Awesome Lou says: “I work for the biggest health provider in the UK. Over the last year, I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to motivate myself to go to work! I love people, and I’ve never had a problem with it before, but now I feel like I’m actually assisting a health service which, in most cases, actually makes people’s illnesses worse. I have a huge conflict with it, but I need to bring in money to support myself (until such time as I figure out what my real life purpose is and kick my butt into gear to pursue it).

I think to myself “If I wasn’t here working with these people, maybe somebody less caring would be”, so I try to up the vibes of the environment as much as I can for as long as I’m on a ward, but this thought keeps coming back: Modern medicine most of the time makes things worse.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the information [about LOA] keeps being shared until it seeps into more people’s consciousness, so that we can begin changing the way people are cared for to actually benefit them.”

I get a lot of questions about the Medical field, both from patients as well as doctors and nurses (and other health care providers). I’ve received angry rants against the Pharmaceutical companies, the AMA (American Medical Association), the American Cancer Society and many others. The general consensus is that these organizations, and the whole medical establishment as a whole, are incompetent at best and downright evil at worst. This isn’t the first time I’ve tackled the subject of Traditional Medicine. But, seeing as this subject has come up quite often in my reality in the last few months, I’m happy to acknowledge that it may be time for a follow up visit (ha!).

Modern Medicine saves lives

There are many people out there whose lives have been saved by a surgeon. There are also a great many people out there who have been greatly helped by pharmaceutical drugs. When someone has gotten themselves into a situation where the discord has gone on for so long that their body is shutting down, a pill or surgery may well be the best and easiest way for them to manifest a release of resistance. Painkillers DO alleviate pain. Antidepressants HAVE brought relief to many. And when I had my dental implant, I didn’t stop the surgeon from shooting me up with anesthesia. I had no desire to feel him drilling a hole in my head (hearing it happen was bad enough). Not to mention that modern medical technology was responsible for coming up with the solution of the implant in the first place, and considering that I haven’t yet figured out how to re-grow a new tooth, I’m grateful to them.

My point is this: There are many people in many situations for whom modern medicine is a positive manifestation. It’s the solution to a problem, it’s the relief from pain, it can keep us alive longer so that we have a chance to release the core issue – the resistance. Sure, we can also just release it by dying, but sometimes that’s not the way we want to play it.

Problem and Solution

So, Modern Medicine is a manifestation, and a big, complex one, at that. Allopathic medicine has the ability to mirror both wanted and unwanted beliefs back to us. It can be both the problem and the solution. “How so?”, you may ask. Well, let me tell you.

There are many ways to treat the ailing human body. I kind of like to think of these different modalities like religions. Every practitioner or aficionado thinks that the healing method that works for or makes sense to them is the right one. So, surgeons think that surgery is the best course of action. Homeopaths insist that if you don’t see the body holistically, no real healing can take place. General Practitioners will swear by the life saving abilities of certain pharmaceutical drugs. Acupuncturists will argue that one must balance the flow of chi in the body. I could go on, but you get the point. If you visited any of these practitioners with the same illness, you’d get completely different treatment options from each, and every one of them would be convinced that they were giving you the best possible solution. And they’d all be right. From their perspective.

Just as modern medicine has its place and can be a positive manifestation for many, so do all of these other methods provide solutions to those who resonate with them. And that’s the key – each modality can be a miracle to those who are a vibrational match to it, and be completely ineffective for those who aren’t. Thinking that one healing method will work for everyone and everything is like saying that one religion will work for everyone. It goes against vibrational reality. The actual method is irrelevant. If you are a match to healing, the perfect manifestation that will help you bring that about will appear. And yes, that may well be a normal doctor with a prescription pad, or shaman with a rattle.

If you work in the medical field

Lou states that she believes that “Modern medicine most of the time makes things worse.” What an awful thought to have, especially when you’re working in the medical field! If you have the strong desire to help people (which people working in the healing arts, including modern medicine, generally do), but believe that the system you’re working in is actually having the opposite effect, you’re not doing yourself or your patients any favors. In fact, that kind of discord is a great recipe for depression and even illness. If you work in the medical field and have this belief, you have two choices (that will bring relief).

  1. Quit your job and run away as fast as you can. Go do something that you can actually feel good about.
  2. Change your perspective about the medical establishment and the effect it’s having on the people who make use of it.

