Awesome Sav’s Burning Question: “While searching for good LOA material, I usually come across some critics and skeptics online. Some of them have their own blogs with the sole purpose opposite to yours. It could be a YouTube comment, an Amazon review of a self-help book, or a Google search result. It makes me feel uneasy, confused about where I’m going, rocking back and forth between skepticism and belief. The viewpoints of these rational people are convincing and can burst your bubble, just because science hasn’t proved this stuff yet.

How can we be sure that Seth was for real and not Jane and her husband’s product of imagination exploited for monetary purposes (for selling books; Jane was a writer)? How can we be sure that Jerry and Esther didn’t follow in the former couple’s footsteps and discover Abraham for the same purposes (Jerry’s Amway career, Esther’s improv classes, and other clues in their past surface when you read their bios)? Their incongruence with Abraham’s teachings- copyrighting the term law of attraction and getting rejected, Jerry’s cancer (resistance?) and his going for chemotherapy just like a sensible person would do. I thought according to Abraham, even a major illness can be cured in a matter of days by changing your vibration. Why didn’t Jerry go for it despite having pure positive energy at his beck and call 24/7 to heal him or help him? Didn’t Esther say Jerry is the best person she knows who can maintain his vibration very easily? How is 68 seconds of pure thought equal to 200,000 action hours? How can we be sure that YOUR encounters with the non-physical are for real, just because you SAY you contact Source energy, and Abraham too? After all, you are teaching the same things being written by new age authors since 1920s or something? You say, whatever FEELS right to us is right. But what if this (LOA) feels right to me and that (skeptics) too? And many more questions.

I’ve decided that the best way to be 100% sure about this stuff is contacting the Source myself. Do I have to believe first that there is such a thing as Source and who we really are? I do sometimes feel pleasant sensations while meditating, like I have no physical body, am rocking sideways or flying. But I read somewhere that it’s been proved that meditation serves no purpose beyond relaxation. And I’ve also read that a thought does not carry that much energy or vibration to manifest stuff as touted by many LOA authors. Details about your experiences with non-physical and how you were able to do this would really help.”

Dear Awesome Sav,

Thanks so much for this question. I love engaging with people who have different viewpoints and answering questions from skeptics (providing they’re open to hearing the answer), because it’s only by exploring different perspectives that we get more clarity. In other words, if no one ever challenges your beliefs, they’re not going to run very deep. The challenge is precisely what forces us to discover, define and continuously redefine what we “know” to be true.

That said, I never engage with anyone who just wants to argue their point, trying to prove that their perspective is the only valid one. Unfortunately, a lot of the skeptics you mentioned take that stance, and so playing with them is no fun for me. If you’d like to like to see my response to a different kind of skeptic (one with genuine questions), you can do so here. Why do I take this stance? Why don’t I care what those other skeptics have to say, what they have come to “know”? Because I recognize that everyone gets to have their own truth. Of course there are going to be people out there who disagree with me. How boring would it be if everyone thought the same? But I can’t benefit from the immense diversity of thought out there and demonize it at the same time. I have to allow others to believe whatever works for them. And really, what they believe has absolutely nothing to do with me (and yes, I realize that there are those who believe otherwise). It’s none of my business whether or not someone accepts LOA as truth or not, whether or not they believe in God, or even if they’re a “good” person. And yet, even that point of view depends on certain beliefs, so I have to allow others to contradict it, as well.

How do you KNOW what’s true?

So, now that I’ve laid the foundation for where I’m coming from, let’s take a look at your first question: How do we know that Seth was for real, that Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks and Darryl Anka and many others like them including me are, in fact, channeling?

The short answer is: you don’t. I can’t prove it to you and neither can any of them. And yes, that’s a huge problem for many, many people who have come to rely on the concept of “proof” to guide their decisions. But, if you really take a look at the new paradigm we’re teaching (and you’re right, it’s not strictly “new”. Even Jesus was teaching this stuff way back when. But it is different from what most people living right now have accepted as the way things are), you’ll come to understand that proof, as we understand it, is impossible, and when we insist that it’s not, we actually make things a lot harder and slower than they need to be.

