extremely emotional. The horses I work with are literally queueing up for energy work. And they know something, they’re so excited about us waking up. They’ve been waiting for eons :]

    Huge Divine Hugs Everybody

    • OMG Dawn, I LOVE the story about the horses. Oh hell yes! I feel that excitement and anticipation a lot, too. But I adore the idea of being around these incredibly connected beings! Yay!

      Thanks so much for sharing here.

      Huge hugs!!


  • Melody,

    Thank you so much for this post. It spoke to me in many ways. For the past 2 years I have suffered from back pain and food allergies unable to eat almost anything. My symptoms were getting worse and worse to where I finally couldn’t take anymore. I realized I was being given a chance to release something I had been holding on to. 2 years ago I was jobless, depressed and not getting along with family. I had a limiting belief of unworthiness in myself and a few days ago I asked myself if I still feel the same. And I don’t. I looked at how far I’ve come and realized that I now have a job, will be getting my first apartment soon and feel great about myself. Only good things are happening and once I dispelled that belief of unworthiness all my symptoms went away. But it’s hard to see clearly when you’re right in the thick of it.

    • Keep up the good work, Brandon! I really resonated with your story and what I really love is how everyone is able to look back and see the change and acknowledge everything….it’s awesome!

    • Yay Brandon!!!

      What an awesome, awesome release! We try to make it so complicated, but really, it’s all about thinking better feeling thoughts about ourselves. And poof, your reality changes to match those new thoughts. How awesome is that!!

      Continuing my happy dance in your honor.

      Huge hugs,

  • Hi Melody! As usual, Awesome post! This was so timely for me, and definitely gave me a sense of clarification in what I’ve been experiencing for months now. Since November of 2011 I’ve felt that everything has sped up tremendously for me. So much of what I’ve read rings so true and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this. Thank you and everyone else for sharing. This blog is a place that I feel “at home”.

  • YAY ! Melody and all…me too, lots of things and a recent major one, whichI’ll share with you all…

    I’ve had these thing about my health, any slight medical symptom I have, I USE to think the worse was wrong with me, I’ve ended up in A&E, done several major tests, scans, to find there is nothing wrong with me, I know, all those resources were wasted for nothing, but to me I was sure there was something wrong-“all these weird symptoms they must mean something” NOT ! Hypochondria ? Resistance ? Limiting beliefs?

    I use to go on the internet to check why my lower stomach was aching, or my foot is itchy or I have a headache and come up with all sorts of diseases/ailments you can think of! the madness of it all, looking back, why oh why? I have dramatically reduced the frequency of it but have always wondered why.

    I have become a regular reader for almost a year now, on Melody’s amazing, enlightening… blog ! I have learnt so so much about LOA and still learning how limiting beliefs and resistance get so much in the way, unimaginable.

    To get to my point… I realised I have being holding on to a lot of guilt(resistance) can’t find a better word surrounding my sisters death. 28 years ago when I was 13, we were on a vacation and one of my sisters fell I’ll, and was taken to hospital, whilst I looked after my two other younger sisters.

    She later on died in hospital. She had meningitis and as she already had a chronic long term condition, the meningitis didn’t help. Some further more deaths of which…I did loose another sister 6 or 8 years later… then my daughter months after she was born…then another whilst I was 12weeks…

    I didn’t take my sisters death well, was on medication for anxiety… As I got older, I was able to just about manage with emotional stuff, found some strength. It was so easy for some to say, why are all these things happening to me? what have I done to deserve these?. Looking back then, not for one moment did I think these thoughts, I accepted them, knew they were happening for some reason, but didn’t know why, I have being searching but couldn’t pin point the, why’s ????

    I heard a energy coaching call 022 on the members site on deliberate receiving about healing meditation and I have being fortunate to also have energy coaching from Melody, she is absolutely amazing.

    Anyway few nights ago whilst I was meditating, from no where, I found myself, back to that day my first sister died, and I found myself apologizing to my sister for not looking after her properly (guilt). Looking back, I did, I tried to resusitate her, decided to call a taxi then thought again so I called the ambulance, then alerted a neighbour.

    Anyway she came up to me and said “don’t be silly Tinu, it wasn’t your fault, I was already ill and you did all you could” and so on”……..

    That was a major major major shift, a release, a weight lifted off my shoulder. I’ve had all these guilt for so so long, not realising what it was. I know me being an hypochondria, has to come from somewhere and there it was all these while. All those experiences were telling me something, but at the time unaware of what it was.

    Different for everyone. The answers are always there but depends on where you’re at with your vibration, what you are open to, what your desires are, for you to find whats holding you back from being Who You Really Are…Melody talks about these more often than enough, in about all her blog posts, answers are always staring in our face. Is either we seek them (desires) ourselves or we seek the help of those who can help us, and is always and always when YOU are ready.