Here’s the thing: Modern medicine doesn’t make things worse most of the time. The people who are resonating with modern medicine as a solution, have gotten themselves into a mess by not paying attention to their emotions (because they were actively taught not to). They are seeking a way to feel better and for them, modern medicine represents that manifestation. It’s the best possible solution that they can allow at that time.

Not everyone is ready to face their beliefs

If you tried to tell those people about energy and emotions and beliefs, they wouldn’t hear you. You’d come off as a nutter. For them, the medicines and procedures they get ARE solutions. These are the solutions they are ready for. Don’t blame the system for matching the vibrations of those who are manifesting it.

Of course, there are also those who enter the medical system and do not get better. They may even get a great deal worse. But, let me ask you something, given what I’m assuming you know about how we manifest our reality: “Do you believe that someone who is a vibrational match to manifesting their own healing and who enters an allopathic hospital, will be harmed by the medical treatments? In other words, do you believe that the medical establishment can defy someone’s vibration and make them worse when they are a match to feeling better? Or, do you think it’s more likely that those who get worse under traditional medical care are in the middle of manifesting more of their resistance, and aren’t yet quite ready to allow the healing, and that no method on earth could actually defy their vibration and provide them with the healing they’re not ready for?

You cannot ask the medical establishment to defy people’s vibrations and reach into their realities and force healing upon them. You have to allow each and every person to go down their path. Do cures for cancer exist? I believe so, yes. Will they work for everyone who tries them? Nope. Will everyone who is a match to healing from cancer find them? Nope. Will those who are a match to healing from cancer find some way to do so? Yep. Might that healing even come through chemotherapy? Yep, again. Should we judge those who have manifested their healing through traditional medicine? Not in my opinion, no. Everyone gets to manifest their reality in whatever way is perfect for them.

Medicine is changing

It’s clear that traditional medicine is changing for the better. So many of us (including doctors, scientists, etc.) have strong desires to affect true healing, no matter what we believe has to happen in order to for that to come about. We all want less pain, less blood, less healing time, less suffering. And so, enlightened geniuses in the medical field are lining up with more and more solutions that are taking us in that direction. Surgeries are becoming less invasive. The day will come when we won’t have to cut people open at all anymore, but already, many surgeries only require the tiniest of incisions. This is a manifestation. We don’t yet know how to re-grow a limb or organ, but surgeons have figured out how to transplant them, and are getting better at it all the time. They are giving us a way to regain a new body part that we can accept and believe. This is a manifestation – one that will continue to evolve until we can actually accept the idea of regeneration.

Does medicine give us a lot of crap to push against? Sure. But it also has the ability to mirror back our wildest dreams and fantasies. Modern medicine often makes the impossible possible. Those doctors who are coming up with these incredible solutions are visionaries. They had to allow those solutions to occur to them, and believe me, they were in a high vibrational state when they did so.

Find the method that works best for you

Instead of railing against one method or singing the praises of another as the cure all for everything, see each healing modality as a tool in a really large toolbox. If you’re a healer, try to see the validity of all tools, and manifest only patients who are a match to the tools you use (it will save you a lot of frustration). But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the people who were brought into your reality because they matched your way of healing are representative of everyone in the whole freaking world.

If you’re a patient (and aren’t we all), don’t look to one modality to help you no matter what. Be flexible. And don’t demonize any of them either. They all have their place and usefulness. Find the mix that works for you in every given situation.

For example, regarding my recent dental implant. Now, like I said, I gladly accepted the anesthesia during the surgery. But, after I got home, I decided not to follow the surgeon’s instructions. I didn’t bother telling him about this; he wouldn’t have heard me and would’ve just thought I was a little less intelligent than first indicated. I worked with a homeopath to come up with a different treatment plan. Instead of taking gut destroying (in my belief and therefore valid for me) antibiotics and strong painkillers that fog my brain, I used Propolis, huge doses of Vitamin C and Arnica. I manifested these solutions, which worked perfectly for me, because I had the desire to find an alternative to antibiotics and I finally became a match to one. Does this mean that I’ll never take antibiotics or pharmaceutical painkillers again? Not at all. I’ll take each situation as it comes and will make my decision based on what feels right to me at the time. For example, I was happy to go with Propolis to prevent an infection, but might not necessarily risk it if a massive infection was already tearing through my body. I took the Arnica for the pain. But make no mistake, if it hadn’t worked, I’d have been popping Ibuprofen in a heartbeat.

