In the personal and spiritual development world, we often talk about how important it is to live in the “NOW”. We teach you to meditate, be in the moment, let go of fears and just trust. But is it really possible to live your life, YOUR life, with your job and your kids and all the chaos of your everyday world, while being in the NOW? Is that, ahem, realistic? Or is it just a pretty idea, something you wish you could do, but ultimately more of a fairy tale? Well, I’m personally convinced that it’s not only totally doable, but it’s actually the perfect state for us to be in. With that in mind, I’ve been on a quest to become ever more present, not theoretically, but practically. Like, that’s how I’m endeavoring to live my life. And ok, to be fair, I’m not exactly what you’d call normal, but then, if you’re reading this blog, then the chances are good that neither are you. So, if you’re going to be a freak, then you might as well be a super happy shiny puppy freak.

Today, I’m going to share with you why I think that living in the NOW is the perfect state, energetically speaking, why it can lead you to be the happiest you’ve ever been, and my own experiences in endeavoring to achieve that state.

What does living in the NOW actually mean?

Ok, so we do talk a lot about living in the NOW. I wrote a huge, epic post on it, which explained the whole concept. At the time that I wrote that post, I had just had the experience of spending several hours (versus a few minutes) being fully present, in a state of total allowing, for the first time in my life. It was pure ecstasy and I wanted to share that state with you as soon as I could. The concept seemed to resonate deeply with many of you.  But I’ve since come further, and I’d like to give you an updated and more practical view.

When we talk about being in the NOW, it’s the same thing as saying that we’re fully present, or in a state of perfect allowing. It means that you’re like a leaf, floating on the water, just going with the flow. You’re not trying to control anything, you’re not trying to make anything happen; you’re just letting it happen and trusting that it will be awesome no matter what. This amount of trust isn’t easy to come by, and it has to be built up over time. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t doable.

Being in the NOW means just focusing on the experience you’re having, with no expectation of where it might (or has to) take you. It means being like a child, wide eyed, interested, curious and expectant of awesomeness. There is no need for any experience to turn out in a specific way. A child is happy to play with a toy, just because it’s fun. It’s about the experience, not some other goal. It doesn’t have to lead to anything (although it might and often does), it doesn’t have to be a teaching moment (although it often is), and it doesn’t have to be productive (although, of course, it can be and often is, massively so). Children are masters at being in the NOW. They spend much time thinking about the past, and aren’t really interested in the future (especially not all the negative warnings about the future, making it seem like the least fun place on earth). They’re only really interested in what’s happening right now, in front of them, and how that experience feels.

In essence, to have the experience of perfect allowing, you have to be willing to be more childlike (which is not the same as childish).

But what about all the crap I have to get done?

“Fine”, I can hear you saying. “I’d love to be all wide eyed and childlike. Only, I have a job to go to, and bills to pay, and dinner to make, and screaming kids to corral. I can’t just stop what I’m doing, go out in the garden and stare at a butterfly for half the day.” Fair enough. The idea isn’t that you suddenly step out of the life you’ve created. That would be incredibly stressful, and since that’s a negative emotion, that’s not going to be conducive to you aligning yourself with Who You Really Are and what you really want. The goal is to feel good and be happy, and as willing as many of you are to sacrifice yourselves in order to reach your goals, happiness cannot be achieved at the expense of feeling good. Ever.

There are things you want to get done. There are things I want to get done. I may not have children or a corporate job anymore, but trust me, I’m busy as f&%k. Sometimes, the sheer volume of work I face overwhelms me. I have to earn money, and I have clients to keep happy. I have admin work to do, and vendors to deal with, and a social life to fit in. Plus, I have to clean my house and do my laundry and do my grocery shopping and cook meals so I don’t starve. It’s not like I’m just sitting on the terrace all day, sipping drinks with umbrellas in them, while an army of servants tends to my every need (well, at least not yet). So, perhaps, my experience is not that different from yours. You have shit you have to get done and so do I.

What I’ve realized, however, is that it can be hard, and frustrating and time consuming to get all that shit done, or it can be easy and enjoyable and quick. The difference is in whether or not you’re aligned with the energy of Who You Really Are and letting the Universe help you with your tasks or not. Sure, shit has to get done, but YOU don’t have to personally do it all. And yes, I can hear you collectively objecting now. “Who the hell else is going to do it?”

