I absolutely adore it when I come across someone teaching exactly what I teach, but in a totally different way. I believe that we can’t possibly immerse ourselves in this new way of thinking (we are much more powerful than we’ve been led to believe, and it’s time to remember Who We Really Are) too much, and exposing ourselves to this material in different ways, from different angles, if you will, is incredibly beneficial.

Over the last few weeks, I received emails and Facebook messages from three different people (thank you!!), all pointing me towards the work of Charles Eisenstein. Due to being just a tad on the busy side (aaaaaaargh!), and being a little behind on my reading, I hadn’t gotten a chance to really dig into any of the materials I was sent, but this week I finally got around to watching a TED talk he did (I may be slow, but I check out everything you guys send me). I can see why you guys thought I might like him. 🙂 Holy hell, I was blown away! And, of course, I can’t help but share this inspiring teacher with all of you.

A New Story of the People

In this particular speech, Charles talks about pretty much everything I teach, just from a slightly different perspective. He never mentions the Law of Attraction, but you’ll easily recognize a ton of the principles you’ve seen here. The core of his talk is centered around changing our story (our belief system), from separation and scarcity (more for you is less for me) to one of unity (more for you is more for me).

He talks about “The beautiful world that our hearts know is possible”, what Abraham calls “the Vortex”, and what I generally refer to as “what you TRULY want” and “becoming Who You Really Are”.

My favorite moments

While the whole video is pure awesomeness, I definitely have my favorite moments, where Charles uses particularly exceptional metaphors (you know I love me some metaphors!):

  • Charles explains how our beliefs (or stories) have an “immune system”, which protects them from contradictory evidence. Brilliant!
  • He talks about preaching to the choir, and why that’s not a bad thing. Love this!!!
  • He shares an incredible anecdote of the idea of unity (we are all one) in action. Tears!

This video is only 22 minutes long, so I hope you do yourself the huge favor of watching it. Then, let me know what your favorite moments were in the comments!

If you’d like to explore more of Charles Eisenstein’s work (I know I will!!), you can do so at http://www.ascentofhumanity.com.

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  • Very sensible post. Life is always a challenging process towards having a better one. We may meet a lot of people who will pull us down, but it is always up to us to let them.

  • Great video ! Thank you so much for sharing ! I will put it on my FB profile and Twitter

    This video made me connect with my True Self and helped me make a quantum leap.

    Besides of that I liked : “Miracles are something that are impossible from an old understanding of reality and are possible from a new understanding.” I’ve always believed in miracles and this makes believing in miracles even more simple. It’s so logical and simple and I love logical and simple things. Going to share this as a quote on FB and Twitter as well.

    And the story about the policeman and the mexican food is absolutely great and brought
    a smile on my face.

    Thanks again, Melody

  • Thankyou for the video, I am loading it right now. But from what you have said I will enjoy it.

    I always am open to learning more about beliefs since it is something i’ve dedicated alot of time to, working on changing my own beliefs to serve me.


  • It’s tough to remain afloat in a sea if negativity. Yet, when you do not struggle against the waves, that is when you remain afloat! I still come across very negative people who think gloom and doom, but the good thing is, for every one such person I meet 3 happy shiny puppies. Yes, being analytical and all, I have figured out this ratio. So, that’s my indicator.

    Warm, fuzzy feelings of knowing inside!

    • Hey A.,

      So true. If you don’t fight against the negative people but just allow them to be negative (who are you to judge if that’s not ok for them?), they gravitate right out of your experience. And then the ratio of happy shiny puppies goes way up. 🙂


      Huge hugs,


  • *SNIFF* It’s be-he-he-he-youuu-tiful!!! *honk into handkerchief*

    Watched it twice, sent a link to my Dad, and will be watching it again (and probably again and again!) later. 🙂

    — “each person is a locus of attention in a different situation and if I were that person, I would be doing the same thing he is.”

    I told someone this a few months ago, someone who knew how to live my life better than I was doing it. “If I were you, I’d be doing this, that and the other thing that you’re not doing and my life as you would be awesome!” I said, “No, if you were me, you’d be wracked with indecision and low-self esteem and you’d be doing the exact same thing I’m doing now.” 🙂

    — “when things start to fall apart and we can’t seem to force anything into the shape or space we want it to go, so we let go of the idea of control … and things start to flow and fit together.”

    Ah, yes, just recently ran into this myself. 🙂

    — “being able to finally believe what we know.”

    Belief is in the mind, knowing is in the heart. I keep running into this message, and I’m so happy to keep being reminded that I am not my thoughts, my thoughts do not shape reality, and that it is my heart that knows what’s real: the world is a beautiful place and we are inseparable from the world. I do not have to convince my heart of what’s real, I have to stop trying to tell my heart what to ‘know’. I need to let go of my ideas of reality and fall in line with my heart. 🙂

    — “we are here to be in service to each other.”

    omg, here come the tears — the big, ugly, screwing-up-my-face-crying tears. 🙂 I very recently had a most beautiful dream that was not “just” a dream. It was amazing, transformative. One of the messages illustrated by the dream is that we are here for each other, to be with each other, to share joy and to lessen fear, to relinquish struggle and dance together in love.

    Ever since I had this dream, I’ve seen that my “job” here, in this world as a human who is One with All, is to help people be unafraid. Can I help someone be less afraid? Help someone enjoy a moment, have hope, feel more secure? I, myself, am so much less afraid these past few days, ever since the dream.

    Thank you for sharing this video, Melody!

  • I find blood cells beautiful. I’m very attracted to these red coloured, life-giving things. (And will Word-Press please stop underling my British-English spelling, thank you kindly.)

    Inspired thought: LOA has OCD..grouping like things together like some basement dweller archiving all their mint-condition comics into dates and themes and groups…

    OK, let’s get started on Charles! I’d say he makes some great points, but could be more concise and punchy. He tends to wrap the golden points in a lot of waffle. (in this particular speech.)

    7:40-8:10- I’ve had that feeling since I was a kid. The pain of the world on my shoulders. It was mostly dismissed as being overly emotional, but I was always concerned about global issues. I have moved into a mostly “it’s not my personal responsibility to save the world” and this helps with that depression.

    9:50-Water memory. This theory always intrigued me. How can we see it?

    “Charles explains how our beliefs (or stories) have an “immune system”, which protects them from contradictory evidence.”—Why do they have an immune system? Why is there that feeling to preserve things that often don’t serve us, and cause us pain? The most painful beliefs about ourselves are so heavily guarded!

    11:38-12:00—Painful feeling in my heart right then. Hit something.

    13:00 ish.—I disagree here. I say that often. In those shoes, as myself I would not do many of the horrible things some people do. I strongly feel certain people lack empathy and have different personality traits, lack of morals and people act differently.
    14:00s–felt really off and weird here.

    15:00: That can work (telling an antagonist they really don’t want to hurt you deep down), I’ve done it. It can also backfire and make authority figure even angrier. “Oh yes I do!” etc
    Use with caution it’s 60/40 (40% chance they’ll back off) and that’s a big risk.

    It would be great to be able to do that more effectively when coping abuse from someone. (without looking like a hippie doormat)

    The end bit sounded like he was saying “submit to God”, and that felt off to me. Let’s not be submissive, bow etc, rather take our own power back.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Alice,

      Regarding 15:00 – it’s all in the energy not the words used. If it backfires, the vibration wasn’t aligned. You can’t come from a place of fear or defiance, but must be in a vibration of love. Not easy to do when someone is beating you with a club…

      I don’t think he meant is as submitting to God, but rather surrendering (as in not fighting any more) the part of ourselves that’s God. That’s how I took it anyway. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


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