Awesome Dudette’s burning question: “I want to ask you, do you believe in God? Does God exist or not?

In this post you have compared the universe with a vending machine. So what I want to ask is, is that what the universe is – a vending machine? Which means it is just a machine doing its job. It means the universe does not love me, it does not care about me. I am scared by this idea because it means there is no one to look after us, care about us and love us and things are just happening randomly (as in, if you think positive thoughts you get a positive outcome and if you think negative thoughts “go to hell, I don’t care”). I am scared that my life will fall apart if this is how the universe works.

I want the Universe/God to love us. I want to believe that no matter what is happening in my life (even the crappy things), a good reason/thing is hidden in all of them and one day I will be able to see it and everything will make perfect sense and this can only happen if a loving force is guiding me in every moment and encouraging me and showing me the right path.

Melody, are my beliefs wrong?”

Dear Awesome Dudette,

Ok, so obviously I’m not going to be able to definitively answer the question “Does God exist?” in a blog post. I’d need at least two blog posts for that. But I’ll do my best to address your question, to tell you what I believe to be true, in a way that will allow you to feel a whole lot better. Or possibly confuse you even more.

First of all, I want to explain that I often use metaphors to make a very specific point. If you then try to smoosh all those analogies together, it can get very confusing. They don’t always hold up across the board. In posts such as The Definitive Mega Post On Why Bad Stuff (And Everything Else) Happens, and The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How We Manifest Reality, I’ve attempted to give you the big picture view of Who We Really Are. But when I tackle a very specific angle of the manifesting process, you have to look for the understanding it gives you, instead of trying to use whatever particular metaphor I used, to try and explain everything.

The Material and the Spiritual

Second, what I write about and teach can be broken down into two distinct parts. One is the material side – the technical details of how manifesting really works, the concrete steps you need to take to manifest a man, win the lottery, or move into your dream house. The second part is the spiritual side – Who We Really Are, the non-physical, the “after life” and God. The two bleed into each other (because they’re not really separate), but many people are more comfortable with the first, and have a harder time accepting the second. Our intellectual side likes to understand the mechanics of something, but dislikes the decidedly Woo-Woo flavor of what comes up when we take it a bit further. It’s also A LOT harder to find words to describe the second that will resonate with a large number of people. The concept of God is a very personal one, and people get really bent out of shape when your view doesn’t completely and totally agree with theirs, even if just a few, minor details are off. But, you asked the question, and I never shy away from a question, no matter how hairy. So, here we go.

The Vending Machine analogy was a mechanical explanation of the manifesting process. I wanted to demonstrate the total and complete lack of judgment of the Universe. This is something that most people have a very hard time understanding when it comes to sentient beings. Most of us don’t know anyone who is completely non-judgmental. But we can accept it when it comes to machines. The problem with that analogy, as you pointed out, is that it totally disregards the spiritual side of things. Yet, had I given the vending machine a personality, the concept of non-judgment wouldn’t have been as clear. I was isolating the mechanical, not because the spiritual doesn’t exist, but to make a point. It can often help us to understand complex concepts, if we break them apart and investigate its parts separately, before bringing them back together again, and looking at the whole picture. That’s what your question is allowing me to do today.

The design versus the designers

The process by which we manifest is a mechanical one. It is, for all intents and purposes like a machine, a computer. It does not judge what you are asking for. It doesn’t care if you’re “worthy” (you always are), if you deserve to get what you want (you do), if your mom said it was ok, what your friends are doing or what society thinks about it. It just works. You ask, you get. You ask, you get. You ask, you get. Unless you’re doing something to block the receiving of it, of course. So, if you’re not getting what you’re asking for, it’s only ever because you’re doing something to block it, and not because there’s something wrong with you. There is a perfect design by which we create our realities. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s reliable, like a machine.

But the design isn’t the same as the designer. The mechanism by which we manifest isn’t the same as the mechanic. Once we begin to study the design and really understand it, some questions about the designers are bound to come up. And really, we can’t fully understand the process without going a bit deeper. Fully comprehending the fact that we truly can have anything and everything we want, requires that we understand our inherent worthiness. If you can always get what you want, no matter what it is, if you cannot be unworthy enough to not get what you want, then you must be inherently worthy. If one of the most important aspects of manifesting is allowing, which is really just another word for trust, then we must begin to ask, “Whom am I trusting?” Accepting that we CAN always trust, requires an absolute belief in the goodness of the designers of the system. You see, the further you go down this rabbit hole, the more existential and ultimately spiritual it gets.

Quit dodging the question!

It would be easy for me to pull an old spiritual guru trick and throw your question back at you: “I don’t know… Is there a God? There is one if you believe there is…” And that wouldn’t wrong. If your beliefs affect the way you experience your reality, and they do, then not believing in God would cause you to create a reality where you would experience no God. The Law of Attraction will always prove you right. It has to. That’s the law. But while it would be easy to keep the question in that realm, you asked me what I believe, and so I’ll tell you (plus, I wanted to know what would come out if I connected and wrote this). Just keep in mind that you do not have to believe the same. You get to choose. I will not be mad at you if you don’t completely agree with me. 🙂

What I believe

Yes, Awesome Dudette, there is a God. But he’s not a petty, old, white man with long hair, sitting “up there” in the clouds somewhere, judging us and periodically terrorizing us, while pretending to love us unconditionally. That’s the God that humans created in their image many, many years ago. Given that we’re not nearly as miserable as we were 2.000 years ago, it would stand to reason that we, at the very least, update that image… But I digress.

I believe that I am God. And you are God. We’re all God. We are the designers. We are the creators. We are all all-powerful beings. And when you’re all-powerful, when you can do whatever you want, have whatever you want, be whatever you want, EVERYTHING kind of loses its flavor. It gets boring. Think about it: when you get really, really good at something and there’s nothing left to learn, nowhere to advance to (because you can do it all), doesn’t it get boring for you? Well, we weren’t going to put up with that. We wanted excitement, adventure, exhilaration! But how to do you experience excitement in an environment in which you are the master of everything, where you know everything, where nothing is a challenge? Easy! You create limitations. You make the rules harder. You up the game.

We created this physical environment, with all its limitations, and then purposefully forgot Who We Really Are, so we could experience the full gamut of frequencies it had to offer. We threw ourselves into this world and explored it, each and every last frequency, knowing as we did so, that the pull of Who We Really Are would always eventually prevail. It would always bleed through a little, until we got close enough to the vicinity of that energy to wake up. That’s where we are now. But even in this awakening, there’s so much to explore. There’s still contrast, there are still so many of us bumping around, figuring it out in different ways. We’re nowhere near the energy of Who We Really Are (not even close, and no, not even when we transition into non-physical). We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of that kind of power.

