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But not to worry, by pretties, I won’t leave you hanging while I’m away. I’ve written up a series of short blog posts to tie you over. Those of you who like short posts are going to love me for the next couple of weeks. Those of you who long for 3.000 behemoth posts, there are always the Archives.  The Deliberate Receiving Blog will return to normal, wordy service on January 6th.]

Awesome Dudette asks: “I decided to do a LOA test! I decided to focus on something small and try to manifest it. Strawberries: they were the victims! So, ok, I was walking home from school really focusing on strawberries and just how delicious they are. Then I focused on the color of them, so red… And didn’t look for them, didn’t try to make them appear… Just focused.. Then I started seeing red things everywhere! People with red clothes would walk by me, red cars would appear… And finally I got home and thought: “No strawberries on the street. Ok, I’ve still got all day long”, and I took the elevator and went to my apartment. I walked into the kitchen and wow!!!!!! My maid prepared strawberries for dessert! I couldn’t believe it. That is NEVER an option for dessert… And then I thought about asking you how the hell would the Universe know that I would want strawberries and made her prepare them even BEFORE I thought about them? How would it know that I would think about strawberries.. If she prepared them BEFORE I thought about them! My family knows about LOA and we all love you, so I said what I would ask you immediately when I saw strawberries there! And my maid answered: “who said I wanted to prepare strawberries? I wasn’t even thinking about it! A few minutes ago I decided out of nowhere when your parents were already having lunch that I wanted to serve them, you thought about them first”! So, ok… She had just gotten the idea, AFTER I thought about them, cause I take an hour to get home from school… And I thought about strawberries just as I was getting out of school and entering the subway faaaaaar from home. And she had JUST thought about the strawberries… So, she definitely made them AFTER I thought about them! But, let’s say she made them BEFORE I thought about them! Could the Universe have prepared it? Would it know that I was gonna think about this fruit later?”

Dear Awesome Dudette,

Yes, the Universe can prepare what you want before you even ask for it. How is that possible? Because you’ve generally asked for what you want WAY before you can verbalize it, especially when it comes to bigger stuff.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say that you have an experience that bores you. In that moment, you want more excitement, whether you’re aware of it or not. Now, the Universe knows that you want excitement. Every desire you’ve ever had and every detail of every desire you have after that moment add to the knowledge the Universe has about what you want. So, the Universe knows what kinds of experiences match the feeling of excitement for you. In fact, the Universe knows ALL of the experiences that would match that feeling for you, while you may be able to only think of a few, based on your selective memory and your experience so far.

Now, let’s say that you start to line up with the feeling of excitement. Perhaps you’re thinking of another subject that feels good and you start to line up with all kinds of positive manifestations, excitement being one of them. The Universe starts to orchestrate scenarios that will match that feeling and lines them up. They are ready to go. It knows whom it can call upon for help, which other humans are a match to the same experience you want.

And then, when you fully align with your manifestation, the Universe inspires you to the thought: wouldn’t it be nice to go on a roller coaster. Only, there’s no amusement park anywhere near you. Nevertheless, you have play with the thought because it feels good. You love roller coasters. They’re exciting and fun and you remember every time you’ve been on one. The fantasy alone is enough to make you feel great.

And then, that night, you find out that you won a trip to an amusement park that has a huge roller coaster. The drawing was three days ago.

How could the Universe have known, you ask?

Because the Universe knew before you did, and inspired the thought you had about the roller coasters. The thought itself was a manifestation, you see. That’s not when you created your desire, that’s not when your desire was formed. All of that happens automatically. When you have a great feeling idea, it occurred to you because it matches the energy of something you want. Ideas are manifestations. Thoughts are manifestations. Actions are manifestations.

So, stop worrying about trying to figure out what you want. The Universe knows what you want. Feel good and you’ll be inspired to have the thoughts, ideas and experiences that match that. The discovery of your desires is a manifestation, too.

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  • I’ve actually thought about this question in a different way recently. I came to the conclusion that perhaps we are limited by the idea of time while the Universe is not. Everything is energy and occurring simultaneously (although, unbeknownst to us because we are “bound” by time). Thus, when you have the thought to make a request, the Universe doesn’t concern itself with time and could have prepared that manifestation before you asked. I guess it’s essentially the same thing, or it doesn’t really matter. Just a thought.


  • i wanted to ask one thing.
    if i get an inspired idea of doing something and i love that idea and i really want to work on that but i procrastinate a lot.

    in that case , is the idea not inspired or should i trust that idea and keep moving even if it seems lot of work.
    i have read somewhere keep moving even it is feeling a lot of work, it will feel like that at the beginning only.
    so melody please tell me what to do(i procrastinate in every important thing so is that the problem or the idea is really not good for me to work upon.)

    • Hey Saurabh,

      If you have to force yourself to take action, your energy is not aligned yet. It’s not inspired action. Now, if you’re almost lined up, then you can break through that last little bit of resistance with action, and it will feel better after you do. That is possible, but only if you’re close. If it continues ot feel hard, then you’re not aligned and you weren’t close.