    Keep em coming! loving it ! yes it can get a bit much, ended up having a cold that took forever to get rid off, but back on top form again !

    Melody I can’t thank you enough, words can’t …. !

    • YAAAAAAAAY Tinu!!!! Congratulations on your big shift!!! I’m so, SO proud of you and am doing the happy dance over here. You can’t see it, but trust me, I’m jammin’.

      And thank you so, SO much for your kind words. You did the work, chica, I just get the assist. πŸ™‚
      And also, thank you so much for sharing your story here! I know that also represents a huge shift for you, and again, I’m just so proud of you. I really hope you’re proud of yourself.

      I can wait to speak with you and hear more about this! Yay!!!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

    • Great story, Tinu. Thanks for sharing it here. Our energy is THE most important thing, above all else and yes, it is whenever We are ready and Melodious is a true meoldy! Thank goodness the universe goes with this, unlike the people around us who keep pushing, but we can “control” that, too, with our vibration.

      • You’re welcome Kat ! Thank you !
        I’m slowing realising the intensity of what I’ve done with the ‘releasing’, huge ! I’ve read my comment thousand times, and as Melody said I should be proud of myself, something I sometimes struggle with but know the importance of it.
        Like the “Melodious is a true Melody” !

        • Good going, sista! I now realize that it is ALL up to us. We just have to let go, release and match the frequency of the desires set forth and the universe works with us in manifesting. Sending everyone love.

  • Hi dear Melody,

    Resonated big time with your post. Someday I wish to speak to you, have a session or whatever, but right now for economic reasons I can’t and because what you so kindly give has been serving me just fine. πŸ™‚ So I really feel thankfull for this blog, and the wonderful people that comment it.
    This entry also made me reminisce some of the apparently coincidendes and patterns that led me here. A tough break up, sister issues, family issues, hating a job, being disrespected (and then I realized that i also let it be that way). For instance when I wanted to go to a friend’s funeral (he was not very close to me, maybe we would never be great friends, but I liked him). He died suddently with no apparent cause in last new year’s eve with his closest friends.
    Lots of people (I only know one or two exceptions, but I don’t know them that well) have been having a tough year – some tougher than others, but generally tough.
    Right now, I feel better and more balanced as I did before. I can see how almost all of it had served me (I’m not referring to his death and the recent one of my aunt, but some of the happenings surrounding it) and I’m also expecting huge shifts – outside me, and when I emigrate.
    Last Friday was my last day in that job, and the feeling when I walked away was that I didn’t threw anything away (based on anger and frustration), I’m just moving πŸ™‚ I may even keep in touch with one or two ex-coworkers.
    This X-mas will be tough: very old grandparents and our family comunicating the death of our aunt face to face to my sister that lives very away and that happnened in a week that she was preparing for a very important job interview and she was crying and ΓΌber nervous. She has – as it appears – an addiction to resentment because she resents things even from when I was 7 – about 20/21 years ago – and it’s the same with my parents. Nothing is her fault, and all the things she has is because of the monstruous parents and sister she has. She even uses jokes we said to ground the completely exagerated idea she has about each one of us…
    I love her unconditionally, but I’m very sad with some of her acts and the incoherence with her loving cute side. I think she wants us as her punching bags to expiate her insecurities, and it’s hard for her to let go of a sad past (it became her identity). To the point that she can behave very selfishly, because when I was really low and the break up with ex was very recent (and she knew), she sent an e-mail to our mother asking her to tell me how selfish and intolerant I am and so on and so on. (!! and our mother forward it to me so that we can speak as mature woman we are… and then she resented our mother for forwarding it !!!! WTF!)
    Somewhere inside me I know things are going to be alright, and I know she will be fine. Somewhere inside me I know I’m fine because I didn’t fell on the spiral of her thoughts and began to question everything I am, do, speak act and losing track on what’s real. And she still has some gestures of love twards me πŸ™‚ – and then the drama, and then the gestures…

    I may seem like I’m whining, but I wrote this strangely inspired and… in a good mood… It’s weird, but I don’t feel weird, I feel good even if all that is comming because I’ve been dealing with my fears (practicing my awareness) and slowly all of this is losing its momentum…


    • Hey H.,

      Often writing it out brings a lot of clarity. Your sister is finding her way, just as you are. And if you can see her issues as HERS and not YOURS, you can detach and just love her. You’re not quite there yet, if she makes you sad, but you’re closer than you’ve ever been. Good for you!!

      Keep up the great work, my dear.

