The always Awesome Kat wants to know: “I have searched for what Abe has to say about childhood vaccines. What do you do if you’ve already got them? Can they be the cause of some of your present ailments? Maybe, maybe not. Since it is all vibrational, we can be affected by the vaccines, but do not allow this. Am I close here?”

The subject of vaccines is a very controversial one. People are either vehemently for them (“They save lives!”) or vehemently against them (“They actually cause illness!”). There are those who think you’d be an idiot not to vaccinate your kids, and that refusing to do so is tantamount to child abuse. And there are those who believe that vaccinations are pretty much the same as handing the kid a cyanide pill, and that they were only invented by the evil Illuminati to help control the masses. No matter what side of the debate you look on, people are pretty much foaming at the mouth on this one. In other words, no matter which side I might choose to take, I’m going to be unleashing a lynch mob today. Isn’t it a good thing, then, that I don’t take sides? Although, I’ve covered myself with liberal amounts of “Lynch Mob B Gone”, just in case.

Vaccines are a manifestation. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Vaccines are neither good nor bad. They are not the saviors of the world, nor the creators of all our modern ills. They are, plain and simple, a manifestation, which means, they have the ability to mirror back vastly different perspectives and beliefs to us.

As I explained in my posts on Traditional Medicine here and here, the medical establishment isn’t the demon spawn from hell that many seem to think it is. It’s simply a tool through which many manifest their relief. It’s also a pathway through which many manifest their limiting beliefs, or “resistance”. So, modern medicine does a lot of good for a lot of people, but also offers up a lot of horrific evidence for people to push against. In the end, each person is still just manifesting their own reality, and modern medicine has no power in and of itself whatsoever.

It’s the same with vaccinations.

A wee bit of history

References to inoculations go back to around 1000 A.D. The Chinese scratched small amounts of small pox scabs (yummy!) into the skin to prevent against the deadly disease. The practice was supported on a larger scale by a Chinese emperor in the 1600’s. In the early 1700’s, Lybian-born slaves in the American Colonies were noted to have been “variolated” (basically inoculated) against smallpox using a similar skin scratching method. Turkey was reported to be practicing variolation around the same time, as well, and the practice was brought to England for the first time in 1721. The term “vaccination” was officially adopted at the turn of the century (1700’s – 1800’s) and large scale inoculations/vaccinations were performed as a way to combat first natural plagues (most notably smallpox) and then diseases used as weapons of war (again, most notably smallpox).

In other words, vaccinations go back a long, long time. We used to have a very limited understanding of diseases and viruses, and bacterial infections could wipe out whole towns, cities and even threaten whole countries. People lived in fear of the plague and came up with all kinds of explanations for why illness, especially large scale illnesses, happened, most of which had something to do with demons inhabiting the body. They felt helpless and powerless against these demons or unseen forces (or, the wrath of God), since there didn’t seem to be any pattern to who got afflicted. The rich were stricken just as much as the poor (more often, actually, which led to the discovery that the current medical practices of the time were, in many cases, doing more harm than good), the virtuous got sick just as often as the depraved, and the innocent were just as susceptible as the guilty. Illness seemed to be a random wrecking ball that could just swoop in and destroy anyone at any time.

A desire was born

And out of that fear was born a strong desire to get back some control over physical health, a desire to understand more about how and why diseases strike, and a way to predict and even eradicate them. The illnesses were a manifestation of the vibration of the time (or rather, the resistance of the time), just as the illnesses we have today mirror back our own particular mix of limiting beliefs. They had smallpox and we have cancer. They had the plague and we have AIDS.

Illnesses are nothing more than mirrors of resistance. And as long as we have resistance (which will be ALWAYS), we will continue to have indicators of it. We still have a strong desire for control, for clarity, and for more and more physical health. And, as we keep raising our collective vibration, we continuously receive more and more answers. We are, in every single corner of this globe, living longer and with a higher standard of living than we ever have before. We have access to better health care than ever before. We have the knowledge, if we care to use it, to take better care of ourselves than ever before. And it will continue to get better and better.