      A better strategy to use is to spend more time focusing on what you want and why you want it, see the outcome and get excited about it and wait to be inspired. And yes, that may mean doing nothing for a bit. But when you are inspired, you’ll get so much done so quickly that you won’t have lost any time. And it will be fun!

      In short: procrastination is a sign that you’re not yet aligned with what you want and you’re trying to MAKE it happen, instead of allowing LOA to help you.

      Huge hugs!!


  • This happened to me over the holidays. I was going to visit my mom and thought some roasted butternut squash would taste good. I bought two at the farmer’s market and when I got to her house – an hour later – she’d already made some and it was on the stove.

    An opportunity to live rent free has also come up. I’d been working on the budget one day and thought, if only we didn’t have to pay rent! We’d save so much money! Soon after my hubby lost one of his part-time jobs and the next day I saw an opportunity in the paper to be caretakers at a local park, housing included. We applied and should hear back next week.

  • Beautiful insight as always, and clever twists and turns along the way.

    > you’ve generally asked for what you want WAY before you can verbalize it, especially when it comes to bigger stuff.
    Well put. We sure know how to send out signals, even if we don’t pick up on them ourselves.

  • Jedi mind tricks anyone? 🙂

    Well, found this pertinent passage from yogananda:

    Don’t run after your problem constantly. Let it rest at times, and it may work itself out—but see that you do not rest so long that the whole proposition eludes you. Rather, use these periods when your mental and physical efforts are in abeyance to go deep into the calm region where your inner Self reigns. When you are attuned with your soul, you will be able to think correctly about everything you do; if your thoughts or actions have gone astray, they can be realigned.

  • Great Post Miss Melody c:
    I just wanted to say thanks for your fantastical blog. I love it so much <3 It has helped me tremendously. In all the years trying to study this LOA stuff, I am really starting to get the hang of this it only because of your blog and it's only been a couple of months for me. c: These past couple of days I've noticed a LOT of instant, deliberate manifestations coming about and I am just like WOW! So just wanted to say thanks and send you lots of love.

  • Melody and All,

    On the topic you elaborated upon with Tony above, how about the expectations we have of other people? How can we make them (the other people) cooperative components to what we want, according to LOA?

    I realize, at times, explosions on our part are required to get things done, but how do we prevent getting to that point? Is it even possible?

    In some cases, if you feel you are swallowing quite a lot, do you just ease out of it? But it does not feel so good. Of course, there is always appreciation which works, but how about that little thing inside which has great expectations for how you are to be treated and thinks that people should know you by now, yet they still do not get you? If kind of rebels, that little voice. What is that all about? The brat inside. It does serve its purpose for getting things done, but how about in the other instances where we see people do not cooperate with us or do not even know us after so long, and this makes us sad?

    • Hi Kat-
      I found your question/comment very interesting and although my comment is not so much a solution/explanation I had some thoughts in the form of questions regarding your comment.

      Isn’t what you’re talking about to do with resistance of some kind? The people you are speaking of who are “not cooperating”…aren’t they though? Are they not cooperating with their own vibration for starters but also mirroring something back that you may not be aware of? You feel you want their cooperation but is it their cooperation or just cooperation from someone willing to give it? Are you vibrating with that reality to get that cooperation you want?

      At this point, when you are aware/awakened to the fact that you are feeling the discord (I learned that word from Melody) doesn’t it mean one of two things: Examine this relationship and communicate your feelings and work things out on a mutual basis or if that doesn’t work and this is an important aspect of the relationship and they still refuse to cooperate, is it not time to decide for you whether you can accept it or not? And if not, maybe it’s time to go?

      (Of course if we are talking about kids, these questions are not relevant. You can’t just decide that things aren’t working with your kids and just leave. So I’m only speaking about adults here.)

      Changing yourself, taking control of your own behavior is all well and good but in my experience it doesn’t necessarily change the other’s behavior. Sometimes it does, but not always. If you just change your own reactions and behaviors that might make you feel a bit better. But what if they don’t change? Maybe their behavior doesn’t bother you as much because you made the decision for it not to. But I have to question that. Sooner or later won’t it begin to bother you since it’s a good possibility that your “real” self finds certain behaviors unacceptable?

      Sorry I have no real answer but only more questions myself. But Kat, you got me thinking. Thanks.

      • Laura,

        Thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it.

        I actually found most of the answer on Melody’s vlog post on Entitlement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rly66LJm_xU

        I have so much going on in my vibration, I mean a lot. I find that, to get things done with paperwork, logistics, etc, I need people’s cooperation where I hit some snags. I do not understand why, when I put the best vibes out there, even offering solutions for them on how the job can be done easier (Melody mentions this a lot on the calls), yet I still do not get cooperation from some. I do not grab whoever is nearest to help me out, against their will. I merely move on to the person who can help and, in some cases, all they have to do is pick up the phone or sign a paper, but they do not. I do not get how this can even be too much to ask, but of course, that is my perspective.

