I’ve got a special treat for you today. KimS, from the comments, sent me an email a couple of weeks ago, and shared a wonderful story with me – how she went from depression to clarity. I was so moved by what she wrote and all the emotion contained within, I decided that I wanted to share her story with all of you. She graciously agreed. Kim manages to demonstrate pretty much every major principle I teach, and she does it with so much enthusiasm and sheer giddiness, I was literally happy-dancing around my office. And now, without further ado, here’s the Awesome KimS:

I have been in a depression for the last week or so – my life is shit, I am unable to manifest anything great, I am mediocre, etc., etc., etc. I even went so far as to promise myself suicide if I fail to change my life this year, fail to accomplish something grand and amazing.


Yesterday, I took a phone call from a recruiter and discussed a job that I know I will hate – the environment is very corporate and I will be wiping executive ass in my role of Admin Assistant. But, the money will be very decent and I know I can do that job very well. They will love me. As soon as I hung up, I thought, “I can’t imagine a worse environment for me”, and then I resigned myself to working in it because I am on the brink of living in my car and my sense of shame is reaching a fatal level.

Yesterday, I resigned myself to living within my current vibration, but I was angry about my defeat, my failure to raise my vibration to something amazing.

Yesterday, I also ran out of coffee and coffee filters, and I have no money to buy more of either.

This morning

This morning, I stopped into Subway to splurge on a cup of coffee, and was informed that for the whole month of January, Subway is offering free coffee to all of its customers as a Customer Appreciation gesture. I was amazed and so happy and I totally recognized and acknowledged the hand of the Universe in this gift of abundance. (And this was an inspired stop – after telling myself no, I can’t afford it blah, blah, blah, I changed lanes at the last minute and made the turn into the Subway parking lot.)

This morning, I realized that I have not been raising my vibe, I have been struggling against it. I have been casting judgment about as if it were candy being thrown from a parade float and refusing to acknowledge where I’m at NOW because THIS MOMENT somehow isn’t good enough. I’ve been wanting to get past this moment (judged to be crappy and insufficient) and get on to living my real, consciously manifested life (imagined and judged to be magnificent). And because I have failed to do so, failed to consciously manifest wondrous stuff, I have finally judged myself to be unworthy of even being alive.

I think this judgment of myself is a manifestation of the vibration I have been denying.

So, this morning, as I drink my free coffee – my gift of abundance, I decide to stop struggling against my vibration and to go ahead and live within it. Of course, I can’t help but live within it (duh!), but to go ahead and accept it and stop refusing to acknowledge it. I am here now. There is no other place I can be (mentally, physically, emotionally), yet I am judging this space as harshly as I sometimes judge my past – as if somehow, some way, I should have “known better”.  “I know better than this, damn it! Why is my life still crap!”


As I accept this moment and myself and my vibration, I am flooded with true gratitude and joy that I haven’t felt in so long.

I have been watching the movie, “I AM” (written/directed by Tom Shadyac) every night for the last three nights, sometimes more than once in a night. I feel inspired to do this; it’s the only movie I want to see right now. In that movie, when the idea of shaping reality is being discussed, I caught the sentence, “Thoughts don’t do this. It’s emotions that do this.”  It’s emotions, heart-waves so to speak, that shape reality, not brain-waves.

I also have started to get a clearer understanding of the way I am shaping my reality, the way we are all shaping our reality. Hold a picture in your mind which causes your heart to feel emotions and then reality responds to the instructions of the heart waves and shapes itself to your emotions – not your thoughts, not your wants, not your desires, hopes, dreams or expectations,  your emotions. The heart is not just a meaty organ that feeds the brain, it is the powerhouse behind creation.

The heart is the engine of creation

The heart will create thoughts to match its emotional frequency (thoughts are things).  But it seems to me that we can choose to hold thoughts that will create (or reinforce) an emotional frequency, so the heart responds to our minds, as well.

When I had that flash of  insight about how everything, EVERYTHING, is thought-made-form, I did not realize that the creative force is not thought itself, but emotion. Everything is thought-made-form through emotion. It feels weird to think of the center of myself as being my heart and not my brain; “I think, therefore I am” isn’t really true, is it? You could say it a million times, but I still did not get it – I am not my thoughts. “I feel, therefore I am”, or maybe, “I feel, therefore I create.”

Yesterday I realized (again) that when I forget to think, I feel happy – beyond happy, even. When I forget to think, I feel … hmm, I do not know the word for ‘happy as God’. 🙂  (Euphoric?)

Creation is not accomplished by the mind, it is not accomplished by the brain. Creation is accomplished by emotion, by passion, by love. Ideas occur in the mind and are brought into reality by emotion. If you don’t feel strongly enough about something, you will not create it. And you absolutely can create something that you dislike.

It’s all about emotion

The ‘reality’ that is being created has nothing to do with STUFF and everything to do with emotional frequency. The stuff that is being created is a direct reflection/manifestation of my emotional frequency. I transmit and receive this frequency at all times. I have a measurable effect on the ‘physical’ world – because of my emotions, not my thoughts. My thoughts are just fluff; until one affects my emotions, it is powerless. My thoughts can be shut down. My emotional frequency is perpetual.

If I combine my frequency with another’s, is the effect magnified?  (The bible promises something to the effect of “Whatever two or more of you decide on, it will be made.”)

So, anyway, today I accept that my vibration is what it is. I am probably going to accept a job that I will dislike in order to make money and survive. But the longer I struggle against this and try to “force” my vibration to raise, the more dire my circumstances become. Ignoring my current vibration and trying to force a higher vibration isn’t actually raising my vibration and is, I think, working to the opposite effect: lowering my vibe.