So, why can’t we eradicate disease then?

While we can pretty much eradicate single diseases, isn’t it interesting that new ones just keep cropping up? As we evolve, the highest vibrations and ideas we had access to a hundred years ago, are now our most limiting beliefs. Perspectives that used to serve us are now holding us back.

Our single biggest obstacle as humans is our unwillingness to let go of the past and just go with the flow of the NOW.

So, no matter how enlightened we get, we will always have resistance – beliefs that are no longer serving us. And that resistance will manifest in various ways, some of which will result in disease. But eradication of disease is not the goal. Releasing the underlying cause – those beliefs, is. The very process of figuring out each disease and overcoming it brings us closer to our goals.

Medical breakthroughs have a way of showing us just where our current vibrations are. We can’t just believe that it’s theoretically possible to magically get better. We have to believe it practically. And when we’re ready to do so, some amazing genius scientist allows him or herself to be inspired to create an antibiotic, or a vaccine or a new procedure. And then, they use their strong belief that it will work to create sufficient evidence so that others can see it too. And before we know it, we’re all swept up in this new, better feeling belief and it becomes common knowledge that if you take a painkiller, your pain will go away. We just know it to be true, and therefore it is.

So, in many cases, when medical treatments, including vaccines, work, when they do what we want them to do, it is only because they are, in that moment, mirroring back our improved vibration. We have made a shift, and our realities are morphing to match our new point of attraction. Small pox was not eradicated by vaccines. Vaccines came about as a way to manifest more wellness, a way we could believe and feel good about.

Disease is just the symptom

Of course, if someone’s fear is greater than their belief, the painkiller or vaccine will have no effect. That’s a rather simplistic way of looking at it, of course, but my point is, not even a painkiller will work on everyone in every situation (I’ve personally had several experiences where even large doses of painkillers didn’t even make a dent. Those weren’t fun times, but in hindsight, they really served a purpose). No medical treatment can work 100% of the time. That’s because not everyone will manifest their wellness through medical treatments. Not everyone is ready to manifest wellness at all. And sure, we may be able to manifest a bit of relief through medical treatments, but not necessarily (or generally) the cure. That’s because the real cause of illness is vibrational and not viral. The virus is just a way through which we can manifest the resistance.

If we do manage to successfully suppress the virus without curing the underlying cause, another disease will just spring right up to take its place. This is why drugs have side effects and people often get cancer over and over again. This is also why new diseases keep getting discovered. Put a band aid on one symptom and the underlying resistance will just squoosh out someplace else.

Asking a vaccine to take away all chance of disease is like asking the bank to ensure that you’ll never be poor. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Universe works and how we create our own realities. Your reality is a result of your vibration. Plain and simple. Don’t ask a vaccine or the medical establishment or the government or anyone else to take over the job of manifesting your reality. Not only is that not possible, but it will lead to all kinds of misery.

So, should we vaccinate our kids, then?

The short answer is: It really doesn’t matter.

The slightly longer answer is this: Do whatever feels best to you. If vaccines scare the crap out of you, then don’t use them. If the thought of not vaccinating keeps you up at night, then go for it. Getting or not getting a vaccine will not cause you or your children to line up with any manifestations that they aren’t a match to.

How you feel about vaccinations and the actions you choose to take will, however, shape your reality. So, what you DON’T want to do is to get vaccinated but feel horrible about it, or vice versa. What you DON’T want to do is allow a doctor to bully you into something you don’t want to do. What you DON’T want to do is to lose sleep over the fact that you were vaccinated years ago.

