Awesome Tim writes:

“Hi, I’m studying the law of attraction and I have 3 problems – maybe you can answer them:

  1. Is it possible to gain superpowers? Seriously! What if I really, really want to fly like Superman? For the experience. But I do not wish to fly on a plane, no! I want to gain the ability to fly by myself. So what if I would like to gain superpowers like that?
  2. Almost the same question: Some say that the law of attraction is like magic. But is magic the law of attraction? Is it possible to practice magic? Because (like the ability to fly) what if I do not wish to do something with vehicles and tools but only by myself, like telekinesis?
  3. What if I want a cosmic change? Like turning the sky into green? Can I do that?

I am really curious about these questions; I hope you will answer them!”

Dear Awesome Tim,

In order to answer your question, I’m going to have to explain the concept of the “path of least resistance”. You can manifest whatever you want, but it’s always going to come to you in the way that’s easiest for you to allow.

The Path of Least Resistance

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll have noticed that I often state that you should focus on the WHAT (what you truly want) and not the HOW (what needs to happen so you can get what you want). One of the main reasons for this is that we tend to overcomplicate things. We generally don’t even see the path of least resistance. In fact, the HOW which we’re obsessing over is often the most complicated path we can think of. Why would we do that?

Well, often we have beliefs that state that nothing comes for free, and the harder something was to manifest, the more valuable it is. We may also want to prove that LOA is real, and the hardest path will serve that purpose the best. This is why people are often disappointed by and resistant to things showing up easily.

The Universe doesn’t do parlor tricks

Let me give you an example of the path of least resistance in action. We’re all familiar with the experiment often used to try and prove or disprove that people have psychic powers: one person looks at a set of cards with symbols on them. Another person tries to tune into their thoughts and determine the symbol they’re looking at. If they can guess more than 50% of the symbols correctly, then they’re considered psychic, although of course, this would have to be repeated over a statistically significant number of attempts (also, technically, a number of guesses which was significantly less than 50% would also result in someone being psychic).

Now, let’s look at this little trick from the Universe’s point of view:

What is the goal of the exercise? – for the person who is NOT looking at the cards to gain access to the information which is on the cards.

What would be the path of least resistance to attain that goal? – For the person without the cards to simply ask the person looking at the cards for the information.

Yeah, I know. Nobody wants to hear that. It’s not spectacular enough. It doesn’t prove anything. It doesn’t make for a cool story. But the Universe doesn’t care about any of those things. It’s like a computer giving you the simplest and easiest answer. Its main objective is for you to get what you want in the easiest possible way and it’s going to carry out that objective each and every time.

The easiest path vs. your beliefs

Your own personal path of least resistance is always going to be determined by and subject to your own personal beliefs. This is an important point, because you can’t ever defy your own beliefs. If the experience you’re after defies your beliefs, there’s no way you can manifest it. Or is there?

Let’s take the example of superpowers: Can a human fly? Yes. If he believes that he can. Can he make others see it? Yes. If they believe that he can, or if his belief is so strong that he infects them with his belief.

How would this manifestation come about? In whatever way would be easiest for that individual to believe. So, humans have been dreaming of flying ever since they glanced up at the sky and saw birds whizzing around up there. They kept on dreaming about it, while most of them couldn’t believe that it would actually happen one day. Most of them could only envision themselves flapping about up there, possibly with wings (which was tried, but failed). They thought: “I want to fly. But I only want to fly like a bird. No other possibility appeals to me”. And so, they remained flightless.

Then, two brothers by the last name of Wright, decided that they didn’t care HOW they flew. They just wanted to fly. And they were inspired to build the first working plane. Humans took to the sky. Others, now having been shown a possibility of flight they could not allow into their reality before, had their belief that flight was possible expanded and began to dream bigger and better solutions into being. We flew higher and faster and further than ever before, eventually even landing on the moon (and yes, that totally happened. Let it go already).

