First off, Happy New Year!!!! 2014 is going to be freaking epic. Mark my words, people!

I’m taking the month of January off to travel to Peru and go do my own inner work (getting an energy upgrade. And possibly an oil change). In the meantime, I’ve decided to give you a little treat and answer your LOA questions on Video for a change! How freaking exciting is that? Enormously. The answer is: enormously exciting. Someone out there is shitting kittens right now. You’re welcome.

Awesome Bibi asks: “When do I know that I’m practicing the LOA the right way? How long do I have to wait for my manifestations, and how much time should I let go by before I review?”

Dear Awesome Bibi,

Here’s your answer:

If, for some reason, you can’t see the video properly, please use this link to watch it on Youtube:

Let me know what you think! I assure you, I’ll be reading each and every comment when I get back!

Big smooshy hugs,


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  • I personally, have been waiting for ten years for my wishes to manifest.
    I am a hairdresser,and I am good at It.
    Technically I am better trained, more knowledgable and more experienced than anyone I have
    Ever worked with (I am nearly 40).
    I love my job its my passion….all I want is enough customers so that I can look after my family.
    I have been at the current place 2 years and do 1 appointment a day if I am lucky.
    10 years is a long time to wait, whilst diligently working on your skills.
    I am so close to giving up on loa.

  • GREAT video, i feel the most important step in the process of instant manifestation is intensity of your focus and visualization, The more you focus on your goal , the more vibrations you will generate, which in turn will reduce the time frame for manifestation.

  • Hello Ms Melody 🙂

    Just wanted to add my thanks for the videos. While I thoroughly enjoy your writing and the free flowing transfer of your perspectives, it is equally nice to see and hear you.

    I found the portion on identifying the appearance of obstacles in the creating process particularly helpful. Like many, I have often assumed that the appearance of things that opposite what I intend to create meant that I wasn’t aligned with my desire but was not able to identify the resistance. It is a relief to know that this is actually a part of the process and that these things are there to help me identify the limiting beliefs so that I can change them or get rid of them.

    Thanks a heap, and I hope Peru is everything YOU hoped it would be.

  • Melody, I have come to your site very recently and I love what you do. I really like the videos and I also like your written blog. Hope you don’t give up on the writing though!

    Could you say more about releasing your own obstacles please? I hit a big one yesterday (when I was truly in happy shiny puppy mode). It came from out of the blue and made me realise that I don’t yet know enough about how to kick old programming into touch.

    Thank you! Barcelona is a fabulous place, isn’t it?

  • Loved it! Especially point #3! I’ve been working on something, and obstacles have been showing up and I wondered if I was doing it wrong … but now I know I’m on the right track and I just have to move forward! Thanks!

    Also, I love your hair color.

  • Happy 2014! Love the video response! A combination of video and written responds work great for me..awesome! Good work!

  • Happy Merry Jolly 2014 ! ! !
    When I read the the title of the blog! Straight away I thought interesting, cause as always and it’s no coincidence when it comes to LOA, I’ve being wanting to know, there it was on the blog and for a change a video, even more interesting to remind me again what your awesome self look like, not that it was important I see you. Loved the video, sweet, short and to the point. Thank you ! ! ! I do like to read too but the video was a welcomed change. In the past you’ve given us both the video and the text as an option, I also liked that too.
    I did set an ‘intention’ ie desire the other night, as you are rightly said, it manifested quickly, the morning after ! I celebrated my manifestation, I was subtlety overwhelmed, almost like I didn’t want to get too excited. All I did was focus: on the feelings of what I wanted; my demeanor; what I would be saying to myself and others; what I would be doing; and so on, I carried on till I feel asleep, although the ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ I wanted solved kept wanting to creep into my thoughts(inevitably), I acknowledged it then moved on to focusing on what I wanted…
    I’m on to the next, aargh ! . . .
    Have a fab time away, sure you would ! . . .
    Lots of love

    • As anyone might I’ve noticed, duh! (Who are you anyway? Lol!) I’ve not commented here for a looooooong while, and I find myself commenting freely with no hesitation, something is working here and I plan to keep at it, if you all don’t mind, sure you don’t, I’m not letting Ego in, but being who I really Am. Thank you ! as Melody would say, “you’re welcome” . . .