        I also feel that some family members should know me by now and not get me things as gifts that I do not need at all or do not use. We kind of make it our gift-giving theme to give useful things, yet I get earrings and do not even have my ears pierced. What is going on there? This kind of hurts, because I expect them to be more sensitive and aware, yet, in this season, they are not. I guess you will say deal with it or so what, and yes, okay, I agree, and I can always ask for specific things that I can actually use, yet it still stings, you know? It is not like a may-dec romance, but hey, even in those the lover would know you better.

        I will re-read your comment and thanks, again!

        • Hey Kat-

          I’m responding before watching the video you posted the link to.

          But no, I wouldn’t say so what, deal with it or whatever. In fact I understand. I went through a lot of the same things in the past with family not knowing me better and receiving stuff I didn’t want or need or even stuff that didn’t fit and wouldn’t really be easily returnable/exchangeable. Like my sister bought me a t-shirt once that was way too small when her family was on vacation. It sat in my closet ’til I took it to a Goodwill.

          And I had to laugh at your ear ring thing. My mom was buying me ear rings up until a few years ago when she’d go somewhere for vacation. I do have my ears pierced and USED to wear ear rings but then I started to get reactions ie. red, itchy ears, so I stopped wearing them.

          My mom and I just happened to be talking about pierced ears and ear rings one day and I took that opportunity to fill her in…in a light and nice way of course. And she was actually very apologetic that she hadn’t realized this. And even asked me why I hadn’t said anything when receiving all those ear rings she’d bought me. LOL. I said, “Because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

          One way of looking at those kinds of gifts is that they could be something to give someone else who WOULD enjoy it and YOU’D save money when the time arrives to give them something. eg. “So and so would really love those ear rings that I’ve never worn.” LOL…of course you don’t want to re-gift to the one who gave it to you or to someone they even know. Ouch. 🙂

          And as for the work stuff. I can relate to a point. I sometimes have a problem with the LOA stuff when it comes to this. It’s sort of like blaming yourself for someone else not doing their job. It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around this.

          (I’m sure I’ll get jumped on for this…but here goes.) How is it your fault or even responsibility if someone won’t do what they’re supposed to be doing? If someone at your job won’t come through on their end, isn’t that their issue? I can totally understand this frustration. I mean what are you supposed to do…sit on their desk til they do it? Call them a gazillion times a day to nag them? Ugh. I don’t have this answer, but this just seems to be a case of not being able to control someone else’s behavior. In a situation like you’re talking about is the answer to go over heads to managers/supervisors/owners and tell them that you are having this problem?

          This is where LOA gets fuzzy for me. There are pieces here you are responsible for and you do your part. But then if you turn away once your part is done and SOMEONE ELSE drops the ball, in business that could come back to bite YOU in the butt even though you already did YOUR part. I don’t know maybe someone else can help with this.

          Plus I hope I’m understanding you correctly. Your second post with more detail did seem to clarify it for me a bit. If it’s your job it isn’t that cut and dry and you can’t/don’t want to necessarily just throw in the towel and walk away. And in that situation in my experience “having a talk with someone” about that sort of thing can end up with them getting very defensive and then not only have you gotten nowhere but now there’s tension.

          • Yes, dear, exactly! If they are cooperative components, then why are they not cooperating? Should I find others? What do I need to change, since it is always me? I agree that some don’t do jack and I can nag, but why are they here in the first place? It can’t all be my fault but I would like to understand how it is. Am I not playing with the right ones? Maybe, maybe not.

            And I can always point things out to others in a nice manner about the gifts. It’s just that something inside me goes absolutely crazy with these scenarios. Like, WTF? My mind is calm, but what is that which gets ignited? It’s not just anger, it’s the feeling that I deserve way more and not getting it and am wasting time dealing with petty bs.

            Thanks so much for your input. I deeply appreciate it and do agree on some points, so I hope some more insight can be shed.

          • Laura,

            What happened to your pic/avatar? It was so nice!!!!!

            Now you have a dark screen, or so it seems. Would it represent depth, space, infinity, all or none of the above? 🙂

          • Kat, I have the same feeling with arguments (and I can be too stubborn when I argue). I thik I was expecting them not to behave as expected (perhaps to be sure that I wouldn’t have to be prepared for complications in case of an emergency-pure bullshit, I was lazy to spend more energy and afraid that things would have to get ugly). I focus (and I still do sometimes) more on the possibility of them behaving in an undesired way and that still trigers an emotional reaction.

          • Hi Kat-
            Yes my avatar means whatever you want it to I suppose. 😉
            I went to change the one that was there into something else and I’m thinking the pic wasn’t in the right measurements to “take” so I have to get back and fix it…resize the pic or whatever but haven’t gotten to that yet.

