If you’ve been reading this blog for at least a year, you may remember that at the end of each annual cycle, I do a little year-end review, followed by a massive energetic planning session for the year to come. If you’ve just joined us this year, or would like a refresher on the process, you can read last year’s post here:

Preparing For 2013 – My End Of Year Ritual

The post proved to be so popular and I received so much amazing feedback, that I thought I’d share my process again with you this year (although I realize I didn’t actually share that much last year, I only gave you a couple of examples, because I spent most of the post explaining the process), plus give you a bit of a glimpse of what you can expect in the year to come. 2013 has been an absolutely incredible year. And 2014 will be even more so, mark my words (oh, who are we kidding. You can feel it in your bones!)

Step 1 – The Year End Review

The first step in my process is to look at my “goals” from last year, and see how far I’ve come. Well, my big theme for 2013 was to get in touch with my body. I have never been particularly friendly with my body, and I really wanted that to change. How have I fared this year?

Main Theme

Well, it’s been a bumpy ride. As I confessed in this post, I ended up manifesting a weight gain, mostly because I’m really stubborn and just wasn’t getting the message. Paradoxically, the very writing of that post was actually part of the process, leading up to a massive shift in energy just a couple of weeks later (yes, I will write about that. I promise. But I’m still integrating just now). I’m talking, HUGE. A friend of mine saw me a couple of days later and immediately exclaimed “What did you do?!?! You look 10 years younger!” Did I crack the big one, the mother load, the big belief connected to the weight? It sure feels like it. But I’m not willing to go on the record with that until the weight has melted off (already feeling a good bit thinner just days after the shift, though, so…)

Overall, however, I’m MUCH more in tune with my body than I’ve ever been. I have managed to release a ton of resistance, and my body and I are now actually friends. Partners, even. And even though this is a journey that will continue, I feel like, for the first time in my life, I actually trust my body. In that sense, I feel like this goal has been achieved brilliantly.

Other goals

I also had other goals for 2013, such as:

  • Get my website professionally redesigned – Check (in progress as we speak, to be revealed soon!)
  • Get more into video (this took until the end of the year, but it’s happening)
  • Get into Kindle publishing (haven’t done that yet, but plans have changed a bit, see below)
  • Build up a membership site (done, to an extent, although I plan on offering a lot more products and services soon)
  • Grow my business to $500.000/year (I’m on my way. I officially hit six figures early this year)
  • Manifest a bigger home – vaguely, and with no real urgency behind it (OMG, this is happening. See below)
  • Manifest a community of like-minded peers (done. I’m part of a master mind group of amazing, powerful healers, who all live in Barcelona. And more is coming!)
  • Etc. There are a few more goals, but these are the biggies and the ones I think will be relevant to you. You may notice the absence of relationship goals, but as I’m not really willing to share information that involves others who haven’t signed up to have their lives made public, that’s going to stay private for now.

Step 1 result: Feeling pretty freaking great about now.

Step 2 – Planning 2014

OMFG, do I have plans. So much is manifesting right now, that my head is spinning and I’m really just hanging on for the ride. Let me share a little, shall I?

At the end of every year, my mom and I go on our annual spa holiday, where we spend a week or so lounging about in the luxury of an Austrian (or something in that region) wellness hotel. That means sauna, massages, facials, 5 star service and gourmet food. In short, it’s heaven. I get a lot of energy work done during this time, as well, since I have a ton of time to just think and be and talk to my mom (the original coach, although she denies it).

I will, of course, be heading on my spa holiday again this year, and by the time you read this, I’ll actually already be there. So, I’m there now. Neener, neener.


What’s different this year is that I won’t be coming straight home after my spa holiday, like I usually do. Nope, this year I’m closing down my coaching practice for the month of January, and will be spending a few weeks in Peru, working with a shaman. I’ll be heading to Cuzco this time, which is in the mountains, and will be participating in several ceremonies. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I can already tell that it’s going to be BIG. The physical and emotional purging I’ve done over the last few months have all been in preparation of these ceremonies and the changes they will affect. I haven’t written too much about my Ayahuasca experiences in the past (only peripherally so), but if you guys want to hear about them, I’ll be happy to do so once I get back, and once I’ve processed enough of it. Maybe let me know in the comments if this interests you.


