I’m back! After two weeks at an Austrian Spa (getting pampered to within an inch of my life) and two weeks in the mountains of Peru (taking mind altering medicines and letting the Universe bitch slap me with my own truths), my feet are finally back on Barcelona soil. I’m eagerly catching up on your comments and emails, while battling jet lag and very much still processing all the shifts I accomplished while away. I’m not yet entirely sure who I came back as, but so far, she’s pretty awesome. And exhausted. And, for some weird reason, really hungry.

Before I give you today’s dose of Melody’s wisdom in the form of a written blog post (*stares at some of you meaningfully and sarcastically*. You know who you are), let me answer a couple of questions that came up while I was away:

1.)    No, I am not going to an all video format (I thought I made it clear that this was just to cover my vacation, but some of you seemed to get quite nervous. You may chillax now). I will, however, be incorporating more videos in the future, since they’re really fun for me to do and I feel as though there’s a lot of untapped potential there. Thanks to your suggestions (some of them, um, quite insistent), I will definitely be offering some kind of transcript, written summary or complementary blog post, so those of you who can’t view videos for whatever reason can still enjoy your twice weekly dose of Happy Shiny Puppiness (apologies to the deaf folks out there, I feel like a little bit of a dick about that…). Oh, and special thanks to all of you who wrote me with encouragement and technical advice. I will be putting that to good use ASAP.

2.)    A lot of you have asked me to publish something about my Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies. I will definitely do this, but I need the chance to finish processing those experiences first. Right now, I feel a little bit like someone who just came back from a trip in the TARDIS with Dr. Who. In other words, slightly disoriented, totally stunned, depending on the version of Dr. Who, possibly somewhat horny and not entirely sure what is and isn’t reality. (See? Even that makes me sound like a bit of a nut job. I’m going to reign that shit in before I give a speech or anything). So, you know, stay tuned and please be patient.

And now, on to today’s reader question, followed by more of an answer than he ever could’ve hoped for. Or actually asked for. Because I’m a fucking giver, that’s why. You’re welcome.


Awesome Jeff asks: “Why do we have to ask our spirit guides for something out loud if they are non-physical, thus having no ears to hear us with? And is our soul’s purpose singular? What if that purpose was accomplished and something happened where we could no longer continue that purpose because of a permanent physical injury or something? Thanks.”

Dear Awesome Jeff,

You don’t have to communicate with your spirit guides out loud. And you don’t have to ASK THEM FOR anything. Your spirit guides aren’t the ones that fulfill your wishes. They are not Santa Claus. Actually, not even Santa Claus does that (um, I hope I didn’t spoil it for anyone there…). Your spirit guides are just that – guides.

The best way to think of your spirit guides is as cosmic coaches – they may help you make a decision, but they won’t make it for you. They can tell you where your energy is at right now and what you’re most likely to line up with providing you don’t make any changes, but they can’t predict your future in an ironclad way. They can nudge you and encourage you and even soothe your fears, but they can’t bring you your soul mate or make you win the lottery. They can’t assert themselves into your reality and change your life. That’s all you, buddy. I know. How sucky is that? (Answer: not sucky at all, unless you don’t quite yet fully understand just how powerful you are.)

Communicating with the non-physical

You can communicate with your spirit guides any way you like, out loud (although maybe not in public, or you might end up looking like a total nutter), in writing or just quietly in your own head. You might hear them answer you directly, or through songs, books, TV shows or other people.

And, for the record, they don’t listen to your words, they “read” your vibration, which is why there are no language barriers and also why you can’t freaking lie to them. They have absolutely no issue hearing you. Ever. Neither does the Universe. You’re shouting your vibration – what you think, what you believe, what you want – to the cosmos every second of every day, and you’re doing it very efficiently. The only issue that ever really arises is your ability to HEAR the answers that come back. It’s not the SENDING that’s a problem, is the RECEIVING. Are you starting to see why I named my site DELIBERATE RECEIVING? Did’ya think that was a coincidence? It’s all starting to become clear now, isn’t it? It’s almost as though I totally knew what I was doing all along. (I didn’t.)

That “receiving” includes information/clarity, communication from those on the other side (guides, the “dead”, other non-physical energy) as well as physical manifestations. If you’re not getting something that you want, be it an answer, a Barbie’s Dreamhouse or a Ferrari, it’s NEVER because someone on the other side didn’t hear you, or doesn’t want you to have it. And it has nothing to do with you not having asked correctly. It’s only ever because you’re not letting it in; you’re not allowing it into your reality for some reason. Period.