            Good luck with your dilemma. It’s tough when your work depends on others getting things accomplished too. I read the other comments you and tony wrote. And I am frustrated just reading. So I can understand your husband getting that way. I had to laugh at your “stoopid” comment too despite the anger/frustration that’s coming through.

            Could be a priority thing on their part too. I don’t know but I hope it does get resolved.

          • Thank you, dearest, I truly appreciate this. i can imagine many beautiful things in that space for your avatar, so no specific pic is even necessary! haha!

            I appreciate all the input and topics on this award-winning blog. And I really appreciate your understanding and can’t thank you enough.

            Blessings and super hugs,

      • “You feel you want their cooperation but is it their cooperation or just cooperation from someone willing to give it”

        that’s exactly what’s going on in my head 🙂
        and not only willing, it’s their job, they should be willing to do whatever it takes

        • Tony,

          I just want cooperation. That is all. It is not too much to ask, really, and i expect it. but, after the experiences I have been through, I think that people are too stupid too carry out the simplest of tasks, and this kind of shocks and saddens me at the same time, and I fear, at times, that the tasks will go undone.

          You must set forth that conversations will go well and smoothly for them to do so. And this is what I have been doing, except for this snag. Maybe it was around the time I began to think they are too stupid, from what I saw? Should I have just stayed neutral and not jumped to that conclusion? Should I go back to the high vibe, which I can’t all too easily now, because it has been messed up with this frustration.

          I started out believeing that things would get resolved, but when my husband said that it may never get resolved (he got angry when he usually is not concerned about things like this), that got me frustrated and started thinking we are they are bullshitting us. Still, it is my problem, my things that need to be taken care of, so it is about me. I just need some cooperative components to help out. It may take a long time; as long as it gets done, it is okay.

          Thank you so much for your response. It really helps and I hope it helps you too!!!!!!

          • Supplemental-

            Abe says we each should look after our own “vortex”, so I will get back to mine and continue doing things that make me happy and tick. If someone does not do his job, what can I say? One way or the other, one day, the issue will be resolved, perhaps even resolve itself, which would be best!!!!! I desire cooperation in the process, since it is on someone else’s end. I will still need to focus on how I feel, though, for pretty much everything, so I will continue to focus on that.

          • Yes the resolution can come without your hands in it as well. That really is the best and I’ve had such things happen to me as well. Maybe the Universe doesn’t like bullying after all. lol;)

            Hugs and Resolution.

          • the truth is that some people are just irresponsible and stupid and they smell from a mile away that they require special treatment to show some respect. They are like a riddle. Do they need respect and attention or do they need a punch in the face to do the work which is supposed to be executed automatically? Some pretend to be ignorant, we did that all day long in the army to avoid responsibilities, but when you work somewhere this is not the case. I don’t think it’s your belief that made them stupid, perhaps you had this belief before you met those people. Your fear that things will not get accomplished on time is certainly an important factor and I would recommend to mention it. But.. you can believe all day that I speak Chinese, but I don’t. You can’t make someone aquire a skill or a mentality he has not. But if somebody hired me to do a specific job, I should be able to carry out that specific task. Sometimes, I get angry when I witness situations like that. I wished I were Samuel Jackson in pulp fiction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPHuE5pDlEs

          • Actually, Tony, I thought much more of them in that office. There were no such thoughts in my mind until this scenario, in which they prove otherwise, or so it seems. But even masters get outraged, so it’s not anything new.
            Most people are just not attuned to life at all, what can we say.

            As a happy shiny puppy, I go in in my shininess.

            Laura, forceful behavior surely is not the answer chronically, but it sure gets things done once in a blue moon.

            Thanks for the pulp fiction scene Tony! I needed that!

            Thanks you guys!

          • Wait Kat…I’m NOT the one who mentioned any sort of forceful behavior. THAT was tony who mentioned “punching people in the face.” And in fact calling them rather derogatory names. Not my style at all and don’t even really talk about that sort of thing in jest. That’s abuse and something I’m very sensitive to.

            Please reread. And I repeat I did NOT mention forceful behavior nor did I suggest or encourage it. That was tony all the way. God, I hate when I get and am being mixed up into what someone else says or does or said or did! Humungous button for me.

            So again I say, I was not the one who suggested any forceful behavior, nor did I encourage it any way. None of my comments back to you said any of that sort of thing.

            Not cool and I’m rather upset about it. The name above such comments is clearly “tony.”

            Not throwing anyone under any buses…just stating truth.

          • Don’t worry, Laura. I totally got it and who said what. No worries. I thought I was clear, but apparently not. Your message was not tangled up in the comments, nor did I suggest anything more, at least I thought I did not. So no problem. Sometimes, in the writing, the gist is somehow missed or misunderstood. My apologies if it did.

            I was just saying that, at times, the only way to get things moving is to complain and make it known, not be so forceful, but show that it ticks you off, because that is the only way some understand, quite frankly. You would have to know who you are dealing with so they can cooperate with you accordingly. People can read being upset more clearly than being patient in some instances and one would have to show that they are just accepting their excuses. Otherwise, you get nowhere.

