Awesome Dale asks: “Last year in November I resigned from a job that I was no longer enjoying. However I made the decision to leave a few months before that, but wanted to wait for what I felt was the right time to do it. However leading up to the day where I finally handed in my letter of resignation I was very stressed out about how it was going to go down. I thought it was going to end in a screaming match between me and my boss and things were going to get really ugly. I stressed about it, obsessed on it and couldn’t get it out of my mind. However when the day finally came, my boss was completely fine with it and wished me all the best. It couldn’t have gone down any better and now I’m still on friendly terms with him and my former work mates. He even offered me a position back there if my plans didn’t work out.

I guess what I’d like to know is how the Law of Attraction worked in this scenario considering I got theopposite to what I was expecting. There’ve been similar circumstances to this that have happened in my life where I’ve expected the worst and been surprised with the opposite outcome. I guess it goes without saying I’ve spent many years being a pessimist which is something I’m really trying to change.

I’d be very curious to know what your thoughts are on this.”

That’s an excellent question, Awesome Dale. Is it possible to be focused on our fears and still manifest what we want? And if so, how exactly does that work in terms of vibration?

Up until now, I’ve done my best to offer a simple explanation of how we create (or rather receive) our own reality. I’ve been telling you that if you focus in a way that feels good, you will attune yourself to the frequency of what you want and it will come into your life. I’ve also explained that if you focus in a way that doesn’t feel good, in a way that contradicts what you want, you’ll block it from coming into your life. So, how can it then be that one could focus in a way that doesn’t feel good and still get a positive outcome? Have I been lying to you?

Nope. It’s still all true. We’re just about to hit a new level of understanding. Call it LOA 102.

You’re always moving towards what you want

Think of your life journey this way: You’re on a road, your own personal road, destination Awesometown, where everything you want resides. You may think that you have to find that road, that you’re running around in the darkness, looking for the path of light and all that jazz, but really, that’s a bunch of BS. You’ve always been on your road and it’s the perfect road for you. This isn’t fate or predetermined destiny – you determine the contents of your personal Awesometown and you can change them at any time. It’s just that you’re ALWAYS on the road to your personal destination. You can’t not be.

What’s more, the road is more like one of those moving walkways. It’s always moving towards what you want. You’re constantly being pulled or guided towards the fulfillment of your desires. You can’t stop that from happening. So, by default, you are going to get what you want. I realize I’m about to lose some of you to the “Yeah Buts” here, so please bear with me.

Speed bumps

So, there you are, standing on your moving walkway to your own personal Awesometown. You can’t stop the forward movement. That motion is powered by your core desires, which you can never turn off. Stopping isn’t an option. And you can’t slam it into reverse, either, even if it sometimes feels like it. You’re always moving forward. You’re always being pulled towards what you want.

It’s just that sometimes, ok a lot of the time, you’re being pulled towards what you want kicking and screaming. You see, you can’t stop the forward momentum, but you can slow it down. And, you can make it really, really painful.

When you contradict the energy of what you want, when you focus on your fears and doubts and activate your limiting beliefs, it’s like you’re placing obstacles in your path. You keep moving forward, but now you’re hitting speed bumps. Sometimes, the obstacles are bigger – more like walls that you slam into. And if the beliefs are big enough, you might even feel like you’re stuck – you’re being pulled forward but are continuously hitting a roadblock. In that case, you’d still be moving forward, but very slowly and very, very painfully.

The battle between desire and fear

If the walkway’s forward momentum is powered by your desire, then the strength of your desire determines the walkway’s speed. In other words, the more you want something, the faster your energy or walkway is moving, and the faster you’re being pulled forward, toward receiving that desire. The stronger your resistance or limiting beliefs, the bigger the obstacles in your path.

So, how quickly you are moving towards what you want is always a product of how much you want it and how much you’re contradicting that desire. If your desire is strong, if you really, really want something, your path will be moving forward quickly and with a great deal of force. If you have just a tiny bit of doubt, you’ll bust right through those obstacles, and will barely even feel them. If you have strong desire and strong resistance, you’ll be slammed into your obstacle again and again, inching it forward bit by bit with each slam, making excruciatingly slow and painful progress. You’re still moving forward, but it’s a rough ride.

Smoothing out the ride

When you apply LOA teachings, when you deliberately start to focus in a way that feels good, you begin to shrink and remove obstacles, which makes for a much smoother ride. Instead of a torturous experience full of “negative” experiences that just seem to get in the way all the time, stuff just lines up for you. You get to manifest what you want without all the drama. Life becomes easy.

When you focus on your fears and doubts, and you stress yourself out, you raise more obstacles and you end up a beaten, bloody mess. Everything is frustrating and much harder than it needs to be. Life seems to suck.

Getting what you want even when you’re afraid

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, I can answer Awesome Dale’s question properly. How could he have manifested a great and positive outcome while being totally stressed out and experiencing so much negative emotion, a clear indicator that he had tons of obstacles?