If you read the post The Definitive Mega Post On Why Bad Stuff (And Everything Else) Happens, you might’ve been a little confused by it the first time around. In that post, I described the many Bobs, which was my attempt at conveying the vision I get of OURSELVES. We split ourselves into many layers, and each layer into many individuals, each more narrowly focused, in an attempt to cover all the bases and fully experience each frequency, even the tiniest of details this world has to offer. Bob was my metaphor for God, and God is just a metaphor for Us. Yeah, I know, this is BIG SHIT.

Like a pyramid. Kind of

Imagine a pyramid made of people. You’re at the bottom, having a very specific experience. You can only see one perspective at a time. Now, when you die, you move up a layer. Now you can see all the perspectives of those below you. They are different aspects of you. And while you adore whatever story they are living and showing you, you want them to do well, to be happy. And you offer your higher perspective, where you can see more, to help them. They can accept that view or not, they have total choice, but you won’t be mad at them if they don’t. Because all perspectives are valuable.

Now, imagine that the current layer and the layer above you exist simultaneously. The next layer up isn’t created when you die. It’s always been there. When you die, you simply withdraw your focus from that one, narrow perspective, and step into a greater awareness, like waking up from a dream where you had very limited options, and realizing that in your  REAL life, you have way more options. It’s still you, just you with a greater perspective, more options, a bigger view.

Now, imagine that this REAL you is just another limited dream of a bigger you, and so on and so on until you get to the top of the pyramid. This top is what people want to call God, but to me, the whole pyramid is God, meaning everyone and everything is literally God. And when I connect to this vision, it’s actually less like a pyramid and more like a network (it looks like a neural network to me), but that analogy is even more confusing, so we’ll leave it at that.

That does that top level look and feel like? This I can’t tell you. I’ve never even come close to that frequency, and I don’t think it’s actually possible to get anywhere near it while in the physical. Since our human minds are built to focus narrowly and to only be able to hold one perspective at a time, I don’t believe we have the ability to perceive an existence that can simultaneously experience an infinite number of perspectives at once.

Is there someone looking out for you?

Well, now that I’ve answered that question (ha! But you did ask…), let’s tackle the other one: Is there someone out there looking out for us? Well, yes! It’s us. YOU are looking out for you. And YOU love you. But, and I have to point this out, there’s an inherent flaw in your question, that implies that you want someone to DO stuff for you. You want someone to keep you safe. Well, you’re inherently safe. You can’t not be safe, just as you can’t not be worthy. You’re in charge, so if there’s danger, it’s only there because you created it. And if the only danger that exists is there because you created it, then you can’t be in danger. Therefore, you’re safe.

Your question still has a bit of powerlessness in it. You want someone to be there for you, to make sure you get what you want. The only reason this would be necessary is if you didn’t have the power to always get what you want, if the process, the mechanism wasn’t perfect. You’re asking this question because you’re not completely convinced of your own power. You want a safety net, because you haven’t yet realized that you can’t possibly fall. It’s all a hologram, after all, a creation by you. For you. It’s all you.

Nothing is random

You said in your question that if the process of creation is really so mechanical, then it would mean that everything just happens randomly. But that’s the exact opposite of how it is. Nothing is random. You have perfect control! If everything that comes to you comes in response to something, and if you have total control over that something, then you have total control over what comes to you. It couldn’t be less random. Randomness implies no control whatsoever. The thought of everything being random feels so awful to you because it couldn’t be further from the truth.

You said that you I want the Universe/God to love us. God/Universe/YOU do.

You said you want to believe that no matter what is happening in your life (even the crappy things), a good reason/thing is hidden in all of it. That’s always the case. Everything that is happening to you is happening for you, because of you, inspired by you, to mirror you. It’s all there to take you from precisely where you are right NOW, and bring you ever closer to the energy of Who You Really Are.

You said that one day you want to be able to see it and everything will make perfect sense. You’re on your way. You always have been. But your understanding is becoming keener now. That’s why this question came up. You’re stepping into your own power and in order to do so, you have to drop the conflicting beliefs that were so apparent in your question.

You said that this can only happen if a loving force is guiding you in every moment and encouraging you and showing you the right path. Well, in a way that is there. But this statement of yours has the most powerlessness in it. You forget that you can’t be on the wrong path. There is no “right” path. You can’t get this wrong. You can choose to create pain for yourself or pleasure. But you can’t stop evolving. You can’t stop hearing the call of Who You Really Are. The path you choose to get to there is irrelevant, it’s just your choice. But you can’t NOT get there. So, you don’t need someone looking out for you (although YOU and all incarnations of YOU are), you don’t need someone guiding you (although that guidance is always available to you if you choose to take it). You don’t need to be shown the path. YOU’RE ON THE PATH! You can’t get off it. This is it. This is the path. Stop looking for the path and enjoy it already. Stop looking for someone to guide you and realize you can’t not be guided, you can’t leave the path, you can’t get it wrong. Ever.

Bottom line

Yes, there’s a God. Yes, she loves you because she is you. And me. And all of us. We’re all God. Ultimately, we’re all one. The Law of Attraction, while a perfect mechanism, is incredibly spiritual, and although I do my best to dissect different elements in order to explain them more clearly, you can’t really separate any of it. Also, if you ask me existential questions, I will answer you, but you might end up even more confused than you were before. That’s normal. And it’s ok. Because if you’re willing to ask and be confused by the answer, if you’re willing to accept the confusion for a bit and sit with it, you’ll get the clarity you’re looking for. It will all become clear. You’re in the process of clarifying now. Relax. Enjoy it. Let it come. Trust that it will come. And then, just like any other manifestation, the clarity you want will manifest. It has to. That’s the simple, elegant, perfect, non-judgmental Law of Attraction.

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  • I call LOA God to be honest. I also equate being 100% present to feeling God. I equate being present with being one with God. The key to raising your vibrational frequency is becoming 100% present. The key to sending positive feelings to the universe is by becoming present-being one with God. It all says the same thing but just in different ways.

    There is one central idea and one message. It just happened that thousand of years ago people misinterpreted the same thing and labeled it with their own interpretations. We fight about the differences instead of finding what we have in common?

  • I’ve been looking through the comments and one thing I see is that there are a lot of people who were turned off religion because they were handed an image of God as this stern judge from their Christian (and often Catholic) upbringing. As a happy Catholic, I am a little sad to see it because it tells me that something has gone wrong with the way that faith is taught to children, and I am sorry to see that it happened to so many of you.

    My own view is that God is separate from us, but that He is a God of love first and not judgement, and that He created us primarily to experience love and joy. I am not a 100% believer in LOA, but where I think LOA really gets it right is that it proposes a method for clearing away all the resistances that prevent us from receiving the love and joy that God intended for us in our lives. This “Who You Really Are” that Melody discusses all the time, I would call “What God Really Wants You To Be”, but it is really the same thing in the end.

    I know that many Catholics are much happier with the stern-judge-dangle-people-over-the-pit-of-hell image of God, but I don’t think that is the only image there is, not even in Catholic thought. I know I am not some iconoclast or alone in my views — I can find mainstream Catholic priests who promote the “love and joy” interpretation of God. I do wish sometimes that children were more exposed to the latter idea of God rather than trying to instill them with the “rules” and with fear of hell. Maybe there would be fewer disaffected folks this way.