            What Tony sent was more funny to me than anything, sort of a tongue in cheek, but I understood where he was coming from. I do not watch violent films, I actually do not watch any tv at all, nor have I ever seen pulp fiction.

            I am getting more to the bottom of my original question now and thanks for all!

          • When you specifically addressed me about the forceful behavior it took me off balance a bit. I looked back at all my responses about this to be sure I hadn’t written anything in that vein. So when I saw I didn’t I thought maybe you had gotten my name tangled up with tony’s comment.

            Sorry that I misunderstood the reason for addressing me.

          • Hehe! I didn’t suggest punching people, I was actually wondering what does it take for some people to accept their responsibilities. No big deal.

            Laura, forcing people to do what you want them to do is not always done with violence. I’ll give an example from NBA. Kobe Bryant always wants to have the ball in his hands. He is the star and he doesn’t let anyone keep the ball more time than he does. He doesn’t punches them but he still forces them to do something they don’t desire to do. They are getting paid to pass him the ball.
            Why does he do that? Because he is a more skilled player than the others. The team has decided to follow this tactic and everyone is expected to accept it and behave acordingly. I am no saying that this is the best thing they can do, but it’s their job how to play and win championships. Now, imagine someone who gets in the court and starts doing whatever he likes ignoring Kobe and the team. The team starts losing because of him and it’s a crucial game. How can you convince this player who does not understand the concept of the game and team’s tactics to do otherwise?

          • Yes, dear Tony, I often wonder the same thing. How is this freakin possible, yet it occurs. We got to get ourselves out of it and prevent such occurrences, for sure!

            I’ll figure something out for this one, or, it will figure itself out.

            you will be glad to know that today I saw a career forum on a connection’s page and did not even read any of it! Hooray! I got out of that bad habit! and, another topic discussed on his page was being over and under-qualified- it does not even matter but the circumstances one is in and wishes to fulfill. This is what we discussed here a few weeks ago!

            Blowing you smooches,

          • Kat, I’m glad indeed to hear that. In some topics, I have a hard time to accept that some things exist without experiencing them or destroying my vibration. I wish some things didn’t exist but I know that I feel that way because, right now, I feel I can’t handle them the way I desire.

            Laura, I think we perceived the same reality in different ways. I think Kat understood what I wanted to say with more clarity, perhaps because we share the same worry. To tell you the truth, when I first saw your comment which said “I didn’t do that, Tony did” I had some mixed feelings about it. I understood your effort to defend yourself, but your finger pointing at me seemed a little strange. This mirrors my belief that people are ready to throw responsibility to others to save themselves when they feel they are accused of something , so I suppose I have to thank you for this.

          • Tony,

            I so hear you. Universal law states that we need to keep our word. Our word is sacred and holds lots of power and, to play a good game along with the universe, we must mean what we say.

            But how about those who betray us and don’t keep it? They bullshit us? Of course, we turn around, walk away and move on. We learn from the experience and learn to seek those who do not bullshit us. Right? What else can we do? I am searching for other options when it comes to dealing with such people and circumstances. But the question is should I even bother?

          • those who betray us. that’s a tough question.

            what I understand now is that what we see is one thing and our explanation is something entirely different. It’s a complex situation.

            We might have a strong reaction to people who try to bullshit us. A self esteem issue and an attachment to the outcome as well. So we see a delay, for example. We might jump to the conclusion that this is an attempt from their part to bullshit us. We may have an emotional response to people who deliberately chose to harm people, (who do they think they are?) or think it’s funny and we tense. At first, we don’t know. As long as we keep focuisng on that, the more certain we’ll become.

            Some manifestations are a real pain but I try to remember that
            nothing exists if it doesn’t exist in my head. Why don’t I see crocodiles walking down the road? Perhaps, if I keep thinking of it with the anxiety I feel when thinking of a deadline which might be missed, I might meet someone to mention that the circus came in town and after that incident I might see a crocodile smiling at me (at the other side of the pavement I hope). The thought that I always need a logical explanation in order to see something drives me crazy!

            I usually get mad in situations where people don’t keep their word because I can’t immediately think of something to save the day. It’s something that can happen if I don’t stay focused and then I can’t do shit. Not to mention I’ll not know whom to blame after all this frustration. Another crap belief here, if something bad happens someone has to pay and if none is around we can always blame fate and society.

            Skipper the penguin is my hero: I don’t want excuses, I want results!

          • Hey Tony,

            I hope this posts under what you said, but if not, I repeat Tony. Hehe.

            If you lived by the wetlands, you would surely see crocodiles in your backyard. In the city, you are far from their natural habitat, unless they escape from the zoo, which is also possible. It is all relative.

            Yes, I get pissed too, because I feel entitled, in a good, not bad way. I do expect things to go smoothly and expect people to cooperate with me. Abe always says to first align, and then do. As long as it takes. Then things will go as planned.

