Awesome Mary asks: “My Question is about how to get rid of negative attitudes toward rich people so I can receive more money into my reality.  It seems to me that rich people are always portrayed in the movies and elsewhere as truly greedy and evil.  Unfortunately, this shapes many people’s image of them.  In the movies and on TV they always murder someone to get the insurance or become sole owner of the estate or something like that.  And then you have the news revealing comments made by the über rich and our very own politicians denigrating poor people.  I find it very difficult to have a positive attitude toward them.”

Dear Awesome Mary,

The way I see it, those who currently don’t have as much money as they like, essentially have two options when it comes how they view the wealthy:

Option 1: Feel powerless about not having any money

When you feel powerless, your inner being naturally draws you toward a more empowering emotion – anger. At this state, anger usually gets expressed as blame. So, the natural inclination of the powerless poor person will be to blame the rich person for the fact that they don’t have any money.

This will, in turn, create a vibration that will draw to it all those rich assholes that are actually hoarding money, and are only too happy to show you how undeserving they are. Your newsfeed will be filled with entitled, compassionless douchebags who use their riches to add to the destruction and suffering of the world.

You can then look at all this “evidence” you’ve manifested, and use it to solidify the belief that you’re poor because these buttmunchers have stacked the deck against you and all those like you, creating a never ending cycle of poverty-blame-poverty. In other words, this is how the poor get poorer, y’all.

Option 2: Feel powerful about your ability to create abundance

Notice that I used a totally different word here: “abundance” instead of “money”. That’s because they’re not the same thing. What you want is abundance. Money may or may not be a part of that. Trust me on this, not everyone that has money is abundant. Many of the superrich live in prisons far more restrictive than yours. They are drowning in obligations, pressures and responsibilities and believe, just like you, that if they can just reach this one next goal, everything will get easier.

Before I go on, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to convince you that money isn’t important (even though, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not), or that you shouldn’t want it. You can want whatever you like and you can have whatever you want. I’m just advising you to become clear about what it really is you want, and what definitions you’re currently using that aren’t serving you.

Money is awesome

Let’s just admit it: money kicks ass. I’ve been extremely poor and I’ve been quite well off (not yet über rich, but I’m working on it). Having money is better than not having money. Flying First Class is more comfortable than flying Coach. Eating a freshly prepared, six course, gourmet meal is preferable to eating processed food out of a box. I’m not going to even pretend that closing my bathroom door to fill the room with steam is the same as getting a facial at a five star spa. Having money is clearly the bomb.

But, let’s remember that money is simply a symptom, a reflection of vibration. If I fly Business or First Class, I’ve manifested that abundance into my life. The money to make that happen showed up as a consequence of that vibration, merely a means to bring that manifestation about. Or, perhaps it didn’t. Perhaps I got upgraded for free, and my abundance showed up without any money ever changing hands. Money is a convenient way for that abundance to show up, but it’s not the only way or even often the best way.

Money as an amplifier – aka – why rich people are douchebags

Money can also be seen as an amplifier. Because money is just a form of energy, an increase of money in your life is representative of an increase in energy. Now, when you increase the energy, you turn up the volume on all things, good, bad and ugly. Let me give you an example:

A lot of people believe that money is a corrupting force, that if you give a good and kind person a bunch of money, they will turn into a greedy bastard. Not so. What money will do is bring out your fears and insecurities in a BIGGER way, which may cause you to react differently than you did before.

Susan is a saint of a woman. She is kind and gives generously to others, not because she feels that she needs to, but simply because it gives her joy. Now, let’s say that Susan somehow gets a whole buttload of money. Maybe her aunt died and left it to her. Susan, being free of beliefs of scarcity and full of a love for all things including herself, proceeds to spend the money on beautiful things for herself and others. She buys a gorgeous house and invites her friends over to come and enjoy it. She invests in businesses that make the world a better place for their employees and customers. She builds schools and uses her money to hold politicians accountable (did you know you can use money to influence politicians to do the RIGHT thing??). In other words, Susan’s new wealth doesn’t change her, it just allows her to be MORE of who she already is, to express herself in a BIGGER way.

Now, let’s look at Bob. Bob is also a nice guy, but full of fear. He never feels like he has enough and is always worried that something could go wrong. Whatever Bob has, it could all be wiped out at any moment. He never feels truly safe. Bob believes that if he can just amass enough savings, he’ll feel secure. After all, there has to be some amount of money that insulates him from the “danger”, right? So, Bob gets a job that pays really well (one that he hates, but oh well…). He dedicates every hour of his waking day to making more money, resulting in him being quite wealthy. He owns several lavish homes, luxury cars and can really buy anything he wants. And yet, he still doesn’t feel safe. No matter how much money Bob has, it’s not enough to defy his belief that something bad could happen at any instant and take it all away. His family will starve. He’ll end up alone and unloved (beliefs don’t have to make sense, by the way. That doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly powerful).

