Awesome Monika’s Burning Question: “Although I have been listening to Abraham-Hicks material for many years, it is through your calls that I managed to get into the Vortex deliberately (not accidently, which happened occasionally. Then I manifested a bunch of great stuff, got out of the Vortex and it all fell apart)!! This is evidence of the fact that each of us has his/her own Vortex and we can figure things out by going through our own issues. [Editor’s note: for those of you not familiar with Abraham-Hicks, “the Vortex” is a term used to describe the vibration of your higher self, or Who You Really Are. It’s a feeling of utter elation and KNOWING that you will get what you want.]

Now, I really took one of my issues seriously and listened to almost all of your calls on the job/passion related topic for the whole weekend. By Sunday evening, I have been catapulted into my Vortex! Yupeee…

The thing that I have noticed with almost all of your clients (me included), is that none of us can bring her/himself into the uumph-feeling of their desires. It takes you to step in and guide people there. I tried to find the uumph-feeling on my own and did not succeed. So I listened to the calls I felt it the strongest, and boom! There it was again.

Do you have any suggestions how we can tap into this ourselves or maybe tell us why we all have such a hard time.”

Dear Awesome Monika,

I’m so glad you asked this question. I always do my best to explain the underlying process of manifestation during each coaching session, so that clients (and anyone listening in on the pre-recorded calls offered for sale in my shop) can continue the work on their own, as much as possible.

Do you have to get coaching?

Let me just clarify one thing first: You do not HAVE TO hire a coach in order to get to a better feeling place. The services I offer aren’t compulsory. One of the main reasons I keep publishing this blog is to freely spread the information people need in order to get to joy and enlightenment on their own. Coaching is simply a way to speed the process up and smooth out the ride. But no matter which road you choose to go down, the clarity you receive is always YOUR manifestation. This means, that when you’re ready to have a breakthrough, you will. And you’ll be guided to whatever methodology, technique or practitioner will serve you best in that particular case. I love being part of that process with people, but I’m not here for everyone, and I’m certainly not necessary to your process. And neither is any other practitioner. This is why it feels so off to you when someone claims that they and they alone have the answers you’re seeking and if you don’t pay them huge amounts of money, you shall languish in misery forever. That’s simply not true and deep down, you know it.

That’s not to say that getting some kind of help can’t be incredibly useful, but only if you’re intuitively led there. And that’s really the key: While the tool itself doesn’t cause you to shift your vibration, you may well be led to a certain technique or teacher as the means through which you achieve that shift.

What happens during an energy coaching session?

Here’s the thing: you can get to any vibration “on your own”. It’s just that when you’re working with a person like me, or listening to one of my calls, or reading something I wrote, you will get there faster. I’ve become very practiced at getting to and holding a very high vibration, which I then stream to you. And yes, this also happens on a recording. Energy is energy. When you’re exposed to that high vibration, and providing you’re close enough to it that it doesn’t send you screaming in the other direction, it makes it much easier for you to attain that higher vibration. My energy is supporting you in your work. I don’t do anything for you or to you. You still get all the credit, I just assist. I’m like the linebacker who shoves the opposite team out of the way, so the quarterback can score a touchdown. You still have to do it, but I make it way easier for you. (And yes, you still have to be a match to that “help”, or else I will just annoy you, although my own intentions will keep anyone who isn’t ready for me from even being able to contact me. The Law of Attraction is the best booking agent ever).

This is why supportive materials like recorded coaching calls (which show you in detail how to shift specific issues), or guided meditations, or channeled messages can be so helpful. But that’s also why you can’t compare the process of raising your vibration on your own, to doing it with help. It’s basically still the same process, but it’s going to take a bit longer, require you to focus more (it’s easier to focus if all you have to do is follow someone else), be a bit more disciplined, and, well, not be so damn impatient.

How to go it alone

Now, if, for some reason, you can’t or don’t want to avail yourself of some kind of help (which is actually impossible, since we’re always being supported from the non-physical, but let’s just talk bare bones techniques now), then you can use any of the techniques I’ve published on this blog, as well as those I use with clients on the coaching calls I offer for public listening (which are not the same as my private clients; just wanted to make that clear), along with the brand new one I’m going to give you today (you’re welcome).

Prepare Yourself

I know I’ve said this many times before, along with every other spiritual teacher out there, but any kind of vibration raising work you do will be greatly enhanced and supported if you meditate or engage in some kind of meditation-like activity on a regular basis. Why is this so important? Because this is how you practice letting go of your issues, even if you don’t yet have a solution. You’re also getting more comfortable with being in a higher, better feeling vibration. And the more you practice this state, the easier it is for you to achieve when you’re doing more specific work. So, regular meditation makes all other kinds of energy work easier.