Here’s what I think happened:

  • Dale had a strong desire for a better work environment and an amicable exit. His walkway was moving pretty quickly, so even if there were obstacles, he would’ve busted through them.
  • He was aware enough of his feelings to wait for an inspired time to quit. This indicates that he was quite aligned with what he wanted. In fact, his positive manifestation would indicate that he had done a great job lining up with his own personal Awesometown (he had smoothed out the ride and there weren’t that many obstacles).
  • The fear only presented itself when the goal was imminent, like a wall suddenly appearing on his path. With all that momentum, he slammed right into it and had a rough ride for a little while. His fear didn’t mess up his progress towards his goal, it just messed up his enjoyment of the journey.

Had Dale’s fear been bigger, he might’ve let it cloud his judgment and not wait for the inspired time to quit. He might’ve then manifested a different outcome, albeit temporarily (all manifestations are temporary).

Negative manifestations aren’t destinations. They’re obstacles

When something unwanted happens, like if Dale’s boss had turned into an asshole, we tend to think that we’ve ended up in the wrong destination. We believe that we’ve gone to Failuretown instead of Awesometown, and now we’re stuck there until we can find a way out (the elusive path we’ve been searching for…).

But there is no Failuretown. There’s only Awesometown and the path to it, which you are always on. When something unwanted manifests, you have simply created a large (sometimes really large) obstacle, which is merely a representation of a limiting belief which contradicts what you want.

In Dale’s case, if his desire was for a positive, harmonious life experience, then his fear of a screaming match represented an obstacle to that. His obstacle never grew past negative emotion, but if it had, he could’ve manifested an ugly experience (simply a bigger version of the obstacle), on the way to finally achieving a more amicable relationship with those around him. A fight with his boss wouldn’t have kept him from manifesting harmony in the future, but it would’ve shown him that he had a strong belief in animosity (i.e. that people are jerks). As it was, his belief wasn’t as big as he assumed it was. His manifestations are proof of that. He arrived in Awesometown (on this particular desire), having been shaken up a bit by a few bumps in the road, but not really worse for the wear.

You can’t get it wrong

The beauty of this metaphor is that it illustrates so perfectly that you can’t ever get it wrong. You can’t screw up your journey. You can’t miss your destination. You can’t NOT get what you want eventually. You are always moving towards happiness and your desires. There’s a natural process at work here that you can’t mess up.

But you can decide, deliberately, just how smooth the journey will be. And, you can understand that obstacles are nothing more than overgrown speed bumps, which can be removed, released and/or overcome. You can bust through your own personal walls with force, getting a bit bloody in the process, or you can gently climb over (I mostly advocate and discuss gentle obstacle releasing techniques on this blog). You can speed up your walkway by focusing on your desire, or you can slow it down, by putting your focus on something really general. When you speed up, you’ll hit obstacles with more force, which can make them more present in your life and therefore, easier to identify. When life gets overwhelming, you can slow your momentum down a bit by meditating and focusing less specifically, so obstacles appear with less force and at a slower pace.

What you can’t do is stop moving, go backwards, or lose your way. Even if you’re negatively focused, and obstacles are popping up like those inflatable clowns that you punch but which just keep bopping back up, you will get there eventually.

You should never be surprised when things work out for you. That’s your default setting – you’re always in the process of getting what you want. How long, drawn out, frustrating, painful, joyful, amazing and/or adventurous that process is, however, is entirely up to you. So, what’s it gonna be? Smooth ride or rough ride? Awesometown is waiting…

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  • Hi Melody! I like this post very much, it brings me hope. I find LOA stuff quiet complicated, this post says it clearly, you will get what you want, no matter how dark, sad or negative, sometimes you might feel, that darkness or sadness is a negative belief, it is nothing horrible or scary, it is something I have to deal with and it will be gone. It is the process to get me where I want to be. Do I understand it right? At this moment I am in a shade of a very big obstacle, it is so big all I can see is in the shade and I have no idea how to start to deal with it. It is painfull, it takes me very deep to my childhood. My desire is very strong, I know clearly what I want. And there is no other way but to get there!!! That is a bright ray of sunshine!!!

    Lots of Love


    • Hey Anya,

      I’m glad that this post was so helpful to you. 🙂 I know it can be very, very hard when we’re moving through the obstacles, especially since we’ve been taught to take the hard road. But we will all get to where we want to go. Guaranteed. And when you realize that how rough your journey is, IS a choice, it gets a whole lot easier. At least in time.

      Hang in there!!

