Awesome Supriya’s burning question: “I am trying to communicate with my spirit guides. Is there any possibility that negative or evil spirit guides exist??”

Dear Awesome Supriya,

Here’s your video answer:

You’d rather read? No problem. Here are the highlights:

You’re certainly going to be able to find all kinds of opinions on this topic, many of which will caution you against “demons” and “evil spirits”. Protect yourself, they’ll say. And then they’ll hold a flashlight to their face and go “boogaboogabooga”, you know, just to make sure you get the message.

I can only tell you what I believe, based on what I’ve learned from various teachers and from my own communications with my spirit guides and other non-physical energy.

There are no evil spirit guides. There is no evil at all. There is no dark force that’s trying to lure you to damnation. Also, there’s no damnation. That’s just something humans invented to scare each other into submission with.

I guess, at this point, we’d better take a moment to talk about the concept of evil.

There is no evil

Because, I can hear you asking, “What about all the people who do all the bad stuff in the world? Aren’t they evil?”


In my humble opinion, labeling things as “evil” is really just a lazy copout. It’s a lot harder to dig down into WHY people actually do what they do (because they don’t feel they have a choice), and a lot easier to must call them evil and stick them in a box. It’s a way of explaining scary things that we don’t understand. The concept of evil doesn’t exist.

That having been said…

There are all kinds of energies out there for you to connect with, all kinds of thought energy that people have put out there. What you hook up with and how you perceive it is always up to where your vibration is. You can’t perceive positive energy if you’re vibrating in a negative place.

Or, to put it even more accurately (be prepared to have your mind blown), if you’re stuck in a negative vibration, you can’t perceive positive energy in a positive way.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say that you’re stuck in a bad place, and your spirit guide has a helpful message for you. So, you might have a dream, in which a scary monster shows up to mirror your specific fears back to you. The way it’s been explained to me by my guides is this: that monster is your benevolent, loving spirit guide wearing a scary mask because it was the only way that you’d be able to see it. Your guides can only ever communicate with you in ways that in which you’ll allow.

Now, this communication doesn’t have to be scary. It can be much more positive. The determining factor, however, is always you, and your vibration. If you’re filtering everything through a negative belief system, you’re only ever going to be able to perceive the energy you’re connecting with in a negative way.

How to “protect” yourself from negative experiences

So, how can you make sure that you’ll always have the most positive experience possible, and that you’ll receive the purest possible messages from your guides? My biggest recommendation would be to meditate and get into the highest vibration possible before even attempting to connect with your guides. Not only will that line you up with the most clarity, it’ll actually make it much easier for you to hear your guides in the first place.

Now it’s your turn. Let me know what you think in the comments. Did you learn something? Was this helpful? Have I appeased the Gods by providing a transcript? 😉

Have a wonderful week my puppies!

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  • I know one of my biggest fears from Christianity was the demons that are always after you know, Christians. Anyway so I was afraid of the dark because after all that is where demons like to be. Therefore I would go to bed with my night light on and look all around for any demons that might be lurking in there and would never see any so went on to sleep. I mean after all once you close your eyes that is it they can’t come around. They can only come in your dreams in nightmares but then you wake up so your good there also. I’m so glad I started meditating and getting rid of fears and limited beliefs. Its unbelievable how they can hold you back from truly living.

  • Your ‘scary mask’ description has helped me understand years of dreadful dreams. I am grateful that I haven’t had one in about 3 years, but I now have a new and better feeling perspective on them. Thanks, Melody!

  • Ok, this is just too cool how your post coincided with my thoughts! I was just wondering about this very topic and was planning to ask your insight on the matter of the dark side. Here it is! Thank you!!!

    • Oh, and thanks for the videos! They really help when I want to multitask, just turn it on and keep doing my other activity. Great idea!

  • Hmmmm not sure about this one Melody but only because of M Scott Peck’s book ‘People of the Lie’. Read that years ago and it got me thinking about the nature of ‘evil’. As a psychiatrist he had worked with hundreds of patients and he really studied the nature of the self etc. He seemed to me to be a really clever and balanced man who had studied and experienced at first hand the dark side of human nature. In the end, he concluded that evil was a tangible force, almost with a purpose of its own. I think he described it as a trillion year old serpent or something like that. Anyway, I just wonder if I can ignore his evidence, drawn from years of observation and experience about this subject. He also seemed to be a really evolved and loving individual from what I can tell – his previous book ‘The Road Less Travelled’ was widely known. I totally agree with what you’re saying from an LOA vibrational perspective and if it wasn’t for M Scott Peck’s book then I’d be right there with you 100% on it. However what’s contained in that book seems to be viable and credible evidence for the existence of evil as a very tangible force or entity, which he and teams of people ultimately exorcised from people ‘possessed’ with it through a massive overflow of love, so yeah vibrationally, there’s something similar to what you’re saying there. It just differs on the manifestation and interpretation of what evil is. It’s clear that a high vibration, as close to love as possible, takes you far from ‘evil’ in terms of being able to still discern it but not be touched by it, but as to the nature of evil as an energy/entity or something else, I’m not sure – it’s an interesting one this x

    • Hey Dominique,
      I have come across M.S.Scott’s work too and even in Road Less Travelled, he kept going on about the concept of delayed gratification which is contrary to what LOA says that we should try to feel better as soon as possible and suffering or suppressing our desires isn’t necessary.I found his work to be angst ridden and depressing and his personal life was reflective of that so, his later works seem more about exploring other’s manifestations which Abe says is not very beneficial.

