The realization

I had a realization today. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing myself say “I’m so busy. I’m barely keeping up. I’m trying to catch up. I have no time” to various people in all kinds of situations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that my business is going so well (THANK YOU!), but the fact is that I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed for some time. And itโ€™s not that I haven’t done anything about it. I’ve streamlined my business, and done my best to try and cut down on work, but it hasn’t been enough. I’ve been parroting the same message over and over again: “I don’t have enough time.”

As is the case when we’re not paying attention to something, the Universe brings BIGGER manifestations in an attempt to get our attention. This morning, I looked back on this past week and realized that I’d been getting some pretty strong messages. I was just too busy to spot the pattern. Until today.

The pattern

Last weekend, the US had their Daylight Savings Time. Europe (where I live) doesn’t have their DST until three weeks later. Australia (some parts) have their DST in April (although, being in another hemisphere, their clocks go the other way), and many countries, like India, have no DST at all. For a three week period, twice a year, my entire coaching schedule goes haywire. On some days, I speak with clients in five different countries. You can imagine how fun it is to juggle all that when the clocks suddenly (and totally needlessly) go haywire.

This past week, despite my best efforts, some schedule changes simply didn’t go well. Some of these were so ridiculous (everything that could’ve possibly gone wrong, went wrong), it was clear that it was all orchestrated to get my attention.

On top of that, I was suddenly bombarded with people emailing me, asking that I answer their questions. When I replied that I had added their question to the list of blog posts to write, they continued to send mails, almost DEMANDING answers. Some even began to use a second email address to mail me the same question again and again. The bombardment didn’t stop even when I politely pointed out that trying to manipulate or harass me into publishing a post wouldn’t make it come out any faster (quite the opposite in fact). Again, there was a pattern designed to get my attention.

The trigger

And boy, did it. I felt stressed out, overwhelmed, completely unable to ever catch up. Nothing triggers that feeling better than telling someone that you’ve got too many emails and they email you MORE. Something’s got to give.

The solution

Therefore, I’ve made the decision to reduce my blog posting schedule to twice a week (from three times). I’ll keep Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I’ll no longer be publishing a blog post on Sundays. This has always been the most stressful one for me to get out, given that I also publish a coaching call on the same day. I know that many of you really look forward to each blog post, and I really hope you understand why I have to cut down. If my situation changes in the future, I can always add a day back in, but right now, publishing three times a week is beginning to feel like a massive burden. And that’s not ok, in my book.

Of course, I also know that many of you have been complaining that I write too much, and that you can’t keep up with my prolific publishing schedule, so, you know, you’re welcome.

The reason it’s taken me so long to reduce my blogging schedule is because I actually love answering people’s questions. I didn’t want to answer LESS of them. But I also realize that many of you would like to see me publish a book, or come up with a comprehensive program that can help you really solve a problem step by step, and with my current work schedule, that will never happen. The time’s got to come from somewhere.

I SO appreciate this wonderful community, and I really don’t want to let you guys down in any way. I hope that you’ll understand and will continue to support this blog and the awesome people here, even if I write a bit less.

I will continue to publish the coaching call on Sundays, and will post them here. It’s my version of a wee bit of marketing. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your priority?

I’d like to take this opportunity to get a bit of feedback from you. Since it’s now clear that my time is limited (obvious to everyone but me, apparently), what would you like to see me spend it on the most? What do you find most valuable about the blog (including the stuff for sale), and what kinds of products or services (paid or free) would help you the most, keeping in mind that I’m only one person? I’m really looking forward to hearing your answers and stealing your ideas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sending you huge, smooshy, happy, shiny and grateful puppy hugs,


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  • You are an amazing human being. Thank you for sharing your talent so generously with us. Books, cds, dvds, movies, mp3 are all fabulous ideas. Also maybe a business partners who shares your visions, goals, energies and dreams that can pick up some of the book keeping, scheduling, or even clients with you? I know you can manifest that person. : ) . Love and hugs.

  • Take care of yourself Melody! If you need to cut back by all means do! I have found 3 posts a week, while really awesome, is actually to much for me to keep up with. I often need more time between posts to let them sink in so I usually don’t read them all as soon as they come out.
    I also spend time reading through your older posts so if I ever need a happiness-boost I just go and re-read from your older posts if you don’t have anything new out. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think your doing the right thing stepping back and not pushing yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Big Hugs! Adrienne

  • That kind of stuff has been happening to me too! Mostly the “Everything that could go wrong, did”, but just know you aren’t alone. For you astrology fans out there, Mercury was in retrograde. Dun Dun Dunnnn!! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I see it as if you didn’t do this for yourself you wouldn’t be practicing what you preach. I think this is a great way to show us that taking care of yourself can be done, and SHOULD be done. Your site changed my life, so I’ll happily get the blogs twice a week. I am so, SO, grateful to you, Melody! As the previous decade used to say, “You go girl!”