Who actually brings you the stuff you want

So, if it’s not your spirit guides that make all your wishes come true, then who or what does? You’re going to love this: It’s an automated, totally non-judgmental process called the Law of Attraction. If you want a nitty gritty breakdown of exactly how it works, you can read about that here. But the short and pretty version goes like this:

Step 1: You want something.

This is not something you need to work on. You can’t help but want stuff. You’re a wanting machine. The only thing that ever goes wrong here is that people feel guilty about wanting stuff, don’t feel they deserve to have it, have been taught they shouldn’t want, and/or try to talk themselves into wanting something else or nothing at all. Oh those silly, silly people.

Step 2: The Universe hears you and starts to bring you what you want

Again, you don’t have to do anything to make that happen. In fact, the less you interfere with this step, the better. Let me be more blunt about it: Get and stay the hell out of the way. The Universe doesn’t need your help, nor is it even possible for you to offer any. You trying to get involved in the process of manifestation is a bit like a toddler wanting to “help” bake a birthday cake. With nuclear fusion. On Mars.

Don’t worry, if there’s anything you CAN do to “help”, if there’s any little job that you can actually perform in that process (like helping your grandma bake cookies by rolling out the dough with your pudgy little hands), the Universe will assign it to you, not because it needs you, but because it knows that you like to feel useful. And yes, I know that this is MUCH easier said than done, which is why I’m being deliberately condescending here. If you can picture yourself as an insistent, bratty toddler every time you try and control the “how”, it’ll make it easier for you to let go.

Step 3: Allow your manifestation to come to you

This is pretty much your only job, no matter what you’ve been told growing up. It requires trust, which is also something you’ve been trained out of. If you can trust that what you truly want (not what you think has to happen in order for you to get what you want) will show up, even if you can’t currently see HOW that might happen, if you can suspend your belief that it CAN’T happen and just focus on how amazing the outcome will feel, and then look forward to it while letting go of all expectation of HOW that has to come about, your life is going to get very, very easy. I’m talking, shit’s just going to start showing up in the most unexpected and awesome of ways. And yes, the entire process really is that simple (read: not always easy, just simple).

Now, I know it might seem like I’ve totally overanswered your question here, Awesome Jeff, but the way you asked it showed me that you didn’t really have a good understanding of the core process. And without that understanding, all further discussion would be based on a false or at least shaky foundation. So, I went ahead and fixed that for you (also, I thought it was a good idea to throw in a basic breakdown of LOA at the beginning of the year for all the newbies). You’re welcome.

Your soul’s purpose

And now, let’s move on to your questions about your soul’s purpose. Is it singular? In a manner of speaking, yes. You are here to experience joy. That’s about it, in very general terms. HOW you experience and express that joy, will be largely up to you. Your pre-birth intentions are limited mostly to the environment that you were born into, your parents/community/geographical location and the beliefs that all of these passed on to you, and your most ardent core desire. All of us are here for joy, but some of us are here to express that joy through teaching, uplifting others, or shifting large amounts of energy (sometimes all three). Again, you’ll notice that these are very general intentions.

It is not your soul’s purpose to work with inner city youth, or be a star athlete, or become an engineer. Those are choices, which may or may not allow you to express your highest joy. For example, if you want to teach and uplift others, you can theoretically do so in any profession. The one you choose, however, will hopefully make it easy for you to express that joy. I mean, why would you choose a profession that makes it hard on you? Oh yeah… because some well-meaning and totally misguided authority figure told you to. You should just totally ignore those people.

Given that your soul’s purpose is general, and that everything else is a choice that you make in the moment, it’s not possible for anything to happen that will make it impossible for you to express or live out that purpose. In fact, something that may seem to be debilitating, like an accident that leaves you partially paralyzed, may well make it possible for you to experience your purpose in a much larger way than ever before. In fact, your willingness to look for and see the gift in each “setback” will speed your healing and recovery and allow you to experience those gifts much faster.

Bottom line

It’s not possible for you to not be living your purpose. It’s not possible for you to not be on your path. I know, that seems really hard to believe sometimes, but the very fact that you exist means that you’re providing value to this world. The only question is: are you enjoying the process? Are you dancing down your path, or are you being dragged down it kicking and screaming? If you follow the simple process I outlined above (again, simple but not necessarily easy, I do get that), you’ll start to enjoy yourself a lot more. Things will come more easily. You won’t have to work as hard. You’ll stop all the unnecessary suffering. You may even turn into a Happy Shiny Puppy.