Reach down and pull up

When I coach someone, I stubbornly stay in a nice, high, stable vibration while they climb their way up the ladder to meet me. I steadily bombard them with positivity until they surrender (I prefer to think of it as slapping them into happiness). In this way of working, there is someone at a higher vibration, shining a light and helping you upwards. If you use materials instead of a person to help you, the materials (such as a guided meditation or recording) have to be of a higher vibration in order to work for you. Someone speaking on the issue you’re trying to shift from a much more positive perspective will allow you to reach for and achieve that perspective yourself.

In other words, no matter what process you use, it entails someone first achieving a higher vibration (one that feels better), and then reaching back down to pull the bad feeling issue up. When you’re working on your own, YOU need to be that someone.

The Poke and Run Technique

I was given this deceptively simple technique one night during one of my meditations (see? Not alone…). It uses the principle I just described and sort of circumvents the mind’s need to be fully involved in the process. For that reason, it does require just a little bit of trust and a willingness to stop telling the story of how you got where you are today, why it sucks so much, and why you can’t get out of it. In short, it requires that you be willing to back off.

Here’s the basic rundown:

Step 1: Raise your vibration on another topic. Any topic. Choose a topic that already feels really good to you. For a little while, totally let go of the issue you’re trying to shift. Just be willing to feel better for bit. Aim for the vibration of love. Now, you may be thinking “How the hell am I supposed to find the vibration of love, if what I feel right now is depression?” Easy. Change the freaking subject! (I slap. But I slap with love). Is there anyone in your life that you love? A child, perhaps? A pet? A grandparent? If you have anyone in your life at all that you truly love (and yes, they can be “dead”), someone to whom you always give the benefit of the doubt, someone who could never screw up enough for you not to love them, someone who makes you feel better when you just think of them, then you can use this technique. Spend some time thinking about this someone. And when I say “some time”, I mean 15-20 minutes. Build a real foundation; this is imperative if you want this technique to work its magic.

Step 2: Poke at the issue you’re trying to shift.  Once you feel really, really good, and you’re filled with warm, smooshy love, you can “poke” at the issue you’re trying to shift. What do I mean by that? Think of the issue you’re trying to shift. There’s no need to try and change the thoughts, you’re not going to be here very long. Just activate the vibration of that subject. As you do this, you’ll feel your vibration take a nosedive. You’ll likely feel a physical sensation like a sinking feeling in your stomach, a dizziness, nausea, etc. You’re coming from a really high vibration to a much lower one. Trust me, it’s going to be obvious.

AS SOON AS you feel your vibration start to slip, and this will only take SECONDS…

Step 3: Run. Wrench your focus away from that subject and bring it back to whatever person, animal or thing allowed you to reach the vibration of love. This will not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Your mind is going to want to get into your issue. It’s going to want to fix stuff, and focus on the problem more. It will feel really unsatisfying to just dip in and then run away. But beware: if you get caught up in the momentum of the problem, you’re just going to be giving more and more energy to what you don’t want. This is why I said that this technique requires some trust – you have to be willing to run, to go back to your higher vibration, and not engage with the issue you’re trying to shift.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat. Once you’re firmly back in the vibration of love (which shouldn’t take too long, IF you took the time to build a firm foundation in Step 1), you can repeat the process of poking and running over and over again. Each time you do, you’ll notice that it will get easier to go back up to love. The issue you’re trying to shift will lose more and more of its momentum. Your vibration will take less and less of a dip each time you poke, and your “recovery” time will decrease.

Essentially, you’ll be raising yourself up to a higher vibration and then bit by bit, reaching down to pull up the issue you’re struggling with. Here it is again in a nutshell:

Achieve a high vibration (love), focus on your “issue” from the perspective of that high vibration, stay there just long enough for the resistance associated with that issue to become activated, and go right back up to your higher vibration.

Remember, if you let your vibration drop, you can’t heal the issue you’re trying to shift. You’re no use to anyone, including yourself, when you’re wallowing in a lower vibration. If that happens, just regroup and go do something else for a while, until you feel better. Then try again.

Stick with it

So, how long should you keep at this technique before you see results? I wish I could give you a specific answer, like “22.5 minutes! Guaranteed!” But I can’t. Because this is a very individual thing and will change even from issue to issue within the same person. The first time I used this technique, I shifted a rather large and ugly issue within about 30 minutes (but I was kind of fighting it, because unlike me, my guides do not lay out the entire technique before asking me to try it. They ask me to trust them and just go with it, and I only see the structure afterwards. So, I probably slowed myself down a bit). 30 minutes of focusing is a long time if it doesn’t include Step 1. Go for as long as it feels good. If you start to get frustrated with how long it’s taking, you’re no longer in the vibration of love and you need to take a break.

