Awesome Actor Dude writes: “Hi Melody! I NEED YOUR HELP. I’ve been a struggling actor for about TEN YEARS now. I don’t understand how I’ve manifested the opposite of my dreams!!! Starting out, I was a bright, shiny new penny, full of confidence and a GENUINE belief that success as a Movie Star was my life’s DESTINY. My feelings of conviction were that strong! But it didn’t happen.

Now, after years of rejection leading to nowhere (I’ve never even booked a ONE-LINER on a frickin’ TV show OR commercial), I’ve become so beaten, jaded and bitter. It’s gonna take a lot of work to shift my vibration because even when I do so consciously (I’ve tried meditation, affirmations, visualization), the next rejection brings me back down again. And it’s 99.9% rejection, even though I visualize myself getting the part after each audition. WTF is going on???!!! It’s impossible to maintain positive vibration in the present when I keep getting hit with disappointment!

I had an audition for a play this past week. For about two weeks up until the play, I meditated and visualized getting the part. I vibrated during meditation that I already got it, and it felt good.

I DIDN’T EVEN GET A CALLBACK. You’d think that with all that work, it’d at the very least get me to the second round, no?

And it’s so hard to keep a positive vibration (“I’m already a successful actor”) when in reality people keep asking me about my career and if I got this job, or that job, and I have to tell them NO and then remind myself that I’m NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE. That completely cancels out any self-work that I tried to do.

If I couldn’t manifest & attract success ten years ago (again, I got ONE small gig and then that was it!), when I honestly vibrated at a higher frequency because the “reality” of Hollywood hadn’t hit me yet, how the hell do I get myself out of this bitter hole now?? And WHY didn’t anything manifest before? I seriously believed to my bones that I was meant to be a film star. But I got 0 roles in film, couldn’t even land anything in TV, not even a national commercial!! Just some student films and two local/small commercials. In 10 years. Thanks Universe. Thanks for the bones. Not even steak bones. Or chicken bones. More like fish bones. I’ve never tasted meat.

Please help…I’m so frustrated!!!
Disillusioned & Dejected”

Dear Disillusioned & Dejected, or as I like to call you, Awesome Actor Dude,

Actors and artists have it tough – there’s no shortage of people who will tell you it’s impossible to become successful, that you’ll have to sell your soul at the very least and not even then, that you have a better chance of getting abducted by aliens than becoming famous. It’s hard to imagine anyone being alive today who hasn’t picked up some version of that belief, knowingly or otherwise. We assume that it’s hard to become a successful actor (which, by the way, isn’t necessarily the same thing as being famous, especially today). There’s almost no way that you didn’t have a bit of that expectation when you started out, even if you weren’t aware of it. Then, being in an environment filled with other actors and industry types, all happy to keep reinforcing that belief by telling you about how much they’ve struggled, wouldn’t have helped. The very first audition you went to that didn’t result in a job offer would’ve made it even worse. The fears rose up and over the years, took over more and more, leaving you frustrated and jobless.

But don’t despair! None of this is irreversible. We’re just going to have to dissect and call bullshit on a few assumptions, and then get you focused on what you really want. Ready? Here we go:

It’s not hard to become famous

Face it, today, just about anyone shameless enough to publicly engage in behavior that the rest of us wouldn’t even do in private can make it on TV. You can become famous for being an idiot, an asshole, being pretty, being ugly, for being really smart or really dumb, for being really fat or really thin (or fat and then thin), for being talented or embarrassingly untalented. The field is wide open. Got a camcorder and an idea, no matter how ridiculous? You could be a star! It’s not hard to garner some attention these days. Now, I know that this isn’t necessarily the kind of attention you are seeking, you want to be respected for your craft, but I’m attacking the entire premise that it’s hard to be famous. It’s not. Not anymore.

Musicians, artists, comedians, actors and writers have more ability to get their work out there today than at any other time. Thanks to the internet, there are more avenues to get noticed than ever before. These are amazing times to be a creative being!