Other people aren’t as useless as you think

Well, sometimes, other people, whom you’re not currently aware of, or giving enough credit to. You may think that your kids will never help around the house, but trust me on this: they could well surprise you if you let them. You just have to open yourself up to the possibility of that happening. I have a client whose 10 year old son got up early on more than one occasion, fed the other kids and made the parents coffee, so they could sleep in. That’s right, a 10 year old. I have personally seen people who seemed lazy and uncooperative, do a 180 and become very helpful once I changed my vibration and allowed them to help me.

Consider this: if it seems that no one is ever willing to help you, it’s not that you’re surrounded by a bunch of selfish bastards. It’s not them, it’s you, my darling. You’re blocking helpful souls from coming to you. You’re not ALLOWING anyone to help you. I promise you that there are people in your reality right now, who could be assisting you with something, whose help you are blocking. If you’ve ever run around like a headless chicken while dismissing your guests’ offers to help (because they’re probably just being nice, right?), you’re not letting people help you. If you think you have to be everyone’s safety net at work because everyone else is incompetent, you’re not allowing them to shine in your presence. Your expectation of them is shaping your experience of them, not the other way around.

Create a different expectation of them, bit by bit, and then ask them to assist you. You’ll be astounded by how cooperative the people around you can become.

Leveraging the power of the Universe

At other times, you may still perform the actual action, but due to the perfect timing of circumstances lining up, what might normally take you hours to accomplish, suddenly only takes you minutes. This is called leverage and I can’t recommend it enough. This is where inspired action comes in. When I’m inspired to write, for example, I can knock out 3,500 words in an hour. The post will be nearly perfect, require no editing apart from a grammar and spell check, and make perfect sense. There is no pre-planning, no outline, no research (generally speaking, but when there is, the research is really fun), and no “I wonder how I should word that.” It just comes out. When I’m not inspired, I stare at a blank page, trying to come up with the words to express an unclear concept. It’s hazy. It’s frustrating. It’s hard. It takes forever. And the end product, quite frankly, leaves a lot to be desired. That’s why I only write when I’m inspired.

If I clean my house when I’m inspired, I have fun. Everything just flows. When I’m not inspired, I might hurt myself in small ways, I’ll drop stuff, someone calls me in the middle of it and interrupts me. There are all kinds of delays. I don’t really want to do it. It takes much longer, and I don’t feel nearly as good about the whole process after. It’s feels like forced labor, even though I’m the one doing the forcing.

When I’m inspired, I can do 2 weeks’ worth of admin work in a few hours. When I’m not, it feels like I’m moving through molasses. When I let the Universe help me, I reach the person who can help me on the first try, instead of talking to 6 unhelpful and incompetent people first. I find the information I’m looking for in 5 minutes, instead of having to spend hours searching through the internet. There are no lines in the stores I go into. They have the products I need instead of being out of stock. Everything just becomes incredibly convenient. That’s leverage.

Avoiding the unnecessary

Sometimes, things just take care of themselves, or, you figure out that the action you thought was necessary, isn’t actually relevant and would’ve been wasted. There are going to be times when you’re inspired NOT to do something, or simply to do nothing. This is the hardest concept to deal with. We don’t trust the impulse to do nothing. Surely, we should be doing something? But often, things aren’t as they seem. Circumstances are about to change, or the goal we thought was the best we could hope for, isn’t. And taking the action we think we should take would actually just cost us a crap load of time and accomplish nothing in the long run. Or, a much better solution is on the way.

I’ve learned to trust the impulse to do nothing (ok, I do still fight it a bit now and then… But I usually get there in the end). It’s saved me an enormous amount of time and work. Here’s one example: I wanted to have my bathroom tap and the drainage pipe under the sink replaced. The whole thing was old and leaky. I had a worker in to fix something else and he gave me a quote, including the price of the new tap, which he would purchase for me. It wasn’t a bad deal, but my intuition said no. I should wait. And so I did. A couple of months later, my kitchen tap began to break (it’s an old apartment with very old fixtures). I couldn’t have known this was coming, but the Universe did. At the same time, I found just the bathroom fixtures I wanted while shopping for something else, along with some space saving shelving that would help me reorganize the whole space. I found a plumber (it took me 5 minutes with Google, thank you inspiration), who had great references and an awesome attitude. It turned out that the kitchen faucet was not only old and broken, but that the fixtures used very old measurements, which weren’t in use anymore. Finding a faucet to fit them would (normally) be difficult. But because this particular plumber was involved in large refurbishment projects, he had some sources that were able to find not only a fitting tap in a short amount of time (a surprise to him, but not to me), but one that I absolutely adored. Oh, and also, I got one hell of a deal on it. He installed all the fixtures, plus the new shelving, and gave me a fantastic price. Had I not waited when my intuition said to, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the bathroom faucet I wanted, wouldn’t have bought the shelving (the awesome faucet inspired me to do more), and wouldn’t have had such an easy experience replacing the hard to source kitchen faucet. It was all incredibly easy. All I had to do was allow it be so.