Some issues take longer than others to shift. They come down in layers. If you achieve ANY shift, let that be enough for you to celebrate it. Sometimes, you just won’t be ready to completely let go of something. Trust that any shift at all will be beneficial (because it totally will be), and relax. Focus on how you feel. If an issue that used to make your stomach clench up with fear now feels like nothing (neutral), that’s a huge achievement. You can take it to absolute elation (the vortex) another time. Remember, quantum leaps are uncomfortable, so don’t try to take something from misery to love in one go.

Bottom line

There are many ways in which you can get into the Vortex or achieve Happy Shiny Puppy status. If it’s taking you a little longer to get there, don’t worry. Remember, that whatever happens, your shift is always YOUR manifestation. It doesn’t depend on anyone or anything else. You draw whatever tools you need to make that shift happen, to you.

That said, those tools can be incredibly useful. That’s why I offer coaching. The problem is that there’s a real limit on how many people I can coach (a limit that’s been reached. We’ve now got a waiting list…) It’s also why I publish those pre-recorded coaching calls for a ridiculously low price, and why I’m currently working on ways to serve a much larger number of people (stay tuned, but new products are coming). I don’t offer these services and products because you HAVE to use them, or because you can’t feel better without them, but because many of might want to take advantage of a bit of support. It’s your choice to make, and it’s by no means the only choice you have. You can manifest your clarity in a variety of ways, and that is ALWAYS the case, no matter which practitioner or teacher you’re talking to.

But don’t demonize the tools you’ve found. If you’ve realized that listening to calls or meditations or Barry Manilow songs makes you feel better, what’s wrong with that? Why not use the tools you’ve manifested for yourself? There’s no shame in using materials or techniques or other people to help you on your journey. I often get together with other healers to talk things out and get some energetic support. I choose to live in a location that makes it easy for me to do energy work. I listen to a lot of channeled tapes (currently a lot of Bashar, for those of you who want to know). Yes, I can get my own answers any time I like, but these types of activities HELP me, make it easier for me to get into my state, support me and let’s face it, sometimes I’d rather be a passive participant. I use recordings, crystals, symbols, friends, healers, retreats, plants, guides, and anything else I’m drawn to. I don’t in any way “go it alone”. Why would you want to?

So, do you need a specific technique or person to help you get into the vortex? No. But keep in mind that the specific techniques or practitioners or teachers you’re intuitively drawn to, are the perfect manifestation to help you get to the next step, no matter what that means to you. You will always be given whatever you need in order to find the next step. Always. This means that if a particular technique or teacher happens to be a match to helping you, you will have access to them. You will be able to afford them (or even be given help for free). You’ll get a ticket to the seminar, somehow get access to a book, find a slot in the schedule, be told about some tool or technique, or even inexplicably find yourself reading some surprisingly helpful blog post. Help is always flowing you to in a variety of ways. And once you really get that, you won’t find it nearly as hard to get into the vortex, with or without me. 🙂

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  • Well the only thing that ALWAYS works is coming back to your website, Melody. Going back and re-read older blogs. It never fails to raise my vibration, when music and everything else stopped working. This is my Bible. I still struggle, but with your help, will get at the top of the ladder. Thank you so much!

  • Melody, how about to reach the vibration of love (happy love ) if your issues are exactly with this person you love you are supposed to think about and smile? What to do when you think about them, but because of the issue, you sigh instead of smile? and there is little else positive going on for you ?
    I tried music with a merry rhythm, it worked for a while then I got used to it…now what?

    • Hey CS,

      If the person you’re trying to use as your point of focus brings up other baggage, they are not a good subject. Use someone or something else. Choose another target. You can’t use the same person or thing that’s triggering you as your point of focus to get you into the vibration of love.

      If the music you used stopped working, choose different music. It may very well keep changing. See that as a sign that you’re changing. 🙂

      I hope that helps.

      Huge hugs,


  • Melody – what a babe! :). A wonderful post – so helpful and clear and did I say helpful? Yes, very. And inspired. Another very awesome post. Thank you x

  • Marvelous Melody I am continuously amazed and appreciative of all that I have learned here. To apply this and see change in my life is priceless. I followed your suggestions in a previous blog post – Will Becoming Enlightened Cause Me To Lose All My Friends? I was very specific about what type of new friends I wanted. I was having some difficulty retaining a high vibration but decided not to worry about it. Whenever possible I focused on the end result of meeting these new people. One of the things on my friend wish list was someone that not only shared my interest and was open minded to LOA but someone that was at higher level/more stable and could assist me in my growth and still be a good vibrational match. Well, 3 days later I had a scheduled meeting and only one other person showed up. We hit off right from the start. Both from similar backgrounds and interest. After talking for hours she shared with me that she is a energy coach for several years. Her fee is exactly what I can afford. Ask, believe and you will receive!

    I followed what you wrote about here “poke and run.” Whenever I let go of trying to figure out how I see manifestation.

    Thanks Melody for making such a positive difference in the lives of so many!