Over ten years ago, I spent four months backpacking around Europe (Yes, me. Yes, backpacking. Shaddap.) Before I went, my homeopathic, super hippie doctor advised that I get a Hepatitis vaccine before leaving. I thought about it and agreed. It felt better and safer to get the shot, which allowed me to worry less while travelling. Whenever I wondered about the sanitary conditions of the kitchen in which my meal was prepared (this was not a 5 star luxury trip. Meals were cheap, accommodation was very basic, and many, many compromises were made. And yes, it was totally worth it), I simply remembered that I’d had my shots and could then just go with it. So, for me, at that time, getting the vaccine was the better feeling choice. It gave me peace of mind. Had I been worried about the effects of the vaccine, it wouldn’t have been a good idea. Whether or not I actually got Hepatitis had nothing to do with the vaccine, and everything to do with my vibration. And the same goes for any side effects the vaccine might’ve caused. (For the record, I did not get Hepatitis. I did sprain my ankle in San Sebastian, end up in a French emergency room with a horrible case of Bronchitis, and had the worst hangover of my entire life in a small, Portuguese town. Like I said, totally worth it.)

In conclusion

If you’re firmly on one side of this debate and were hoping that I’d support either side of this argument, you were probably a bit disappointed today. If you are vehemently for or against vaccinations, I will never try to convince you to switch sides. I would, however, like to take both sides out of the equation and simply say this: Whatever you’re pushing against, it doesn’t matter. The subject never matters. The fact that you’re pushing against something isn’t serving you. You don’t have to switch sides or believe the opposite of what you believe. If you hate vaccinations, you can’t suddenly love them. But you can acknowledge that as much evidence as you have to support your side, the other side has just as much evidence to support their views. So maybe, it’s not about picking sides. Maybe, it’s about surpassing the argument altogether and realizing that none of it matters. It’s all vibration, it’s all energy, and it all comes down to focus. Let’s stop making our manifestations responsible for our manifestations. Vaccines don’t prevent or cause illness. Your degree of alignment does, and it does it perfectly every time. Getting a vaccine may help you to raise your vibration by giving you a reason to focus on wellness. It could also give you something to push against, causing you to manifest evidence that you could then blame on the vaccines. Or, it may do absolutely nothing for you either way.

Now it’s your turn: How do you feel about vaccines? Are you still vehemently on one side of the fence, or have I convinced you to lighten up a bit? Share in the comments!

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  • Hello! I have a few questions, not easy questions I think. I hope you are able to answer.
    1. You wrote: ” if you take a painkiller, your pain will go away. We just know it to be true, and therefore it is.”. I can’t agree with this claim. Maybe my thinking is wrong, but i think that the fire burns regardless of my faith. The same with gravity for example.
    2. Do you have theory about creation of universe, planet Earth and humans?

    • Hey Wiktor,

      You don’t have to agree. It’s ok. But in my understanding and experience, all of reality is a reflection of our energy. And there are those who are not burned by fire. Of course, you can’t just wish a belief system away. You have to respect it and work with it, or shift it. So, I wouldn’t just chant “fire won’t burn me” and then stick my hand in the fire expecting not to get burned. Some structures in this world, like gravity, are so hardwired into us, it wouldn’t be easy to shift those, nor really beneficial to most of us, especially if we still have trauma to heal. That’s not the kind of thing you start with. Levitation, for example, would require a certain shift in our relation to gravity, but that’s not something you unlock until you get to much higher dimensions.

      Yes, I do have a theory about the creation of the Universe, but it’s far too long or complex to put in a comment. πŸ™‚ I only received this fairly recently, and I’m not entirely sure how to present it in 3D. It requires a fair amount of understanding, so maybe it’ll have to be a book or something. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚


  • FASCINATING article. I don’t believe in them. In my office, they administer them, but I have not had one ever (or in the last 3 years they were offered). There is a lot of fear mongering going on in the media (crazy FLU-OUTBREAK maps and everything) and even though my friend keeps telling me to get one, I won’t. A lot of the medicines advertised on TV are designed to make us believe that we are sick. You will never see a commercial that advertises wellness or broccoli. Because there’s no money in it.