  • What the mystics say about this topic is interesting, no matter what your personal beliefs. I had read Yogananda, who, according to my understanding, said that humans are the reflections of God himself. The she/he combo is the image of God (He actually uses the term Divine Mother when speaking of God) and their purpose here is to do exactly that, manifest what they wish when they wish, through materialization/materialization. I think since Source is “studying itself”, this is a good way to do so? The body He created for us to be here is perfect, but occupied by souls that went through millions of reincarnations and are still going through them. This led to the re-kindling of the kundalini that got them out of that state and thus produced this life. Kundalini is used for certain purposes, up to the beholder.

    Speaking of energy use, there is infinite cosmic energy one can use. To do so, one must have complete faith and forget about this physical around him. That is just the start. The mystics have done this. Anyway, we can ask our Father, our creator, for anything and everything. We need to commune with Him, like the letter to the universe Melody wrote about so well. We need to stay close with Him, no matter what. They say saints are sinners who never gave up- yup, that is pretty much it in a nutshell. Still learning about the stuff, quite fascinating.

    There are periods when the earth is closer to and further away from this cosmic energy through a star, these are called the yugas, and those are golden periods of very high vibration alternating with periods of very low vibration. And so it goes, periods of high and low vibration, for evolution- spiritual, physical and the like. It is not about the most fit, strong or intelligent, but the most adaptable.

  • @Mandy
    no option to reply up there so I do the reply here.

    ” Mandy October 9, 2013 at 15:36
    I’ll read your comment on the other post SK very attentively, thank you a lot. It seems you developed a great model of how to make the law of attraction work in your life!
    But I’m curious, how did I help you strengthen your belief?”

    – “Life is simple. People insist on making it complicated”

    ” Mandy October 9, 2013 at 16:17
    I am reading your comment right now and this bit caught my attention:
    “If you belief is clear and allows easy delivery but your receiveing power is too weak, you won’t get it yet.”
    What would you define as “recieving power”? Positive feelings towards your wish?”

    short answer = no

    We’re born with a physical body and a full battery of spirit energy (source energy).
    When we move about doing things, we mostly spend physical strenght, but not much spirit energy. We can easily replenish the body with food and a little rest.
    When we think and feel, we’re using little physical strenght but a lot source energy. And as long as we’re actively thinking or feeling, we’re draining our battery. As we are “asking” the universe for something, we are spending source energy to transmit it. When we “receive”, we are using source energy as well (not as much). If you are running on empty, you may not have enough energy to ask or to receive.
    The battery will start to rechage itself when 2 things are off : thought and feeling.
    If the body is also idle, our body will have a chance to rest and regenerate itself.

    so best way to recharge our battery = sleep
    second best way = meditation (technically using the battery while recharging it. Charging this way is slower but we got the chance to experience what’s like to be plugged into the source. And it’s freaking awesome!)

    I love kids. Kids just follow their intuition. They are very playful but not thinking much. They also sleep well. Their typical belief is “everything and anything is possible. Everything and anything can come true”.
    They are honest about what they want. In case they don’t get what they want, they simply move on like a butterfly. They don’t dwell. They keep moving on and moving on, not stopping for long. They never “try” to be positive, they just are. They don’t need anyone to feed them happiness. They are simply happy for no reason.

    Most adults some how decided to follow the opposite path.

  • So true Emilio! Seriously, read “Messages from Margaret” if you get the chance. Absolutely fascinating, mind-stretching, and illuminating. Btw, nothing in the Bible contradicts LOA or reincarnation or any of the stuff we were taught as kids in church.

  • Thank you for this Melody! Wow, amazing how LOA works. I have been thinking about this very issue over the last week. When I have asked questions to various spiritual teachers in the past at some point they usual tell me “You are too analytical, just stop thinking.” I find humor in that statement now because if that is the way my brain works to interpret a doctrine or a belief then just how the heck am I suppose to stop it. Is there a switch that I am not aware of that flips it off. I now realize that in most of the cases I had simply presented a question that the teacher did not have an answer to and instead of saying that they didn’t I was told just to accept and not try to understand. However, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I recently shared this with a spiritual leader/teacher and he said to me “Well of course you are supposed to have a basic understanding , something that makes sense to you. How else can one say that they truly believe if they don’t first have understanding?” Shortly after this I discovered this site. Melody, your manner of explaining LOL in a very practical way along with your sense of humor does indeed resonate truth for me. I am receiving clarification to matters that have been perplexing me for years.
    When discussing LOL with some people that identify with certain religious denomination there can be some resistance. For me LOL just deepened and clarified my thoughts and interpretation of my spiritual beliefs concerning God and Jesus “All things are possible to him that believes” “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them”. There is a quote that goes something like – God made man in His own image and in return man has done the same. I think God made us to be like him, operate like him and experience him personally. For me this is what I feel “The kingdom of God is within you” means. It isn’t out there some place far, far away. However, we have not seen ourselves as powerful and capable of creating. We are taught that life is simply something we have to struggle with then get relief from it when we die. It is mean and cruel and we get what we deserve. So(at least for myself)that was my former view concerning God. Mean just barely tolerating me and my imperfections and waiting to sock me over the head when I made a mistake.

    My view at this point and time in my life is more along the lines of what Jean and Emilio posted. Especially Emilio statement

    “In my opinion, no one way of thought has all the answers, it’s a combination of many – but so many people that believe in one way of thinking reject all else and that is a big mistake. As Jesus said: ignorance and fear will keep you from my Fathers door. How very true.”

    “Hey, I was brought up Catholic – that guilt thing had to come up somewhere!”

    Me too Emilo! I understand exactly where you are coming from. So glad to have moved past that now.

  • I had a hard time with the God of my childhood. He was a bitter, vindictive, little man who never approved of anything I said or did or thought. It skewered my relationship with the Divine real good. I think as Children, we know its bullcrap. I got to a point where I refused to go to Church because it felt so bad being there, with all that hell and damnation.

    I am rebuilding a relationship with the Divine in me and in all things through friendship and laughter, especially laughter. I feel my God is a goof, who loves pranking and getting pranked and has a huge beer belly that goes boinky, boinky, boinky, (no, I’m not thinking of Santa) and has a huge goofy smile and smells like freshly baked bread and when he laughs, he bellows and guffaws and is the most unashamed, humble, unselfish, sassy, yes sassy, utterly irreverent, easily delighted, enthusiastic, funny, witty, full of the loveliest love that knows no wrong or right and has as much time for, and finds such great profound delight, in the Rose as it blooms in the morning Sun, as he does in all our exploits and those of every other existence in all of Existence beyond our awareness. I am forever indebted to Osho’s words in this passage for helping me reconnect with a version of the Divine I could wholeheartedly fall in love with:

    “The real God is always a God of laughter. Whenever you think of God think of Him laughing, think of Him rolling on the floor with great laughter, and you will be closer to God. When you really laugh, for that moment you are no more on the earth, for that moment all weight disappears. For that moment the window opens, you are divine. Whenever you laugh you are closest to the divine, whenever you love you are closest to the divine. Whenever you sing and dance and make music, that is what real religion consists of.” – OSHO

    • As a child I knew this god you describe – he was a total pain in the ass and I had a hard time getting rid of him! Sometimes he still sneaks up on me, but much less frequently. I guess he knows he’s not welcome 🙂
      I love what you are writing, it feels so full of life and joy and I wish you lots of fun exploring your goofy goddess!