      Huge hugs,

  • Hi again Melody,

    Can’t help but also share my point of view regarding Dale, since I’ve had last October similar fears in the ex-workplace and all turned out relatively amicabily (even if my closest co-worker at the time was having a nervous twitch for having to smile at me and not having the necessary arguments to act as the controling jerk she is :X).
    I think that what happened was, as you pointed, the negative manifestations could only have been Dale’s fears and nothing more. He was well aligned and resolved on what he wanted and those feelings were only mirrowing how uncorfortable he felt on that workplace. But the most important to him was moving on and be happy. The major focus was there, so the negative manifestations were just the worriness and so on… And he allowed himself to feel that way, because it was the last push before moving on and it made sense, due to the negative momentum that the workplace had built inside him.

    Okay, I think I digressed a bit and mixed my own story and feelings! Hope it’s okay 😛

    Hugs! Kisses!

  • This is a very inspiring article. I actually read an article in which study shows that a person becomes productive when stressed out. But I don’t like the idea of this. I hate getting stressed.

    • Hey Sarah,

      You can find a study to prove or disprove anything. True story.
      Some people thrive on stress and will become more productive. Others get shut down by stress. Also, there are different kinds of stress and different levels within each kind.

      Find what works for you and do that. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Amazing. I went through a situation exactly like Dale’s when a particular job I had back in 2004 became very stressful because of my home situation – my Mom was going through tough health issues and my presence was needed more and more, at home. I drove myself and my folks nuts for almost a year (yeah I know – disgusting) before I finally experienced the final straw in my mind and decided to tell them I am quitting. Oh man, I was ready with all sorts of responses to any question they might ask. And finally, when the D day arrived, I told them…and I swear I wanted to cry at the kindness they showed. And…they also asked if I would like to continue working from home for their company with a different profile. You could have knocked me down without a feather! Thus began a pleasanter phase of work with the same people (I liked them a lot) and lasted for another year.

    The best part of my decision to quit was I was able to explore more career options and transitioned happily and very smoothly into writing. This experience was one heckuva happy shiny puppy moment for me.

    There is a moral to this story, right? 😀


    P.S. I love the “Most obstacles can be overcome by the appropriate use of explosives”….I first read that as expletives…then realized it was explosives. 🙂

    • LOL Vidya! I love it. Obstacles can be overcome with the appropriate amount of expletives. That would’ve been even funnier!!

      Thanks for sharing your own, perfect experience here.

      You rock as always.

      Smooshy puppy hugs,


  • Hi Melody! 😀

    I just want to ask a question which I’m sure will be of value to your readers. It’s about the unconscious or subconscious mind from Abe’s perspective.

    I’m kinda getting what Abe is saying when they talk about the subconscious but what I’m not getting is…

    If they don’t believe in the subconscious or unconscious, why do they say in the books “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” and “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” that Esther receives Abraham’s message on an unconscious level?

    What is this all about? Please advice.


  • The whole article was fantastic (what a unique question, but something we’ve all experienced) but I LOVE the last section: “You can’t screw up your journey.” Can’t you just feel the truth and power in that statement? I want to tattoo that on the inside of my eyelids (not sure how that would work…).

    P.S. haha, I just saw that the comment above mine also mentioned getting one of your quotes tattooed. Maybe a new revenue stream for you? 🙂

    • LOL Andrew! I’d love it! We could have bullshit fairy tattoos! Ha ha ha.

      You know you’ve made it when people are tattooing your stuff on their bodies. Or, you know your readers are crazy. I prefer the first explanation, lol. 😀

      Huge hugs!!


  • “Negative manifestations aren’t destinations. They’re obstacles”

    I just fell in love with that phrase. It helps me explain to my self (hope that makes some sense!) everything I have not been really capable of understand and deal with in a positive manner.
    And yes I am one of those people that is ALWAYS shocked when awesome things happen to them jeje =P

    P.S. Tempted to actually get that tattoed somewhere!!

  • I have also been beating up on myself for a couple of weeks about how I will create a new inspiring work environment.I cannot resonate with my colleagues now I can feel it deeply because I don’t focus on negative things,on how stupid a student is(?) and I don’t participate in gossip.So sometimes I get lonely or stress out like crazy.And I am waiting for the summer for the right time to quit just like Dale.I feel that I cannot leave my students half way as they’re preparing for an important exam.Anyway this post is just for me as always 🙂 And I will not hurry and focus on more general topics from now on.Thank you Melody and everyone who participates.I love you guys ! :):)

    • Thanks Aylin! Also, practice your feel good vision (a working environment the way you want it) when you’re NOT at school. It’s a lot easier to find your happy place when you’re not being triggered…

      Huge hugs!!


  • Hey Melody!

    3 or 4 nights ago, I was laying in bed and I had the realization that even though I had been a very unhappy person for so long, I had certainly manifested a lot of good things into my life. But at the same time, I was wondering ‘how’ I could have been so unhappy yet manifest so much?!!!

    And BAM! here you have a blog about it with such a clear and obvious answer. I have accepted and completely embraced that I can’t get it wrong, but this just shows how I wasn’t ever getting it wrong, even when I thought it was all wrong. I was just finding every road block, wall and bump that I could possibly put in front of me!!! 😆

    Truly great post!!! Thank you!

