Awesome Jackie asks: “My Question is how do I lift myself into a better vibrational feeling when circumstances are really challenging? I’m trying so hard, but in my gut I feel sad all the time. I want to feel better and manifest a better life but I’m struggling. My husband after 25 years of marriage ran off with someone else. He had gone bankrupt so I lost my home. I imagined meeting a kind man with a lovely smile and 4 months later I did. We were together for 4 years and I loved him with all my heart but worried all the time he would leave me. If only I had known then what I know now. He recently left me. He said he doesn’t even know why as I’m wonderful, but he sees me more as a sister and can’t get the “in love” feeling back. I moved out of his home and I am now in a room at a friend’s. I’ve made all these things happen to myself.

All I want is to love and be loved by someone and I so want my own little home again. I’ve read so many of your blogs and books and feel I understand so much more. My problem is I ache inside for my ex-partner; I miss Him. I’m trying not to and I keep saying to myself let go and heal.

I’m trying to lift myself out of this feeling so I can think happy thoughts for a better tomorrow. How do you think happy thoughts and mean it when deep down inside you are sad?”  

Dear Awesome Jackie,

It sounds like you’ve had quite a bit of upheaval. First, I want you to acknowledge something: Your entire life has changed drastically. You “lost” everything, and yet, here you are, plugging away, actively looking for ways to feel better. You didn’t give up, you didn’t throw in the towel, you didn’t capitulate and resign yourself to a life of misery. You’re fighting to feel better, and that not only takes strength, but courage. So, bravo you awesome puppy, you. Go on, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. 🙂

Now, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Focus on the process

Whenever you find yourself in an emotionally volatile situation, or when there’s a danger that you’ll be negatively affected by the people or circumstances around you, do your best to focus on the process instead of the physical reality you can observe. What does that mean? Well, you’re already doing it to some extent:

When you focus on the process, you look at how the Law of Attraction is working. You look for underlying cause and effect. For example, you were able to see how you attracted a man leaving you by being really worried about him leaving you. When you focus on the process instead of the tragedy, you’ll feel more in control. Things will begin to make more sense, or at least, you’ll remember that the possibility of them making sense exists. Nothing feels worse than the thought that random crap just happens to you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Realizing that everything is a manifestation is a good way to get some distance from what’s happened and take a breath.

There IS a reason for why everything happens, even if you don’t yet know what it is. And every single manifestation is there to serve you, no matter what it looks like in the moment.

Understand your pain

Your ex left. You miss him. It hurts. It would be logical to assume that you’re in pain because you miss your ex. But that’s not the case.

Other people’s behavior cannot hurt us. Ever. Other people’s behavior can make us think thoughts about ourselves that hurt, though. This may seem like semantics, but the difference is actually HUGE. When you think that another person’s absence has the power to cause you pain, you give all your power to them. You say “If you would only come back, I could feel better.”

When you realize that your pain is caused by how you are looking at yourself, you take your power back. Because you can’t force your ex to come back (that’s called kidnapping, Jackie. And it’s not as easy as they make it look on TV. Or, um, so I’ve read), but you CAN change your own thoughts. You can control what you focus on and you can deliberately choose a different perspective. When you give all your power to your ex, you have no control over how you feel at all. And that feels awful. Focusing on what you can control and realizing that it’s good enough feels a hell of a lot better.

Ask “Why?”

In order to figure out what’s really going on, dig down a bit into your pain. The easiest way to do this is to ask “why?”, over and over again.

For example:

“My ex left me. I miss him. It hurts.” – Why? Why does that hurt? [Note: These questions aren’t going to be that easy to answer. Give it some time, sit with them and see what comes up for you.]

“Well, it hurts because now I’m alone.” – Why? Why is being alone so horrible?

“Because I don’t want to be alone. It feels awful.” – Why? What would you have if you were not alone that you cannot have without a partner?

“I’d get laid, for one thing. And I’d get cuddles, and have someone to talk to.” – Dig deeper. What would you be able to feel that you don’t now feel? What would you NOT feel that you do now feel?

“This is hard. Can’t you just tell me the damn answer?” – No. And don’t take that tone with me, Missy. Now drop and give me twenty… feelings.

“Ok. Right now I feel lonely. I feel rejected. I feel afraid that I might never find another man, that I’ll be alone forever. I feel like there’s something wrong with me. Maybe my vibration is broken. Maybe I’m just crap at creating my reality. I want someone in my life. I want to be loved. I want to love. I want to feel wanted and needed. I want someone to come home to because I hate being alone at night. That’s the worst time, that’s when the loneliness really hits me.” – Why? Why at night?