Now, of course, there’s always the deeper matter of what caused the illness or condition in the first place, which modern medicine does not address. And yet, again, people find the solutions they’re ready for. I happen to believe strongly in the work I do. I get to be a part of huge, life changing shifts in people’s consciousness. Many of my clients have gone through years of therapy and other treatments before ending up with me, and they benefit greatly from our work together. And yet, I’m nowhere near capable of helping everyone. I’m simply really good at manifesting only those who are ready for me. If I tried to force someone who wasn’t ready for it to face their limiting beliefs, they’d either punch me in the face or end up having a panic attack. In other words, it wouldn’t end well.

If you’re a match to modern medicine, it will help you. If you’re using modern medicine and it’s not helping you, then it’s still a manifestation, just not a manifestation of what you want. Your experience is showing you where your vibration is at, and if you’re not getting the results you want then your reality is mirroring your resistance back to you. Don’t blame the medical establishment or the pharmaceutical industry for being those mirrors. Just saying.

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  • Melody,

    I have noticed that life really does revolve around our beliefs. If you believe in true love, you will find it. If you believe in the perfect job, you will have it. A few such examples popped up over the holidays. My cousin does not believe in true love, so he has been divorced a few times. Lots of guys did not either, they thought it was too romantic, and they just were not able to find it either. The same goes for the job. If you believe there is too much crap out there and you never allow it, it won’t come. It may take time, yes, but that does not mean never. Whenever it comes. But it will.

    If you believe something will work, it will. If not, and you constantly mope around, complain, justify your condition, then, of course, it will perpetuate. In these cases, I think those who do not react and do not commiserate with you are actually doing you a favor, not to partake in the pity party that perpetuates it. This goes for health, relationships, jobs, everything.

    But, yes, it is all true. But no one freakin notices! They are so damn conditioned, it is, I do not even know what to call it. If we could all just concentrate on ourselves (our own beliefs, our crap, not pointing fingers, this that and the other thing), this world would really be a better place.

    • Hey Kat,

      Well, you just described the fundamental difference between old world and new world thinking. We have all been taught to push against what we don’t want in order to fix it (doesn’t work), to look for what needs fixing (doesn’t work), and that talking about what needs fixing feels better (doesn’t work). The fact that it doesn’t work is obviously our own fault. Or the world is unfair. Etc. etc. etc.

      Some of us (more and more each day) are realizing it doesn’t work, has never worked and will never work and are figuring out that we had it all wrong. But not everyone is ready for that. And yep, it can be supremely frustrating to listen to others who aren’t yet ready go on and on about how crap their life is, while doing exactly what keeps them stuck in that crappy life.

      For me, it helps a lot to just focus on their inner being, just see their light in that moment. I don’t need to interfere or explain anything. Sometimes, I even see their Inner Being winking at me, like “Don’t you worry. I’ve got this. He’s coming along any day now and boy is it gonna be a surprise for him! Wooohooo!” And then I feel better and they wonder what I’m smiling about. 😉

      Huge hugs!!

      *wink, wink*


  • Eeeeekk!! That’s my question! Lol. I don’t get the updates (the email didn’t come to me for some reason, and won’t let me resend it), so I just pop in here to have a read when I’m feeling a bit blue (cos you cheer me right up :)), so I missed this.

    I felt a lot better after reading your reply to my post on that thread, Melody. I’m still not in love with my job, because I don’t think it’s what I was meant to do, but I do love people so at least I’m able to help in the little ways that I do.

    Fabulous blog post as well. This makes total sense to me. I think it would be great if conventional medicine became a good bit less elitist, and started looking at enabling people to try other methods, even if it’s only in a complimentary way at first until they start trusting nature a bit more.

    Congrats on your win, by the way!!!

  • I think that sometimes (well I’m going to speak from a personal POV) I get stuck on not wanting to use products of big pharma due to some dogmatic thinking. And become really stubborn in my thinking that there has to be an alternative way.

    Most of the time that is true. And I’ve found them for sure. But sometimes an Rx can get one over a crisis or buy time. I was on the fence about a particular type of medication when I received this in my email.