    • I’ve been watching a lot of Esther, Melodys’ inspiration in so many ways; no coincidence there.
      Esther is talking about how you basically create what you want by complaining, and that after hearing that it feels like it doesn’t really matter if you “think positive” or complain, it all goes into
      “vibrational escrow” anyway. It’s the same way of asking for what you want.

      It even went as far as saying forcing yourself to think positively goes against your current if it takes effort.

      Both ways create the end result, so even “negative” people aren’t doing it wrong, in fact they could be doing it “better” in many ways as the powerful feeling of pain creates a larger “rocket of desire”

      Then when they find a way on the escalator, they reach destination and treasure trove regardless.

  • Hi Melody,

    I got a laugh from the image of the person on conveyor belt. As if it were as easy as standing on one, and the person stands there yelling: “please don’t make me happy! Dear god not the happiness! Nooooooooo! Please!”

    Without knowing this ties into the education system re-haul blog.

    You see the universe needs systems re-haul. If it hasn’t noticed by now, the kicking, screaming people have the following:

    -learning difficulties
    -a different perspective
    -a different way of learning
    -mental illness

    So it tries to fit us all into the cookie-cutter. Be happy shiny puppy and your desires will come to you. You are holding yourself back; your pain is your own fault. You fail LOA School.

    But how many times have I said the same thing and you said the same answer?

    CLEARLY there is either:

    -dunce student i.e. me who just wakes up depressed and in physical agony before even having a chance to think something good
    In this case in the school of life I obviously have a handicap. I don’t get it. I never will. Not like this.

    And in many ways this is the system and cruelty. You have an idiot. You can’t force them to be smart like all the happy people. You tell them answers they don’t get it.

    There’s no way in the world to put brains into statues. If Alice doesn’t get it she doesn’t get it.

    Now I have a valid excuse of being a LOA dunce poopy head. That’s like getting someone to try reading a foreign language or school subject they just don’t get. Then the teacher explains it using the same methods again and again and again and the poor student gets more and more frustrated and unhappy not grasping the concept.

    Newsflash! Teacher, maybe they need a different learning method???

    But the universe has zero excuse. It’s much smarter and wiser than me. So in it’s infinite intelligence and compassion the QUESTION is why doesn’t it try to work the system around said dunce student? Make it obvious & spell it out. Put it right in front of my face, or better yet do it for me. It can do anything right? What do we do for “slow” kids in real school?

    There’s so much enthusiasm around children with different learning styles at school, but none for me and my learning difficulty in LOA.

    Maybe this is not how I learn. Maybe I need assistance or further help. A spiritual wheel chair or bandage.

    • LOL!!! I can just picture this in a Universe teachers meeting:

      “Have we considered the possibility that Alice is simply a moron?” *they quietly stroke their beards, and nod.

      • Hi Alice,

        I feel just like you. I think at least. It just doesn’t work for me. Everyone seems to be better than me. I am so weak right now it, hopeless human beeing. Things around me just get worse and worse no matter what I do, how hard I try. I feel stupid, depressed and worthlesd. I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one…hope it will make you feel a bit better.

        Lots of love


        • Hey Alice, it is Anya again. I was just thinking. Maybe it isn’t wrong how we feel and maybe it actually doesn’t matter. We will get there anyway. We are ok, it is ok to feel “bad”. I will just let it flow, cause this is me now. The thing is that it really annoys me that I have to push myself to feel better, think better thoughts, lie to myself that stuf which sucks is awesome. It is not, it sucks! Maybe it is not time for me to reach higher. I guess that time will come. Now I have got this and I am not forcing anything anymore.

          • Yes the denial process is very painful. I find that here when encouraged to speak like this or that. It’s like asking to rip my heart out.

            But I “suffer” from being so stubborn and strong that I just won’t go somewhere else. I feel I have a very valuable point, and there are so many lost souls looking at LOA, their lives might even be at risk. I’m going to make sure those people are OK.

        • Hi Anya,

          It doesn’t make me feel any better to hear of someone else upset. It does make me feel better that someone else had the courage to admit this (LOA) always the best way to teach people.
          You are certainly not worthless.

          I love this blog very much, and admire Melody Fletcher. However, I battle with some of the attitudes here, and don’t think there is a real understanding of clinical depression or medical illness.
          There are blogs addressing one at a time, but none addressing all, and many people have multiple problems at once. It’s broken down one issue at a time, and even then serious depression just isn’t covered. You have people that feel they understand depression and it’s cure based on small moments of sadness.
          It’s just not taken seriously, and if you struggle then there’s a polite implication you just didn’t read the material properly. Or that your problems are the same as anyone else and a generic approach will work for you.

          What I feel is frustrated. I don’t feel weak, nor do I feel anyone is better than me. If you feel this way, or someone is implying you are inferior in any way, that is not something you have to be polite about.