      The more curious i got about exploring the psyche of evil,and trust me i read so much on pathology of the human mind,the more depressing it got and was leading me nowhere as i was expecting it to teach me to identify and handle negativity better,eventually understanding that i couldn’t make use of the so called ‘knowledge’.

      And as i type this,i am realizing that moments of clarity,understanding and courage are revealed when we go inwards and pay attention to how we feel aka our intuition or inner voice.That seems to me to be our best moral compass and teacher.Hope,it made sense.

      • Solace, I am with you.

        “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
        Stephen Hawking

        I also discovered that the greatest enemy of wisdom isn’t a lack of knowledge, but junk knowledge.

        Wisdom is simple.
        If something is not good enough to be simple, it’s not good enough to keep.

      • Thank you Solace for your response and for taking the time to explain your perspective – I do get where you’re coming from. However, the jury’s still out for me on this one but I believe it’s just a matter of interpretation. For example, I think that delayed gratification is in accordance with LOA principles because I believe in lining up the energy first, before taking action. To me that is is delaying gratification at an action level but not at an energy level and obviously the more skilled you are at lining up then the less the delay in gratification. I think it’s all a matter of how we are looking at it from where we are.

        Also, you are right about certain professionals whose job it is really to explore the manifestations of others. I probably look at it in the context of ‘serving’ the needs of others to enable them to shift their energy, rather than exploring others’ manifestations for the sake of it. It’s a bit like healthy doctors having to work in an environment of sickness in order to serve those who are ill. It’s not necessarily as much for the sake of the doctors as it is for the patients, obviously when done with the right intentions.

        Anyway thanks again for your perspective. Appreciated 🙂

        • Hi Dominique,
          Let me first say how great it is that you brought up this point as i was very curious about it in the past and no one around me was interested in a conversation as they thought i was being too serious or cautious about something which many people don’t encounter normally.However,after an abusive relationship i just wanted to find out what was at the root of all malaise.
          So, i read the work of Robert D.Hare ,a Canadian psychiatrist,who wrote extensively about psychopaths who are the subject of Scott’s book from what i could tell.I may be wrong.
          Your example of physicians is excellent and Scott is great but somehow,his diagnosis didn’t resonate with me..he came across as being overwhelmed and not at the top of his game…his own unresolved issues could be the reason for that as he had extra marital affairs even though,he preached delayed gratification.Also,his books are pretty old so maybe,the diagnosis wasn’t available for a lot of mental disorders at that point of time.
          This is my understanding and i completely respect yours(gave me a sense of deja vu as i used to think exactly like you).LOA though,i agree is hazy on a lot of stuff.Wonderful having this conversation…wish u luck on your quest:))

  • P.S. Melody mentions she avoids communicating with her spirit guides when she is pissed off. What if a person is in a state of despair? Are they excluded from help and guidance? Because, frankly, nobody gets the message when it comes in scary dreams with monsters in them.

    Personally, I don’t believe in channeling, but i do pray/talk to god when I feel low, because that’s when I need help/guidance. When I feel good, i just send out my gratitude. I barely have access to good feelings at the moment, and yes, I do meditate everyday after my workout. Any advice?

    • Hi Cori,

      when in despair, one is detached from source, but one can, as you do and I did, pray for guidance and strength and, at some point, it comes and you get out of that dark place, even if you have to feel your way around. One is not excluded from help, but blind and deaf to all that is said and must slowly get out of that place to see things more clearly and be more receptive. Help does arrive when in despair, you are just not receptive to it. Maybe that is why in LOA it is important to feel good, t be more receptive to all that comes to you and you do not miss it the “first” time around?

      At least that is my take on it. Gratitude is the way to go when feeling good.

  • I believe the reason we perceive people/energies as evil is because of polarity. There is love/light/heat etc on one end of the spectrum and lack/absence at the other end. Cold does not physically exist, only heat. When the temperature is cold, the level of heat is low. Same with dark and light. There is only really light. Dark is just absence of light. I think the same applies to love vs evilness. There are no evil energies, there is only love. “Evilness”=low levels of love.