      Huge hugs,


  • This post, all these amazing responses, the feelings coming through, the excitement and wonder, the whole vibe…just COOL!!! <3 Words in this are just useless in expressing the power here!

  • Right there with ya. Spent a few days in the dumps trying to release a relationship that is has been a rough spot in my life for years. I worked very hard to release this person and realize that his unhappy vib was not about me. Its hard when its your brother. I moved into a place of acceptance and then today was able to write 5 and1/2 pages of all the things that I really love… right here and now and could have continued this activity indefinatly. It got easier and easier the more I wrote. I am riding this high vibration and loving it…all prompted by the disturbing energy from my brother. …I guess.

    • Hey Victoria,

      It sounds to me that the disturbing energy of your brother was a catalyst for you releasing a little something, or at least stabilizing your own energy. Yay!!! Don’t you just love that wave? Hang ten, chica!

      Huge hugs,


  • I could write thousands words of examples from my own life of why you are so right here Melody. When i started personal development courses like coaching and NLP my mood was happier than ever before but the releasing of resistance ( i had a violent childhood ) that was being called for ( for want of a better description ) just by doing these courses and becoming a coach was like a horror ride. I suppose you could say it was 3 years of having my resistance dragged out of me kicking and screaming. if only i knew what was happening i might of gone more quietly with a bit more grace. This year i started work on releasing some beliefs of mine and not long after i had a premonition that was spot on. i even wrote it on facebook so everyone could see it. It has been nearly 20 years since i could last do this. So yet again, i’m finding your posts are mirroring my own experience. many thanks again. regards shaun

    • Hey Shaun,

      I know the feeling of having it dragged out of you kicking and screaming, believe me. And yeah, I do try to let it all go with more grace, but every now and again, you just have to turn into a snotty, crying, phlegmy mess for a few minutes. In the end, though, if it leads us to where we really want to go, it’s all good. And even the snotty crying feels good, really. But knowing what’s going on does help tremendously.

      And I love that you’re regaining your abilities. I can’t wait to see what I unlock (I’m thinking prizes. Maybe chocolate. Ha!)

      Huge hugs!!

  • Hi everyone,

    It is reassuring to know we’re not all going through thiis stuff in isolation. I’ve been dealing witg a lot of resistance to basically everything I want for a period of about 5 weeks now. I hold my hands up to the whole negative, run-of-bad-luck thoughts, but I also knew this was of my making, and an opportunity for me to take control again. So for the past week or so, I’ve been visualising literally letting go of my resistance. I see myself acknowledging it, then bundling it into a box then handing it to the guys in the Universe’s baggage handling department. It’s helping me feel better, and it’s a nice, simple visualisation. Hope it helps you a little.
    Much love xx

    • That’s awesome Sinead. Thanks so much for sharing! And, that very general, let go of resistance and who cares what it is, is bound to be very effective. It doesn’t trigger all the specifics of the resistance, so you’re less likely to hold on to it.

      Huge hugs for you!


          • ooops! That sounds curt! I’m actually really friendly and nice, I’ll get in first here.

            That meant to say:

            I feel really sad, I don’t know how to drop things without knowing what it is, I have some fear of letting go in case that data is useful, or may help me in future with some creative endeavor.

            I am curious about your question, as I often wonder why anyone would care if my heart hurts or not.
            So I get puzzled.

            It’s not meant to be “whatcha looking at punk?” lol but re-reading that reply, it could be read like that!

            thanks. πŸ™‚

  • Oh so it’s not just me either. You’re right about things speeding up. These last few weeks releasing has been as quick and it seems to be all about hold on for the ride. I’m
    not complaining, something I’ve been resisting for years has been released, but it’s clear this is a time of powerful collective energy and it seems we’re all caught up in the momentum.

    • Hey Jane,

      I’ve decided to just take the attitude of going with it. Whatever comes up, I’m like “Ok! Let’s see where this takes me”. And it’s really working. No judgement, no decision, no trying to make it happen. I just go with it. And you know? It’s taking me exactly where I want to go, even on stuff I forgot that I wanted. Weeeeeee!

      Huge hugs!

  • I’ve definitely noticed things speeding up for a few months now, although I attributed it to other reasons. I’m getting better at dealing with resistance too – a lot better – a large part of which is due to your coaching πŸ™‚ Right now though, I’m going through a really good period – I’ve had some awesome manifestations and things seem to be heading in a good direction. I hope this doesn’t mean all hell is going to break loose for me again, since it did a while ago!!! Hoping for a smoother journey now πŸ™‚

    I’m still excited though, I’ve always thought the same as you about 2012 and it’s re-assuring to see others agreeing.