Other humans began to tinker with different solutions. They allowed the inspiration for hang gliding and parasailing and flight suits with wings. These are all experiences of “flying”, which were usually far outside of the general population’s ability to conceive, but a few individuals let this inspiration in. And while these manifestations defied the general belief system, they weren’t so far outside that system that bridges to the new belief couldn’t be built. So, yes, it is possible for us to defy our own beliefs if we’re willing to do so incrementally, always reaching just outside our belief system of what’s possible and allowing the inspiration to bring us the explanation.

Manifesting through technology

We’ve developed a mechanism for allowing the most miraculous of manifestations into our reality: technology. We don’t believe that a human can levitate. But we can totally accept the idea of a hover board. We don’t think that a human being can regrow a severed arm, but transplant a spare limb on there, and that’s ok. We don’t think that humans can communicate telepathically, and yet we’ve invented little devices that allow us to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time (that would be the mobile phone, in case you missed it). Technology is making it possible for us to allow all kinds of manifestations into our reality, by providing us with an explanation for HOW these creations came about that our minds can truly believe.

In other words, technology allows us to incrementally expand our belief system to allow bigger and better and more incredulous manifestations into our lives.

You can manifest anything you can truly believe

The Universe isn’t limited in what it can bring you. But what you, personally can experience, what you can let into your reality, will always be limited by your beliefs. It’s not enough to theoretically believe that something is possible. You have to actually know that it can happen. And even though you may not know HOW something will come about, the way in which it does come about cannot defy what you KNOW to be true. If your mind cannot explain how Superman-like flight is possible, it will not totally accept that it is, and will therefore block this avenue for your manifestation.

The good news is that you can still manifest the experience you want, as long as you don’t rigidly hold to HOW it has to come about. You could, for example, have a lucid dream in which you fly like Superman. This would be a convenient way for your mind to allow the experience you seek, without defying your belief system.

The problem with other people

Could you turn the sky green? Could you manifest a massive change in the environment? Well, yes. But remember that you 1.) can’t defy your own beliefs and 2.) can’t manifest in the reality of others, i.e. can’t force them to witness something that defies their beliefs. So, let’s say that you somehow figure out a way to accept that the sky could turn green. You could, theoretically, look up and see a green sky. This would not mean that anyone else would have that same experience. They could be sitting right next to you and see a blue sky.

But, let’s say that your belief of being able to experience a green sky was strong enough. In that case, it would still have to come about in a way that you and others could accept. The sky, as it turns out, does often turn green right before a tornado. So, in your quest to witness a green sky, you could meet up with that experience. I know that this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but you have to remember the Path of Least Resistance. Don’t overcomplicate the method in which your manifestation has to come to you, just to up the “WOW” factor. Also, remember that you can only ever prove something to yourself. If you set out to prove this stuff to others, you’ll most likely run into the limitations of their beliefs, which you can’t defy.

It’s about the experience

This all becomes a lot easier to accept when you remember to focus on the core of what you want and let the experience of it be enough. Do you want to be rich or do you want to win the lottery? If you’re not sure, ask yourself this: Would you rather get a million dollars in some way, or would you rather win $5 from a scratch off ticket? What is it that you really want? Why do you want to win the million dollars? Why do you want to fly like Superman? If you want the experience of flying, there are already ways available today which will allow you to feel that way. If you want to show the world how cool you are by flying through the air (defying their beliefs that this is possible), rescue people in need (no need to fly around to do that), or become cooler than you currently believe you are so you can pick up chicks (granted, it would be a pretty cool pick up line, but you can’t defy your own belief!), you’re going to hit a lot of dead ends.

The good news is that our understanding of science has just taken a massive leap forward, thanks to Quantum Physics. The science that will allow us to believe in magic is just around the corner. Will it still be magic when we have an explanation for how it works? Well, you may not think so. You may think it’s cheating, but if you think like that, you’re really missing out on the wonder of creation. What I see is that our belief in what’s possible is expanding exponentially. Our technological advances (and therefore ability to believably manifest) are happening at an ever increasing pace and consistently unprecedented rate. These advances are happening in engineering, physics, medical technology and yes, the spiritual sciences. I believe the day is coming and probably sooner than we can imagine, where science and spirituality will merge. In other words, we’ll be able to explain, in a way which we can believe, how actual telecommunication, teleportation, ascension, healing, and communication with the non-physical are possible. Why is it any less spectacular if there’s an explanation? Why must it defy our beliefs in order to qualify as “cool”? And if you really want to manifest something in a new, heretofore unimagined way, then aim for something just outside of our current belief system. Then, let the Universe inspire you to find the bridge, the path of least resistance, between where we currently are and where you’d like to take us. This is how scientists do it every day.