    I was just about to throw my hands up and give into something I believed would probably work for me and this post had pushed me over the fence btw. I’m talking about an anti-depressant because my depressive state got so bad I couldn’t find my way out. It was dark, really dark.

    It’s a tough place to be and actually get anything out of using LOA, because the vibe is so low that all the positive thinking was just not believable to me. The articles here and at other sites and talk therapy manage to raise my vibe by giving a change in perspective, but only temporarily.

    So I was aiming at the physical aspect…my brain, and yes I know this is also energy. But I needed some chemical intervention and I knew it.

    I was apparently still vibrating with alternative solutions because I found one by doing some really helpful and targeted research/reading. Funny how I was really on that acceptance line, which I now see as a form of letting go, and then I found something that is working and it’s not an Rx.

    So now that I am out of the darkness with a bit of help, I can work much more clearly with LOA.

    • Great job Laura!

      I’m not a big proponent of pushing against any possible solution. Allow them all and look for what works best for you. Because when you allow EVERYTHING, you also allow the best solution. When you disallow something, you’re almost certainly disallowing other solutions, as well. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody – (finally able to read via Facebook) I like what you said, “see each healing modality as a tool in a really large toolbox” on finding the method that works best for you. It’s so true.

    Had some health issues last year and thankful for the healing with both traditional medicine and acupuncture. But you’re right in working through deeper issues that are going on in our bodies that need to be addressed and there are just as many different modalities for that.

    Takes time to get in tune with our bodies, the energies and the blocks.

    Thank you – enjoyed the read 🙂

    • Thanks Pat! I find it’s an ongoing process – getting in tune with our bodies. I had a homeopath say to be recently: “Your body is wise and it’s always responding perfectly.” In other words, our bodies are doing exactly what we’re telling them to do. the problem isn’t in the reaction, it’s in the instruction. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • When we talk about something, it is very useful to define what we are talking about. What is medicine and what is modern medicine?

    I think that when we are talking about medicine, we have a vague and empty of meaning word in mind. A word which we can use naively, leaving experts to use it as a term and make the mistakes.
    We use it when we want to talk about a situation which happens to a being, and more precisely to a body, a situation that is unpleasant and undesirable and which we think(not always desire) it should not continue to happen because we assume that it will have the power to produce bigger unwanted effects on the condition of that being, judging from what we have already experienced (or what we have been told or what we know we should suppose to think as correct).

    We believe that those effects will lead to an unwanted major negative outcome. We assume that we have to do something because we believe that this situation (which we have identified as a problem) will not be fixed by itself and we think we don’t know what to do because we don’t automatically reach a thought (a thought to do something that will force this situation to unfold to a more desirable outcome and we can be as much confident as we can be).

    So what we are actually saying is that we experience something we suspect it shouldn’t happen, something that it is not for our good, we don’t know exactly what it is and we wouldn’t want to know about if it hadn’t occured to us (personnaly or our reality in general). So we search for someone who does know to give us a solution.

    medicine=100 topics for analysis
    illnes=1 situation
    cure=1 transformation
    all this procedure is our manifestation to understand that something happens which we don’t know, but that thing that we don’t know has the potential to lead us to the unwanted outcomes of displeasure and grave so it would be wise to give it some attention
    and this manifestation leads to the manifestation of the understanding that we have learned to blackmail ourselves to pay attention to something, probably because we are lazy to think, so we deploy threats to ourselves.

    • Hey Tony,

      I think you’re right. The way many view medicine is based on the false belief that something could ever actually go wrong, instead of realizing that there’s a reason for everything. I think that’s why alopathic medicine has also been so brutal for so many years. It defies our perfection.

      And that’s really the cure, isn’t it? Allowing our total, uncontested and complete perfection. 🙂

      Huge hugs,

  • Melody,

    Find what works for you! Truer words could never be said. And it is funny that we seem to want to focus on finding THE solution (yep I’m very guilty of this), instead of realizing there are many solutions because there are so many people! The crucial thing is being open to all those solutions so we can find the one we resonate with. Which is probably the biggest road block because many people have been well trained to conform.

    And like MC said, this can be used across the board, not just with medicine! Thanks for another awesome change in perception/solution to such huge questions!