    • Yay Karin! Can’t wait to hear all about your most recent awesomeness! πŸ™‚

      You know, I’m increasingly becoming aware that those “all hell breaking loose” moments are generally ways to quickly affect change and usually always precede something awesome. So, people should be all like “Yes! All hell is breaking loose! Good shit’s about to happen, y’all!”

      I get it. The world I live in is not “normal” (thank Gawd!). But it’s so much fun!!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Holy crap! You guys are definitely not the only ones. I have been releasing resistance like crazy. I got myself into a “challenging” situation a few months back. I knew the situation I was getting myself into was going to be challenging, but at a much deeper level, I knew that it would help force me to raise my vibration. I also understood that this had to do with 12/21 and had to get as much resistance out as I could before then. It didn’t occur to me at all that others would be going through the same thing.

    My understanding is that 12/21 is when the energy of the world goes from slightly negative to slightly positive. When asked what exactly will this look like for us, the response a channeler gave is that we’ll see a bunch more synchronicity, we will start to see and feel things we haven’t before (more people will start to see auras and those on the other side of the veil), and time and space will become more “slippery” (both are illusions anyway).

    Extreme roller coaster ride here. Wavered between the darkest of dark emotions and the lightest of light these past few months. However I am so proud of myself for being able to bounce out of the dark places as quickly as I have.

    I also wanted to mention that ever since I was a kid, I have had dreams of extreme flooding, like the land just falling into the ocean sort of “flooding.” I grew up in SF and our house was on a hillside but close enough to the ocean that I could see the sandy beach from my bedroom. I would have reoccurring nightmares about the land (the neighbor’s homes and land) just falling into the ocean. As I grew up those nightmares grew fewer in frequency, though I know I’ve had them at least two times since the beginning of this year and as in the past, I would wake up terrified. What I’m particularly excited about is that last night, I had another flooding dream, but instead of getting panicky, I just blissfully went with it and floated in some object with my family. We all turned out ok.

    Something shifted inside of me, that’s for sure. Though I’m slightly curious as to what, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

    Yeah! I’m really excited! I can’t wait to see how our lives are going to unfold over the next few years!


    • Hey Lucy.

      Pretty neat! Water in dreams symbolizes clarity, basically, but it can also mean lots of other things, and mostly how you feel in the dream and the overall feeling of the dream, that is what is important.

      The essence of time is a great topic. In terms of the universe, this essence is perhaps non-existent. Yet, we are slaves to time and the clock here, even attending time management courses which tell you to limit contact with people for more effective use of time because once it is gone that’s it, you can’t replace it. LOA says other things about this which I hope to read more about, because I feel that this relationship humans created with time is not a good one.

      • Hi Kat,

        I agree that the most important part of dreams is how we feel about them. Feeling unafraid of the flooding was *huge* for me.

        I still don’t understand time very well. One channel described it as the perception we have as we shift through billions of parallel realities per second. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that.

        The relationship we have to time seem to be a cultural thing than anything else. In many other parts of the world if you are on time people look at you weird.

    • Heard recently that water in dreams is your emotions. So it’s like you used to be flooded and unable to cope with your emotions? To the point you felt you would die perhaps? But now you know you can cope with them, ride, them, enjoy them even? Does that make sense to you? A bit simplistic maybe but I wonder…. :O)

      • Yes, the flooding is the emotions and how you can or are able to handle them. I have heard if that, too. If it is not about flooding, then it’s about the clarity of the water. If it’s murky, then you have stuff to deal with and clarify. If it is clear, then you have clarity and that is the way to go.

        But more importantly, it is how you feel about the dream. Does the dream feel good to you or bad to you or none if the above? You can see tornado-like twisters that feed on themselves at both ends, and feel awesome because that was the representation of sustainability, for example.

      • Hi Debra,

        That makes sense. I once heard that any emotions in our dream state pretty much reflects where your emotions are at that moment. Interesting stuff!

    • That’s wonderful Lucy! The fact that your dream changed definitely signifies a successful shift. You feel safer, more secure, not as anxious. Yay!

      I love the idea that we are about to tip the scale from slightly negative to slightly positive (and on up from there!). When I think about the time we’re living in, I get so excited. I think this is just a teensy fraction of how excited I was to be born into this time, to experience this tipping point in the flesh, so to speak, to be on the front lines as it was happening. Oh man, sometimes I feel so lucky I could burst. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!


      • Hi Melody,

        Thank you and yes!! It’s an extremely exciting time. This is exactly what we signed up for! I expect that things will just get better & better for those of us who understand what’s going on. I think one person said that we who incarnated here at this time were the ones who got the “lucky golden tickets” to ride this ride!


        • That is awesome Lucy! Thanks for adding that here! Cool and good to know! We are lucky! So, let’s continue feeling that way.

