As some of you will have undoubtedly noticed, things are changing. Rapidly. The world is changing, people are changing, I’ve declared that I will henceforth evolve publicly and as a result, this blog is changing.

And, I guess, that’s been pretty apparent. On the recent post Isn’t It Time For Men And Women To Get Along Already?, Awesome Mary left the following comment: “Who wrote this?  What happened to LOA – vibration????” I love this question, because it was so perfectly timed. I now get the chance to explain what’s going on with the blog and it is and will continue to evolve in the months (and years!) to come.

This blog is first and foremost about the Law of Attraction, how it works and most importantly, how to apply it. This last piece has always been my main focus. I love getting into the nitty gritty details and helping people find a better feeling perspective. So, I’ve always offered a mix of blog posts – some that deal more with the abstract, pure vibrational aspects of this work and some that explain the basic processes for those who aren’t yet as familiar with LOA, or those who could use a reminder from time to time (that would be all of us, ahem). And then, I’ve occasionally thrown in a much more detailed, much more specific piece, that took a real world issue, typically one that most other LOA teachers won’t touch, the “dark” stuff, and offered a completely different, better feeling perspective on it. Before you get your panties in a twist, don’t worry, I still plan on doing all of those. But I’m also going to be taking it further.

The nitty gritty

The aforementioned post on Men and Women, which actually looks at how our society deals with rape and powerlessness, did just that. While I love explaining how vibration works, and I do a lot of that, I have to take a cue from my clients. They ask me about the world, how to take the things that actually happen in their reality and find a better feeling perspective on them. When kids get shot, they want to know how the hell they can turn that around. When I tell them that the economy is improving and about to turn into something completely different, they want to know how. When they witness infidelity, they want to understand how that happened, and what the higher level perspective on that would be. In other words, they want the specifics. And I love providing them.

It’s always been my goal to make this blog into a place where people can come to feel good, to be uplifted, to find a community and to find solutions. I don’t just want to tell you theoretically that the world is a wonderful place, I want to show you evidence of that. I want to highlight people who are living their dreams and making a ton of money doing so, people who are inventing the solutions you’ve been longing for, businesses that treat employees in ways you may not have thought possible. I want to stretch your idea of what is possible in this world, to inspire you, to energize you and to make every visit to this blog an opportunity to feel like you can conquer the world (or, at the very least, that it’s a hell of a lot more possible than you previously thought).

Introducing: Solutions

And so, with that in mind, from time to time (and probably more frequently as time goes on), I will be publishing a “Solutions” post, where I’ll be showing you, well, solutions that are being offered and even implemented in the world right now. And I’m not going to hold back. I’ll continue to tackle the tough stuff, the real world issues that you guys want answers to. Will you always agree with the perspective that I offer? Nope. But that’s ok. Because what this is really about is becoming solution focused, in general. The more you realize that solutions exist, the more you’ll open yourself up to finding the perfect ones for yourself.

So, to answer Awesome Mary’s question: “Who wrote this?  What happened to LOA – vibration????”, I did, Awesome Mary. You see, posts like these are still about vibration and LOA, just more specifically about how a person applying that information would view the world. I promise you, there will still be posts that talk about energy in those terms, as well as the LOA tips and tricks and manifesting techniques, etc. But there’s also going to be more and more info on how this world is full of pure awesomeness, if you’re just willing to see it. And I’m more than happy to point that kind of evidence out to you. I inundate myself with the evidence I want to see. If you want to as well, I want this to be one of the places you can come to do that. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about education.

Hacking Education

I’ve written about Education before, and have wanted to write a more specific follow up post for some time now. Well, it turns out that the reason I haven’t been inspired to do so until now, is because I first had to become aware of a 13 year old boy named Logan LaPlante. This “kid” tells us not only what education should be, but what it can be, and what it is to him, right now. And, he does it more eloquently than most adults could.

