I am incredibly honored to announce that Deliberate Receiving Blog has tied for first place in Steven Aitchison’s Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2012 contest. I was so honored to just make the list last year (I came in 26th thanks to your votes), and thought I wouldn’t be able to participate this year, due to my busy schedule. Normally, I would’ve announced the contest and asked you to vote for me, but I honestly didn’t even know I was nominated. I do remember seeing a glimpse of it on Facebook and thinking how nice it would’ve been to participate again, and letting it go. And next thing I know, I won. Well, holy shitballs Batman (for you newcomers… we use language, um, creatively around here…). I’m truly overwhelmed. You can click through to the contest using the link above. I can’t wait to check out all the other blogs. It includes a few really good friends, but also quite a few I don’t yet know. It’s like a smorgasbord of awesomeness, and just in time for the holidays!! 🙂

I very rarely talk about Quantum Physics. There’s a reason for that: I am not, nor have I ever been, a quantum physicist. Or any kind of physicist. I’m aware that quantum physics is often used by proponents of the Law of Attraction to “prove” that it’s real. If you google something along those lines, you’ll get tons of websites that tout that quantum physics basically teaches the law of attraction. All the while actual quantum physicists are ripping their hair out, crying “We never said that!!” Sure, there have been scientific breakthroughs that have supported some of what LOA says (and LOA theories change depending on who’s teaching it, which makes it all the more confusing), but the fact is that I will never claim that theoretical physics has proven anything, because that just drives all the smart people crazy, and no one wants that. Seriously. Has anyone seen Revenge of the Nerds?

Make no mistake: I wholeheartedly believe that the Law of Attraction is real, I’m just not going to claim that it’s been proven using currently accepted scientific standards (which, by their very nature, contradict Universal Law so therefore cannot prove it, but that’s a discussion for another day). My point is this: I don’t normally talk about quantum physics, but I will today. Or rather, I’m going to talk a little bit about quantum mechanics. And by “a little”, I mean, I’m going to use the thought experiment called Schrödinger’s Cat to make a massive and awesome point, which is not, and I repeat, NOT dependent on whether or not my interpretation of the experiment is totally accurate. If I totally mess up the sciencey bits, I do apologize. But again, I’m here to make a point and this experiment just happens to help me make it so perfectly, that I’m willing to lift my ban on quantum physics or mechanics or whatever, just for today. Are we cool, smart people? Oh goody. 😉

Schrödinger’s Cat

For those of you who don’t watch TV shows like Numb3rs or The Big Bang Theory, let me give you  a quick (and totally non-sciencey) recap of what Schrödinger’s Cat is all about. In the 1930’s, an Austrian Scientist name Erwin Schrödinger devised a thought experiment (emphasis on thought. No cats were actually shoved into boxes.) He proposed the following: Put a cat in a sealed box with a vile of poison and a radioactive source. Add a device that detects radioactivity with 50% accuracy, which shatters the vile of poison upon such detection, releasing the poison and killing the cat instantly. Here’s where it gets wiggy: As long as you don’t open the box, the cat is both alive and dead. You cannot know if the poison has been released, and until you do, both possibilities still exist.

I’ve heard this story many times over the years. It’s come up again and again (I actually thought it was common knowledge until I started talking about it and not one person I spoke to had ever heard of it. Am I… *gasp* … a nerd?). But I never really “got” it, at least not on the level that I do now, until quite recently.

The Many Worlds Interpretation

There’s an interpretation of Schrödinger’s Cat that goes like this: We live in a multiverse (multiple Universes), where every possibility exists simultaneously. Each decision or event is a kind of branching off point, creating two different realities. One where you made decision A and one where you made decision B. Any fan of science fiction will be super familiar with this theory. So, every version of every decision ever made, every possibility, exists in some Universe out there somewhere, simultaneously with this one.

There’s one “reality” where the cat is alive and one “reality” where the cat is dead, and you don’t know which one you’re in until you open the box. With me so far? Brilliant.

I happen to agree with that theory. Big time. In fact, I’m going to take this quite a bit further than Schrödinger did.

You get to choose your reality

You see, I don’t just think that there are multiple realities branching off depending on your decisions. I firmly believe that you get to deliberately choose which reality want to line up with, regardless of if the branching off was based on your decision or not. There is a reality where the cat dies and there’s a reality where the cat lives. Of the realities that can be created, of all the possible outcomes that exist, you can choose which one you’d like to align your own reality with.

If you’re a little confused right now, don’t worry. This will all become clear in a second. Let me apply this principle to some real world situations:

Real world applications

Let’s start with an easy example, one that, if you read this blog regularly, you’ll already have an understanding of. You have a meeting tomorrow and you’re worried that it’s not going to go well. If you’re an LOA student, you’ll know that as you think of this meeting going badly, you are actually ensuring that it will. You are aligning yourself with a difficult experience, one in which your boss will be in a bad mood, traffic will make you late, your laptop won’t work and your presentation will bomb. If, however, you notice while you’re worrying that you’re not feeling good and that you are, in fact, aligning yourself with the scenario you’re afraid of, you can turn it around. You can visualize the meeting going well. You can think thoughts about it that feel better. You can change your point of attraction so that you line up with a reality in which the meeting goes well, even phenomenally so.

You can align yourself with the wanted version of future events or the unwanted version of future events, depending on which version you focus upon.

When is it too late?

The above example is easy to understand. Since the meeting is tomorrow, you have plenty of time to align yourself with the outcome you want. Your mind can wrap itself around the idea that your boss may be inspired to be in either a good or bad mood, you could be inspired to get in the car a bit earlier or later, etc. But, what about if (you think that) the outcome is dependent on your action? And what if that action has already been taken?

Let’s say that you have a business dinner tonight and you were supposed to make the reservation. You’ve been really stressed lately and your vibration hasn’t been great. So, you forgot to call the restaurant (that would be a manifestation of resistance). You might think “I already forgot to make a reservation. This is a busy restaurant and no one can get a table, much less for 6 people, without several weeks’ notice.” And I would say: Think of Schrödinger’s Cat. There is a reality in which the restaurant has a table for you and one in which they don’t. You could be minutes away from walking into the restaurant and still manage to line up with the result you want. All you’d have to do is change your vibration significantly enough to align yourself with the reality you want.