This morning, I actually feel way better than I have in a long time – not so much resigned as hopeful, which is not what I would have expected to feel, you know, resigning myself to a crappy vibe and all. 🙂

Follow up – the glorious aftermath

I received an email follow up from Kim just last night, which I’m so happy to be able to include here. What a wonderful, real life example of how fast changes can occur in our physical reality when we shift our vibration! Yay!

Dear Melody,

I am not going to say, “You are not going to believe this!!!!!” Instead, I open this letter with this exclamation: “You are totally going to believe this!!!” and I imagine you laughing, clapping your hands and then giving me a big, smooshy hug while saying, “I TOLD YOU SO!”  haha!

It all happened so fast, once I just accepted whatever my vibe would bring to me, and my vibe was way higher than I expected! Haha! Oh god, I am amazed by the amazing amazingness of the Universe!

That Admin Assistant job that I had resigned myself to working because, “whatever, that’s all my vibe will allow”, well, I took your advice (I know, I actually took advice!) and I sat down at the computer and typed out A Vision of That Job That Feels Awesome. Funny enough, I did not type out anything about the actual work I would be doing, but I imagined and felt awesome about how my day would transpire there and how my attitude would be fabulous and how I would be competent and well-liked by everybody, and I imagined the clothes I would be wearing and my hair and makeup and my food at lunch and breaks. I envisioned how that job fits into my life and enhances my life and how that job makes me happy, but not the actual work, and I typed it all in the present tense.

Melody, I did this vision exercise twice, because while preparing mentally for the Admin job, I was invited to interview for a Web Development job (!!!) So, I sat down and envisioned working that job in a way that felt freaking awesome, too. Funnily enough, in that vision also, I did not imagine the actual work, just the environment and my co-workers and me being fabulous and happy and doing an awesome job. Again, describing everything in present tense.

I just read through my two great-feeling visions, and they are basically the same. LOL! I guess what is important to me is that I feel awesome at the job, not the actual work I will be doing. 🙂

I interviewed for the Admin job Tuesday and – you know what’s coming, don’t you?? Haha! The interview was amazing! I interviewed with three people at once (normally a nerve-wracking experience) and they laughed at my jokes and … good grief, I’ve never had such a fabulous interview! Relaxed, connected, laughing, listening – I walked out of there knowing in my heart (in my HEART!) that I am going to get a job offer from them! And, oh yes, there’s an AND, the dress code at the office is casual! Jeans at the office! Amazing!! The office wardrobe is actually better than I envisioned. So, different clothes, but same emotion – well, actually an even BETTER emotion: I’m MUCH happier about wearing jeans than I was about wearing suits!  So, the Universe tweaked its return on my vision and gave me something to be even happier about! 🙂  In fact, the job is nothing like I expected but everything I wanted. (!!!)

And, I know in my heart that I am going to get a job offer for the Web Dev job, too — I’ve already been invited back for a second interview to meet the company owners (small, yet thriving, family-owned business) and the HR people.

Melody, two weeks ago I was resigned to living with whatever my crappy vibe would bring me, and now, OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!!!! I’m going to have to choose between two totally fantastic opportunities!!!! Unless the Universe steps in and eliminates one for me as my heart-wave becomes clearer. 🙂

And it happened soooo fast!!!! I can’t believe this is just the 7th of February!

In the middle of all of this (I know!! it gets even better!!!!!), I’ve been attracting potential free-lance clients like crazy!! Higher-profile clients with bigger budgets, AND (yes! there’s more!) my current client actually ASKED TO BE INVOICED AND THEN MAILED THE CHECK TWO DAYS LATER!

Melody, the bottom line is “Align your thoughts with your emotions and reality is your bitch!”

The other bottom line is, “This shit WORKS!”  Haha!

Oh, and I have never had a day without coffee!! haha! And just this week, I was able to move into an office that has a big, southern-facing window so sunlight streams in (unlike that cave I had on the north side of the building. haha!) — for the same rent!

How she did it

It occurs to me that I did not get all the STUFF that I envisioned, but I did get the stuff that makes me feel the way I felt during my visioning process. And the Universe knows what it is that I want, which is why the dress code at both offices is casual. (Even though I was expecting the dress code at the Admin job to be “business professional”). So, it was not my expectations that were fulfilled, but my emotions. My in-the-now emotions as I envisioned my life in the present tense. I felt those emotions in the present tense. It just now occurs to me that “in the present tense” is really the only way we CAN feel. (!!!!!)

I love being AMAZED!! 🙂 And I am so excited – I am excited to vision a bigger life!! I’m curious to know just how specific I can get with this manifestation process; can I manifest specifically or do I just kind of leave it up to the Universe to fulfill my heart-wave? (Or, is it that I am trusting my heart-wave to form the Universe to fulfill my emotional request? Even more completely than I could imagine?) I imagine (though seriously, I feel that “vision” is the better word) the life I want and connect with my emotion of that life vision, and VOILA!, it is created for me. My heart-wave creates what it is that brings me that emotion.

Oh, and also, I did not spend a lot of time “focusing” or “holding the images in my mind”. I spent a couple of hours typing out my feel-great visions, and then just let it go. I did not keep actively hoping/wishing/willing any of this into existence. Any time I was tempted to try to wrangle ‘reality’ into shape through my will or imagination, I reminded myself that I did not want what was not perfect for me and that I trusted the Universe to make things perfect. If I am right for that job AND that job is right for me, then I will be offered the job. I cannot do the Universe’s job,  and I’m just going to trust the results. I’ve put into motion the creative force of my heart-wave; now, I just need to sit back and watch it happen. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Much Joy and Smooshy Hugs!!!!