Bob is a billionaire, and he’s afraid. His vast wealth only magnifies his fear. He hoards his money instead of allowing it (and the corresponding energy) to flow freely and circulate in the economy. The main focus of his businesses is to make more money (to quell his fear), even if that means destroying the environment or laying people off. You see, Bob isn’t a bad guy; he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But his fear, now so amplified by all that money, is STRONGER than his desire to do good. He tries to find ridiculous justifications as to why it’s ok for him to act that way, like a heroin addict arguing that it’s ok to steal from little old ladies because they’re closer to death and won’t need it anymore. These rationalizations are never meant to actually be logical (in either case), they’re just ways to deflect from the truth: that Bob is terrified and will do anything to keep that ever growing fear at bay.

Some of the world’s most “evil” CEOs go to bed terrified each night. They are scared of the stockholders, the Board of Directors, the stock market, Wall Street analysts, other powerful CEO rivals, and a whole host of other things that go bump in the night. Those douchebag politicians you so revile are pooping their pants about their next election. And that rich, entitled asshole on TV who brays on and on about how the poor people are the problem, has a strong win/lose belief that states that if others win, he loses, and is trying to cover his growing fear that the mob is about to go and plunder his safe.

Money doesn’t take away your fears. It amplifies them.

Don’t be racist

Ok, so now that I’ve demystified the douchey rich for you (aka, money doesn’t make you a douche, and not all rich people are evil), you can stop being so prejudice against the rich. Honestly, it’s like saying that all red headed people are idiots because Carrot Top went and had his face professionally distorted.  It’s racist, myopic and just plain inaccurate (Carrot Top probably didn’t do that shit on purpose, although one can never know, he is a comedian, after all. Maybe he’s just super dedicated. But in any case, his red headedness almost certainly didn’t contribute to that decision. Also, red headed people can be super sexy. Especially if they have a Scottish Accent. You know who you are.)

Some people suck. Money makes them suck more.

Some people are awesome. Money makes them more awesome.

Some people seem to be awesome, but secretly suck. Money will bring out their suckitude sucktacity suckiness.

Stop blaming the money for what it’s bringing out in people. It simply doesn’t deserve that much credit/blame and honestly, all you’re doing is shitting all over something that, as I already stated, can be totally amazing. If someone pooped all over you, would you want to go and spend time in their wallet? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So remember: A rich asshole is not an asshole because he is rich. He is just an asshole who ALSO happens to be rich. If you’re still not clear on this concept, then substitute “black”, “brown”, “old”, “female”, or “prejudice term of your choice” for the word “rich” and you’ll become aware of just how wrong that sounds pretty quickly.

Back to Option 2

If money doesn’t actually turn you into a douchebag, then you don’t have to be afraid of suddenly discovering douchey tendencies that weren’t there before, once you manifest some wealth. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this was ultimately all about YOUR fear? It is. It always is. This crap really shouldn’t surprise you anymore.

First of all, not all rich people on TV ALWAYS murder someone (loads of poor people murder people on TV, too, does that mean they’re all evil?), or embezzle or do other horrible things. That dude from Fantasy Island was rich, and all he did was make wishes come true. Charlie from Charlie’s angels is a really wealthy dude, and he just fights crime, or rather, gets three sexy ladies with fabulous hair to do it for him. I’m pretty sure James Bond is loaded, and he pretty much only kills bad dudes. Even Scrooge McDuck takes in his three orphaned nephews. In other words, there are all kinds of rich people on TV, and if you’re ONLY seeing the evil ones, then you can be assured that you’ve got some pretty strong filters going. Start looking for and acknowledging the examples of the good rich, the kind rich, the generous rich, and you’ll find just as much evidence of those.

Second, understand that a story of a rich guy spouting awful comments about how poor people are making it harder for him to exploit them and should just shut up already will always get more airtime than a story of some wealthy guy who built an orphanage. The second one is nice and everything, but nothing gets as much play around the water cooler as a story that makes us outraged. Boy do we love to bitch! Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuzzy orphans, blah, blah, but did you hear what the fat cat on the hill said this time? Just because the news and other conventional media pander to the lowest common denominator – those who feel so powerless that the only way they can feel better is to transmute that feeling to blame and rage – doesn’t mean you have to play that game. Turn off the freaking TV and go talk to some actual people. Gather your own evidence, rather than listening to and buying into the carefully selected and manipulated sound bites presented to you on the boobtube.