  • Video and text? YAY!!!! Thank you so much Melody! 🙂

    I am so, SO glad to hear this – and read it. I was actually able to induce an out of body experience a few years ago – 2007 I think. It was so crazy because it was my first time trying it. I didn’t know anything about it, but I read somewhere online how to do it, I tried and BOOM I did it – on my first try. I thought “Oh wow! This is so easy.” Then I made the HORRIBLE mistake of buying all these books about astral travel and out of body experiences – enter the “evil” spirits. All of these books talked about evil spirits and what to do if you encounter one and blah, blah, blah. It scared the hell out of me and it made me nervous about going out of body. Needless to say, I’ve never been able to do it again. 🙁
    I think if I can just keep reminding myself of this video and what you said, I might be able to “get out” again. It was an awesome experience and I would really love to be able to do it at will. I think my vibes are high enough now that I wouldn’t encounter anything that I perceive as “evil”.

  • use Love to lead.
    use Fear to rule.

    Many parents create the boogieman to manage the kids – and that works quite well to a certain age (short term). That’s when they use love to lead (long term).

    Normal kings in the past used religion fear to rule.
    they are thinking short term.
    They relied on the followers being stuck in fear – much easier to manage.
    But since they only focus on managing a country and not leading it, the empire often crumbles once the king die.
    A few clever kings know when to manage and when to lead. If the king is really good, the country will appear to run by itself smoothly.

    modern country leaders are still fear to rule – only more discreetly.
    they relied on the entertainment industry and the media to maintain high negativity/ fear level. They are using anxiety, instead of straight out fear, to rule.
    And since it still work well so far, they keep using it.
    Politicians in 2014 these days are like middle management, they are one level below ruler.

    I am seeing signs that the citizens are waking up. The people are beginning to lead themselves out of Fear and into Love.

    I love Melody, she is spreading Love.

  • Thank you Melody for the video/transcript combination. Now I can access your wisdom any way I choose. For me it will mainly be transcript but I think it’s great that the people who love videos will get it too. I agree with you about evil although I have to wage a constant fight against my husband who was raised Catholic and fears evil spirits and damnation. He surrounds himself with such negativity that sometimes its hard to keep myself sunny side up. But I keep trying…

    • LOL I prefer reading but then I get tempted to watch the youtube clip because of the hilarious facial expressions you make or are caught on the frozen first shot (before hitting play)

      I love you Miss Melody. You are my greatest teacher. I feel since I met/found you I have lifted my vibration up a notch. Have I mentioned I LOVE YOU?

  • Excellent! excellent- and the timing for me is incredible. as good as this post is–the accompanying video- really brought up -just great points about ‘where” one is vibrationally when reaching up/to our guides. also your wonderful facial expressions are very helpful in highlighting what you are relating. i- personally needed this as i,ve allowed “fears” of possible malevolent “entity,spirits that might ‘gain” access invasively as i ‘open’ via meditation and i recently procured at an apothecary shop in san francisco 0certain stones- tourmalin-selinite- etc- but this is before any actual encounters-SO this post & video really puts those conceptual trepidations to rest. Many- many thanks-truly beautiful inside and out!!

  • Crazy bitch syndrome. Boogaboogabooga. Enough said. Too much cuteness going on here. About evil, I one hundred and ninety five percent believe my teacher Melody. Not because she’s my teacher but because I FEEL there is no evil. There are no demons, there is no devil, no evil spirits, NOTHING. It’s all fake shit people make up. No bloody Blair witch, no white lady crying bloody tears, and definitely no demon who can turn its head one hundred eighty degrees. Now I’m still scared of the dark but that’s my fear, it’s ingrained in my psyche that if I’m a bad girl, something’s going to get me. But no, boogeyman does not exist. I’m one hundred percent sure it’s just my fear and perhaps it will take a lifetime to eliminate this fear but it’s still just that–fear.

  • Well, I met my friend’s spirit guide a while ago. When she smokes weed, she channels-as do I at times. Her spirit guide is an arrogant asshole, in my opinion. Very brash and impatient, my energy doesn’t vibe well with his (I say this because the energy feels male to me). Some of them out there are so far away from the “Human experience”, meaning it’s been a LONG time since they’ve led a human life, so they forget how words can hurt, and how emotional being a human is. But I suppose my friend doesn’t need someone who is less brash, so it’s a perfect fit! As far as “Evil” things lurking out in the universe, I have had some encounters. One time I was channeling (Which I don’t like to do, unlike my friend, it’s not my forte), and some lost spirit decided to make me drown, maybe this person happened to die this way, I’m not sure. But I remember feeling like my lungs were filling up with water, and I was gasping for air. I’m not sure if that particular spirit was “Evil” per se, but what it did to me sure wasn’t nice at all. I’ve had run-ins with angry Djinn as well. Now, I’m not racist, but SOME Djinn can be very angry, and just have an overall negative attitude toward us humans. Because they dwell on a different plane of existance, they just watch us, and wish they had our freedom. But I met one Djinn named “Mark” (Djinn don’t have names, but he just decided to call himself that) and he was VERY cool! He took a human form back in the 30’s I believe, and he had some interesting stories. He seemed like someone I could have a good time with. So it’s a mixed bag out there.

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