            So, this is our first priority. Focusing on ourselves and aligning with what we want. We need to be strong in this and stick to our guns. We cannot bend here and there. well, we can, but chip away at the foundation and it all topples. That is why we see so much misery around us. People just obeying the wants of others. I am always nagged to do certain things not according to my agenda and it is my agenda that I must stick to.

            I think the universe and our inner being gives us clues to all this, we just need to be attuned to them and act accordingly. I just always think of gurus and how they handle things. Of course, they are masters, but I learn so much from the way they run things. They lead a selfish lifestyle (in the good, self-preservation kind of sense) in that they really stick with their practices. Their main belief is that the universe will provide, and it always does, so there is no reason to worry about anything. From this belief, it is all possible. Just something to ponder.

          • Hahaha. Yes money can be very persuasive in getting people to do things they’d rather not do. What you are explaining is more like a bribe than a salary.

            In common situations of work places the raise doesn’t come until AFTER you do what you’re supposed to do not before…not counting promotions but even then you’ve usually put in time and some sort of proof that you are “worthy” of the position and have already earned it.

  • “Because the Universe knew before you did, and inspired the thought you had”

    that’s weird. I was searching the net about energy and how we can influence our reality and in seconds I found a forum about vampirism, magic and dark entities. What’s strange is that I am totally afraid of this stuff. I don’t even see horror movies with spirits or vampires. I closed it and then I found another one which seemed unrelated and innocent and there was a message inside that vampires exist and it was talking about subtle energy, a portuguese man called Luis Marques and a book called Asetian bible.
    Does that mean that I have lined up with the energy of the occult?
    Does the universe exist anyway, or are we being manipulated by entities who play with our souls and all this experience is just an imagination (even the belief that LOA exists)?

    • Hey Tony,

      Well, I can only give you my answer. There are no entities and you’re not being manipulated. But, you can line up with wanted or unwanted experiences. If you’re lined up with things that scare you or make you uncomfortable, you will manifest more of them. It is within your control. And if you focus strongly enough on the idea that someone or something has power over you, you can manifest loads of evidence that will prove you right, as well. You may not like it if you do that, but you can. You’re free to create any scenario you wish.

      Huge hugs!!


  • I mean, think about it — do you really think God is holding his breath, anxiously awaiting to see what happens next? haha! No! God is not living on the leading edge of time, as we seem to perceive ourselves to be doing. God/Universe is SWIMMING in the Now — the Now in which all things are contained, are happening, and are being created!

    (at least, that’s my way of thinking. haha!)

  • keep in mind that the Universe operates outside of time .. so, what seems to us to be an amount of Time is always NOW to the Universe.

    • so, the strawberries occurred in the minds of both people, girl and maid, at the same “time” to the Universe (Now), but an hour apart to the people.

      If a person decides to focus on a hundred dollars and then finds out she’s been randomly awarded a prize of $100, but the drawing was three days ago — that three days ago is Now to the Universe.

      • The best story I ever heard about this is one from my son, who decided one night to manifest a shooting star… and he did. (!!!) Which blows my mind, thinking of the (possibly) millions of years that meteor (meteorite?) had to travel to appear in the night sky at that precise moment as a shooting star for my son.

        And then I remind myself that actually it was Now that the meteor(ite?) travels and appears, as all time is Now to the Universe and all places are Here.

        All time is Now, all places are Here. We are the ones living within this illusion of linearity, trying to apply those concepts to God/the Universe. 🙂

        • Excellent insight on the Universe and the concept of “Now”. Of course I’m not just saying that because we share such a beautiful name. 🙂 You are so right. We get caught up on time lines and time is all relative and really doesn’t exist outside of our little box.

        • Right on Kim(s)! 😛

          This also ties into what Nay said above – we can shift into a different reality NOW, one that matches what we want NOW. If we had to give the Universe enough lead time to set it all up, our manifesting ability would be greatly reduced. It’s not. It’s infinite. It’s all about the NOW. Oooh, I love you people! 🙂

          Huge hugs!!

  • LOVE these Q/A posts, Mel. This last line really resonated for me.

    “So, stop worrying about trying to figure out what you want. The Universe knows what you want. Feel good and you’ll be inspired to have the thoughts, ideas and experiences that match that. The discovery of your desires is a manifestation, too.”

    Specifically, the reminder that the thought (as well as the experience) is the manifestation. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in creating the right thoughts, we forget to trust that we are guided.

    • Hey Steve,

      Exactly. We are always being led towards what we want. I’m so privileged to get to guide people through this process and see the perfection of it over and over again. We are never just randomly poking at stuff. No matter what happens, it is ALWAYS to move us closer to what we want, what we have defined. Sometimes we are being moved towards it kicking and screaming, but… 😉

      Huge hugs!


