There’s hardly a subject in the world that has more limiting beliefs associated with it than money. Nearly everyone wants more of it than they have, which, in Law of Attraction terms means that nearly everyone is somehow resisting the money they so desperately want.

My coaching clients are no different when it comes to ye olde finances and I frequently find myself addressing this topic. In the last couple of months, I’ve found myself using the same metaphor over and over again, which is always my cue to spread whatever message I’m incessantly repeating to a larger audience, namely y’all (you’re welcome). The beauty of this particular metaphor (actually more of a series of metaphors all smooshed together into a MEGA METAPHOR) is that it hits a whole variety of beliefs all at once, but does so gently. So even though beliefs about money can vary greatly, this particular perspective tends to help no matter what your own personal resistance to massive abundance is. There is one group of people who will have a hard time with this perspective – those who cannot allow any good into their lives (not love, not kindness, nothing). For those people, I would recommend that they first start with learning how to love themselves. The rest of you, strap in. This is going to be good!

Money is just energy

Let’s start with the premise that everything is energy. And if everything is energy, then it stands to reason that money is nothing but energy, as well. Everything that comes to you in your reality is in direct response to what you want (your desires) and what you allow in (your lack of resistance or lack of thoughts and beliefs that contradict your desires). That’s really the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

If we think of money as nothing but a stream of energy, it sort of takes scarcity out of the equation. If you picture a big pile of gold, and you take some of that gold away, the pile will get smaller. The whole scarcity concept says that there is only so much wealth (or whatever) to go around, and when one person gets more it means that another person now has less. This might hold up if there was a constant, never changing amount of money. Only, there isn’t. There’s more money in the world now than there’s ever been. And, for the first time in human history, we’re closer to money returning to its pure, energetic form than we’ve ever been.

A lot of people think it’s a bad thing that our currency is no longer tied to a gold standard. I do not. The gold standard was nothing but an illusion anyway, one that made it easier to believe that there was a finite amount of money. Today, the majority of money isn’t actually stored in big vaults with security guards and locks the size of a house. It’s stored on computer hard drives, in the form of zeroes and ones. It’s less physical than it’s ever been. And yet, it exists. We care very, very much how many zeroes and ones are in our bank account. Only, there’s no actual money in there. Again, a lot of people are made very uncomfortable by this. They’d prefer the “security” of having a physical representation of “their” money. You’ll notice I’m using a lot of sarcastic quotes today. That’s because the lack of security is an illusion, as is the idea that you could actually own money. Let me explain:

If money is just energy, and I think we’ve established that it is, then you can’t “own” it. You can either allow it to flow into and out of your life, or not. You can play with it, interact with it, give it, receive it, but you can’t own it. And you don’t need to. Think about it: when you go swimming in the ocean, do you need to own the water? Or can you simply enjoy floating in it? Do you try to bottle it and preserve it and ferret it away just in case the world ever runs out of ocean water? Or do you trust in the fact that the vast oceans will be there long after we’re gone? Can you trust that the waves will gently roll onto the shore any time you want to go down to the beach?

Money is just like that. There’s more of it available to us than we can imagine and we don’t have to worry that it’ll run out. We can trust that the vast oceans of money energy will always be there.

Can you allow love into your life?

Let me ask you something: Can you allow love to flow into your life? If someone wants to send you love, can you accept it? If a baby smiles at you, can you allow yourself to be uplifted by that? Don’t you automatically smile back? A baby smiling at strangers is in a state of love and trust. If you meet a really great group of people and you have a fantastic time at a party, can you appreciate that? Can you acknowledge that you allowed this amazing experience into your life, and that no one was in any way diminished by it? In fact, you were all enriched by the experience.