Mind = Blown

Let me stop here a moment and let the full implications of my point sink in: You do not have to make anything happen in your reality, nor do you have to wait for the Universe to make it happen. All you have to do is align with the reality, like jumping into a parallel Universe, where what you want has already been orchestrated. Your ability to make that jump is only determined by your belief that it can be done. When you have a lot of lead time, it’s easy to believe that the reality you want could be orchestrated. When you only have minutes, or when the action that supposedly determines the outcome (it never does) has already been taken, it’s much harder to believe it. And yet, it’s entirely possible.

So, you could walk into the busiest restaurant in town and get a table without a reservation. You could influence your test score after taking the test. You could line up with a friendlier version of the cop, while he is walking towards your car. You could come home to a friendlier version of your wife than the one you just spoke to on the phone. You could simply change your vibration and jump into a different reality.

The cat is both alive and dead until you open the box. All possibilities exist simultaneously until you actually line up with an outcome. It is never too late to determine the outcome until an outcome has actually happened. Your action doesn’t matter. Someone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. Your past doesn’t matter. Your vibration up until a second ago doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is your ability to focus on what you want in such a way that it aligns you with that outcome, which you can tell if you’re doing by the way you feel. You have a chance to change your vibration up until the very last second. You can change how a meeting is going while in the damn meeting. Because until the meeting is over, the cat ain’t alive or dead, y’all. You still get to decide which one it’s going to be.

Each moment carries new possibilities

So, you have the power and the ability to decide, in each and every moment, how you want your future, even your immediate future, to turn out. Of course, it’s much easier if you get a bit of a head start, but even if you didn’t, you still get to decide.

I’m going to start using this metaphor for myself from now on. Do I want a dead cat or a live one? If I’m frustrated about something, I’m going to ask myself: “Dead cat or live cat?” I may even start yelling “You’re killing the cat!” at my clients when they’re stubbornly arguing why they can’t get what they want (or, on a particularly fun day, I may just make dying cat noises. My methods may be, um, unique, but I do tend to get my point across. And laughing is a great way to break out of a rut.)

And so, I’d like to end this uncharacteristically theoretical post with the philosophical question of the year: “Are you killing Schrödinger’s Cat?” Also, I claim the rights to the T-shirt (what a conversation starter that would be!) In other words, are you focused on the outcome you want, or on the outcome you don’t want? Let me know in the comments. About the cat. Or the T-shirt. Or the messed up science (I did warn you though…)

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  • Too late to join this party? 😉 I have only just ‘seen’ this blog post Melody; as an off-shoot to the latest post today. Well, how utterly fabulous! I love love love this idea and will embrace it whole-heartedly. You are SO awesome – but then you know that anyway, don’t you? 😉

    I wonder if I can ask a quick question to make sure I understand this correctly? So, even in order to jump into that alternate desired outcome at the very last minute all I have to do is be aligned with it? In ‘being aligned with it’ it simply means I have to feel good or hold a good feeling vibration BUT it doesn’t matter how I get there, it only matters that I get there? So, even if I feel afraid of flying and I want to manifest a fabulously smooth and comfortable, relaxing, pampered flight where I even get a surprise upgrade to Business Class, I don’t have to actually feel better about flying? As long as my vibration is high I can manifest this experience? Or, is it important that I feel good about flying?

    Thank you so much in anticipation of your answer!

    Huge hugs!! 😉

  • I have a question mell.
    how to know that what you are doing is good to continue even if it is not feeling good.
    let me explain my problem to you.
    i have started a new blog and when read my own post i felt like it is very badly written. and i think i am not a good writer(and when i sit down to write some posts , ideas don’t flow through me, i have to push myself hard to write) which feels very much bad. but i have heard somewhere that practice makes a man perfect.
    so should i continue writing bad posts in the faith that one day i will be able to write some good ones or should i quit.
    let me tell you one more thing.
    i feel bad in the beginning of everything i do for making money. i have tried several things and have quit them because they did not feel good.
    so i always end up doing nothing and a having lot of irritation and anxiety.
    what should i do mell. please help me.

  • Hi Mel-
    I love your real life example here of letting something go and then receiving it. It reminded me of the comment that Kat wrote in response to one of my comments recently. She used the example of characters from the movie, “Legends of the Fall.” One woman in total resistance of what actually was, and another who was just simply going about her life in happy puppy mode. And lo and behold, the “happy puppy” got exactly what she had really wanted without spending time ‘worrying’ over it.

    Yes Kat that impacted me more than you’ll ever know.:)

    I haven’t gotten to the WHOLE post yet and need to come back to read IT as well as all the comments. But I wanted to get my congrats in now.
    So Melody…Congratulations on your awesome win!

    Hopping up and down in excitement, shiny happy puppy hugs. 🙂 Yay!

    • Hi Laura!

      Yes! I am so glad that helped! It is a very powerful message, indeed. We must go on being happy shiny puppies, no matter what, and all things eventually fall into place, regardless of the present circumstances, which we may not be ready for or they may not be read for us, and what anyone else may have to babble about. This, of course, takes courage and a strong foundation of our energy, that Melody described in the previous post. That is so important, allowing us to go about our life, without the worry and insecurity that destroy other people! Hooray! 🙂

  • Yours is the only blog I read! ^_^
    Loved this, and, does this relate to the time is an illusion theory? (which I struggle to understand…)

    • Awww Nay! Smooshy hugs for you!!

      The post on time is coming. But, um, I don’t think so… But in the writing of that post, I may change my mind. I often get further clarity while writing. Stay tuned.


  • Hi Melody

    Also just wanted to let you know – last week you replied to my comment about a situation at work and my boss…………..I followed your advise and the result I found out yesterday……….HR agreed with my decision………….no further action required AND my boss seems all ok with me…………. A MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU XXXX

  • l o very l I have been playing the ‘is my cat alive or dead’ game in my head all this morning. A negative thought has lasted a second or two and replaced with that lovely feeling of my world is great. Guess its kinda of working!!!! Did it in this morning’s managers meeting also and had to stop myself from saying out loud ‘STOP IT YOU ARE KILLING YOUR CAT’ It made me smile to myself (wondered why I was getting perplexed looks from some very serious people) Instant manifestation………… a normal serious (at times pretty boring) meeting turned into an enjoyable meeting for me…………
    Oh and an award very very much deserved Melody congratulations xx

  • Feelings of post: Pre-1= Congratulations!