Do you actually know anyone who’s rich? Do you have any friends who are wealthy or have an abundant mindset? Do you know anyone who genuinely enjoys what they have, gives generously out of pure joy, isn’t scared of every potential catastrophe? If you don’t know any rich people, do you have any friends who know any?  I’m going to give you the same advice that I would give someone who’s afraid of black people – go meet some. Go find out how awesome they really are, and believe me, there are some awesome rich people out there. And awesome black people. And awesome redheads. Awesomeness abounds, is what I’m pretty much saying.

Bottom line

How can you stop being prejudiced against rich people? The same way you change any belief – you choose to. This is your reality, and you get to create it any way you like. If you’re going to use already manifested stuff as evidence for future creations, then at least be discerning about what you use: Look for evidence of what you want to see, rather than looking at what you don’t like and then using that as an excuse to create more of it. Be a creator instead of just an observer. Hint: Usually (not always, there are exceptions, but you have to be self-aware), when you’re watching TV, you’re just observing. When you’re bitching about some rich ass to your friends, you’re observing and creating more of what you’ve observed. When you actively choose to look for evidence that supports the world you want to live in, now you’re deliberately creating.

Don’t demonize those who have money. For many of them, it’s their worst nightmare come true, because all it does is make their demons bigger. Money can be awesome, but its presence doesn’t automatically connote awesomeness. Instead, look for abundance. Look for people that actually embody the type of rich person you want to be. I’d suggest Richard Branson, J.K. Rowling, Oprah, etc.

Also keep in mind that many of the awesome rich aren’t in the media – they’re just living their lives in quiet splendor. When I was a dealer in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to see a lot of truly amazing rich people who inspired me. Yes, there were the douchebags, but what I really focused on were the self-made millionaires who enjoyed their money. They travelled and drank the best Scotch and dressed in whatever they wanted, not because it cost a lot, but because it was what they truly wanted to wear. People like this weren’t flashy, they didn’t seek attention. They just did exactly what they wanted to do. They were also, incidentally, the best tippers. The point is, unless you meet these people, you’ll never hear of them. They are not on TV. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist in droves.

Whenever I hear someone complaining about the rich, I always point their attention to the awesome rich. I argue that we can’t blame the money for a person’s character. All it does is amplify the playing field. So, instead of asking if people should be rich, or if the rich deserve their money, ask “Who do I want to be rich?”, and “What kinds of rich people do I want to focus on?” and even better “What kind of rich person do I want to be?” For me, the answers lie in being awesome, having fun, creating and spreading joy.  I think the world wants someone like me to be rich, someone who will use it to create companies that make the world a better place, build schools, and randomly brighten someone’s day by paying for their coffee or giving them a 100% tip. Why wouldn’t the world want YOU to be rich? Unless, of course, you’re planning on being a douchebag. If you are, you should probably just stop that shit, right now. Plan to be awesome rich. Focus on awesomeness. Do this, and all that fear, you know, the one that’s evident in your question, will just go away. Poof. And then, there shall only be awesomeness. And chocolate.

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  • Welcome back, Melody! I thoroughly enjoyed the videos – you definitely ought to explore more of that.

    Bashar says something extremely powerful (which Melody also says in almost every post): you cannot buck your own belief system. He suggests asking yourself: What would I need to believe is true in order to live the experience I am currently living? I am (insert perceived shortcoming here) because I believe abc is true for me hence I keep experiencing xyz. Very powerful exercise. And it is not about being unreasonably hopeful either – he suggests changing a belief within the confines of what is believable to you, little by little, until you have a fully positive belief that you can also wholeheartedly believe in. Then Life must respond to match it and Life will also respond to the little changes you make along the way.

    There is a powerful Bashar video on youtube in which he says very powerful words: “It is extremely arrogant to believe that a principle of creation which works for everyone and all life, cannot work for just you”. I found this thought wonderfully liberating and when you do think about it, it really is true.

    • The exercise you describe is interesting, Jenny. Once you ask and then answer the question about current beliefs, then what?

      • Well, what works for me is the awareness of the belief I am choosing to engage in. There is power in understanding choice – you have a choice on whether to continue believing in a premise that no longer serves you, regardless of how it came about and – I truly understand that when you are in deep pain, this statement makes no sense. In fact it makes you want to murder people who say such things. I was that person once (I loved subjecting Eckhart Tolle to unspeakable torture, in my mind, for saying such things – one time, I fantasized about stuffing him senseless with oneness). But you really do have a choice. Once you see that you have a choice, you cannot ‘unsee’ it. You will know every time you support the belief that you could choose differently.

        So then the question becomes (for me at least) – “What could I choose to believe in that would better serve the experience I wish to manifest?” I find this works wonderfully for me – if a belief is too powerful, I can still choose to answer this question in a small positive way that doesn’t buck my belief. If you have fun with it, there is a lightness to it that manifests results, sometimes instantaneously. I am a witness to this.