“Well, I suppose that’s when there are fewer distractions. That’s when the thoughts come up.” – What thoughts?

“The unhappy thoughts. That I’m not good enough. That nobody wants me.”

So, what you’re saying is that when you have someone in your life, someone who looks at you with eyes of love and acceptance, it’s easier for you to feel good about yourself. And that when you’re alone, it becomes painfully apparent that you don’t really feel all that great about yourself, quite the contrary actually. In fact, you think so little of yourself, that you think the odds of you finding even one more person in this entire world with its billions of people are slim. I don’t know Jackie; you’re either some hideously deformed Quasimodo with chronic halitosis and a personality that would make Hitler (who by the way did find love, just saying) seem cuddly, or you’re freaking wrong. I mean, are you seriously going to argue that Hitler could attract a soul mate, but not you? I think I’ve made my point.

Withdrawal symptoms

Of course it’s easier to feel loved when someone loves you. And of course it’s easier to feel accepted and validated when someone accepts you. It’s easier to feel worthy. But that’s a bit like saying it’s easier to feel happy when you’re stoned. Yes, it works, but it’s temporary. When you depend on an outside source to make you feel good, you are, once again, giving your power away. The second that this person withdraws their attention or leaves your reality, you’ll come down off your high and go into withdrawal. Not only that, but since your good feelings are based entirely on the behavior of the other person, you need them to give you your fix all the freaking time. The second they don’t, your true emotions come to the surface and they feel awful. You become needy (a bit like a drug addict jonesing for the needle) and afraid that you might never get that feeling back. You forget that you can feel good on your own, without the attention of a man, and you become dependent on your fix.

But you do have the power to feel good, all on your own. You don’t need the artificial stimulation of drugs, and you don’t need men to make you feel good. Of course, it’s a lot easier to enjoy a good glass of wine when you no longer NEED it. And it’s a lot easier to enjoy a relationship and relate to a man in a healthy way, when you no longer NEED him to make you feel good.

Ask “What if?”

Now that I’ve explained why you feel the way you do (which can bring relief already), let’s look at how to shift those feelings. We’ve identified your core fear:

You’re not good enough

There are many, many different ways to approach a belief like this. We could dig down and figure out how this belief was formed (usually in childhood) and help you come to a different conclusion. We could find related memories which have the same energy but don’t trigger you as much, and reframe them, thereby shifting the energy of the whole. But these techniques take a bit of time and require some expertise, and I know you want some relief NOW. It’s also nearly impossible to use them WHILE you’re being triggered.

I could also tell you to change the subject, find something to focus on that’s not related and already feels good, but I’m guessing that you’ve already tried that and the thoughts about your ex are just too in your face to ignore. The bastards won’t shut the hell up. So, we’re going to use the WHAT IF technique. Essentially, you take the opposite of your fears and ask “What if that scenario I want were true?”

What if you were good enough? What if your ex didn’t leave you because you’re not good enough, but because you’re about to shift out of that limiting belief and he doesn’t have the ability to keep up with the new, fabulous you? Think about it: If he was able to keep up, the manifestation would’ve unfolded differently (or maybe it is. There’s always the possibility that he’ll come back once your energy allows it…). What if you’re on your way to an even better relationship?

It’s all about the upgrade

How about this: you manifested this man. You focused on finding a smiling man and you got one. Was he perfect? Yes. He was the perfect mirror to your vibration. He had loads of good stuff (to which you had to be a match, so bravo!), and some bad stuff (mirroring your fears back to you so you could become aware of them, release them and manifest someone even better! So yay!). He wasn’t a match to everything you wanted, but he was a match to what you were capable of receiving. Now, if you managed to manifest one pretty awesome guy, what in the hell makes you think that you can’t manifest another one?? Do you think you only get one? This isn’t Highlander Jackie. There can’t be only one. There can be many. You can have as many as you need to practice on until you get it right. You get to keep refining what you want and what you’re a match to, and if the man you’re currently with can’t keep up with you, you get to upgrade to a newer model with more features.

When your old, rickety computer becomes too slow and finally gives out on you, do you become afraid that you’ll never, ever get another computer, or are you excited to get a newer, better one? Now, before I’m accused of supporting the act of leaving an old, wrinkly spouse for a younger, bouncier model, let me point out that in this analogy, the old, slow PC often does have the ability to morph into a newer model (it, like, adds memory and shit. Ok, no analogy is perfect *sigh*).