The fallacy of “proof”

Let’s take a look at what proof actually is in scientific terms (scientists in my audience please forgive the oversimplification). You see, the traditional concept of proof is this: Think of a hypothesis, some perspective that seems kind of plausible to you. Have the ability to believe that this hypothesis might be true, even if you don’t yet have any evidence for it (otherwise you would not have been able to conceive of it). Gather evidence and see if it supports your hypothesis. If what you have observed supports the hypothesis, and if you can get enough people to agree with you, then you get to call it a theory. It’s still not considered a fact at this point, and in fact, no theory is ever totally considered “proven”. Why not? Because true science understands that we can’t know everything, and that any hypothesis we formulate is always going to be limited by our current knowledge and understanding.

To put it more simply, if you lived in a little room and had never seen the outside of it, heard any noises from beyond your four walls, or had any visitors, that little room would be your Universe. You could then do tests to confirm that this was true, and they would all pan out. Without any evidence to suggest a world beyond that room, the hypothesis that a bigger world existed wouldn’t even come up, nor could it be “proven”. And yet, the only way that such evidence could ever be conceivably be observed, would be to stay open to the possibility and the knowledge that there was still much to be discovered. In other words, nothing is ever really proven and nothing is ever really true. It’s all relative. Keep that in mind the next time someone talks to you about “proof”.

I want to make the distinction between true science and what often passes for science these. I’m not mud-slinging here, people can do whatever they want, but if we’re going to have a discussion about proof, it has to be pointed out that much of the science that’s being trotted out these days, well, isn’t. And if you’re going to stand on one side and accuse the other of not being scientifically sound (even though most LOA teachers are quite willing to state that science has NOT proved these principles), you should make sure that you have your ducks in a row, so to speak.

A true scientist, when testing his hypothesis, will rejoice in either a positive or negative outcome, as both bring new information. He will do his best to stay neutral and not have any expectations as to the result. Especially knowing, as we do from Quantum Physics, that the observer influences the outcome, a true scientist will do everything possible to remove himself from the equation, even going so far as to leave the building during the testing process (this is actually being done).  A lot of testing, however, is done with the goal in mind, excluding any evidence that doesn’t support the desired outcome (this is routinely done in medical “science”). This is not true science, but pseudo-science or “science” (imagine sarcastic air quotes here), which is precisely what we LOA-ers are often accused of spouting.

My main point in giving you this rather lengthy explanation, however, is this: Stop relying so much on “proof”. The evidence that exists is only a matter of someone having observed it. It’s by no means a complete collection (never mind that you can find “proof” to support both sides of just about ANY argument). Just because something hasn’t yet been observed and catalogued doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And just because something hasn’t been observed by a scientist (think anecdotal evidence), doesn’t mean it isn’t invalid. If you look for proof before you’re willing to believe something, then you’re basically saying “I’m unwilling to form any hypothesis of my own. I will only look at those things that others have already formulated and gathered evidence for.” This makes you an unimaginative scientist, artist, human being and creator. If you’re willing to entertain a hypothesis that hasn’t yet been proven, it will open you up to new discovery. Because believe me (or don’t), we’re not even close to being finished discovering what exists (never mind what has yet to be created). And, if you keep needing others to prove things to you, rather than being willing to do your own testing, you’re only ever going to be able to see their “truth”, not necessarily your own (and if it’s not true for you, it’s not true).

Does credibility matter?

Now that I’ve explained why any “proof” you encounter from either side always has be taken with a grain of salt, let’s look at your next set of questions. While I can’t speak for Jane or Esther and Jerry, or anyone else, and I therefore can’t and won’t try to defend any of their actions, I will take a look at the larger question: Can we believe what comes out of a channel’s mouth (or word processor), if any part of that channel’s life is what we might deem to be “imperfect”, or if they’ve said or done something that we disagree with?

