Meet Sue. Sue is a Law of Attraction Student. She understands that she creates her own reality, that her emotions are indicators of whether or not her thoughts are serving her, and that she’s much, MUCH more powerful than she’s been led to believe. Yes, Sue’s got it down pat. Only, her actual physical reality doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. While she understands how her reality is created theoretically, in practicality, nothing seems to be changing. If you’re feeling like Sue, today’s blog post is for you.

What “Stuckness” really is

We can’t actually ever be “stuck”. Our reality is not static. We can’t actually be caught in a state where nothing is changing. We are constantly creating, constantly shifting into a new reality. Each and every moment of every day, we are moving from one reality to another. When we feel as though we’re stuck, we’re simply moving from one reality into another one that looks exactly the same. In other words, we are attracting the same exact circumstances over and over again. And so, our douchebag boss never changes, our bank account never seems to be able to get past a certain number, and the soul mate we want to attract never comes.

The stuckness, however, is a total illusion. The douche-y boss from today is not actually the same one from yesterday. They’re just very, very similar. As I explained in the Schroedinger’s Cat post, we are constantly moving from one reality to another, with infinite possibilities being presented to us. These possibilities are only limited by our beliefs and expectations. So, if you expect your boss to be a douche, you line up with yet another reality where he is one. Your reality can never prove your expectation wrong. Ever. Yep, I’ll say that again: Your reality can never prove your expectation wrong. You should probably get that tattooed on your body somewhere.

People can be stuck in a repeating cycle of very similar (and generally unwanted) realities for a long time, but breaking out of this cycle isn’t all that hard once you know how. And yes, today I’ll be telling you how. Because I’m freaking awesome like that. You’re welcome.

Step #1 – Change your expectations

Breaking out of your stuckness can be done in one of two ways. You can use one or the other, or for even faster results (because I know you’re a bunch of ambitious little buggers), do both.

The first way is to change your expectations. Now, I’ve written about this topic before, but it bears repeating. If you take the time before an event occurs to create a positive expectation, you can actually change the outcome. I call this being the Ultimate Control Freak, LOA style.

Let’s say that Sue is going to a party. Here are the possible outcomes and their causes:

Scenario #1: Sue has a horrible time at the party. She feels bored and awkward and out of place. She goes home depressed, feeling like she’s never going to make any real friends, much less find a boyfriend. She’s just going to be a loser all her life.

The Cause: Without even realizing it, Sue had a negative expectation before going to the party. The proof that this negative expectation exists is that she had a negative experience. She may not be conscious of the thoughts that lined her up with this event, but they were there. Guaranteed. And Sue’s reality could not prove her expectation wrong, therefore, she got exactly what she “knew” he would.

Scenario #2: Sue has a great time at the party. Without any conscious action on her part, Sue was swept up by a group of people having a great time, by the music that was playing and by seeing a hot guy as soon as she entered the room. Possibly, the five glasses of vino she had didn’t hurt, either. Sue is slightly surprised that her night turned out so great, but has no real idea how it happened. She considers this good luck; a random, positive event that she can only hope will repeat itself.

The Cause: Sue, while possibly somewhat negatively focused, was open to the idea of having a good time. Vibrationally, she was on the fence, so to speak, neither predominantly negative or positive. Her vibration, which wasn’t stable (meaning she was easily influenced by others), was simply affected by a group of happy people and circumstances that made it easy for Sue to react in a positive way. The only two problems with this scenario are that 1.) it could’ve easily gone either way – Sue was going to react to whatever she found on the other side of that door, be it negative or positive; and 2.) Sue feels no sense of control whatsoever. She has no way to ensure that she’ll have a good time at future parties

Scenario #3: Sue has an awesome time at the party. Before the party began, and possibly even the night before, Sue took some time to visualize herself having a great time. She decided that she wasn’t going to settle for anything less, and set up a positive expectation. Why would she leave her experience to chance when he could simply and easily make sure that her experience of the party would be a rockin’ one?

The Cause: By consciously lining herself up with a positive experience, Sue guarantees that she’ll have one. This is why I consider this being the ultimate control freak. Normally, when we speak about control freakishness, we’re describing people who go around trying to control others so they can feel better. But, being the Ultimate Control Freak – LOA style, means controlling your reality by consciously shaping your vibration.