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for sharing! You know, they had a reported on Dr. Oz the other day (saw this on FB) and he got a flu shot right there to dispel the myth that you could get the flu after you got the shot. And then, like 48 hours later, he was sick with the flu. LOL.

      I have a strong belief that my immune system is awesome. I very, very rarely get sick. And when I do, I needed the rest but was pushing myself too hard.

      Every. Time.

      I’d love to see a commercial for Broccoli. Maybe when I’m a billionaire I’ll start airing them. Just for kicks. πŸ˜‰

      Huge hugs,

  • Hi Melody,

    You are so right one and you gave a perfect answer (and deep) to that question. I know many people who couldn’t even live if they didn’t get the flu vaccine, for example, and I had a conversation with someone I know about that.

    What I told him is basically what you said. I told him if you really “believe” that you will get the flu without the vaccine, then you should definitely get it. Because I know that he’s the type of person would would get the dam flu without it, because that’s what he firmly believes.

    I have a totally different belief, myslef, therefore I don’t get the vaccine πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this great post.

    • Hey Sylviane,

      I’ve never got the vaccine either, but then, I have a really strong immune system, which I firmly believe in, and I don’t think that getting the flu would, frankly, be that hard for me to overcome. If I was ill or old or frail, I might feel differently. But for now, I rarely ever even get a cold any more. I caught a nasty bug a couple of weeks ago (I saw it manifest in others), and I could tell my body was dealing with something, but it never came out. I just slept a bit more and had inklings of a sore throat and pressure in my sinuses for a few seconds here and there, and that was it. Bless these fabulous immune system beliefs! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!

  • Ok I admit it – I’m disappointed. Even though I came to basically the same conclusion – that it doesn’t “really matter” what I do and that I should do what feels right (the odds of something going “wrong” with either way are not high). I agonized over vaccines when my son was born. (He’s my second child, with my daughter I just went along and did them all because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do. So she has almost all of her vaccinations).

    After a LOT of researching and soul searching we stopped vaccinating. What finally put me over the edge and gave me peace was knowing that if we decided to vaccinate at any time we could go ahead and do that. But we could NOT take them back. And it feels right, and we are all quite healthy.

    What I can’t reconcile in the reasoning that you’ve laid out is how this works for children. It doesn’t seem fair to call it their manifestation when they have very little power in the decision. Vaccines (like going to school) is not really a choice for them. I do believe the many stories of children getting vaccines and then side effects (some terrible, even death) occurring. So in LOA we are saying that they attracted that? Hard for me to wrap my mind around. Clarification would be appreciated πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Susan,

      Yes, the children are in on it, but it’s not always their resistance that attracts the side effects. I’ll be doing a post on this shortly, as it’s a difficult topic, but often, kids are in on manifestations that we would consider quite negative, to help show us where our vibration is at. So, the kids don’t have resistance, but are willing participants in our manifestations. That’s not to say it’s OUR fault (there is no blame), but that it was still all a manifestation and not due to the vaccines.

      I hope that kind of clears it up. Again, I’ll write more soon.

      Huge hugs!


  • I have yet to get the flu vaccine during flu season and have yet to get the flu. Last year my wife was at the Dr and he strongly recommended that she get it so she did. She has said to me several times she is so happy she got it because she avoided the flu last year. Ummmmm, I didn’t get the flu either and I didn’t have the vaccine. I think a lot of it is about consciously staying healthy. I keep away from places where I’m exposed to virus’s, I get plenty of sleep. But… if I was in a situation where I was likely to come in contact with sick people, I’d get an immunization.

    • Hey Dick,

      It’s quite possible that your wife didn’t get the flu because she got the flu shot – getting the shot could’ve made her feel safer and caused her to stop worrying about getting the flu, hence, not lining her up with it. For her, the shot may be very useful, while for you, it’s not necessary.

      Being around sick people could cause you to focus more on sickness, and then having a kind of “guarantee”, something you’d done that you could focus on and that would make you feel more secure about your health, would be useful.