KimS 🙂

BIG FAT PS:  I got a job offer this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!   🙂 🙂 🙂

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  • What a fantastic blog ! I read it every time I’m down, and my vibration soars like a kite !
    Although I am months late to comment on this post, I still want to add that since I read about the LOA through Melody’s – and you all – incredible perspectives, my resistance toward money has been drastically reduced.
    I used to hate my job, and daily compared it to my previous. How I don’t make the money I was making there, how I miss the patrons, and how these patrons have an attitude; how the neighborhood was much nicer, and so on. I was miserable and it showed.
    Since I read this blog, not only I raised my vibration and almost doubled my earnings , I got more hours, I make more money, I don’t get any more nasty patrons but only nice ones who love my bright smile ! I don’t forget to thank the Universe every day for every dollar I make, and to focus on the things I DO like about my current job: my co-workers, the food, the flexible schedule, etc.
    And guess what…lately, I suddenly started to receive odd little manifestations, in the aspect of similarities to my previous job. It may mean I am on my way of getting back my old job, or maybe reach to make the same amount or more here!
    I also started to play at the lottery, and shifted my thoughts from ” I never win”, to “it is highly possible”. Who knows ? Anyway, I feel my resistance toward my job and toward money in general decreasing, for which, thank you Melody , thank you deliberate blog ! 🙂

  • Wow!! This website and story came along at the perfect time for me! This story is pretty much what I’ve been experiencing in my own life. I have been an Abe follower for about 5 or more years and really have been beating up on myself as to why I haven’t attracted the perfect job for myself. Kim’s story helped me realize that I just need to feel for what I want and not imagine the specifics of the job, which has been causing a lot of resistance in me. I really resonated with the fact that our vibration could be a lot higher than what we actually believe it to be. This is a wonderful example of how quickly things can turn around in a persons life, when we just let go. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Yeah KimS!!!!

    Finally getting to respond like I want. The whole thing was just freakin awesome!!!! The letting go, the epiphanies, the realization that the emotion was so important…you just laid it all out and made it so clear!!! I am so happy for you! 😀

    And it was exactly what I need to hear too. As I read, I realized I so often school my emotions, try to kinda wrangle them, or control them to some degree. Sure I feel them, but often I don’t let them get very big. I can get excited, and I can cry and feel how powerful something is, but I always cut it off and limit it. No getting too emotional now…!!! 😉 But hearing you, and really thinking about it is what helped me realize I am not doing myself any favors by doing that. How could I get the whole point that it’s your feelings that decide so much, yet keep trying to stifle my emotions? I still spend most of my time on what I am thinking, and using that thinking to bring up emotions, but again, I am controlling those emotions, not letting them just flow or allowing them to build up as much.

    So thank you sooo much for another little insight. Another hint to help me move on this amazing path. Now my plan is to see what emotions I can experience when I ‘daydream’ and see just how much I can experience them!!!

    You are just so awesome!!

  • This is inspiring melody. Would you spare a few words to describe the difference between thought and emotion in terms of energy because a friend of mine says they are the same thing but i’m not so sure he is right. many thanks. shaun

    • Hey Shaun,

      I think I’ll answer this in a blog post. It’s an EXCELLENT question and will allow me to explain some technicalities that I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy knowing.

      Thanks so much for asking it. I’m sure this one will come up soon. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


  • Wow! I was feeling pretty shitty today, so I guess the Universe handed me a pick-me-up on a silver platter when I read this blog. KimS, you kicked my ass all the way up the emotional ladder! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go write myself a little vision exercise. 🙂

  • This is amazing. All of these posts always have perfect timing…

    Not only did the post help me to realize that I don’t have to have everything figured out, but the post and the comments did something huge.

    I woke up this morning with an epiphany – the work I’m doing right now is purely an ego thing. I only do it to prove I’m “good enough.” The only joy I get from it is when I have big successes or receive praise. That and I do it to make money.

    This epiphany sent me into crisis mode, thinking I need to change my *thoughts* about my work quickly or I’ll manifest a way out of it – which will not be good for us financially at the moment (in my mind.)

    Then I realized… I don’t like what I do! And it’s okay!!

    Yes, I am actually shiny happy puppy about not liking my work.

    It is an opportunity to learn, and the epiphany I had this morning was HUGE. Accepting that this work is only positive because it feeds my ego literally meant I had to accept that I was good enough without that praise.

    This work that I don’t like has been a gift from the universe – it allowed me to accept myself, and truly believe I’m good enough!

    The last few days have been incredible. It is like I’ve been channeling the universe – I have been so happy and content and “on”. There is nothing in my life I would change. I feel euphoric. I am connected to my higher self and it feels so incredible, it is like nothing I’ve ever felt before!

    And now, I realize that I don’t like what I do, and I’m SO HAPPY that I had this experience! And now I get to line myself up with the way I want my work to feel, and either this work will adapt to that feeling or something else will come along. I am good enough for what ever happens!

    Oh, and epiphany #2 (I want to share this so each of you might get something from it…)

    I’ve been working to manifest some fun, new things in my life. A cleaner to help around the house, a pool table for hubby and I to have fun, and a neat new business to generate huge loads of profit and happiness at the same time.

    First, I found someone who is actually TRADING ME house cleaning services for a swimming pool I have in the garage. It doesn’t fit in our new yard and we were going to sell it, but no need! I get what I want for it.

    The perfect pool table came up on Craigslist for $150 (not kidding) and the lady is holding it for us until my pay comes in on Friday.

    And then I realized something HUGE. Did you know, fellow Deliberate Readers, that we’re all worth trillions and trillions of dollars?