  • Great points – thanks Melody. There is also something else – let’s call it “the way of the higher self”. We come here (into this physical experience) with a certain agenda. There are certain things we want to experience in order to expand…

    Once we “arrive” here, we forget, we create our persona or ego and our ego usually has a very different perception of value (mostly beauty, money, fame…) than our higher self (our real self). An incarnation on earth is for the soul like the blink of an eye – poverty or wealth doesn’t really matter in that perspective – all that really counts is expansion and the “bigger” agenda.

    So, when you are not aligned with your higher self or in other words, when you are too much identified with Ego, you will wish for certain things YOU don’t really want. And therefore, achieving those things will be rather difficult and time consuming and once you get those things your ego is longing for, there won’t be that much excitement, joy and satisfaction you may have thought.

    However, if you first make an effort to align with your higher self, it will be very clear what you REALLY want and achieving those things will be fun, exciting and it can happen lightening fast.

    • All Mighty Ego, always gets in the way. . . get out of your own way and let who You really are Shine through. . . Thank you for the reminder Robert !

    • Robert, I agree with half of what you wrote and disagree wth the other half.

      The Soul is a myth, reincarnation is a myth. Dont down play this current life and up play after life. It gives people false hope.
      The Ego is a human invention
      There is no after life, there is no expansion of the universe. Yes the universe may contracts and expands in parts but it stays the same. (Like a tree may grow and die but the garden remains the same). The so called big bang is a misunderstanding.

      There are certain functions or events that will be turned on only in group. A bunch of scattered atoms cant do much, but billions of atoms sitting close together will give birth to a star.
      Same thing happen to single cell organisms.
      Same thing is happening to human – we invented so many things in group. We achived so much more in group. We progressed so fast in the last 50 years or so along with a population boom.
      And today, at 7 Billions population, I see signs of a rapid human mind evolution.
      Melody saw this trend as well.
      It is my hope that through this evolution, we human will come to understand nature more and to live in harmony with it.

  • Hi Melody
    Happy 2014. The video was great. Short and straight to the point. Very easy to understand and digest. I love both the video and the blog as I get the same message and understanding. Plus its really nice to see you as it makes you more real. Take care x

  • Melody, I have never commented before but have been reading your blog for several months and it has changed my life. For what it’s worth, I usually prefer reading too, for the same reason as many, that I like to re-read certain points that are more challenging for me to grap. However, having said that, this video absolutely made my day — your friendly, bubbly personality and charisma caused my mood to improve 100% and I was able to understand everything perfectly on the first try. Maybe it was because I needed a “fix” so bad after your absence of several weeks, or the fact I was in a bad place after losing a beloved canine friend yesterday and hearing your voice (which by the way sounds exactly as I had imagined it) reminded me that life will be good again soon.
    Thank you so much for everything, and Happy New Year.

  • Melody is so pretty! I love her video posts, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten one ^^

    I guess everyone asks themselves this question when they get to know about LoA. I myself have been procrastinating on starting my manifestation project for fear/resistance of what I want taking too much time to appear (or not even coming at all). I am also very afraid of the obstacles coming to hit me in the face really hard, since I have a lot of resistance towards what I want. Before reading Melody’s blog I thought obstacles meant I’m not supposed to have what I want and made me give up entirely or not even try in the first place. Now I know it’s not necessarily true, but it’s still very discouraging to have your resistance slap you and I don’t know if I can take more dissapointment in my life, even if it’s theoratically temporary.

    Melody made it seem like it’s really easy in this video (it probably is)! The thing is that in many cases people have a lot of negative beliefs associated with getting what they want. And I still can’t get into the Abraham line of thought that beliefs are easy to change, it feels like it’s gonna take a whole lifetime to change all of them, and then it will be too late for me to get what I want. I mean, how can one attract something if one isn’t even really sure if it’s possible for them?

