Awesome Brittany asks: “I’ve never told anyone this because it’s kind of weird, but you seem like the perfect person to share it with. I was in the bookstore a couple of years ago and as I picked up The Law of Attraction my fingers began thumping the cover- like crazy style. I freaked out a little bit but I sat down with the book and started to read it. They kept right on tapping and thumping on the book but it wasn’t like they were pointing to anything in particular on the page. I was looking over my shoulder because I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy so I just bought the book and headed home. I went home and meditated for the first time and it was amazing – like I was floating (but clearly I wasn’t).

Anyway, my fingers calmed down a bit while doing that but afterwards they started to spaz out again. After convincing myself that I wasn’t crazy and that this wasn’t the beginning of some sort of nerve disorder, I got on my laptop just to see if anything would come of it. My fingers were typing at an incredible speed (and I’m a super slow typer) but nothing made sense. It was just a bunch of random letters repeating themselves. My fingers kept doing the tapping thing for a few weeks and then sporadically every once in a while (and they never made any sense while typing), but it eventually stopped (probably because I didn’t ever consciously put LOA to use at the time, LOL)…

Anyway, fast forward to last week. I bought the book Ask and It Is Given. I took it home and began reading and they started tapping again. Sorry for the long question, but do you have any clue what is going on with me?!”

Awesome Brittany is talking about “involuntary” hand or body movements that come on during meditation or reading/focusing on something that raises your vibration. It’s much more common than you might think, and it’s nothing to be worried about. Quite the contrary, actually.

It’s not really “involuntary”

The reason I put the word involuntary in quotes is because nothing about this is happening without your permission. While you may not have made the conscious decision to tap your fingers or move your head or hands, etc., there is a willingness on your part and even a strong desire to have this experience (or what it will lead to). Before I explain that further, however, I want to make one other very important point. When people first begin to experience these kinds of physical movements, they tend to freak out a bit. But here’s the thing: You can stop the movement any time you like. It may come on by itself, but if you really want to, you can shut it down. What you’ll often find, though, is that you won’t want to. It may feel strange, but it also feels really good. But if the part of your brain that’s shouting “Neurological disorder!” becomes a bit too overbearing, show yourself that you can stop the movement just by wanting to.

We’re always receiving

If you’ve read my free e-book 7 Steps of Manifestation, you’ll understand that we, in our human form, are basically transceivers of energy. We perceive energy and translate it in various ways. We transmit energy as well, but this post will deal more with the receiving part. The world around us is really nothing more than energy. When you see a tree, you’re not really seeing a tree. Your eyes are perceiving a bunch of energy and your brain translates what has been perceived as a tree. When you hear a bird sing, your ears perceive sound waves and your brain translates them into song. Mess with the brain a bit and that same tree can turn into a smell. It’s not that the tree isn’t real, it is, or we couldn’t perceive it, it’s that it’s not as solid as we think it is.

So, we perceive energy with our five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. That much we generally all agree on. But what we tend to forget is that we also perceive energy in other ways. Our entire body perceives energy (in fact, our skin is loaded with tiny receptors), that isn’t translated into those five senses. Information is constantly streaming to and from our bodies, and much of it isn’t translatable in a physical sense, but our brains will try to make sense of all this information in a way that we can accept. The more open we are to experiencing energy in ways other than what our five sense can detect, the easier this process becomes. We can gain the ability to perceive much subtler vibrations, which may translate into “knowing”, “understanding”, or “clarity”. The less open (and by open, I mean willing to accept as valid) we are to perceiving non-physical energy, the more our brains are limited to translating the information we receive through the physical.

Basically, we’re always receiving information. How much of it we perceive and how much of that we understand is up to our willingness and ability to translate it into something we can accept.

What these movements actually are

So, when we access a higher level of vibration through meditation or some other means, we are literally accessing a higher energy frequency. And now, we have to try and translate it, only, since we’ve never done so, it may take us some time to learn the language, so to speak. If we’re new to this game of non-physical energy, or if something really needs to get our attention (more on that in a second), we may well begin to translate that energy into a much less subtle, more physical form. We translate the energy into electrical impulses to which our muscles can respond. And that creates movement.