  • Hi Melody,

    Interesting you should bring this up …. In September, all hell broke loose for me. For me, it was around my financial situation. I often find that for me, emotional issues come out around money. So I was going along, life getting incrementally better every week, tons of hope for the future, then bam, over the cliff. I went from hopeful about the future to complete misery, certain that my life was going down the tubes and there was nothing I could do about it. Life is like that, I was thinking. It just gets worse and worse. I’ve recently realized that this was a slip back into a childhood perspective, but that wasn’t clear at first.

    When my back is against the wall like this, it forces me to go for spiritual help and this was no exception. I have been using your site and other spiritual resources, like crazy to help me out of this and it’s working. It’s been a long slow process and I want to be done already. I feel certain that when I”m all the way through this, the money issue won’t be coming up again. I can’t wait.

    So thank-you for this site and all your teaching. It’s really helping me now.


    • Hey Mary,

      You’re so very, very welcome! I’m honored that my site gets to play a part in your journey. You’re already making the correlation to where the beliefs came from, so you’re obviously really close to shifting them. Keep up the good work.

      But… you’ll never be “done”, you know that right? Today’s highest vibration is tomorrow’s resistance. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,


      • Hi Melody,

        Yes, I know I’ll never be done with the journey. I’m just thinking I’ll be done with not being able to pay my bills. I really want to be over that particular issue.


  • Hi Melody and Everyone,

    Melody, thank you so much for writing this post!

    Everyone, thank you for sharing your stories!

    It feels like everything everyone has said is exactly what’s happening with me too. Crashing way down and floating back up, dizziness, all kinds of old difficulties surfacing and then just evaporating, new ‘abilities,’ and more and more.

    To me, it feels like an extended cleanse, as if (emotionally) my face has broken out, my sweat really stinks, I can’t stand my own breath, etc. All the crap is releasing, and while the process is rather awful, I continue to have hope that the end result will be a cleaner, clearer me.

    This blog, Melody and all you amazing readers, help me to hold onto that hope. Maybe, maybe, maybe, Dec 21 will be the day the uncertainty, the cleansing, ends, and the new brighter self takes a huge breath and steps forward into a fresh future.

    Giant hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Ok…I just had to read your reply about 4 times! I’ve been thinking my sweat’s been a bit funky as well recently – didn’t think it had anything to do with what I’ve been experiencing/releasing lol! My breath as well, although my face skin, which has never been free of at least one or two pimples since I was about 13, has actually decided to become crystal clear, which is lovely πŸ™‚

      I was already resonating with Melody’s post, but seeing things that other people are experiencing that you wouldn’t have put down to clearing is pretty cool.

      Thanks, Mary Carol!


      • Hi Lou,

        My physical symptom this time is that I’ve gained weight, which must be a subconscious effort to avoid facing some stuff. Now if I could just let it all go, and lose the pounds too!

        It does help hugely when we all share.



    • Hey Mary Carol,

      That’s the perfect metaphor! We are detoxing. All the stinky has to come out, and it can be kind of unpleasant at that stage, but it’s SOOOO worth it. Oooh, just imagine how clean and shiny and light we’ll be. Like fasting on steroids.

      Huge hugs!!


  • Loved this post. We (my partner and I) have definitely been feeling it here. We’ve also had a rash of deaths at very early ages in both our families-two suicides by 40-somethings, one 39 yo in a motorcycle crash, my sisters 47 yo hubby of cancer, and toughest of all my partner’s mom, at 49 and vibrant. Are more people choosing to pass over for some reason or is this unique to us?

    • Hi Maggie,

      Not at all unique to you; many are choosing to leave. I believe that those who have passed through the veil at this time had chosen not to go through ascension in physical form, which is completely and totally ok.

    • Hey Maggie,

      I’m not sure if MORE people than usual are transitioning, but it does kind of seem that way (haven’t checked the stats on this or anything.)

      But, some are using death to release resistance, and many others are transitioning because the work they want to do is, from this point, better performed from the non-physical. People aren’t done when they die. They continue on with whatever their passion was, they just do it from the other side and without resistance. That’s why a lot of “light” beings are transitioning, too. I had someone ask me the other day, why the light ones would leave. “Why don’t they stay and help us?” Well, they are still helping us and themselves and us all. They’re just doing it from the place that’s most conducive to that task, and in their case, that’s the non-physical. We kind of really have to get over the idea that the dead are “gone”. They’re right here (as I’m coming to find out in technicolor detail!). And very, very interested in what’s going on. They’re SO not gone or floating about on clouds or in the ether. I had someone’s grandma yell at me to yell at them (before very sweetly thanking me for doing so). That’s not gone. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,

    I have a draft email that I’ve been meaning to finish up so I can send it to you and then this! Life the folks that have commented before me, I’ve been riding the wave here and learning along the way. Here’s my question: might it be necessary for me to go back to myself at different stages of my life like I did with the little girl, to give love and reassurance? I feel like I need to sometimes but I don’t know for certain.