  • It’s interesting Delving Eye mentioned inflammation because I’ve discovered my disorder could be autoimmune, could be adipose fat disorder, could be hormonal, but does include inflammation. I’m asking for answers, and I’m finding them. Some answers include diet / exercise. Some answers are supplements and some answers involve medical intervention.

    How do I know it’s an answer for ME, though?

    If something keeps coming up, over and over again, in unlikely places, then I start to pay attention. For example, months before I discovered a name for this disorder, I was reading a blog about a guy living full-time in his camper van, which is something I want to do one day. He was a proponent of a paleo style diet and talked a bit about it when asked by other commenters. I glossed over it since I was more interested in his RV’ing life.

    Then other blogs, not food or diet related, mentioned paleo type diets. Then I discovered a name for my disorder, found a support group (answer to prayer!) and discovered some of them were either eating paleo OR were at least avoiding wheat and sugar due in order to decrease inflammation.

    I’ve satisfied my logical side, now, with research and since the topic comes up, I’ve paid attention and I feel strongly it’s the right thing for me to do. And now I have another supplement to research. Thanks, Delving Eye 🙂

    I will need surgery at some point and I’m okay with that. I’ve started researching doctors and saving money, and I’ll know when I’ll hit on the right one for me because he / she will be presented to me in the same way when the time is right.

    • Sounds like Mark Boyle for the RV guy, and Fibromyalgia for your inflammed autoimmune disease.
      Am I right, or way off? Testing intuition.

      • No, Alice, sorry. The RV guy is Glen Morrisette, his website is To Simplify. My condition is called Lipedema, but some research is showing a possible link to fibromyalgia.

        • Ok ok, I’ll have a look at him later. I saw the Lipedema, it looks painful. I don’t know much about it.
          Maybe that’s good, because less energy.

          I saw something on t.v. where there are gyms for people like me or you with some health issue
          and they have these vibrating pads, that activate circulation and exercise your body without strain, good for your back…

          Also I went to a Chinese doctor, that was amazing. He only looked at my eyes, tongue, I didn’t tell him any syptoms…and he diagnosed me really accurately.. it was scary because he mentioned an internal problem you only know about from ultrasounds/x-rays.
          Somehow he knew!

          I couldn’t afford him, but it showed me there are really unexpected solutions, and he was all about circulation, and removing blocks to circulation so the blood gets there and heals you, moving the energy around, and how people can exercise and be sick because something is blocking the circulation, and energy…

          I believe it. It makes sense. But I’m not healed. But this might work for someone else.

          Best of luck. I really do care.

          • Alice, I’ve heard of those vibrating pads. Some of my lipedema friends in Europe and Australia use them and they claim they work and help them feel better.

            I believe there is more than one type of healing. There is physical healing, of course, but there is also emotional healing. I went to a retreat with my church this past weekend, and they offered to pray over those who desired physical healing. I did go up to be prayed over, but my first thought was – you are perfect the way you are. But I went because I want all God has to offer me. That could be physical healing, but it could also mean emotional healing and acceptance of myself. I don’t want to hold myself back from anything at this point.

            The lipedema can be painful. I don’t have the pain some others do, and I count myself blessed for that. Sometimes the worst things are in my own head, and those are the demons I fight almost daily. Sometimes what we say to ourselves is worse than anything someone else could say.

          • Hi Christina,

            Hey there, don’t sell yourself short, I know you are gentle hearted, kind person, so you might think you are lucky you don’t have so much pain with this, I used to think like that myself, “hey, it could be much worse!”

            But in reality it would be more blessed not to have the condition at all!

            “No one I met at this time–doctors,
            nurses, practicantes, or fellow-patients–failed to assure me that a man who is hit through the neck and survives it is the luckiest creature alive. I could not help thinking that it would be even luckier not to be hit at all.”

            -George Orwell, one smart guy!

            It’s like someone hitting thier wife, and the wife feeling grateful that he mopped it up and put a banage on it, nursing her back to health…

            Oh yeah, how about not striking people in the first place?

            I’ve being kicking my butt into self-esteem, I’ve not perfected it so it’s still wrinkled, but it’s better than how I used to be, just accepting all my pain, like I deserved it.
            Now I stand up for myself. When I get the balance right, it will be a lot smoother.

            I’d go to the blessing, anything with positive people and good intentions can only be good for you.

            🙂 Wishing you the best!