    Really – we all have unlimited funds at our disposal. The amount of it that we experience at any given moment is purely a reflection of how much or how little resistance we have to money at that time.

    If you believe you aren’t getting paid until the 15th, you won’t. If you believe you make a certain amount of salary, you will. If you believe you’re broke all the time, you will be. If you believe that your husband’s employer not paying him on time is a total inconvenience and holds you back (yes, this was going on last week) IT WILL.

    Warren Buffet and Bill Gates could be even richer, but they have resistance, too!

    This opens up a whole new world. Remove a piece of resistance, POOF – more evidence in your life. This is how it will work, literally. Shift enough resistance in a period of time and you could find yourself going from pauper to billionaire, because you are worth unlimited riches – the only thing keeping it away is your own resistance.

    This also, at least for me, got rid of two pieces of resistance instantly.

    1. I am not good enough for millions of dollars. Well if everyone is worth trillions, but they resist it, if I can remove the resistance, can’t I have millions? Billions? There is nothing in the universe saying I can’t. Of course I am good enough – everyone is!

    2. People will dislike me if I have more money than them. This is thanks to my family as a child, always resenting people who had more than them. But everyone on earth is worth trillions of dollars – how could they dislike me for experiencing wealth, and maybe even sharing that experience with them? And if they do, that is just a part of their own resistance – perhaps meeting me will be the contrast that sets them free!

    Yes, people disliking me for my riches could be a service to humanity – I’m shiny happy puppy about pissing people off!! Hahahaha

    Oh Melody, I know this was an epic long comment but I had to share with you and everyone. I love this blog! It was our coaching session in December that was the catalyst for this, but as you can see, I still had some lingering resistance to take care of before I could step into a coaching arrangement.

    Won’t be long now. This afternoon might work perfectly! LOL

    • Wonderful Cheryl! I just finished reading an article on Bill Gates and Warren Buffet was mentioned, basically about how they see money.

    • WOW, Cheryl! Your post totally just helped me raise my vibration! Thank you! Thank you for sharing, I am SO happy for you and aren’t epiphanies just THE BEST!! Been having those lately and also noticing how easy it is to manifest some things but not others ($$$$)–it’s all about the resistance and your post literally just helped me with mine. Wooohoooo! I also love this community and the comments. We’re all on our journeys to Awesometown and are helping each other along the way 😀

      Thanks again!

    • Hi guys,

      The thing I have with this idea that everyone could have all this money, is what we were taught from infant school upwards:

      I remember being 9yrs old and asking my teacher during a math lesson: “Why can’t the banks or government print out lots of money for everyone seeing that we have so much paper?” or something very similar to this. (As a kid I didn’t comprehend that paper also cost money and trees. All I knew is paper was pretty easy to get.)

      He then tried to explain the gold standard to me and how you’d need a whole wheel barrow full of money just to buy bread if everyone had lots of money.

      I didn’t get the technical details, but I understood enough to know you can’t just print out a bunch of money and make everybody rich.

      • Alice,

        Oooohh, you think like ME! I love this question because I’ve pondered it before myself. I hope you don’t mind if I share my 2cents on the topic!

        When you look at your statement, “I understood enough to know you can’t just print out a bunch of money and make everybody rich.” That is a belief. One that you have seen with a lot of hard evidence, no doubt (the principle your teacher tried to explain was inflation, which is hardly tied to the gold standard anymore but rather more closely to GDP – but that is a comment for another day!)

        Now we all know that beliefs can be shattered if we want to change them, when they limit us. We also know that everything – literally **everything** is a manifestation.

        Our monetary system is a manifestation.

        Not only a manifestation of those ancient geniuses who started trading coins instead of goats because they were easier to transport, but a manifestation of you and I and everyone else. And this manifestation appears differently to everyone.

        To some, it appears to restrict the flow of money and make each dollar worth less and less over time.

        To others, it appears to create almost endless opportunity and make each dollar worth more and more over time.

        Regardless of your unique point of view, money is a representation of value – a manifested one – and your beliefs about money (and thus your ability to have wheelbarrows of it) are directly related to your beliefs in your own ability to create value.

        We all have this strange money/economy worship thing going on which prevents us from seeing how much we truly could have with just a few small shifts.

        If you don’t believe that our monetary system is a manifestation that is within your control, try getting something you want while working outside of it. Barter, find, whatever you like – but don’t spend a dollar on this thing that you want. If you are not resisting the thing, it will show up. I know this because I do it all the time – when I resist the cost of something, I try to manifest it without focusing on money. It always shows up in other ways!

        And one LOA learner to another, be careful with the thought that you having more means everyone else has less – that does not manifest what you REALLY want (speaking from experience here… LOL!)

        Anyway those are just my random thoughts on the matter. What do you think?

  • Oh and OH!

    Melodious — this is a bliss blast straight from the heart!

    KimS — my god you know how to convey a thing. I felt the desperation, and I felt the elation. You have transformed my moment . . . and I was already in an extraordinary state of appreciation before I began to read this.

    Thank you both — my own little heart-wave was amplified today —


  • “Align your thoughts with your emotions and reality is your bitch!”

    LMFAO! I just wrote these words on a wall poster so that it’s the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to sleep.

    Reality is now MY bitch. I say yeah to that.

  • Hey KimS!

    This really stuck out for me: “the act of surrendering to my vibration and accepting my NOW and then making myself available to recieve whatever the hell my vibration would bring me”. Yes! Whenever I find myself confused or not knowing what to do, I’m learning to surrender and let the Universe take over and it WORKS. Takes some practice because we’re so used to trying to fix problems so it’s become automatic. Surrendering and “giving up” works wonders. Congrats on the new job, how exciting!!!!!


  • Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments — I’m so glad my story has been able to bring something worthwhile to you! 🙂


    I want to explain that when I typed out my feel-good visions of those jobs (especially the Admin job), I wasn’t doing much more than just sitting down and typing out a daydream. I was immersed in the daydream/vision, but I wasn’t imagining how I would or might feel, I was feeling how I feel. I used present-tense language and I “spoke” as if I were describing my job to a friend — “I arrive at work 10 minutes early every day (this punctuality is a game to me!) so that I can be at my desk, prepped and ready to work when my boss gets in.” and “I may have to dress “office appropriate”, but I never wear boring shoes!” and “At break, I usually have some yogurt with blueberries. In the afternoon, I have green tea.”

    Also, I have realized that when I write or type these daydreams and visions ( a word I like better than “imaginings”) that I’m not praying/hoping/wishing or having faith. I’m just creating a daydream of me being fabulous at work and enjoying my job.

    These daydreams are all about me! haha! And it is all within my current vibration. I daydreamed and visioned and created a version of my life that felt good because I was able to believe it could happen to me that way. If I had tried to daydream something so extraordinary that I would find it hard to believe, then I don’t think it would have “felt” real and then I would be anxious about what it is that I had asked the Universe to send my way — because I wouldn’t have believed in it myself. And it would be the anxiety that would inform the heart-wave that would create my reality.

    But, I created a vision of me being fabulous at work and having this job fit into my life — and the Universe did an amazing thing by filling in little details that made the creation MORE perfect: casual dress code, very nice rate of pay, being a great personality fit with my bosses, etc etc etc. The ‘reality’ was tailor-made to make me happy, even more happy than I had envisioned. 🙂

    I have had the thought that there is a very big difference between imagining feeling a certain way and feeling a certain way. For example, if I imagine winning the lottery, I usually imagine how excited and happy I will feel, which is not the same thing as feeling happy and excited.

    I have also come to believe that it was in the act of surrendering to my vibration and accepting my NOW and then making myself available to recieve whatever the hell my vibration would bring me — that’s when I just felt immense gratitude for the coffee and for my life and for my place in the Universe. And I really think that is when the flood gates opened.


  • Oh man this is awesome, congrats on your success!!
    This part really hit me: “I felt those emotions in the present tense. It just now occurs to me that “in the present tense” is really the only way we CAN feel. (!!!!!)”
    I have been struggling with that. I think “Okay, when I achieve my goals (which I WILL) I will be so happy” but it doesn’t work like that. I know I can’t jump from one extreme emotion like that to the other. Looking at reality discourages me, but I know that the more I pay attention to it, the more I attract it. So I just have to focus on the feelings/emotions that I will feel when my manifestation does happen. I have to feel it and “act as if” it’s happening. Thank you for the reminder!

    • Hi, just a question, how do you make yourself feel “good” emotions, when you are very, very low? Isn’t it like lieing to yourself?

      • Hi Anya!

        I totally agree that it’s not easy trying to feel good when you don’t, especially when you are very low. My lows, thankfully, have lightened up quite a bit over the years so my low today is much different than, say, 5 or 10 years ago. I had an epiphany the other night about my hubby. We’ve been bickering quite a bit and it dawned on me that earlier in the day I had caught myself just having negative thoughts with regard to my husband. Not once or twice but a lot of times! So guess what? I was manifesting all of the arguments myself. I have no business thinking about how he’s going to react to something that hasn’t happened yet (one of my negative thoughts) but I was just so conditioned with those thoughts that it was automatic. But it clicked and when it did, I felt a bit down. Didn’t understand why I would do that to myself but I stopped beating myself up and decided to go general (a term I used by listening to Abraham). Going general basically means to just have very basic thoughts about things that ARE going OK. The sun coming up, your heart beating and your body working. In my case, I started to think about all of my hubby’s good characteristics, reminding myself why I fell in love with him. It wasn’t very difficult but if it was, I would’ve tried to take it down a notch and maybe just think how attractive I think he is and how good he is with our kids, you know? By going general you’re absolutely not lying to yourself but stating the truth and at the same time, appreciating. Good luck on your journey!


        • Thanks Marjorie! I will get back to basics , sounds like a great idea. I need to trust to the Universe that my desire will be fullfilled, meanwhile I will try to be gratefull for my everydays little pleasures, things which makes me happy. This way I attract what I want. Right! No more unhappiness!!! Start now!!! 🙂
          Thank you so much 🙂

          Lots of love


  • Wow ! KimS, that is awesome! You are amazing! Thank you very much for your post…helps a lot. I wanted as well to recomend a great, good feeling movie, I totally fell in love with, Silver Linings Playbook. It is just so good I had to share 🙂

    Lots of Love


  • That was a great story Kim!! I am a new comer to LOA and I have seen the effects. I am still a work in progress though, and have yet to use it to materalize something so big as a career change. Hopefully soon.

  • Fab story Kim :] I would love to see this I Am film but can’t seem to get it over here. Does anyone know anywhere I may be able to access it from via the net?

    Thank you

  • Hi Melody
    So happy I found your blog. I have been watching lot of Oprah’s shows about self help and spirituality and a search on google got me here. I gotta tell you – your writing hit home for me. In so many ways I can relate to you and others here. Have always been trying to feel better and have better results but could never stick to one thing. It felt like so much work and kinda pushing so hard to make things work. Never understood why I should fear God and why I should be judged for something that I possibly did in a different life. But your writing truly makes sense.
    I am going through the archives now. thanks for all you do. You are a blessing. And sista you got a fan for life 🙂

  • This is a great story. I love what can happen when we let go and let ourselves relax and visualize what we want without worry. It’s great when you get the place were you just know you are going to get what you want.