        Ps: I think 2013 was generally an energy stinker though fantastic for personal/spiritual growth. The energy of 2014 feels so much lighter – or maybe it’s just me.

        • Thank you for sharing that, Jenny. I’m still laughing at ‘stuffing him senseless with oneness’. At one time, I was more of a ‘stick those happy thoughts up your…’ kinda gal. My, how times have changed. Lol.

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH Jenny for this wonderful exercise! And thank you so much for those powerful words. Both are AWESOME and I can’t wait to mull it over. I’m going to do the exercise right after I type out this comment. I have an experience that will appreciate this exercise SO much. I will sit down with it and explore it till I say, bingo and then replace the belief I have with a more empowering. Little by little. I LOVE that! Little by little. Happy hugs for you. Thanks!!

  • Believe it or not…. Our wonderful Universe LISTENS, guys! 🙂 Cheers for BOTH non-abundant and abundant people. Cheer for them. Don’t let whatever assholeish richies bother you. BUT if they do, then that’s something you need to work on. It always is you. Pay attention to what’s going on in your life. I know. Easier said than done. BUT here’s a nice, small reminder. The outside SIMPLY reflects the inside of you.

    There’s a REASON why rich people who aren’t abundant have so much money. It must be something to do with their belief. You can either try to figure out why, or stop focusing on WHY they aren’t abundant and have money and focus on feeling good.

    Your choice.

  • I do care about becoming rich and I want lots and lots of money lol, I LOVE money but having a teacher like Melody is the BIGGEST GIFT ANYONE CAN EVER HAVE. Thank you God! Thank you Melody!

  • Same here, money started coming when I stopped acting like I was poor – including hating on those who had more money. I started acting like I already had more money, and somehow things just became much easier.

  • We are all here to be abundant because we are all abundant beings but we lost this knowledge along our way.
    End of the day it is not the money but one think it is because we live in a material world. We all know we basically need money and material to survive as this is the reality and with that we can gain positive experiences with it as we grow. So end of the day it is happiness and love that is what we all yearn for because if you are happy and love yourself aswell as radiate love to people, you will see all that makes you more and more complete comes step by step automatically from the universe because the universe knows what you want. Yes there are blocks and belefs in the way but the universe will show you the way in order to overcome it, aswell as there is enough helpers out there to guide and support whoever needs it.
    We are all so different from each other due to our beliefs and trauma, so how things come or happen comes from our vibrations, the way we think and believe. The only way to change your vibrations is to change yourself, your mind.
    As said, money with no love and happiness will not fulfill you in the inside because it is the inside that makes us healthy or sick. If you are happy you stay healthy, you glow, you radiate goodness, you attract greatness.
    We are all here to master ourselves and that is what life is all about.

  • In my case, money started to come when I simply stopped “chasing” it, when I completely let go of the desire to have money, to buy this and that… This allowed me to relax, to let go and to simply enjoy my life… and then it started happening – almost out of the blue.

    As long as you desperately want something, you are actually pushing it away from you. Abundance is part of our true nature and in order to receive it, we only have to allow it.

    • “As long as you desperately want something, you are actually pushing it away from you. Abundance is part of our true nature and in order to receive it, we only have to allow it.”

      Seems like you haven’t read the examples of the posters before. They are talking of themselves witnessing the very opposite.

  • Hi , I read many things and books about Law of Attraction ,
    In my life , I personally used it on many small things , but when it come to big or important one then my belif system holds me or even bad it generate really negative feelings ,
    Melody I love cats and all pets , and from many years I have cats , but My all cats get died in one year by predators , I currently have two cat Male and Female , My male cat is missing from almost 10 days , In my mind at some position have have a belif that my pet not servivor more than 1 year and exactly after one year I lose my Cat ,
    Can Law of attraction help me , to get out from here .
    ” I can’t love him becase I am feared of grif feeling .”
    Would you please help me .
    Thank you

    • Hey Shashikant,

      I am a cat lover too so perhaps I can help you with this issue…
      My advice to you is to change your expectation of what will/might happen to your cats.
      One of my kitties loves to go outside at night and sometimes he does not come back home (especially on warm summer nights).
      The first time he did that I totally freaked out and I was really worried something might have happened to him.
      Of course, the next morning he came back and looked at me like ‘what is your problem, human’.
      However, the second time he didn’t come home, I was super worried AGAIN.
      So, what I have learned over the years is this:
      You need to have absolute faith that your cat will come back and/or is all right.
      How do you do that?
      You need to believe that Cat comes back, or is OK no matter where he is, BEFORE he actually comes back.
      And this is the tricky part because believing is not the same as hoping or wishing. Hoping suggests that there still is doubt as to whether he’ll be back.
      In other words, you have to believe it without actual proof or evidence that he is OK.
      There are millions of ways to practice this belief or faith, just take a stroll through Melody’s archives.
      One thing that I do in this particular case, that is, when I catch myself worrying again, is trying to evoke the feelings that I normally have when my kitty comes home.
      I feel happy, cheerful and appreciative. When he is gone for the night I imagine him coming home the next morning, uninjured. He is tired, but happy. We cuddle, I feed him and then he goes to sleep.
      I hope this will help. Remember, you have to take a leap of faith here. You have to let go of the idea that you have to see with your own eyes that your cat is OK in order for you to believe it.
      Your cat is all right NOW, and he will be all right in the future.