Building trust incrementally

Finding a way to trust that things will work out, that the world will not end even if you go ahead and relax a little, is paramount to living in the NOW. And this trust can be build up incrementally. Don’t just stop doing anything at all. Your belief system probably won’t let you move that quickly. But give up the need to control every little detail, to do it all yourself, bit by bit.

Start by looking at your day tomorrow. How does it feel? Hectic? Overwhelming? Like it’s going to be a struggle? Well, change it. Pick one thing you have to do tomorrow and envision it being easy. You might be expecting the whole process of getting the kids up and ready for school and out of the house to be chaotic. But, what if it wasn’t? What if they cooperated, and were pleasant? What if you all had a great time? What if they got dressed and you all ate together and your trip to school was actually fun? Now, if your mind is sarcastically quipping “You don’t know my family, Melody. That’s never going to happen”, then that’s your resistance talking. I mean, seriously, you’re not even willing to freaking imagine it going well? That’s on you, not them. If you can’t even use your imagination to create a situation in the non-physical, then you certainly aren’t going to create it in your physical reality. So, in that sense, you’re right. It’s not ever going to happen. But not because of them. Because you’re not willing to create it differently.

Focus on one aspect of the day, something that bugs you, something that you’ve clearly built up a negative expectation about, and work on visualizing it going well and feeling good. It may take you a few tries, but keep at it. Once you can really see it going well and that scenario feels “right” to you, you’ll be amazed at how your reality will begin to change for the better. And when it does, don’t treat it as a random coincidence. Understand that you did that. You lined up with a change. And if you can do that, you can do more.

Using that trust to be in the NOW more

As you build that trust, the trust that things can work out for you, be easier and run more smoothly, and that you don’t have to do it all yourself, you’ll be able to let go of the need to control everything bit by bit. Don’t try to do this all at once. It won’t work and you may end up giving yourself a panic attack.

But, as you begin to really realize, not just theoretically but experientially, that you have a lot more help and support than you ever thought, and that things can just work out for you, even if you don’t MAKE them do it, you’ll be ready for the next step.

I’ve started doing the following exercise recently and have been having the time of my life: The other day, I had a lot of errands to run. I needed to go to multiple stores and had very little time to do any of it. In fact, I didn’t have enough time to accomplish it all. I tried to pare down my shopping list to just the bare necessities, and planned to buy the rest later in the week. This wouldn’t be convenient, but you do what you have to do, right? I’d carefully planned out my shopping route, which store to hit first, and second and so on, to make sure I’d get everything I absolutely needed before running back home for my next appointment.

Well, at the last minute, I decided to throw out my plan. When I stepped out onto the street, I paused for a moment and just listened. Which way should I go? I was prompted to go to the grocery store first. This was weird, since I wouldn’t want to schlepp all that food around with me, including perishables, while shopping in the heat. But, my intuition insisted. There were no lines at the store (weird for that time of day), so I was in and out in no time. Weighed down and with time to spare, I went home and unloaded the food. Before heading out again, I decided to take out the recycling (one of the things I had pushed to later in the week.) I was then prompted to go to a shop which wasn’t on my list. Even though it was a massive store, I found a whole host of times I’d been meaning to buy, which would make my life a lot easier, but which just never seemed to be enough of a priority. Led by my intuition, I found every item in seconds. And again, there was no line.

I kept drifting along for the next couple of hours, coming home in time for my appointment, and having taken care of not only every item on my priority shopping list, but the nice to have one, as well. Oh, and a few other items I’d kept postponing. I achieved more in those two hours than I usually did in a week of shopping, and did so easily. It was pleasant and fun. Every store clerk I encountered was helpful and happy. No one stepped in my way and delayed me. Hell, even traffic lights were green just when I needed them to be. The Universe knew exactly what I wanted and had mapped out a plan that would allow me to accomplish it in the time I had – a plan I wouldn’t have ever logically come up with. All I had to do was listen and trust.