          I feel you really need to stand up. Doesn’t it bother you to feel weak, or have feelings that others are better than you?

          Doesn’t it make you feel annoyed that there are people that just don’t respect the feelings you have?

          What about you? Imagine them cheering and patting themselves on the back for their success, as you have none. Imagine them thinking you are just too dumb to have success. Imagine whatever you like along those lines.
          Imagine them thinking you are inferior.
          They are all standing around in this big LOA party claiming that every good thing is a result of their fantastic efforts, and intelligence and enlightenment. You can include monocles if it helps. 😉
          They are just boasting and boasting and really just being so haughty and …and now you feel mad! In fact you weren’t even invited to the party. Not because you are worthless, but because the people in this image are rude.
          Tweak it until it pulls your anger triggers.

          Now let that image make you mad. Feel angry! It’s a better feeling than sadness.

          You are strong!

          I hope that helps.

          If you look into the case of Karen Shelton, a woman who killed herself after spending two years in LOA forums trying to feel better… That’s only one case we know about.

          LOA is one tool, but there are so many others, and as this is a “positive” sphere, you most likely won’t get real help on real issues. In fact death is seen as a good thing.

          I get a boost from some posts here, but also some frustration. In that case I leave for more solid help; I recommend you do the same.

          I’ll try my best to be here for you, or anyone else looking for help.

          • Hey Alice,

            Thanks for your reply. I actually read an article about Karen. She is not the only one. I couldn’t believe how they have tried to wipe her out of Abraham’s blog! So disturbing. I think that there is a lot more people who feel like I do, thay are just trying to push it away, as it is “bad” to be negative. I don’t care. All that LOA stuff has changed me in a way that I don’t like. I feel angry and lost. And if someone will tell me that I have attracted that I will virtually punch him! LOA messes around with emotions and feelings. It does give hope, yes, which is empowering, but to say that we can have whatever we want, is way too much. Some things are in God’s will. I am leaving it to Him to decide. Period. I am out if this craziness. If LOA is natural like gravity, than I am leaving it to Nature. And I think that I was proud to think that I can have whatever I want, that is wrong. We don’t know everything for a reason. I do think beeing positive is good, but that is nothing new, I knew it before LOA and the Secret etc. Good luck Alice, stay strong and don’t let anyone to take over your life.

            Lots of love


          • Thank you so much. I was just having the same thoughts. Food for thought!

            There’s a lot of victim blaming going on in LOA. And I’ve never seen long-term results from it; or recovery from depression happening with people that had depression for the clinical 2-6 month period, when the synapses are already programmed.
            People in the secret forums too will get acute sadness for a few days or a week, recover and congratulate the LOA. Many of them are in good health, already had good things in their past they can look at and just get back to what they once had.
            Rhonda Byrne is a fantastic example as her life goes badly BUT there’s the fact they don’t make a big deal of: It was good before going bad! She has a point of reference!

            There are some people that never experienced this, so have nothing to look forward to, nothing to base anything from. They weren’t managers or athletes before getting depression or ill. This point is extremely important. There is nothing for them to remember. LOA is often reminding people what they already knew, and did before and can do again.

            All the evidence of LOA for example the famous Rhonda Byrne and her “life collapse” is based on a woman who was once a television executive!!!!!! It’s not the story of a single mum with ignorance of success, hell she knows what she is doing.
            I do believe she went through grief at loss of family members, but it’s not really an amazing recovery as she was a television executive. She has all the contacts and know-how to create a production. It’s really not that impressive.
            It’s like being impressed by any of these gurus that have a background in NLP, management etc… What LOA?
            Even Jerry and Esther were in the entertainment and sales industry before LOA. To borrow a comment I saw on a website:
            “Have you ever noticed how these gurus who are teaching you how to get your dreams only achieve theirs through teaching you? It’s seems a little absurd doesn’t it?”

            I want to see unemployed, ill, long-term sad people with ZERO previous success try using LOA. I’ve never seen this happen. Ever. I really want to see that. That’s my “rocket of desire” show-me-that.

            I have some legitimate concerns about this whole thing, and often wonder if I’m helping along a wave that supports mental illness & consumerism.
            There’s a tug of war of morals going on.

            It also led to what my LOA “blocks” are or to use the terminology “limiting beliefs”
            Is that LOA is all about re-training the thoughts and emotions. My thoughts and emotions? Hold up! Doesn’t this remind one of re-conditioning? Isn’t that a little invasive.
            You need to take a giant leap of faith that this will work, this won’t make you a delusional and that it will work.
            If it doesn’t work, you have a whole new way of thinking as you have indoctrinated yourself into the materials.

            There’s a lot to be gained from some harmless, positive materials, but just got to make personal choice about what is harmless and “nothing to lose”
            and what is setting one self up for false hopes and huge depression when none of it works.