  • Hi Melody!
    Awesome post and I was really happy to read it because I also had stumbled over this vending machine metaphor. Mostly because I was brought up in a very strict Christian cult-like community and we were literally told that God was in fact NOT a vending machine 🙂 So that struck a chord and I had to go back and review some of my old beliefs.
    However, I respectfully disagree with your view on cats 😉
    Sending you a low, warm and heartfelt purr in answer to your happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • This post is awesome! This is similar to how I started feeling when I first got in to the LOA. I started thinking “Well if I control my reality, then am I not a god?” To say and feel that about yourself is really odd at first and sometimes I can’t help but feel a little superior. Which then I remind myself that the only difference between myself and the other people around me is that I realize god is within me and they think god is external. That is the ONLY difference. It’s something I am currently working on because I definitely do not want to become THAT person. I am slowly but surely learning to humbly accept this power I (and everyone else on the planet) have.

  • To the Awesome Dudette that asked this question: I believe Melody has it mostly right, but with a major difference. The God that you want to believe in actually does exist. He/She is the Creator of all that is and this Creator is pure love and pure intelligence.
    You (and me and everyone else) were created in God’s image so we have a “God spark” within us, but we’re not actually God. And yes, God loves you and wants only good for you. God also created angels to help us and watch over us. Everything does have a reason and we do create our own reality a.k.a. LOA and we will eventually evolve to higher planes of existence where we are much closer to our Source, our Creator, God. I would highly suggest you read the book “Messages from Margaret” by Gerry Gavin. It is an awesome book and will answer lots of questions for you. Please know that you are not alone in seeking answers to the big questions, I’ve been on this path for many years! One thing I’m positive about…there is a God and He loves you BIG TIME!

    • It’s a very nice version of the truth you have found there Jean.
      since you’re trying to promote your version, I will try to do the same.

      I have found a version/model which I like to share.

      I believe that everything is energy, source energy. Source energy has 2 havles like 2 side of the same coin or 2 layers (like Binary 0 and 1).
      Here’s how I think it would work.

      Layer 1: this is where our consciousness have access to when we in deep meditation or after we die. This is where cosmic awareness and Love live. This is why it feel so freaking awesome whenever we can tap in and experience it. This also the layer where the programing or “intelligent designs” are done.

      Layer 0 : the ultimate nullifier layer where everything is converted back to pure energy, even cosmic awareness and emotion. We human can’t access this layer simply because we can’t probe it and there’s no need to. We only need to have access to layer 1

    • I agree Jean. We, and everything else, are a part of the Creator – that doesn’t mean we are actually IT. After all, a lot existed in the world as we know it before humanoids were created – or, if you want to go down the road of evolution, even bacteria lived in something that was contained by something else, that formed part of something else, and so on.

      I totally believe in LOA and since we are made in the Creators image, I also believe we are capable of a lot more than most of us realize. (Now if only my brain / ego can accept that…)

      In my opinion, no one way of thought has all the answers, it’s a combination of many – but so many people that believe in one way of thinking reject all else and that is a big mistake. As Jesus said: ignorance and fear will keep you from my Fathers door. How very true.

      Kabbalah tells us that God gave us a choice: to believe in Him or not. At face value that statement is wrong because the choice is to believe in ourselves, in the power/s given to us – or not to believe in them.

      And quite frankly, if you want to get all “lawyery” – and since we are made in the Creators image, to believe in God is to believe in yourself and vise versa. If there is such a thing that can be called sin, it is not believing in yourself. Hey, I was brought up Catholic – that guilt thing had to come up somewhere! 🙂

      • For me, the law of attraction and believing that I WAS made by someone else doesn’t go together. To me the LOA means that I am totally in control of what I am a creating and that includes me. This doesn’t mean that I am capable of living that way the whole time (I wish!) and there are times when I totally forget that I am the one running this life. But that is what attracts me so much to the LOA and why I want to get it, because if and when I really get it, I have the power to create and be what I want. And sometimes, when I am in sync, it already works and I have created some great stuff. And some not so great stuff, as well, mostly when I forget what I am capable of and when I’m just laboring in an uninspired way… Just did that recently – with not such great results 🙂
        Regarding your comment that a lot existed in the world as we know it before humanoids were created, that is true. And I believe that was also us. We only chose this human form now because we wanted to experience some stuff that we couldn’t in the form of bacteria 😉 Who knows what we will be in the future? I guess we will chose that based on some stuff we will want to learn but can’t in human shape. Exciting!

        • Thing is Eva, and leaving a creator out of this, you were made by someone else – your biological parents. For me, thinking that we evolved to some form of intelligence only to then revert back to some microbe makes no sense. But different viewpoints is what makes the world interesting.

          • Yes, my parents made this BODY – but that’s not all there is to me. I believe these other parts of me have been around much longer. Maybe forever. What a thought to wrap my head around!
            And I don’t believe we will turn into microbes. But who knows, maybe I could learn something from being one??? 🙂
            I’m trying to not take all this too seriously and live as lightheartedly as possible – and therefore I totally agree that we don’t have to agree! Cheers and have a lovely day!

  • Melody, it’s well written – nice and clear.
    I love it but it seems to only scratch the surface.

    I want to dig deeper.
    I have some questions I hope you can answer.

    1. is there another elment that is more basic than energy?

    2. what is the nature of sources energy ?

    3. what can we do to mimic the nature of source energy to live in a way that is more “in synch” with the stuff we are made of?

    4. what are the applications of source energy? what can’t it do?

    5. what are the steps of evolution from energy to physical form and back (the rhythm of life) ?

  • Melody is God–that I can believe. I worship the God within you, lovely Melody. I’ve heard of stories where people were touched and healed and I’ve often thought to myself–what crap and how FAKE. There are things which I never believed I would ever have ANY relief from or have a choice about. It was only when you healed me in so many ways, that I believed that healing actually can take place without a crazy load of coaching, mind mapping, training whatever. I can believe that you are God darling Melody. About me and the rest of us, I’m working on it! We can be pure magic but God, hmm, not sure. 😉 Thank you for this awesome post! Thank you SO MUCH SO VERY MUCH! Your perspectives are loaded with awesomeness and love. Thank you!

