Well, well, well. We’re coming to the end of another year. Is it just me or did 2013 go by in about two months?? Time is most definitely speeding up, people.

After the massive success (read: nobody threw tomatoes at me) of last year’s end of the year post, 7 Awesome Things About 2012, I decided to write one just like it for 2013. Now, as most of you know, I don’t really follow the news, and while the big stuff does usually trickle through to me, I certainly don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything that happened this year. I had to go and check and what I found was that major news outlets didn’t have much positive to say this year. That doesn’t mean that nothing awesome happened. Thank goodness for the internet in all it’s funny cat picture glory.

The following list is a collection of stuff that made me happy this year. Some of it is news, some of it is from my personal life, and some of it is just for fun. Happiness comes in all forms. I hope it provides you with as much joy as it has me, and perhaps you’d like to add your own item or two in the comment section when you’re done mooching off my list. Ha.


1. We got an awesome new pope.

Ok, you know I’m not religious, but this made me happy. When Pope John Paul II died, I was so hopeful that the church would bring in some new blood, someone to shake things up, someone who could give all those Catholics a bit of hope. I’m not saying that Pope Benedict XVI was bad or anything, I mean, he wasn’t worse, he just spread more of the same anti-homosexual, anti-contraceptive, anti-woman’s rights, anti-progressiveness in any way rhetoric. And although I was a bit disappointed, I just kept on putting my focus on what I wanted: a tolerant world where people focused on loving one another and making the world a better place for all.

Well, then something unprecedented and totally unexpected happened. Pope Benedict XVI retired. Holy crap (literally)! And Pope Francis (no fancy letters) got the gig. This guy. THIS GUY. He’s singlehandedly restoring people’s faith in the church in the most awesome way. He’s helping the poor, kicking cardinals who misappropriated funds out of their cushy jobs, and even secretly ditches his security details to go and help the poor in his spare time (do Popes have spare time??). I love this guy. He’s a wonderful example of the kind of human being we want in charge of a spiritual organization (or one that aims to be one…) More of this kind of thing please!

2. 24 Hours of Happy

Pharrell Williams made the first 24 hour video for the most awesome song ever. It’s called Happy. Check it out and see if you can keep from doing a happy dance. Or actually, don’t even bother trying to resist. It’s futile. I’ve been playing it non-stop in the background for over a week and I’m still not sick of it.


3. My sister started working at Deliberate Receiving

As my business has grown, I found myself in need of an assistant. But, me being me, I couldn’t just get any old assistant. I was determined to manifest pure awesomeness. And boy, did the Universe deliver! My big sis Tina unexpectedly became available and totally willing to get involved in my company, something that made me feel giddy with joy.

Get more details about my new hire here: Please Welcome The Newest Member Of The Deliberate Receiving Team!

4. A homeless man gets a makeover

I shared this video on my Facebook page, but it totally bears repeating. OMG, this made me cry with happiness. Do yourself a huge favor and let yourself be swept away with inspiration and warm fuzzy feelings. Watch what a bit of love and attention can do to how someone views himself.


5. I flew business class

This is something I haven’t shared with the public, but it was a major milestone for me this year. When I moved to the US when I was 9½ years old, I remember peeking in at the business class section each time I flew back and forth between continents. I always thought to myself, “Someday, I will be able to afford to sit there”. Every time I was asked to write one of those life goal lists over the years, “Fly to Germany, Business Class”, was on there.

When I started working for corporations, I was afforded the opportunity to upgrade, and I did. But while I enjoyed it, it didn’t really fill me with that sense of accomplishment. Someone else was footing the bill.

Well, this year, when I went on vacation to see my family in the US, I paid for a business class ticket, with my own money. It was a lot of money and it was a bit scary, but I worked my way into a place of comfort and I made it happen (with a lot of help from the Universe who facilitated a big discount on the tickets). The second I hit the purchase button, I was filled with an awesome sense of joy. It wasn’t until then that I realized just how much of a symbol this had been for me – I felt like I’d made it. I was successful. Of course, now that I realize that this is a massive boost to my abundance vibe, I’m never flying coach on long haul trips again. You know. Because of the abundance.