So, what if you did find another guy, and one that was even BETTER than your ex? Take a moment and let that sink in. Yes, it will feel weird and you may even feel reluctant to go there. Bust through the reluctance and allow yourself to dream. No harm will come of it, I promise.

What if it’s only going to bet better?

What if you got a guy who had all the great qualities of Mr. Ex, and MORE? What if the things that annoyed you about X weren’t there, but instead, there were qualities you enjoyed? What if he was attentive and kind and sexy and successful and happy and adventurous and cuddly and amazing in bed and enthusiastic and funny and smart and witty and adorable and strong and emotionally evolved, and absolutely freaking crazy about you? Make sure you spend at least 15 minutes envisioning this.

Why 15 minutes? Because most people quit way too early and don’t get all the way there, they don’t get the benefit of actually feeling the massive shift that comes when you really reach for the emotion you’re trying to achieve. If you aim for 15 minutes, you’ll there. Also, most people are horrible at judging how long they’ve been focusing. When I tell them to focus for at least 2 minutes, they invariably quit after 20 seconds. So, I’m upping the instruction to 15. Even if you grossly overestimate the amount of time that’s passed, you still can’t go wrong. And yes, I’m itching to make a sex joke here, but I won’t. It’s too freaking obvious and I’m better than that (and yes, I realize that it may not have been obvious to you before, but that you just re-read the last paragraph through dirty, dirty eyes. You’re welcome. Ha!)

Rinse and repeat

As you imagine the first WHAT IF scenario, you’re going to notice that some resistance comes up. For example, you may find yourself unwilling to imagine yourself with a successful guy, even though that’s what you really want. Ask yourself “Why” questions and dig down until you get an answer. You may mind that you have an association – you believe that if a man is successful he can’t also be attentive; he’ll be so busy with his business, that he’ll never have time for you. In that case, ask WHAT IF questions that contradict this specific association. What if he was successful AND attentive? What would that look like? Set the timer for 15 minutes and imagine it.

You may then find yourself unwilling to imagine him being really attractive to you. Dissect the reluctance by asking “Why” questions. You may figure out that you believe that if he’s really sexy (in your eyes), then he can’t possibly be attracted to you. This is a common belief. Now, turn that belief on its head and ask WHAT IF. What if he was super hot AND couldn’t keep his hands off you? This will be an uncomfortable thought at first. Set the timer and persevere.

Give yourself permission to go for it

The most important thing to remember in this exercise is that you MUST give yourself permission to imagine the WHAT IF scenarios. Just go for it. Don’t hold back. Push through the reluctance and play pretend. What if it all worked out? What if you’re supposed to be happy? What if imagining these scenarios could bring them about? What if we’re all a lot more powerful than we were taught to believe? What if this is all a hell of a lot simpler than we thought it was?

What if we’re all supposed to get exactly what we want? What if we did get exactly what we want? What if everything that happens is just designed to move us closer to what we want, and what if that’s working whether or not we realize it or even believe it? What if all your life has been leading up to this moment? What if you let go, relaxed, trusted that everything is always working out for you, and just went with it? What if you stopped struggling? What if it was easy? What would that look like? What would it feel like?

Yeah. 🙂

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  • Yet another fabulous post; thank you!
    Funny how we can while away 15 minutes doing so many things, but it really is hard to focus on our happy thoughts/imaginings for that same amount of time. It seems to work, though, so I’ll be setting a timer! 🙂

  • The focus time misconception is so true. I’m still getting used it. 15 minutes is 1/96 of a day. You’d think it would be a walk in the park & yet, sometimes you feel like it’s been forever.

    Obviously, a part of that is because you’re not “doing” much which hooks into the belief many people have that action includes movement which is not true, but still in there a bit for me.

    I think it’s time I venture more into meditation. I’ve been a jumping bean my whole life. I have to learn how to chill more lol

  • I didn’t take the time to read this until several days after it was posted. I’ve been working from home and also using vacation time so I could focus on some things going on in my life and what I wanted/needed to do. I asked the other day for clarification that it was time to let go of a 3 year relationship (after a year on my own after a 25 year marriage). I received several confirmations within a couple of hours of asking. Since that time, I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s so hard for me … and I read this post. The way Jackie is feeling and what she’s going through are duplicated in my life. I needed this post TODAY … not several days ago (I wouldn’t have paid attention and it likely would not have had an impact). Thank you.

  • Great post melody. There have been so many times when I have gone through very difficult situations, and I think why me?! But if you try real hard, you can usually take something positive from any situation after the fact.