  • I attended Sunday School as a child in the 70’s and remember stories of ‘going to hell’ if I was naughty. I clearly remember coming home one day and saying to myself that I didnt believe in hell because God loves me no matter what and would never of created something so aweful. That was the beginning of my spiritual journey! For years I felt something was missing, no one could answer my questions, I felt like I had to be careful as to how I worded my questions so as not to be seen as ‘weird’. No one ever said that I was God! Probably the last 5 years I have seen a huge advance on people’s openess to LOA and everything spiritual. (I was told the world has had a big shift in consciousness). I clearly manifested you Melody when I asked the universe to send me a like-minded soul into my life. Every word you write resonates with me and you are truly blessed to be able to write in a way that just makes sooo much sense. I thank you with all my heart.
    Vicki, Brisbane, Australia

  • Brilliant Melody. Personally it wasn’t until I understood the connection with the divine that I got a real handle on the law of attraction and the incredible creative power we’re gifted with. The ‘oneness’ piece was really important for me to be aware of also. Once I realized that even if I couldn’t focus on something great for me in that moment, I could pretty easily focus on something great for something else…and the oneness thingy means we all get to share in it.

    It’s a fantastic system. And nobody explains it quite like you. You’re definitely awesome. 🙂

  • It’s hard to believe in a higher power’s guidance sometimes because when you need help with a problem you can’t see above it. There’s a catch to this whole process: when you are sad and have no way out of a situation, you ask for a higher power (YOU) to help you out of despair, but since you can only radiate despair, this higher power (YOU) can’t give you the solution to your problem.

    Sometimes people are so caught up in the despair they feel that it’s simply not possible to reach for a better feeling and make the situation change, and that’s really sad, because since they can’t help themselves, the higher power will do absolutely nothing and these people will be doomed. I wish in cases like this there were an external God interfering and saving these people.

    I’m not that deep in a funk, but I am really stuck right now and I worry cause feeling good when your life is not ok is REALLY really really hard, I’d say almost impossible depending on the case. I worry cause if I am really not able to feel good I’ll never get anything I want and my life will be doomed and the only escape will be death.

    I wish the law of attraction system was easier, but I guess if things were supposed to be easy we wouldn’t have to be put here in the physical and live through a million lives.

    • Hi Mandy,

      I feel compelled to share with you an insight that helped when I was in a similar situation as you – it may help you as it did me. Let go of fighting the funk, the stuckness. Turn around and face it, not defensively, there’s no need to brace yourself against it. See if you can allow yourself to meet with it. Of all the concepts in the world, there is none that has meant more to me than understanding that allowing is about me. Funks can be hard to allow – they are laced with fear that one will be overwhelmed by them. But there is a way to allow it – it means having to be vulnerable, soft in your willingness to feel them. You meet the funk as it is – you welcome it; come, let me meet you as you are. It helps if you let go of judging it as wrong or right. I have had the most profound easing of fear/anxiety by saying this to a thought that feels bad: “I accept that you are here. You are neither wrong nor right. You are simply a perspective that is not serving me. Let me see you as you are and know that when you are ready to leave, I release you.”

      The concept of acceptance is the one we as a society have damaged ourselves the most with. We have made it wrong, immoral, uncivilized, to feel bad. One must desire to feel good immediately a bad-feeling thought occurs and by doing so, everything that doesn’t feel good, which, let’s face it, is a huge percentage of our conditioning until one liberates oneself from it, is constantly judged to be wrong, bad. So we keep judging ourselves. I have made it OK to feel bad – the understanding that my guidance system is calling my attention to an imbalance has made this easier to accept and with this, it then gets easier, feeding on itself. Sometimes, reaching for a better feeling thought is not possible but the next best thing is: allow yourself to face the despair/funk through the simplest act of not running away from it, not seeking to feel better by pretending its not there, or push it back into the ground, or judge it. Just be with it. Not wallowing in it. Sit, without any attempt to change this. I hope Melody does not mind me recommending a blog that infinitely helped me understand the concept of allowing. Sen’s work in helping me release as much resistance as possible is what prepared me to understand Melody’s teachings and I recommend him highly because he writes about allowing in that simple, easy to understand manner that Melody does about LOA.

      Your last paragraph is a huge clue as to what one of your beliefs might be. It implies that things are supposed to be hard; you were put here by somebody and must live a million lives as punishment. Could it be that this is the essence of what is flowing back into your experience? Worth a look?

      Ps: I gave my higher Self a name and have established a friendship with Me. When nothing is working and I am having tea with Hades on a regular basis and Cerberus bounds up to me in recognition (i.e. nothing is working), I get to be a little kid and have a MASSIVE TANTRUM and I get to call Spock all kinds of names (I ain’t ladylike neither) and roll on the floor and demand answers and curl into a fetus and cry and plead for help and then fall asleep in utter exhaustion swearing there is no way in HELL I will EVER come back again for another lifetime, the All be damned and whatnot. Then Spock, sometimes instantaneously, usually a couple of days later, will send me just the help I need and in exactly the way I am able to allow it in. And then a few days after that, while Spock and I are watching Anime and eating peanuts, Spock says, by the way, I downloaded that episode of yours the other day into my iPhone007. I’m making a film of your adventure. Boy are we gonna have fun watching this when you get back. And I feel ever so slightly…perturbed…and think perhaps I ought to tone it down a little, until the next time when the shit hits the fan and I promptly forget all my promises, as you do, and go ape-shit. *whispers* To tell you the truth, I kinda like it. Who wants to levitate with some beatific smile while the shit hits the fan! Right? Right? People? No? *shrugs* Ah well.

      Laughter. It really, really helps move energy along.

      • Hi, Jenny! Thanks for answering, your advice makes a lot of sense.

        I don’t usually avoid feeling bad, in fact for the last couple of months I have been just allowing being sad but that has been making me procrastinate on obligations I should have done already and has put me into a place where I don’t want to try anything cause nothing in my life works anyway, and it’s too hard to come out and hard to think it’s ever going to get better. I thought that when you allowed sadness it would go away after a while, but my discouragement seems to be endless, if I keep allowing this I’ll be laying down in my bed for the rest of the year and I can’t do that.

        It also makes me feel even sadder cause the worse I feel the more crap life will throw at me, and the things I want won’t ever come, and with this result I’ll never be able to be happy and have what I want, and this sucks. I need to be happy right now, but I know I can’t be.

        Really cool that you have a connection with your higher self, how does one even get them to respond? Mine has never annswered when I tried calling for help ever, it makes me feel there’s no one caring to help. I feel angry at him (her? it?) and don’t want to bother trying to contact anymore cause he won’t move a finger to help anyway. Someone told me once that your guardians only listen and talk to us when we’re happy, I believe that’s why mine is ignoring me. We’ll never be able to communicate if that’s true.