Why not try it yourself? Choose a day that isn’t filled with super critical activities. If there’s too much pressure on you to “make it happen, or else the world will end”, you won’t be able to relax into the flow. In other words, start with an easy day. It can even be a day of leisure (like when you’re doing something with the kids). When you step out of the house,

  • Check your expectation. It had better be positive. If it isn’t, adjust it. Expect awesomeness, but don’t get specific. Just awesomeness. You want it to be fun. Don’t worry about HOW that fun has to come about. The less rigid your expectations are, the better.
  • Get still and listen. Ask “which way should I go?” The impulses you get may be faint at first. You may just have a very slight feeling to go one way, or NOT to go another.
  • Follow whatever impulse you get, even if you think it’s all in your mind. You can’t develop the skill of hearing your intuition if you’re not willing to listen and act on it. Again, if you start with less important things, you’ll have an easier time.

As you do this, it will become easier and easier to feel like the leaf floating on the river. You’ll realize that the Universe always knows your intentions. You don’t constantly have to be holding on to them. You can just float. You can just trust. You can be like a child, moving from awesome adventure to awesome adventure and STILL get all your shit done. Because the Universe is freaking miraculous like that. And why, I ask you, would it be set up any other way?

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  • I love your blog. After years and I mean decades at being at everyone else’s beck and call, and emotional blackmail getting me to do what family members wanted me to do, I finally entered 2013 enlightened; well that’s what I thought. Everything for three months seemed to workout really well and I seemed to be taking giant leaps forward, them wham, one phone call and I was right back to where I started and somehow I became stuck, but I found your newsletter and it seemed to open my eyes. Thank you so much.

  • I like this post. This can be linked to the post on getting housework done with LOA. Even without LOA, i expected all housework to be easy and I even got my aunt to fly down from another state to wash my kitchen, literally. After Melody’s video on housework, I started manifesting clean kitchen and all housework done easily and it is incredible I have maids knocking on my door and doing everything for me while i do nothing. Thanks Melody!

    However I don’t completely agree with creating different expectations of them. No matter how much I expected, I had one maid who didn’t do any work well. I fired her and started leveraging the energy of the universe. This can be tied to the teaching Melody gave in love for money and negative sense of entitlement where Melody explained we better get what we through those who are a match to giving us what we need rather than asking people who are not really an energetic match. When i opened all doors, then flew in men from other states to move my furniture simply for the pleasure of helping me, my kitchen always gets cleaned easily by some maid who drops by, I get amazing delicious food that fit Greek Gods easily without me ever entering the kitchen. My maid gets inspired to do something special for me or someone takes me out. I literally stopped physical shopping – I let the universe and the universe brings me amazing amazing stuff i desire at my hand’s reach in the funnest way and the most economical way (like I found expensive bangles that would normally cost a ransom from a street vendor who took a fancy to me; even water I need for drinking comes easily, without me having to physically do the needful, unless it is inspired)

    Yes, this works! Thanks!


  • Me again, with apologies, but I *have* to respond to Emilio’s posts upstream because, oh, Emilio, it really CAN be as easy as opening a door to your future mate or having the Universe slip a winning lottery ticket into your hand. Swear to God, these are real. Neither happened to me (damn it!), but they did happen to people I actually know.

    My long-term best friend Jill lived in an apartment building in Toronto 35 years ago. Her neighbour, who was expecting a parcel to be delivered by courier, had to run out and left a note on her door telling the courier that if he arrived while she wasn’t there, to leave the parcel with Jill (with Jill’s permission). The courier, Wayne, knocked on Jill’s door & when she answered, it was — his words — like being hit by lightening. They married almost a year to the day later, have 3 kids and 2 grand kids now and still laugh at how they met. What makes *me* laugh is that it wasn’t even Jill’s delivery! (The neighbour teased her for months that Wayne should have been *her* Perfect Man).

    Lottery wins out of the blue? 6 years ago, the son of a woman I work with turned 25, and received a birthday card from his grandmother with 3 lottery tickets in it. Two were duds. The third won him over $700K. He bought his grannie a new car & took her (& his mom) on a trip to Italy. Yes, he did have to take action — he checked his ticket.