  • Yes, I think April has a point. The unhappy and well-off actually bitch and complain pretty much about everything, are afraid of their own shadow, do not get laid at all so they are very deprived of that and the way they get to that money is they fight tooth and nail for it, go to the higher ups and complain and, since the squeaky wheel gets the grease, that is how they get promoted and so on. Yet, their life is an empty abyss, since they are not able to keep a relationship going, have enemies, are the first to get fired when those higher ups move on, and look 10-20 years older than they really are, and do not take good care of themselves. I knew three such cases when I was an executive, so I thought it may be good to add to the picture here.

    what I saw in them was actually lack of abundance, though they had plenty of money. They kept working because the job was all they knew and had and they knew they were not good company anyway. These are the cases in which the state gets the inheritance because they do not leave their money to anybody. Yes, there are such cases.

    • You’re talking about women right? I’ve never seen men have trouble getting a relationship, it’s always women. But when I said that, Melody told me it’s only my perception. I don’t think it’s just a perception, it is inherently harder for women to get love and money and pretty much everything. But I digress…

      Anyways, there are people like you mentioned, but not necessarly all well off people who have riches in all areas of their lives are happy giddy either, I just mentioned my friend’s example up a thread.

      • Interesting that you would mention that. It was actually both men and women in that situation to which I was referring. Some men also have the dominant belief that they can’t have it all and everything just doesn’t fall into one’s lap, one must fight for everything and make a big stink about it. They just don’t let go and grab on to anything that they could. They don’t go for uplifters either. They would shoot one down. Melody says their inner beings have it covered and Abe says to focus on your own vibe to the point that such people don’t manifest in your reality.

        As far as your friend is concerned, maybe he aligns with those jobs, with the money and with the partner. Maybe the partner also has a similar disposition as he so they make for a good connection? Just speculating on the reasons for that. So, he is not totally gloom and doom, as those I describe.

        On a happy note, I just tipped the cab driver a nice tip. Wanting to spread the good vibe!

        • Maybe you’re right about the friend, but doesn’t aligning mean getting excited and happy while thinking about the thing you want? The exercises Melody suggests on the blog are mostly about that. It still involves being happy.. I should probably ask the guy but he’ll just rub his great life at my face and say he’s just lucky and blessed naturally. Ugh.

          That’s great of you for keeping the happy vibe! =)

          • Yes, I am told that this is the definition of alignment, but there must be more to it than that. I have been searching for the true definition of alignment.

            I mean, as an example, an insecure person will attract and have a relationship with another insecure person, for a confident person would not “align” (for lack of a more appropriate term) well with this person and will feel frustrated and not have the best relationship or none at all. I am not sure of the word here- mesh, bond with? The two insecure people, however, have something going on do they not? They may be co-dependents or however they manifest their relationship. But they are still together. There are reasons why people are together, those that do not seem like the happiest people on earth.

            I wonder about this myself. Do you align with a situation, a person, your IB (the best option, I think), or are you just happy, even though it does not show outwardly? Maybe this is it?

            Just stuff I wonder about and look into, especially the terminology used because lots of examples are given, even over at Abe, yet the actual definition eludes me.

          • Nothing can be manifested or accomplished in fear, resentment, depression or anxiety, so I wonder how some manifest things while seemingly in under these emotional conditions, very low on the vibrational scale. They must have other stuff going on, do things the very, very hard way, etc.

          • I thought things can be manifested from any emotional state. You may not want what is manifested from the emotional state of depression but manifestations can be created from that emotional state too.

          • Oh, yeah. I meant nothing good/ really wanted or of essence/substance or worthwhile can be manifested from those lowly vibrations. Trust me, been there, done that and it was no good. From a higher vibe, things are much easier, are in flow and much better and you actually notice abundance.

          • I’ve been searching for the ‘real deal’ definition of alignment too, one that actually works when it comes to attracting one’s desires. At times I think it’s all about being happy, other times it’s all about changing all limiting beliefs, others I think it must just be about focus of thoughts or feelings. I still don’t know what works and its a bit craze-inducing. In any case, the example you mentioned is a perfect representation of how confusing this whole thing seems. I mean, if having no negative beliefs and being happy as hell were necessary to manifest stuff, pretty much nobody on earth would have manifested anything ever lol.