        I don’t necessarily think life has to be hard, but mine has never been easy and after so much time like this it feels like life is against me, although I know it’s not true. But I also don’t think it’s supposed to be easy either, if it was we wouldn’t need to come to the physical and go through stuff, we would be in the astral having everything we want immediately without pain. I seriously doubt I came to earth because I wanted to, ever since I was a kid being here never felt right. It may be fun for our higher selves to watch while we go through so much pain here, but when you’re actually here it just sucks, I wish we could choose not to come back here and go live somewhere easier and less painful.

        I just wish crap stopped happening and good things came into my life, but I know that to have good stuff I’ll have to become crazy happy while life kicks me to the ground, and this is impossible to do and no higher power will ever interfere for me even if I’m down in the dumps, that’s a very scary system to me. There should be a “giving up” button so we could check out of here when we don’t want to try anymore.

        I’ll check the site you gave me, thank you a lot!

      • Hi, just coming again to mention I read a bit on his site and it seems interesting. His ideas about allowing are great, similar to what I have been trying to do but with mixed results in my case. I just did not like his take on creation, he talks about your destiny being chosen for you, this idea is very negative in my opinion and I really hope it’s not true. Life is already telling me I can’t have what I want, no need to read about unchangable destiny on a website and feel even more discouraged lol. That’s why I love Melody’s site, it’s all about us being able to always have what we want and no destiny =)

        • It’s more than OK to only take what you resonate with from anyone, Mandy. Leave what doesn’t. I benefited the most from understanding Sen’s theory of allowing resistance to ebb, especially when you have lots of it. His earlier teachings will be the most helpful on this.

          It is hard to understand that we are here on this planet willingly when your life is not unfolding as you desire. In my experience, it’s all come down to the beliefs I’ve been offering, consciously and subconsciously. You couldn’t be on a better blog than Melody’s to understand how it is these beliefs shape your life and how you experience Life as a result. This will sound tough – it did to me when I stood in your very shoes – it takes a bit of time to get to a place where you are not desiring to leave this place but if you are willing to look with utmost compassion, at what you are offering in terms of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, you will start to get to a better feeling place. The most wonderful thing about it is – a better feeling place feeds on it’s own energy and it gets better and better. You begin to allow in insights that shake your world to the core. You understand things on such deep levels that you think you will never surpass this. And then you do. Over and over again. At some point, you realize there’s no end to it and you relax. You want to hear something funny? Even after all the purging and the looking and the endless questioning into my beliefs, it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that Melody in a private call helped me understand vibration. TWO WEEKS AGO! And when I got it – that my vibration, my feeling vibration, is the key to HOW the Universe responds to me, I laughed so hard, I did a kidney in, I think. It was like looking at a virtual map of how what I’m offering leads the Universe to respond in kind – I traced my life through it. And I felt the utmost compassion for a Universe that may want to give me Life on a silver platter but is the epitome of humility itself in respecting my free will to choose my perspective however off-the-charts upside-down it is. I laughed and cried for days feeling sorry for the Universe. Yes, I know, irony and likely madness:-) Does that mean my life turned around in a minute? YES! and No. Ha – gotcha! Yes, because that sense of helplessness disappeared instantaneously. I felt empowered in a heartbeat and I got to a place I never thought I would – I was able to view contrast in my life, check for a belief that could be giving rise to it and then flip over to focus on what it is causing me to desire. I NEVER thought I would get here! I heard other people speak of it and I thought it was one of those things, like a Unicorn or Elves. Now I have conversations with myself Mandy, and yes, quite aware how that sounds, where I go “alright. I see ya. Now tell me what you are causing me to desire instead. And I do that thing that Abraham does – tell me what’s over there. And I proceed to go over there, over there, doing happy dances a minute! IT FEELS AWESOME TO FOCUS ON THAT! But have I won the lottery yet? Has the career that I want shown up yet? Not yet. I have begun to enjoy the journey to it. To delight in it. That is a huge step for me.

          I didn’t have a relationship with the Divine for a long time and it was painful. I didn’t like a God I had to fear and worship in order to be loved and blessed. Who demanded penance from me for everything (years at a Catholic Boarding School shouldered me with that:-) So I decided to create a relationship with the Divine that was internal i.e. I needed to feel it wasn’t external to me. Of all the relationships in the world, I cherish friendship, in whatever form it shows up the most. Genuine friendship to me involves a lot of laughter, a lot of finding delight in the utterly mundane, a lot of watching the world go by, chewing grass by the river while staring up the sky, saying nothing in particular (grew up in the countryside), a lot of just being comfortable in their company, of messing about with each other and an honesty to say when so when we feel hard-done by. I used this idea of friendship to fashion a relationship with that which I Really Am. Of course, one could argue that I’m having a conversation with myself only. But what is the alternative? The loneliness of feeling alone and bereft in a galaxy far off from Home? The great thing is, it really begins to grow and feel like there is that which is much larger than you and has access to all Life and all of Life’s resources and sees all things but which is still accessible to you. And you enjoy that companionship. Like when you are running to catch the train and you just cleared the barriers and it doesn’t look like you’ll make it but Life itself is cheering you on and you FLY down the stairs, navigating hordes of people getting off the train, running for that one door and YOU MAKE IT through sideways like a boneless contortionist and you feel like breaking out in a ginormous happy dance but nobody noticed your EPIC feat and everyone is just casually reading their paper, listening to their music. And there is your Friend, making like the Superbowl crowd after a touchdown (I sincerely hope it is a touchdown that you get at the Superbowl – you can tell I’m not American, can’t ya:-) and they are ululating in your entire Being while you look like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. This was me, this morning:-) That is the relationship I have chosen with my Higher Self. Then I stubbed my toe as I got off the train and let me tell ya, I had a few choice words. 🙂

          • Your relationship with the divine does sound amazing =)

            I don’t know, something that irks me about the law of attraction is this whole bring happy thing taken to extremes. Not everyone wants to be crazy happy, I for example just wanted consistent satisfaction. None of my friends are crazy happy at all, they are usually at normal level or contentment or sometimes unhappy and they still have the stuff in their lives. I feel so sad cause I don’t understand why they can stay at a normal humor and have stable relationships and a reasonable amount of money and I will only be allowed to have a relationship and a reasonable amount of money when I learn to be crazy happy and I don’t even want to be crazy happy! It makes me feel horrible and I don’t understand why it is so. Is it about beliefs? My friends beliefs are different therefore they can have the stuff anyway without needing to be crazy happy but I am not allowed to? Then I should be focused on changing beliefs, right, not being crazy happy when it’s impossible to me and I don’t even want it. I guess that’s why this karma and destiny stuff is so unpleasant to me, it hurts deep cause it feels like there’s some kind of destiny not allowing me to have even this minimal stuff.

