Awesome Ann’s Burning Question(s): “I have a couple of questions for you…

Several years ago I was watching a documentary (don’t remember the title) on yoga. In the film they interviewed a yoga teacher that stated the true purpose of yoga is not exercise, it is the worship of god. I am not familiar with Hindu teaching and their beliefs concerning god.

However, I know that some Christian denominations have rules against practicing yoga and/or meditation.  From what I understand they feel that since yoga is worship of god, (god as the Hindu culture recognizes and not God as the Christian denomination defines God) then this is worship of a “false god” and according to the bible should not be practiced. Ok, I can understand that, but lumping all forms of meditation into a sinful category seemed a bit unfair. Especially since monks, nuns and priest have practiced meditation.

Anyway, I also remember a part of the documentary that dealt with Chakras. In the explanation of it the interviewer stated that most of the general public is not aware of the dangers of opening Chakras. However the instructors are told of this danger and it simply does not get passed along to the students. I really am not familiar with yoga practices and Chakras. I did a little research and came across the following information…

A cautionary note: Kundalini yoga, unlike some types of yoga, tends to be a little more dangerous.  Dangerous if it is not practiced correctly.  When practiced correctly, there is no danger at all.  But to prematurely push the Kundalini energy through the chakras can cause a variety of ailments, the most common of which is insanity. 

What is insanity?  Insanity is the inability to confine perception to a particular plane of attention.  So, for example, when a person is practicing Kundalini yoga, if they were to push their attention too far, too fast, they can gain visions of other worlds.  These visions can be enlightening, beautific, or terribly frightening, depending upon the nature of the vision and of course, the individual’s own reactions to it.  I mean, nothing is really beautiful or fearful, until we decide that it is.  Also, there are various beings that live in other planes of attention that one will see and encounter, in alternate realities. 

Although many traditions celebrate the seventh chakra as the gateway to the soul’s liberation, in some cases I am familiar with, incomplete purification in the rest of the system may create problems when this chakra awakens. Gabriel Cousens has made the same observation: “… it has been my intuitive experience in working with people suffering from manic psychosis that their crown chakra is wide ‘open’… It is so activated, in fact, that these patients’ lives become imbalanced.” Energy-balancing or other therapeutic treatment might be needed if the Samadhi states lead to manic or psychotic behavior.

What is your opinion concerning this? Should any method of opening of the chakras be handled with caution? How does someone new to this go about choosing a correct method?  Is this something that should only be attempted with the guide of a trained teacher?”

Dear Awesome Ann,

I think my brain is going to implode, I have so much to say about this. But I promise to (try and) keep it as short and succinct as possible and not to go off on too many tangents. Must…not…get…on…soapbox…

F%&k it. I’m getting on my soapbox.

If we’re going to get into a discussion about the fairness or logicalness of certain religious teachings, it’s going to be a loooooong day, people. So, let’s not do that. If you want to believe that dancing will send you to hell, or wearing condoms gives you AIDS, or blowing yourself up will get you laid in heaven, that’s your business. Everyone gets to believe what they want to believe, and yes, it’s totally a choice. Even if you choose to believe that you have to believe something because it’s the “truth”, you’re still choosing to believe that.

The question isn’t, “What do they believe”, it’s “What do you want to believe?” Ok, ok, so  you’re asking me what I believe, and I’m more than happy to tell you, especially now that I’m up here on my soap box and everything, but even once you hear it, you should still determine how that feels to you. Don’t blindly believe what I say, just because I’m so awesome (ha!). Make up your own mind. Always. Because that’s how the wackos get you. They recruit those who refuse to think for themselves, tell them insane stuff, and they just roll with it because it’s easier than trying to figure it out for themselves. I’m not really interested in being just another wacko, trying to convince to follow my path. Follow your own damn path, ok? Ok. So, here we go:

Yoga will not send you to hell

It’s a wonderful form (for some, others totally hate it and therefore shouldn’t do it) of exercise. And yes, it’s also energy work. I prefer the term “energy work” over “spiritual practice”, because it carries less baggage (read: sets off less wacko alarm bells), but it’s really the same thing. Praying is energy work. So is meditating. So is thinking better feeling thoughts. In some sense, everything is energy work, really, so you can’t get away from it.