          • I was actually thinking of the same thing today and came up with the conclusions you did!

            I think being happy allows everything you want to flow to you easier, with you actually having to do less or nothing at all. It just comes. If you live without fear, then you rule. If you know you are deserving, then, in time, what you want will manifest. If you have no regrets, you go on in life with a clear heart that does not weigh you down and you do not waste time fixing yourself up because you are in that shiny place already. But, that time spent in regret can actually be a cleansing process for you to go on and be in an even better place than before. If you are confident and hopeful, you are closer to what you want.

  • Mandy and Kuradji, that’s a good point and I’d like Melody to clarify too. Perhaps it’s because there are people who have particular beliefs about money that do bring it in, but they don’t have a mindset that would allow them to utilize it in a way that truly feels good to them? Some celebrities for example, may not be happy, but they also hold a belief that they make a lot of money? There are some people who are unhappy, but they believe that ‘hard work’ will get them money, so of course, they do the work and get the money because their beliefs support that. This would imply that you don’t need to be happy to make money, that it’s a neutral energy until you add meaning to it. So you don’t have to be happy to manifest money, but it’s a good idea to be if you want to use it in the best way for yourself? Otherwise if you manifest money without cleaning up your fears and such first, you may have a negative experience. So is it possible to be in alignment with the money itself, but not in alignment with having a good experience with it? I’m not sure. I don’t think you HAVE to be happy to manifest the things you want, but perhaps being unhappy slows it down and eventually you do get what you want. Happiness, optimism and such may just speed up the process?

    • Hi April. It is true when you say “you don’t HAVE to be happy to manifest the things you want”. Thinking about this latest Melody post, and the comments that it has prompted …. I can recall a time in my life when I achieved the most perfect manifestation – I knew nothing about LOA, but did a text-book manifestation – “acted as if” I already had the desired object; had a big picture of it on my wall; obsessed about it incessantly – and of course it came, with added synchronisity. But at the time I was in a very very very dark place. I think my mind let me obsess about the item so much to stop me obsessing on how to fast-track to the end of my life….. will say no more… anyway, despite being in total misery, I still achieved a classic manifestation. And no, of course the object did not make me happy…. Where I am now is much better place – using my gratitude book each day has helped me appreciate and value all that I have, and now I am intrinsically happy. I find manifesting hit-and-miss, but I understand that whether I receive the item is not essential to my happiness. I know the item wont make me happy. I have come to understand some of the paradox that consciously and deliberately choosing to be happy …. makes me happy.

      • I used to struggle with this too. I have contemplated this a lot because it really used to bother me. This was the explanation I came up with on my own. Melody might have something better though. 🙂

        From my understanding, you can still get rich through hard work without having the positive vibes – and as someone else mentioned, there are people who are just born into money. But as the name implies, that’s the hard way. And plus, I personally, don’t really consider wealthy people as always being abundant. There are rich people who are alone all the time. They’re such assholes that they have no friends or family who want to be around them. So they have money, but no love. Or rich people who are sickly. They have money, but not health. I’d say the rich people who truly have EVERYTHING – not just money – are people who may not have necessarily followed LOA, but they are very positive upbeat people and therefore positive energy in all areas comes to them. I have discovered that as you start being more positive, you automatically start working on becoming. You’re inspired to take action. I changed my eating habits and am now much healthier. I took control of how I react to people and therefore my relationships are getting much better. I am currently trying to figure out the career and money part, but I’m getting there. 🙂

        Personally, I prefer to do it the LOA way. I don’t just want to be just rich. I want to be abundant in ALL areas of my life.

        Hope that helps a little. 🙂

        • I still think being happy is not the answer to have everything. I have a friend who’s not positive and upbeat at all, in fact he’s just as negative as the next regular person. But he has eveything, money always coming to him, good jobs, a life partner ever since I can remember…. While I have nothing and will probably never have anything…. I know Melody says destiny doesn’t exist but I wonder if there are people like me who were born only to fail and experiment unhappiness here. I hope I find out about this before I start trying to manifest things that will never come, in order to avoid the dissapointment.

    • What you said makes a lot of sense April. It’s just that most LoA people say that if you don’t clear your fears and stuff first what you want will never come and this is not true, since there are people with fear who still get what they want. Melody herself says that if you don’t clean your resistance, the only thing you’ll get will be your resistance slapping you in the face reflecting to you why you can’t have what you want. But people with resistance still get what they want out there. I’ve been meaning to start a manifestation project, but not really knowing if I’m doing it right makes me want to give up on the whole thing without even trying sometimes….