            It also made me re-think community:
            What is a community when we shut people out who are in need, because empathy is no good and they are negative?

            I also feel the discord (not a LOA term, it can be psychological or spiritual) you mention of people pretending they are going well in order to “attract” this version of that here.
            I put all myself on the table, it can be deemed as ugly etc, but damn it–I’m honest, and real!

            Denying any of my very real pain I feel is excruciating. But that encouraged to tell “a new story” and focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

            The result of following that advice tears me apart! I literally feel the pull. Right now my heart aches.

            BTW I’ve also become dismayed with psychology, as I realize that’s mostly made up as well, and has such a negative focus most of the time–another form of imbalance.

            I’m not sure what the conclusion of all this is, but I’ve put passion here, and truly hope we find a way to happiness.

          • Totally agree with you! And you know what funny is. People say that LOA always works, everyday, every minute and than you get a post which says: Yupeeeee! This stuff really works! What a bunch of crap! And what the hell is that Abraham thing, so delusional! And how so many people believed in it? HOW! Honestly…the most annoying thing about all this was that I was always feeling bloody bad because I was doing everything wrong, LOA didn’t work for me so who is to blame. How convinient! BLS!!! Why is all this stuff so complicated? I will tell you why. Because no one really understand it and you have to believe to make it work, when you don’t understand something than you make mistakes, so…it is your foult. Ha ha ha!!! Very convinient!!! Gravity is not complicated it just is everyone knows about it cause is simple!

          • And sorry about my spelling and language mistakes…I am Polish. You write so amazingly I sometimes don’t understand.

          • Dear Anya,

            Thank you so much for saying that I write well!

            It’s good to have this support here.

            I only speak English. I am impressed with people that are fluent in more than one language. I’m sure if I were to attempt to learn Polish, I would really struggle with that.

            The email notifications about the “This stuff really works” was also the last straw for me.
            The amount of people writing in again and again with depression, and situations there were no answers for.
            LOA is said to work, conveniently when there’s a simple situation, where one person puts in a lot of effort on their own, and gives their personal power away to LOA and it’s teachers. People need to take credit for their own life changes & good fortune.

            There’s also a lot of common sense behind it. If you have skills and previous experience in a certain area, it makes sense that once you get your confidence back you will resume working in that area and do well.
            A lot is self-confidence, and previous education and training.

            The magic would be someone with no experience, education or training doing the same thing, in a rapid amount of time.
            (persistence pays off naturally)
            The teachers have high intellects, business training and very reason in the book to succeed. LOA played no part in it.

            When things go well: “Thank you LOA, I am so grateful and happy”

            When things go bad: “I must have some resistance going on, where did I go wrong, let’s look at the process again…resistance, trying to hard, not focusing enough, giving too much focus…”

            The amount of contradictions does my head in.

            If a LOA teacher is (this applies to many, including famous life-coaches etc):
            -good looking
            -university educated
            -strong work experience and business training
            -knowledge in psychology, human nature, and years of experience in various fields
            -overcome adversity, giving them keen insight into the needs of clients & builds perception and intuitive qualities.
            -owned their own companies and have sales/marketing training
            -leadership skills in previous management or executive positions

            That is not LOA, and I can’t believe I did not notice the most obvious factor before. The coaches are very polished people, highly intelligent, educated and experienced.
            They have all the conventional ingredients for success. And I looked up to them all thinking it was magic.

            All the “magic” is in acquiring good jobs or things they studied for anyway.
            This really hurts the little child in me that was attracted to LOA in the first place. It seemed so inspired and creative.
            Instead a community of people making money, manifesting material goods, and success.
            Success someone with a low I.Q. or other impairment could never have. There’s no lessons or karma, but when it comes to that, well they are here for a “different perspective”

            Telling us “LOA made me successful, and any layman can be just as successful with this magic tool…”

            We don’t need to work hard or exercise. But “LOA” will inspire us to choose the right things, eat the right foods and exercise anyway. LOA will take us to the doctor, or the business course we need for success.

            If failing that course, it “wasn’t the right path” or we weren’t a match. Something else was a match.

            “We can have, be or do anything.”

            Well I actually want a magic ring. I wanted one since I was eight years old. There are many powers inside this ring. I also would like to fly.

            I want to shapeshift and be a child in body and face (not just at heart) when I want to. I want to stop aging.

            I want superpowers. I want to bring back certain dead people and animals.

            Let’s see LOA work in bringing real magic to life. Not LOA “within reason”
            get a good job, sit in a white room, and eat muffins.

          • Hi Alice!