    1) Melody, Were the people who were unaware of Schrödinger’s Cat rednecks? This is common knowledge, and with all the media, surely people know this?
    That the people you spoke to didn’t know, it’s just strange. It’s not for “smart people” I don’t really consider myself above average intelligence, it’s just the type of common thing like water=H2O (no formatting available) were you in a redneck area? What was going on there? This can’t be a serious statement; you are pulling our legs.
    Were you in Spain or America?
    What is going on with them, that is the really mind blowing part. “It’s got electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.”
    There are many things I don’t know, so I am not nasty about this, but do get angry when this type of person speaks to YOU like the dumb person. You know, because YOU don’t understand the simple concept that a pizza is a vegetable you dingwad. 😉

    2) Brave topic, and I understand the disclaimer. I am impressed that you went there.

    3) Am disappointed by the “sheeple”-(your words from the conspiracy blog) behaviour of your fans when you have a new insight, it’s exciting, sure, but if they have read every single post, including things from the archives, like a book, or some meticulous person…then they would have noticed that this contradicts some of your other posts.
    That won’t slide past me, as we discussed previously, I can be your token “Number 1 fan/Critic & Editor–the person who specializes in the works of a particular philosopher–“Oh yes, I have studied the works of Dali for many a year now, and I am quite the expert.”
    So within all those roles, I’m going to notice that, and post it here. 😉 I still haven’t gotten around to creating those superimposed photographs yet; but you also didn’t get me a smoothie.

    Mind you my tongue is in my cheek shouldn’t need to point that out, but again, text is a poor medium to convey my dry wit…it looks sarcastic written down, or downright rude & idiotic. 🙂 So now you see the tongue:

    -The contradictions being that “once shit has hit the fan” you just have to let the manifestation play out.
    -That the energy is always equal and opposite. Therefore there is the fallout, and if you are playing the same vibration over and over again, it will take time and effort to undo all that negative focus and create a new route for the energy to flow
    -Resistance is not instantly obliterated
    -Manifestations are not instant
    -Immediate focus could only pull on the resistance & we should not put any energy into things we have resistance/issues around, because this will just bring us the opposite of what we want e.g. the angry, super-fining (sadly not super-fine-looking) coppa 🙂

    Otherwise I would have manifested many things for myself, but most subjects in my life have so much resistance, I won’t touch them with a ten-foot pole, in fear of making it worse.

    Within the pagan community there is also the rule “no spell work (manifesting) while depressed or sick!”
    When questioned why they avoid this “because essentially you will bring a shitstorm onto yourself, and everything you don’t want.”

    And as the “witches” of old were here long before you were, I take stock in their wisdom.

    I do love the multiverse “theory” (to me it’s no theory, it’s pretty real) & I know you answered that spam mail from Burt Goldman who has recently been circulating the new-age arena with Google target advertising…

    • may I give a real life example?

      “Immediate focus could only pull on the resistance & we should not put any energy into things”

      I was driving. I was happy and in a really good mood. All of a sudden, I felt like someone was staring at me. I turned my head and I found myself looking at the driver of a car on the left lane directly in the eyes. He looked irritated and angry.
      Direct eye contact is not something which is considered polite here, under this situation. It’s not normal to drive and look at the other drivers in the eyes.
      What’s your explanation? I’ll give you mine.
      I could be afraid and start thinking thoughts like “why does he look at me” or “what would he want from me” or anything else that triggers self esteem issues and domination responses that could lead to a fight or flight. Perhaps, allowing thoughts that validate this kind of reality is a sign of resistance. But there are other thoughts too. It has happened people telling me that I look angry even when I am not and I am just tired with no intention to harm anybody. Perhaps, that was happening to him at that moment. Do we know? I don’t think so. We could have crashed and then become good friends. Who knows? There are many possibilities, but thinking of the worst case scenario with no trsustworthy information, all these are just speculations.
      I can use this experience to convince myself that the world is probably a dangerous place and never leave my home again, I can also tell that even if it seemed too close, nothing actually bad happened. If I keep thinking about it, what do you believe is more possible to happen in the future?

    • Hey Alice,

      I’m glad you’re keeping me honest. First of all, though, I have to point out that this is one of my more theoretical posts. Most are more practical and geared towards easing people into processes. This one talks about what’s possible from the Universe’s side, where there are no limitations.

      Having said that, I’m happy to address the contradictions:

      – Once the shit has hit the fan, you do have to let the manifestation play out. But in this example, I’m saying: “Don’t assume the shit has hit the fan until you’re covered in poo.”

      – It will take time to undo all the negative focus – this depends on how much focus has been given. If your focus is absolutely pure in this moment, you could turn a situation around in a few minutes. This is a bit of a theoretical discussion, but it is quite possible, with proper focus, to line up with a different reality in very little time.

      – Resistance is generally not instantly obliterated in practice. In theory, it can be instantly overcome. But we have to be able to allow it. In practice, this allowing takes time.

      – Manifestations are getting faster and faster. With the current speed of energy, although not instant, you can line up with experiences very quickly. The time lag is shortening.

      – If you are focusing in a way that is pure, that feels really good, you are not activating the resistance. If you could focus in this way NOW, you could change your reality NOW. For most of us, in practice, it’s much easier to work incrementally. But, again, in theory, it is possible. Our reality can shift in an instant.

      I agree with the witches, but I add one thing: You can deliberately raise your vibration first and then do your spell casting/visualizing/manifesting. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


        • Alice, it’s you who manifests situations in your life according to the frequency you tune yourself. Having said that, none will give you a map or directions if you don’t allow it to happen. Find someone you trust and ask him. You have to take the time to do it on your own, making a plan according to your current situation. Forget everything you know and prepare yourself for an adventure, you will find the right people in the process. What might go wrong is just a vibration of fear.

          I read something which I liked very much. “This is a jungle of distraction”.
          Like a video-game. If you follow the path of others (mine for example) with the desire to reach the same destination I can guide you and make your life easier. That’s what parents do, but in our era, most parents have reached the ugliest destinations, believing ugly beliefs and their directions are just useless. In this path there are branches that I have not followed and I don’t know where they lead. But the important thing is that it’s not the path you take but your intention that matters and how comfortable you are with the outcome. You will figure it out while you are doing that. Every path can lead you to where you desire (if you don’t know what you desire you can desire to know what you desire, that will light up the fire inside you) and the shortcuts are actually longer than the normal road.