Step #2 – Change your reaction

Now, let’s say that Sue had a bad time, but, understanding how reality creation actually works, she vows not to let that happen again. She decides to start to set up a different expectation and by doing so, she’s already halfway into technique number 2.

If you consider that you’re choosing which reality you shift into in each moment, then it makes sense to take your focus off of WHICH reality you’re currently in, and onto the mechanism of HOW you are choosing the next reality, so you can make sure it doesn’t match the sucky one you’re stuck in. Now, there are many ways to look at this choosing process, but here’s an easy one:

Let’s say Sue goes to work every day and it sucks eggs. Her boss is a douche, her coworkers are idiots, and her customers are rude. In other words, each day, Sue shifts into a reality that matches the last one. She’s feeling stuck, even though she’s actually just re-creating the same scenario over and over again. Creating a different one is much, MUCH easier than Sue realizes.

At the end of each day, Sue comes home, has a glass of wine and tries to unwind. She spends a few minutes telling her cat about the horrors of her job and why it sucks so bad, and then distracts herself with some TV, before she goes to sleep in a state of great discontent. She wakes up groggy and unmotivated, and prepares herself to experience the same damn misery again.

What Sue doesn’t realize is that her reaction to the experience, in this case a day at the office, is what lines her up with the next day’s reality. She can blame the douchebag boss and the colleagues and the customers and the economy and the government and “the system” and her stupid genes which, if only they were different, would allow her to be a supermodel and live in Italy with George Clooney and not have to put up with any of these rat bastards. Or, she can realize that her next day’s reality is determined entirely by her vibration, and her vibration is determined by, as well as the cause of, her current (as in NOW) reaction.

Choosing to react differently

Now, changing your reaction in the moment, when you’re having a shit fit, is nearly impossible. I’m not talking about shutting down your emotions when someone has triggered you and you’re having a meltdown. I’m talking about the slow, habitual, totally changeable reactions we have to our everyday circumstances. Like, our days at work, or waiting in line at the supermarket, or putting up with loud neighbors. The way we react to any of these habitual experiences directly determines the reality we’ll shift into next. Will it be the same, or will it be different? Will it be worse or will it be better?

So, Sue decides that enough is enough. She comes home from yet another horrible day at the office, but instead of burdening her poor, long suffering cat with her troubles, decides to take a different view of what happened. Are really ALL the customers rude? Well, no, now that she’s thinking about it. Some are actually quite nice. It’s just that the obnoxious ones take up so much more of her attention and tend to stick around in her mind longer. She spends a few minutes thinking about the nice ones and already feels better. Are all her coworkers idiots? Well no, some of them are quite competent, but she doesn’t notice them so much because they don’t create any extra work for her. In fact, she realizes that she tends to focus on a very small number of colleagues who trigger her, while there are a ton of others who never do. She spends some time appreciating those awesome colleagues, instead of bitching about the ones she doesn’t like. Is her boss really a douchebag? Yes. Yes he is. May he rot in hell. Sue realizes that she’s can’t, at this moment, shift her focus around her boss, so she decides to at least NOT complain about him.

But the work she’s done by reacting differently to her day already lines Sue up with a different reality. The next day, she still has some rude customers, but MORE nice ones than the day before. Her idiot coworkers are still dorks, but she also has a significant exchange with a really nice and competent colleague. And, her boss is out sick.

As Sue continues to deliberately shape her reaction to her day, choosing to react in a positive way to the events that occurred, she lines up with more and more positive experiences and less and less negative ones. She shifts into slightly more positive realities each day, until one day, she realizes that her whole world looks significantly different than it did when she started this exercise.

Your reaction is YOUR choice

What most people don’t realize is that how we react to any given event is entirely in our control. It’s our choice. If you drop your ice cream on the ground you can cry about it, or you can laugh at yourself, tell the ants that they’re welcome for the sweet gift you’ve just bestowed upon them, and go support the ice cream merchant some more. How you choose to react will determine what happens next.

If you hit all red lights on the way to work, you can have a little mini melt down that causes that vein on your forehead to throb dangerously, or you can use the time to work on your Karaoke skills. Or, perhaps you can appreciate having a bit of extra solitude. How you choose to react will determine what happens next.

If someone is rude to you, you can blame them for being a douche and let it ruin your entire day, or you can recognize that they’re probably in a great deal of pain, and just refuse to engage. You can see them like the crazy people in the park who, when you touch them,  totally freak out because you’ve just invited the alien rays into their brain. Would you take that outburst personally? Probably not. Well, someone having a Tasmanian Devil like response to your parking, or request for information, or whatever, is no different. How you choose to react will determine what happens next.