While these movements often go away after a while, as we get used to the new frequency and learn to translate it into thoughts and ideas (which are more subtle and less obvious), those of us who are teachers (and who isn’t, these days?), will always strive to translate much of what we receive into spoken or written words, so that others can benefit from the information, as well. In that case, the movements don’t leave us, they become more refined. Nonsensical typing turns into actual words, head bobbing turns into speech, random arm movements can turn into dance, etc.

Twitch, the messenger

Involuntary movements can also be a way for the LOA (or really, our higher selves) to get our attention. For example, if there’s something we really want (like to understand how the Universe works), but we don’t yet fully trust our intuition, we may miss the subtle impulse we receive to go and buy a certain book. If, however, our fingers start tapping like crazy the second we touch that book, well, we’ll tend to pay more attention to that. It’s a sign that this book contains answers to some of our questions – it’s a manifestation that will lead us further down the path to what we want.

My experience

Although I’d had the odd twitching thumb or toe here and there over the years, the first time I experienced obvious “involuntary” movement was in a shamanic ceremony. I was lying down, and was very tired, but wanted to dance to the music that was playing. My arms rose up and began to weave back and forth in a beautiful, fluid twisting and turning dance. It was a little bit like the elegant dances that Indians perform. And it felt awesome. It was as if the music was moving me and I gladly let it happen, mesmerized by the feeling, and by the fact that even after an hour of raising my arms into the air from a lying down position, my arms didn’t feel the least bit tired. In fact, I wasn’t really aware of my muscles, and incidentally, had no soreness the next day.

Some time later (a few months, I think), I was in deep meditation one evening, and I “woke up” to find my right hand weaving back and forth in the air, making the infinity sign over and over again. Again, I let it happen, watching my hand as if it were separate from me and had taken on a mind of its own. It felt good and as I focused on it, the movements became bigger. I experimented a bit with this over the next few evenings and found that I could allow both hands and arms to dance either independently, or in perfect synchronicity. I also realized that if I deliberately revved up my vibration, my hand and arm movements got bigger, bolder and often faster. What’s more, when I focused on some resistant subject within me (a subject that triggered thoughts that didn’t feel good), my hands came to an abrupt stop, as though they’d actually hit an obstacle. When I returned to that subject the next night, after having cleared the resistance, my hand movements remained fluid.

It’s nothing to be afraid of

Translating energy with our physical bodies is nothing to be afraid of. Dancers do it all the time. In fact, we all do it all the time. When you walk down the street, you do so because your brain sends an electrical impulse to your muscles. The act is a physical manifestation of a non-physical impulse – the decision to walk. So, when your fingers start to tap, or your hand or foot starts to move a bit, you’re not necessarily spazzing out. Movement caused by accessing a higher vibration (as opposed to movement caused by resistance, which could then turn into a neurological disorder):

  • Feels good. You might be a bit freaked out at first, but the movement itself feels good. You have this knowing that it’s ok
  • Doesn’t hurt. If you’re experiencing pain, it’s a manifestation of resistance
  • Is generally fluid and smooth or becomes fluid after a short while. If you’re jerking around awkwardly, it’s probably resistance
  • Generally happens when you are accessing a higher vibration, NOT when you’re upset
  • Progresses and evolves if you allow it to
  • Can be stopped at will

Disclaimer: I’m no medical professional and none of the above is intended as medical advice. Duh.

Translating energy into physical movement can be a beautiful experience. Don’t push it, or try to control it, but allow it to happen. Your brain will find a way to let it all make sense to you, if you let it. There’s either a message there for you (pay attention!), or you’re simply accessing a frequency which is higher than what you’ve accessed before and your body is translating it in any way it can. Allow it to and the translation will evolve. Remember, we’re always receiving. Maybe it’s time to start really listening. 🙂

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  • This thread is so helpful! I’ve recently delved in to LOA after realizing I’ve been doing it for years and rather incorrectly I’m sorry to say — BUT it’s those unpleasant situations I brought into my life that helped me have an “Aha!!” moment with myself and get my $hit together! So with all that said, in my newbie phase of visualization/meditation; the more I do it, the more aware I am of literal power surges throughout my body. They feel good from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet….a literal wavy, warm surge of power rolls through me. I also have noticed (three weeks into this now) of the shift in my intuition and positive dispositions of those around me. I LOVE it. It scared the heck out of me at first to experience something physical like that! Once something like that happens though, it’s nearly impossible to doubt yourself.