  • Hi KimS!

    Wow! What a story! I love it. Congratulations on the awareness and the job(s) and… everything!

    I love your metaphor of the heartwave. What a perfect way to describe the way our emotions radiate to the Universe!

    Super giant dancing around the room smooshy puppy hugs!

    Carole (aka MC)

  • Oh man, what an inspirational story! I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that feel just like that, and to be able to know how to turn it all around is absolutely astounding. I also recently got in contact with a person who could get me a job that would make me really really happy, so being reminded not to ‘hope’, ‘dwell’ or ‘force’ the job into my existence is a brilliant wake up call, so thank you so much for the post ladies!

    I was inspired last night to share The Secret documentary with a good friend of mine and though I was unsire what he would make of it, he responded so well, he even managed to near immediately manifest his mother make him an omelette, I’m so proud of him ;P

  • Yay, KimS!! SO happy for you! I freaking LOVE epiphanies! I’ve managed to manifest something very cool lately so I also wanted to share too. I’ve started seeing signs from the Universe letting me know when I’m aligned (like synchronicity)…and…it.is.awesome! OK, so quick back story: I was born out of wedlock. My father cheated on his fiancee with my mom and got them both pregnant. He gave my mom the boot and got married. He disowned me due to the shame, embarrassment, etc. So I never had a father growing up. Fast forward, I knew that I had 2 brothers on my father’s side so I searched for them and found them, yay! They’ve been really cool with me (talked to our father after learning about me but he’s still not budging about where he stands with me and I’m OK with that, I’ve accepted it and know that it was due to nothing I did) but we’re in different states so we have yet to meet.

    We keep in touch occasionally through texts and Facebook. This is one of the things I really want in my life, more interaction with my brothers (I only have my immediate family here in the US, all of my relatives are in South America). So one night I was visualizing and feeling REALLY good, visualizing and feeling how amazing it’s going to be to spend time with my brothers, meet their wives/girlfriends/kids, they live in Florida so I was imagining us all just having a cookout and hanging out in sunny Florida! It felt so good, comforting, just…great! The very next day I was on Twitter and uploaded a funny picture. The one and only person to reply to my tweet was one of my brothers! We hadn’t chatted in a couple of months and I rarely see him on Twitter! I knew it was the Universe working…but it gets BETTER! I visualized and felt good again and asked the Universe for MORE of that, MORE interaction with my brothers…the NEXT day, I’m at work and at some point in the day (as I always do) I logged in to Facebook and had a message…from my younger brother’s girlfriend (whom I’ve never had contact with before, just knew of her through conversation) telling me that she and William are planning to be up in this area in May and would really love to meet me and my family! Oh. My. God. Really?!! I couldn’t believe it (but at the same time I could, LOL)!! Wow, I’m still kind of in shock but utterly grateful and thankful. And just like KimS said, it was not the thoughts but rather the FEELINGS I had around the thoughts!!! I’m so excited for what’s to come!! Yay!! Thank you Universe and thanks community for letting me share my story too 🙂


  • Wow, thank you so much for this post…. How is it , that it keeps making more and more sense? I am sure it made your day, cause it sure made mine! hugs, galore!

  • Wonderful story. KimS. You really clarified things for me too. I tend to focus too much on the details of what I want and then get stuck because I don’t know what they should be. I do know what it feels like to be really happy. In fact, I’ve been trying to use LOA to get the business success I want. One night I spontaneously had a vision of being overjoyed because of business success that was lining up. In my vision, I was excited because LOA had worked and brought me more success than I could imagine. I guess that’s the point. I can imagine being joyful, but I’m not sure what will make me feel that way.

    Thank-you so much to you and Melody for sharing your story.

  • Hi All
    posts like this one is the reason I was lead to this blog because a story like this fills me with joy and gives me more understanding of how we can make each day better and better xxx

  • Wow way to go Kim, i’m very happy for you! Hopefully the new job will create even more opportunities for feeling good. It goes to show that “you can sit in it, or you can rise above it” (from a Steve Martin SNL sketch!)! I would like to read more examples of how people have learned to use their heartwaves (i like that term!) to get out of the dumps!

  • Yes, this one is amazing! It makes me want to cry. And print it out so I can take it with me and read it over and over again to remind me of all the wonderful points in it. Go KimS!!!

  • OMG Kim, wiping the tears from my eyes as I quickly type this. Absolutely wonderful! So glad I saw this today.

    “If you don’t feel strongly enough about something, you will not create it. And you absolutely can create something that you dislike”- so true!

    “My thoughts are just fluff”- they really are, so when we gun them down, why do they creep up again? I’ve been struggling with this one. Why can’t the better feeling thoughts finally dominate? There needs to be a shift to the heart.

    So, the heart wins! It rules!!!!! Really cool!!!! hooray and thank you!

    • Yes! I love it when other things I read are congruent to each other!

      “Today, gaze up from time to time at the clouds. Ask them, Have you a special message for me? Think of consciousness as omnipresent. It is not the creation, merely, of your little brain. Reflect that the Divine can use countless instruments for our guidance and inspiration.” This was a message in the free coffee. And also, you can dream yourself into your own reality!

        • I know, Kim. It is so true! I actually came upon Anne of Green Gables today, a series I watched in grade school and had read the books as well. I looked for it these past months to remind myself of the good times of the past yet was not able to.

          How timely indeed! I noticed how she fueled and was fueled by her imagination and made lemonade out of pretty much all the fruits life threw at her. That is the shit!