When something good happens to you, when you have a great time with others, when someone is nice to you, when you get a hug from a friend, when your favorite song comes on the radio, when you get the best table in the café, when a stranger’s dog who is normally shy goes totally nutso for you, can you accept that this is just love coming to you in various ways? The Universe, or God, or Source (or whatever you want to call it), is always, ALWAYS sending you love. The people it’s coming to you through are just the conduits. It’s like they’ve all put up their hands to volunteer to allow love to flow through them. And so, when you were ready to receive some love, the Universe found one of these volunteers in your vicinity and inspired you to glance at them at just the right moment to receive a smile. Perhaps you were given the gentle impulse to bump into someone, which started a fantastic conversation. Of course, in true co-creation, you also volunteered to be a conduit of some kind for the other person, but I’m going to try and keep this as simple as possible, it being a MEGA METAPHOR and all… Just to be clear, this volunteering thing isn’t generally conscious (except when you set an intention to help others, for example), but done on an energetic level. Seen from an even bigger perspective, we’re all volunteers to some extent. We agreed to help each other out just by coming to the physical. We wanted to play together and this is how we do it. We can only ever interact with each other on a voluntary basis. But I digress…

So, the Universe is sending you love, and there are all these willing conduits around you who are more than happy to bring you the love that you’re able to allow at any given time. Now, there are going to be days when you allow in more love and days on which the world seems to suck eggs. The difference between the two isn’t based on how generous the world is being that day. The generosity of the Universe is endless. Whether you experience a lot of love or not on any given day is only determined by your vibration, which is a direct result of your focus. In other words, the more of a match you are to the vibration of love and the less you contradict the reception of love, the more of it you’ll be aware of. Now, you may be wondering what the hell any of this has to do with money. Hang in there, I promise you, you’ll like this.

The round room visualization

Imagine that you’re sitting in the middle or large, round room. The walls of this round room are lined with doors – lots and lots of doors. Some are open and some are closed. All of these doors are pathways through which love energy can flow to you. Whenever you restrict the flow of love energy in any way, you close most, if not all, the doors. You can do this in two ways:

  1. You’ve deemed one or more of these pathways to be unacceptable
  2. You decide that the energy HAS TO flow to you through a particular door

Let’s say that a stranger gives you big friendly smile on the street. But, you notice that he’s a bit dirty, and he’s missing some teeth. Can you allow his smile to make you feel good, or do you dismiss it as being meaningless? Would a smile from a handsome man in a business suit have been worth more? If you get a compliment from a family member, do you value it less than if it comes from a stranger? Do you want to manifest a boyfriend but automatically dismiss certain types of men without even meeting them (everyone does this, so don’t beat up on yourself. I’m just here to help you become aware of these beliefs). Whenever you decide that you don’t like a certain pathway, you close that door, and by doing so, inadvertently close a whole bunch of doors.

Judgment of any kind about HOW energy flows to you will restrict it.

The same thing happens when you decide that the energy you want must flow to you through a specific doorway. When you decide that a very specific man has to be “the one”, you’re dismissing all other possibilities. By restricting the energy flow to just one doorway, you close all the other doorways. If you then have some resistance to that doorway, or that conduit isn’t a match to what you want (if the guy you think is “the one” isn’t), then what you want CANNOT come to you.

If, however, you can sit in the middle of that round room and accept that it doesn’t matter through which doorway the love energy flows to you, that the important thing is that you receive it and that it feels really good, then you open all the doors and love can flow to you freely. In the real world, this would mean that you appreciate any sign of love flowing to you, no matter whom or where it came from. A compliment from one person wouldn’t be worth less than that from another. A hug from a stranger would uplift you just as much as one from your lover. That baby’s smile could make your day. You would feel utterly deserving, seeing all the love flowing to you from the Universe and through so many conduits. You’d be flooded with love. This scenario, by the way, is totally available to you anytime you wish to allow it.

Money Energy is just Love Energy

Now, consider that you’re sitting in that round room and instead of love energy, you’re attracting money energy. Again, you don’t want to restrict energy by judging HOW it comes to you. Can you allow money energy to flow to you in whatever way is most easily allowed by you? The Universe is always trying to send you tons of money. And there are loads of volunteers all around you who are willing to allow the money to flow through them. You are utterly deserving of all the love/money energy you’ve ever wanted and more. All you have to do is allow it to flow to you.