  • Melody,

    Doesn’t this also tie into Zombie Cat? In that moment, haven’t you taken the path, moved into the reality, that has the strawberries? Either way, both make so much sense! 🙂

  • Hmm. Trying to wrap my head around this. Maybe it’s more like that the desire is already in your subconscious? If the universe already knows all, that’s close to already having a destiny in our lives and that would cancel out free will. What if she had changed her mind mid stream and started thinking about blueberries? Would she get both? Would the maid have suddenly gone out to buy blueberries? Would maybe blueberries be offered the next day at school for lunch? Would the universe change its mind because the request became too confusing as she wasn’t able to make up her mind about blueberries or strawberries?

    Using the example of boredom in life and needing excitement: Well, I was feeling that way a few years ago and was apparently resonating to the vibration of a relationship/entanglement that turned out to be a detriment to my health. Was my true self really WANTING that? No, probably not. But my little earthly self wanted the excitement at any cost.

    It is my understanding that what one REALLY wants can be different than what one gets depending on the vibration. It comes down to “be careful what you wish for.” It’s also my understanding that you really need to be specific in asking.

    I mean I got my excitement but I didn’t get the true love that I TRULY wanted along WITH it, probably because I wasn’t vibrating there myself although I thought I loved him. But also subconsciously perhaps I was asking for excitement not necessarily love…doesn’t matter if that excitement was positive or negative, the Universe delivered, but not the kind I REALLY want in my life, even though “little” me thought it was what I wanted.

    I’m not saying that if we ask for strawberries that we never really want strawberries. What seems to be the consensus at least from other sources is that being specific is really important.

    Getting back to the topic of excitement, there’s a different vibe to calling forth a situation that brings excitement that is “good” for us and one that could be “bad.” The universe doesn’t see things that way. It’s INDIFFERENT, so it’s giving you what you are asking for not always necessarily what you truly want. We as humans are the ones who put meanings of good, bad, healthy, unhealthy to things. But it is us who are asking and in need to feel “good” right? Starts to get a bit confusing if the universe is so indifferent why do we necessarily have to feel good? I think the word is “clear.” We need to be clear on what we want and then whatever feeling comes with having it will help you resonate with it so that it has the ability to make that appearance in your life.

    On a lighter note: This question reminded me of something when I was little. My friend and I who were maybe only 4 and 5 respectively, were talking about God and how he knows everything, even before it happens. We had lunch together earlier that day and I got spagehetti-O sauce (lol spaghetti-O’s, remember them?) down the front of my shirt. And during our conversation about God, my friend giggled and said, “Yeah, God knew you’d get spaghetti-O sauce on the front of your shirt before you did it.”

      • Thank you Kim. It cleared some things up for me. I think it’s a post to go back to again and read it more than once. LOA is still a tough concept for me although I do get more understanding than I ever have because of Mel. (Thanks Mel.:)) I also found the comments under the article helpful as well…also material to read again.

        The post led me to read other posts too and I realized I didn’t find this blog until this year I think or the tail end of last. So there’s so much here I’ve never read. I suppose I better get busy.

        Thanks again Kim.

    • Hey Laura,

      Let me clarify a couple of things. The Universe know what you want, because you did ask for it. But you don’t ask with your words or thoughts. You ask for what you want through experience. Every experience you have makes you decide a little more what you want and what you don’t want. By the time you define a thought, you’ve already asked for what that thought represents. Often, the desire was launched WAY before you became aware of the thought. It’s still free will, it’s just that your asking occurs automatically. Think about it: If you have to consciously think of everything in order for it to occur, your world would cease the exist the second you fell asleep. The danger that you’d stop breathing or that your heart would stop beating would be huge. None of us that consistently focused.

      You’re right, the Universe is indifferent. It doesn’t care what you want, or where your vibration is at. It will bring you whatever you line up with, without judgment. But Who You Really Are is not indifferent. She is holding firm to everything that you’ve defined (through experience) that you want. And when you move towards that energy you feel good.

      The following blog post describes this process in great detail:

      Sometimes, getting specific is a good thing – when it feels good. Or, it helps us discern now aligned we are. If thinking of the specifics feels “off”, we know that we’re not yet aligned with them and we have some more tweaking to do.
      And, it’s important to remember that you manifest what matches your vibration, which may or may not match what you want. But that’s ok – if your manifestations are not what you want, you can simply change your vibration and manifest something different. Your manifestations can show you where your vibration is at and are often the only way to know where it’s at, if you can’t discern your emotions in that moment.

      And about changing your mind – of course you can change your mind and the Universe will not be confused. But let’s look at why you might do that: Let’s say you want something that tastes really good. You think of Strawberries. They seem to fulfill that desire. But, as you think of them, you realize that you’d actually rather have blueberries. They’re a better match. The Universe knew that an inspired you to think of blueberries. Because you were a match to what you wanted, you heard the inspiration and found the perfect match to your desire. You may think your thoughts are arbitrary, but they’re not.