  • This often happens to me when I meditate, and yes, the first time it happened it did freak me out. But once I realized what it was, I got really excited! I also allow this to happen when I’m deliberately thinking good thoughts. My arms and wrists flail wildly, telling me I’m on the right track. And you’re right, I have complete control over it and can stop it whenever I please. I usually let it go on for a few minutes, as I enjoy the validation from source.

  • I have had my upper left arm itch like crazy for no reason at all. And then it would stop. I wondered if that was related to this. Or maybe there’s bugs in my office.

  • Interesting subject, Melody! Thank you for writing about it.

    In Reiki training, some of us would tremble. I remember thinking once while I was in a prone meditation that there had been a minor earthquake (we get those) , but was told later that my leg was levitated and shaking. My arms like to dance too!

    This morning I woke up with a huge energy shift – as you describe, a knowing. It was almost uncomfortable, but since I was aware of what was going on (adapting to a higher overall frequency), it felt more manageable than other times. Mostly I wanted to sleep! As the day has gone by, it’s somewhat incorporated into everyday-ness, though I still notice the difference in heightened awareness.

    Our bodies are SO interesting! Thanks again for bringing this subject into the open.

    Huge hugs,


    • Hi MC,

      The story about Hercules was very powerful. I felt all of its intensity and was deeply inspired by it. I tried to comment there, but was not able to. When I typed in the info and clicked Submit, I was led to an Internet Explorer page. I do not have a url either, so that would deter future posts, so good thing I can catch you here.

      • Hi A,

        Thank you for visiting the blog! Sorry about the problem commenting. I thought we had that all fixed. The tech person will be here tomorrow and I’ll get her to take another look. I’m glad you were moved by Hercules’ story. I felt privileged to have a small role in his life.



  • Interesting, i’ve never had this tapping thing that i’m aware of. But there definately is things pointing us in the right direction. Usually it is intuition for me, but it obviously manifests in different ways for different people.


    • Hey Ben,

      That’s true. We all translate energy differently. So, if you’ve never experienced tapping, that doesn’t mean you’re not accessing higher vibrations. It just means that’s not how you translate. No big whoop. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


  • Mel, this is great! When I meditate, my arms go wild too! I sit Indian style usually and let my arms and torso do what they will. It feels so good. I was wondering about something though…any time I get into deeply spiritual conversations with people or others around me are having these deep convos, I start feeling extremely jittery/giddy inside. In my gut and chest. Sorta like shivering and my teeth even start to chatter but without being cold. It’s like something inside of me separate from myself gets awoken. Have you experienced this?

    • Hey Amber,

      It sounds to me like you’re feeling the energy of a frequency that’s just a bit higher than your body is used to. That will lead to that jittery feeling (or other sensations). For me, it often feels like I want to bust out of my skin, but not in a bad way (if that makes any sense), like I have a bit too much energy in my body. It goes away as you acclimate. Just keep it up. Until you reach the next level and then you feel it again, that is, lol.