It’s not about talent or luck

The second myth I’d like to dispel is that becoming a well-known actor is based on massive talent and luck, or being in the right place at the right time and impressing the hell out of someone. Now, I’m not going to spend any time on luck, because if you’ve read anything on this blog at all, you’ll know that I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a random force doling out favors willy nilly.

But I will say a few words about talent. If talent were a deciding factor in success, then wouldn’t all the famous actors be super talented? Yes. Yes they would. And are they? Well, I get that this is a subjective question, but I’m going to go ahead and bite the bullet on this one and express that I do not believe all the actors in movies and on TV today to be a fair representation of the best of the best (how’s that for diplomacy, eh?). The same can be said for writers. While there are excellent productions with top notch talent behind them, there are also many, many examples of, well, the opposite of that. All you have to do is flip through a few channels on the old boob tube and it becomes glaringly apparent that talent doesn’t have much to do with it. There are actors with no talent getting jobs and there are brilliantly skilled actors working as waiters, unable to even get auditions. Clearly, talent, while being a wonderful thing, isn’t that much of a determining factor and certainly not the only one in how successful on can become in the thespian arts.

It’s about vibration

But don’t let that get you down. This is good news! And yes, I’ll explain just how that is. You can’t control talent. You can control your skill level, you can learn and practice and study and work at becoming better. But you can’t control natural talent. You also can’t control luck (mostly because it doesn’t exist, but even if it did, you wouldn’t be able to control it, short of catching a leprechaun or finding an old bottle with a genie in it. Good luck with that. See what I did there? Ha.)

What you can control, though, is your vibration, which is all that matters. Some people just seem to get all the auditions. They get parts they’re not even right for. They just always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Hell, they can be in the wrong place, like bartending at some dive bar, and some big shot producer’s car will  just happen to break down right in front of said bar, causing him to wander on in and discover the unknown thespian on the spot. Cherlize Theron was discovered while throwing a tantrum in line at the bank.

How do you know where your vibration is at? Look at your manifestations. Look at how you feel. Your vibration, my dear awesome actor dude is, well, disillusioned and dejected, which isn’t anywhere near where you want it to be. Let’s change that, shall we?

Do you know why you’re here?

The first thing you want to do is to get back to your roots. Why do you even want to be an actor? You may not have pondered this for a while, but it’s time to bring it out and dust it off. If your main reason is to be famous, to make a lot of money or to bang a lot of chics (or dudes, you know, whatever), there are easier ways to go about doing that. But, if you’ve been at this for ten years, chances are your reasons run a lot deeper than that. I’m going to take a guess here and say that you’ve always had a burning desire to act, that you LOVE it with a passion you can’t easily put into words, that you feel you have something to share with the world and are just waiting for the right stage to come along so you can take your shot. Am I somewhere in the vicinity?

Acting is a spiritual endeavor. When you stand on a stage and entertain others, they are manifesting through you. You are making yourself available to flow energy through your body to them. When you make them laugh, you have successfully ripped them out of their daily lives and given them a moment of joy. You can evoke all kinds of emotions. You can shift massive amounts of energy. An actor (or musician) has a powerful job – you put yourself in a position to make people feel better, not one at a time, but by the hundreds, thousands or even millions. Running that much energy through your system is no small thing (and is one of the reasons so many artists turn to drugs. If you’re not vibrationally ready for that much power, it will beat the crap out of you). You have the power to uplift, to pull those in powerlessness into anger, those in anger into bitter laughter, and those in boredom to joy. You are a lightworker, a healer, a transmitter of energy. This is what you came here to do. No wonder it makes you so miserable not to be doing it.

Get back to the basics

So, when you focus on acting, it’s helpful (especially when your vibrational panties are in a twist), to go back to the basics, the very core of what you want and focus on the feeling of that. Oh yeah, the feeling is the most important thing. You may have been visualizing getting the part, but I’ll bet money on the fact that you were inadvertently vibrating the exact opposite, something your emotions would’ve told you if you’re sensitive enough to pick up on it. Taking it back to the basics will untangle all that panty twisting and bring you back into alignment with what you’re here to do (and we’re all waiting for you to do it, you know).