If you find a dollar on the street, see it as money/love energy flowing to you from the Universe. It had to inspire someone who was willing to drop that dollar to do so in a place where you could find it. It then had to inspire you to look down at that precise moment so you’d see it. Think of the orchestration that had to go into you finding that dollar and yet, it was all willingly done for you! You are constantly being supported and looked after and cared for. The Universe is constantly rearranging itself to bring you whatever you want. The only reason that anything is ever NOT the way you want it to be is because you’ve gone and slammed a bunch of doors shut in the well-meaning, gift-laden Universe’s face. Feeling just a little douchey, now are we?

Examples of how you’re closing money doors

Any limiting beliefs you have about money will close those doors. When searching for those beliefs, look for any judgment you have about different ways in which money could come to you. You’ll either have decided that some ways are simply unacceptable or you’ve determined that one specific conduit is the only one you’ll accept. Here are some examples:

  • You’re intent on winning the lottery. To you, there’s money coming from a lottery win, which feels easy and joyful, and everything else, which feels like hard work and suffering. So, you’ve decided that your millions MUST come to you through a lottery win.
  • You DO NOT want a bunch of money coming to you from your job. You hate your job and therefore getting a raise would mean that you’re obviously working even harder and are probably going to be stuck there forever.
  • You want more money but cringe at the idea that it might come from your parents. It’s not ok for money to flow to you from them.
  • If someone owes you money, the amount that flowed from you MUST come back to you through that person. It’s not about the money, it’s about the principle. If money flows to you through another source, it doesn’t count.
  • The only way to make money is to get more clients/customers/sales. If you can’t get more clients, you can’t make more money (can you hear the doors slamming?)
  • Money energy has to come in the form of actual money. If you get something you wanted in another way, as a gift or exchange for example, it doesn’t count the same.
  • If you get money but it’s not “enough”, it’s basically worth nothing.

When you begin to think in terms of closing doors by judging the ways in which money or love can come to you, you may well find that you’ve been resisting what you want in many, many ways. Open those doors up, make it ok for the energy to come to you in whatever way it wants to, and you’ll open all the doors. The energy will flow freely and you’ll get what you want easily.

Don’t judge the HOW. Don’t try to control the HOW. Don’t shut those doors. Just sit in the middle of that round room and let it stream to you through ALL the doorways. Don’t try to hold on to it. Let it flow through you. Interact with it, play with it, receive it and give it. Appreciate it in any amount and however it’s come into your experience. Love it. Because money energy and love energy are the same thing. Money is love. Money is love. Say it with me now: Money is love!

Now, it’s your turn. I’ve given you several examples of how you might be shutting those doors. Can you think of anymore? Share your examples in the comments! (By the way, even though I’m no longer responding as much to comments, please rest assured that I’m reading each and every one and I love you guys for being so willing to share. Smooshy puppy hugs to all of you!)

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  • Closing doors by believing that a job will make me miserable so I can’t make money that way. And simultaneously also believing that a job is the only REAL way to make money…or winning the lottery. But I probably wouldn’t so that door is mostly closed too!

    Feeling like I can’t give money because I don’t have…but then I look at all that I’ve been given (through credit and trades) and I’ve stopped the flow by not believing I can let it go too!!

    Believing that trades make me dependent, lesser, moochy make me ungrateful for the abundance I’ve received as gifts and trades and closes of the feeling of love!!