What Yoga does is physically align the body to allow it to flow more energy and in a more balanced way. In other words, it helps to get rid of the physical blockages that have resulted from limiting beliefs. This, in turn, will bring up the emotions that caused that belief. It’s a sort of reverse engineering of the process if you will. Instead of starting with the thoughts and beliefs, releasing them and therefore causing the body to release whatever tension of imbalance had been caused by that resistance, you start with the body and work backward. If you’re not willing to do the emotional work, though, then Yoga is really just stretching, which isn’t bad, but the real benefit comes from using Yoga in the way it was intended.

Yoga is a great way to get in touch with your body. It can be especially useful for us intellectual types, who like to overthink everything. Any form of physical movement can be applied this way, of course, but Yoga makes it part of their teaching. It takes you out of your head and moves your focus to the body, how it works, how amazing it is, and yes, what damage you’ve been doing to it. You become aware of any tension you’re holding, and different poses can help you release stiffness and aches, resulting in a better flow of energy through your body. Because of this energy component, seemingly simple stretches can be surprisingly intense. Your success in Yoga, as with any energy work, is largely determined by your willingness to explore your limitations, challenge them and let them go.

Or, to put it much more succinctly: Yes, Yoga can get you in touch with god. But it’ll put you in touch with YOUR God, whatever that means to you. (You see, here’s the secret: it’s all the same God. Don’t tell the wackos. They won’t like it.)

Your Chakras – a mini intro

I’ve been meaning to write about chakras for some time now, so I guess, this is my chance. What exactly are chakras and is opening them dangerous? I can’t cover the subject in its entirety here, or this post will become a book, but I’m happy to give you the basics. Chakras are simply energy centers in the body. Your body is full of energy meridians, like a massive network of roads in a freeway system, where energy or chi flows back and forth to every little corner of the physical body. The points at which these roads intersect are called the chakras. You have thousands of them and they’re all over your body. The seven major chakras that most people refer to when they talk about this subject are like massive roundabouts or points where a whole bunch of roads meet. There’s a lot of activity going on there.

When a chakra becomes imbalanced, it’s a bit like an artery becoming clogged. Energy cannot flow in the way it’s meant to. In the freeway analogy, this leads to traffic congestion. In the body, a clogged or imbalanced chakra can lead to all kinds of physical ailments, as traffic backs up to other areas of the roadway system. But, unlike a clogged artery or roadway, the imbalance in a chakra isn’t caused by a physical blockage or some douchebag suddenly stepping on the breaks for no reason (although an energy blockage can cause a physical blockage). The imbalance is caused by a change in frequency. Each chakra operates at an optimum frequency. When a contradictory vibration, or resistance, is introduced, it muddies the waters. Basically, if each chakra was a radio station, it would come in clear at a certain frequency, and all static-y if you turn the tuning dial a bit. And yes, I’m fully aware that I’m mixing metaphors like a wild woman today. This is how I keep you on your toes.

When the signal isn’t as clear, when the energy flow is impeded, it creates discomfort. This is precisely how your thoughts affect your physical body – the energy of your thoughts runs through the physical body and either matches or resists the optimum frequencies of the chakras. Send a conflicting or resistive frequency through a chakra often enough (not that often…) and it will become retuned to that contradictory frequency, and will no longer match the vibration of perfect flow.

From this analogy, you can also see that the idea of activating or awakening chakras is kind of rubbish. Your chakras are all active, all the time. When teachers talk about awakening chakras, they usually mean attuning them to higher frequencies, which is really the same thing as instructing you to raise your vibration to higher and higher levels. So, you can awaken a chakra to a very high frequency. But, unless you’re doing that in a balanced way, if you try to retune just one chakra in isolation, or if that chakra is already in an imbalanced state, you’re going to get into trouble.

Is opening your chakras dangerous?

So, given that perfectly attuned and balanced chakras are vital to our well-being, it stands to reason that we’d want to do anything and everything in our power to open, unclog and balance those chakras, right? Right. However, as with any energy work, you don’t want to go too fast. In other words, you don’t want to take a quantum leap. Doing so can be immensely uncomfortable. If you, for example, decide that you know better than your inner being, who is always guiding you, and in your impatience just go in there and start turning knobs, so to speak, you can indeed do a bit of “damage”. This damage is never permanent mind you, but it can have some pretty nasty repercussions, including increase in pain instead of the desired decrease, more illness and yes, even symptoms of insanity (I agree with your definition of insanity, by the way, but it’s important to note that while the chakra imbalance is present in these situations, it’s rarely chakra cleansing work that caused it. In fact, all one can do is to greatly exacerbate a condition that was already there, but it would be very difficult, even in a theoretical sense, to create a massive imbalance through chakra cleansing work).