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Awesome Melody & Awesome Brittany:

    I also have similar experiences as well and as I look back on my life, I have always been very fidgety, hand expressive and jumpy or “sensitive” as I’ve also been called. After my first weekend of shamanic healing ceremonies, I was bouncing off of walls and I couldn’t sit still for days and I thought that I was going insane – my body had a mind of its own and I can’t even get into where my mind was. Eventually it calmed down and I got back to functioning normally, although I still occasionally get jolts, a jumpy feeling or sometimes nausea and I do a little “hand dancing” as well, but it’s all good. During that period of time, I found myself doing a lot of automatic writing and channeling by singing in other languages (which I still can do when I allow it). I also find myself doing intricate “arm/hand” dances while sitting in healing ceremonies and I was told that it was the fact that I’m a strong medium and my “door” was open and beings are able to come into me but I have learned to control this by keeping my “door” closed (I imagine the doors of Hogwarts closing). However, I really like Melody’s explanation as well since it also makes sense because I know that my energy vibration is rising (it raised quickly after my first ceremonies) and so some of what I am feeling is the change in my energy. I have also noticed that I feel others energy now as well, primarily if they have lower vibrational energy, but also the vibration of houses/buildings as well as the vibrational energy of trees and plants. I randomly met a medium in the street who said that I have a very white light and that I have a gypsy spirit guide which makes perfect sense as she’s the one giving me the songs to sing (they’re energy healing songs and during ceremony, she performs energy healing work to the mediums and beings in the ceremonies). Even though I have spent a lot of time confused by all of this, it is all so incredible and I am blessed and grateful to God/Universe for these amazing gifts, and I meditate/pray everyday for a little more comprehension on my journey. So even if you tap your hands a little more or a lot more, there’s really nothing to fear because it’s all part of your journey. I hope that my two cents helps.

    Infinite blessings,


    • Hey Elizabeth,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience here! It’s interesting, but when I was “trained” by my guides to connect more deeply, I was given a visualization using doors as well. I no longer have to use it, but it really helped me focus on the right frequencies.

      Keep up the great work!! The world is full of lightworkers and our time has come! 🙂

      Huge hugs,


    • Hey Eric,

      That’s a great system! I thought I’d miss bookstores and I did for a long time. But I find that Amazon also does a great job, since LOA makes sure the right suggestions come to me at the right time. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • I know that sometimes when I meditate my body wants to spin in circles (while seated). I just allow it and go for the ride! A friend of mine’s finger would twitch when I was giving her Reiki, too! So neat to relate this experience with others. 🙂

  • I also have a question now that I think about it. I received a few distant energy healing sessions and then read a book about it that claimed that while reading the book, you would be able to receive this healing technique. At first I didn’t believe it, but then a few weeks later after a meditation, I faced the palms of my hands together and felt warmth and a magnetic pull between them. To this day I still feel it. How do you explain this? It feels so weird to have this proof sometimes! Does energy healing work based on intention? Sorry, I know it’s a few questions. Thanks Melody!

  • oh my gosh i have wondered about this too!! I would be meditating and my fingers would start to twitch. Thanks for the question Brittany and for the wonderful answer, Melody!!

  • Hey Melody,

    I haven’t posted in long, long awhile but I lurk as soon as a new post hits my inbox. 🙂 This is a little off the subject, but I couldn’t help but think about exercising in relation to weight loss especially when you mentioned that involuntary movements shouldn’t hurt (otherwise, it’s a form of resistance). Which also made me think of your interview when you mentioned that you tolerate less pain at your current vibrational state. So, if one wanted to lose weight and exercise was one of their tools of choice, it should feel good, right? The ole ‘no pain, no gain’ approach would be called out by the BullShit Fairy. 🙂 But on the same note, how do you challenge yourself to new levels without the discomfort?

    Ideally, we should be able to move our bodies in a beneficial way for weight loss, health, etc that actually brings us pleasure. Now I’m curious if you intentionally exercise or do you do fun activities that take care of all of the above (like dancing and sex..yeah, yeah, yeah… )

    Big ole hugs

    • Hey Kim,

      Here’s my take: You can push yourself physically and enjoy it (athletes do when they work really hard. It’s a good burn) and you can push yourself and hate it (most people at the gym). Generally, if you’re physically fit, you’ll enjoy it more, and if you’re not, the pushing is painful. Most people have experienced muscle pain that actually felt good, and muscle pain that felt bad. Pay attention to the emotions.

      I go to the gym when I feel like it. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I really don’t. Then, I don’t go. But I will walk around outside, often just to clear my head, but it’s still good for my body. I dance around the house, but now that you mention it, it’s been a while since I had a really good dance session. Guess I know what I’m doing tonight.