          You have to decide for yourself what suits you and what does not. Decide firmly without looking back, knowing that you will do it again if something goes wrong. It’s scary. You will survive.

          You are all alone at the beginning of every new quest. We are just guests in your life. The moment you start being afraid or insecure, you will fall in the previous state if you allow those thoughts to continue and not reassure yourself. At your first attempts, you will fail. Then you will have to decide if this thing works or you should follow what now seems to be normal. It’s not an easy task but if you don’t begin with something then it will never work.

          Do you allow yourself to be loved without doubts that you deserve it or what might go wrong? Do you need to know what other people think to make sure that your attempts will lead to success? Are you ok with trying even if the outcome might not be what you desire? If not, are you willing to put thought on why those doubts should be real and ask for advice from the right people?

          When I was a child, I was afraid to excercise on the horizontal bar. It was too high and I was too small. When I first tried , I looked down. I was thinking that if I felt I would break my legs. I hesitated and I was ready to quit. But other children were making fun of me. So, I gave it a second thought. If disaster happened, I would lie on bed all day and I would have others serving me all day long. That didn’t feel that bad. I felt 20 times. After two weeks, it was a piece of cake.

          Just try something and fail without thinking of anything else. It’s you and the bar. Other people around just happen to be there because they have the same vibration. Focus on them, you will lose. Focus on what might go wrong , you will lose. Focus on what ugly things they will say after you lose, you will lose. Focus on how you will hate them if they do that, you will lose. Focus on the bar and what it takes to be stronger, you’ll get stronger. After you get strong, focus on what kind of new people you want in your life. That’s all.

          • Hey alter-ego 🙂 , that’s an impressive answer, but I was hoping to ask Melody, as she can read energy. But thank you for giving me the opportunity to make myself clearer & for the support.

            As for me my problem is not fear. I’m a highly ambitious person, with lots of drive, and when I find something I am passionate about, I don’t give a shit about the opinions of others or any of the limitations you mentioned.

            I just go do that thing. I loved the resistance, the chase, and fighting for a dream. It appealed to my sense of excitement, and made the victory so much sweeter.
            I don’t care about failing in something I love, as long as I do it. There are many things I “failed” at, but enjoyed every moment, doing something I enjoy, or have a strong sense of meaning.

            But “lately” I have been so unhappy that I don’t feel passion or excitement about anything, old things have no joy anymore, and my sense of direction is so bad, that there’s not even a vague direction, or a few options I’m looking at.
            Nothing. And the ceiling has been dramatically lowered by private health complications.

            I’m thinking if I knew what I wanted, even if I had to (quite literally) drag myself there, I’d start getting better, if LOA is true and medical illness and disabilities are born of mental illness/psychosomatic. Including cancer, it’s all psychosomatic.

            Before this blog, I used to think I have to be 100% well before getting anywhere near happiness, but now I see to be happy, or healthy, I have to find a direction, a dream and go after it, and the rest will follow.

            It would also help deal with the physical pain, because you always feel stronger with a dream to look forward to.

            The people in hospital getting chemo often have photos of friends and family, goals, motivational posters, memories…anything to look forward to…

            I don’t know what my “look forward to” thing is, and that’s where I get down, the chink in my warrior woman attitude, because, I don’t know what it’s all for, or to put my laser focus on something I want (I don’t know what I want!) so my laser focus is just on reality, which is a dumb idea, considering besides comparing to the terminally ill or people in jail, I don’t think my reality is going to be winning any awards for “desirable life to live”. 🙂

            As a prideful, ambitious person (like you) this bothers me no end, because I have that warrior mentality, with no where to kick my ass, and make my dreams happen, I’m just chasing my own tail.


          • ouch. that sounds like resistance my dear, resistance to life, an internalised death wish.
            If you keep thinking “if I knew what I wanted” “I don’t know what I want” adding a feeling of elusive hope that’s exactly what you will keep receiving.
            You create what you feel. What you feel is generated by thoughts and beliefs. To create something else you have to change the feeling. But I don’t see how it can change with so much pressure.
            Yeah, I’m prideful too but sometimes we should take it easy.

            Do you have any idea how is it possible to detect depressed people with health complications with such accuracy? My best friend in high school commited suicide after we graduated, my father died from cancer, my mother has cancer, my uncle mentally ill died in a car accident, most of my friends at university were depressed, everywhere I go I spot people with serious problems like a geiger muller detector. Yet, I’m perfectly healthy and even in rare moments something serious appears(which doctors insist it needs operation or it will last forever-asthma as a kid (I now smoke), an infection on the right leg, hypothyroid) it just vanishes like it had never existed. I know, it’s a little hard to believe this story, but it’s 100% true.

          • Hello Tony,

            Firstly, Merry Christmas! 🙂

            Secondly, I would be more impressed, but on this blog, I’ve been very open and honest about my story, and numerous times mentioned physical health issues and periods of depression.
            So you aren’t saying anything I haven’t already broadcast on this blog. You are just using the freely available information I have here. It’s obviously resistance, and I’m widely aware of that, and that’s what I’m working with.
            I’m not doubting your experience, just saying that you can’t “read” something that the other person has already told you.

            You’re right about the pressure :-), but I don’t know how to take the pressure off those thoughts.
            If I don’t change my circumstances, I’ll continue living the way I am and just get older, which doesn’t sound like a plan.

            I find the pride is helpful and unhelpful at same time. Glad you can relate!

            Pride is helpful as stops wallowing in depression, kept me from easy solutions like drugs, denial, alcohol, jumping off cliff etc

            I don’t take drugs, go into denial etc, even though that sounds like a fun option compared to the pain of depression, pride is the thing that says, “you can do better!!”
            🙂 Pride is like a lion, and it has it’s uses.

            But it can also prevent help, because there’s nothing worse than someone treating you as ‘poor you” when you reach out for help, so pride can make you avoid that.

            Pride can also make you a “spiritual hooligan” 🙂

            What is your passion? What are you doing with your life? Describe your life. (if you want)

            Maybe I could take inspiration listening to your success and passion, rather than my lack. 🙂

          • Merry Christmas Alice!