But this is true for all energy work. If, for example, you have a fear of heights, because heights represent a lack of control to you and you have massive fears around losing control, losing yourself or even disappearing (and not mattering), then you could, theoretically, decide to just face those fears and go bungee jumping. Given the size of your fear and the cause of it, however, you’d probably end up having to take anti-anxiety meds for the next year just to be able to function as a result of this irresponsible, gung ho approach. And yes, I get that this sounds a bit rich coming from someone who actually prefers the gung ho approach, but there’s the smart gung ho and there’s the stupid gung ho. So, in other words, don’t be a stupid ho. 😉

If your fear of heights simply resulted from a traumatic experience that happened while you were high up, in other words, if it’s a mere association, then facing the fear head on could work really well. But the approach has to be tailored to the underlying reason; it has to respect the root cause. A fear of heights is not always caused by the same issues or experiences, and neither is any other conflict. Failure to respect the root cause, can and will lead to the aforementioned side effects.

The good news

So yes, any kind of energy work including yoga, chakra healing, acupuncture, healing beliefs, energy coaching, crystals, EFT, Quantum Touch, and on and on and on, can have negative consequences if used incorrectly. But, how do you know if you’re using it incorrectly? Do you have to go to a seasoned practitioner in order to get results and how can you know if you can trust them?

Easy there, tiger. You’re overthinking it again. Let’s remember that we all have our own, inbuilt guidance system that never lets us down providing we don’t freaking ignore it. You see, you can’t push way past your comfort level to the danger zone without your guidance system screaming at you to stop. To put it another way, a bit of fear or discomfort can be ok. If you’re terrified, you need to stop. It’s the difference between feeling the burn in exercise and having actual pain. If you feel reluctance to face an issue in your life, push through it. If you’d rather kill someone with your bare hands than face this thing, back off.

The problem is that so many people still approach this work with the same “no pain, no gain” mentality that didn’t work for them in other areas of their lives. They push way too freaking hard and then wonder why things didn’t turn out well. The whole idea of this kind of work, all kinds of energy work, is to feel better. Period. If it doesn’t make you feel better, if it’s actually making you feel worse, for the love of God, don’t keep doing what you’re doing.

Ok, so I can hear some of you, especially my clients, many of whom are being taken through their resistance at maximum allowable speed (as fast as they can handle, something you should not do without help), asking “Wait a minute. I had a session with you, and then I cried for three days. Wouldn’t that be a sign that we did too much?”  Nope. Here’s why: The crying may have been a tad uncomfortable (but really. It’s crying, not having your fingernails torn out), but how did you feel afterwards? I’m guessing, like 1000% better. The real key here is in how the actual energy coaching session (or whatever session) felt at the time. If you felt good (or a bit bad and then good), you didn’t push too far. If this shift then resulted in a release of emotions, which had always been there but were now coming out, then this is a good thing. And generally, once people realize this, they feel it. Even while they’re crying or screaming or ranting, they can feel how this is a good thing and is making them feel better and better. If, however, you’re doing an exercise that’s making you feel really bad in the moment that you’re doing it, back off. You’re pushing too hard.

And no, you don’t need a seasoned practitioner to help you do energy work, although it can drastically cut your learning curve. And, as I said, when you work with someone else you can support you energetically, you can dance right up to the line of what you can handle and get much faster results. When working on your own, it’s best to take at least a slightly less aggressive approach.

Bottom line

So, the bottom line on all of this is really the same as in any blog post of mine: follow your gut. Listen to your intuition. Let your guidance show you how slow or fast to go. Don’t push too hard. Don’t try to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t be so willing to suffer for your growth. Look for a better feeling way. Opening and balancing your chakras can be massively beneficial (I retune my all the time), and as long as you don’t become too militant about it, as long as you’re gentle and respect the feedback you’re getting, you can’t get it wrong. You’re not a bomb. Your system isn’t that sensitive. The slightest mistake will not cause you to go insane. You have to really, really push to cause that much of an imbalance, which would entail a great deal of suffering. So you see? As long as you continue to do what feels better to you, as long as you reach for relief, as long as you don’t push too hard, you’ll never be in any danger of going loco from Kundalini, yoga, chakra clearing or anything else.