If you’re frustrated with the current schooling of our young ones, and aren’t sure what the NEW Education system would even look like, watch this video and listen to this young man. He won’t just give you the theory, he demonstrates how allowing our kids to learn the way that’s best for them helps them far surpass the status quo, and step into Who They Really Are. He also talks about what the focus of this new education needs to be and why. No, he doesn’t talk about vibration. But listening to him will raise yours, I promise. Also, it just has to be said, it kind of boggles the mind that the sheer simplistic brilliance of letting the kids who are subjected to our education system be the ones to redesign it, wasn’t blindingly obvious to us before. Sheesh. Adults…

If you like the picture this boy paints, incorporate that vision of education into your visualizations. Make that your goal. Never mind how we’ll get there. Kids like Logan will pave the way. But make this world, this view, this solution part of your reality now. Or let it help you figure out what reality you want to create, instead.

What do you think? Do you like these kinds of posts? What did listening to Logan’s speech bring up for you? Have you found other solutions you can share in the comments?

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  • I love the whole concept and this young man’s views on how educating yourself and others about the world around us can and should be. Not only what needs to be learned or memorized and then recited back, but how knowledge should feel and what the application is for that knowledge. With a foundation like that, creativity can abound and with it our Universe can expand much more quickly and be fun also!

    Thanks Melody for all you do – you are definitely a bringer of “light” 🙂

  • Really interesting and I agree, lots of things need to change in our educational system. Currently it’s designed to keep people in control, to dampen our children’s creativity and to condition them from an early age on so that they adhere to the status quo and fit into the system.

  • In the spirit of hacking education, lets do Electricity today.

    can you imaging a world where we all use wireless electricity?
    it is clean and safe.
    No more power grid cables.
    No more cable spaghetti in our home.

    how long do you think we will need to wait for that?

    what if I told you wireless electricity technology has already existed about 100 years ago, developed by a man called Nikola Tesla.

    Our most common way to “create” electricity currently is by burning coal. It’s expensive, inefficient and polluting our world.

    Tesla found a way to “harvest” the energy that were already there in nature, it’s abundant and free. Hydro electricity is the first application of this principle.
    His wireless electricity was the next big thing. It would provide electricity to the entire planet. He proved that it worked. He needed funding to upscale the operation and trusted the wrong man. It’s a shame those in power at the time buried his work.

    Our kids need to know about Nikola Tesla, not just Thomas Edison.
    The movie I linked below will explain better than I can.

  • Thank you for posting this Melody! Ive always felt this way about education and homeschooled my child and also had her public school. Creativity and innovation etc is something that is essential yet is majorly overlooked. Im going to share this video with as many people as I can.

  • I love his attitude. There’s a whole system of homeschooling called “unschooling”, which is what he’s talking about. There are parents who get so into “unschooling” that they don’t have any rules at all within their homes. No chores, bedtimes, or vegetable eating. I’ve met a few of these parents, and they are not very nice. Then I’ve met some excellent homeschooling parents and they helped me along my journey of homeschooling my son. We homeschooled from age 8 and he started working on his GED at 16. He completed his GED and now has a full-time job and many interests. His goal is to own a business and travel.

    Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states in the US. There are rules in each state with Texas being one of the most lenient. We homeschooled in Georgia and had to turn in attendance records each year. Most countries have homeschooling laws with Germany being a major holdout and stating it’s illegal. Many parents have been arrested in Germany for homeschooling.

    I love that there are so many choices for early education today. Charter schools, Montessori schools, parent-led co-ops – there are many choices and many solutions. And, if you choose, public schools are a choice. I just urge those of you who are parents to get involved with the public school system. One reason I homeschooled was because I felt it was the only way I could be involved. My parents weren’t involved in my education. They told me once that if there wasn’t a problem with my grades or conduct, why should they come to parent-teacher night? Even as a child, I knew education was important but my parents were basically telling me that it wasn’t.

    I like what he said about the mountain and seeing thousands of possibilities. That’s a great way to look at the world.

  • I home-school my 12 year old daughter, she’s much like Logan. I was always happy to home-school her as the school illusion held no attraction for me but my partner was sure she would be ‘disadvantaged without a standard education’. I was sure, knowing Who She Really Is, that she’d be disadvantaged by the experience of attempting to attain one, especially as she has no desire to want to please others at all. She can’t be coerced with promises of approval, she has no interest in doing anything to prove herself to anyone else. She only ever does what she wants to do when she wants to do it. You can imagine how well that went down in a classroom with 29 other kids.