      Oh, and sex is awesome for exercise, as long it’s longer than 3 minutes, lol.
      Seriously, though, I’m all for activities where you have fun and get in shape on the side, instead of activities designed to make you lose weight. The latter is often mired in horrible, punishing energy, which ultimately, doesn’t serve us.

      I’m still working on getting the total clarity on this so that I can teach it in an implementable way, but that’s the gist of it. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


      • I’m very interested in this topic. (and obviously many people will be! 🙂

        I was thinking of why people say the “last 5 kilos are the hardest to lose”

        I think we lost those “rockets of desire” that Esther speaks about. If you are overweight, there is a huge desire to lose that weight:

        -the person doesn’t like their appearance
        -the self-esteem is low
        -general society is mean about it
        -their health is at stake
        -their doctor tells them to lose weight
        -they feel heavy
        -they don’t feel healthy
        -the clothes won’t fit, they might even be restricted in what they wear

        There is immense pressure and desire to lose that weight. Its a want, a need, a must!

        But when you get down to the last few kilos, then where is that burning desire?

        -The doctor is no longer concerned
        -society doesn’t stare anymore
        -most clothes fit
        -you feel generally OK

        So they might not be fantastically happy about weight, but it’s not in the obese/big category anymore, in fact they could pass as a medium.

        So what do people do then, or when they are smallish, but want to be smaller for a particular reason? (not looks)

        The desire could be they want to feel very light, small, and energetic, the less weight to lug around draining energy the better.
        They might want to be an athlete or some kind of particular job, or model where they could be a bit smaller.

        Or people that are small but not toned. They train and exercise but still remain the same. It’s not a massive deal, because they are already small, but still a bother for many people.

        “the last 5 kilos” chage “hardest to lose” into “pest to society” 🙂

          • Hi there MCCR,

            I’m glad you liked it! We seem to be in synch these days!

            Lately I thought I had some very positive changes. Nothing in my life changed, but I was having yet another one of those moments where I felt on aspect of LOA click and almost seem real. (nothing happened, this was in my head)

            After that I decided to make only comments 60% positive or higher, anything else won’t come on here.
            I also decided to get off certain topics in my life, and listen to Esther Hicks.

            Well I’m not sure what a “vortex” is, but I gather it’s a place with all the good things you want, and when you aren’t heading that way you are out of this vortex thingy.

            I’m having a time of it I can tell you! I can feel a little better when not thinking about certain subjects (I’ve done this long before Melody and Esther…procrastination and all that), but then nothing gets done.

            I’ve got OOV (out of vortex—man I sound like I’m in a cult!) frequently because the topics are not from my past, but many things on my person & daily life very much right in my face.

            It would be like trying to ignore a little purple elephant that won’t quit sitting on your head. It’s there every day and when you look in the mirror there it is! 🙂
            Or something very serious like a police warrant. You couldn’t just ignore them, because that would be stressful and OOV! You’d have to let them in, and possibly accept your arrest.
            (as an extreme example)

            So I’ve finally understood all the teachings, but have huge difficulty actually applying it on a practical level.

            I can see how this happens to people with weight as it follows you around constantly, like a lack of any good thing, it’s in your face. (or on your face!)

          • Hi Alice,

            Hugs to you, Sync Sister! In my experience, the little purple elephant is always going to be there. The difference is whether you pay her any attention.

            I struggled for years with the notion that life is SUPPOSED to be easy and fun. When something went wrong, of course I blamed myself, because life supposed wasn’t to be hard. Nuh uh.

            Life is neither hard nor easy; it just is. No matter how high you stabilize your vibration, life still won’t always go exactly as you expect or wish. That’s what makes it human life, and not the pure existence of spirit. That’s why our Souls have chosen to be on the planet – so we can experience things going ‘wrong’ and eventually realize that nothing is every really wrong. The story of Mighty Hercules in the commentluv is a concrete example of all this.

            More hugs! Hope you have an awesome Monday,


          • I’m not talking about normal ups and downs though or minor things that are just a part of life.