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  • The documentary you have seen is pretty much right! The worship of god doesn’t mean a God somewhere around out there! In Hindu religion even a Body is considered as God. The things that we see all around us is included as a part of the God!
    For a better understanding, the body will not sustain the amount of energy that an ordinary man receives when the Crown chakra or heart chakra opens. For that he must first cleanse the Chakras and get rid of all the ailments. Yoga literally means transformation, transformation of a real ordinary man in to an extraordinary consciousness, which we can call it God!

  • Yoga is just another form of meditation. Meditation is just like praying. It’s all the same thing done in different ways. There’s no point in trying to identify the differences between beliefs and practices. It’s much better to find what ever belief has in common.

    I did yoga for a while. It’s really good but I achieve the same state of my mind by meditating or standing on top of my motorcycle without a helmet (knowing you will die really forces you to become intensely present).

  • It took me 3 whole days to read one of Melodious D’s post! Yeah, I have no plausible excuse either…I was out in the world, gallivanting with intent :-).

    First up, let’s get my juvenile self a minute to die laughing: “Stupid Ho”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now off to Youtube with your hawt self – google yoga kitties or something. Don’t get caught, ya silly coconut! And mind how you type kitties on your work PC, fool! Tsk. I digress. It happens fairly often in my life. You’d love living in my head – it’s like Spongebob, Patrick, Mr Krabs (snark, Mr Krabs :-)), Gary, Sandy and Plankton all rolled into one – except Squidward. He’s too damp. Get it? Dump…OK. Yes, there was a point to my comment Gary!

    I never paid much attention to chakras before, mostly because I didn’t know much about them, or myself, or how it is Energy works when I came across them early on in my journey. I simply zeroed in on the idea of awakening my Kundalini – yes, I read about it in Eat, Pray, Love. Did you read the book? And didn’t you want to get that blue light thingy too? Well I did! I wanted it so bad I wore all-blue for a week to encourage…ahem..the blue light to find me. You know, like those lights on a runway! Bonkers? Who you kidding sweet cheeks – you know this journey takes you all kinds of..uh..interesting… mental places. Sweet cheeks. LOOOOOOL! OK, it’s funny to me, yeah? And yes, I see somebody twice a week for this condition. Myself, in the mirror. Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm sharp CET. I’ll be here all week! Hahahahaha!

    I’m very sorry.

    Thankfully, Life intervened and I got shoved into another deep end and forgot all about them chakras. Until a few weeks ago, when I stumbled on information about the throat chakra. I can’t remember when it happened but my voice has always been croaky and off-pitch. I was sensitive to the cold as a kid, with tonsillitis every year, sometimes twice a year so I assumed it was a left-over from those days. But this year, a cough left over from a cold refused to die down and went on for months until I got an ENT to look at it a couple of weeks ago. He did a laryngoscopy and discovered I had a gap in my vocal chords which was causing all these voice problems. It was while researching his remedy, voice/speech therapy, that I stumbled on information on the internet about throat chakras and how kids who grew up with especially critical parents, feeling like they couldn’t speak their minds, their truths, be their true selves for fear of judgement/criticism and consequently became accomplished liars (defense mechanism)…etc…all that energy gets stuck in the throat, hence the expression: “you have a frog in your throat.” The relief I felt was palpable. I knew immediately that I was meant to see this. The remedy was right up my street too – to have the courage to be my real self, stop fearing judgement about who/what Life has caused me to become – my sense of style, my sense of humor, the shows I like to watch, the books I like to read, this journey, the fact that I swear, being different in any way shape or form to another, the whole sheesh kebab. Be willing to speak my opinion, even if everyone in the room disagrees with me, not confrontationally either. Say no when I mean no and yes when I mean yes. Be willing to be apart from the herd and stand behind myself, my life, my perspective.