    This exercise has been amazing in helping me see and open up to so much more love around money!!!!! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Thank you so much melody!! I’ve been feeling so stuck and a little fearful and closed off but this door/room metaphor and the ocean metaphor have been so eye opening/heart opening for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think that people resist money because they fear it. Money seems to be an evil force which brings out in people what is worse. I believe money are good, they were created by God and are meant for us to have it. Money are God’s energy of love. In my mind and harth money bring only joy, happiness and freedom. We should all have it. We stop ourselves from it, cause we are scared of what we will become, but we will never be trully free until we will not discover. I think God is an unlimited source of all goodness; love, joy, happiness, beauty, health, laughter, energy of money and all great things! We are allowed to reach and have as much as we want whatever we want. That goodness never ends and is for all of us. It is time to stop beeing scared of money. When I ask myself in my harth how do I feel about money, I trully feel great, empowered, joyfull and strong! It is time to stop thinking that we are bad because we want it! Everyone wants to live good life, that is natural! It is time to allow ourselves to listen to our harths!


  • Really good read. The Round room visualisation is great. Always good to add more ways to condition myself to the law of attraction. I will be reading more of your articles, thanks

  • Hey!

    Nice post! I don’t however think it makes any sense or difference in reality to ANYBODY about whether there is more money now than ever in history. Whether there is money in whatever form or not, people receive abundance based on their alignment and nothing else, even if they live in a desert or are stranded in an island.

    The idea about money being a free-flowing resource is given in Hindu philosophy. In Hindu religion, money is Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune. She is ‘fickle’ means she never stays permanently anywhere. It is said that she keeps changing hands. Either she leaves you or you leave her and no one can permanently own her. Ultimately she remains only the property of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, her husband, Lord Vishnu, the Lord of the Universe or God (in Hindu tradition)

    Hindu religions teach one can only receive whatever one allows to oneself, even if the Goddess of Fortune deliberately wants to. There is a story in which the Goddess wants to deliberately bless a friend of her husband and despite her blessing, the poor man loses the rice he receives as an abundant gift from the Goddess. On asking her husband, the Goddess receives the reply that the poor man has not opened up his heart to the abundance and does not ‘ask’ for it, and hence he cant receive it, even when someone deliberately tries to give him that. He doesn’t allow money to come to him and therefore lives in poverty, although he is the most intimate friend of God Himself (according to mythology)

    Much love!

  • everything you say requires energy and courage.
    Why don’t you write an article, explaining exactly what’s going on on the planet?

    Why don’t we blow this planet and get done with this? That would be fun, unless our ego is afraid to die.
    I’m curious. Imagine we (humanity) start putting explosives and nuclear heads to blow the planet up. No fear, no bad feelings. Just wanting to have the awesome experience of a mass destruction on a planetary scale. What would be the consequencies for the rest of the universe?

    • Well Tony,

      That would certainly be a solution if we just want to get this miserable existence over with. Like blowing up the club because you’re not having any fun dancing. Only, we don’t all feel that way and you don’t HAVE TO, either.

      The thing is, that energy and courage stuff pays off BIG TIME. And the payoff is so much better than just stopping the pain. Lack of misery is not the same as joy. Joy is WAY better.

      The consequences for the Universe would be exactly what the Universe was a match to. Each part and inhabitant would only experience our destruction if they were a match to it and only in the way they were a match to. Like we experience an accident that happened far away. Some of us are in pain when we hear of a tragedy somewhere, some are neutral and some never hear about it at all.

      Huge hugs,


  • This was a delicious necessary post! Thanks so much! My question is how does this relate to debt? I have been consciously working to pay off debt in the last 6 months energetically and psychically. And I am in more debt than I have even been since I’ve started…thousands, obviously there’s a lot of resistance. I want to be open to have money to cover my debts and allow myself to keep a good standard of living…not sure where to go from here but will keep focusing on allowing love and money to flow to me regardless of how!

  • Gosh, I had trouble with the picking money up off the floor thing, but realised it was old feelings of me not being good enough if I “stoop so low as to pick money up off the floor” – get that language! Like I equated it with being needy and poor and not able to earn it for myself – a whole load of judgments there!
    Also I’ve always thought it’s best left on the ground for beggars, or others more needy than me, but now realise that’s a form of negative thinking and conditioning, and like you say, assumes there’s a finite source, which I now realise there’s not. Money is energy and so never in short supply.
    Thanks Melodie, it’s really helping me!