I also had a huge intuitive hit to move to Ibiza, a Spanish island just off the coast of Valencia, about a 45 minute flight from Barcelona where I currently live. The energy there is absolutely amazing. I took a little weekend trip (for my birthday) to the island, and was totally blown away. Being someone who has been moving around every few years since birth, I’ve never really felt at home anywhere. I don’t have that kind of connection to any geographical location. Until now. The second my feet in the ground, the island whispered “You’re home”, and this heretofore unknown feeling of belonging washed over me. So yeah… I’m moving there in 2014. I have no details to share now (mostly because I have no details. I’m leaving it up to the Universe, but I’m pretty sure it’s imminent), but I’ll definitely keep you informed as it unfolds.


As I stated, I’m going to be getting much more heavily into doing videos again. I realized that if I keep them short, they actually take a lot less time than blog posts. I also have a ton of smaller questions that don’t qualify for one of my full blown, mega posts. I’ve been experimenting with letting more of my personality out on video, and while I’m still not quite there, and while I haven’t yet upgraded my equipment, I think that January is the perfect month to show my face again.

So, while I’m away, you’ll get to enjoy seeing and hearing me answer your LOA questions, in lieu of big, lengthy explanations of concepts. For those of you who enjoy the written word more, I’ll be back at the end of January. Until then, suck it up.

New services

I don’t have much to report on this topic just yet. But since we’ve got a waiting list for coaching sessions now, it’s become clear that I have to find some way of serving more people. I plan on doing a lot more brainstorming over the holidays, and already have some ideas. If you have any suggestions, please do share them in the comments. Just know, if you’ve been frustrated about my lack of accessibility, I’m on it.


There are many more little details that are coming together, some of which aren’t yet ready to talk about. But, here is what I can share:

  • I’ve hired a social media manager, who will help me brand my business and engage more in early 2014.
  • I’m having the Bullshit fairy redesigned (not because I don’t like him, but because I don’t own the image exclusively). I see the potential in that little sucker, and although I’ve been really holding back on featuring him, just wait until the new model is ready…
  • I’m actually working on writing that book I keep talking about. The main idea of it has changed a few times, but it’s finally coming together. No, I’m not giving out any dates. I know better… it will be ready when it’s ready.
  • My main theme for 2014 will be to connect with nature. Opportunities to do this have already started presenting themselves, both in meditations and in physical reality. Teachers are coming out of the woodwork. I’ve also just recently become massively attracted to animal communication.

Step 3 – Alignment

Much of the alignment with next year’s goals has already happened. It’s all already underway. But I will be spending my end of year holiday amping that up, not to mention what will happen in Peru. I can’t wait to come back and share that energy with my clients and all of you.

Bottom line

2014 is going to be epic. I know that I keep saying that, but honestly, words are failing me on this one. The energy of what I’m feeling is HUGE, like a rolling Tsunami of Awesomeness, so powerful that it can’t be resisted, sometimes a bit terrifying, often overwhelming, but absolutely spectacular and full of the promise of what’s to come. The way I see it, amidst this energy, you just can no longer afford to deny Who You Really Are. You either just freaking go with it, or you’ll suffer. You came here to change the world. Yes, all of you. All of us. It’s time to either shit or get off the pot.

The time is NOW. What will you do in 2014 to step into your full power? Why not use this process to move forward? And don’t forget to leave your suggestions on how I can help you with that in the comments! See you on the other side!

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  • One of the many things I love about your blog is that reading your posts connects me with the energy and power I have inside myself, even on the days when I feel like a very secular being. Thank you! 🙂

  • Love the energy in this post! I made some huge shifts in 2013 that have lined me up for some amazing manifestations in 2014. In short, I finally accepted and embraced my purpose and path in this life, and within a matter of weeks, manifested some crazy things I never dreamed possible. 2014 is going to bring more of the same. Some of the challenges I’m facing are truly terrifying, but I keep remembering all the things I’ve read on this blog, and I finally feel prepared, for the first time in my life. However you choose to keep sharing your wisdom will be A-Okay by me! Thank you so much for all you’ve shared here. I truly wouldn’t be where I am without it. <3

  • I really like all the ballsy goals… Congrats on everything going so awesome.