            I won’t tell you something you have never heard before. But I hope I can help you realize it.
            Honestly, I believe that you lack energy. And it seems to me that you don’t lack energy because you don’t have a decent amount but because you exhaust yourself with worries, thinking too many things at once.

            I can tell you something about my life. My day doesn’t start when I wake up but the moment before I fall asleep. I go to sleep like a carefree child whose needs are met to the fullest. No matter what. That’s a decision. Worrying before going to bed won’t make my life any better. When I wake up I see a note I have written for myself to remind me not to think “if things were different”. They are not. I am here and I am in the situation I am now. That helps me remember what’s solid. Then, I look at the next post where I have written: “now you know what’s solid, go make it different”. In the process you realize that you don’t make it happen but you allow things and people to be in your life, but it can help you realize that if bad things happen, good things can happen too.
            I had some arrangements to make at first. I kicked some people out of my life, with cruelty and without giving them a second thought, I even stayed alone for some time but it worked. I realized that what was happening to me was not that I didn’t know what I wanted but that I hated what I saw when I was looking around. There was no love. I either live or I don’t and I prefer to be accountable only to myself.

            That’s not rage nor it is obsession. It’s an atittude aquired from my reluctance to judge. I didn’t want to judge or condemn and I paid attention to arguments trying to identify with both sides to see their truth. But a time comes when you have to decide what’s good for you. And we have to decide firmly and stay there without allowing any other thoughts to find a place in our heads.

            Success is what you define as success. It’s what you do and you see results. I breathe successfully, I can make coffee successfully, I walk successfully, I can hug people I love successfully, I can laugh successfully and I can also be serious (when I have to) successfuly, I can take my sister’s dog to the vet successfully (this deamon always feels when it’s time to see the doc and needs a steady hand to calm down), I graduated successfully, I can drive successfully, I can pay for my food successfully, I have travelled successfully, I can successfully ignore cleaning the house and pretend to contribute when my lady starts screaming, I can meet new people successfully, I can also insult them successfully and I can succesfully not give it a second thought or feel any guilt. The point is, are you satisfied with all these things or do you always want more without taking the time to know exactly what you are looking for and your mind stays in a “scanning results-what will happen next-semi asleep-tired to think- mode”?

          • Sometimes you write beautifully, other times you write in a muddled fashion, I can’t understand.

            You go from excellent syntax, to very hard to comprehend.

            This is a nightmare to try to read, let alone see the message. I know my grammar is pretty hideous at times too.

        • Alice,

          The idea, the specific goal or dream is a manifestation, too. So, if you don’t yet know what to focus on, focus more generally. Focus on a feeling. Focus on the feeling of things being easy, on relaxing, on feeling more positive, or at least relief. How can you do that? Well, kids do it all the time. They pretend. They daydream. You can see yourself in situations that may be surreal, like cartoony fantasies, but if they actually make you feel better, great. That will align you with a higher vibration (the fact that you feel better lets you know that you’re doing it right) and in that state, you will get clarity on the dream you want to pursue. You think you have to find the dream so you can focus on it and feel better. But you don’t. Feel better and the dream that feels like that will reveal itself.

          I’ll give you an example. I often listen to music when I walk down the street. I have specific playlists that make me feel like a rockstar. Sometimes literally. I see myself being a rockstar. I don’t even really have much of a desire to be a rockstar, but it’s so fun to pretend for a while. I really get into it, and I get all happy and giddy about it. I know it’s not real and like I said, I don’t even really care to make that a reality, but it’s still fun. I still achieve a high vibration, just because I’m playing with a fun fantasy. And that game lines me up with more stuff that I do actually want. The subject that you focus on to feel better doesn’t matter. The feeling matters. and when you get into the feeling often enough, the stuff you do want starts to flow in. It really really works that way. 🙂

          Huge hugs,


          • Hey “sexy laaadies” (speaking of music….)

            For some reason only half the replies get into my inbox, I checked back to see if any responses, and sometimes there are things I wasn’t alerted to!

            I am confused because you give me and readers 2-3 distinct and differing answers over time:

            answer 1: focus positively on what you want

            answer 2: climb up ladder first, don’t focus positively, focus slightly better. Don’t go from sad to happy daydreams, beware quantum leaping, doesn’t last (true I was mildly happy once for 2 months and the crash was enormous, issues weren’t cleared, just propelled same self into better life with focus.)

            answer 3: Remember our recent talk about severe depression, the one about people that had it for years? (rather than a “funk” or normal reaction to loss etc.
            The depression that has been there so long it’s the natural nature.)

            You pointed out the critical fact I had been saying all along, in this case the rules are different, as when they think they are positively focused, they aren’t deep down resistance they aren’t even aware of is triggered, making things worse.

            This was essential, because even before you admitted that for the life-long depressed person I saw it happen.
            I’d focus positive, feel positive, but invisible resistance was triggered bringing me the opposite.
            (So basically how do we do it WITHOUT triggering unknown resistance?)

            Could a man in his 70s’ reverse his life if depressed since 20? That’s pretty “ingrained”

            As for the rock star thing, I do those daydreams all the time. 🙂 They are safe and fun as I also have no real want to be a musician. (well I love creativity, but that’s not my primary dream, as I don’t have one.)
            *pokes out tongue* “I don’t have one” was a purposeful “poor me” statement.

            So I am confused, and I guess a little afraid (oh Tony will have a field day with that admission if he sees this!)
            that positive focus will just make things worse like it did before. Because really I don’t think there’s room for worse, unless next time I cross the road that car actually kills me, so I don’t want to piss it (universe) off even more. 🙂

          • “Could a man in his 70s’ reverse his life if depressed since 20? That’s pretty “ingrained””
            Find him a lady who looks like 20 years old, give him pills if necessary and leave nature do its magic

            It’s called vibration and not a random oscillation because it waves around a point of reference: you. So, when you are the receiver, do what resonates with you. If you don’t understand something and it doesn’t make sense, it’s obviously not for you. Have you ever tried to dance without knowing the right moves? You look around. You see the newbies, you see the more advanced students and then you see the teacher. Your instict tells you where to go to seek for advice. Someone tells you to do a trick but you need stronger feet and better coordination to do the footwork. Someone’s advice maybe awful, someone else’s advice may not be doable yet. Have you understood what this special move is -what you want to accomplish?