    • Hey Christina,

      It’s good that you recognize it as a path, instead of a one shot deal where you keep looking for one solution. It’s more like following breadcrumbs. Each one you find leads to the next and the next, and so on. Do what you resonate with, that’s the key.

      Huge hugs my dear, and you are right (your comment below): You are perfect just the way you are. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • My husband and I are big proponents of healing ourselves, mostly through homeopathic remedies, eating right, exercise and plenty of sleep.

    However, when each of us (in different years) contracted poison ivy on our face — exceedingly painful, not to say hideous — Prednisone came to the rescue. And boy, were we grateful for that seemingly miraculous, pharmaceutical intervention.

    Interestingly, each of us took the steroid for half the recommended time of 5 days because we found the lower dose to be effective and didn’t want to subject ourselves to steroids for any longer than necessary.

    I found that the same lower dose held true for me when I occasionally needed an antibiotic for bronchitis. But afterwards, restoring the natural flora to my gut was an unwanted side effect.

    Now, I rely on a Chinese herbal complex, “Clear Heat,” that takes care of any type of infection (tooth, bronchial, viral-based) by eliminating inflammation. Inflammation is often pointed to by non-allopathic/AMA practitioners (in other words, traditional-medicine practitioners) as the root cause of most diseases.

    • Thanks a lot for all the tips Delving Eye! I love exposing myself to different remedies. I find that, over time, I’ve started to resonate with very different solutions to the ones I once used. My body is different, responds differently to medications and treatments. For example, I used to take 2-3 painkillers for things like menstrual cramps. Less than that wouldn’t work for me. Now, I rarely need a painkiller (only really for the dental surgery), and when I take one, I get all woozy and drowsy. That led me to looking for alternatives, which don’t cause the side effects. I never used to even notice them!

      But I also never resonated with the solutions that I take for granted now. I wasn’t ready for these solutions them. I am now. And I can’t wait to see what I’ll be ready for tomorrow. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody, very beautifully put. The world we’ve manifested offers a wide range of adventures and remedies. Your personal examples help to see that we can choose and manifest at our own discretion.

    Personally, I’m working with a physician to figure out a hypothyroid condition (in a way, I hate labeling conditions, it makes it too real, ya know?) and even after 18 months of changing doses of synthroid, we haven’t come up with the right dosage. The doc wonders if we’re chasing a worsening condition but also insists it’s very difficult to get the exact right balance.

    There’s another possibility here. Perhaps I’m not vibrationally aligned with this particular solution. Maybe instead of chasing a worsening condition, I’m chasing after something I don’t really want, i.e. a solution I don’t believe in? So, I can either accept this as the right solution for me or actively find another.

    Funny, that’s what all life boils down to … 🙂

    • Carmelo, I had problems with the thyroid in the past. It was not working properly, hypothyroid. The doc told me that if this gland does not function well, that stays forever. I hated the idea of taking medicine every morning for the rest of my life. I can tell you that it cured by itself and after starting excercising again I lost weight (they told me I would add weight if I stopped taking the pill and that I would have no stamina). We spent a year with T4, one pill a day, half a pill a day untill I decided to stop. They will never find the exact dosage. If I were you, I would find a nice and warm sunny place near the sea.

      • Hi Tony … yes, that “forever” thing bothers me too. Thanks for sharing and glad to see that you’re doing well! A warm sunny place by the sea? That’s where you are?

        • Yes. I currently live in a suburb of Athens and I always find opportunities to drive to the surrounding areas and find a nice place to enjoy the sun and the sea water, even in winter. I tried to live in other climates and altitudes (either for studies or for work) but the climate here suits me best. There’s a connection between sea water and iodine (which is essential for the thyroid gland) but I have never met a scientist who will take the responsibility to say : stop putting yourself under pressure, go swim in the sea, eat natural food that you like and don’t doubt your well being.
          They follow a protocol, almost always blindly, even when the case does not demand such an action. I don’t blame them, they are there to see a lot of people and it’s a lot of mental work to identify themselves with every patient’s issue and be 100% confident they are right. They also have to prove they did their best in case an angry customer-patient wants to accuse them of malpractice. But it’s your health and if you know you are serious about this (you know yourself, if you are responsible and followed the advice of your doc-honestly) and something inside you tells you that something is not going well, that something is right.