Are you beginning to see how your reactions, how you choose to feel about anything that’s happened to you, line you up with the next moment and the next and the next? If you react in a way that doesn’t feel good, the next moment will probably be even worse. This is how people create horrible days full of negative chain reactions simply by deciding that something that happened to them first thing in the morning was a “bad” thing.

Bottom line

Basically, you get two chances to break out of the routine you’re stuck in. Before the event – by setting expectations (and you’re setting expectations whether you know it or not). And after the event – by choosing your reaction. Both determine the outcome of the next event, and the one after that, and the one after that. If you want to shift into a reality that’s different than the one you’ve been living, change your expectation and/or change your reaction. It really is as simple as that. Now, go out and be an Ultimate Control Freak – LOA style. Your reality will never be the same again. Thank God.

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  • You reality CAN prove your expectation wrong. Unless you are lined up with the negativity, even if you have fears, you cant experience it. You can expect a nasty experience, but unless your energy matches that, it wont happen. I just had an outing where I was expecting a horrendous day at a temple I hated; but I was so happy and in such good vibes, to my surprise, when I visited the old ugly place was completely renovated and there was a pond nearby full of lotuses and I had a beautiful, beautiful gorgeous day. I expected pain, but didn’t focus on that, but instead continued to feel joyful and what resulted was a beautiful experience.
    To break out of a rut, this much complicated process is not required. It is not even required to visualize having a great time at the party. This post makes it sound all complicated. If she can simply shift her energy by thinking something else and raising her vibration, the universe will bring her more stuff to feel awesome; it can be awesome time at the party or something better than that.
    The solution is simple. It doesn’t require such a complicated strategy at all. I was sitting at home jobless, not even allowed to get out of the house. I didn’t do any of this complicated stuff. I just change my energy and the good flows into my house, right into my bedroom. energy work is so simple; it doesn’t require all this complications.
    These are simple problems that can be shifted EASILY with a simple shift in energy. If anyone can simply feel good the universe will have to mirror that shift and the stinking co-worker may get shifted or his seat changed or sacked or whatever. It is so damn easy to solve problems using energy and it is surprising that many of Mel’s solutions seem to overexploit the intellect, tire the intellect and make it all more painful.
    Mel’s simple energy solutions work like magic but it is always painful when Mel gives overcomplicated solutions that make the intellect work unnecessarily. I was able to get rid of a painful power shortage and extreme heat I was suffering in my body through a simple shift recommended by Mel. Energy solutions are always simple. All Mel’s energy teachings are out of the world and Mel uses pure energy, there is no energy teacher to top her; but all her intellectual teachings backfire. Mel’s energy teachings are amazing and I vouch with my life for them; but these intellectual solutions are not required at all; and they backfire bigtime. I adore Mel’s energy teachings and Mel herself and I am Mel’s biggest fan and supporter, but none of these intellectual solutions make any difference.

  • Hi
    I recently discovered your blog and I love it thank you so much!! I am freelance in film production and getting jobs is like a crapshoot no matter how much I do visualization , if the are going to happen, not get cancelled, nepotism etc Before each new job especially with new people I envision this job is going to be a wonderful amazing job with nice people, great experience and a positive outcome. I go in with positive thoughts and expectations, then I get bitch slapped when the job is a nightmare and by the end I am a mess. I have no idea going into a job some of the insane situations are going to occur with the job and with people I work with. I consciously will try to reframe my reactions but my frustration gets the better of me. I do grateful lists and will name all the positive aspects of the job on my way to work to change the vibration. But I am still attracting batshit crazy and painful. This keeps happening over and over, in fact I seem to pull to me the exact opposite of what I ask for and I feel like I am going nuts. I love my job and I know it doesn’t have to be this way, I can deal with fast paced and unpredictable but not being thrown under the bus and working my ass off for another dead end.
    Than you for any insight.