  • Melody, can you please create an audio with positive affirmations? That would be so awesome. I think all your clients would love it especially the ones who schedule calls with you. Thanks!!

  • Wow, just simply wow. I cannot believe I actually tried this technique a few weeks ago. I wanted to so badly love something. Anything. But I didn’t want it to be someone I already knew. So, I sent out unconditional love vibes to just about anybody and everybody. That opened up my heart chakras and it was such a good, yummy feeling. Then, I DON’T KNOW HOW OR WHY, I GOT CARRIED AWAY and started to focus on romantic love. And this one guy I was crushing on (not too heavily) suddenly became everything I have ever wanted, always wanted. I was like a teenager; I didn’t eat for perhaps a week. I didn’t want to eat! And I lost so much weight and I wouldn’t talk but guess what else happened? I started to write and write and write and ideas just came to me from no where. I was urged to write about this feeling and that feeling and this experience and that experience and all I wanted to do was express myself, my soul was dancing. And then, when I started to feel the void of that ‘crush’ not being there in my life and when I started to think about what could’ve been, I took a real dip. Oh good Lord, I was just so depressed. It was a HUGE dip. Then, again because of the writing, and the expressing of my soul, I came back up. It was an incredible, incredible experience–opening up my heart chakras. I think they were LOCKED up and then when I went from kinda okay happy to that LOVE LOVE state, oh, my I just did not want to come back. It was fantastic. Anyway, I’m so glad I could savor this post today. When it arrived in my inbox last night, I saved it up for quiet and detailed reading. This is an awesome post Melody, thank you so much for sharing all of this. I am so grateful to you. I know I did something right because I attracted you into my life, Melody. You are an angel from heaven. And for everything you do, and for all this amazing amazing work, THANK YOU.

  • Hahaha, poke and run! Sometimes when I’m triggered I feel that it’s best if I just BE with the emotion for a little while, keep it company, soothe it so that it can feel heard and be released. Maybe that works better if I won’t be overtaken by the low vibration. Ill have to think about it. Another tool for the box. Thanks!

  • Dear Melody,
    Thank you so much for all your work and mainly sharing with us with so much information with love and unconditional manner. Bless you. Reading your posts have made me so much of a happier person who is in favour of sharing love and compassion all the time with everyone…
    I feel very good whenever I talk to people and at the end of each conversation when people hug me and tell me they feel very nice talking to me .

    I think I can feel my energy and vibration being high as the things that used to bother me before dont make me feel low(angry,sad) anymore..

  • An accelerating process which I think will definitely help with this “poke and run” technique is anchoring
    When one is in a high vibration, before “poking” to the lower state, they can make some sort of anchor to that high vibration. If someone touches, say, their knee when they are in a high vibration, truly feeling the intensity of the state, they are effectively able to “anchor” that high vibration to touching their knee. Then, when they go into the low vibration, touching their knee will help to bring them back to the higher one when the resistance has been activated.
    Just something I thought of and realized would definitely work.
    Even better may be if someone listens to a song that makes them happy once their in that lower vibration. It will bring them right back up.
    It’s sort of a quantum leap type thing, but I’m sure it’s much gentler than some quantum leaping techniques that exist out there.

  • Hey Melody,
    You are truly a godsend…just when i feel that i have hit a write this post.My only concern is that i keep experiencing dips in vibration and can’t seem to hold it for long but i will give this a shot…here is to hoping i finally get it.

  • Melody, thank you so much for this post, it’s so helpful in so many ways.
    I’ve been sort of doing the Poke and Run on my own, not at all sure I was helping myself by deliberately dipping my toe into that issue I want to feel better about. It does work very well, and when I make it back to the higher vibration I’m breathless. It’s kind of like playing chicken with your life, and the feeling of “winning” is exhiliarating because of the risk factor of getting stuck in a very low vibration, I guess. It never occurred to me to rinse and repeat to soften the effect of the lower vibration. I can’t wait to work on this more.
    Thank you also for mentioning that you use things in your life to assist you in getting to the place you want to be. There are so many things that make me feel awesome; plants is a huge one, as are my real-life shiny happy puppies, watching auras, and more. I knew they have an incredible effect on my vibration, but unbelievably, I didn’t realize until I read this post to use them ON PURPOSE to raise my vibration! I thought they were an effect OF raising my vibration. Good grief, duh, OMG, and thank you.
    And one more thing, you mentioned something that was about the umpty-leventh time today it came up after I decided I wanted it. Thank you for that co-operative incidence, as Abe calls it. (Not a coincidence). I’m really looking forward to it.
    Fabulous post; every word is very good stuff.

  • Going to the gym at 6 am in the morning puts me in the best state of mind and makes me feel so accomplished that it raises my vibration. Also meditating for 30 min in the morning changes my whole day.

    I have never experiences working with a coach so I can’t help feeling really curious as to how different it might be.

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