    Thank you for another AMAZING, insightful post! I am very thankful for having you in my life πŸ™‚

    • Hey Marjorie,

      That depends. The exercise with the little girl can be very, very helpful. It’s a way to heal the energy of the NOW, though. Everything is happening in the NOW. So, you’re not really healing the past, you’re using the past to heal the NOW. It’s just a tool we can use to affect healing.

      If you feel like using that exercise again, do it. Listen to your intuition. πŸ™‚

      Right back atcha kiddo!! It’s always a co-creation, you know. I’m so honored to get to be a part of your journey.

      Huge happy shiny smushy puppy hugs,


  • If you want to know what’s coming down, just watch the news. It is full of chaos, change, extremes negative and extreme positive. WE are the cause of what is happening in the world. Yes, collectively, we are responsible for it all. As our thoughts and emotions are in turmoil, so is the world we manifest. The crumbling of the old paradigm is making way for the new. One is being replaced by another, but the old is not going quietly into the night. You are seeing in the world what you don’t want. After all, it is the shadow that helps to define the light. So as you look at events, CHOOSE, is this what I want the world to be? It is these choices that will help to end the birthing pains of a new way of thinking and living. Be open, be ready, make positive choices and celebrate the ‘death’ of the old world.

    • My understanding is that this is because we are coming to the end of the self-imposed cycle of limitation so we’re seeing even more negative things; we’re getting them all out of our collective systems. It’s the universe’s way of saying, hey, you guys have chosen these “negative things in the past. I’m giving you another chance to make a choice on what you want to focus your attention to and therefore what path you want to continue down.”

      • Indeed, but keep one thing in mind: NEW choices have to be made, like now! It does no good to say what is happening is terrible and continue down the same mental path. Further, if people’s actions don’t change, regardless of what they may be thinking, then they will continue on their merry way off the cliff. Many are doing that. This is not wake up one day and something makes it all better-no way-we must take responsibility for thought and action. In my Trilogy, I call this the Second Coming of Humanity. We may hear the train coming, but we must also get on board.

        • That’s what it’s all about Philip. Making new choices. Of course, first people have to realize that they even have a choice, but more and more people are waking up to that now. Yay! This is such an awesome time!!

          Huge hugs,

          • There are people that can’t read. They know this is an obstacle, a hinderance in their life.
            They are “awake” about the matter. They will still need someone to make the commitment to sit down with them on a regular basis and teach them how to read.
            They don’t “choose” to be illiterate because it’s a fun .. They just can’t read.


          • Hey Alice,

            So? That doesn’t mean they can’t line up with what they want and manifest a person who will gladly teach them to ready (many such people exist). And not being able to read doesn’t impede your ability to receive energy, to wake up or to deliberately focus. All obstacles are only as big as we think they are. Truly. And there are those who couldn’t read who proved it. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs,

          • The “reading” was a metaphor, or an example.

            There are people out there in their new-found happiness strutting about, spouting ignorant things that happiness is a choice, and sad people are just some kind of negative loser that chooses to be sad on purpose for the sheer joy of complaining and feeling suicidal because it’s such a laugh and walk in the park.

            I didn’t want to get all controversial, so I used reading as a “skill” or thing someone couldn’t instantly do.

            The β€œhappiness is a choice” people are gloating at others expense.
            Because people in major depression “choose” to try their best every day, to feel good, think positive, smile and do their best, despite immense pain.

            This pain is made worse by arrogant fools that have the nerve to say that happiness is a choice, and they are choosing their depression for the fun of it. Because having your heart chakra ache on a constant basis is really exciting and enjoyable! No-one chooses depression, pain or to feel sad. They are heroes doing some of the hardest jobs in life, keeping their chin up, and doing the best they can. I don’t think that group of people could be anymore disrespected or dismissed than what that (happiness is a choice) statement implies.

            It makes a mockery of depression, real conditions of suffering, that take time and effort to work through heavy resistance, and finally this 2012 storm that is rained on everybody might teach those people a lesson in compassion.

            These are strong, powerful words, on purpose, because there is a point that needs to be solid, on behalf of millions of people with depression, I can’t be weak on that point, they deserve better, and we are moving away from such ignorance.