    I remind myself of both of these examples of real-life LOA whenever I’m having a Doubting Thomas moment (and don’t we all now & again, when we think, man, this is SUCH crap, why isn’t it working . . . usually 45 seconds before it works). I haven’t had anything as spectacular happen to me (yet!), but I do know for certain that those things we call miracles happen daily all around us, and are just us aligning our energies with delicious precision. At the moment I’m working on a free new car. I’ll let you know when it arrives . . . .

    • Susanne,

      That was awesome! Thanks! Was just going to close this page when I saw the easy posts. It really is easy, if we are open. I think of a balloon. When new and deflated, it is open, thus prone to expand when air or water is being put into it. The result is an expanded ballon that looks different from the one before it expanded, because it is fuller, bigger with more to offer, so to speak because of its being open in the beginning. It may be corny and silly in others’ eyes, but that’s how I think of it.

  • Powerful post, Melody — it always makes me laugh, how you seem to know exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it; were I paranoid, I’d think you had a spy-cam in my head!

    I first learned of this “easy” business through Julia Rogers Hamrick’s book “Easy World”, and have been blown away by the fact it really, truly works. I mean, to the point of being almost scary. I have learned that (seriously!) all I have to do when things look like they’re going pear-shaped is take a deep breath, open my centre (or whatever the heck it is I do — I just envision my heart opening to a warm, soft light pouring in from somewhere “out there”), and say (aloud if I can, even if it’s under my breath): “Hey, why not just let this be easy”. Or: “okay, I don’t have to do this the hard way — I can just let it easy”. Or: “you know, I think I’ll quit fighting this and just let it work out the easy way”. And then I just STOP fretting, struggling, worrying, planning, trying to solve/fix/control whatever “it” is.

    And, no kidding, Serious Magical Shit happens. And it happens fast.

    Examples? A mysterious ailment in my car had me convinced I was in for a big-bill fix. I did the “why not let this be easy” thing all the way to the repair shop, the mechanic lifted the hood, pulled a loose battery connection off, gave me The Look, said “well, here’s your problem”, had it fixed in 5 minutes at no charge. Could it be any easier? Same car, different day, had the brakes on my car go (scary), inched into the same repair shop with visions of 100s of dollars worth of brake-work ahead of me, the guys haul my car up onto the hoist, poke around while I’m practically chanting “let it be easy, let it be easy”. Verdict? A blown brake line, replaced within the hour at a cost of $78. I took them doughnuts & coffee & thanked The Universe liberally.

    I’ve had nightmarish days at work turn on a dime into a cake-walk. A medical exam turn up nothing at all & the weird symptoms that prompted it vanish mysteriously. A new dental crown cost half of what I’d been quoted. Someone who owed me money turn up out of the blue and repay me, with interest. Lost car keys turn up right where they should have been when I swear they hadn’t been there minutes earlier. A panicked trip to the vet with an injured stray cat not only go well but cost half of what I expected because just THAT DAY (seriously!) a brand-new vet clinic had opened up in a near-by shopping centre I rarely go to that was trying to attract new clients! And as a bonus, one of the techs there fell in love with this kitty and adopted her. I mean, come on! How ridiculous is that?? Not that much, apparently, when you decide to just let it be easy.

    It works. And the more I use it, the faster it works (& the more I use it, the more I *remember* to use it). So thank you, thank you, thank you, Melody, for reminding me (and all of us) that it does not HAVE to be hard. Life’s not meant to be hard, no matter what most of us have been taught. It’s just not.

  • Thanks Melody. Thanks for the great article. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did and that we can all implement this into our lives starting this moment 🙂

  • Thank you so much, Melody. This is a fabulous answer to a question I posted on a previous article.

    I wonder if one of the fabulous commenters on here can help with something though: you say ‘It means being like a child, wide eyed, interested, curious and expectant of awesomeness.’ Well, my childhood wasn’t like that. At least not the bits I can remember. So what is a different frame of reference to use for this? I don’t think I know how that feels.

    Also, I have done a lot of this letting go in the past several months. I am not pushing myself to do things unless inspired and spending my time reading this blog and others and listening to Abraham-Hicks and meditating. The problem is that nothing is getting done. Not taking action unless inspired has now turned into just doing nothing at all. Does this mean I am still blocking the universe from coming in and helping? Is there a belief there that I need to ferret out and conquer? Or something else?