    Her specific interests are music, singing, song-writing, poetry, writing and working with energy. She’s particularly attuned to animals so she helps to care for lots of pets in the neighbourhood including horses, cattle and sheep. She can often be found sitting in the field singing whilst the cows graze around her. She spends a few days a week at a local recording studio working with local musicians and every other week she spends time in the local newspaper offices with the journalist.

    She’s never been happier. She’s never been brighter or shinier. She is embodying more and more of Who She Really Is 🙂

  • I have always went against the grain of traditional education. However not sure how to get my children in an environment such as the kid Logan is in. How would one do such a thing that is legit with the govt schooling system they require?

    • Most states, if not all, allow you to opt out of traditional schooling as long you as conform to certain requirements. I’ve only been looking into it a little bit so I don’t know everything there is to know, but there is an online school called that covers all the curriculum that is required by your state and then you supplement that with a lot of the things that Logan was doing – getting out and being active in your community. I’ve heard that you can schedule an appointment with a local principal and they can help you get in touch with the forms you need to start. Depending on your state, you may need to “touch bases” once in a while to show how your child is doing. I don’t know if this differs from state to state, but I was able to find information by just doing a google search for homeschooling and my state, and there was a website that had all the forms and info that you needed.

  • Awesome video! With the idea of adding more energy to the picture painted by Logan, there are a number of private schools around the country with a “democratic” model of education. These schools provide teachers who are available to assist students, but it is up to the student to identify and pursue any area of interest, or passion. The oldest and most well known such school is the Sudbury Valley School, The Sudbury website lists a number of schools around the country with a similar philosophy of education, although there are some schools not listed on the Sudbury website. One school not listed is the Mosaic School, A google search using the words “democratic school” will turn up many of these schools.

  • Wow — what an awesome picture of what education could be, and boy, would I love for my kids to be able to experience this. As a parent, however, I’m struggling with the “how” aspects of all of this (first and foremost, I would say that most families are not in a financial position to be able to pull something like this off), but I’ll take your advice to just focus on the *what* I’d like education to be, rather than worrying about *how* we’ll get there…

  • I enjoyed this post, and the previous one about men and women. I have been (re)training myself to be more solution-oriented, and discovered 2 wonderful things in the process. First, solutions show up in unimaginable ways if I let them. Second, many people seem so unknowingly focused on problems, that when they encounter someone who isn’t, they consider that person a superstar…even if the solutions offered don’t work perfectly.

    On a side (but solution-oriented) note, yesterday morning I thought to myself, “I want so much money to flow into my experience, that I need help coming up with ideas for how to spend it!” Last night, I saw a video of WestJet surprising its airline passengers with the gifts they’d asked Santa for during check-in. Talk about a great idea for spending money that made people smile from their hearts and with their eyes!

  • Logan looks like a girl with that pinky beanie on his head.

    What he says makes a lot of sense.

    I am fond of home education / personalised education.
    The TLC model Logan refers to is a very good model.
    I also know it will not work for everyone since different parents have different priorities.

    Thinking about the current public Education gives me headache.
    Thinking about the personalised education method Logan has chosen made me feel good. It also tickles my imagination and inspiring.

    Watching that clip just made my day.

    Thank you Melody!

  • WOW! I absolutely LOVED this post. WOW! And what an amazing kid. So brave, bold, confident, courageous, ambitious and creative, simply SO creative! Loved it Melody, thanks! The video reminds me of the book Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher.

    • And oh my, almost forgot but had to come back to say—the girl at the window. I want to play with her. She’s so adorable. Perhaps she saw a butterfly or she just wants to daydream for no reason. Ha ha ha. Love it!

  • Thank you for sharing this, really enjoyed this post and watching Logan 🙂 He is amazing! MY mind keeps asking how I can offer this to my kids and how his mom did it so I’ll just enjoy the great feeling this post gives me and the knowing that things are getting better, they always are 😉

  • This is definitely aligned with what I visualize for my 1 yr old daughter. She will also be a high vibe mover and shaker in the world, making it a better place for all.

  • I don’t mind expanded subject matter at all. Thanks to your blog and advice, I am very comfortable taking what I need at any given time, and leaving the rest. Besides, it’s a blog. “The rest” will be in the archives all the time. Love your blog, and thanks for all you do!

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