  • Wow. I hope this really does explain everything that’s going on right now. I feel like a freaking yo-yo… or what I figure a fast-cycling bipolar individual must feel. It’s craziness and it’s mentally and physically exhausting. So many downs coming all so fast, but then some weird and unexpected really good things, too. I keep trying to reframe the awful things in my head to try and figure out why I’m doing this to myself (’cause LOA says I must be causing them), never sure if it’s working, but have noticed that I seem to get back onto an even keel after a bad bout reasonably quickly, so maybe it is working?

    Also discovered that I have some *major* resistance issues around something I’ve been really wanting, and I know what I need to do to at least get the ball rolling, but I just cannot seem to get myself to really start. I haven’t yet figured out the exact nature of whatever resistance is causing me to procrastinate, though, or how to release it. πŸ™

    And weirdly enough, whenever I’m in the car these days, my usual favourite radio station (general mix of rock/pop stuff) is not the one I want to listen to anymore — all I want to hear is really fast tempo dance music… nothing makes me smile more than “Gangnam Style” or “Live While We’re Young” coming on the radio… LOL! Maybe because with all the emotional rollercoastering going on, it’s impossible for me to stay in a funk when I’m listening to that kind of music. Or maybe it’s just the manic phase of this freaky up and down stuff that’s happening…

    • hey nathalie! oh my gosh, i can relate to almost everything you posted! it feels comforting to know that i’m not alone and that some of us have the right idea about how to deal with all of this. thanks for sharing, nathalie!

    • Hey Nathalie,

      I’ve noticed this procrastination in myself, too. So, I soothe that first. In hindsight, it then always makes perfect sense. Hell, it often serves me! Like, I procrastinated on investing in some software (I’m upgrading everything right now). I could’ve just purchased it, but for some reason, kept putting it off. I wanted to finish the integration of another piece of software first. Now, I could’ve wondered if all this was due to resistance to me growing my business and all that stuff. But, I was a bit too busy for that, so just figured I’d deal with it later. As it turned out, my procrastination was inspired. I would’ve bought the wrong package. I now know what I really need (I thought I did before, but as it turns out, I didn’t have all the info), and it’s going to end up saving me a ton of money.

      Procrastination isn’t always bad. I’m learning to really just focus on what i want, and then to just go with it, without judgment of how fast I’m moving, how much work I’m getting done in a day (it varies wildly), or anything else. I’m also learning to just assume I’m doing fabulously well. And really, I am. πŸ™‚ And so are you! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Ha and i thought it’s just the season of jolly crap that set the bugs free. It’s always this time of year when many sucky things happen. And i don’t even do xmas… but yeah… it sure keeps getting worse.
    I read some nice book about the Dec 21 promise. Interesting POV. Basically this funky planet is moving in a very dark direction, thus the getting worse and worse over time, reaching it’s peak now and you know who turns the wheel to get that evolution moving on. Apparently those Maya are all “been there done that, please learn and do better”.
    Every year there’s talk about world ending dates and big changes, but this time so many know and talk about it, experience things… even go through changes consciously, and dare to aim for the good stuff. Strange things go on.
    I don’t get the world ending drama, so i set that crazy date to launch a project i’m working on, just fits it too well πŸ˜‰
    Noticing ’em can be odd. That was the first October/November phase that i did not encounter anyone dead (wasn’t many -people- for me). None of the heavy stuff. That was new and unexpected. Other things i notice, too. Not gonna go into that here. Nice to know we’re not alone on this πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Lucille,

      I don’t believe we’re moving into a dark time. Quite the opposite. Although, there are those who will choose to see it as a dark time. Until they so sick of that, that they’ll finally be willing to see the light. πŸ™‚

      Boy, we do love our doomsday scenarios, don’t we? Takes me back to Y2K, and all the craziness around that. I wonder if that’s a carry over from religion – the rapture and all that… Creating the fear that the world will end at some point. We just don’t know when.. Boogaboogabooga! πŸ˜‰

      Huge hugs,


  • For me it’s not so much been about being kicked around. More just feeling kicked around and really down (spending more and more days in tears). And it gets worse and worse as the end of the year draws nearer. Could this be part of the big shit happening and my bad reaction to it?

    • Hang in there. Recently lost loads of money! Was just getting my life on track. Think it’s happening to all of us in one way or another!

    • Hey Sammi,

      Yes. You probably have some major piece of resistance that is coming out. Those can be, well, not so much fun. Allow the crying. Allow the emotions. They may not be pretty, but they are taking you somewhere. Allow the process. The more you allow, the faster it will be over. The energy is clearly building and it will will “pop” at some point. Hang in there.

      Huge smushy hugs for you!