          • That was directed at Melody, are you stalking me Tony? 😉

            I got the note you wrote me, but next time please wash the coffee mug, and I don’t know where you went, but you really messed up the jacket!

          • Hey Alice,

            The statements don’t contradict each other. They cover multiple bases. The object is to feel better. Do what it takes to do that. If being specific doesn’t feel better, back off. If you can raise your vibration by focusing on what you want, do that. If not, raise your vibration using another subject. The key is to raise your vibration.

            If you can’t figure out what it is you’re feeling, look at your manifestations. They will show you. If you can’t feel what your fears are about, move towards what you want. They will manifest in greater detail and you’ll be able to see them more clearly.

            You can reverse depression at any age. You just have to be willing to feel better. When you’re depressed, “better” is angry, btw. And I’ve talked about that in multiple posts.
            The Universe isn’t pissed off at you, no more so than your computer can be pissed of at you. It doesn’t give you the output you didn’t want because it doesn’t like you. If the words come out misspelled, it’s because you typed them in misspelled. It’s not a personal thing… 🙂

            Huge hugs,


          • “Feel better and the dream that feels like that will reveal itself.”

            Does this mean I won’t get anywhere until I cure depression?

            Because I have seen many unhappy people with dreams, or inspiration, goals..so that doesn’t make sense in my head.

            In fact it seems the fulfillment of dreams is the thing that pulls people out of depression, because it makes them feel good.
            i.e. I don’t know much about him, but I’m pretty sure Eminem felt much better after becoming a star, and having the money to stop living in a trailer park and out of a crappy life.

            I don’t think he was a shiny puppy before being famous.

            Obviously one of the best examples is Kurt Cobain, as he still created, had a passion for music, but also shot himself…

          • Alice, you don’t have depression. Depression is a state of low energy which is laballed as such for reasons which are not legit. Antidepressants are all placebo and don’t expect to hear the truth from those who sell this stuff. Search for yourself. Lab made serotonin, which is supposed to go directly to the brain (in contrast to the substance which is produced naturally in our body from our food-chocolate or pasta for example) cannot be captured and released normally because the receptors simply don’t work as they did before. And they don’t work because of prolonged periods of stress (fight or flight responses, sleep deprivation, smoking -active or passive-, pressure, hostile environment, too many distractions, unrealistic expectations). The lethargic state of mind is a result of melatonin (the hormone of sleep, which is a byproduct of serotonin).
            There are rumours that Kurt was a cocaine addict, so his emotional roller coaster might not be similar to what someone who is not addicted experiences. I would suggest to hear DrDre instead:
            (2:00 even when I was close to defeat, I rose to my feet) 🙂

          • That’s ok Tony! …I get all emotional when someone says sorry to me…wow!
            What a tearjerker!

            Big hugs! 🙂

          • This is a misconception on how the world works. I promise you, the people who manifested change, did have a change in their point of attraction before doing so. They felt better before the better feeling stuff arrived. OF course, when observing that better feeling stuff, they felt even better, and the cycle spiraled upwards. But they did not randomly manifest something better out of nowhere. They may not know how they manifested the better stuff, though, and therefore the explanations people come up with can be deeply flawed.

            The key is to feel better. Don’t wait for something to happen that will make it easy for you. Go look for something that you can focus on that feels better. You keep on focusing on all the reasons why you can’t feel better. And therefore you don’t. I know it’s hard to change your focus, but it’s not impossible. Also, don’t confuse “better” with joy. I keep telling you to get angry for a reason. It will feel better.

            My answer will not change no matter how many times you ask, Alice. Feel better and you will manifest evidence of that. And yes, you can feel better. You have the ability, even if you don’t always realize it.



          • Hey, I know you tend not to reply while other people are replying, so just let you know when you get back from holiday, Tony has not answered my question, so this is still out there for you.

  • Hi Melody

    Congratulations. Finding your website and growing spiritually through your blogs and calls is one of the best things happened to me this year. Thank you for your help.

    Have a good break! Hugs.


  • Hey Melody,

    What does Abe say about how the universe itself is structured? What do you say? There are mulitple dimensions and universes. Existing at once. We just happen to be in this one, yet there is infinity all around us. We are in this sort of fishbowl existence, which, in itself can be frustrating if one is unfamiliar with LOA. Yet, we wanted the experience of the three-dimensional world.

    • Hmmm. I’ve never really heard answer this one specifically before. I’m not sure if they have, but I haven’t heard it. The way I see it, we are each in our own little Universe. And sometimes, our Universes collide. We don’t all share one reality. We each get our own. And then, there are versions of each reality where each possibility exists. And LOA can match you up with not only different versions of other people’s realities, but versions of your own, as well. I had a vision one day of our realities each being kind of like a disco ball, with all these little sides to them (like the mirrors). And there we all are, spinning in the ethers, and when we attune to one frequency, we magnetize one of our little mirrors. And someone else with a matching mirror will gravitate to us and we’ll stick together. That’s where our realities will overlap. The metaphor breaks down when we become a match on multiple mirrors. Flexible, squishy disco balls? You get the picture though…
      That’s how I see it.

      Squishy disco ball hugs,

      • Cool! I’ve had a similar vision! And, after submitting the comment, I realized that we are each a universe ourselves, interacting with each other. After all, the neurons of our brain are estimated to be about the amount if stars in the outer universe.

        So, for comfort we can turn to the outer universe, which kind of symbolizes what we have going on here terrestrially. I say for comfort because just looking at the sky is calming. I do not think that is coincidental. Since we once said that the universe is studying itself. Haha!

  • Hi Melody,

    all loa wisdom in a moment of breaking eggs to make an omelette

    1a)enough desire- I ‘m making an omelette! I’m making something for myself, I will eat and I’m having fun (am I a selfish bastard for wanting to make an omelette just for me?)
    1b)not enough desire- if I make a mess in the kitchen, my wife will ask for a divorce. let’s go outside to eat

    2a)action- it doesn’t have to be perfect, let’s break the eggs
    2b)doubting instead of doing- did the recipe say 5 or six eggs? hmm, leave the eggs, I have to search for that book first

    3a)confidence – i know, when I hit it, the egg will break
    3b)lack of confidence – what is the best way to break an egg? what if it won’t break correctly?