    I’m from South America by the way. You said Peru? Shaman? All I can think of is ayahuasca.

    Anyways, have a great 2014!

  • Hey Melody,

    I just read this post…hope you read this. Everytime i read your posts..there are pearls of wisdom scattered throughout….the concepts of loa are explained beautifully by you however i usually tend to have questions(and i am sure i am not alone) regarding some minor points which to me seem esssential if i want to apply loa successfully.So, my request is this when you are coaching clients you must be witnessing some common stumbling blocks when they start trying to implement loa in various areas like realationships,finance,etc…can you do a post or have a FAQ corner where these small doubts (which merit very short answers and can act as our compass) can get resolved.
    Thanks for being who you are.

  • Dear Melody,

    Thanks for the wonderful post! 🙂 It’s amazing to see you give more of yourself in such a balanced way that it does good to others and feels good to you. I wish you a lot of inspiration in that process, since you wish to continue doing so, and clearly is another method you’ve been using that is giving really good results and inspiring other people.

    Regarding personal manifestations: 2013 was the year I moved to Italy to pursue a master degree that would allow me to atract more jobs where I would feel myself giving and growing. Being layed off and compensated by a job I wasn’t happy and compatible with, was a great way of having money to do that. By the end of November, when I came back to my country after an unpaid internship to build up something to offer in such a competitive field as Human Rights, I was accepted in an amazing 6 months internship in Thailand that only pays a modest stipend. So money started being an issue again, since my savings after buing even a cheap ticket with return would be close to zero. I started asking and wondering online about other possibilities (how easy it was for an expat to have a part time job) before I gave a definitive answer to the institution, when a geat aunt decided to give my parents 300 €, I saw it as a sign, and said yes to this amazing oportunity not only for my CV, but to be happy. 🙂 And then the rest of the very cheap flight (regarding the distance) was covered by my parents, who said it was okay for their possibilities, and also taking into account that I’ve been self financing for the past year. I was very moved, and in a few days is my trip for this adventure. Such a rollercoast of emotions and anxiety right now… 🙂

  • Melody, I’m so happy and excited for you, and your energy is so infectious! Awesome and thank you!
    I think you’ll find that allowing yourself to perceive the vibrational energy of animals is just the tip of the iceberg, and you’re going to be amazed at how endless the possibilities are to “see” the energy of everything. You’re gonna love that!
    I can’t wait to hear about your Ayahuasca experiences; I’m growing the plants needed for a future excursion into that unknown for myself in the future. I’d love to hear all the details from beginning to end.

  • Yes yes yes! So curious to hear about your Ayahuascan experiences! Been wanting to go to Peru and would love to hear about how all of it went for you! Also, Sarah’s suggestions bout peer coaching sounds awesome, I would definitely be up for that .:)

  • Melody,

    You inspire the hell out of me. Thanks so much for just being (you). I am sending positive energy to all the desires you’ve launched for the coming year. Excited to see where life takes you.

    Love ya!

  • Melody, thank you so much for your help this year and for your amazingly generous blog. I have learned so much from you in the past year. I hope to work with you some more in the new year and I am so pleased that things are going so well for you. I also wanted to say thank you to Tina, for the help and the hugs!

    I would love to know more about your experiences with Ayahuasca. I have always been too frightened to lose that much control, so I have never taken mind-altering drugs (my mom is very happy about this!) But I would love to be able to do something like this. My brother and sister-in-law have done it and both said it was life-altering. So yes, please, do tell more!

  • Melody…!!! TAN feliz de que vayas al Peru y traigas esa energia increible del Cusco para compartir!!! <3 Todo nuestro carino y un abrazo gigante de Feliz Anio Nuevo!!~~ Tus fans peruanas (en Las Vegas), Meli & Silvia.