This entire blog, in fact, my entire business, is dedicated to showing you how to do just that – allow this natural, automatic process to work for you, instead of you fighting it every step of the way. I get my joy from helping you make it easier on yourselves, and in helping you become that Happy Shiny Puppy who dances through life. What I experienced in the last few weeks has not only reiterated that to me in a BIG way, but given me loads more tools to help me do just that. What tools, you ask? Yeah, you’re gonna have to wait for those… Don’t you just love it when I tease you like this? Go on. Admit it. You totally do. Do I know my audience or what?

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  • Hey Mel, I was wondering when do you plan to write about your Ayahuasca experience. Have been curious about it ever since your return from the trip (pun intended ;)). Looking forward to hear all about it!

    • Hey Trishula,
      I don’t really ever plan to write anything. It just happens when the time is right. I’m sharing the insights I received little by little as they are relevant, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a video on Ayahuasca soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

      Smooshy hugs,

  • Welcome back Melody. Always looking forward to your blog updates. I have been feeling good and noticeable better than last year. Feeling excited.

  • You are a wonderful being and the world is so blessed to have you! I’ve started reading your blog about 5 months ago. Since then I have manifested my promotion at work and every day my life just gets better and better in every way. Thanks to you I have learnt to accept that I am loved by the Universe and therefore I deserve all that it can offer me. I have developed a love and trust relationship with the source of creation which will never go away. This is the very core of who I am. Thank you for sharing this simple truth with the world. You are truly amazing. Lots of Love!

  • It’s great to have you back!!
    I can’t say much more because I’m still laughing after reading your post. I love your sense of humour! At least when I read you I become a really Happy Shiny Puppy. I’ll try to stay that way the rest of the day.

    Thank you! Wonderful!!

  • Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out. Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed about…(I sure hope you remember that theme song and I didn’t just make a fool of myself)
    As usual your topic is right on time for an issue I am dealing with. Just how do you do that? “If you can trust that what you truly want (not what you think has to happen in order for you to get what you want) will show up,… For me this has been the key each and every time to things working out even better than I could have imagined. If I let go of planning the process it is amazing the results I receive. Oh and ease – what a relief it is to learn that life was not meant to be a constant struggle or punishment for something I did or failed to do. We seem to celebrate making mortification – I have to struggle to get to the top, very very hard work, pain and disappoint… Those things do happen but it is not what I should strive for and then of course manifest. Well not anymore! Thank you for another amazing post!

  • Darling Melody, WELCOME BACK. We had such a great time while you were away. We didn’t miss you AT ALL. And while you were away, we were all planning on ganging up on you and attacking you with choky hugs.lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo THANK YOU for coming back!

  • WELCOME BACK, LADY! Finally, a written post! And it’s alright, PERFECTLY alright about not having the transcript ready for deaf people like me. I enjoyed watching your face expressions anyway! I am gonna read this again later! And can’t wait for the next blog post!

  • Welcome back! Sounds like you had a very relaxing and very educational getaway. I think I need to allow something similar into my life soon. 🙂
    I cannot wait to read about your ayahuasca experience. I bet it was awesome!

  • Welcome back! I look forward to all the awesome stuff ahead. I sensed the higher vibration, as I teared up while reading the post and I know well now why that happens!

  • an excellent post and reminder(s) of basic loa principles and how important being in relaxed receiving mode-trusting with calm expectation of fruition. Melody- i am also very excited and look forward to your experience,s with the plant teache ayuasca. thank you so much-love your post,s!! Happiest new years to for you!!

  • Yay-ness!

    As much as I loved seeing the video version of your shiny happy mug, I am also a sucker for the written word, and the timing of this post was perfect. [But you knew that already. 😉 ]

    Welcome back!

  • Welcome home, Melody! Your spa interlude sounds fabulous, and your Peru “journey” (in every sense of the word) even more so. I can’t wait to hear more as you gently unravel the threads of all you learned & share your new wisdom and knowledge with us. I kind of feel like that practically every time I read this blog, to be honest. Even things I thought I understood become new and exciting when you talk about them. Enjoyed the videos immensely, but I’m a word person at heart and am so glad to have the posts back as well. All is well in my world again . . .

  • Yay – good to see you back! And as promised I am reading all your blog posts. Although I will confess I did watch some of the videos too. I need to get into the 21st century I guess…. one of these days i might even make a video of my own…

  • Welcome back party! Someone should clean up the confetti.

    You make it seem as easy as always. Theory is just the bully of practice somedays.
    I’m starting to think my Spirit Guide misunderstood something. Or wants to inspire a movie 🙂

  • Yeah!!! Your back big :)) and exciting . Loved the video blogs and loved this post it’s the drip drip drip effect that is helping this to resonate. Thank you thankyou . Looking forward to our next session. Bernie x

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