            Happy Valentines Day 🙂

            The thing is, there is no magic, things don’t magically just happen. I do think that if we want something that desire drives us to it. I believe that if I put work and effort into something I have a chance to get it, but it is not certain. It is not that I will have it no matter what. An example; I want a better job, right, I make a decusion to quit my current job, look for a new one. In all that process there is a lot of information coming through, people tell me I should be careful, market situation, bla bla bla stuff which will put me down. If I will stay strong, if I will be consistent, I will find a new job, better one, as my point if view has changed, I am happier with myself. Where is LOA in that? That is me doing it. LOA is not a magic tool. And to say that we can have whatever we want is a promise which fools people into trap. I became vain and angry, I started to think that it is my right to get what I want. I had no respect to God and life itself. Life is a gift from God, I am here to live it the best I can. My dreams I leave to God.

            Lots of love Alice, thanks for your help! You are great!


    • Alice,
      There are no *happy shiny puppies* in this response so you may appreciate it.

      The fact that you want to understand is a good thing. It’s unfortunate your mind rushes in with all of your resistance to convince you otherwise, to convince you LOA doesn’t work for sick/depressed/poor/etc. people, but if you step back for a moment, before your mind rushes in with all of the reasons that this just doesn’t apply to you, or won’t work or whatever, I think there is real opportunity there.

      Is this the only LOA blog you read or material you research? If so, expand! There is a lot of information out there and while I think Melody’s blog is the best (especially for me), you never know what teaching may help something click for you. Then a post or explanation of Melody’s will suddenly be crystal clear to you.

      If you are well versed in LOA from several sources then I have another suggestion born of personal experience. One time (of many) I’d misplaced my keys. I was sure they were in the living room so I tore the place up- couch, cushions, everything. Couldn’t find them. I slowed down, calmed down, pictured them on the couch and looked again- they weren’t there. Eventually I just said ‘eff it’ and went to my bedroom to watch some t.v.- I’d continue the search later. While watching t.v. I was reminded of something on my dining room table. I went to retrieve it and- you know what’s coming- there were my keys.

      The point of this story is that I could’ve searched my living room angrily, or happily. I could’ve searched in the most meticulous, excellent, focused, brilliant way possible, and I never would’ve found my keys. They simply weren’t there. I couldn’t find my keys until I opened myself to the possibility that they were not in the place I was originally looking. I didn’t do that deliberately, as you can tell from the story. I did it ‘accidentally’ by forgetting about them completely for a while, and my general, subconscious intention- finding my keys- took over and led me to them once I stopped thinking I already knew every damn thing.

      My advice? Aside from additional LOA learning, find something that brings you pleasure. Not ‘makes you happy’ if that is too big, but something that brings you pleasure. And do it as often as you can. That will put you in a better mood, in a better frame of mind. Once you aren’t frantically searching, convinced that either you or the Universe is wrong, or that the whole thing is a sham, I believe that your general, subconscious intention (to understand LOA and benefit from it) will find you.

      Now it could be that you find pleasure in constantly playing devil’s advocate. You may, it may bring you relief to do something that you know for sure you can do. But I propose that there is more pleasure to be had than that. By everyone, including you 🙂

    • Hi Alice,

      Here’s the thing: it’s not about intelligence. You can’t get this intellectually. It’s emotional. You have to be willing to feel it, rather than just understand it. It’s a mistake than many intelligent people make. They overthink this stuff, and can’t believe that it could be so simple.

      The Universe is always teaching you perfectly. Even now, your pain is your own, personal teacher. It is catering to you, you just don’t see it at the moment. You will. The time will come when it all makes sense to you.

      Also, understand that you don’t have to get the explanations I offer here in order to be happy. This is one way out of MANY. If this particular path isn’t helpful, there are others. Explore them. Use your intuition and pay attention to how different things feels. If something gets your attention, read it or watch it.

      I know it sucks when you are attracted to stuff but don’t get a full answer from anything. I’ve been there. Keep it up. No matter how much resistance you have, you’ll get your clarity eventually.

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody, I get confused a little bit with this. If I always get what I want and desire. Does that include my desire of getting back with an ex partner? How does this differ? it has been my desire but it has not manifest yet. It is confusing because I have read you cannot control people. But you always get your desires. what if that is my desire and she hasnt come along? is her behavior or lack of my fault? is it possible to manifest het back in my life after years? Thanks, anyone feel free to give me your opinions.

  • I’d like to give a shout-out to the Universe and Guru Melody. I am so EXTREMELY thankful for this blog. Anytime I need a vibration lift, I come here. You have done a great service to me in my life, and I just wanted to say thank you. 🙂

  • WooW great interview . Thanck you very much for sharing this incredible post .Good luck on your next posts .You are amazing .Bye Bye !!!

  • Thanks again for the great insight! This was another one that puzzled me. But here’s a stumper: so what happens if you know you want to leave Failuretown (or Lifesucksville), but you’ve never visited Awesometown so you have nothing to compare it to & are unable to imagine living there? What i’m getting at is, i am trying to focus on an easy road & a life with no problems (big or small), but i *suddenly* realized that, my whole life has been a series of struggles, even since i was a child. Any periods of calm fall between catastrophies. I often find myself thinking “why did i choose this?!”. I am at the point in my life where inam just TIRED. I used to come thru my challenges w/ flying colors & some even admire me for it. But it’s to the point where there’s almost nothing left. Every time i try to focus on being happy, it’s like the match goes out. Because maybe i have never known true happiness in this lifetime?