      That’s my long winded way of saying “Right on!” πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,

  • Hi again Melody from me and the anxiety/other advice forum posters!

    I had a question, unrelated to this blog topic, (but you don’t have a forum yet) so:

    Does anyone have experience with females with Aspergers syndrom? Does anyone know how it presents in women?
    There’s some talk of association with people with anxiety being related to many conditions including Aspergers.

    I’d like to know more about it from someone with personal experience, and also from the point of view of vibrations/soul.


    • Hey Veronica,

      If I may add, Asperger’s is a developmental disorder, kind if like a milder version of autism, and people with social anxiety disorder do not display the symptoms of Asperger’s, yet those with Asp’s can display social anxiety. This is the only relation I know of. I had seen a case where the Asp’s child basically tried to tell his parents not to force him to go to parties because he could not handle the social overload, so to speak. It was just too much for him. Communication between parents and children is encouraged and facilitated. I believe in men and women it manifests the same.

      Abe says a lot on developmental disorder’s. there was a good tape on that so you can search more on YouTube.

      • Hey Kat,

        Saying that people who have anxiety don’t have Aspergers is a bit of stating the obvious but thanks anyway.

        The experts on the topic say there is a huge difference between how it manifests in men and women.

        That poor boy! Glad you could help.

        Hopefully I will be able to find someone that personally knows a female with the condition.

  • Melody,

    So awesome Melody! One thing you wrote is key to everything for me… πŸ™‚ No matter what, if you’re pushing against something, you have resistance.

    If I didn’t fight against, worry about, or beat to death negative issues in my life, I would be amazingly happy! Because doing any of these, is just focusing my attention there. So simple, yet requires practice to get better, and better, and better. πŸ˜‰

    Luckily, vaccines have never been an issue for me. I never worried that they would make things better or worse. They were just something that had to be done. After my son was born, had his vaccines, and was showing signs of having difficulties with developement, I started hearing rumors about how some vaccines could be the cause of autism. I started to wonder about it and did some research. Of course I found claims from one extreme to the other, which helped not at all. Luckily, I just stopped looking at it and caring. He had already been vaccinated, just like myself and most people I knew. In my mind, it was already done so no use worrying about it, and I had enough to worry about at that time. I didn’t need more. So I just let it go.

    Now I can look back and be very, very happy I did that! I could have made things so much worse if I had jumped into the fire and started stressing and wondering and worrying! Now, if only I had done that with so many other things in my past…hehe

    • Hey Nay,

      Thanks so much for adding your experience here. The vaccinations aren’t that important – how you feel about them is. So, your son had gotten the shots. There was nothing to be done about that. But you could’ve put yourself through hell worrying about it and would’ve lined yourself up with all kinds of horrible feeling crap. When something has already occurred, the best course of action is ALWAYS to let it go and move forward. Looking back and second guessing ourselves never serves us. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!


  • Sadly, it does matter if you vaccinate or not. Those who do not vaccinate take advantage of those who do and then say that they manifested something. These diseases actually exist, they are not a made up part of people’s minds as resistance. How people deal emotionally with getting the diseases is a choice, but getting the disease is now an issue because of people who don’t vaccinate, they cause the diseases to come back, and put us all at risk. When people do not vaccinate they parasitically take from those who do. This is both energetic and real. To say that people cause their diseases or poverty is where I draw the line listening about LOA. They choose a worse vibration? How they deal with is a choice, but having diseases or being in poverty in many places are real.

    • Hey there,

      Well, this is where we’ll have to agree to disagree. For me, we either create our own reality or we don’t. There’s no half way. So diseases are either a manifestation, or we don’t really create our own reality. And if they are a manifestation, the so are vaccines. But, if that POV doesn’t resonate, then that’s ok too. In that case, I would advise getting vaccinated, since the fear of getting the disease would otherwise be too strong.

      And I don’t disagree that the diseases and poverty are real. I just disagree on the cause, but not in a “they did it to themselves so I don’t care” kind of way. If you’re interested, read more on this blog. If not, I’m glad you stopped by.