  • Nope, you certainly ain’t alone.
    “I’ve been releasing more and more stuff on a purely emotional level, no longer needing to even understand what the issue is.” Weird. Just what I’ve been going through too. I thought it was having been through a very intense relationship – now parked rather than finished, I hope – with someone whose vision of the world was apparently very different to what I was used to, or maybe this relationship turned up precisely because of the vibrational changes you mention. The other explanation would have been age group, since many of us our shuffling the partner pack at the moment. A vastly entertaining trip into ourselves – I want MORE! It’s like an adrenaline hit!

    A couple of childhood hangups I discovered recently:
    I have always been pretty shy and so on but I recently realised why I (even at 54) I felt intimidated by 10-year-old kids in the street. Having sticky-out ears makes you the rub of the dregs of society at the best of times but when coupled to bullying – one complete bastard used to wait for me on the way home from school to jeer and so on and once stuffed my boots with snow. Having realised that, I have been able to release this and can now walk more or less confidently past a group of kids without getting worried. That was the easy one.
    The second came through a very critical letter from the lady mentioned above, accusing me of being frightened, of needing approval all the time, not accepting anyone’s views if they differed from mine (this last point was something I’d levelled at her, her defense mechanisms breaking out all over) and other similar stuff. Much of what she was saying was certainly true, but why? A few days after the first reading it dawned on me that what she’d been describing wasn’t me, but my very own father’s fears and justifications for his existence. I won’t go into the details, but I’d been living through his eyes, especially in relation to her, as I said, different view of the world, but I’d also been empathising too much with her hangups, getting too involved with her “dark side”. Yep, you said it, running a different vibrational level to my own. Massive breakthrough and release indeed! Yipeeeee!
    Lots and lots of fences are being knocked down all of a sudden. Dunno if it’s to do with the universe or not, but I want to ride this big sucker!
    Lots of hugs and stuff.

    • Awesomeness Will! I find that a lot of the big stuff is releasing much faster and easier than it ever has. I see this with my clients, too. Whereas before they may have needed weeks or months to shift something of HUGE magnitude that brought of horrific fears (so we’d go slowly, to avoid the freak outs), they are now shifting stuff like that in a couple of sessions. It’s like, as soon as we get the ball rolling, the rising energy just swoops them up and causes a huge release. It’s so much fun right now!!

      Thanks for sharing your story here! Hang on, it’s goint to get better! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,


  • hmmmm. this ones difficult to tell, as i could totally be doing it outa confirmation bias or something…or making some random cause effect correlaton in me mind !

    so il keep me mouth shut for now.

    but i have a question.
    ‘releasing resistance’ means when the event is playing out..the one that ‘demonstrates’ our resistance right?
    also melody, seeing dead people is something i thought was woowoo. till two mins back. but i kinda trust you. and not only cuz your blog has helped me big time. so i suppose right now i could entertain the possibility that its true :-/ this means the planchette stuff is true??!!
    hmmph. am already kermofluxxed. how do u set the intention to meet departed people btw? id like to try it out (once i let go of the thoughts that it CANT be done). id like to give it a honest try.

    • Hey Mopey,

      the event playing out is the resistance manifesting. Releasing it is when you shift the thought that’s causing the negative emotional reaction, so you see the event in a way that no longer bothers you. That’s the release.

      You know, I’ve always thought it was kind of woowoo myself. I mean, it’s kind of a running gag for psychics to contact your dead relatives. Like I said, I have no plans to do that, but it has been very interesting. If we can connect with non-physical consciousness, then it stands to reason that the transitioned would be among that pool. I’ve probably been connecting to a mixture of people’s inner beings and all the non-physical “guides” and relatives that are focused upon them the whole time. I don’t really care, as long as what I’m connecting to is a high, source vibration. If your grandma is a part of that, I’m fine with it. But the purpose of what I do is still to bring people closer to Who They Really Are, not to do parlor tricks or prove to someone that the non-physical is real. πŸ™‚

      Setting an intention is simply making a decision. Make the decision that you want to allow communication. The way will find you.

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi everyone and thank you Melody for this great post.I have been thinking about this for a couple of days and here came your post.I am in such a different mood that I cannot describe it nowadays.I feel confused and lost sometimes but in a good way:) A lot lot of stuff going on inside of me that sometimes I cannot keep track of my feelings.One moment I’m so happy and one moment I get angry at a situation which reminds me of my resistance about something.Especially childhood,self-esteem and love issues:) All of my resistance is coming up I think.
    I know there will be clarity soon and I won’t give up.Last night when I was having fun with my friends I saw one of my friend’s tattoo saying ”Never give up”..She was also surprised how I was able to see it because it’s in her back and under her shirt.I believe all of this confusion and storm of ideas there will be clarity for me.And I believe it will be the same for everyone :):)

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