Well, my unequivocal answer to that is: Yes, as long as it resonates with you. Here’s why: First of all, no one is perfect. You’re not going to EVER find even one person that matches your particular definition of perfection (keeping in mind that we each get our own one). The information that you receive, no matter where it comes from, is YOUR manifestation. What I say doesn’t matter if you can’t hear it. And, two people can read the same blog post and get two completely different things from it. I’m happy to serve as a translator, as a mouthpiece, if you will, and so are many others. But never forget that the method of delivery is just that. Don’t expect us to be more. Think of it this way: If you hear a song on the radio and it’s an awesome song, and then you hear another one that you hate, do you throw out the radio? No, you recognize that it’s just the delivery mechanism, and that you can choose to listen to one song and not another. Information works the same way.

You can manifest clarity through a channel, through books, TV, audio tapes, conversations (even seemingly unimportant ones), billboards, songs, and an infinite other number of ways. The way that information comes to you is generally not important (unless you decide that it is), but the messages themselves are what you should be paying attention to. A completely unreliable, unethical, immoral and generally nasty person could be inspired to say something to you that brings you the joyful clarity you’ve been after. Don’t shoot the messenger. And don’t hold them to a higher standard, either.

On a personal note, I certainly don’t want the pressure of having to be perfect. I want to live my life the way I want to live it. If I have resistance, it’s going to manifest until it gets my attention. Then, I want to release it. In all of this, I certainly don’t want to have to worry about my perfect manifestations (perfect for me) being misconstrued in a way that causes people to doubt themselves. And, to be honest, I don’t worry about that anymore, because it’s totally beyond my control. As a teacher, I often even use my “negative” manifestation stories to illustrate a point. If you want to use the fact that I have any resistance to manifest to discount all of LOA, or as a sign that I don’t know what I’m talking about, then so be it. But just know that this reaction would be based on a lack of understanding of what resistance is and how it serves us.

Jerry’s cancer

While I can’t and don’t want to speak to what really happened with Jerry’s transition specifically, I do want to use that event as an example to make my point. Abraham have given more information on why Jerry chose to transition via cancer, including it being part of his focus (he apparently pushed against cancer quite a bit), as well as a co-creation (it has spawned a lot of discussions and has allowed many people to get a deeper understanding of death). Keep in mind that Jerry was always going to die at that time. The question just became HOW. So when you ask why he didn’t heal himself, you have to recognize that healing was not part of his path, and he therefore wouldn’t have been inspired to it. Death is not a failure to heal oneself. It’s a transition, a manifestation, and when seen from the other side, a totally positive one.

Why did he go for chemo instead of alternative methods? I can’t answer that. But I will say this, which also speaks to the criticisms lobbed at Esther for how she “handled” Jerry’s death: We can’t ever judge how anyone else handles their life. Do you expect that Jerry, having been given the diagnosis of terminal cancer, wasn’t scared? Just because someone is a positive person with a high vibration, doesn’t mean they’re free from resistance (no one is). If fear of cancer was part of his vibration (and Abe have said it was), then a cancer diagnosis would’ve been scary for him. And the fact that fear tends to send us scurrying back to the old paradigm, where men in white coats have a lot of authority and power to make us feel safer is no secret. I don’t think we have any right to judge how anyone handles a cancer diagnosis, a death, a job loss, or any other manifestation.

In fact, if we remember that no manifestation is ever really “negative” (it’s all intrinsically neutral), then we can’t really ever deem anything that happens to anyone else as inherently unwanted. Even death (they’re fine with it); or cancer (how do you know what value that cancer has brought to them?); or a job loss (could be the best thing that’s ever happened to them); or a break up (ditto); or whatever.

So, if you can’t judge the event nor the reaction the person had to it, any argument that states that we can’t believe something that someone said because they did this, didn’t do that, or had this or that happen to them, falls apart. It all becomes an exercise in pettiness.

The unsatisfactory answer

What really matters, the only thing that really matters is this: Do you resonate with the information? And I know that this answer seems unsatisfactory to those who are still halfway stuck in the old paradigm and are wanting to move to the new one. You were, on some level, hoping I’d tell you what’s “true”, how you can definitively figure out whom to believe. You wanted some litmus test, something you can apply. A quick fix. And here I am, coming back to the answer you said didn’t satisfy you: that it all comes down to you and how you feel. But here’s the thing (soap box alert): it’s time you freaking learn to think for yourself (and yep, I’m talking to all of you).  There’s no one teacher or authority figure you can follow. Some will have more relevant information for you than others, so you will resonate with more of what they say. But always remember that everything and everyone are just delivery mechanisms for your manifestations. Whether or not you accept the gifts they offer is always up to you, and you have to make that decision each and every time.