      Huge hugs,

    • Hi there green monster,

      Wow! In a different mood I could have said the same thing. So here’s a support beacon for you! πŸ™‚
      It was also brave, as I often say something a bit different, and this community doesn’t really like it if you aren’t always a shiny puppy etc. So well done! I just say what I think too.

      Don’t worry, LOA people do tend to be a bit dismissive as long as everything is dandy in their own universe, but I have made a promise that if I get all the things LOA promises, I am not going to forget and not going to be one of those people.

      I know how maddening it is, and it does come across as selfish/disconnected.

      Can you explain the parasitic part? Is it like energy vampires?

      I couldn’t agree more on the poverty. I have a medical condition which makes proper working nigh impossible most times. I never chose a poverty vibration. I may have something that made me ill in the first place, but the poverty is result of illness.

      Thanks so much for sharing, I feel a lot more secure in my views now.

  • Hi there!

    ok, this is a tough subject. A collective manifestation of a conversation (having the substances we call vaccines as a subject). Here’s the point of view of a person with little awareness of his current vibration (and conflicting beliefs) but brave enough to form the intention to educate himself further, according to the LOA perspective, probably because he senses there is a lot more.

    My opinion on this matter is clear. I vote vaccines for the win. Not because I like the notion of infusing substances under my skin neither because I love modern science (actually I hate the idea of understanding the truth using probabilities – which I see as mixed and contradicting beliefs streching in an attempt to verify what stands still under certain circumstances). But I am operating under the conviction that I carry a lot of stuff in my vibration from my ancestors(and my environment) and I suppose that this will eventually happen to my children too. Vaccines worked well for me, so since I have no clue about how to clear my vibration and keep my offsprings healthy, I wouldn’t let them vulnerable to a resistance I know that exists and I have no answer for (and not enough courage to feel confident I will manifest one when needed). And since vaccines are supposed to be manifested at an early age (when children are supposed to experience the illusion of powerlessness and total dependance to others) I don’t know if I can expect from them to be mature enough to bypass my current inability to have access to better knowledge and choose for themselves.

    So I guess I have a belief that they should be mature enough to choose for themselves (to intellectually justify their choice) but my training says that if I let them choose according to their feeling and without proper knowledge that would make me an irresponsible father. However, if I don’t let them I will behave exactly as my parents did and that is not good. Pure madness. Teacher, leave the kids alone

    • Hey Tony,

      Well, if your fear, which you are so very aware of is greater when you don’t vaccinate, then I think it’s great that you do. You’re doing what feels best for you and your family and you’re incredibly self-aware about it. You’re like the DR poster child. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs for you!


  • I was actually pretty against the unnecessary use of medication (after working in a medical background, one does see more things that can push you to sway either side of the fence), but after reading this post I do feel rather enlightened. Thank you for your insights, Melody πŸ™‚

  • Melody,

    As always, a nice clean; clear and insightful explanation of a difficult subject. And not some bulls*#% response lifted from The Secret or any other popular LOA text.

    My position is quite simple:

    You operate from the level of your talent, skill or accomplishments.

    Some examples:

    1/ Have you demonstrated a talent for spiritual healing (for yourself and others)? If you have been repeatedly successful, if you genuinely possess this ability… then forget the vaccinations.

    2/ Are you an expert in some alternative modality such as diet or homeopathy or acupuncture? Do you have an established track record? If the answer is yes, then forget the vaccinations.

    3/ Are you a Christian Scientist or Jehovah’s Witness who has a strong, rigid aversion to modern medicine in general and vaccinations specifically but fail to demonstrate? Do you have children? Then, for God’s sake, go to the doctor and have them vaccinated. When you advance to the level of having demonstrated reliably, then you can forgo the doctor and treat them yourself.

    Anyway, that’s my take on the whole thing.

    Melody, you are one of those rare instances of someone who can communicate the various aspects of the LOA honestly and accurately. Anyone interested in the Law of Attraction should be following what you have to say.

