I’m taking the month of January off to travel to Peru and go do my own inner work (getting an energy upgrade. And possibly an oil change). In the meantime, I’ve decided to give you a little treat and answer your LOA questions on Video for a change! How freaking exciting is that? Enormously. The answer is: enormously exciting. Someone out there is shitting kittens right now. You’re welcome.

Awesome Samantha asks: “I am a 44 year young, independent woman. I have the best family on earth (3 kids, 1 granddaughter, 2 on the way) and a job that isn’t a job – I love it that much.

My question is… can I have it all?

I would love a relationship, a genuine one; there is always something why it isn’t so.

I am happy and love my life. Why am I not satisfied?”

Dear Awesome Samantha,

Here’s your video answer!

If for some reason the video above isn’t showing up properly, please click here and watch it on YouTube.

Let me know what you think! I assure you, I’ll be reading each and every comment when I get back!

Big smooshy hugs,


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  • I think women are naturally drawn to bad boys because that’s just the way they’re evolutionarily hardwired. Well, they want alpha males, anyway, and badboys often have a lot of alpha qualities. However, it is possible to find a man who is confident in his reality and yet is not overly cruel or selfish. But men like that are very much in high demand!

  • Thanks for the video Melody. The right words at just the right time for me – awesome! More videos would be great – feels very one-on-one and personal. Cheers.

  • hi melody…your videos are freaking awesome..way to go..but can you make them a little longer , like the ones you used to do before, around 7-8 mins…
    its just that we are used to spending time reading ur blog posts and now you answer us thro videos, it just get over in a couple of mins ;( ..yes, i am being just plain human and asking for more and more of your awesome videos.( i am not at all greedy 😉 we really appreciate your efforts for doing this..just one request pls make more of these.. love you..and a fabulous new year 🙂

    PS: Please make more of the videos..


    really, a little longer…

    ,,,.. (i am just being a human..longer..videos….melody..awesome..)
    oh crap battery dies..

    • Isis, Melody is on Holiday currently.

      I think all these “Ask Melody” videos are premade and are released on a schedule.
      Melody probably won’t see any of our comments until she retuns.

      • Hey SK, i know that..but she promised that she will read all our comments when she gets back..so i wish that she would make more videos in the future, that are a little longer.. 🙂

  • I like both your articles and your videos. I am a person who likes to have the information right before me on the written page, but your content on the videos is so expressive and entertaining! With the video, we get the information and we get entertained at the same time! As you would say, how awesome is that?

  • I LOVE the pic on this post. I am working on de-cluttering at the moment. Slowly! It is so much more difficult than I thought. The whole idea of letting go of stuff and working out how to sort out my stuff. Maybe I should just shove it all under the sofa 🙂

  • Great stuff Melody. Feels like your talking to us all individually.

    Have a great trip.

    Lots of shiny puppy hugs.

    Josh x

  • Hi all
    I just wanted to share something with you. I have been working on something I want for about 3 months now and it ‘refuses’ to show up. So, I’m doing the work etc etc and becoming slightly more frustrated with each day when it doesn’t show up. I’ve asked myself the question ‘would I be surprised if it turned up’ (as this sentence has worked so well for me in the past) and the answer was no. But still it didn’t show up! Melody posted a blog in early December ‘the interview’ and since then Melody website (my access to it) has been stuck on that page. All other websites are working just fine – Just Melody’s is ‘stuck.’ It took a number of days for my mine to ask – maybe I am stuck in a belief about what I want and the universe is showing me I’m stuck – by blocking my ‘quick access’ to this site. (I could only go to Melody’s new posting by accessing my emails first). So, I dug a bit deeper and I finally found out what my limited belief was (very small belief but it was there). Last Monday I was able to access Melody’s site again and this morning………..what I wanted turned up!!!! The universe really does get your attention one way or another!!!

  • Hi Melody-

    I read your posts all the time. One question I would love to hear your thoughts on is how do the principles of LOA and astrology coincide or do they at all? I also wanted to say I live your video blogs it’s Awesome to see your personality shine through!!

  • This was great. I wasn’t sure I liked the video format the first time I saw it. But I am finding I am liking it more and more. It’s growing on me.

  • OMG! How do you DO that???? Once again, EXACTLY what I needed to hear EXACTLY when I needed to hear it. I freakin’ love the universe!!! 😀

    I love your roller coaster analogy Melody. I’ve heard you use it before but I guess we need reminders sometimes. I have created something in my reality that I have wanted for a very long time and now I’m unsatisfied because I want something else and don’t have it yet. I need to bask in the glow of what I have created and be thankful for it and just KNOW that I will eventually do the same thing again with what I’m wanting now. I’ll create again. Then WHEN I get that, I’ll want something else. Then something else. Then something else. And I’ll create and create and create. LOL! Sometimes you just need to be reminded that life is just a series of really fun rides. 🙂

  • Happy New Year Melody 🙂
    thank you for setting me off on the right foot, can I have it all? yes I can, I loved your video, I am not being greedy, I am being human!
    feeling extremely happy.

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