On the blog post Dear LOA: Why Are People So Damn Negative, a reader named PH left the following comment: “You stated: ‘Well, the truth is that we didn’t become negatively focused as part of some conspiracy plot to enslave the world.’ How do you know that to be true? How can you be so sure of yourself? Have you read the ‘Ancient History of the Flower of Life’ book? You definitely need to read it before making statements such as that.”

Dear PH,

Thank you for asking this question. I get stuff like this a lot and I think your particular comment gives me the perfect opportunity to respond.

No, I haven’t read that particular book, although I’m aware of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work and I agree with quite a bit of it (not all of it, though). I appreciate him deeply as a teacher. How can I make statements that contradict someone else’s work? Because by doing so, I expand the perspectives that are available for you to choose from. You don’t have to agree with my point of view or anything I say on this site. In fact, I actively encourage people to never blindly agree with anything (even me), but to stay open to different points of view, evaluate them and then choose the one that resonates the most with them in that moment. They can always change their mind later, if a different perspective starts to resonate more. Someone having published an opinion or philosophy that doesn’t match mine doesn’t influence my decision to share my own truth.

How can I be so sure of myself?

So, how do I know what I know? How can I be so sure of myself? Well, I’ll tell you. It took me a long time to become this sure. It took me a long time to trust that my truth was valid for me, and possibly for others. I share it in the hopes that it will resonate with others and that they’ll be helped by it. If someone is not, then that’s ok. If I wrote a song, I wouldn’t expect everyone to like it, either.

I get my information, my philosophy, my perspective from the non-physical. I go into an altered state and I find the best feeling perspective I can find. Some people call this “channeling”, although I’m very much aware of what’s happening, I’m part of the conversation, and I don’t go into a trance. When I am in this state, I have absolute faith in what I’m writing and saying. But, and you really have to remember this, even though I consider what I’m sharing to be the “truth”, it is MY truth. You have to decide if it’s yours. Because there isn’t one truth that will apply to everyone.

There isn’t just one truth

The idea that there’s one truth that will work for everyone in the world has done more damage than almost any other belief. Religions have tried to operate under this paradigm. They’ve even tried to force people to adopt their truths under the penalty of death. They failed, because we are not here to share the same perspective. As I wrote in my last post, we are here to explore different perspectives. So, by design, we are not going to all agree. We have to make peace with that. When we disagree, that doesn’t mean that one of us is right (as in, has the answer that is correct for everyone), and one of us is wrong. It simply means that we resonate with different perspectives, and we’re both right, for ourselves. The trouble only starts when we have the need for others to agree with our point of view in order to feel that our particular view is valid. It’s valid. It’s always valid, whether someone else agrees with it or not. It may not be valid forever, you may well find that another perspective resonates more down the line as you evolve, but that doesn’t mean that you were “wrong” in the past. You’ve simply gained a bigger view, a higher perspective, a new outlook. You see things differently. You may now have an opinion that you couldn’t access a few years ago. The old opinions weren’t wrong, they were just a match to who you were then.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say that you and I go see a movie. I think the movie was hilarious and you think it was crap. Which one of us is wrong? I enjoyed myself immensely and laughed a lot. You hated every minute. Were you wrong to hate it? Was I wrong to enjoy it? Or were we both right? I can give you loads of reasons for why the movie was amazing. And you can give me loads of reasons for why it sucked. We can both back up our opinions and argue that our point of view is the only valid one. Anyone who disagrees with us is an idiot. Anyone can see that this movie is the best/worst movie ever.

The thing is, the movie has no value whatsoever. My opinion of it is just as valid as yours is. The only thing that ever goes wrong is that people need the other person to agree with them so that they can feel secure in the validity of their point of view. And just to drive that point home, I’d like to mention here that I can read Drunvalo’s book, if you like, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll agree with it or come to the same conclusions as he or you did. The beautiful thing is, I don’t need to.

But, what if two years from now, I see the move again and hate it? Was I wrong to like it the first time I saw it? Nope. I’ve simply changed. The movie resonated with me the first time, and a couple of years later, it no longer did. You weren’t wrong to like chocolate mint ice cream as a child, if you no longer do now. You don’t have to agree with anyone else, and you don’t have to agree with your past self. You get to make your own decision each and every moment of each and every day.