And yes, I’m aware that this seems like a lot of work, especially when you’re not accustomed to thinking for yourself and feeling your way to your decisions. It goes against everything you were taught. Tough shitsky. It’s time to spirit up (not man up or woman up), get your ass in gear and make your own decisions, based on how YOU feel. It’s time to be more discerning. Who cares what this person or that person says? Why do you choose to believe them? Why do you choose to dismiss what they are saying? Make no mistake. I know this is a scary process. What if you get it wrong (GAAAAAAAAAA!)? What if others laugh at you (that would be the insecure people who would rather laugh at you than take the scary step of thinking for themselves, too)? What if they disapprove of you (ditto)? But what about you? Who cares what THEY think? What about what YOU think?

I mean, what if you start to follow your own guidance, wherever it takes you? What if you set yourself free from fear and boundaries? What if you actually leave all the pain behind and become happy? What if you start to manifest more and more clarity? What if your life actually starts to make sense? What if you get what you truly want? What if what other people think really doesn’t have any power over you at all? What if what they believe doesn’t matter, even if they express themselves really eloquently and confidently? What if it isn’t a matter of finding the teacher you can believe 100%, but weighing each piece of information individually as it comes to you? What if that process gets a lot easier and even eventually automatic as you practice it? What if the teacher that appears when the student is ready, is actually just some random messenger holding a mirror?

Bottom line

I’ve disagreed with Esther’s interpretation of Abraham’s energy on several occasions. Each time, this disagreement brought me more clarity. This didn’t cause me to stop listening to them (although not so much in the last year; this has nothing to do with the quality of information being transmitted, but is much more a result of me simply being drawn to something else right now). I might agree with only 10% of a book, but that 10% might be the exact information I was after. That doesn’t mean the book was shit, or that the author is an idiot. It simply means that not EVERYTHING they offer is for me. If an author has 9 books I don’t resonate with and 1 that I do, I’ll recommend the crap out of that one book.

No one can tell you what to believe or what to think. Not even me. How can you know whom to trust? How can you know what’s true? It’s easy, really: You get to choose what’s true for you. You get to choose what to believe. I advise that you choose to believe what feels good, but it is, as always, up to you. Many people choose to believe horrible feeling stuff. That’s their prerogative. And it’s yours, as well. Keep in mind that you can always change your mind. So, what do you choose to believe right now?

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  • “So when you ask why he didn’t heal himself, you have to recognize that healing was not part of his path, and he therefore wouldn’t have been inspired to it.”

    Wait, what? Part of his path? Do you mean he had a prewritten path?

    So we cannot change what’s already on our path?

    Now this is confusing.

  • I do believe a positive attitude helps. I do believe people like to have around happy people, work with happy people and marry happy people. Not sweating the small stuff helps you to move forward.

    But this is basic psychology, common sense. Nothing magic like “THE LAW” of attraction. It’s not a LAW.

    One’s actions are only part responsible for the manifestation of one’s life. There is always the will of others that can interfere with it.

    What worries me it’s the insidious advice of having to let things come to you and not taking action. That if you already feel like you have it, it will come to you without moving a finger.

    This advice is more that dangerous.

    Scientific studies have postulated that if you do a lot of positive visualization, you trick your brain into thinking you have already achieved the goal so your brain no longer wants to work at it.

    Yes. “No longer wants to work at it”. Thus creating delusional people that will not be able to pay their rent. Frustrated people that will wait for love to physically knock on their door.

    (But — in this case I agree. Those people are the only creators of their reality)

    But go ahead. It’s your life.

    And Melody, congrats on the well crafted spin. You really are good.