  • Thumbs up for this article!

    Ever since we had our coaching call on this very same subject, I have been reminding myself to be grateful that I have money to pay for the things I want/need. And I think this is a very powerful tip that could benefit many others too.

    I used to feel stressed and a bit bitter when spending money, being in the scarcity mindset and really feeling how whenever I spend, there’s less left. But now I am focusing on moving into gratitude, so each time I pay a bill, or have an unexpected expense, or just buy anything at all, I feel grateful that I have the money to pay this. I’m confident that when I get used to thinking this way, things will change big-time. It already gives me a huge feeling of relief!

    • YAY Karin! I’m glad you’re feeling so much better!! And yes, things will change once the energy is stable enough and you’ve built some momentum. Keep up the great feeling work! 🙂

      Huge smooshy hugs!


  • Great article Melody. I’m having trouble dealing with my manifestation of money that I inherited from my mother that passed last year. Naturally I feel guilt, but i would trade all of it just to have her back. What can you tell me to turn my frown upside down?

    • My first thought was, why feel guilty? What’s that about? You didn’t make her die so it’s not logical to feel guilt, so what’s the guilt really about? Be really, really honest with yourself – no-one else has to know! Hope that helps, hope I’ve understood you okay.

      • I’m with Debra on this, Joseph. You’ve somehow associated the money with her death, as if you could give it back and get her “back”.

        Secondly, she’s not gone, my dear. She’s still very much around, having a fantastic time. And she really, really, really doesn’t want you to sit around feeling guilty about the money that she doesn’t need or even want any longer. It’s like she’s saying: “So, let me get this straight. You’re using me as an excuse NOT to have fun and joy in your life?? Really?!”

        This post may help:

        Huge hugs,


  • Another-great and stellar article-Melody. i just continue to be almost shocked at how much -ingrained resistance i,ve harboured most of my life. this post -i will re-read and savor -letting/allowing whats being read and offered- sink in to seemingly a more permeable mindset as i,m feeling uplifted reading this. thank you for the great sheer value offered here. Bless you!!

  • I also love the room visualization and I’ll be using it too.

    Despite owing almost $1000 in taxes and looking at a $600 truck repair, neither of which we can pay, I am thankful for the money flowing in and out to us and the money we’re able to set aside for these things. And I’ve had a church member offer the use of his surburban if needed – he’s not driving it and he’s leaving for Hawaii in May. I haven’t taken him up on that offer, but I may soon as I don’t want to shut any doors. It’s difficult to accept use of another car like that because I’m concerned about getting into an accident or repairs or other issues, but I need to let that go and learn to accept help when offered. What’s strange is that when we do mention the truck repairs we meet people with cars for sale.

    We use the affirmation – money comes to us through sources known and unknown.
    It helps us remember we don’t have to know what’s going to happen.

  • Love the round room visual, Melody. This is one I feel will work very well for me! And as always, the picture is uproariously funny 🙂 Douchey? Ouch … guess I better start being nicer to the universe who is trying so hard to grant my every wish!!
    Love, Sunshine, Rainbows and Puppy Hugs to every member of this site 🙂


  • Very nice post. Great analogy with the round room. I also try to remember this all the time that abundance can come in many forms. Forcing yourself to look at it in only some ways restricts the flow of abundance. Money is just one form of abundance.
    Currently, I am looking for a job, so I am gonna open all the doors in my room waiting for my dream job to show up from whichever door it wants 🙂
    Thanks Melody. Huge puppy hugs!!

  • “The only reason that anything is ever NOT the way you want it to be is because you’ve gone and slammed a bunch of doors shut in the well-meaning, gift-laden Universe’s face.”