  • I will tell u about inspired action. It just comes on you out of the blue, quietly, you dont look for it. It fits greatly and u just know what it is all about. I am trying to manifest something big and important for me, it is couple of years now. Lately I felt frustrated and angry, full of doubt in God’s love. One day I actually felt really ready to give up, that is it I said to myself. I was fighting for my dream before but not this time, this time I was not fighting anymore, just decided to quit. I typed in Google phrase; I am fed up, that is it, why did u leave me God. What came up was incredible. The words was resonating to me so strongly, God said that He will never leave me, He is always with me, and that He will deliver what He had promised. I just knew it was for me. Now I dont fight anymore, I have let it all to God to happen, completly. I am excited what will happen next and how it will become, now I have time just to focus on my day to make it good. Cause my dream is not my “work”, it is in God’s hands and He will work it as He promised. I was fighting before to convince myself that I deserve, that I am enough, now my fight is over.

    • Hey, there’s another Anya here! I hope you’re enjoying all the great, awesome stuff Melody has on this site as much as I am!

      To save some confusion though, I’m going to start posting comments as “Anya R.” so folks can tell us apart – I was over at the other “Stuck” post a few weeks ago. You should check it out:

      And Melody gave a really cool answer to a question I had about the “no I-will” rule for LOA affirmations, which had been causing me to be a kinda stuck for a little while.

  • hi Melody
    as usual a great post..
    i have one question thats bothering me big time..i am learning myself to trust my intuitions and let it guide me..but what if u get to take an inspired action and later after few days/months you dont feel its right, in my case i made a major decision abt my career.. i quit my job and had enormous inspiration coming and then took an action that felt awesome, like on top the world.i got things ready and when the big date was coming soon to start my new business, it all of a sudden felt boring , uninspired..i had all forms of fears and my reality started showing the i just halted everything for a while and waited how do i trust my intuition..or wer did i go felt awesome good one month and the same idea sucked the next month..whats happening melody..??
    thanks and love

  • Dear Melody,
    thanks for your inspiring post. I’m a beginner in LOA. I’ve started to understand that we create our reality. But there’s somthing I cannot undersrand and so I’ve been stucked in! I cannot understand how I created this situation for myself. Even my shrink coulden’t help me to deal with this situation so far. Here’s the thing: I was in love with this guy and he loved me too. We had been dating for a year and we broke up two years ago. Although I tried so hard, even dating other people, I never truely got over him. He seemed to be still into me too. During last year, we were connected as friends but he was still flirting with me and acting like he wanted me back, and I still loved him deep down and somehow waiting for his move… Which has never happened!
    That made me depressed and we bacame apart more than before. While I was still trying to become positive my best friend (which was his friend too) told me my ex asked her out! I was devastated. They told me they thought it was over for me, althought my best friend knew I still loved my ex, and my ex admitted that he still love me but couldn’t see any future for two of us…
    Anyway, it’s been about three months that they’ve stareted dating and I couldn’t truely forgive them or get over the feeling of being a victim! Neither could I understand how I’ve created this reality for myself.
    I hope you can help me find it out Melody.

  • Fantastic post, as always. I have to admit I am ‘stuck’ and really struggling. I read the posts on this blog over and over and each time I think I have really got it, I realise I don’t. I am trying to figure out the ‘letting go’ and ‘accepting’ bit. I am doing the energy work and working at lining up my vibration and doing the visualisations and all those things, and I understand to some degree the idea of not taking action until it is inspired action, but then I realise I don’t really get that bit at all.

    Example 1: I want to lose some weight and I want my skin to look better and so on. Lots of body stuff. So I am focussing like blazes on doing it differently this time. I am focussing on what I love about my body. I am honouring my body and listening to it. Well, it’s not talking to me yet, but I am making time to be quiet and give a space if it would like to communicate. I am doing Louise Hay’s mirror work. But should I be doing absolutely nothing until I am inspired to? Does that include not shaving my legs? What about eating my way through the biscuit box at work? (I don’t really do that, but I still feel that little bit of guilt when I do succumb.) But back to my point, do I just not do anything at all? Not shaving in summer seems a bit drastic, even if I am not inspired to do it.

    Example 2: I am about to be made redundant. I can’t really survive for long without a salary. I am doing the energy work and I am doing the visualising and, to be honest, I am scarily calm. I will find a way and I trust that things will work out fine. The thing is that I still find that I need to check the job ads and send out CVs. Not doing it makes me less calm, so it is better to do it than not do it, but that is still operating from fear, not excitement. Am I getting this wrong? Should I just not do anything at all, not even looking at job ads, until I am inspired?