  • Bravo Melody,
    I love your blogs & always look forward to them. But I fully appreciate how much time these things must take to write & you give that time for free. You have a huge heart & a generous spirit so I am truly grateful that you do what you do at all. I will continue to look forward to each one & am delighted that you are taking some more time for you. Good on you Girl!!! If at some time you can write something to help us poor souls stay on an optimistic path, that would be great. It’s like I know that path I should be on to be happier but I keep taking pointless detours into, bitchyville, pissyville & worse judgementville!!! Sure these days I get back on the Happy Highway quicker but any tips for staying rather than straying would be fantastic. When you have time. Keep up the great works.

  • I am a newbie to you, your blogs, Facebook, but I am enjoying everything I’m reading thoroughly.

    First, I LOVE the suggestion of one commenter that you need to hire a personal assistant. I am an assistant extraordinaire and would be happy to discuss the potential that seems to abound :)))

    Second, I have the opposite problem: I have programmed myself for YEARS that I have too much time (I know; how odd is that?) so I get nothing done! It’s taken me all this time to realize it so I’m going the opposite way and trying to fill my time in enjoyable pursuits. So far, it’s slow going but I have great faith that something great is about to break through for me.

  • dear Melody

    Thanks for all the wisdom, you sent my way. really appreciate the common sense and down to earth material. Really helped me dozens of times. Keep up the great wwork.
    Totally support your new plans and send my blessings to you.

  • I love receiving your posts, but I do tend to read each one several times, so I totally agree with most of the commentors here that cutting back to what you can comfortably do is the right thing to do. I really appreciate your insights, they have helped me more than you can ever know! Thank you.

    I would love it if you were able to free up more consulting time as I was considering this just when the available slots seemed to run dry (ok, that could be a whole different manifestation too).

    Basically, just thank you for the fantastic information and inspiration and the help you give.

  • Hey Melody,

    I hope the new blogging schedule will allow you to pack more serenity into your life!

    Regarding priorities, I would also like to see a book and I think I’m not the only one. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Good for you, Melody. To be honest I’d be happy if you did even 1 post a week, because your posts are so full of awesome LOA stuff that it’s enough to last the next 7 days.

    At a time like this it’s important to remember the wise words of Mr. Macklemore when he says “I wear your grandad’s clothes, I’ll look incredible”.

    …I never said it had anything to do with this post.

  • The way the laws work kiddo is we get who we are…because it’s all a match. What am I saying…you teach this with every post. Point being some of your beliefs haven’t been serving you well…so I say good riddance to them. And choosing whatever new beliefs you need to support your desire to write a book (yay, I can’t wait), release overwhelm and give you a chance to breathe…I say go for it kiddo.

    You are absolutely fabulous at guiding, and leading and showing the way to lead a happier, more fulfilled life…and now you get to choose it for yourself. Bravo.

    Love Elle

  • Melody you big beautiful heart!

    With your oh so tiny bit of extra time from not blogging three (splendiferous) times a week, I am hoping you dive into a book — nay, a series of books! I think there are many like me who digest work best in the written form.

    I am CRAVING a Book By Melody, not only selfishly for me, but also to give them out as gifts. It should be a nice income stream for you too over time . . . .

    Thanks for spilling out your seriously cool soul here —


  • Hi Melody,
    You have to take care of yourself or you won’t be able to take care of others. For those of us who love to give and help others, it’s hard to make choices like those. Personally, I’ve been going back and forth on how to handle the time dilemma myself. Big changes ahead!

    Take care! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love you Mel, you’ve been such a help to me :* No explanations necessary IMO, when you’re providing a fantastic free service! Chill out! xo

  • Whatโ€™s my priority?, Whatโ€™s my priority???? …..

    My priority is that you don’t burn yourself out by trying to keep everyone happy , your first priority should be to keep yourself happy and do what your heart is telling you to do.

    Personally I feel that one blog per week with all the other things you are trying to do in the small amount of time you have to do it would be the way to go but that’s only my opinion.

    I sense from your post that you are a little confused about the best course of action that would suit everybody and that you don’t want your readers upset by any decisions you make – follow your Beautiful Heart Melody it will never lie to you – if your readers don’t understand that you have a life of your own seperate from the one that tries its’ best to help them sort out their’s then that’s their problem not yours’ , trying to be everything for everybody doesn’t work , sooner or later it takes it’s toll.

  • Melody, please, please, please do what feels right to you (just like you preach to us to do!). Have no fear, you won’t lose your audience. The more you try to be a “people pleaser”, the softer and softer your own inner voice becomes until you can hardly hear your genuine self. Stop apologizing! Go in the direction that the Divine leads you, k?

  • Hi Melody, the more I read your blog, the more I love you. So many many many times the stuff you experience and say is MY stuff. Please do reduce your blogging. I would rather have one really authentic, loving, considered, really awesome post from you – or two if that’s what you want to do – than have you burn yourself trying to meet some self-imposed schedule. After all, this new paradigm of “work” that you are doing has no rules. It is not an office job or a retail job, it’s manifesting magic, and you can do that on your own terms. Do not cut back on the coaching calls. We need these. And others get a benefit too. And people you are harassing you for attention. Well that is not respectful.