Focus on how it feels to act. Disregard how that acting will come about, what parts you have to get, or what producer you have to sleep with (ha!). That’s not your job right now. Focus on how you feel when you’re standing on stage, letting that energy flow through you to the audience. Focus on how it feels when you are aware of that connection, when everything just clicks and they all laugh at just the right times, they get what you’re doing up there, they’re with you every step of the way and you can feel them coming with you. Focus on how their attention on you feels, on how the energy flow fills you up (providing you’re not resistant to it), fueling your performance, driving you to heights you didn’t even know you had in you. Focus on how it feels when you KNOW you’ve affected them emotionally, when you’ve left them in a better place than when they came in the door. Focus on how it feels to know that seeing your performance has forever changed someone in even some small way.

Focus on how the connections feel, the connection between you and the audience, the connection between you and the other actors on the stage, the backstage crew doing their parts, all of you working together to create this magnificent opportunity (and by all of you, I mean the audience, too) to experience something new, something tangible, something amazing, something uplifting. Why do you people even go to movies or the theater? They actively seek out the experiences you help to provide! They want to escape from their every day lives, which they assume have to be hard (mistakenly. Ahem), and feel better for a couple of hours. Focus on the benefit you give them, on the healing that takes place, on the change in perspective you can provide, on the manifestations that flow through you to them. How they experience your performance is their manifestation. How you experience the interaction is yours. You have a desire to participate in such interactions. THIS is what you really want. Do you feel the power in this visualization? Do you feel the lack of resistance in it?

Take the details out of the equation

Just for now, take the details out of the equation. Focus on the feeling I described above, on the joy you, personally, get from acting, NOT on what needs to happen to bring you that joy. Look for that joy. When you see an actor really going for it, rejoice in it. See the flow of energy passing through him and to the audience. Remember how it feels when you do that. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on stage or in front of a camera. Energy transmission is energy transmission. When you focus on the core of what you want, and only on the core, something magical happens. Energy opens up and flows. What was stuck becomes unstuck. Manifestations start to come in, in the most miraculous of ways. Get into the details, and things tend to slow way down (unless you have no resistance. But then you wouldn’t be writing to me). When you try to control HOW your dreams will come about, you tend to get in the way. When you focus on what needs to happen in order for you to feel better, you block the energy of what you want. But, if you simply focus on the core feeling and allow the Law of attraction to take care of the details (it’s better at it than you, anyway. Way better), things start to line up. That’s when you seem to be in the right place at the right time. That’s when you get called back and you get parts that weren’t even advertised yet. That’s when parts seem to be written just for you.

When you don’t get the part

That’s all fine and good, you might say, but how can you keep this wonderful feeling when you go to an audition and then you don’t get the part? How can you help but not feel rejected and jealous of the actor who was chosen? Understand that the Universe has more parts for you than you could ever have time to play. There is no shortage. So, if you didn’t get a part, it was perfect for you but you weren’t a match to it (in which case you’d have been feeling mostly negative emotions lately), or you were a match to what you want but the part wasn’t right for you (in which case you would’ve been feeling mostly good lately).

If you’re predominantly focused in a way that feels really good (spend lots of time connecting with the energy of your core desire), and you don’t get a part, there was something about that part that wouldn’t have been good for you. Maybe the director was a total asshole and wouldn’t have allowed you to do a good job. Or the co-star was awful. You won’t know and you may never know what the real deal was, but assume that there was a valid reason why this part wasn’t good for you.

You can, however, look for what was right with it. Why did it appeal to you? What was it about the part you liked? You don’t have all the information, but you can appreciate the information that you do have, which resonates with you.