But, I still want to fly like Superman!

Ok, so now that I’ve given you the real world explanation, I will concede this: Could you, if your own belief was strong enough, actually fly around like Superman, defying the current beliefs of what is possible? Yes. And if you dedicate the rest of your life to meditation, removing yourself from our current physical reality (maybe a cave in the Himalayas would be good) so as to limit its influence on you as much as possible, and stepped into a completely different belief system, one where your mind could conceive of a HOW that would explain your flight to you, and if your belief was so strong that those who were open to having such a manifestation (never everyone) could witness it, then you could possibly reach a state where you could fly around for them and they would see you do it. Just remember: when you practice, try taking off from the ground first. Just saying.

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  • This is an exceedingly interesting post. It opens a helk of a lot of questions. What are your true beliefs? How do you find them? Are they yours or something someone “gifted” you with? (Did you witness, hear or just perceive this as a truth?) We perceive emotional input from womb, a time where language makes no sense so there are no words to be placed upon the experience. The theory of the collective unconscious throws one helk of a monkey wrench into finding why we believe what we believe only to replace it with what we want.

  • Brilliant Blog again Melody.

    Just what I wanted to hear as had a bit of resistance over a few things recently (my kryptonite if you will) and reading this has helped me get back on track. And what’s the big deal about Henry Cavill anyway? Lol. Thanks once again.


  • When it comes to resistance, my thoughts are that it is usually better to summon up energy on particular subject and then if you have certain negative beliefs or some sort of resistance, you just let it go, and not think about your wish/manifestation for a certain period of time, instead of forcing and making your negative belief shift into positive. It looks hell of a lot easier then correcting your bugs, and it may have same effectiveness.

  • Hah! I love your way with words and this post was no exception. I’m not a frequent commenter but this one compelled me to break that habit. Keep up the good work here, I take a lot away from your posts and these calls crack me up!!

  • Madam
    I am very much grateful to you , as your blog posts, your free e-book and audio on law of attraction has helped me a lot to understand LOA .
    I got to know about LOA from a film and then from a book by Joseph Murphy, but things got much more cleared by repeatedly listening your audio book.
    The youtube video on attracting a specific lover is simply the best .
    I hope you would surely present us some more educational life transforming videos in the future.
    thank you veeeeeeeeeeery much

  • Hi Melody,

    Wonderful post, thank you!
    I love your blog, and I also love your Deliberate Receiving e-book! 🙂

    Your answer is very interesting.
    However I have to verify this standpoint: so others belief systems limit my own reality?

    Beside the Law of Attraction I study Chaos Magic (it’s not scary or “evil”, chaos is basically the root of the world). I do not want to change topic, telling you about this is the key to my question about LoA.

    So this system says that there are two limiting force in our reality:
    1, The psychic censor, which is “a mechanism of the conscious mind which determines, based on rules which have been internalized from consensus reality, what limits are placed on possibility. In general, the psychic censor tells the conscious mind that magick is a fallacy, and that the power of the mind is insufficient to cause actual change in the universe. ” (quote from:
    But it’s not an evil power: without its limitations we would perceive everything as a hallucinating drug addict. Reality would be a mass.
    (So it is about my own beliefs, my own “psychic censor”.)

    2, Collective reality: this theory is like the Law of Attraction; mind over matter. But we are not alone. As you said, the collective has a “consensus” how the universe works. You can’t really change things unless you change the others beliefs.

    So my big question is, again: Do we live in a collective reality?

  • Well, Melody gets apprehensive! Lets say he WANTS to fly like Superman. Whatever be the reason or motivation. He wants it ONLY that way. He can have it right! It’s the Law of Attraction. Ask and it is given. But then again it’s his fault if it ain’t coming, right? Ha ha

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