    If you ever have the time and inclination, I’d like you to write a guest post for my blog (you would be the first).

    As always, best wishes,

    p.s. Note to Philip F. Harris:
    “What we believe is what we get” is simply not true. You already have several beliefs that contradict your reality. Your beliefs, the ones occupying your conscious mind have little or no power.

    More accurately, your reality is created by a conglomeration of undigested experiences and traumas that constitute your sub-conscious. It is through this lens (the sub-conscious mind) that your reality is constructed.

    • Hey Scott,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I really appreciate them. As soon as I have time to write some guest posts, I’ll get in touch. I have a list of invitations to address and plan to make time for several soon.

      I also like your break down. It essentially comes down to what’s true and possible in your own particular reality. Let’s all use the tools that are best for each of us, period. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody and Everybody! Hugs!

    Reading this awesome post, one sentence jumped out at me like lightbulbs flashing:

    ‘As we evolve, the highest vibrations and ideas we had access to a hundred years ago, are now our most limiting beliefs.’

    What an incredibly gentle way to envision our own lives! Your words inspire me to write a post on this topic. Will start on the post as soon as I hit the submit button…

    Thank you, thank you, Sweet Melody! More hugs for everybody!

    Mary Carol

    • Ooh Yay, Mary Carol! I can’t wait to see it. That little nugget (snuck that in there, was wondering who would notice…) was one of the biggest revelations I ever had.

      God I love it when shit just lines up. Ha.

      Huge hugs!!


  • Okay, I agree with you – but what to do when *both* sides make you nervous? What if you worry that getting it done might cause harm, but not getting it done could open the door to problems? Both options scare me because I’m reasonable and rational and listen to both sides, but no one has me “convinced” either way.

    • Hey Cheryl,

      In that case, see which side scares you less and then do your best to shift that one to a better feeling place. Or, remind yourself that it doesn’t really matter either way. You can err on the side of caution and get the vaccines (for a lot of people that’s the less scary choice and feels like you have a bit more control). there are homeopathic doctors you can go to that will get you Mercury free vaccines and the like which are supposed to be much safer. You can compromise. Find the solution that works best for you. It’s not one or the other. There’s usually a middle way that feels much better than either extreme. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,


  • Perfect timing! Thank you! i have a medical issue right now! My family just got treated for head lice ( a combo of pesticide and natural ). Apparently my son had it for like a month & we had no idea, then as soon as we found out, myself & my other child got them! I want to ensure they never return! I am doing the final 2 weeks of followup oil treatments & constant combing but i’m paranoid to the point where every little speck and itch gets me riled up! So do i just need to relax, finish out the treatment plan, & forget it never happened? It wouldnt be so hard to deal with if other “unlucky” situations hadn’t happened recently.
    Also, this may be off topic, but can someone direct me to articles on exactly what focusing and aligning means? Is it more than just visualization? I am trying to visualize but lately i have been getting the exact opposite of what i want. Every time i start to see the light at the end of the tunnel i get hit w/ the Catastrophe Train & it’s like i’m pushed back to the tunnel entrance!

      • And as for vaccines i am on the fence. I let my kids get all the ones except the flu vaccine because i feel that flu is the easiest for the body to fight off. They have to get the rest or they can’t attend school in our area.

    • Hi Denise,

      The key as I understand it is to feel the emotion you want to feel more of, rather than to focus on physical evidence. You get more of what you already feel. If you feel lack, you will manifest more lack. If you feel appreciation, you attract more and more things to appreciate. I wrote about a specific technique for this here on Melody’s blog on August 23, 2012 (in the archives).

      Good luck! Relax and enjoy!

      Mary Carol

    • Hi Denise, so you’re observing, believing and then creating more of, little irritating, uncomfortable, annoying, bothersome situations that ‘bug’ the hell out of you. It sounds like you believe you must go through long and complex processes to get rid of them too.