    How do we know that the egg will break the next time?
    For all you ladies out there who think that breaking eggs to make an omelette is something simple, there are thousands of people who struggle in agonising fear and doubt (but will never admit it) and eat hot-dogs instead. Someone , please, wake up my fiancee because I’m not feeling good enough to cook.

    If that seems funny to you, imagine how funny someone broke seems to someone who makes millions every year.

    • Oh wow, Tony. Haha. how nice. You can still break and cook the egg. It is never too late, according to the post. This is like, one of the top posts, so I would like to totally understand it.

      And, as I imagine it, your lady will hug and kiss you, even if you do mess up the kitchen. I am sure you will make a terrific omelette. A passionate man like yourself is also good in the kitchen. If course, the scenario you mentioned may not even apply to you at this time, which is fine. my point is that anything is possible, but you are right, it is all according to desire. There is no need to procrastinate or be perfect, because you can still make an edible omelette. Hey, you just answered one of my other questions. There is no need to wait when wanting to do something, unless you need to align with it.

      The broke guy will need to line up with money and the making of it, as one option, as there are many others.


    • I find this so amusing, we automatically assume Tony is a male because he is using a commonly male name.
      When asking for directions people often go for the opposite sex, and take compliments or critique from the other gender so much better than the same gender! (regardless of sexuality)

      I’m having fun observing this. 😉 Sorry to break character/go on tangent.

    • Perfect representation of how we tend to overthink things, lol. Thanks for the laugh, Tony.

      If you take a moment to visualize the omelette being perfect and tasting good and your spouse praising you for such a wonderful breakfast, then you’ll be inspired to make the perfect omelette. Or, at least a good tasting one (mine never look that great, but they’re really tasty). 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody,

    First off congratulations on your winning that reward first place, you will deserve it. Gosh I realized that I don’t even know have of those other blogs yet, and guess what I also realized that the only reason I’m not on the list is the guy doesn’t know my blog 🙂 And dead cat, live cat! I know that 🙂

    This is a very clear explanation that can help just anyone understand how we attract things, good or bad, positive or negative into our lives.

    As always, thank you for the inspiration, Melody

  • Melody super duper congratulations to you kiddo – you so deserve the award. And as for this post, which is particularly brilliant by the way. I do this all the time, and call it quantum jumping. Although I’m sure that means different things to different folks. But for me it’s taking a leap into the reality I want to experience – so much nicer than some of the rubbishy realities that think they belong to me!

    Love the examples in the comments from everyone who practices the techniques you teach – what a wonderful world (reality) you’re helping create Melody. Thank you so much for making the world a better, happier place.

    Love Elle

  • First, congratulations — well deserved! Great explanation of the physics side of LOA, even though I’ve always hated the concept behind this “experiment”, purely speculative or not. Love cats, you see, and always figured if it was Schrodinger’s ass in that box, physics might have taken a whole different turn. And not to be all grammar nazi or anything, but really: was this — “vile of poison” — the most fabulous typo/spelling oops in the world, or deliberate?? Vile indeed!! LOL! In a pretty sad week where I’ve not found a lot to smile about, this was a breath of fresh air, intentional or not. Thanks, Melody, for so very much. You are a wise, wise woman and I thank the Universe almost daily to have discovered you and your fine blog and your readership, whose comments add joy to my day.

    • Erm, yeah, Susann, erm, that was totally intentional. Eek!

      Apparently, I am a match to amusing people with spelling errors now, lol. I’m actually ok with that and may just leave it in. Why not?

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Huge hugs!!

      • Oh no, no, Melody, don’t change it! I only mentioned it because it struck me as hilariously appropriate. I love a play on words, and this was too good to miss. Besides, it’s not *technically* a spelling error, ’cause poison IS “vile”, right?? LOL!

  • Hi Memorable Melody 🙂

    Thanks for your blogs and congrates, awesome dedication and job. I really resonated with this post, I was in Madrid last new years where I met a friend who came in from France the night before. Everyone said that there was no way we would get a private hostal room in Madrid the day before new years but I kept the belief up big time. So we went to this really well know hostal in down-town Madrid, asked the front desk if they had a room and they said..’funny a couple just checked-out an hour ago and it is now available’ BINGO!! So we had a great new years and great 5 days together in Madrid, everything went swimmingly for sure. By the way the beds were bunk beds! how fun is that, but we made it work 🙂

    Question for you though, if you really want and expect to be with someone, i.e. I would love to be with my friend that I was with in Madrid, and align myself with that same excitement and feeling, do you think she would show-up or someone who would still give me that feeling I had in Madrid, i.e. togetherness and contentment. (note that we were together after that for 6 months then she lost the vibe or maybe it was me 🙂

    Thanks again, much gratitude and love !

    • Quinn,

      Same thing happened to me and a couple of friends when we stayed at a hostel in Madrid. We missed a bus and got to the reserved hostel very late. I kept the vibe high and the third hostel we visited after having dinner had a room!

    • Hey Quinn,

      What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

      What I would do is this: I’d make a list of positive aspects (an Abraham technique). Spend 20 minutes or more writing down and focusing on all the great qualities this person has (Marjorie mentioned this technique in her comment above and she’s had great success!). Focus more on the qualities and why you like them than this person. Try not to attach the qualities to this person, in other words, if you NEED it to be her, you’ll limit the energy. Make sure it feels good.

      Done. Go do something else that feels good and just bask in that good feeling as much as you can. She or someone even better will be along shortly. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


  • I got so excited I too forgot to wish you a big, hearty CONGRATULATIONS! Much deserved!! You most certainly have the best blog ever!!


  • Melody!