    • Hi Carmelo-
      I’m not suggesting this as a panacea but you might want to check into natural sources of iodine like sea veggies. You can eat them but you can also take supplements.

      Of course dosage would be something you’d need to figure out, but kelp is a big one along with so many others.

      You might also find a boost of energy in using sea weeds as well, since I understand fatigue to be a symptom of low thyroid. That one seems to be a “condition” that taking an Rx for seems to be very experimental in finding the right dose.

      I’m thinking using iodine from food sources would probably not be something you could OD on (maybe) or deal with adverse side effects, unless of course you’re allergic, certainly something to watch for.

    • Hey Carmelo,

      Or, the fact that the current solution isn’t working will lead you to the next solution and the next and on that journey, you will drop more and more of your resistance until you’re all cleaned up. 🙂

      That’s how it’s often happened for me. In hindsight I could see how running from one solution to the next was actually all part of the perfect path. My frustration when something didn’t work kept me searching and always led me to the next step and the next, etc.

      Huge hugs!!

  • Hi Melody,

    I love the inclusiveness of your post. The bottom line is, go with what works. And don’t diss what doesn’t work for you. Great life advice, as well as medical.

    Huge hugs,

    Mary Carol

  • Good post, Melody!

    “Your experience is showing you where your vibration is at, and if you’re not getting the results you want then your reality is mirroring your resistance back to you”. We still need to work through the freakin resistance. I should actually be appreciative, though. This is one of the main themes of LOA, isn’t it, as a result of experiencing physical and contrast. But this is the point of our being here.

    The problem with the allopathic medical establishment is that they, long ago, tried to put everyone else out of business, instead of working with them, which was totally not cool. This aspect is changing now, for the better. It has come a long way.

    • Hey Kat,

      It’s all freakin resistance, it’s always resistance, and it will stay resistance until we figure it out! Perfect Kat.

      And when we all work together, everything just gets better. I need to really really start focusing there!

      • Exactly, dear Nay. Shit. But hey, we’ve come some way now. Just need to stay in the right track.

        I just saw my aesthetician who is on cloud 9. It ALL worked out for her since last year. She wrote a letter to the universe. This was before my contact with this blog and another client told her to do so. It doesn’t really matter what, but it all manufested, Nay! I felt so utterly happy and moved from her news that I am still floating and had to share. It’s all heartfelt, really. If it isn’t, it’s not real. Cheers!

    • ‘they, long ago, tried to put everyone else out of business’ … true. but thats the crux of it all..its just business, nothing personal. we MADE it personal by falling for the allopathy pharma companies’ marketing strategy.
      im in the pharma business btw 😛
      i thought for the longest time that pharma was a bunch of bulldozing crap, just like shampoo ads and other cosmetic stuff( i interned at l’oreal during my mba in marketing). but now i dont.

      • Ah, Mopey, yes, that was the lack mentality talking on their part, and they acted according to that belief, but as we very well know, one can’t control everything and, even if you do, that other force will sprout again and still grow.

        Pharma is great. And so are other modalities. It’s really whatever works for one.

        • yeah, its a matter of what works, thats all i guess 🙂
          i love this blog. its a therapy session for me more than anything else 🙂

    • Hey Kat,

      Of course they tried to put everyone else out of business. They figured they had found the right way of doing things, and there’s clearly a lot of fear bound up in there. When people who make a lot of money are afraid of losing that money, they will do whatever they can to shut down the competition. It’s something we can see demonstrated over and over again. It’s just evidence of the beliefs of scarcity and separation.

      And yet, even with those beliefs being so prevalent in our society, we still managed to focus enough on what we wanted to turn it around. And now, alternative medicine is bigger than ever, with many alopathic doctors climbing on board. Isn’t that fantastic? 🙂

      Huge hugs!


      • Melody,

        I just thought of an example of the abundance mentality. Is that how Jesus was able to feed a whole crowd with just 2 fish and 2 loaves of bread? By this method of there is plenty for everybody, renouncing the mentality of scarcity and lack?

        • Hey Kat,

          Well, if you take that story literally, then yes, I suppose it’s a perfect example. But honestly, I have no idea what happened that day or if it happened at all. So I can’t really comment on it. It may simply have been a metaphor used to demonstrate that there is no scarcity. 🙂

          Huge hugs,


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