Bottom line

You can’t get parts that feel great while putting out a vibration that doesn’t feel great. Trying to feel good about the industry or your chances at fame, however, might be just a touch too far to jump right now. If you focus on how it feels to act, why you want to be an actor, and the spiritual experience of connecting with others through your chosen medium, you’ll open up the energy flow. You’re fall in love with acting again. And from that point of attraction – being totally, unequivocally and madly in love with acting, you can’t help but attract opportunities to do so. And then, you know, maybe invite me to the Oscars. I’ll get my dress ready now. 🙂

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  • Quite honestly, I have been giving up on my passion and dream of becoming an actress.. & I just read this and let me tell you, I am not quitting nothing.. my true calling is acting, I am just so free when I am acting, connecting with the audience, it’s just brings me pure joy. I will revisit the why, the emotions I feel and I am going to keep trying. It just felt like the universe was telling me not to give up.

    Thank you 😊

  • Wow, I needed read this today! I’m a musician and while I was flowing quite powerfully in the last few months, I hit what felt like a road block (not getting to open for a big artist in my genre who would have had an overlapping audience to mine). I was feeling so frustrated about how close I had gotten to this opportunity, but then didn’t manifest it. I didn’t realize how much I had internalized that frustration until I read this article. I literally had goose bumps thinking about the “why” I do this-how I feel when I am writing or performing music. It really clarified what I that lack of resistance feels like. I have heard people say before that when you get frustrated, you should just “focus I on the music”. That always seemed like a cheesy answer to me, but I I think I actually get it now. Thanks for this.:-)

  • LOVE this post..
    I have wanted this goal all my life.. I truly believe that it can happen to anyone (based on Charlize Theron story amongst others)..
    It’s been the driving force behind me wanting to understand and use the law of attraction to receive this reality.
    I believe even more now that it can happen to me.. I’m currently in a job that I don’t like but when I’m here, I feel like I’m making a movie.. Cameras around me, co-stars, action scenes etc.. (Could this help to manifest faster?)
    Without telling the universe how to bring this to me, I feel as though it could be as easy as someone finding my picture / video on the Internet and call me up for training and filming! There is a role perfect for me.. And many more after the first..
    I also am aware that I have blocks in my subconscious which need identifying and replacing..
    I’ll keep reading through your blog to discover how to do that.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart..
    Justin in Oz

  • Hi Melody,

    Another great post! I love it when you take an example and go all the way through from misery to joy! Woohoo! The practical aspects of the post are helpful for me too, sitting here looking for book sales, retweets, blog comments, etc. Enjoying wherever you are is the key – the BIG KAHUNA. I wrote about the exact same topic today – synchronicity?! The energy is all around us!

    Huge hugs,


    • Hey Carole,

      It’s all about conveying the flow. the medium we use for it doesn’t matter that much, does it? 🙂

      Looks like we’re tapping into the same fountain, he, he! Yay!

      Huge hugs,


  • Mel! Another great post! Just wanted to let you know, I shifted a huge amount of energy today, using yours and Abe’s techniques, and oh wow! feel better than I have in ages! anticipating the manifestations to follow!!!! thanks thanks thanks for helping me change my wonderful life!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxo

  • I noticed you didn’t say anything about letting go. If the guy is really doing the visualisations with joy etc, like he seems to be saying, he’s doing everything “right” but not getting results, I wondered if he was too attached. I find letting go an essential ingredient in the manifesting lark! Just knowing you will get the results but with a relaxed kinda lightness, not getting all heavy about it, that seems to be working for me lately. :O)

    Wonderfully inspiring article, thanks Melodie!

    • Hey Debra,
      I’m the one who wrote the question so I just wanted to respond to your comment. You’re right in that I was too attached, I think that was definitely the case. I didn’t realize that you shouldn’t NEED your goal or depend on it for your happiness or validation of self worth (which is what I was doing and still am–I’m working on changing this day by day!).