    Example 3: I have some things I need to get done. These are not unpleasant tasks at all, just things I am struggling to get going with. One thing is that I am typing up some notes to go with photos of a fabulous holiday with my parents and another is that I need to back up my computer (urgently, having Windows problems!) and such things. Not unpleasant, not difficult, not stuff that makes me feel bad in any way. Just can’t get them done. I don’t know why and am not getting any insight into why despite asking. So, do I again just stop everything and do only what I want, and then get nothing done at all? Even though I have time now to do those things.

    And when exactly is it my intuition telling me to go for something and when is it just more fear and old stuff coming up again? Trying to do things differently is hard enough, but then not knowing when something is your inner self giving you a little push to be brave and go forth and when it is your old fear pretending it is the voice of reason makes it impossible to know what to do. Now I feel frozen in this space of ‘I shouldn’t do things until I am inspired, but that means I am not doing anything and that doesn’t feel good either’. And I want to have faith and trust that all my dreams will come true, but boy that’s hard.

    Thank you for the amazing information on this blog!

  • Thank you for yet another astounding post!!!

    “The stuckness, however, is a total illusion.” Absolutely!!!

    I find stuckness precedes the pissed off “ah-ha”!! You get into this groove, you’ve convinced yourself that is where you should be. The ball starts rolling till you are just crying, snarling, gnashing of teeth, white hot ball of furious anger that gets you to the point where you scream at the universe “I deserve better than this!” Yes. Yes. You do deserve better. The universe was just waiting for the green light from you.

    I spent the last 6 month trying to manifest one cup of coffee! While I was doing that, I got the new car I needed, I got the play group I had been trying to form, got a teacher who could teach me how to do mind blowing stuff in less than 30 minutes, started a new arts center since the teacher actually thinks the public sucks and a whole host of other amazing things but NO COFFEE!! It was getting to the point, my husband would hit drive thru’s and something quirky would happen. He would get a free soda, some how, some way. (I think the fucknut was just trying to show me it could be done… A LOT.)

    Last night it hit it’s high point, we went out for milkshakes (I ordered a coffee). They bring out the kids’ and my hubby’s milkshake. They ran out of cherries so the manager gave him his fricken milkshake for free! It’s a milkshake! It does not require a cherry! You can’t suck it through a straw! Then the manager looks at me and said they didn’t have any regular coffee but they had decaf… Did he offer it to me for free so I could check this off the universal manifestation list? Hell no!! In a pout, I ordered tea.

    Later that night, I threw my anger out there and ranted. “What the hell is going on universe!?!” I ranted about the milkshake, which is 5x the price of my coffee which I didn’t get. I ranted about it being a simple manifestation. With furious anger, I threw out that I deserved my cup of coffee.

    Today, the neighbor brought me a cup of coffee. We hadn’t seen each other in a while since I had been so busy will all the other projects. The gas station lady gave me a cup of coffee since she had made a blend she found to be astounding. (it was pretty good for gas station coffee) And the friend I saw got a four cup coffee maker, she had made some before I showed up. She doesn’t drink coffee.

  • Thanks Melody. And thanks for the link. Those definitely help. I am still a little confused. For instance, what if this person is a more permanent fixture in your life, like your spouse, or child. Is it not kind of impossible for them to not have access to you when your vibration is raised and theirs is lowered?

    I will keep reading your blogs and listening to your calls and I am sure it will become clearer as I learn more. Thanks again!

    Much love.

  • Can someone help me understand this? If Sue goes into work every morning expecting her boss to be the most amazing human being, he will be? But I thought we can’t change people? I understand that she will attract nicer customers, but what about the people around her every day?

    I ask because I am Sue. And I have been trying to expect good things from people. But people are are not changing!!!

    Help please! Thank you Melody for this, and all of your posts.

  • Melody has beautifully described how to deal with the before and after. I need reminders like this often to keep me on track, so this post was terrific!
    Brett brought up something that I realize I still struggle with from time to time: while in the middle of an unfavorable situation, we often revert to our default setting to deal with it. Understandable; it’s habit, and hindsight is always 20/20. We can plan beforehand, we can reflect afterward, but we also do well to put it into practice during an experience. If we can be mindful enough to pause, even for a second, and let the thought process come to mind, it is wonderfully calming and empowering. You can feel like the eye in the hurricane with Zen-Master wisdom when all is chaos around you. Interestingly enough, it works great, when I remember to do so… by being fully aware in that moment of your feelings and your thought process (and your stress level), deciding right then and there that you will not let it affect your vibe negatively, it seems like the calm, positive energy coming from you somehow affects those around you as well.
    Consistency, though, can be a difficult thing, even when you have the best of intentions. Every situation and experience can be different, and some days we are stronger than other days. But just as a bad habit can form, so then can a good one.