          Super duper hugs,

          • Oh, yeah, forgot to add that Being Erica is an awesome series too. If you ever get a chance to take a peek, it teaches pretty much the gamut of stuff.

          • JcmA, I seriously love how you see lessons and teachings of the truth everywhere — cartoons, TV shows, books. I was kind of thinking something along those lines the other day when I was watching “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” — it occurred to me that we know, all of us, on some level, that LOA is the way the world works and that we are all One, because it shows up in almost all of our stories, whether that’s a movie, a book, or whatever. We all love a happy ending, and if this loa and being one with each other were not known/sensed by us, then we would not have the inspiration to reveal it in our art.

          • Yup!!!! Thanks!!!!

            Hey, from the little note on my yogi tea bag: “Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.”

          • Kim,
            The universe does speak to us. we just need to listen to what it is saying. I know you know this, of course. I just wanted to give one more example to solidify my understanding.

            Two years ago I fell into a depression I thought I’d never get out of, until I slowly crawled out, with the help of LOA. I was just contacted by a colleague from the beginning of my depression at a job I had to leave, which served its purpose by steering me to what I really want and need to focus on. That email is a indicator, telling me that all is well, like nothing really happened. I felt a nudge say hey, you did not waste time. It’s all a continuation so just keep going. It is like I am back where I started, but not really. I now have the tools to navigate this life better, rather than being tossed and turned by tidal waves having their way with me. I am not crying. I am happy, stronger, revved. Life is good and I embrace it. I won’t be my own worst enemy.

            by the way, another good movie about universal communication is Serendipity with John Cusack. I saw it the other day and was like, yup, that is LOA in action. It IS everywhere!

            Even if none of this makes sense, I love this thread and was not done with it quite yet.


  • I love this post!! Yay, Kim! I used Melody’s process to receive my dream job. This shit works. The other thing I wanted to mention, after just recently being in Kim’s shoes is that you will plateau and it may feel a little disappointing when your omg awesome becomes the new normal. It’s true what Abe says: you never get it done. That’s the glory of incremental shifting. There will always be another wave. It just gets better and better and better. Kim, I’m so glad you shared your story. It helped me remember that basking period after my job manifestation, which is such a vibe steadier. I love you guys!

  • I love stories like this, where someone is able to manifest great things. I’m so happy that things have turned around so quickly for you. Your visualization exercises are fantastic, feeling how you want the environment to be instead of thinking of the details of a specific job. I’ve found the universe is able to provide better when you approach it in this manner. Decide how you want it to feel and the universe will fill in the blanks. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Kim thanks for sharing your story it has helped me, I have been really struggling (banging head against wall then give up then start again) with trying to separate the head from the heart and with your story it has helped. It has really really really helped.

    I am curious about Melody’s answers to your questions as well:
    The questions:

    1. Just how specific I can get with this manifestation process;
    2. Can I manifest specifically or
    3. Do I just kind of leave it up to the Universe to fulfill my heart-wave?
    4. Or, is it that I am trusting my heart-wave to form the Universe to fulfill my emotional request?

    I don’t want to impose, I only ask because I think that they might be able to help me (maybe hopefully others?)


  • Wow! Kim a true epiphany…
    Thoughts are by products to our emotions, the greatest power comes from how we trully feel, like you said ‘powerhouse behind creation’, which creates our reality, we can have thoughts till the cows come home, but if our emotions are not in alignment, well no wonder we’re not manifesting. Pay attention to how you feel !
    Thank you for the clarity Kim …
    I have being questioning, why I’m not manifesting what I want? But never bothered where my vibrations are at? my emotions? what I’m feeling?…and with this I know NOW I’m getting in my own way. The questioning alone comes with feelings of doubt, fear, worthiness, capability…guess what? I am shaping a reality that would manifest just those…listen to how you feel is my job to do now and live in the moment.
    Thank you so much for sharing

  • i havent even read the whole article yet, but the first line in the post about suicide made me cry. ive felt this way just two days back, and it was so intense that i even started thinking of ways to do it and get it over with.
    im 25 and i graduated outa business school a year ago. thing is, because of my super low gpa ( i couldnt get myself to study cuz of issues i was having/have) i dint even qualify for campus placements for jobs. i was just thrown out of placement week the very last last minute. and the guilt ad shame of it is still with me, especially cuz i KNOW i wudve aced a great job had i been allowed to sit for placements. i cant hekp wishing i could change the past and rewrite some bits.
    anyway, so i worked for a year in some job i could snag( dads company), and now im looking for a new job nowm the kind in a big orgazniation, the kind i think i deserve. is it possible that till i get rid of my guilt over not having studied enough i wont manifest a new job? just asking.
    okay now il go read the article !

    • And then maybe think about changing your user name, hon, cause “Mopeychild” is not helping you feel shinyhappy at all. :/ (I think it’s fabulous synchronicity that Kim’s post appeared for you at this time. I know it’ll help you.)
      ~Maggie (fellow Fletcher Fan)

        • I hope you did that because you actually wanted to, and not out of pressure from others to appear shiny.

          From watching “Abe” videos, (motivational speaker Esther Hicks, some believe is talking to a spirit called Abe….but she is still good)

          Esther says not to fight the stream, including depression. So “upstream” is fighting and “downstream” is just going with the flow.
          Going with the flow could be calling yourself “mopey” until you naturally felt the time was right to change that name.

          She said when you force things it makes it worse, kind of like being in denial, which makes you unhappier.

          Like me, smiling in public as not to cry on the bus etc feels much more painful than just crying on the bus.