On conspiracy theories

So, let’s address the original question – my statement that the bad things in the world didn’t happen due to a big, organized, evil plan to enslave humanity and conquer the world. Although I’ve written about this subject before, I’m happy to address this one point here. Why don’t I believe in the conspiracy theories anymore (I used to, by the way)? Because I no longer believe that anyone else has any power over my reality. No one, not even the evil powers that be, has the power to manifest in my reality. I have to give them that power and I’ve simply stopped doing so.

Even if there are groups of people trying to take over the world, and I do think there are, I don’t care. Ultimately, any action that affects another has to be invited by that other person. That’s how co-creation works. The thief who has beliefs of scarcity (there’s not enough to go around) and powerlessness, believes that the only way he can get ahead is to steal from someone. The Law of Attraction will only allow him to have access to those who are a match to being stolen from, a mirror to their own beliefs of powerlessness and scarcity. The banks and pharmaceutical companies and governments, while easy to blame for all the world’s ills, are merely mirroring back society’s vibrations. When most of us feel powerless, we get fleeced. Notice, however, that those very same events, the ones that reflected our perceived powerlessness, are also catalysts to help us wake up, get angry and take back our power.

I believe, and you certainly don’t have to agree, that blaming the powers that be for our misfortunes, keeps us powerless. When we take back our power, it becomes apparent that those entities and greedy bastards never had any control over us in the first place. It was an illusion. How do I know that? Well, that’s the reality I live in. That’s my experience now. And it feels so much better to me, which is why I chose to believe it in the first place. That belief then got mirrored back to me by my reality.

Did people in the past try to suppress ancient knowledge? I have no doubt that they did. Only, it doesn’t matter. We can’t forget that we all manifest our truth and clarity when we are ready for it. So, the people who suppressed knowledge were simply mirroring the vibrations of those who were not ready for a new paradigm; the actions of those few reflected the limiting beliefs and fears of most of the population. Those same entities are still trying to suppress information, but they’re losing that battle now because we’re collectively ready for more. We manifest our truth whether they like it or not, because they have no power over our manifestations. And those who were ready in the past found their way to enlightenment, no matter what. You don’t have to be told this stuff. You don’t have to read it in a book. No one can keep it from you. You can access it directly, if you like, and even then, it’s not something new. It’s more like remembering something you’ve always known and simply forgot for a while.

It’s in you

The power is within you and it always has been. That’s “the secret”. The information was always accessible to you and to all of us. It can’t be kept from us. It can’t be suppressed. The best anyone can do is distract you, but even that’s only temporary when your desire to know is strong.

All I’ve done is train myself to easily tap into this knowledge. Of course, I can only access what I’m ready for, and I only access what resonates with me. I used to manifest my clarity and truth through teachers (Abraham is one of them), books and other media. I still use those, but mostly, I just get my information directly from the source, if you will. I’ve chosen to make myself available as a conduit for others to manifest their truth through, just as countless others teachers have done and are doing. But I’m not here for everyone. If anything I say doesn’t resonate with you, then that’s not your clarity. Don’t try to take a manifestation that isn’t perfect for you and make it fit. Don’t push against the manifestations of others, and proclaim that they aren’t right for you. Of course they’re not right for you. They’re not your manifestations.

When you do find your truth (and remember, this is a piece by piece, case by case scenario), you’ll KNOW it. You’ll FEEL it. It will resonate so deeply that you won’t be able to deny it. I have that feeling every time I connect. When I stream this much energy, not just for myself, but for all those who will resonate with it, denying that truth would be painful for me. This is why I’m so sure of myself. I don’t really have a choice anymore. I either go with it, accept it fully and let it flow, or pay a huge price for resisting a massive energy flow.  I’ve learned not to get in the way of it, to fully allow it and to enjoy the ride.

I believe what I believe because it feels so damn good to me, better than any other perspective I can find. I’m sure of my beliefs because when I’m not, it feels awful. I’ve come to trust that feedback unconditionally and it’s never led me astray. I KNOW what I KNOW. Will I know something else tomorrow? It’s entirely possible. Should that make my readers insecure? Not if they understand that they always have to use their own judgment, and not just blindly trust mine. In other words, if you want to truly understand your own power, you don’t get to be lazy and just leave it to someone else. Find your own truth in every moment. Don’t be hindered by the opinions of others, not even those of your past self.


I KNOW we are powerful beyond measure.

I KNOW we are the creators and receivers of our own reality.

I KNOW that no one can manifest in our reality unless we invite them to do so.