  • OMG Melody I am so super excited for you! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the excitement and enthusiasm in this post. You are the QUEEN OF IBIZA AND THE QUEEN OF MAGIC! Have an awesome New Year’s! And yes, till you’re back, I will SUCK IT UP. LOL. Thank you for this post!!

  • How funny, Melody! I just told my boyfriend recently that he needs to “shit or get off the pot.” And here it is in your blog post. Looks like it’s time for me to drop an alignment dookie! 😉

  • Hey Melody,

    have a fab time shamanising!

    What about doing your own online mastermind groups, or some sort of guided/facilitated groups that cost a little less than your one on one coaching but where you get to help multiple people all at once. Not too sure how that would work practically speaking but its just something that popped into mind.

    Happy new year!!

    Sarah xo

    • Hi Sarah! I think that’s a great idea! I’ve been doing group coaching with a spiritual group of lesbians and it’s so awesome. Melody I cosign this idea! Yay for 2014!

  • Great post, Melody, and right on time (as always)! Thank you.

    I just realized that I’ve been unconsciously in survival mode. So much so, that I didn’t have a list of anything (e.g., goals, dreams, etc.) for 2013 or 2012, and my 2011 list included “get a job” and “lose some weight”. Fortunately, I can easily remember the goodness that I experienced during this year, so I’ll start there and then ‘feel’ ahead to what I want to allow in 2014. Describing next year as EPIC may be an understatement!

    • Thank you for this comment – I have just realised that I haven’t set any goals for years and years either. I am going to put pen to paper tonight. Even if I can just write down one thing. I know what the things are I want (and what I don’t want any more of), but I have not actually looked at them as goals. It will be fun to see where I am in relation to those things I write down a year from now.

      Happy New Year!

  • AHHH. Ahem, sorry. I’m so excited for you! And this is so inspiring. It’s nice to see someone’s greatest intentions manifesting. It definitely contributes to my belief that I can create amazing things in my world too. All of these things are great but I can certainly relate to what you mentioned about your body. One of my goals recently has been to be more accepting and loving toward myself and trust my body more. Not quite there yet but working on it. Anyway, yaaay :)))

  • Melody, this is all fantastic. Ok, I’m shitting, I’m shitting, just like you, haha!

    Yes, please write more about your experiences in Peru and elaborate on shaman practices. It’s always great to read/hear more about masters and the crux if it all, like the video game example you gave. That is really helpful.

    Animal communication- wow! Please elaborate on that as well. What are dogs saying by barking all day? Is it loneliness, which I suspect, or hyperactivity, or get me the heck out of this chaotic house and away from this crazy owner. I know it’s something and it would be great to find out more. Looking forward to it!

  • I just want to say that I am SO excited that you’re writing a book Melody. We are future authors! 😀
    2013 brought about a LOT – I mean A LOT – of internal changes for me. If I could hear the thoughts I used to think prior to this year, my current self would probably SMACK the crap out of my past self and say STOP IT!!! LOL! I just thought about that video you posted on Facebook a few weeks ago. Anyway, I have made MASSIVE internal shifts this year and I suspect that 2014 will bring about the external shifts to match my internal shifts. Then 2015 will see me basking in the glow of my accomplishments. I still have some work to do, but I view it as fun, adventurous work and I can’t wait to see how the universe brings me just what I need, exactly when I need it. What intuitive “pushes” will I receive this year? It’s so exciting. Like watching a movie almost! 🙂
    Oh and, I’ll just go ahead and say, I cannot WAIT for the day when my account hits that six figure mark. It is coming within the next two years (or even sooner – I learned THAT from you Melody :)).
    I hope everyone has an awesome New Year and here’s to 2014 and beyond! 🙂

  • I’m really excited about your doing more videos. I have been reading some of you posts into MP3 format so my husband and I can listen to them in the car. Videos are much easier to convert to MP3.

    I hope you have a great time in Peru. Summer sounds fabulous after having spent two hours shoveling my car out of a snowbank this morning.

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