      It’s hard when you’ve had a lifelong passion to “take it with lightness,” especially when you’ve felt like a tiger in a cage for so long, with all that energy pent up and not being able to release it into the world through your chosen medium. That’s how I felt. But I’ve received so much enlightenment from this blog and I’m excited to exercise and implement it! I tried practicing LOA years ago but I think my biggest problem (besides not focusing on the core of what I want, as Melody has taught me), was about detachment and faith. When I did my visualizations, I didn’t experience true joy. It felt forced sometimes and deep inside I felt doubt and fear (what if this doesn’t work, etc). I was basically trying too hard because I was coming from a desperate place. Gotta get light and relaxed now though! Glad it’s working for you!! 🙂

    • Hey Debra,

      Actually, my advice was intended to get Actor Dudette to focus differently, which would’ve allowed her to let go of the old perspective. I’m stealthy like that… 😉

      Huge hugs,


  • What a fantastic post Melody!! I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately – about getting to the core desire rather then getting stuck in details, and I have started putting it into practice more.

    I’m wondering how to apply this to my art though (painting, in particular), as I have a huge bundle of resistance surrounding my creativity issues – although less lately, as I have learnt to relax a bit more about it! I guess my core desires are:
    a. Getting into flow… That magical place where I sit down to paint and the hours fly by and everything flows effortlessly, every brush-stroke seems to fall into the right place, and at the end of it, I sit back and look at what I have created and am truly stunned, like “where the hell did THAT come from?” Ah, I love that feeling!
    b. Receiving admiration for my work – although this one is a bit trickier as it isn’t a “pure” feeling, there’s a bit of embarrassment and almost feeling like I’m not worthy of it when someone compliments me on my art. Guess I need to explore that a bit more…

    Anyway, thanks for this post, you’ve given me inspiration for my visualisation session today, as well as some food for thought!


    • Me too! I’m in my last year of art college majoring in Illustration & I can totally see that I’m blocking myself from even getting my art out there. Could you please do a post for Art-Artists? One point many of us need addressed is feeling like our art is not good enough. We notice every wonky detail that most other people can’t even see 🙁 and then think “my art is crap”

      Myself, my art is how I draw, so it doesn’t seem “special” or “great” even though everyone says it looks good. It feels more like ordinary doodles or whatever.

      Or maybe I should just sign up for your free coaching call about it?

      I’m happy that I’ve been able to set up a nice working area in my bedroom, so I’m ready when I get some work!


    • Karin,

      That flowy place may not happen all the time, and we can’t always wait for it. As a writer, I can’t wait to be inspired or wait for a large block of time in order to write. Sometimes I have thirty minutes at lunch, or a couple of hours after the day job before going to bed. Weekends, when I feel as if I might be able to grab a few hours, end up being spend on errands and paying bills. I know it’s easier for me to write somewhere than for you to paint. After all, I can carry a pen and paper anywhere. But the most important thing for any type of creative endeavor is to show up. Get up earlier, stay up a bit later, give up that TV show a couple of nights a week and pick up the paintbrush. You’ll reach that flowy place easier and better and you’ll find your muse waiting for you there.

      As far as receiving admiration, just accept a compliment. No matter what you’re feeling, say thank you. Your feelings will adjust and over time you’ll believe that no matter what anyone says, even if they say nothing at all, your creation is wonderful and fabulous.

    • Hey Karin,

      The first step to deciding that your art is good enough is for YOU to decide it’s good enough. Stop looking at the details and just look at the painting as a whole. How does it feel? Does it evoke a feeling in you? Then, spend time visualizing others feeling what you do when they look at it. Now, you’re not focusing on quality or skill, but emotion. It can help you circumvent the whole “good enough” judgement. Focus on communicating energy. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


  • I can’t even tell you how your article makes me feel Melody!
    I just left my agent, I’ve had 10 years of grief, angst and worry in this industry. I never felt like I could get anywhere I’d say halfway through those 10 years and asked myself, “Why am I doing this? What are these visions I see of myself when I can’t even get a 1 line gig on a TV show?” The thing is, I just couldn’t book anything, the even stranger thing is I never felt like I sucked either.
    But I ended up in a string of terrible, soul-shattering jobs and hit a point where I realized dance would be a good consolation and that I would do anything, even give up acting, to make the pain go away…The pain of having to scrape and beg for horrible jobs that wouldn’t pay the bills, and the hopeless feeling I would get when, time after time, no one really seemed to “see” me when I auditioned.
    I couldn’t justify staying in this cycle to myself when I hardly got to perform in the 10 years I’ve been at it–not when all I had was the desire and the feeling to keep at it. Even people in general seem to shun actors until they’re “famous” or can at least say they’re working…