            It also worries me that I may learn to be happy by pure conditioning and insistence and even so my life doesn’t change at all, like yours hasn’t changed yet. Don’t you feel stuck? Don’t you feel like you’re not gonna have the things you want since you’re happy now but nothing changed? (not being cheeky or disrespectful here at all, just trying to understand your perspective) I am afraid I’ll just give up on life and be forcefully happy for nothing and never get the things I want. I don’t even want that much, just a nice ok job and a relationship, that’s all, but it just doesn’t come and I doubt it ever will. I don’t want to be happy and see my life continue to be the crap way it is now, it scares me. If I’m supposed to become happy and still not get the stuff I want then I prefer to just give up now and life unhappily, since I won’t be getting the stuff I want anyway. Just talking about it breaks my heart.

          • Thanks for the site link, Jenny. I had a quick look but will read more later. I really need to calm my mind down!

            Mandy, I know what you mean, how come some people just seem to get stuff really easily without having to do anything but some of us have to do all this work to be happy to get what we want? I suppose it is to do with beliefs. Maybe it never occurs to the other people that they wouldn’t get what they wanted, so they do! They’ve got no blocks on it. I think that we can focus on both changing our beliefs and being happier in our lives anyway. 🙂 If I was really happy inside every day, then it wouldn’t matter what my life was like because I would be happy whatever, lol. And (ironically, it seems) when you feel happy anyway, that’s when the things come. But then that you means you try and get happy to “make” the things happen! So it can be difficult. I’m learning about surrendering and accepting at the moment but I’m still finding it hard. You aren’t alone. 🙂

            P.S. I’m not hugely keen on karma and not being able to change your destiny either! But another viewpoint I’ve heard is that your destiny can change depending on the actions you take. So you might decide to take a certain job one week and that’s your destiny but then change your mind the next and decide to take a different one, so now the other job is your destiny instead. I like that viewpoint better. 🙂

          • I prefer that viewpoint too, Moonsparckle! If I found out karma and destiny were actually real, I would just escape somewhere non-populated and give up on trying, doing or changing anything, it wouldn’t be worth it anyway.

            It’s not really about getting stuff easily, most people I know have the same normal good things, it’s about me not being able to have even the minimum. I don’t want Brad Pitt or a million dollars, I just want to have the common stuff normal people have. But apparently what I am asking is not possible. A few more years of this and I’ll be sooo ready to check out of here…

            I think being happy is cool, but not being happy while your life is going haywire and nothing gets better, that’s not ok. Unhappiness exists to tell us things are not right and should be changed in our lives. I don’t wanna be happy while my life is like this and I don’t think it’s possible. I am still not sure if things really come when we are happy, the only people I have heard saying being happy gave them the stuff they wanted is Melody and Lynn Grabhorn. I see A LOT people in LoA who says they are happy but when you ask what changed in their lives after they forced themselves to be happy they say “nothing”. Then there’s no point, I don’t want to be happy without reason and see nothing good happen in my life either.

            I think being happy is not enough at all, the secret must be really all about beliefs then. Working on beliefs will be my last hope then.

          • I’ll read your comment on the other post SK very attentively, thank you a lot. It seems you developed a great model of how to make the law of attraction work in your life!

            But I’m curious, how did I help you strengthen your belief?

          • I am reading your comment right now and this bit caught my attention:

            “If you belief is clear and allows easy delivery but your receiveing power is too weak, you won’t get it yet.”

            What would you define as “recieving power”? Positive feelings towards your wish?

          • It’s ok, I did not find it trite. It’s really really cute, but I am so hopeless this does not cheer me up, in fact it made me cry lol. “Un-slumping yourself is really not fun” as Dr. Seuss said.

            I sound like a Debbie Downer but I swear I am not in real life, I am just sick of having a crappy life =)

            Thank you a lot for the video!

          • Hi Mandy, I see what you mean, you just want to have a decent amount of money and a nice relationship. I feel like that sometimes, like I can’t even get anything!

            Yes, I agree with that about unhappiness being there to help us make a change. Maybe to get us “unstuck”. Maybe those people found there wasn’t anything to change when they became happy? But I think most of us get into LOA because we want to change our lives and get stuff that we don’t have now. It can feel like forcing yourself to be happy at times.

            I don’t know Lynn Grabhorn, will have to look her up. Celestine Chua at Personal Excellence was looking for a relationship and feeling unhappy about the lack of one but when she stopped focusing on it and focused on herself instead, she found the right man for her. I find those kind of stories inspiring but it does sort of make you think that you “have” to let go to get what you want, so then it is like forcing yourself to be happy or let go.

            I do think beliefs are a large part of it. I’m still working on mine. Good luck with working on yours. 🙂

            P.S. This was the first time I got an email notification for a reply on here. It was in my Junk folder but I never even got one in Junk before. Oh well, at least it’s working now!

          • Yeah, it’s exactly like forcing oneself to be happy for most people who come in contact with the LoA. If it’s naturally easy for one to get happy it’s ok, but when you are a cronically dissatisfied person being happy without reason is much harder. I’d say it’s “going upstream”, in Abraham Hicks jargon lol.

            Lyyn Grabhorn is the author of the awesome book “Excuse me your life is waiting”. It’s basically about how we create EVERYTHING in our lives with how we are flowing energy, no karma, no destiny, no nothing, only your feelings are always in command. I found it a very empowering book, she explains how we create the mess in our lives a very detailed way, with real life examples. She also says we don’t have to change our beliefs, since it’s almost impossible to do that, we just have to override them by flowing good stuff (Melody says we DO have to change our beliefs, though =/).

            The bad side is that the exercises she proposes are about…wait for it…. flowing happiness, gratitude, etc, all these extreme positive feels I have no idea of how to feel lol. If you want me to email you the book (I bought it, it’s not piracy!) so you can take a looksie let me know and I’ll give you my email or sth. Just remember to delete it later to not infringe piracy laws =)

            How did Penelope Chua “focused on herself”? I don’t know what this means, I focuse on myself and my obligations everyday, but it doesn’t really change stuff. I don’t think you have to let go of having what you want, you just need to put it on the back of your mind for a while. I let go and gave up on something I wanted for a few years and nothing changed at all. On one of the few times I attracted something in my life I unknowingly flowed a lot of feelings while asking for it, (I was having a meltdown and was feeling despair because I wanted it so much but didn’t know if I could get it) and after that moment it was like I was in a void, not sad anymore, just waiting for the thing without knowing I was waiting, and after 3 weeks it came.

            I can remember 2 more examples of this happening to me, so I think there’s something to it. So I think Lynn Grabhorn may be right about overriding your beliefs, but in my sparse experience you have to flow a lot of feelings to it.

            I speak too much, sorry =)

          • Thanks for explaining about Lynn Grabhorn’s book. It sounds interesting. I did a quick search on her and saw that she died in 2004 and her death seems to have been a bit mysterious, some people said she died of cancer, another painful disease or maybe by assisted suicide. But the book sounds good, even though it sounds like her life wasn’t so good after she wrote it. Thanks for offering to email it to me, I might see if they have it at the library. 🙂 That’s also interesting that she has a different theory about not changing your beliefs.