    Thank you again for a fantastic blog. I have to admit that I wait for these posts with joyful anticipation – maybe that is what I should use as my frame of reference rather than ‘ being like a child’. 🙂

    • Hey Eve,

      Yes, the way you end is a great way of looking at things. I have concluded this myself. We need to be happy and feel good in order to let things into our life. Otherwise, how can this happen? Being anxious, depressed and feeling bad just does not allow things to happen, at least not as smoothly as they should. When you raise your vibration in this feel-good place, things do start happening. They may be small, but sometimes it is those small things that needed to happen in order for you to deal with the larger things, for example.

      I have been noticing children lately and they are a happy bunch, always playing, laughing, exploring, and having fun with anything they find, everywhere they go. They only get pissed and cranky when they are tired, hungry, need changing, or when they do not get their way at the moment. If you take something away from them they really like, they start crying. Of course, you can replace that thing with another thing that captures their interest and they calm down again. Children wave to everybody they see and hang out with everyone. It is this cool, relaxed state of being that is a nice one to be in for allowing things to come into your life. It’s like the pre-requisite to change your life, as the opposite states just do not do it. Just some things I have observed and can possibly help here 😉

      • “…We need to be happy and feel good in order to let things into our life…. Being anxious, depressed and feeling bad just does not allow things to happen…”

        Very true words. When depressed or in a state of continuous sadness you are unable to notice what is right in front of you. When you’re happy and enthusiastic you notice all kinds of good things. Universe? Maybe, but I think it has more to do with you being aware of things that you previously were unaware of – AND ACTING ON IT. The Universe is not going to slip a million dollars under your door however long you dream / visualize / fantasize / vibrate about it. If that is all it took I would be a millionaire 10 X over by now.

        • Hi Emilio!

          Yes, of course you have to act on it in some way, shape or form. Yet, I have known of people who did nothing and money, husbands, babies just came to them. So, hey, it can happen. They were people who really made no judgments in life, though, and really went with the flow and really allowed for those things to enter their life.

          What I would like to ask is, if we really do want something and we would do anything, but that would leave the door open for things like stripping and stuff I do not think I can post. If we feel uneasy about these things, then doing such things will work against us, not in our favor, unless we are open to them. for some, these activities work, but for others it may not go so well. So again, we are talking about alignment, the name of the game. I think I just answered my own question, but if anyone would like to add some things, that would be great!

          • Hello A (and others), forgive me my sarcasm but the woman you mentioned that found a husband, did he just knock on her door out of the blue, proposed to her right there, and she said yes? Did the person who had a baby have it via immaculate conception? Didn’t think so.

            I agree that you have to be in alignment. But what does alignment mean? Awareness. You cannot be continuously focused on a problem with the hope of finding a solution. Once you have identified the problem, then focus on finding the solution. When your conscious and subconscious is thinking: solution – then you will overhear a conversation on the subway, or while you’re out for coffee, or walking down the street that will steer you in the right direction of finding that solution. All those conversations were already taking place – there wasn’t any miraculous intervention that put those conversations within earshot. The only reason you heard them was because you were in alignment (aware) with finding a solution.

            Believe me, I get how great it feels thinking that someone / something has your back (and maybe something does – on occasion) but it always boils down to you doing something. You want to win the lotto? Buy a ticket! Wishing / hoping / meditating / is not going to miraculously have that ticket blowing through your window like a leaf in the wind.

            Maybe I think too much – but why are we here? I think it is, in part, for soul expansion. Does that mean happiness and joy? Absolutely. But I think there is more to it than that. And if the Universe keeps dumping things in your lap just because you have pretty blue eyes – how does that equate to YOU, or your soul, expanding?

            Did Melody just wish things into being? No. She did a shit-load of work to get where she is. Yes, her being in alignment was one of them, but from reading her blog it’s obvious that she did more than that. I think the word “alignment” is way bigger than people give it credit.

            Okay, I’ve vented enough for one day – now I’ll just go away 🙂

          • Hi Emilio!

            Thanks for the response. I think a lot too. And yes, alignment is the most important thing, but so is faith. Of course, you need to be where you need to be so that things can happen, that is the point. The woman I was thinking of actually married a delivery guy who showed up to her store. And the other examples I gave were of scenarios where there was no struggle, i.e. it just happened without any energy being put into it, literally falling into one’s lap, as they had told the themselves. so I have heard of this phrase many times. There was no immaculate conception, although there is a scientific explanation of parthenogenesis, so it does exist.

            but I digress. The universe can dump things into your lap if you are having fun and enjoying your life and not worrying about things. That is possible. You do not even have to have pretty eyes. The woman I mentioned specifically told me she did not even have any makeup on when she met her future husband. I know you will laugh at this, hopefully, but all I am saying is that I hear of all these stories of no struggle, just riding the wave. these people may have very well expanded after these scenarios happened to them. We are also here for the experience, after all. Isn’t that just it in a nutshell? So, if stripping is okay with you and you can make money that way, why not?