    Something you learned about yourself, something that got you to a better place in the future that might never have happened had you not gone through the difficult times first, etc. It’s not always easy, but you need to believe in yourself and think positive and believe that things will unfold as they should and that everything happens for a reason. Thanks for posting.

  • Excellent post!!! I really could’ve used this approx 2 years ago. But hey, I appreciate having this knowledge now!

    That joke (once I reread because I was totally one of the ones who didn’t get it the first time around) was sheer hilarium!!! I rarely literally LOL when reading but that did it!

  • Hi Melody,

    I’ve been thinking about this phrase: “Other people’s behavior cannot hurt us. Ever.” I think I need some clarification/elaboration here because I don’t really get it. Take this situation for example, a wife ignoring her husband. How can the husband not be hurt. The husband need not even think of any thoughts, the ignorance from the wife is enough to hurt. Imagine the husband coming home from work everyday and the wife sees the husband but doesn’t speak to the husband or locks herself in her room and completely ignores the husband. And also, Melody, will you be able to know how the husband attracted the ignorance from his wife?

    Someone did an experiment with jars of rice. Please refer to the following website – The jar of rice that was ignored had the most shocking result of all. Bugs appeared in the jar and consumed the rice and they all died! So, I think people’s behavior can certainly hurt us.

    Melody, please shed some light.

    Thank you.

    • Wow, Chris, thank you so much for sharing that experiment. It reminds me of how my grandmother treated her plants. When she watered them, spoke to them nicely and pet them, they were in full, healthy bloom. When she scolded them, not as much. So, we can conclude that energy sure plays a vital role in things.

      I would agree with you in your example of the wife and husband. The husband can remove himself from the situation for a while and see what happens. Can they start speaking again and be loving? If not, then wouldn’t the husband need to change his situation by leaving her if he gets so hurt and there is no love between them, or at least the kind of love and communication he desires? Maybe he needed that situation to point this out to him.

      I have also asked other spiritualists this questions recently, because I have been judged and criticized by my immediate family and my heart did break open, as it hurt tremendously. Yet, as Melody states here, this is just not possible, because, even according to others, you can stay away from family for a while and build up your vibration, and even when they do act that way toward you, you can just nod and it does not matter what they say, it only matters how you feel inside about yourself and what you project outward. you may not allow the words to penetrate your heart. When they do this, you can mentally hug THEM and even physically, if there is no danger, and their energy will be dissipated, at least temporarily, getting you off the hook on that visit. So, it does depend on your energy. Even if we are not treated well, if we, I guess, know ourselves and if we soothe ourselves, then we can survive any situation, if a child, and, if an adult, we can change the situation. I still would think there are emotional issues if a child grows up in an environment with bad vibes, though.

      I know we all want love and deserve love, of course, but even if this is not the case, with energy, it is possible to change a situation. It is easier said than done, I know. Also, the bad behavior has more to do with the person displaying it rather than the one it is directed towards, but still, it does play a role. Another example being my dad’s heart condition, which I attribute it to living with my very difficult mom for so many years, but they never did anything about it so now bother suffer for it- she with extreme high blood pressure and he from arrythmias, only because, perhaps they should have not stayed together but did so for the sake of their children, as their culture dictated.

      Anyway, I just wanted to add some more info on that, as I wonder about it myself.

  • I loved this post, Melody, Thanks Jackie for asking this question:-) . Melody, what about when you are feeling guilty for your partner lack of love for you. what if you were the one to leave the relationship because of that and now you feel like it was your fault ge stopped loving you because of your fears. How do you stop the guilt for creating that and how do you stop obssesing for his comeback and stop feeling good enough because he hasnt comeback. Sorry for the long question. Thank you

    • Hi Nala,

      Did you get an answer from Melody???
      I am in the excact, excact same situation… Having so much grieve about my failed marriage caused by my insecurities.
      With all the wisdom i do have now i would have done so many things different. But as Oprah says: if you know better, you do better.
      Xx Elisabeth

      • Hey Ladies,

        I’ve added this to my list of blog posts to write. If I have this correctly, your question is: What if your partner stopped loving you, causing you to leave, even though you still loved him and you’re now second guessing that or even holding yourself responsible for his feelings?

        Please feel free to clarify if I missed something. 🙂

        Huge hugs,


  • About the “withdrawal symptoms”… I think it’s a bit more complicated that that.