            I never felt that enthusiastic about gratitude but have got a bit more into it lately. I don’t do it in an over the top way though, e.g. I have The Secret gratitude journal but writing, I’m so grateful for..” or “I am so happy now that..” etc, feels a bit fake to me. I prefer to just do a simple list. I like vision boards the best.

            Celestine Chua decided that she should live her life the way she would if she wasn’t looking for love and focuses on things that made her happy, not “put her life on hold” on for love. She was happy by herself, living her life to the fullest. Here’s a link if you want to read more:

            It’s part of a soulmate series.

            i think that’s a good idea, just putting it to the back of your mind rather than completely letting go. A bit easier for me, I think.That’s good that you got a few things you wanted. 🙂

            That’s ok, I like to write a lot too! lol.

          • I’ve seen a quote somewhere in which she herself said she stopped using the law of attraction after a few years of writing the book. She wrote another book afterwards about really paranoid stuff, like negative beings working against the earth and its people, but I haven’t read it. I guess she stopped flowing feelings deliberately and let things just went bad after a while. It’s something we have to work on almost daily.

            I read her story, she went through a lot, I hate that so many women have to put up with being single while mostly all men always have partners without even trying. Melody said this is just my belief, but I see it all around, it’s always women who end up alone.

            I don’t agree with the fact a woman HAS to feel complete and happy without a relationship before a guy can come. My last relationship came when I threw a tantrum to the universe for not accepting to be be single anymore. A lot of women are super needy and incomplete without a guy and even so are ALWAYS able to have relationships without going through men droughts. It’s always single women saying you HAVE TO be complete alone, never girls who have love. For this reason sometimes I think finding a partner is either destiny or a random lottery.

            I know that I am enough as a person, but not having a relationship brings a person down, mostly everyone wants someone to share their lives with, and every girl should be able to have it. Doing stuff alone or with friends gets boring and old after a while, no matter how happy you are. And after a certain age everbody has partners, it sucks to be the only one who can’t have one, people see you as less and pityful.

            Her story might have ended up with her focusing on herself after accepting she was alone and never ever finding a partner until the end of her life, it happens to so many women. I’m afraid of accepting the defeat of being single and have this happen to me too. But good for her she found someone, I hope there is at least one someone for me too and I don’t have to go through what she went through.

            I hope you find the book! I hope I wasn’t annoying, I swear that is the last time I write! I just didn’t want to leave you without a reply lol.

          • Yeah, that’s the stuff I was coming across, she believed negative beings were after her and maybe she (or maybe it was other people speculating) thought that they caused her illness. I don’t want to read that kind of stuff. But if, like you said, it was after she stopped using LOA and her original book was more uplifting and inspiring, then it should be a good read (for me anyway, other people might enjoy the other stuff). 🙂

            I know, I get tired of reading about how you have to be whole and complete first but then there are so many women who obviously aren’t but are hardly ever single. Not having a relationship brings me down too.

            You’re right, Celestine’s story could have ended that way. She’s said that she would have been fine being alone forever but I don’t know if I would be if it happened to me. I’m trying to work on that.

            Thanks. 🙂 Oh no, I didn’t think you were annoying at all, thanks for your replies! 🙂

          • Just want to add that I do think it’s a good idea to be whole and complete in yourself, it’s just sometimes the whole thing gets me down because I don’t find it easy. But I hope things will improve in the future. 🙂

          • I think being whole by oneself is good too, I just think it’s difficult as hell, and it’s probably not be mandatory since pretty much no average person achieves this and still manage to have safe love relationships. So I think there’s some part of the explanation missing in the LoA picture when it comes to love and relationships. I hope Melody talks about this “phenomenon” one day in her posts.

            I promise now it really is the last reply lol Take care =)

          • I agree, it probably isn’t mandatory because I also think the average person hasn’t achieved it but is still in a long term relationship. I hope Melody talks about it one day too.

            Lol, take care too. 🙂

      • Hi Jenny! I read some of Sen’s articles and I did resonate with some of them. However, his take on visualization mixed things up for me. Sen says that in visualization, the 6 dimensions of the mind should be at work, i.e., love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom, and sexuality. He says that to visualize desires with love and joy alone is unrealistic, unbalanced, and incomplete. To me, Sen seems to be saying that to get a complete picture, the negatives must be taken with the positives to unearth any resistance. Does he mean that we should deliberately incorporate fear and hatred into our visualizations? This confuses me because from what I have learned from the LOA so far, visualization is a tool to ferret out resistance, if any. This means that if I can start and end my visualization happily or positively, I have no resistance or conflicting beliefs and this is a good thing. Otherwise, I should release the resistance that has come up by changing my belief. In other words, according to my understanding of the LOA, we should allow any resistance to come up in our visualizations, if any, so we can release it but never to force it if there is none. In Sen’s work however, it seems to me that I have to deliberately think of the negatives too just to attain balance. But If I did that, wouldn’t I manifest exactly that in my reality– the positives along with the negatives that I do not want? Or Am I getting it all wrong? Thanks 🙂

        • Hi Athena! I believe I know what you are referring to and it’s the same thing, put a little differently. My understanding of his take was this: as an example, if you visualize winning the lottery, visualize how it would change your life in every way i.e. what feels good but also what begins to feel negative e.g. will I be able to manage it, what if I lose it all again, what if on that very day of your win, the World Economy crashes, paper money becomes utterly worthless and camels are the thing to barter with (ahem, just sayin’ 🙂 ) etc. This is the negative imbalance you offer that contradicts your desire and you need to allow it to arise into your awareness so that you can see it, resolve and release it, in order to free your desire to manifest. It’s the exact same thing that LOA teaches, but worded differently.

          His earliest teachings resonated the most for me and I would add that they were a good match to the feeling-place I was then, of needing to stop fearing that perpetual feeling of uneasiness/anxiety and learning to consciously release resistance through allowing myself to see it without judgement. 🙂

  • I’ve always pictured the One-ness of everything as a network or neural net, too! I picture connections like glowing blue streams of energy between everything and everyone. It’s really very pretty… at least in my own mind. 🙂

    I’m actually half-way through Michael Talbot’s “Holographic Universe” right now and it’s absolutely mind-blowing and helps me to understand the spiritual aspects of LOA better (believe it or not). It gives my rational side lots of science and empirical evidence to back up all of this stuff that I’ve been coming to understand on my own, and really explains *how* we can all be One. Up next on my reading list will be Brian Greene’s quantum physics stuff. 🙂

  • Ha! I had the same questions bouncing around in my head recently because I found myself “praying” to the universe and it reminded me of being a kid and praying to a god and feeling silly. The difference NOW is that when I get that rush of love, it’s hard to explain but I just FEEL loved, safe and protected. So your answer makes sense because the feeling is so strong and natural that it must come from me/within! I’m a tiny bit confused with all the parts of your answer(s) but I loved the last paragraph. You helped reassure me that the clarity will come. Thank you for being awesome!! 😀


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