    I’m with Mary Carol, your posts have been beyond amazing recently! Wow, just wow! I’ve completely come to the realization that I do control my reality! Every night before I go to bed I now basically claim what kind of day I want to have the next day. I keep it pretty general saying things like I want to have a great day, full of love and good surprises! Only been doing it for about a week but OMG does it work! Another thing I’ve started doing that really freaking works (sorry, a little excited here) for those closest to me that are going through dark times is make a list of all of the awesome, positive traits they possess when they’re at their best and visualize them as powerful and strong, essentially at their best (thanks to Melody/LOA/Abraham for this), and then what HAS to happen the next day if these folks are in my reality is that they either stay away from me OR match my new expectation of them being all awesome and stuff. I met a gal at work recently and we connected instantly. The fact that we share a birthday might have something to do with it, not sure. Anyhoo, she’s this awesome person, friend, mother, sister, etc. but has had it rough. Always doing for others, putting others first, suffers in silence due to her debilitating rheumatoid arthritis (she’s only 36), gets taken advantage of, sheesh, you name it and it’s happened to her. I’ve had to distance myself from her on more than one occasion because either my vibration starts to lower or I start to feel anger and resentment towards all of the peeps that do her wrong (guess that’s the same as my vibration lowering). But I know that this is when I have to retreat, and I do. Anyhow…I made my list for her one night and wouldn’t you know–the next morning I get a text from her saying she’s feeling good, no more pain AND she’s about to get the position she’s been wanting at work! I’m still in a bit of shock, OMG! So far I’m 2 for 2 baby (tried it on my hubby too)! Wow. Now if I can just start manifesting more (stuff for me) or at least perfect my technique…I’ll really be trouble!!! So happy, so so happy! Thank you Melody and all of her wonderful readers, I really feel like we’re a little family here and I love it!

    Hugs to everyone!

    • Yes, Marjorie, I have felt this as well about certain people and have distanced myself from them. I had written a letter to the universe and whenever we re-connect we will do so. That is so neat! How wonderful and thanks for sharing. I was looking for how others here at our little online cafe, as MC and I have dubbed it, have dealt with the vibration of others. Sometimes, I am driven to tears upon meeting a friend if a friend, or students I have had.

      Anyway, it is basically the same as sending them live, but a bit more specific, but not much. I will be reading this one again. Woohoo!

      • Hi Kat!

        It’s so important to distance yourself but it’s not always obvious (we just end up with funky attitudes/vibrations and wonder why)…so glad for awareness now! Little online cafe sounds so cute, love it!!

        It could be looked at as sending love I suppose…but honestly that wasn’t my goal/intention. It was simply to visualize these folks at their best, happiest, when they’re thriving. I’ve decided that I’m also going to try this technique on my 2 nieces whom were abandoned by their mother at a young age (I’ve been caring for them since they were toddlers but their mom is back in their lives now) and now deal with emotional issues as a result. ADHD/Anxiety/Depression/Cutting, you name it–and they’re only 10 and 15! I’m convinced this will help too. Will report how it goes. You HAVE to try it and let me know how it works for you, ok?

        Hope you’re having a great day so far!

        • Thanks Marjorie! It is the purity of the intent we set forth for others and for ourselves. Maybe this is a better explanation. If pure and good, then good things happen.

          I am sure this will work for your nieces. I am sorry to hear about their situation. Thank goodness you are in their life.

        • Marjorie,

          I remembered I had tried this technique on someone and she is totally happy now! Engaged to be married and just bought an apartment with her fiancée. It was part of a manifestation assignment from a book on Tibetan Buddhist manifestation. Along with our manifestations, we always need to include for others as well. I think the point is for everything around us to be for the benefit of everybody, as I remember.

          I think the desires we have for the to manifest happen quicker because there is less resistance. This all happened for her in 6 months time! It was great! Yet, it took longer for me to get out if a depression.

          Just had to add the fact that this technique does work!

    • Wow Marjorie! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful manifestations here!! You know, when you line up with a happier version of others, which is what you did here (you jumped into a reality where they were happier), you also align yourself with the energy of Who You Really Are. If you could spend all day in that place of joy while focusing on others, you would get everything you wanted. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!

  • Melody,

    As usual, today’s post is really brilliant. I’d never looked at quantum physics/parallel universes from that perspective.
    This is truly awesome, really, people could really use it if you could tell how to do it. I mean, how do I line up with a parallel reality? How do I do it, so that I can get results in a very short time? ( I could really use the ‘influencing your test score after giving the test’ part, haha)

    Thank You Very Much

  • Haha oh my, I was only talking about Schrödinger’s Cat with my driving instructor a few hours ago and then came home to find this post in my inbox 😀

  • Hi Melody,

    I want the T-shirt! I agree with Kat that this ranks up there with your awesomest posts ever.

    Your explanation makes the Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment really sink in for me. I’ve known about it forever and thought I understood, but I never thought it had much relevance to everyday life. Whoa! It IS everyday life! Thank you for the clear examples.

    Combining your amazing year-in-review-and-planning post from Sunday and this one, I’m off to relax and align myself with a future so bright, we’re gonna need shades…

    And seriously, I want the T-shirt! Huge Tuesday morning hugs,

    Mary Carol

  • Wow! what a good example , one that is easy to refer to…. I am so enjoying your writings and so thankful to have found you…love and enjoy the LOA…. makes life a lot easier, have the best day ever. Catharine

  • Hey Melody!

    Congrats on the honor! That is awesome! You had let it go. Haha!

    I’ve been waiting for a post like this. As usual, I’m trying to think if more examples. This is how gurus must operate. Perhaps what Jesus used to feed a crowd with only 2 fish and 2 loaves if bread?

    Do the molecules of our body need to be in on this, or is it just alignment? If we are angry about something, we would need to defuse before this alignment? We would need to let it go first and then align with the wanted outcome. I have also noticed that letting go of something brings it as well. When the obsessing stops, that is when it happens.

    Sometimes, however, expressing anger triggers the action of those around you to accommodate you. Being too passive won’t lead to results. I guess with practice we would know the difference?

    How can we quickly align with something? By feeling totally good about it?

    This is one of the best posts and I look forward to reading the comments!

    • Hey Kat,

      If you are feeling angry then you know you’re not in alignment. If you managed to diffuse the anger, the absence of anger would be your indication that you’ve attuned more with Who You Are, yes. It’s all about the emotion.

      Oh, yes. You can get people to accommodate you in the short term with various methods. You can manipulate them, scare them, bully them, etc. And, getting angry can help you step into your power, which shifts your vibration from powerlessness and then, you line up with truly more cooperative people. If you’re always yelling at people, that’s not the case. But when you normally put up with tons of stuff and then blow up and everything changes, that was a breakthrough. 🙂

      Huge hugs,

      • Melody,

        And that is exaclty what happened, Melody. I exploded and got people off their ass to get the freakin problem solved! Hooray!

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