    • Hey,
      I had asked a somewhat similar question regarding anxiety and Melody replied and asked me to go really general..meaning don’t go too deep into your limiting beliefs..try to stabilize your emotions at a good feeling place.She also in a previous post(unable to find it,sorry) specifically addressed this issue and talked about poking at some deep rooted issue from a good feeling place when your vibration is high and then exploring it….withdrawing if it starts affecting your mood and trying when you are feeling good again.
      This is what i have been doing…my first and foremost aim is to soothe myself and feel better and once i stabilise only then i approach some limiting belief which is proving to be an obstacle.I am a novice/amateur at this…loa experts might be able to answer this question better.

      • Thank you for your answer, Solace! I’ll follow your advice. My problem is that I’ve been one of those chronically unsatisfied people, I actually don’t even remember how it is to not feel worried or sad or something of the kind. It makes me afraid to open this can of worms/emotions cause it seems like it will take a long time and a lot of pain for me to start attracting good things. Maybe it’s just a belief, but it surely feels scary. I’m afraid my only hope to change my life will be to get coaching, I feel like I can’t do all this alone. Hope the process is working well for you!

        • Hey,
          The process started working for me when i just gave up…my tolerance for painful or icky thoughts has come down…i kept trying to think better feeling thoughts..sometimes and i hope u don’t laugh..i would just look at red carpet dresses or fashion blunders of celebrities just to take my mind in a different direction.
          One key thing i have noticed is that even small,neutral thoughts attract similar neutral feelings..if u worry constantly then good feeling thoughts might be the second step..the first destination might be neutral ones which distract you or calm you.
          I just saw the secret life of walter mitty and boy was that a feel good movie!
          I am like you..still learning..don’t give are stronger than you give yourself credit for and this is the best thing i learned here that no matter what you do…you are not on the wrong road…you are as powerful as everyone here…maybe u just aren’t seeing it now..oneday you will..hope i wasn’t too off base also, coaching is a great way to help you create and practise deliberate focus..feel better.

        • from your reply, I can tell you will need a lot of work to get to a higher better feeling place. If you feel you can’t do it yourself and you need someone to help you along the way, then Melody is one good candidate.

          to help you get started with changing your belief, you can do what I did.
          Belief is a feeling, a feeling of certainty, that something is true or right for you.
          for example, I know for sure that I am human, that I am alive, I have the eyes to see this, I know there are certain things I can do, certain things I love, etc. I call these “Truth”. As I grew up, I keep collecting more and more of these Truths.
          At some points, I have collected enough Truths to see some of them are contradicting and some are complimenting each others, my world view has expanded more with them, as if I am seeing part of a bigger picture (I call this big picture the puzzle of life).
          I simply pick the the ones I feel most comfortable with and discard those that don’t feel right. At first my big picture have a lot of gaps and holes, a lot of things don’t make sense. So I set out to find the missing puzzle pieces.
          It was painfully slow to start.
          I kept at it.
          As I collect more pieces, the world become clearer and makes more sense to me. it was like a reward so I kept finding those missing pieces. To my surprise, recently I have reached a level where I sort of “level up”. My picture is about 65% complete now. As a bonus, my research became easier and faster. I can’t wait to finish it.

          Mandy, start with your collection of what you know for sure is true. write them down in little pieces of paper.
          Find a quiet room, lock the door (These are deeply personal stuff).
          Then lay them down on the floor and look at them.
          These are all the puzzle pieces that you currently have about your life.
          Ask yourself, are there enough data here to answer your life’s big questions?
          If there are enough info here then congratulation, you already have your life figured out.
          if not, what are you missing?
          Did you left something out?

          You alone decide which piece you want to find first and when. You always have this choice. It is under your control.

          with my method, you don’t need to follow Abe’s style of LOA to change your belief and to make sense of your world. The universe will still be secretly supporting you.

  • hey,
    while i loved the video, i prefer text..but thats just me. cuz sometimes i cut paste stuff into a neat word doc that ive kept for deliberateblog. but thats just me.