    But you reminded me of what I experienced sooo long ago, and encapsulated it sooo well in the paragraphs of this article! I don’t know where I’ll go from here, I have felt like acting isn’t done with me, but I can’t describe how much this article means to me and all who get to read it. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3 <3 <3

  • LAO? Loving Awesome Outcomes? LOL! [Okay, now I’m just being a smart-ass, sorry!]. More seriously, I’m putting this post in my TTE [Top Ten Ever]. I’m a writer, not an actor, but, holy catnip, woman, did you ever hit this one out of the ballpark. I’ve been struggling for some time to recapture my magical mojo after serious career burnout, and this post hit me like a truck . . . but in a good way. Just . . . wow.

    • Oopsy! Changed that (for those late to the party, I made a typo in the title and misspelled LOA. If I had an ego I’d be embarrassed, he, he, he)

      Thanks so much for your awesome feedback Susanne! I’m so glad this post resonated so much with you. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


  • Wow Melody,

    This was just too good! I could feel the energy build inside me just by reading what you wrote. I am in such a better place and still I found an even better place when I read through it. And that it can be applied to anything is so obvious yet soooo amazing! It just makes so much sense!

    I’m going to copy the ‘Take the details out of the equation’, paragraph and paste it on my screen. I can put anything I want in place of acting and just feel the flow of happy and exciting!

    You are the shiznat, as always!!!!
    Much Love,

  • WOOOOOOWWW! Melody, I swear this blog hit me so hard…I almost had the BIG O sitting here at my desk. (Going home to change now. 🙂 ) The feeling you described of being an actor was so powerful. I moved to CA for that very same reason but stopped pursuing it due to raising children and paying bills. Well 12 years later after reading this blog, you’ve inspired me to go back to my roots…entertainment. Well, really I can’t just narrow it down to entertainment. I feel myself being in a position to be a medium of energy to large audiences in some capacity, whether it be acting or speaking. OMG Girl…you just lite a hellavu fire in my undies!!! Taking this one into meditation.

    Thanks Melody….
    Big ole sloppy hugs and kisses,


  • Melody,
    I cried reading this. Yes, I’m an actor, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, okay?

    Everything you just wrote is pure GOLD! You hit it on the nose when you emphasized that acting (and other forms of art) is a spiritual experience and that it’s really about CONNECTION. I had lost sight of that root! You’re right, at the core, I want to give and share my creative energy with others, I want to affect people, and contribute myself to a bigger product/experience i.e. a movie, TV show, or play. Daniel Day-Lewis once said when he was struggling (hard to believe he ever struggled, right?) that it’s really frustrating to have that energy but no release/outlet for it if no one gives you a job. But I guess you can create the feeling of having a job in your mind; you can give yourself the outlet. I never thought to focus on just that feeling, but when you talked me through it in this post, I strongly felt the power *Cue ’90s song “I’ve Got the Power”* and NO resistance!!! You’re like, magic!

    But I also want the recognition, admiration and validation that comes with the industry. I still feel jealousy and envy when I see others succeeding. It taunts me and reminds me that I’m so not even close to being there. I hate that feeling. I can only be happy for people if they’re successful in other areas or if they’re “lower” than me because I want to be the BEST. I want my success to be higher than my friends’ around me. That’s terrible, I know!!! I’m still trying to figure that one out…A decade of rejection has left me feeling unworthy. At one point I even felt unworthy of getting an entire post devoted to my question. I seriously need to re-read your post on self-love!

    But alas, I feel a huge amount of appreciative energy at this moment. I’ve only discovered your blog about a month ago but it has changed my life, and I know I’m not the only one that benefits from you and I know you hear this a lot, but I wanna thank the shit out of you. Literally. If I hugged you as tight as I want to, I bet some shit would come out (you like poop jokes right?). If I ever do go to the Oscars though, we’ll go dress shopping together 😉

    Shit Hugs,
    Hopeful Again!