    Aww that made me kinda sad, it made me think of the Universe as like a really sweet and very persistent guy trying to win your heart, standing outside your door with a bunch of roses and you just slam it on his face xD! Poor thing, I’d take a man like that any day <3

    Speaking of which… in terms of this analogy, would that mean that being very specific about the traits you would be attracted to in a potential mate would technically be slamming some doors on some other decent potential mates who didn't meet all of those criteria, or should one simply be 'open' to anyone who might share some of those qualities? I don't even know if the type of man I desire would even 'stop here on his travels', so to speak xD!

    • Hey B,

      Only if you are making assumptions about certain criteria. Then you’re clsoing doors. For example, you might think “I don’t like guys who are more than 5 years older than me.” But that comes from the assumption that you couldn’t find a man who was a bit older attractive. What you really want is to be attracted to him, which doesn’t really have anything to do with age.

      But… if you find tall men attractive, and focusing on tall men makes you feel really good, you’re not closing doors. You don’t need to say “I don’t like short men”, in order to focus on how great it feels to focus on attractive, tall men.

      So, the difference, as always, is in how you feel. Are you positively focused? Doors are open. Are you negatively focused? Doors are closing.

      I hope that made sense.

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    What an awesome metaphor! I’m sitting in the round room, smiling! Actually, I’m happy dancing in the round room, opening all the doors!

    I realized a couple of days ago that I’m manifesting money abundance as lower costs. Cool and thank you, Universe!

    Huge warm puppy hugs,


    I lost this comment twice. I wonder what that’s manifesting? Just going to hit the send button very fast… now!

  • Great piece melody as I’m a very visual person the ” room ” visualisation is really powerful! How have Monet been flowing to me lately well, I have recently been gifted some gorgeous clothes from a friend as I helped her reduce her wardrobe! Really gorgeous pieces which are so me!and someone else gave me a great coat for my son too which was great as he had just lost his coat! So as these have happened I have smiled to myself and others and hear myself saying, ” let the love flow”. Love and light to you Melody . Bernie x

  • Hi Melody,

    this is a great article, I love the metaphor and it really explains the energy flow perfectly! Easy to understand.

    But what about money/love coming to me which I don’t want or is detrimental to me? Like being offered so much cake you’d get sick, getting invited but not having the time, being offered a glass of wine even if you don’t like it etc.? Do I restrict the energy flow by taking care of myself/my health this way?

    Thanks for the great work!

    Klaus 🙂

    • Hey Klaus.

      I have thought about this, too. I have learned that taking care of yourself is first and foremost, so I do not think that skipping out on these things will restrict the energy flow. It is good that you ackowledge it, of course, and then it becomes more selective when it comes to you. Like being offered a great job that to others seems great, but if the environemtn is not good for you, you would need to leave. Something else comes for you and you can always go back and revisit things not done that come out of the blue. The universe never forgets.

      • Hey A.!

        Thanks for your input. I once heard an energy teacher say that we should take everything with a smile, even if we don’t want it. Otherwise we’d restrict the flow. So I was scratching my head for a great while, because it sounded so non-common sense. Why should I do something that would make me actually feel bad, for instance? I think we should be open to receiving, but only as long as our personal well-being is not in question.

        • Hey Klaus,

          Had to jump in here. I have to totally disagree with that energy teacher. Taking things that are offered even if you don’t want to, points to a belief that others’ feelings are more important than your own. It’s a way of stomping all over your own boundaries. You’re doing something you don’t want to do in order to avoid a confrontation or making them feel bad in some way. Don’t do that. It doesn’t serve you. Politely say no and the world will not end. But you’ll feel a whole lot better. 🙂


          • Hi Melody,

            thanks for your reply! I love your “round room/doors” metaphor and it is easy to understand, it illustrates the way love or money can flow to us perfectly. However and if I understand your reply correctly, I should add for myself “….as long as the flow makes me feel good” or similar. But then – what if that what makes one or more doors uncomfortable to me is just a limiting belief? How could I recognise a limiting belief from my own preferences? Aren’t my own preferences limiting beliefs of some sort?