    I have a question though. when it comes to weight loss. one day i feel good. one day i feel bad. its a cycle. when does the mnaifestation take place if the feelings and emotions arent consistent?
    reallly puzzled. do answer ! thanks !

    • Hi,
      Here is my two cents as your question with respect to weight loss resonated with me.It happens to me too but i generally dont look at the bad or good feeling days individually.I tend to see my moods in a graphical manner(hope it makes sense).So, i will notice the inclination/slope of the graph…did it go upwards meaning in general am i having more clarity and calm than before?
      As i practise loa and integrate it more in my life…i see an upward sloping graph…yes there are bad days but i bounce back faster and they don’t perturb me that much..i am able to soothe myself with better feeling thoughts…it is a slow process and you will notice gradual shifts in thinking..that has been my experience so far.



  • ” I hear and I forget.
    I see and I remember.
    I do and I know”

    I would love to see a dual entry – Text AND video.

    Melody talked fast but I didn’t have any problem with that – I understood every word.
    I just could not retain 100% of what she said – I can only recall 30% and will probably forget them in the next few days (until I am reminded).
    I can retain about 70-80% with Text for a few years.
    I know that if I practice what she taught and succeeded, I will retain the knowledge for life.

    I love cooking shows where they not only show you HOW to cook the proper way, they take feedback and adjust the instructions to smooth out steep learning curves.

    I reckon Melody should have few separate types of entry. For example
    * Ask Melody
    * Key concepts
    * Advance classes.
    * Favorite stories (including reader/viewer submitted stories)
    * Favorite quotes.
    * challenge / debate / what if / member requested post.
    * Myth-busting Friday
    * Etc.

    I understands that Melody is probably wants to keep things going “with the flow”. However, the site has gotten too big. She needs a way to make sense of too much data. She needs to sort her collection. I suggest asking a librarian for help.

    • Exactly…i second your list SK…it would be really helpful if all this valuable information could be divided into key concepts,doubts and minor questions regarding application.Also,if people could share in some way how they appplied Melody’s teachings and the subsequent results…it would be awesome.
      Melody…here is wishing you and Tina a fabulous new year again.Please do share your experience in Peru…the way you shared the liver detox…it sounded like the next natural thing.Sending the two of you warm,smooshy hugs.

  • I didn’t see a ‘Like’ button to click on, but seriously why not a ‘Love’ button! First off, I wish you the Happiest, shiniest, of smooshy puppies new year! ( so happy that all puppies are shittin’ kittens! ) Thanks for this video, and your guidance. Also I received great insight from your blog on Manifesting what you want in 20 minutes. I found it at the right time, applied it, and I still get surprises to what happens! It has and continues to help. The holiday season brought me down miserably, thanks for your inspiration, love, wisdom, and humor that set me on a new year and new beginnings. Enjoy your vacation. And thank you for being our friend!

  • Melody, your blog is ABSOLUTELY amazing. You always know what to say and how to say it. I could say ‘thank you’ non-stop for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t still haven’t said it enough times. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. 😉
    Enyoy yourself in Peru! We will be waiting for you.

  • That was a neat, short and sweet reminder of what already know, thank you. One can’t get reminded enough about this incredibly important and life-changing information. I like the videos, but also way prefer the written word, so a nice mix of the two work well for me. I love your written word, it is so witty, clever and instructive, it keeps drawing me in. I am introducing my husband to LOA via you. We went away on our spa to do your end of year exercise, but before he could do it, I had him read what I regarded as some of your most incisive blog articles to get him up to speed on LOA (he’s a quick study). He loved your work and said how ‘bloody good you are’.(He is someone who is very plugged into business podcasts and reads and listens extensively on how to build and improve business, so knows his onions). He so got on board with the whole exercise. So grateful for that and for your step-by-step instructions. Looking forward to this year like no other. Enjoy your retreat.

  • Hi!