  • Remember what you said a while back about setting boundaries? Well, another reason to put them into place. A lot of bloggers may only post once weekly or bi-weekly, so we’ve really been quite indulged with the 3 per week posts. It’s all good, Melody, but you deserve a personal life too, and if it’s causing stress then by all means make some cuts. I doubt you will lose any followers. Your perspective and teachings are far too precious and insightful for that to happen. Know that you have everyone’s support.

    • I agree whole-heartedly with this. 3 posts a week has been a luxury, but I’d love you to write a book or do something else exciting!!

      Also looking forward to listening to the coaching call, sounds HOT!

  • I think a book or a step by step life changing program from you would be totally amazing, Melody ๐Ÿ˜€ I really hope you take a break from working too hard though, as much as I love reading your posts, everyone needs to chill sometimes x

  • Hi Melody,

    I always look forward to your posts, so one post less is a bummer honestly :(. Nevertheless, its important to only bite what you can chew. And I think – Relaxed Melody = more awesome posts. So, its a win-win. Thanks for all that u do and I hope this helps u to take a breather. More power to you.

  • Hi, Mel. You do realize that Mercury has been in retrograde for the past 3-1/2 weeks — probably explains your scheduling snafus. The Messenger planet goes direct today (that’s Sunday, 3/17 in my part of the world), so things should run more smoothly now. (My tour of duty during the retrograde included a trojan horse virus that brought my computer to its knees, eliciting no more than a sad little blip when I tried to boot it. Errrrrrrrrrgh! Anyway, all better now.)

    btw, my solution for feeling overwhelmed by outside demands is to crawl under the covers and pretend my bed is a magical dream machine. Sooooooooo sooooooooooothing.

    I actually get giddy at the prospect of closing the door, turning out the lights and setting my imagination to: DREAM BIG, BABY. (And no, I’m NOT talking about sex.)

    I also have a small velvet bag filled with 12 totem coins, each with a message (Believe, Magic, Explore, Love, Dance, Wish, Imagine, Work/(flip side) Play, Yes/(flip side) No), et al.

    I usually pull out one coin to get the ball rolling. Last night’s was “Yes.” Cool, cuz I was thinking about winning the lottery. ;?P

    Glad you’re taking a breather, girl.

  • Hi Melody
    Whatever you give both paid and free is of huge benefit. My life wouldn’t be what it is now (and the future) without your blogs/coaching. If you gave just 1 blog and no-more per week you make it so easy for us to go away and work on ourselves. I love what you do and appreicate what you give me. As and when you publish a book/CD I will be one of the first to buy it. A business/job should be fun to do……..isn’t that what you told me lol xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Melody:

    I am totally in support of your new schedule! Since I found your site last fall, I have been somewhat in awe of the number of blog posts you do each week, particularly because each of your posts is so full of wonderful, meaningful ideas!

    I am like some of the other people who answered above, that I was having trouble reading and digesting three posts every week anyway. If I ever get bored, I can go back and read past posts in your archives!

    Regarding your question about the type of products your customers prefer, for me the most valuable thing right now is your coaching service, which is of enormous benefit to me! I also find great value in your ability to answer questions that I put on the private coaching page between live phone coaching sessions. Since cutting down on the number of blog posts will probably enable you to continue with the service of answering written questions between coaching calls, I say great!

    Huge hugs and great appreciation for what you do!


  • Hi Melody!!

    I was on facebook and you popped up, so here I am!

    First of all, you do a service for FREE, that has incalculable benefits and gifts for those who read your blog. You spend a lot of time and effort to help many, for free! I know you work hard and I totally get why you would need to cut back. I’ve only written a couple of posts and I know how long it can take just have an idea formulate in my head, not to include putting it down on paper in any kind of readable format!!!

    So, no matter how much you have to cut back on these posts, each one makes things move, makes things change, and gives people tips that are pricless. You keep posting your insights, your incredible way of looking at things, and I know soooo many will always appreciate every one!!! When you can answer questions, then do, but never feel you must spend your every waking minute trying to help everyone of us, you over achiever you!!!

    I know you’ve already figured this out, but I just want you to know that I think you’re the most awesomest ever, and will never regret any changes you make that make your life better! And that you tell everyone, and explain the process is just another huge gift that everyone can learn and grow from.

    Ok enough about you…why haven’t you answered my question? *snicker* Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Huge luv and support to you

  • You rock, Mel! Actually, I am kind of glad because it was hard to keep up with three posts a week at times! It takes a couple of days sometimes to digest a post and read the comments as well. So, from my end, this is great- just posting the call every Sunday. I will miss the third post, but it really is for the better, especially is you are so swamped and find it hard to keep up with everything the way it is evolving.

    But the two weekday posts will be the breath if fresh air I need to be reminded about as I go through the week. And the calls are superb. I learn so much with each call and listen to them again for further understanding. It’s all good. And I wish you had more time to answer questions, but know its just not possible but thank you for your being here and for hosting such a lovely community!

  • Brava! Your candid human response, backed by LOA wisdom, speaks loud and clear of your integrity. I really enjoy everything you offer and support your decision to continue freeing up your own path in any way that you feel is necessary. I am grateful for what you offer and it’s been really fun getting to peek inside your world! (I’ve been hanging around in it for about 2 weeks now). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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