6. Autistic Girl Communicates Incredible Inner World

I think I linked to this video in one of my posts (who the hell can keep track anymore?), but again, it totally bears repeating. We tend to think of autistic kids as severely limited, mentally ill and often unable to interact. This girl has shown us just how wrong we are. I love paradigm shifting stories like this, which open us up to a completely different perspective. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

7. I did my first Liver Cleanse

I know, this was a fairly recent event, and those of you who read my blog religiously (THANK YOU!!), will undoubtedly be like, “This again!?” Don’t worry, I won’t talk about pooping in this post. Maybe. But the cleanse and the events that led up to it represented major mile stones for me and so, this is definitely part of my list. The clarity I received after the cleanse and the depth of my meditations deserve to be celebrated. Oh, and yes, I will be writing much more about all this. Soon. (That’s what we in the business call a cliff hanger…)

If you want to read more about this part of my journey, you can do so here: My Liver Cleansing Experience Part I – The Most Vulnerable Post I’ve Ever Written

8. Random acts of kindness

Finally, I have to share this site with you. It makes me cry happy tears every time I go on it. Basically, you can go there to share your stories of random acts of kindness, or read what others have posted. Raise your vibration, restore your faith in humanity and get ideas of how you can spread more love yourself.


I hope you enjoyed my happy list. Now, why not share a bit of your own in the comments and let everyone benefit? I can’t wait to read about what makes you happy!

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  • Two of the best things about 2013 for me were my twice monthly coaching calls with you and the continued connection I made with my wife in Nonphysical, with your help and encouragement!

    In anticipation of greater joy and expansion in 2014, I share this quote from Abraham that was featured on the Abraham Hicks Picture Quotes N Open Forum Facebook page:

    The squirrel is not thinking about nuts. The squirrel is tuned to its joy factor. So as the squirrel follows its bliss, it aligns with the consciousness that encourages the gathering of nuts. And so, right now, bliss is gathering nuts. Source Energy hears every preference that you utter and then joyously guides you toward thought, word and deed – in every moment of your conscious awake state – in order to assist you in the achieving of what you want. If you are following your bliss, you are playing your part right. That’s why you don’t find squirrel schools, or squirrel religions. “Which religion is yours?” “Oh, we are the Gatherer of the Nuts First Religion. We gather our nuts and wrap them in this cloth and bury them for this many days.” You don’t find that among the squirrels. They just follow their bliss. They understand that they are worthy of well-being.
    ~Abraham-Hicks, Excerpted from G-11/23/02 & G-12/14/02


  • I am very Catholic and I am loving our new Pope too. A word of clarification from an insider: I don’t think that the new Pope is that different over these “anti-progressive” issues that you decry (and I don’t even think that they are that bad positions, when understood in context instead of the way they are usually presented), but I do believe that he thinks (as do I) that Catholicism should not be ABOUT those things. And if people who are not Catholic approve of him, that makes me like him all the better.

    My 2013 has had many highlights, but one that I’ll mention now was going to see Taylor Swift in concert. People say her songs are about boys, but I think they are really about authenticity and vulnerability, and I find her very inspiring.

  • Thank you Melody for an absolutely wonderful LOA year! With your help I was able to finally focus (Adult ADHD) on some of the things I wanted to bring into my life. I was finally able to write my first book which is now published and available on Amazon.com, along with my 2nd book, which just hit Amazon.com last week!
    I am still struggling with several LOA thought processes but have already over-come so many that it blows me away to think about it! This last year has been one of self-discovery leading to self-love, confidence and acceptance, all 3 are very new to me. You have been my mentor, teacher and healer for an entire year now and you have no idea how you have changed my life. I just want to say Thank You! I also want to thank you for the suggested books, websites, and other mentors that you have brought into my life. I have learned much from all. Thanks for being you and thank you for loving me. Backatcha! Love, Dee Bockler

  • Best things of this year: this blog and working with Melody. Thank you so much! Hope you have a wonderful festive season and that 2014 will be fabulous!