    • Hey Denise,

      If you’re in Failuretown, you can’t focus on happiness. You have to focus on the next step in the road. You find that by paying attention to how you feel and always choosing the better feeling option in every situation. Just look for the better feeling option. That might not feel happy yet, but it will feel like relief. Choose that option. Then, do it again. And again. Each time you do, you’ll get a little bit closer to Awesometown.

      Work your way there incrementally, one decision at a time. You’ll get there. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • I feel energized just reading this awesome description. i have a strong desire for something and the way i feel, i believe i have obstacles that i’m slamming into at great speed. And still i feel i’m a long way from my desire. I may be in touch for coaching sooner rather than later. This piece of writing by you today has resonated strongly with me.
    many thanks. Shaun

  • I listened to the interview and loved it! The one line that stuck out to me (the most)was: “I’m very annoying to negative people…” I could not agree more! I actually have to hold back so much when I notice someone is struggling with something and I say something to them trying to show a different perspective and perhaps the positive side and they look at me like they want to stab me 🙂 Glad I’m not alone, just wish I wasn’t seen as annoying.


    • LOL Marjorie,

      Nothing worse than trying to complain to someone who just won’t play along, is there? Not everyone is ready to stop complaining, and I don’t need to convince them of it, but I don’t need to sit around and listen to them do it. Unless they’re funny about it. Then, I might stay for a while, lol.

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    Quick note: For those of you who know me as Mary Carol Moran, I’m also Carole Remy in my fiction writing life. So I thought I’d post as Carole for awhile. It’s still me!

    This is a great post, Melody! It easy to lose sight of the way sometimes, and your reassurance that no matter what, we ARE on the path is comforting! Seeing obstacles as signposts for what we still need to clear away makes them less threatening, maybe even helpful guidance. Thank you!

    Huge hugs,


  • Woo hoo! LOA 102! Love it.

    You totally need to make an LOA video game (phone app would be cool). Example level: the player moves down their movable walkway with universal pull in an effort to get to their desired checkpoint as fast as they can. To do that, they have to overcome & defeat their limiting beliefs along the way. They can up their vibration level by answering LOA questions right & collecting positive energy which lowers their obstacles & belief difficulty. Let’s do it!

  • Hi Melody 🙂

    Good one! I actually answered this question from a co-member of a forum. He said that law of attraction was invalid because he had a friend who complains a lot but makes a lot of money.

    I said to him that he doesn’t know what’s going on in his friend’s vibration. A person can be outwardly negative but deep inside, his dominant (subconscious) beliefs are that of pure optimism and confidence of his ability to succeed and make money. It’s all about the dominant vibration.

    And he went, “Really?? Even if he’s a negative person, he can attract success as long as his beliefs (dominant) are positive?”

    Lol. 😀

    • Good job Fonzy. Of course you can be negative and attract money. It’s not all or nothing. We can be aligned in one area of our lives, and not aligned in many others. And we don’t have to be happy to manifest, we just have to be happy to manifest what we REALLY want. We can manifest money and be miserable, because money isn’t actually a manifestation of what we really wanted. We just thought it was. Often, what we really want is love, or freedom, for example.

      Great stuff!

      Huge hugs,


  • I have a phobic fear of getting pregnant, and even saying the word makes me feel uncomfortable. Any time i see, or hear anything at all to do witht he matter it makes me extremely uncomfortable, And im really worried about my fear of it attracting it to my LOA wise. I try focusing on being sterile, but it still worries me a bit. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Alex,

      Instead of focusing on what you DON’T want (being sterile = NOT wanting babies), focus on what you DO want. For example, freedom, flexibility, to feel safe, to feel independent, to go out with friends or your lover any time you like, being spontaneous, etc. Think of why you don’t want kids, then think of the opposite of that and focus on it – what you really want. That will not only feel a lot better, but will start lining you up with awesome manifestations, to boot.

      Good luck, and huge hugs,


  • Wow!! Thank you Melody…this posting takes LOA to a whole new level! Feeling excited, now to go back and read it just a couple more times 🙂

  • Wow, Mel! (let me know if you don’t like being called that, heehee)

    I sent you a note earlier today (member page) that may be linked to this post…I’m going to re-read it cuz this one’s just bursting with information that I’ve been seeking! Woohoo, doing my mental happy dance right now 🙂

    Thank you, love you!

    • Hey Marjorie,

      I don’t mind Mel. “Melanie” kind of gets on my nerves… 😉

      Glad you liked the post! I answered your private comment earlier today, so hopefully, between that and the post, we’re all covered. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


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