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to learn anything from the video simply because I am deaf, and the youtube captions aren’t usually perfect. So obviously I prefer written blogs. =]

    BUT it was nice to see your pretty face!! I will suck it up until you get back to writing blogs. Have fun in Peru!

  • Hi Melody,
    I like the video, and audio, but I do want to still see text too. Also, when you are talking about “releasing obstacles” do you just mean “release negative emotions” ? I mean how do you release physical obstacles ?

  • I loved this…..seems more personal – information sinks in “deeper” via video! Keep it up! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!! BTW – I love your work Melody……..thank you 🙂

  • I haven’t watched the video yet because I’m laughing too hard to click on it — “shitting kittens”??? THAT is the funniest thing ever. And has become a permanent & beloved addition to my vocabulary (which — truthfully? — doesn’t need much more colour).

    As a writer, I prefer written words to those spoken, but there are so many people making videos these days that I’ve learned to keep a notepad & pen beside me as I watch, and I back-track & pause & jot notes the entire time. Then I often just watch it again, straight through, seeing what other “juice” I can squeeze from it.

    Thanks, as always, Melody — both for the delicious humor I always find here, and the wisdom.

  • Oh love the videos they save me so much time, thank you!! Also, I have been meaning to do my own (I am procrastinating cause they are out of my comfort zone) and this is another reminder that I need to get on the stick and fear not! 🙂 Great stuff as always Melody

  • Thank you for this, I found it helpful. 🙂

    I’m the same as Debbie (above), I absorb information better by reading, I concentrate better that way and tend to avoid watching information videos (I like music videos, lol) but it makes a change and your videos are enjoyable, Melody. 🙂 It’s short too, which helps! lol.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone else! 🙂

  • Hello there:
    I need some help over here; I would really like to see this video post, but I am totally blind, and the play button is not accessible with my screenreader .
    Can someone maybe upload this to youtube, give me an HTML link, or do something to help me so I can listen to the audio with this video?
    This is the first video post I have seen here without a transcript, so I am unable tog et the content.
    Thank you all in advance.

    • Hi, I don’t know how to do the technical things but these are the basics of what Melody is saying:

      Awesome Bibi asks: “When do I know that I’m practicing the LOA the right way? How long do I have to wait for my manifestations, and how much time should I let go by before I review?

      The time between intention and manifestation showing up in the physical is shorter than ever. It’s the best time to be manifesting deliberately because the energy is speeding up. The gap between you setting an intention and lining up with it and it showing up in your physical reality is shorter than ever.

      Watch for signs that it’s manifesting. Pay attention to how you feel.
      The first manifestation you’re going to get will be emotion and it should be a positive emotion. If you’re focused on what you want and you feel better than you did before, you’ve lined up with it more.

      These are the notes I made:

      1. If you feel better than you did before, you’ve lined up with it.
      2. More thoughts that feel better will come to you. LOA will bring you more positive thoughts and ideas.
      3. Obstacles/things blocking you will begin to show up. They will show up in a big way. Look at them and release them. See obstacles as a sign of forward momentum.

      Then you’re closer to what you want. It will come into your reality easily, effortlessly and usually in a really awesome and surprising way. Don’t set an expectation that’s too narrow of how it has to come. Let it come in whatever way it wants to, because the universe has a lot more ideas about how that can happen than you and they’re usually better than yours. “Just sayin'”. lol.

      I hope that helped! If I’ve missed anything, maybe someone else can add it. 🙂

      Also, the video is on YouTube , here’s a link:

      I hope you’re able to get to it. 🙂

  • I love it Melody! Mostly because hearing your intonation (one thing cannot be conveyed by written text) lift me up too, in addition to the message.
    However for the routine I prefer written blog, for the same reason Summer stated above. When not on break from school like now I usually read your post on my cell, video streaming would be impractical.
    Happy 2014 to you, I am sure most of us will contribute more to the expansion of the Universe, more than ever :)!!

  • Holy Manifestation Bat Girl!

    I have been on the right track but didn’t realize it fully until I watched your totally helpful video. I love it and WOW….I’m going to have a fantastic day now! Wanted to send you a heartfelt THANKYOU!