  • Happy holidays Melody!! Thank you so much for sharing your list with us. I would like to add the best thing that happened to me in 2013. I was able to quit my office job (the Universe helped me manifest a monthly income without the job and with free time) and pursue my acting/music career full time!

  • a good moment for me was when i found you. for a while ive been floating on a happiness bubble and i managed to manifest what i wanted most in life: a baby with the man i am very much in love with. but then he disappeared once he found out and my first sonogram showed that my baby was dead 6 weeks after conception. i had to have it surgically removed. my brain knows that this was actually a blessing in disguise, because it took away a man who never appreciated me and didnt allow me to give birth to a child rejected by its father; i am certain that at some point my heart will catch up.

  • I am so glad that you posted this. Can I say that I’m thankful that Christmas is over? LOL! This post is helping raise my vibes back to where they were post-Christmas.
    2013 has been sort of a “growing pains” type of year for me (if that makes sense). I didn’t start practicing law of attraction and positive thinking and all of that until this year, so it has been quite the struggle with changing the way I think about things and look at things. Literally changing almost everything about who I am (or who I used to be) has been an exhausting process but I am thankful for everything and everyone I have stumbled across (especially you Melody and this blog) that has helped me on my journey. I feel like the “uphill battle” is almost over now and I really, REALLY feel like 2014 is going to be a year with A LOT of positive changes for me and my family, with 2015 being the year that I can finally kick back and enjoy the fruits of this transition. I started practicing law of attraction in 2013. I married the love of my life in 2013 AND I finally got to the half way point of the novel I’ve been working on in 2013. So it has been a great year with lots of struggle and hard work, but I feel like I have spent this year building a solid foundation and for 2014 I can finally start on the actual house. 😉
    This is the best I’ve felt in a couple of days. Thank you so much Melody!
    I hope everyone had a great holiday! 🙂

  • Dear Melody,
    After going through lots of nyt bestseller lisst and reading a lot of psychology/self help books and memoirs …i was loosing my patience…their process didn’t excite me…wasn’t answering my questions and it seemed like i was going around in circles…and then one day i just typed law of attraction and your blog came up instantly.Ever since then, slowly in fits and starts i m rediscovering myself once again…every time i read one of your amazing posts…it answers some deep question in my pursuit n so i have to say this year in 2013..i finally found some answers which helped me feel at peace knowing i would get there someday.
    P.S. i love Pharrell Williams and his score in despicable me 2…he is my sister’s favorite too and she is a happy,mischevious sagittarius like you…wishing you a great year ahead and many more to come.

  • My 2013 of Awesomeness and Growth included finding YOU!

    So much growth, even this week as I write this, in 2013. I am spinning to a higher frequency every day, sometimes every hour, with resistance-smashing insights and revelations that I’m finally ready to have.

    This year has flown by, and looking back on it, I’m glad it did because I’m ready for everything the next year has to bring! 2014… now with more shininess!

    • Yup, I have to concur. Finding Melody and this blog and website have wrought unbelievable changes in just 4 weeks. I have re-found joy in life and am looking forward to the future. I feel happy everyday and can instantly turn on the happy tap when I feel a slight slip. Bless you, Melody. I am even going to a spa, too, for New Year to do the end of year exercise. Happy New Year to you all and let’s make 2014 totally awesome.

    • Ditto Lori! I have the exact same thing to say about my 2013. What a precious precious 2013 find Melody has been for me! Thanks to all the good thoughts I’ve thought that led me to this incredible find! 🙂 Love you Melody! <3

  • I am so in love with this new Pope and I’m nowhere near Catholic. It gives me such joy because I figure if we can manifest a Pope like this in our world then the collective vibration of our planet has to have gotten a lot higher than it used to be. Good news!

    I used to teach autistic kids and their intelligence is mind-blowing. We can learn a lot by connecting with people we don’t understand, not just autistic children, but across the board. There is beauty and intelligence in all people.

    I love your list! Yeah you for going business class! That’s on my list, too. Maybe in 2014! 🙂

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