            Now, I will go away. hugs and kisses,

          • You wrote (maybe incorrectly as to what you wanted to say): “these people may have very well have expanded after these scenarios happened to them”.

            No, no, no. You do not expand after, you have to expand before. That is how you “allow” things into your life.

            Another thing … Joe Soap has absolutely no limiting beliefs regarding money. None. Nada. Just take my word for that for the sake of this explanation. Joe has meditated / emotionally aligned with the feeling of that lotto win. He does it again, and again, and again. Or just once and then lets go. Either way, he still hasn’t won it. But why does Joe want to win the lotto? Besides for the obvious reasons, he doesn’t have much faith of getting the job he wants – or more correctly, he doesn’t have much faith in his competence in doing that job, however unjustified his belief is. So how would the Universe / God be helping this guy realizing his self-worth by manifesting a lotto win for him? It wouldn’t be helping at all – it would just be a hindrance, because the issue is his self-worth and not his issue with money.

            So maybe these people you mentioned that where happy and things “just happened” for them where already in a state of expansion, or allowing / receiving.

            Now I am really going to just go away and let Melody answer any further questions. See how I just found a solution even before a problem presented itself? Life is indeed grand! 😉

          • Dear Emilio

            I laughed a little when I read through your posts because I do this so much and this is exactly what I am working on letting go. Like so many people,I was raised with the concept of working towards something. Setting your goal and then taking some action. Even if that action is small, there needs to be action. You have to make things happen. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

            What I understand from Melody’s post is that this is the thing we need to stop doing. The action will come, but only after we have stopped pushing and started allowing. If we do things this way around, the action will be super productive and successful rather than a slog.

            Young Mr Soap in your example should not be focussing on winning the lotto. He should be working on aligning with the energy of the thing he wants (money), and then act only when inspired. The money could flow to him through a lotto win, in which case he will be inpired to buy the ticket on that particular day, or it could come in some other way. That is how I understand what Melody is saying.

            Not taking action is very hard. It is harder than I thought possible. My brain is constantly yelling at me to do something. It is calling me lazy and pointing to all the things I am not doing. But I really want to learn how to do this, so I am going to persevere and do the best I can.

            If I have got any of this explanation wrong, please correct me! I would hate to give bad interpretations that don’t help anyone!!

          • Hey Eve – you are absolutely correct. It is very hard to not take action – especially when your reality screams: panic. And correct again, I think, that Melody is saying to align with what you want before taking action because then said action will be smoother and easier. But action, at some point, still needs to be taken – in my opinion.

            Mr. Soap? I don’t think he need to align with money, but rather recognizing his own self-worth because that is what is keeping him from getting that great job he wants. For him, winning the lotto would be a bit of a cop-out. Again this is just my take on things – doesn’t mean I am right.

          • Hi again A

            Thanks for the example of the lady and the delivery guy. That is not only helpful, but so romantic 🙂

            Hugs E

          • Sure thing, Eve. I’m glad you liked it. The universe delivers. I hear such stories all the time- a confirmation to me.

    • Hey Eve,

      Make peace with doing nothing. If you’re pushing against that, you’ll be blocking energy. Enjoy it. Read my reply to Carole above (this happened to me just today). When you understand that your actions don’t make things happen, they are a part of the bigger process (like being called up to volunteer to do a small and very specific part of a much bigger project that’s all for you), you can make peace with the fact that sometimes, (often actually), the best thing you can do is to hang out and relax. If you’re not being called to do anything, that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. It just means that they don’t currently have a job for you that would light your fire.

      Relax. You’re doing fine. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


      • Thank you so much Melody. I am going to start doing this today. And I am taking your advice to start with something small. I have a blog post to write for work and I am going to allow the universe to guide me. I will try not to push to get it done right this minute, but just wait and do nothing. I have to admit that not pushing against this (when is the inspiration going to come, already!) is very, very hard. I do have a deadline – not imminent, but there is a time limit to this. But I will work on stopping my resistance against allowing.