    Happy 2014!

  • First off, don’t be mad Melody because I think you are the freakin’ bomb and I love you…..


    I agree with a couple of other people. I really hope you will do text blogs again when you come back. Most of the time I – ahem – SNEAK and read your blogs when I have down time at work. Most videos won’t load on our computers at work. I just happen to be sick today (who would have guessed being sick would have an advantage lol) and I got to watch the video from my laptop at home. But I’m a fast reader too. Videos seem so slow. Plus, sometimes I re-read things to get it to REALLY sink in my stubborn skull. Rewinding internet videos is a bit frustrating and I had to do that a couple of times because my mind started wandering and I missed something important. But it was nice to actually SEE you while you answer questions though. That was pretty cool. What if you do video AND text blogs? That way readers – or viewers – can pick whichever option they want.

    On to the topic…..
    The pic you posted made me LOL. Sometimes I feel like that poor skeleton waiting on my manifestations. But I know they are coming. I have known they are coming and what you said in your video just confirmed it. 😀
    I must be patient. I am patient. I AM patient. I AM PATIENT!!!! Dammit! I think I know what most of my obstacles are now and I am working on releasing them. Everyday I get into a slightly better feeling place, so now I know I’m on the right track at least. Now if I could just be a little more patient. 🙂
    Awesome post as usual Melody and Happy 2014 everyone! 🙂

  • This post is freakin’ nuts!!!! I was just texting an LoA friend yesterday asking him, “how do u know if ‘it’ not manifesting yet is just the LoA time buffer or if you really need to tweak/revisit/reevaluate your desire? What if it’s been 2 years, 2 months, 10 years, etc? Especially when, sure, you think about-b/c you’re human- it not manifesting yet but you’re not concerned in the least that it’s not here yet and it truly isn’t a big deal? So translating this post ..if you’re feeling good,..even if it’s years later..keep on keepin’ on?? Am I on target?

  • Awesome Melody, Awesome video, Awesome answer to BB’s question…

    Thank you so much for the refresher!!!

    All the very best for your holidays….

    Hugs, Hugs & Hugs with love,

  • Love what you do but PLEASE don’t start doing only video. I find these a lot more difficult to get information from then text. I read fast and the whole talking things seems to take AGES. Also, as charming as you seem, I really don’t want to hear anyone chirping away when I am trying to concentrate and absorb this information.

    So by all means do this if most people love it but PLEASE don’t stop posting text blogs or I am simply not going to have the time or will to keep up with what you write.

    thanks so much

  • Thanks for the YouTube link, Melody, and happy 2014!

    (If anyone wants a chuckle, turn on closed captioning while watching the video.)

  • This is the kick-in-the-a** I needed to hear! I am going through the exact journey and I am at the point of the obstacles ole Melody talks about. Finally…the answer! Ok Miss Melody, I will stay true to my intention that is manifesting because you have given me the reassurance I needed. Thanks sister-friend.

  • My mind wandered in the first second because it was so wonderful wonderful wonderful to see you darling darling Melody! It was like a dream come true! I LOVED the video and will listen to it twenty times. Also, I felt an instant shift in the way I felt the moment the video started. I just KNOW my day will be so beautiful now. Thank you so so so much, Melody.

  • I’m more of a text person myself – I always avoid videos when I see people doing them and go and read someone else’s text instead.

    I read really fast and often find the pace of videos a little bit slow – so my attention wanders – and then I’ve missed the crucial bit and it is hard to go back. This isn’t a specific criticism of your video – its just videos in general don’t do it for me, so I don’t watch them.

    I hope you will continue to do some posts of both kinds and I will continue to read every single one of your written ones, because they are amazing xxxxx

    • As the other woman stated, it was a pleasure to see you in person in the video.

      I, however, prefer the written word. I like these videos occasionally but written blogs are still preferable 90% of the time.

      I have heard you say the same thing, in other fashions, however loved the reminder!!

      So glad to hear you are taking a much needed break for your self. You work very hard helping to raise other people’s vibartion.

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