      And, as far as excitement goes, yes, it’s possible to manifest positive excitement and let’s say, more complicated excitement. If you wanted excitement but weren’t a match to the easy kind, you got what you were a match to. But so what? Nothing went wrong. You manifested something that wasn’t yet quite what you wanted. That’s information that your vibration isn’t quite yet a match to what you want. So, you tweak it. You find the thoughts and visualizations that feel better and you try again. It’s like fiddling with a computer program until you get the output you want. Or playing with a recipe until you get just the right taste you wanted.

      I hope that all makes sense. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


      • “You may think your thoughts are arbitrary, but they’re not.”

        I’m not getting it …. if my thoughts are not my own, then what about me is me? How can i add something new to the experience of the Universe, of God, if I am being “fed” my thoughts, my wants, my desires?

        • You are part of God. You can either attach or detach yourself from the universal force. The only thing that differs is your perspective, which is yours and the universe sees everything. Two different things. But, since you can attach yourself, the universe would know.

      • This is a silly game Melody. The universe knows what we want, what makes us happy, even before we think it, but because our human self makes errors in vibration or gets sad, it won’t give it to us.
        If it knows all this information and knows everything, it should just deliver, regardless of imperfect vibration. If it’s so loving and non judgemental, then there shouldn’t be all this tweaking.

        I used to know a kid with very poor English. But I knew what she meant. If she pointed to milk, she wants milk, just because she can’t say “milk” I’m not going to say “oh I’m sorry but I need the exact word.” then close the fridge off from her, because she got the word wrong….
        So the loving Universe with all it’s knowledge and wisdom should do the same, and just pass the milk.

        • But it seems more like the universe either just ignores, or would tip the carton of milk on the girl or push the whole fridge on her..because oh she got it a bit wrong. And then say she manifested that.
          It knows exactly what it’s doing, and that the little girl just wanted some milk.

          • Hey Little Leaf,

            Abe would say under these circumstances, when the universe does not deliver, that we are not ready.

            How about when we let go? That is when the refrigerator tips over and we get everything.

            Also, since the universe knows, we don’t need to specify the type of milk (chocolate, almond, coconut, etc). It is all a game and we need to play along.

          • Hey Little Leaf,

            We had discussed in a previous blog the reason we are here which is the universe is studying itself and using each if our perspectives to add to its grandness, so our perspective is important for it varies. So, we do have free will in that sense, since we all have different ways if seeing things.

            We must be specific in what we ask for, as I remember we had said. I’m just trying to get this concept. It is my understanding that, for the order to be put in and come out as ordered, we must be as specific as our resistance allows and we must play along by being happy, otherwise the order either gets rushed or is late, and either way it’s not as tasty.

  • I think it is that we ‘assume’ that things take more prep time. I’m always amazed at the way the Universe works. I did the same experiment with Blue Sunflowers. Thought I was being cleaver….turns out the Universe delivered and I saw not one but 3 blue sunflowers that day.

    • Yay Dawn! That’s awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Blue sunflower. Didn’t even know they existed. But I love these little experiments. They go a long way towards making us realize how easy manifesting can be! 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody,

    Hope you’re basking in a jacuzzi or mud bath or something! Thanks for the reminder that the Universe is way ahead of us on knowing our desires. It’s helpful to realize that not liking something generates its opposite – what you would like instead. The Universe really is helpful!


    Mary Carol

  • Today’s saying by swami is worth mentioning, because it summarizes what we have been talking about, serving as a good reminder: “Direct energy into everything you do. For energy has its own intelligence. It will make things happen for you that you could never plan.”

    This is very important and can make or break something. If mostly focused on worry, then chances are you will attract what you do not want into your life, even if people think worry energy is the way to go when wanting something, because one is focused, but the wrong kind of focus. Since the universe was created with energy long before we arrived to the scene, that energy knows and is intelligent enough to make things work the way they do, guiding it all. So, it is aligning with this energy that is the goal, and not so much work and put out our energy, that we may think is good, but may have spots of worry or fear.

    Realizing that life is an exciting adventure is enough to align with that intelligent energy and putting out willpower in what you do is the way to go.

  • i have a question!

    u know..we’re always told to feel feelings and upsets out so that we get it ‘out of the way’ instead of repressing it and letting it stew inside and then get bigger.
    so, say im upset about something. how do i know if im ‘feeling it out’ or ADDING to it with my mental conversation ?
    like, say im scared os something. where do i draw the line betrween letting my scaredness out and making me even more scared with my inner conversation?

    • Hey Mopey,

      That’s a really good question. If you acknowledge that you are scared and what you’re scared of and then use that information to reach for better feeling thoughts (or deliberately change the subject so you can feel better), you are raising your vibration. If you don’t acknowledge the fear, you can quickly go into denial, where you pretend to feel better but don’t.

      If you keep on focusing on the fear, and talk about it, think about it, list all the reasons why you are afraid and should be, you are adding to it. The idea is to BRIEFLY acknowledge the fear and then do your best to feel better.

      I hope that answers your question.

      Huge hugs!

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