        Thank you again. Reading your blog makes me genuinely happy and has pulled me out of some dark places in the past few months. I am now working hard on visualising the money needed to work with you individually.

        Thank you again!! And big hugs in return for all the smoochy hugs you give.

      • Ok, now I am getting worried. I have been totally leaving this up to my higher self and not pushing against it. And now, three days later, I am still not making any progress at all. I am not tense about this or constantly thinking about it or worrying about it. I have simply not been inspired to start working on the blog post and I don’t even have an idea for a subject yet. I have been focusing on raising my vibration and going general. Where am I going wrong with this?

  • I’ve always followed my intuition and then stopped when I hit my late 20’s believing all this masculine energy in me (I’m a female) that insisted I plan, control everything until the universe screamed at me to stop. I find myself now just going with the flow and others always ask me how come I’m so calm after being a control freak for so long.

    However, while I followed my gut with directions, I’m finding that I’m unsure what’s happening in my head when it comes to my mind telling me my past love keeps talking to me. I get feelings in my hands when my current partner talks to me and despite being a previous cynic /skeptic he freaks out how I get what he saying by feelings in my left hand…I know this sounds really bizarre and it’s only started happening in the last few months. It’s like my subconscious is talking to me…it’s really bizarre. Is this just a coincidence. I know this is an LOA blog but I dont know anyone else to talk to who wont think Simmy has gone absolutely bonkers (most of my friends just think I’m slightly bonkers at the moment).

    • Hey there Simmy,

      You haven’t gone bonkers. You’re reading energy, that’s all. Just go with it, don’t fight it and pay attention to when it happens and how you feel. If you give it the benefit of the doubt (maybe it does mean something, maybe it is valid), it will get stronger and more useful.

      We don’t just read energy with our eyes and ears and skin and nose and tongue. Our entire body is a giant receptor. It’s just another way of getting information. It may not make sense at first, but if you give it a chance, it will (like learning a new language).

      I hope that helps. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


      • Thanks for the re-assurance Melody.

        Oh my I didn’t realise just how in touch I was with this until now…the feeling was of the ex contacting me and it was really at it’s strongest … I thought it was just me hoping for some ego stroking (he really did break my heart and it was my first heartbreak – umm …any links on that would be most appreciated) but anyway everytime he was in a bad place during our relationship (which was often – we met while both of us were in bad places), we used to practice telepathy as a bit of fun and it worked about 80%-90% of the time…so yesterday while my hand was burning, I drove past the courts and guess who was outside that courthouse in his suit…yet the ex…he was perhaps subconsciously connecting to me as he did in the years we were together. I now have confirmed what I believed (and by no way is this just confirmation bias) that we broke up because our vibrations were not aligned…it made no sense whatsoever why we even broke up but it seems the universe heard my requests for good, happy and pleasurable days (and his and my vibrations are completely out of whack right now)

  • I laugh. Because I just read one of MC’s posts yesterday about being in the now and present in every moment. And then I read this one. Apparently, the Universe would really like me to get this message. 🙂

    I have to admit that this is one of those areas where I still struggle. I always seem to have my to-do list running through my head, and as I’m doing one thing, I’m also thinking about what I’ve got to deal with next. Something I know I need to work on, because it causes me no end of stress.

    • I think it’s something we all struggle with Natalie, but I also think that when we really get this, it accelerates our experience. there’s no faster way to move than to ride the wave. And that’s what being in the NOW does for us. Damn, I should’ve put that in the post… 😉

      Huge hugs!!


  • Hi Melody,

    As always, this post is beyond awesome. I’ve been pondering a big decision, and you’ve reminded me to stay out of my own way! Whatever will happen will happen, and it will all be for the best. I don’t need to make a decision at all, just stay open to possibilities. We can’t do any better than to enjoy today, and today is all there is! Woohoo!

    Many huge hugs,


    • Hey Carole,

      Thanks so much! I’ve been doing my best to be in the NOW more and more lately, and it’s just leading to miracles. It’s not easy, though. Just earlier today, I was taking a nap, but feeling kind of guilty because I had a crap load to do. I had to really work to let it all go and trust. And you know what, after my nap, I ripped through that work at record time. So, I got my nap and my work done. Yay! Baby steps, baby steps.

      Let’s catch up soon!!!



  • Thanks for this excellent article. It really resonated with me because I was feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to get done. Now, I’m more relaxed because I know I have the full power of the Universe behind me if I just get out of my own way. God Bless!!

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