            Hugs back,
            Klaus 🙂

          • I would also add here that you can appreciate and be open to the energy and love that was being extended, ie. allowing that gratitude to keep the energy flowing and not offend anyone, without actually accepting something that is not right for you. Just seeing it as more signs of the Universe’s generosity and saying a sparkling ‘thanks but no’ would do the trick, I’d think. 🙂

  • Great article and metaphor Melody! Right on the mark. This is where NLP’s tool set for wiping out limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones is a perfect fit. I just wrote a book on LOA and NLP that covers it. Would love to visit with you and explore the possibility of working together somehow.

    Kindest regards,

    Edward Dunn

  • Ths limiting belief caught my attention: “Money energy has to come in the form of actual money.”
    I’ve been really working on accepting the idea that abundance can come to me in forms other than money — and recognizing that money doesn’t always look like money! haha! For instance, several times I’ve gone shopping and spent way less than I had budgeted because the items I was buying were on sale. Items being on sale is money! Spending less money on stuff is money! My parents giving me delicious leftovers to take home after dinner together is money (AND love!). There’s so much money in my life that doesn’t look like money. 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    I totally agree with what you write about attracting money. But what about your (one’s) attitude towards money as such. You obviously have a positive, non possessive attitude towards money but others feel they need to have it in order to be happy. Quite apart from the fact that this need might make it impossible to them to attract it, what will happen if they do manage to do so? Will they posses it (well, you explained that we cannot but humor me in this) or does it possess them?

    I personally had some experience with that many decades ago. I had inherited a sum of money and after using most of it for much needed things in the household and studyfunds for the children, we bought some shares. It did not involve that much money but suddenly I was focused on making more money out of it and worrying when the index went down. I every soon realised that I was letting money take hold of me instead of being happy with what I had received. So I very soon dumped my shares and put the money in a savingsaccount which moneywise proved to be a very stupid decision but which enabled me to return to enjoying my life again, with all its ups and downs, instead of being obsessed by worries over money which I did not have before anyway. I never regretted my decision.

    Right now I am not consciously opening any doors for money to come to me but I am not worrying about scarcity either. I am just enjoying what I have and somehow do not want to come into that temptation again.



  • really love this blog post and I really liked the doors visualization, I will be using that.
    this blog post is timely though since I am in the process of wanting more money from other source than my husband…and even though everything I wanted so far this year came through my husband chanel (great family vacation with our kids, a new ring, a new bigger car) I keep resisting that it has to be from HIS money. I want to earn money too and am currently looking for a position and also clients for work. This post relaxed me and ok, I can say now, whatever, if right now the hubby is the chanel, so be it. I won’t close this door since I don’t want to close other doors as well. 🙂

  • Melody, thank you , I love this blog about love and money… A great visual, when you feel the big picture… You are doing a fantastic job.. thank you for sharing… air hugs,Catharine

  • Great way to start the day! And it is tax day, so this is so appropriate. We just have to be love, in a nutshell.

    I can’t help but think of Cinderella as an example. She was in a state of love and appreciation at all times. It was this state that summoned the fairy godmother, who helped her get to the ball. My favorite scene- after the spell was broken, she stood in her rags amongst her animal friends that also served as conduits to fulfill her wish, holding her remaining glass slipper, thanking the universe for everything.

    I also realized that being bitchy is the opposite of this state, even though society may think otherwise, but is wrong on so many levels, so I have stopped turning to it for a while now. No matter how much the bitchy mom tried to sabotage, it just would not affect Cinderella. This is the whole point.

    • Thanks for the Cinderella analogy, A. It’s perfect, and I had never thought of the story in that way. My inner bitch has been surfacing lately, and I keep swatting her down. Something is trying to get my attention. Thanks for the visual! It helps.