          • And why did you have to mention the story of Hercules? Did you notice I read your blog sometimes anyway. 🙂
            Awwww. You know me by now. I’m a naughty child. You told me to do that so I won’t!
            Or maybe later. And then pretend I didn’t read it. 😉 *pokes tongue* hee-hee.

          • Hi Alice, Sorry! I wasn’t trying to push my blog on you. It was synchronicity that what I wrote about most recently was exactly what we were talking about. Hug, Carole

          • No worries. 🙂 Just think of me as a small child with large vocabulary!

            Do you like Esther Hicks?

            She’s boggling my mind about something on “delayed gratification” and it seems so twisted!

            OK so for example some days I need to do this or that. I don’t do it because I wasn’t well or too busy or just plain lazy and didn’t want to. I do that a lot.
            These days I rarely want to take action. I feel this is bad for me because you get nothing done and surely there will be consequences.

            But in LOA and Esther Hicks says: “nothing is worth sacrificing feeling good right now.”
            and she was talking about doing hard work for a better future.

            This goes against all common sense. Actually alot goes against common sense, but common sense didn’t get me anywhere either.

            But I can’t help but feel this advice is just cushioning my lazy side.

            How do you feel about all this? It’s confusing! The more answers I seek, the more “compliments” I get about what I’m basically already doing.

          • Hi Alice,

            If you think of yourself or your non-action as lazy, that’s not going to feel good. In that case, you should act in some way that will make you feel better. That’s why cleaning the house when you know you should be doing your income taxes feels so much better than just sitting there worrying about them!

            If you are able to relax in a way that feels good, rather than lazy or undisciplined, a productive non-action, then the right, inspired action will appear to you, sometimes quickly. It’s the pause that’s important. Nobody is telling us to never act – just to pause and let the best action float to the surface.

            Have a lovely day,


  • This is really cool, I want a spazz-dance moment now xD I get twitchy sometimes but never really notice it. I will pay attention from now on 😉

  • Interesting topic Melody!

    On the topic of your shamanic ceremony, I’ve had similar experiences in the past when I’ve taken LSD (even though I’m pretty ‘drug-liberal’, I realise that drug-use isn’t for everyone, and I am *not* condoning illegal drugs here, hope no-one reading this takes offence!). I was tired as hell, but once I started to dance to the music, I felt as if I wasn’t actually using any physical energy to dance – it felt as if I was channelling the energy of the music and transforming it into dance. I got quite a few comments from amused bystanders too, lol. This has happened several times. It has happened while sober as well – I just love to dance – but the times I took LSD stood out to me particularly. It felt profoundly spiritual, as if I was connecting to Source energy. Beautiful experience!!!!

    • Hey Karin,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I know that feeling – like the music is moving you. I’ve read accounts from people who ran like that – super fast and with no fatigue, because they were so connected. We have this belief that movement and exercise causes fatigue and wear and tear and injury. What if that’s not true? What if we have an unlimited supply of energy, as long as we don’t resist it? I’m fascinated by the concept. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • I really enjoyed Brittanys’ story! I hope to have an experience like this in private or in a way where not many people are looking. I am sure it would be useful, like having an internal compass.
    What is epilepsy?
    What is happening when Christian people speak tongues and shake?
    What is disassociation?–that feeling where you feel outside of your body–I have had this in public, like I’m not really living my life–a strong floating sensation and watching my body from the side or behind.

    • Hey Alice,

      I’ve never had this happen while I was in a situation where it would’ve been embarrassing. Your inner being works with you, not against you. You don’t wig out while in a business meeting or while on the bus. And it’s not like you can’t control it.

      I’ve never thought about epilepsy, so will have to get back to you on that one. I would assume that Christians speaking in tongues are translating energy. Remember that HOW you can translate energy has a lot to do with your beliefs, and the energy you are able to access, has to do with where your vibration is at. No

      Disassociation is simply you, seeing the world or yourself from a different perspective. That’s all your inner being is doing – seeing the world from your human, physical perspective, but of course, we have access to a much broader view, if we allow it. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


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