      If you could just let go of the whole inconvenience and frustration of it all, what would that feel like? And how could the same approach to the other ‘unlucky’ situations you mention benefit you?

      My 11 year old daughter recently attracted head lice too. She hasn’t had them in years. She is no less of a powerful Creator than any of us and so my feelings when I realised she had them, were of gratitude. I could see how, in certain areas of her life, she has been displaying an attitude of irritation and overwhelm. Her older brother is a pest to her and gives her little respite between biting remarks. She has told me how she feels that he and others, drain her power, ‘suck up my life-force’ she says. She tells me how when other children ‘feed’ off of her energy it makes her feel tired………. hmmm!

      So, how did I deal with it? Firstly, I accepted the gift it brought. Information and feedback. Then, calmly, peacefully, directly and without any drama whatsoever, no discussion, no figuring out where they came from, you know all the, ‘who infected who?’; no working out which products to use because as Melody explains above, it doesn’t matter, I just intended to have the end of it. I fully intended to have no part in the prolonging of it and I let go of any belief that I had to be part of the solution.

      Poppy had the answer already. She knew, even if she didn’t know how she knew, that by allowing and being with her fears and her emotions, she was aligning with her desired outcome. She was lice-free within a week or so. I didn’t use any products, I just combed every couple of days, very matter of factly getting rid of the evidence of her manifestation, reassuring her of her ability to create something new.

      When we understand that there are no accidents and that nothing just happens, when we accept that we create it all, in that very second of acceptance we get our power back. As soon as Poppy got her power back, she used it to create something a lot less irritating :]

      Much love and happy creating :]

    • Denise,

      So many replies for you!!! I love this blog! And of course I wish to add my 2 cents worth…

      Focus and alignment can be a little difficult to really grasp at first, and for each person it may be a bit different. But what I can give you is what I think of it. πŸ˜‰ These two are like two halves of a whole to me. WHAT YOU FOCUS ON and how you feel while focused there, determines what you align with. And focus is nothing more than what you think about. What you are getting in your life is what you have already aligned with, which will tell you where your focus has been. This is the hardest part of LOA for me. You must learn to guide your thoughts towards what you want (and you must feel good while doing this), and away from all the things that keep going wrong. And yes, that is difficult when everything is falling apart, but it is key.

      It’s sad, but our habits and training are to think, aka focus, on what’s gone wrong, what could go wrong, and what we should do to prevent things from going wrong again. But, as we are learning, this doesn’t work!!! INstead, you must look for what you want, and leave all the other stuff alone! Because when you think about all that bad stuff, you are focused there. So when something goes wrong, look at the issue, see what you don’t like about it, figure out what you do want, and then FOCUS your thoughts there; on what you DO want.

      And visualization can really help with that, as long as you are enjoying visualizing the new world you are making. First, it can just make you happy, which is the most important key to LOA. Second, when you visualize and the vision starts going crapy, you can stop and figure out what belief you have that is making that vision go crapy, and start working on changing that belief to a better one!

      And as a final note, if you really want to keep it simple instead of trying to figure out what to visualize, think thoughts that make you happy, make you smile, make you feel calm as often as possible. I suck at visualization so far, but I am getting really good at just working on what I think about, and that alone is making a huge difference in my life!

      Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Denise,

      I have nothing to add to the amazing comments that this FREAKING AWESOME COMMUNITY has left for you. Holy crap, I love you people!!!!

      Smooshy puppy hugs to all!

      Happy Shiny Melody

    • Awesome question Kat! It has me really thinking about how many things I am still pushing against instead of just letting go and looking for something better to focus on. Cheers!

    • Thanks Kat. I may one day publish my notes from that trip. They’re quite funny, if a bit on the snarky side. Only, I no longer resonate with many of the views (like when I went to the Vatican, I wrote a rather scathing passage about the Catholic church, etc.) So… maybe I have to do it all again… Yay! πŸ˜‰

      Huge hugs,


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