    It’s been a few weeks now and I have no words to express how this has changed me and consequently (AND FREAKINGLY MORE IMPORTANT, MY VIBRATION!). The first time I observed myself calmly disagreeing with someone else’s opinion without breaking into hives, then watched them respect my opinion with that look of appreciation about the expression of it and then observed the conversation move to something else without the world coming to an end – Jesus, Jenny and Joseph!. Words fail me. Seriously, I hit a high that no drug could match. I have genuine conversations with people now. Those who are a match have stayed and they appreciate me more – they don’t need to say it. Our interactions speak volumes all by themselves. Those who weren’t a match are gravitating out and those like my family who have no choice, well, my
    Mother and I have been at loggerheads for eons. Now, I feel my heart popping with oodles of precious love for the old gal. She still drives me nuts but it’s a softer kind of nuts. OK – that sounds wrong but I’m in the groove and it’s 2013. Let me pause to think that over – hahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Long story short – the more I am willing to inhabit my Life, own it and live it honestly, compassionately, the better it gets. I have physical therapy to heal the physical condition but I believe the work I am doing healing and balancing my throat chakra has directly and visibly influenced the changes of the last few weeks. I believe in eliminating the middle-man – if we can speak to our cells, our DNA, our minds, our hearts , we can speak to our chakras. That’s what works for me. Chakras are real, yo!

    • Melody, I’m seriously bugged by my Avatar, pardon the pun. It’s too close to home. Is that a forked tongue or his freaking wings? It’s really bugging me. He looks a lot like Nyanta-san would look like if I could see him. Nyanta-san? He’s part of the bikini bottom gang. He’s Japanese. It’s complicated.

  • This is a really enlightening explanation of yoga and what it CAN help someone accomplish. I think in the past, I’ve attempted to use it simultaneously as a spiritual practice and a physical one. And not feeling the energy flow like I do after doing chi-gong or tai chi was discouraging.

    But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be either or. And putting yoga in the perspective of utilizing it to become conscious of particular emotions that could be buried and blocking chakras really clarifies what yoga is about and gives me some motivation to want to practice again.

    Given your explanation Mel, it makes complete sense how it would and could help someone who has trauma, deep depression, anxiety from any sort of abuse. Depending on how far along someone is on a healing journey though, I could also see how you’d want to be careful and take it slow, for emotional purposes as much as physical.

    Thanks to both the question asker and Melody for this rather timely topic.

    Hugs and big sloppy puppy kisses. 🙂

  • It’s been a long and sometimes very strange spiritual journey to my present spot on the ladder. At first I thought(like Laureen posted)it would have been great not to have strict rules and dogma since childhood and then have to unlearn all of that. However, I am actually happy that I did. After so many years of searching and having studied and participated in various religious denominations I know what is out there. Not to lump all into one negative category, I have met some very wonderful people and really learned a lot. There are many people doing good, spreading love and representing their chosen beliefs to the best of their ability. But for me it was always a feeling waaaaay deep down that something(for me)was not totally correct. It didn’t resonate with total truth for me at this time in my life.

    Just my opinion but it seems to me that everything I studied had a piece of the puzzle but no one has the entire puzzle all figured out and lumped into one nice and neat package. I am now happy that I did study the Bible. The understanding and interpretation of scripture that I have determined to be truth for me follows right along with energy and LOA. As with anything, sometimes it is not the message that is the problem it is the people representing the message that is the issue.

    I have tried different forms of meditation and actually took a couple of yoga classes. Some forms of meditation were very frustrating for me, others were very peaceful. Gongs. Cybills, chanting and forcing myself to sit still in a uncomfortable position just wasn’t right for me at this time. Others love it and feel the presence of God. I just felt like kicking the darn Gong! It kept interrupting my peace!

    A bit of my soap box speech here…it really burns my buns that some teachers(religious or otherwise) will totally dismiss anything that is not according to what they consider to be the right way. Ok, that is one issue but to go pass that and label it as evil is where they start instilling fear and prejudice into their followers. We do have to put time and effort to our own spiritual growth. As John stated “turns out to be nothing more than a great covert way of controlling the masses who refuse to wake up and accept responsibility for their own lives , it is far easier to lay the blame on someone else if you follow the beliefs of others and things don’t turn out the way you want them – “it wasn’t my fault he/she told me to believe what they they told me , it’s their fault not mine” For some(at one time this included myself)even thinking we had the right or intelligence to study and determine for ourselves what the truth is was considered wrong or even sinful. Funny thing about that…ever notice that those that teach that way of thought -anything that is contradictory to their already established “right” way is wrong, evil or a cult and should not be explored are actually guilty of doing the same thing? Our way is right, follow us and only us the others are a cult. Well, doesn’t that make them guilt of being a cult as well. Ok, I know there are really practices that could fall into the category of a cult but that is another topic for another time.