    • P.S. I think I’m going to have to put “Transmitter of Energy” on my resume. That’ll intrigue casting directors for sure!

    • Hey, Awesome actor dude!

      I agree with what Melody said and I want to add a few things to that for inspiration.

      Comedian Patton Oswalt has a great speech he gave basically telling the “gatekeepers” they’re not needed anymore. With the Internet, you can create your own show. Get a group of your friends together, write something, rent equipment, find a cheap location or just do something out of your apartment. Who knows what you may be able to do. Do it for the fun of it – something maybe you’ve had in mind for a while, something different.

      Look at Felicia Day. I remember her from the Sears commercial. She didn’t have ONE line. Now she’s started her own little geek-nerd empire (I love her, BTW.) Her web series spun off into DVD sales and that spun into more acting jobs, and now geek-nerds all over know her name. And it started from her creating a show based her love of playing MMORPG games. She may not be known all over, but she has a niche fan base who loves her.

      And Wil Wheaton, he’s been able to resurrect his childhood acting career and embraces his Wesley character from ST: Next Generation, all by blogging about his life and partnering with Felicia Day and fellow geeks.

      As a writer, I know what it’s like to have gatekeepers seemingly keeping you from your dream. But in today’s world, we don’t need them. You want to act, then start a web series and star in in. I read that Jason Segel wrote his own movies because he’s NOT a leading man type and figured it was the best way to get a starring role. So I encourage you to not only hold on to your dream, but think outside the box. You don’t have to do ANYTHING the old way anymore.

      Creative types unite!

      • Hey Christina!
        Thanks for your support and input! You’re absolutely right about being proactive and creating your own work, not having to wait for anyone else to make your dreams come true. My problem with this is that I have yet to be inspired to actually go out and produce my own stuff. There’s no inspired action for me to make my own films or web series, not sure why! It just feels like a lot of work and not fun. And when I’m not motivated or inspired to do something I get lazy as hell!! I don’t want to have to find a director, camera operator, etc. I used to do the typical networking and hustling to meet people in the industry and gain connections but that itself was also a lot of work. I didn’t enjoy it.

        So now I’m just waiting to get inspired to do something other than go on auditions. But I love your gatekeeper analogy! I think my mind was my own gatekeeper; I was keeping myself from success. For now, I’ll let the Universe think outside the box for me and deliver something perfect 😉

        Creative types unite indeed! Creative Power!! lol.

        • Keep your eyes and ears open then. There may be a writer with an independent project needing an actor. Ask for them to be revealed to you. You may already be friends with a writer, or maybe you can collaborate with someone. But keep your mind open for inspiration for maybe your own project as well. It’s all around you.

    • Hey Awesome Actor Dude,

      About the jealousy thing: Practice seeing the success of others as a good thing – a sign that success is possible, for them AND you, instead of seeing as a bad sign that you will not be successful. It’s like if you’re practicing being a guitar player and you see someone who’s really good at it. You can choose to let that bring you down, and make you feel bad that you’re not as good as them yet, or you can choose to be inspired by them and as a sign of things to come.

      As you line up with success, you’ll see more and more success around you. If you see it as a good sign, as a sign of things to come, you’ll get more. If you see it as a bad sing, you’ll get less. It’s that simple.

      I’m so glad this post helped you. It was a pleasure to write. And yep, I like poop jokes. And hugs. Although, I’ve never literally had the shit hugged out of me, so that would be a first. Please wait until after the Oscars and the after parties, though. I don’t want to ruin the dress. 😉

      Huge hugs,


  • OMG I loved this article! I was feeling a little like Awesome Acting Dude today, mostly just tired and it was beginning to be a little difficult to connect with the core feeling of why I want to be an artist. And, of course, LOA brought about this article! Thank you Melody and Awesome Acting Dude! This was exactly what I needed today 🙂

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