  • For me, it’s pointless to hate rich “Assholes”… Because they’re miserable anyway. As Melody said, greed is fear, in that case, fear of loss. And for some, the more money they get, the more fearful they become of losing it all. It’s not only rich folks either… My grandmother has this very mindset. Still to this day, my grandfather left her with plenty of money, more than enough to support her lifestyle, especially since she doesn’t buy extra things. She still fears that her apartment will be taken from her, because she lives alone, and she’ll have to move into a smaller one. She will go on about how she can’t afford this and that, will never lend anybody money (When she has over 27k in her checking account, who knows what’s in her savings), and she’ll be cheap on herself when she doesn’t have to (Ridiculously so). Though some of this behavior is due to her senility, even when her mental faculties were in order, greed and fear still ruled her life. That to me is a prison in and of itself. We all have tried to show her a better way, but she won’t change. People say money = freedom. When you really examine the lives of some of these so-called super rich, you’ll begin to see the mental imprisonment they live in called fear. Some who think this way were raised to think this way early on, so you can’t really fault them. Especially if they never had anyone in their life to show them any different. Oh well! It’s their journey, though.

  • For me there is a logical problem…. if I have to raise my vibration to be rich/abundant…. how come the a-holes are rich? If money is energy and flows in response to vibration – why/how does it flow so freely to people who are not donating to charity, thinking positive thoughts, into forgiveness and loving-kindness? There’s something I am not understanding here about how vibration and abundance work. ?

    • @Kuradji I hope I can help clarify a bit. It’s all in how you look at these rich “Assholes”. Melody mentioned “Abundance” vs. “Riches”. If these people are assholes, then they are not “Abundant” at all. If they are reveling in feelings of greed, then their fear is not allowing them to see their wealth, they only see scarcity. What they could lose. These feelings bring more scarcity into their lives. While not always scarcity of the monetary value, but if your greed only allows you to see scarcity where wealth is, you have to ask yourself… Are you truly “Wealthy” at all?

      • These people may be “not abundant” but they still got THE MONEY and oportunities. They still don’t need to worry about keeping a roof over their heads or not having enough to go by and pay for stuff they want. If the scarcity they fear doesn’t manifest in their lives and in their $ situation then it is not true scarcity at all!! Normal people have lack in all areas in their lives, how is that for scarcity?

        If these rich people are not abundant (yeah, right), damn, I WISH I had their non-abundance!!

    • I think a lot of it comes down to the beliefs you have about money…. We all have strong areas and weak areas, and you can be a complete miserable asshole yet have good beliefs about money, believing that you deserve to be abundant… And that will cause money to flow to you unobstructed. But you may have problems in other areas of your life.

      Every part of your life is shaped by the beliefs you have about it. Eg you could be the most caring, loving person ever and have crap relationships because deep inside you believe that you don’t deserve a good relationship. You can be the most giving person ever and be broke because you believe that money is scarce. LOA doesn’t respond to your morality, it responds to your beliefs.

      • OMG – Karin – your pic is a sunflower!. Why I am excited is because I did a course/seminar recently and I chose the sunflower to be my “archetype” – I know that is not the right word here, but anyway…. I decided I had been a “shrinking violet” and a “wall-flowe”r too long… about the time I was thinking this I drove past acres of sunflowers and decided I wanted to be bright and bold and full of vibrance – even (god-forbid) LOUD! Also sunflowers have the Fibonacci pattern – something I am really attracted to. My morning affirmation is “I am a sunflower – I stand tall and proud. I am bright and fun, full of colour and life” and suddenly I am seeing sunflowers everywhere. Last night a woman selling flowers from a mobile van pulled up near my house – something that has never happened before. She spontaneously gave me a bunch of sunflowers as it was after 7pm and she knew she would not sell them and they would go to waste! Wow! –
        And thanks for your insight too, it does make sense.

      • I think you may have a very valid point Karin! Thanks for the insight. Hopefully beliefs are changeable in a relatively fast time table like Melody and Abe Hicks say they are. Otherwise most people in the world (including me) are completely screwed!

  • I don’t understand… I mean, Melody’s method of deliberate recieving is all about getting happy and only then the things you want will come. Abe Hicks is also all about getting in that happy vortex in order to get the stuff you want. I think pretty much everyone who talks about LoA mentions being happy as a mandatory part of the getting-what-you-want equation.

    If being happy and devoid of negative feelings is crucial to recieving your desires, than how come are there people full of negative feelings who ARE ACTUALLY RICH?? I really don’t get it, if they can have their stuff without needing to become happy first, then what part of the process actually brings us the stuff we want?

    It makes me unhappy to know I’d have to get happy while not having money (and my other desires) before the money can come, but that there are rich people who got the money they wanted NOT needing to be happy first. Being happy while not having what you want doesn’t seem to be a mandatory step then. At least for these rich people. I mean, it’s not fair and it just stuck out to me as contraditory. Perhaps I am misunderstanding a basic part of the method, I don’t know.