    I can see this applied with a “boyfriend”… but long standing marriages? Is it really that after spending decades with a partner where you have built houses, business, pensions, and even children, it’s all reduced to that? Something that, putting your mind to it, you can get over just like that?

    I’m in the same situation as Jakie. I’m out of my beautiful home, living in a small rented room with no job. (And believe me, it’s not like I’ve been twirling my fingers for the past 2 years, I really cannot find a job. Even though for the past month I’ve been “raising my vibrations”. It’s still no dice. For the moment.)

    It’s not just missing the relationship, it’s also missing a complete lifestyle.

    I just find it difficult to be flippant about it.

  • I’ve only discovered this properly very recently and am trying to live by it every day, still a novice though. Your blog is very interesting.

  • Hi Melody,

    Perfect timing, as often happens. I recently reconnected as friends with a man I’ve had a crush on for awhile. He was as happy to see me as I was to see him! I haven’t set a timer, but I’ve been enjoying the feeling of being cherished as I fall asleep, and life looks pretty damn awesome these days! It’s not the actual person; it’s the emotion they evoke! Ahhh…


  • Melody, you to me are the true Guru of the LOA. Nobody else can quite make sense of it or explain it in layman’s terms as well as you always do. Even if we weren’t talking about or looking at it from that perspective it’s just flat-out great teaching. I’m still processing that bit about how if Hitler could do it, anybody could…HAHA! Well, when you put it that way…

  • “This isn’t Highlander Jackie. There can’t be only one. There can be many. You can have as many as you need to practice on until you get it right. You get to keep refining what you want and what you’re a match to, and if the man you’re currently with can’t keep up with you, you get to upgrade to a newer model with more features.”

    This isn’t Highlander, Amanda!, is my new mantra. Rock on Melody!

  • Wow…another timely post,as I myself have started the process of dating.
    After 2 tries I was ready to throw in the towel. [doing the on line dating site thing]Then it happened,
    after meeting “the one” and having a a coffee date
    I walked her to her car,as she was opening her car door,the
    subject of Law of Attraction came up.[this is a true story I can’t make this stuff up]
    and yes she is quite awesome,SEXY,BEAUTIFUL along with many other great
    qualities.I guess in hindsight I shouldn’t of been surprised that she then said,that she is a big believer/follower of the law of Attraction.
    Everything you covered in todays ,post I also walked through on my own, or,under your guidance. Thank you Melody,for helping me believe,change and accept the good things life has to offer.
    stan n [walks -a lot]

  • Loved this post! I know that I need to work on this process for longer periods of time. I’m the 20-seconder who gets a little uncomfortable sometimes and just stops cold! Thanks, Mel. I freaking love your humor!! 🙂


  • Hi Melody!
    I am glad I subscribed to your blog (I found you through Dave & Dave). You are young enough to be my daughter, I’ll bet, but your wisdom and wit are well-seasoned and could only have come through experience and inspiration. Thanks for being YOU! May the rest of us, be US and not our Personae (unless, of course, we understand what a Persona is and can put it on when necessary, like for work or whatever, and then take it off when it is no longer needed!)

    Blessings 🙂
    Melody A.

  • Really awesome post, Melody. I have been having the same questions lately, so thank you so much for addressing them! Thank you so much for making it clear that the behavior of others cannot hurt us, even if it seems so, but only because if the thoughts they trigger, that’s it. So it matters not what they say or even do. This is slowly sinking in for me nowadays, so thank you. I can now really laugh it off, because people say outrageous things that never come true! It’s all abad belief system of fears that don’t make sense.

    Also, I understand that there are many, many chances in life, not just one! Every moment bring a new opportunity. I was so conditioned to thinking it is all a one shot deal, at least how I was raised, so thanks for that. Also, the key to great relationships is that they come when you are totally relaxed and not looking. They just happen and that us the beauty if LOA! So, we are all truly awesome and more attractive than we realize and worth so much more than what we are told (I had read an article stating that each if us is worth shitloads of money, far, far more than we are given credit, even if you think you are making enough). This life is a miracle if sorts in itself and some of us spend it worrying about stuff, most of which never happen, instead of just appreciating and enjoying everything. Whoa.

    And thanks so much for the timer technique. That is what I needed together all these thoughts and more importantly feelings in motion. Thank you, dearest Mel!

  • Looks like I’ve been manifesting some pretty awesome posts by you lately Melody, that are really relevant to me. Yay me!! (And yay Melody, goes without saying ;)) I like the idea of setting a timer – I find it so hard to stick to it when visualising… But this post makes it seem like a very exciting process!

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