    • Yes, Ayla, exactly. We can be empowered and feel great, and someone’s reaction to a question of ours can be taken as an accusation and they’d start yelling and being defensive, and all we did was ask a question and then made to feel like it’s our fault. This happened to me the other day and it was with an in-law (not mine, my sister’s but she is considered family) who I never got along with, no matter how positive I see her. She totally blew up in my face over, which shows that we do not vibrate in sync at all, which is fine, but the point is she messed up mine and I did not want for that to happen. At least things with my own immediate family are very good, thank goodness.

      It is posts such as these that come in a timely manner that keep me on track as well!

      • Hey A.,

        Here’s a technique you can use if that happens again. Stay calm, realize her blow up has nothing to do with you, look at her with compassion and kindly ask “Why are you so angry?” Ask as if you really want to know, NOT as an accusation. It will instantly get her to see herself differently in this situation. If you keep your cool and stay in compassion, it works every freaking time. 🙂

        Smooshy hugs!


  • I have an important job interview in a couple days that I’ve been stressing about. I really want this position so I’m constantly thinking about it.

    “What if this goes wrong…or that?”

    It’s funny how when the stress sets in, we often forget what we know and drop into our old habits.

    I need to change my expectations and focus on how awesome I’m going to be! Duh…

    Job’s mine.

    Thanks, Universe, for dropping Melody’s post in my lap – once again – right when I needed it.

    • good luck brett.

      several times i expected to get a job, i saw no other outcome, i felt it in my bones that the job was mine (im a fereelance).

      i never got it.
      so. go figure.

      i still think luck is random.

  • Turns out that the repeat button on iTunes got pressed somehow. I must have accidentally clicked the mouse on it.
    Too funny.

  • Thank you for this article!! It came at the perfect time (no surprise.. 😉 I recently had a big fight with my manager/friend and felt she had treated me horribly on the phone. Which, she did – however, i had pre-expecations that she would be upset with me before she even called. I assumed the conversation wasnt going to be a good one – and guess what – it wasnt!! Thank you for the wake up call and tips 🙂

  • Speaking of being stuck. Funny story occurring right now.
    I think the universe is playing games with me right now. Earlier, I read this blog post, and now I am physically, stuck. You see, I was playing music on iTunes, and my song ended. Then, it repeated the exact same song over. Don’t know why. I pressed the right arrow to skip to the next one, but it played the same one again. Then I pressed the “next” button, and it played it again. I repeated this several times, hoping something would give, but it didn’t. I scrolled to another song and pressed play; that worked. I then pressed the right arrow and next button but neither got me to the next song. I relaunched iTunes, no luck whatsoever. Then I decided to try a different music player, and you will all love the name of it; well maybe not, it’s called Resistance. Sort of an alternative to Itunes. And it worked fine. Skips to the next song perfectly. But iTunes is still stuck on the same song.
    I thought I would share this because it is literally exactly what today’s post was about, and it is happening to me in a very direct way. Also thought you would find it funny. I certainly do.
    I did not restart my computer yet though; I think this is too funny to fix right away. Probably will soon.

    • Just to address your iTunes issue, there is probably a setting somewhere w/n the program that tells it to repeat 1 song. If there is no setting like that, then I suggest uninstalling iTunes then reinstalling it. That is if you like iTunes better than Resistance.

      I too know what it’s like to feel like I’m in an endless cycle in my life. Melody posted this article just in time. Thank you Melody! You rock!!!

  • Beautiful article! In other breaking news the sun rose in the East. (Your articles are always beautiful.) When reading the intro I thought of Steven Wright’s line: “When I woke up this morning I discovered that everything in my apartment had been stolen… and replaced by exact duplicates.”

  • How I choose to react will determine what happens next… on the back of some setting-up-my-day-visualising… think I’ve got it now 😀

  • I am in tears as I read this. I am a faithful LOA follower–I’ve even introduced my kids & friends to it. Lately, however, NOTHING I’m doing is working at all. My once awesome life is in near shambles, and I just can’t get over this hump no matter what I do, think, or believe. I read your blog every day, constantly trying to learn more about LOA, and I was researching anything you had written about “being stuck”. Thank you so much for this and all you do.


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