    • Hey Mandy,
      I just realised we were asking basically the same question at the same time and posted at the same time. So there’s at least 2 of us who are confused about the theory that good vibrations pull in the money…..

      • Hey Kuradji,

        Lol nice to know it’s not only me who has trouble understanding how this part of the LoA deal works! hope we can both find the answers soon! =)

    • @Mandy and @Kuradji Keep in mind, that many are born rich, and display these greedy “Asshole” like tendancies. This is their journey. For them, acting out in this way is a sign that money does not equal abunance for them. Some free themselves of that privleged lifestyle, and that is where they find abundance in their life.

      • exactly my doubt too..Mandy and Kuradji..and its not only abt the rich factor..i generally see ppl who predominantly have bad vibration that is they always are jealous abt others people success, they have to have everything best than others and even then pray for bad things to happen to other ppl constantly..its like they want everybody in the world to fail so badly and only they should win against the whole world…even though they have ten cars with them they are jealous abt the new benz of the mean ppl in their core..such kind of ppl have all they,fame everything and on the outward they look perfectly happy and come??? when real good ppl struggle with love and money how come these bad ass have everything they want?? i want to know why good things happen to bad ppl and bad things happen to good ppl?? and thats the point i lose faith in humanity..pls help with some answers..

        • I understand what you mean perfectly Isis. That’s the doubt I have too. I see all around me people who don’t need to do anything on the inside, don’t need to get happy before having the stuff and they still got the stuff and I don’t, it just makes me want to give up on the whole life thing and seriously kill myself. My luck is so bad I am completely sure that even if I do what Melody says about being happy right now, the stuff I want will never come. I don’t want to become a shiny happy puppy if I’m gonna have to continue to be single and poor. I just want to know how to get THE STUFF, nobody never actually really explains how to get THE STUFF we want.

      • I know some of them were born rich, but that is a cop out. Talking about people who were lucky enough to be born rich while I wasn’t as if having money is their destiny but not mine only makes me more angry and feel more unlucky about the whole thing. The point is, a lot of rich weren’t born rich and they still can get the money even though their are negative and full of negative yucky feelings. My question was why they can get $ while I and most other normal people can’t.
        I also don’t believe real ‘abundance’ means not having money. To me true abundance includes money too. “Rich people freeing themselves of their money is not true abundance. When you talk like that you make it seem like having money is inherently a bad thing, that is a belief I don’t want to have anymore. Money is amazing and I want it in my life ASAP.

        • Well, I believe that everyone has a journey here. But that’s just me. The LOA is just one of many aspects of the universe, and just one part of our role here. I feel that another part of that is to learn, but I digress… You said that for YOU money is apart of abundance, but this isn’t true for everyone. You and I happen to be attracted to money, but there are some out there who aren’t and don’t happen to have a lot of it – And don’t feel like anything is missing in their lives. Who are we to say that their lives aren’t abundant? But back to what you said: There are people out there who weren’t born rich, and they can still attract money into their lives with bad attitudes. Well, like most here have already said, it probably has to do with their beliefs about money. Also, I think these people aren’t obsessively “Chasing” money, more than likely these people aren’t worrying about money at all. They aren’t desperate for money to become apart of their reality. Once you become obsessively desperate for something to come into your life, that nervous, heavy energy will push it away rather than bring it to you. Not to mention how stress can push things away.

    • I believe that they have a clean clear belief of what they will receive and are able to have a stable belief around that vibration to receive that quantity of money.

      Does that mean that they can’t have terrible unfulfilling relationships? No

      What i have seen in my life the money vibe and the relationship vibe arent really interrelated.

      Not like how for example relationship vibe and job vibe are interrelated.

  • This is very interesting to me because I seem to have the opposite problem. I don’t really think about this often but every now and then I get annoyed at poor people. I work for an agency that provides a government subsidy – here in the States. I see A LOT of people who think they are “entitled” to these benefits. They drive nicer cars than I do, have manicured nails and their kids walk around in dirty, holey clothes. So I guess I sort of have the opposite belief. I don’t ever want to be poor…..again or be on any sort of government subsidy, so maybe this isn’t really a problem? I dunno.

    I wouldn’t say I HATE poor people (I used to be one) and I know that not all poor people are like that. I just get annoyed at the “entitlement” sometimes and due to my job, the majority of the poor I see are like that. It’s just one of those things I try not to put too much energy into. There are a lot of elderly and disabled who are truly grateful for the assistance and I just try my best to focus only on them and realize that assholes are just assholes regardless of how much is in their bank account.

    And yes, I totally agree that redheads are AWESOME!!!! I should know. 😉

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