I KNOW that we are all evolving.

I KNOW that everything is getting better and better.

I KNOW that everything is love, that we can resist that love, but we can never lose it.

I KNOW that there’s an intelligence and elegance to the design of the Universe that is just breathtaking.

I KNOW that everything is always happening for our benefit, even if we don’t recognize it.

I KNOW that believing in conspiracy theories is serving you. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t believe in them anymore.

I KNOW that everyone has the ability to be a happy shiny puppy, even if they currently aren’t one.

I KNOW that you, each and every one of you, will find your own personal truth in every given moment.

I KNOW that if you choose to, you can keep finding truths that feel better and better.

I KNOW that we are all in this together, and that we are ultimately all ONE.

I KNOW that your question has benefited many and that your value is immeasurable.

I KNOW that you might not agree with any of this, and I KNOW that it doesn’t matter if you do. It’s still all good.

With all my heart, I thank you. I appreciate you. I love you. All of you.

Huge, smooshy, happy, shiny puppy hugs,


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  • Hi Mel.D.
    If anyone wants to know the truth, you can give him my name and my address.

    The thirst for knowledge without the balls to apply it is another excuse to stay a zombie.
    No matter how many books we read, the sun will rise, and a bullet will make a hole.
    The search for the truth is for those who are too lazy to find a desirable mate to have sex, too dumb to be lawyers and too pussies to be fighters. (Tony again)

  • What an excellent post Melody! I read it with this air of utter deep calm. I knew that that I knew this and that it resonated with me deeply and it was like reading a book I’d read before – I knew what was coming and still appreciated it as it unfolded.

    In fact, this ties in wonderfully with your last post(Why Bad Things Happen) – with all the Bobs out there, the fastest way to bring everyone to a screeching halt and stagnation, would be to insist that everyone think the same, eat the same thing, drive the same car, look the same, et cetera. There would be zero growth, zero differing perspectives to choose from and therefore, zero expansion. In fact, there would be no need for more than one Bob in such a scenario.

    I find that in trusting my perspective to be that which resonates with me according to what I know at each moment, it becomes easier (and rather profound actually) to allow everyone else their perspective. I feel tremendous respect for other people’s right to their perspectives according to what they know and where they are on their journey.

    Also, questions are incredibly powerful. I only realized this recently but asking the right question of the Universe is extraordinarily rewarding (yes, got that from your post too Melody!). Answers are coming in from the most amazing sources and in the most delightful ways. It made me wonder; what if the Universe delights in manifesting our desires in the most exquisite, most outrageous, most unthinkable ways at its disposal? What if the Universe wants to have fun too? Suddenly, you relax about needing stuff to manifest through only those channels that you can see and perceive. For example; I recently cut my hair short which means that I have to put in some effort at maintaining it. I was idly wondering the other day how to get some curls I’d seen online. A couple of days later, I got an invite to a major financial event through a friend – the event itself wound up being of little interest to me but I got to meet one of her friends who was sporting the exact curls I’d wanted. Yeah, I instantaneously pumped her for all info on how she got them and she introduced me to a curling wand. You may laugh – you might think that everyone knows all about curling wands. I didn’t and I racked my brains that night wondering if truly it could have cropped up in my experience in a ‘normal’ way and I realized something else – the Universe could have Youtubed it for me. It frequently does – but what if it’s fun for it (The Universe) to orchestrate this amazing way to deliver stuff to us, however small? So what it’s a curling wand that I would up getting off Amazon – wasn’t it fun to get shipped half-way across town to see the curls UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL? I laughed so hard after. I felt an instant camaraderie with Life. I allowed it to deliver my desires (BIG AND MINUTE) to me according to its wisdom, resources and impishness. I made it OK for the Universe to have FUN with me, through me, as me. How? I allowed it to and allowed myself to let it. What if I allowed myself to let go of needing to know how and when the Universe would manifest my desires? Questions. They are powerful and liberating.

    • I like your story about the curls and the curling wand! Also loved the idea about the Universe “YouTubing” it for you! Do you mean that you ask a question or wonder about something and then you get the answer on YouTube? That happened to me. Earlier this year I wondered if the gothic metal band Lacuna Coil had a video for their song End Of Time because I wanted to put it on my blog and then when I checked my email later that day, I had an email from YouTube and the End Of Time video was one of my recommendations!!

