Awesome Chandni asks: “Regarding healing: If the mind alone can heal the body (and it very well can, as I have happily healed myself), then what is the significance of healing systems like Shamanism, Reiki, etc? In fact, what is the requirement of any external healing at all? If we can easily heal ourselves, why would we need an external healer? I just can’t see the rationale at all of someone going to somebody else for healing, when all the healing actually should start in the mind and can easily be executed in the mind?

Also, regarding negative beliefs, is it enough that we change our perspective? If so, why do many use tapping, EFT, chakra healing, etc?”

Dearest Chandni,


The mind can absolutely heal the body, and all healing comes from within. This is true. But, the problem is that most of us have been told for so long that this is NOT how it works, that when we try to just heal ourselves, nothing happens. The belief that it’s that easy is simply no longer there. We’ve replaced it with beliefs such as “We have no control over our bodies”, or “We are at the mercy of our bodies and illness can strike us at any time.” There’s a huge misunderstanding about what illness is and how it can be healed.

That having been said, we are still very capable of manifesting healing, we just have to let it come into our experience in a way that our minds can make sense of. We have to believe in the way. This is why there are so many different methods – they are all ways to allow the healing to take place. For some people, the more painful a healing method is, the more “valuable” it is (to them), and the more likely they are to allow healing to take place. Others need a scientific explanation they can understand. Still others are satisfied if an authority figure with a strong belief assures them it’s going to work.

Shifting vibration

Healing the body is nothing more than a releasing of resistance, or a shift in vibration from a lower to a higher frequency (higher being closer to the frequency of Who We Really Are, not necessarily higher than anyone else). And again, there are many, many methods to shift vibration. As people are awakening, more and more methods are being born, every day. Shifting perspective, which is the method I personally employ the most, is just one of these methods.

I like to think of all these modalities as tools in my tool box. All tools have their purpose, but certain tools will be more effective in certain situations and with certain people. Some people respond really well to EFT. Others love Reiki. Yet others like the intellectual approach. I have used many different methods and use my intuition on when to utilize which one for whatever belief it is I’m trying to clear. I do the same thing with my clients. I have many tools at my disposal. I don’t use them all each session, or even with each client.

No one method is better than any other

In the end, which tool you use doesn’t matter as long as it works. If the method you’re using makes you feel better, it’s the right one. Just never think that because a method or tool worked for you, that it will work for everyone. In fact, one tool may not even work for the same person in every situation. This is why I continuously search for new tools that I resonate with (that work for me). The more tools I have at my disposal, the more likely it is that I’ll have the right one for the job when the time comes.

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  • Hi Melody,

    Believing in the path is everything when it comes to healing. I find when I’m stuck that it helps a lot to get a burst of joyful energy from someone else, including beings like trees and puppies. It kind of lifts me over the hump. Your blog facilitates a lot of healing by sharing so much positive energy.

    Thanks for everything, and lots of hugs!

    Mary Carol

  • Melody,

    Mind over matter and all that. It does work, and is sometimes easy, and so many other times, not as easy!!!! But seeing it work does make a difference. It goes a long way towards relieving useless beliefs and fears.

    But I am thinking that the more ingrained or deep the belief, the more difficult the healing. So each problem can be formed by a differing belief, and so each will be healed differently. Which makes for some hard health issues because beliefs can be so multifaceted! Which led me to where I am now. I’ve almost gotten to the point where I don’t look for the belief as much anymore because of that multifaceted convoluted cauldron!

    Now I’m just looking for the better feeling. I’m looking for what I want to see and know. Like anny said above, the brain makes pathways/trenches it can follow for ease of access to the most powerful and often thought thoughts. So I am determined to run new trenches so the brain follows these more often rather than the others. As a path is less used, it begins to smooth out, fade away.

    I’m not sure this will work with everything, but I do know that just thinking new thoughts as often as I can has made so many things change, without me trying to figure out what I was feeling before, or why! But before I discount the struggle of figuring things out, I had to get here, to this place of trusting LOA and what it can do, before I could ride on this new wave. So it is, once again, a steady process, that builds on itself, if you use the process!

    The more I think LOA works, the more results I see. The more I think I am healed, the healthier I am getting. The more I think I love life, the more fun I am having. But I had to focus A LOT at first, because the old negative thoughts would run without me realizing it. But now, the better thoughts are more common, have the bigger trenches. And like attracts like, so more new thoughts are stacking up around these better thoughts, so it’s making it easier to think better, to feel better. Weeeee! πŸ˜†

    I love this process, even when I’m feeling pissy! Because I realize how I’m feeling, and I now know I can change it, even if I decide to wallow for a while! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Nay! The only reason to ever go digging for beliefs is to release them. We can shift energy in different ways. We shouldn’t forget that digging up beliefs is only one of those ways and not necessarily always the best one. It always depends on the person, the belief and the individual situation. If just reaching for a better feeling works, do that! It’s much easier. I’ve seen a real change in how often I really need to dig down into beliefs any more. They shift so much faster now and often, simply adding my energy to that of the person I’m working with is enough to support them into a higher vibration. Just today, a client asked me how we could shift a belief she’d uncovered. I pointed out that she was already in the process of shifting it, and after a bit more conversation, she saw it, too.

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody,

    I think healing has to do with belief even more than with the mind. That is why placebo’s work so well. Even though there are no healing substances in the medicine, people believe there are and so they work.

    On the other hand, you may know everything there is to know about what the mind is capable of in the matter of healing (or any other matter), as long as not everything of you believes it, it does not work. I should know. I have known a lot of this stuff for years if not decades, but part of me simply refuses to believe it and so I still have not healed. In terms of vibration you could call that resistance and however much resistance I have released already, there is still plenty left. But then, there will come a time that everything has been gone and what a change that will be! In the meantime, because I know about the ongoing process it becomes easier to allow it. Most of the time.

    Then there is another aspect to this. It is often said that you ‘simply’ have to change your way of thinking from worrying to thinking about more pleasant things. But that is easier said than done. In the film What the Bleep I heard for the first time that somehow the way you are thinking kind of engraves pathways in your brain which ensure that you keep thinking that way. It reminded me of the dry riverbeds you see in the desert. Although no water has been in them for hundreds of years, they are still there. So, until you have succeeded in creating new, more positive pathways, your thoughts wil automatically go the same way and it remains a struggle to reroute them to a more positive way of thinking.

  • Mel, you are perfectly correct. We do not NEED a healer, but our minds are conditioned to believe that healing must come from without. And, self-healing will not happen as long as we feel that we have no control and are not responsible for things like tooth aches, cancer, erectile dysfunction, zits, and every other thing that ‘they want you to pay money for. The healer opens a door, a channel, that the patient enters to allow self-healing to occur because we are conditioned that way. Medicine memes are very strong and have been around so long it can be hard to deprogram the damage they have caused. Good response, as usual.
    Austria, eh!

  • 1) Urge to slap question asker! πŸ˜€ Cocky much, eh? πŸ™‚

    2) The question asker has outdone Melody! When your teeth were killing you, well you could just heal yourself from the inside, what a noob! πŸ˜€
    :facepalm: And all those Cancer patients, man, what noobs! LOL.

    3) Can we temporarily swap bodies with someone? Because Chandni is quite welcome to swap with me, restore my body, and then switch back.
    I’m totally fine with that. But I’d like it back, it’s a pretty nice looking body. πŸ™‚

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