    Melody I especially like your comment in last paragraph “Listen to your intuition. Let your guidance show you how slow or fast to go. Don’t push too hard. Don’t try to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t be so willing to suffer for your growth. Look for a better feeling way.” One of the most important things I have learned and trying to incorporate in my daily life is that I don’t have make myself suffer to earn the right to receive good in this lifetime. Thank you!

    And thank you again for your time in answering my question(s). Now I have better insight into the whole issue. Thanks to your explanation I ain’t afraid of no chakra!

  • Melody, that is the best explanation of what chakras mean I have ever read! it even let me consider incorporating chakras energy work daily…before i did not understand it much and did not really know what to do…

  • You’re so spot on Melody! One of the things I learned about balancing the chakras is to always start at the root chakra and work your way up to the top in that order. Just like climbing the vibrational ladder – rise up one rung at a time. After my first experience with Ayahuasca, my crown really opened up before my root was securely grounded and I did feel like I was going insane, but it all calmed down when my vibration lowered back down and I worked on rooting myself and clearing limited beliefs.

  • I’ve also seen plenty of people hurting themseves in the gym by pushing too hard.
    They just need to be reminded about their limit.

    I also found it odd about the mystical explainations of something as simple as Yoga.

  • I’ve seen more people going insane after trusting their credit cards to their wives.

    Important note: any form of exercise requires a certain level of physical ability and stamina. People with back problems or lack of balance , take it easy. People with more than 30% body fat, opt for a stationary bike. Weekend warriors who love mysticism, awkward stretching won’t do your stuff alone, you have to believe it.

    When you go sunbathing after a good swim in the sea, you do exactly the same thing without all the mystical bullshit and spiritual over complications. It’s free, fun, easy, safe (if there are not sharks in the area, or jealous husbands who get mad when you look at their wives tits) and it gets better with good company.

  • “logicalness” Oh! Really , Melody I just love the way you can take a word change it around a bit and have it perfectly fit the application you intended for it. Ever thought of writing and publishing the Melody Fletcher dictionary of words that make so much sense for the mentally insane? I started doing Kundalini Yoga a couple of months ago for a number of reasons but the main reason was to give my body the energy to keep up with my new grandson , to be fit enough to enjoy being able to play with him and not have to be like so many grandparents who have to sit down every 5 minutes to catch their breath or feel that trying to keep up with the energy output of their grandchildren is beyond their reach perpetrated by their old age thinking mentality , there is a saying most people tend to ignore ” You’re only as old as you think you are ” or in my case I prefer to follow the one the states “You’re only as old as the woman you’re feeling” No apologies if this statement caused a few ruffled feathers with the ladies on here – I have learnt that bottling up feelings/thoughts just to appease others while it may be good for them is no good for me , after all it is only my opinion and my opinion should not alter the opinion of others unless they allow it to. Okay , so I got off track , so sue me – back to the Yoga , for me it has been a good experience , apart from having muscles hurt in places i didn’t know I had them by being in positions that I never thought were humanly possible to be in it has been good but I must admit being able to feel the energy that yogis talk about has eluded me , I feel more energetic but actually feeling the energy is something else.

    Ok , now where did I put that damn soapbox , Ah! there it is come here you.

    As far as religious teachings go and following the beliefs that others tell me I have to follow in order to be saved boils down to nothing more than those others thinking that they are somehow superior to me or the average person (By the way there is no average person , every person is unique in their own way , which is why no other person in the World has your finger prints or your DNA , that alone means you are not average , think about it people , you are not average you are unique but you have to belive it in order to be it) turns out to be nothing more than a great covert way of controlling the masses who refuse to wake up and accept responsiblity for their own lives , it is far easier to lay the blame on someone else if you follow the beliefs of others and things don’t turn out the way you want them – “it wasn’t my fault he/she told me to believe what they they told me , it’s their fault not mine”
    Oops! I’m slipping , Oh! darn that’s it I just fell of it.

  • Fantastic. Thanks for plain and simple. Too much weirdness from folks about something so basic and fundamental to our health and well-being. A lot of people who claimed to be friends took a hike when I started talking about energy work as they were soooooo dogmatically conservative in their religious views. Just makes it easier for me as I don’t have to always be overly cautious about my conversations.

  • Wow! My question answered, and so perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you Melody. Now this makes sense to me! I love how you began your reply “F%&k it. I’m getting on my soapbox.” LOL!