      Also sometimes I wonder things, (just a fleeting thought sometimes) and then I get the answer in magazines. E.g. I was trying to think what the British comedy character Dennis Pennis’ real name is (the actor who plays him). I thought it was Paul Kaye and then he was in a magazine, so it confirmed what I thought.

  • Thanks Melody, I enjoyed reading this and feel uplifted by it. You have a wonderful way with words. What you explain in such eloquent fashion about understanding (and accepting) different perspectives is precisely what more or us need to learn.

  • This article was like an unopened Xmas gift when it arrived in my inbox. I knew it would be the best gift ever because it was from Melody and I so badly wanted to open it and see what lay under the wrapper. When I opened it, indeed, it was the best gift ever and again, I was so amazed with what a perfect, thoughtful gift it was. It was so good and I tried asking a few random questions to the Universe (because I landed up reading the article on steps to access the big database). So, I formulated a few random queries and I got some answers. It may have been me talking to me but I typed away and did not judge the answers that came. Some of those answers deeply matched with what Melody teaches but that may be because I am such a huge fan of hers. Anyhow, this article and the others on this page are all amazing! I just feel SO GOOD even thinking about Melody’s articles. I just can’t wait for the next one. Melody, YOU ARE SO GOOD. I wish you host an event some day and I get to attend that event and meet you in person and hug you super tight. You have helped me so much, seriously without you I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been, you really are the ONLY person who makes in this universe who makes me feel SO GOOD!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  • Melody,

    The start of the article seems so serious and heavy but I started reading anyway. by the middle of the article I felt better, and at the end of the article I had that cosy easy feeling of clarity. It’s like a weight off my shoulder.

    Your article made me feel good. Thank you Melody. You have lifted me up today.

  • You know Melody…it took me a LONG time to understand the simple concept you’re addressing here which is that most things (maybe all?) in life are “both/and” but our little ego-driven minds LOVE to create dualities of right/wrong, black/white, me/you when in fact, I AM you, you ARE me and we are all the amazing creative manifestations of the same primordial soup of infinite potential called the Universe or Great Mystery (or whatever you choose to call “it” as any name we give it is simply a word.) Once I realized this experientially, my life changed in an instant and I no longer have any anxiety about “not being right,” or “being the only person who doesn’t agree with the group.” I’m a happy shiny puppy pretty much all of the time now and the more perspectives there are out there…the better!

  • Darn Revolutionary thinking methinks….. LOVE it and love you!! …Soooo inspirational AND funny! My kinda heaven! Big shiny puppy thanks to you Melody x

  • Just terrific! Melody- your wisdom and open-mindness are -just so refreshing and invigorating. analogy,s given- are so appropo’ also. this is another ‘keeper” from you! flagged and avail for many re-reads. i really – cherish your writing,s! luv- earl

  • Melody, “Because by doing so, I expand the perspectives that are available for you to choose from”. Oh! I just got the most incredible insight into my life and my physical illness. Many people cannot “see” my illness. That is none of my business! However, it IS my business to speak what I KNOW. To not pretend things are other than what they currently are. In short…to be that conduit, which, in fact, I already am. But it certainly is NOT my job to CONVINCE anyone, of anything, about myself. But the gift IS to expand those perspectives, to CHOOSE from. Bingo! I got it. I absolutely adore reading your posts Melody. Thank you for being HERE, right in the center if my <3.

  • Hi Melody,
    Love your post as always. I was thinking about the same thing just this morning, the nature of truth and reality. It’s about the individual and their perspective. Then the analogy of a glass being half full or half empty came to mind. Two people looking at the same glass or water at the same level, have two different perspectives. What is the reality? What is the truth? It is what I as an individual choose it to be. There is no right answer or wrong answer,there is only individual perspective,and that is what makes the world go round!!!

  • Awesome!!!! I too used to be really big into conspiracy theories, but here lately, I’ve been questioning how they fit in with the law of attraction. You are absolutely right. The only reason they have any power is that people give them power. I LOVED this:
    “No one, not even the evil powers that be, has the power to manifest in my reality. I have to give them that power and I’ve simply stopped doing so.”
    This REALLY resonated with me. I have been feeling kind of crappy today (stupid headache) very low vibes today. 🙁
    But when I read that, I actually felt them raise and this is the best I’ve felt all day. Thank you for this post! 🙂



  • Melody:

    WOW! I absolutely resonate with this, Melody! Thank you for always having so much clarity and for being willing to put your beliefs out there!

    Huge hugs,


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