          • @ alice…nope, its high time i change my name ..mopeychild wasnt doing me much good…and writistchild still has the ‘child’ in it. thats cuz i frikkin think of myself as one. that needs to stop. else il be stuck living at home with my parents taking care of me at 25 rather than me taking care of them eventually ! the thing is, i think, theres a very fine line between exacerbating your own negative thought process and just accepting it..i ahve to find the balance 🙂 ideally i ought to have been a success story..i mean, i have the looks, and the brains, and the smartness,and the college degrees..the whole conventionally defined package..its just, my own thought process has fucked me up so bad that im sitting here typign this and trying not to cry.

          • I’m also looking at a lot of Esther Hicks because Melody quotes words, paragraphs etc from that woman.

            Then we have people getting inspired from Melodys’ blog, not yet the Captain of their own lives, but making blogs as they go along.

            Seth>Abraham>Rhonda Byrne>Melody Fletcher blogs>fans of Melody Fletcher blogs
            There’s a lot more missing pieces in there, but that the general flow of it. There’s alway debate on who came before who, etc “chicken and egg”

            So we are learning from other learners, which actually works, as sometimes the pure source is a bit too much of a stepping stone.

            When I first saw Esther, I didn’t really like the quotes. Melody made a bridge between those quantum leaps, and that is helpful.

            TheWritist, if it were up to me, I’d never, ever, grow up.

          • lol..when i first heard esthers quotes i dint like them either ! they seemed too general..too reductionist in my view..but now i accept them a lot more instead of raging against em !

    • When I read the tittle I was really hoping this story was from you. 🙂 You had disappeared, and I was hoping to hear a story of someone recovering from depression after years of it and suicide attempts.
      When I heard it was a week or so, my heart sank. I really, really think you can be the next “success story” Melody receives.

    • Hi writistchild!

      Even the most shiny puppies have experienced what you experience right now.
      When I feel as you did, I try to remember that it’s a lack of positive expectance that makes me want to quit.
      If your dad has a company, why don’t you stay there for a little more until you get a little more clear on who you are and what you want from life?
      It’s a period you are transforming from a child (even if 25 sounds too much for calling someone a child-age doesn’t matter,dependancy does) to an adult and in modern societies it’s not that easy (in practice). In previous years you could have just killed a lion and you would be fine. Now you have to know how to make a living for yourself (and in a way to stay out of prison) and our world is full of lies and misconceptions.
      If you want my advice, forget about this experience you had. It doesn’t mean anything about you. Divide your life in sectors (your space, your nutrition, your clothes,your fitness program, your friends, your hobbies), make a fresh start and don’t allow a failure in one area affect others.

      • hey, thanks for chipping in tony. i do try to move past the regrets i have, but its difficult..but i try..i have this word doc full of melodys( and other LoA peoples) quotes and i read them RELIGIOUSLY ! that helps 🙂
        and i dont want to stay at the company. i do know what i want now. in my country, for a woman to not be married at 25 is seen as very strange. staying at home and in the community that fosters such thoguht dosent help me especially as im still broken hearted from a previous relationship. but hey, im getting better. im a lot better now 🙂

        • You are welcome!
          “is it possible that till i get rid of my guilt over not having studied enough i wont manifest a new job”

          irrelevant. it may affect your mood, instilling poison on your threshold of deservingness but it has nothing to do with the technical steps you have to take (and some beliefs to skip) in order to accept and then manifest something. Like old,bald and fat men who date young and pretty girls. You can still get it but your low self esteem and your sense of ego might not let you enjoy it, to the point it becomes unbearable and you quit.

          how much truth can you handle?
          if you ask if it is possible and you doubt indeed, you will be given situations to experience that indicate you that both realities exist ,yes and no. You may find one but the details of the job will not be of your taste.

          Do you want a hint? Learn to control your thoughts and to keep your wits about you. Perhaps, you have to crack an ego, too 🙂

        • When I see you in my minds eye I get an image of an attractive woman with full lips, curves, slightly short, naturally petite or small boned or heading that way and big, brown eyes.
          You cut you hair shorter than most women? Do you want shoulder length hair? It’s in an “unconventional” style for your community. It looks good.

          Is this how you look or what you want to look like?

          Also for some reason you wear fitted jeans. In your mind you are not sexy, but in reality you actually are. I’m not sure about the top. You wear these nice pants.
          Do you have a silver piece in your nose? I never knew you like piercings! Am I anywhere near right?
          You don’t like too much gold. You do like some dark rose colors sometimes.

          As for the scars…they are a badge of what you have been through, and something to view with pride. This will encourage others like you, that like you as you are.

          Anyway, there are some people that come into your shop that like you, but you don’t notice.

          As for child, it depends how you see child. I think it’s a good thing. I never intend to “grow up”

          This is a tried but true cliche: Nearly every successful person has an odd background and many don’t have a formal education. If you look at most “successful” people, many didn’t even finish school.
          There are so many ways to get to where you want.

          Yet for some reason we still believe we NEED to do this or that. So much stress is placed on this or that.
          In fact the people that follow the conventional path end up leading conventional, mediocre, boring lives!

          You have a job, education, good looks. The world really is your oyster, you just need to break free of your shell.
          Don’t worry about what your family will say. Do what makes you happy, not what makes them happy.

          As for being married….pffft. Do you want a bad marriage and a divorce? Or trapped in relationship you don’t want?
          Then it’s better to be single and 25 is very young. Our life expectancy is so much higher than when those ancient beliefs started when people would die in their 40s’!
          There really is no rush.

          • whoa !!!!!
            everything is correct about the way i look at the moment…except for the fact that im tall( but im 5’6”..so that might be short in other countries) and i dont have a nose piercing (but i have multiple ear piercings, so that counts :P)
            also i do NOT like gold. that was bang on target !

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