  • Melody, have I told you lately how much I absofrickenlutely love you? You rock. And you almost always make me laugh while getting the really really important stuff across, too. Always appreciated. 🙂

  • Oh Melody,

    I resonate with you so so well, these posts are always so god damn timely. (of course, who am i kidding?) I was just doing a chakra clearing like, 10 minutes before you posted this and wondering the same thing. and then I came into the dining room to my friend asking if our cat was doing yoga AS I WAS PULLING UP YOUR BLOG. ba-bam. LOA.
    Also, I’ve experienced the pushing too hard over the last couple months and everything you said is so dead on. I think once you start to get some revelation it’s really tempting. The relief feels addictive so you just want more and more and the more, but you can definitely go too fast and I’ve had to consciously tell myself to slow down, too.

    Anyways, thanks as always, you wacko


  • Dear Melody,

    In reference to the original question concerning Hindu & Christian religions etc and each having a “different God”, when I read stuff like that I am absolutely amazed at the beliefs that have been so deeply ingrained into people from their childhood. Despite my highly nonperfect/emotionally abusive childhood, I still thank my parents for not taking me to church every Sunday and instilling any sort of religion into my brain. In the past decade I have developed my own spiritual connection to “God” (or whatever name you want to give it). And I have come to the conclusion that EVERYONE is directly connected to God (whether we are aware of it/feel it or not). But, in my opinion, any sort of religion just mucks up that connection by adding rules, regulations, and rituals to it. I don’t see that God cares about any of that stuff. God is love, plain & simple, the highest vibration possible. That’s all there is to it. So instead of reading the Bible or whatever good book, the easiest path to follow is to simply BE LOVE – be that highest vibration as much, as often as possible.

    I attend a Center for Spiritual Living and have discovered that many, many, MANY of its members are senior citizens who grew up with a religion on some way. However, they are finally learning at their late stage in life that a lot of what they were taught is untrue (ie: we’re not all born sinners). I feel very fortunate that I am not having to unlearn what they are. Because of the lack of church in my house, I came into adulthood a clean slate which I believe has made understanding all this stuff easier to accept.

    Anyway, that’s all my humble opinion on part of the original question. I definitely agree, it is ALL energy work.


    • Lauren,

      Well put! I would also like to add that when the Bible is interpreted correctly, which means NOT literally, but through symbolism and metaphor, the teaching that EVERYONE and everything is connected to God becomes loud and clear. It is certainly religion that has messed that truth up for so many of us!

    • when kundalini is awaken it uncoils and pases throught he central nervous system, pierces through fontanal area of the head known as the crown. once, and only once this is done properly by a chosen holy person which is shri mataji nirmala devi who is now dead you will experience pure bliss! you become joy and you are in a state of meditation throughout the day. Kundalini energy works on the chakras as it has now been awoken and your central nervous and the parasympathetic are all being cleansed and balanced by kundalini. This is done through the practice of sahaja yoga which means inborn for sahaja and unity for yoga. You become beautifully aligned with this meditation and you go into thoughtless awareness whichis stillness, quietness of he mind, the silence and very aware as you sit there feeling calm, still and at peace and don’t wont to move. As you practice you eel cool breeze which has been described as holy spirit, it is divine and it is free, guru says you cannot pay for what you already have and a thing like this is priceless. a million pounds would even cheapen it as it is too good to be true and you cannot put a price to it. yes once the forehead chakra is opened you do enter the kingdom of God as it feels so heavenly, gratitude becomes divine and to are filled with inexhaustible energy as kundilini is serpent energy. There are a lot of false gurus out there who charge you a fortune for this yoga ( unity) and they are not actually the right people to be teaching it in the first place!!! kundalini cannot hurt you make you ill in anyway . it is a loving mothering and nurturing energy, I knows everything about you. You cannot intellectualize on this mater you need to experience it there is so much more than meets the eye here which I am not prepared for to write on because it can go on forever and it can be found on the web and meetings are held around the world whoever is interested. In sahaja yoga which is what it is called you wll learn all you ever need to know about the workings of your kundalin and you will learn more than you ever bargained for it will blow you away, kundalini is holy spirit activated in yourself once risen clearing your chakaras and you will be praising your own God of understanding for tis is lov in all ways possible. Try it yourselves. It don’t cost nothing. Georgina

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