      • Love the Cinderella analogy. Just a thought, instead of swatting your inner bitchiness away, you might consider offering her gratitude for sending you a message because she is alerting you to something, possibly your own self-sabotage, resistance, fear, etc. or someone else’s unresolved issues that are affecting you. Take a moment to check-in with yourself and meditate on the feelings that surface when she comes out and FEEL those feelings (ask what is it that I’m feeling). Also note which chakra region the feelings come out at – is it your upper torso or throat chakra, possibly signifying that you don’t feel you can say what’s truly on your mind – or maybe your low-back or root chakra or stomach chakra, which signifies a possible inner security issue or feeling deceived. When I’m not being authentic to myself or sticking up for myself or I get that “somethings not right, feeling manipulated” feeling, then my bitchy, cynical & bitter qualities come out to warn me, but I’m getting better at recognizing the feelings that my body is sending to me, so I’m getting back to a joyful state quicker instead of getting stuck in that cynical & bitterness cycle, which just brings more suffering. So, don’t swat or reject, but honor her. And as I’m righting this, I’m realizing that I need to deal with some feelings or thoughts that I keep pushing away from me that have been pulling me away from joy. So thank you for helping me help myself! Blessings.

        • Wow, thanks so much for this, Elizabeth! Yes, I see what you mean! Indeed, I usually feel it in the lower back, and yes, I feel betrayed at times by people close to me or I feel like I am being told what to do and this strains my body, that is when this happens. I, too, am working on noticing it more and moving on from it rather than wallowing in it, which is bad for my health.

          • When I’m feeling controlled, then I feel a knot in my mid-back on my right, which correlates to my father, who was very controlling. Check out Dr. Mario Martinez’s Mind Body Code as well for more insight.

        • Hi Ladies, this is so interesting. Love the analogies and the way you’re saying to honour what comes up/out of you. I’m doing some work with my inner child or ‘little’, little me from the past, just visualising her and what she is telling me, esp in relation to money. She wouldn’t talk to me for ages but now is a close companion. Couldn’t believe all the stuff she’s come out with so far, stuff I’d buried which I have no memory of from childhood but which explains so much about me, my personality, things I’m afraid of, and so ways I’m blocking stuff coming to me. It’s so empowering. It’s just fantastic. So yes, do take notice when your inner bitch comes out cos it’s an opportunity to find out what’s going on inside of yourself. And be gentle with self cos it’s really your little child that needs love and hugs and understanding where she didn’t get it in the past.
          I also got some of it relating to body parts, like stuff that happened to me was kind of coming into my liver and how I’ve reacted to it/stuff I’ve done to other people, going out of my spleen! Like input in the liver and output from the spleen. Really weird but super interesting! :O)

          • Yeah, I see what you are saying, Debra. The liver regulates and spleen clears things vital to blood. This may be tied to what you experience. I have had pains on both sides when dealing with family. It is psychosomatic, but since seeing them in a new light with LOA, it has been getting easier, slowly. I felt like a victim when they harassed me, yet now it seems to me that they are the victims acually needing me around. With LOA, I do not allow their vibe to effect me, slowly…

            In furthering the failry tale analogy, I must include Sleeping Beauty, who dreamed as well and the guy appeared. These dreams are very clear and pure, positive love, untainted by doubts and fears. So dreaming without resistance, i.e., true dreaming is the key. In the comments section on youtube while watching this scene, I noticed some say, why would a pretty girl dance and frolic in the woods with rabid animals. This falling back to reality misses the point, but I see how resistance builds up that way.

  • This morning I manifested love/money in the form of a 5 month old puppy. I had been looking online at shelter dogs for a couple of months. Last night a friend called, asking if I knew of anyone who would take this puppy. He is neutered and has his shots, micro-chipped, etc. His owner had to have an amputation and can no longer take care of it….So I got a love/money for free!

    • Yes- i Heartily agree with you- Carol-what a warm wonderful thing you,ve done Rebecca-really so nice reading this and re-appreciating enrichment in all forms. you -both are blessed.

  • Hi Melody, great article! Thanks for taking the time to write it, and all the other articles too. I knew this stuff already, but you have a great talent for making the complicated sound understandable. The underlying energy essence of money (and everything else!) is very accurate. Keep up the great work. 🙂

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