    • Any Belief/faith has a path.
      When belief/faith followers walk the path, they often focus so hard on the path that they develop tunnel vision without realising it.
      They think their path is the one and only that leads to a better future.
      There are many belief/faiths in the world, so there are many paths.
      LOA is just one of these paths.
      (The clever ones will know how to make money with LOA)

      Love is universal, its everywhere, accessible by anyone.
      Love sits there waiting for you.
      It doesnt matter what you believe in or where you are.

      Yes you still need to take action.

    • “I see”

      you’re completely misunderstanding the philosophy. The interpretations you expressed above are based on a load of assumptions that you have made, and thus you have misunderstood the ideas that Melody expresses on this site.

      If you listen and read closely, never, does Melody say, “never take action”. She never even says anything along the lines of abandoning your life’s responsibilities, if you are not inspired to keep doing them.

      In the above examples, of the delusional people who will stop ” paying their rent” and “believe that everything is going to come to them just sitting at home fantasizing ( note: I think Melody’s most recent post on Fantasy vs manifestation will be of interest to you) are not manifesting the results that they seek, and if they are really following what loa teaches, they will recognize that and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

      Why would someone who wants to improve their life through a growth- oriented philosophy such as loa want to stop paying their rent? Sure, there might be tons of people who could misunderstand the philosophy and think that they could apply it in order to justify, their (example) lazy behaviour, of not paying their rent, but in that case, that not Melody’s or LOAs fault now is it?

      Your mind is grapsing for possible examples of why this philosophy is dangerous, without even having a basic understanding of what the philosophy is about.

  • What an awesome post and comments to go with it! It is great to read about the views pertinent to this LOA, which is really scientific in nature, it is just not seen as such in this time period. As the vibration lifts, it will be seen differently. what initially brought me to LOA and this site was Autobiography of a Yogi, the best book I have ever read. It came to me when I was in a bad place, and it slowly helped me crawl out of where I had landed.

    What mystics and masters know and teach is that life is not the thorn we make it out to be, but, how did one put it, it is really a drop of water on a rose petal in a warm breeze that would bring a tear of joy to your eye. They try to “scare the shit out of people”, as another put it, in the sense that they would like to wake others up, to stir them into a place that is not as society perceives it to be, but way beyond that. I notice that these masters have everything, including health and good looks, and are never in need of anything, because their oneness with the universe provides. It showers them with everything they need. It is like the Giving Tree, if you read that book. It takes pleasure it giving you things, and loves you unconditionally. That is how it works. This is the nature of this science.

    The true power lies in what a master told Alexander the Great upon meeting him “Stand aside, you are blocking the sunlight as I sit here.” That is precious.

    • “I notice that these masters have everything, including health and good looks, and are never in need of anything, because their oneness with the universe provides.”

      Hm. For some reason this makes me think of the psychology of a pyramid scheme. In which charismatic individuals sell the illusion that you too can be happy and successful as them. They make their money on you believing this.

      Now, I guess that if you want the same, maybe all you have to do is turn around and do the same: knight yourself as healer. Be another Ester. Why not?

      Maybe take action?

  • This is a great response. I often hear people refer to themselves as skeptics as though it were a religion and not a way of looking at the world. Instead of looking at both sides and making a decision, they cling to materialism (ontology, not consumerism). This post really clarified some things for me. Thank you.

  • To expand upon Sav’s original question: There are soooo many LoA teachers & followers as evidenced by the hundreds of blogs & personal development websites, it seems the consensus is that we ALL have resistance of some sort, which seems reasonable as we are all products of our environment. Well, if we know we have resistance and we are diligent in seeking to overcome that resistance and most of us have yet to do so (or so it seems), would it be safe to assume that our subconscious is the problem/issue/cause of resistance? Or at the complete opposite end of having resistance, let’s say some of us are certain our resistance has been overcome and is now a non-issue; we are cruising thru life happy, all is good but yet LoA hasn’t quite “come thru”, even though we remain positive, expectant, woo hoo, etc…can we all have deep rooted subconscious resistance and not even be aware of it? Are repeated affirmations and positive thoughts leading to feel good emotions which lead to always or at least most of the time ” joyful, nothing is lacking, all is as it should be, feeling expectant, grateful, and just plain happy with life” – are these affirmations simply “not enough” and we need to reset our subconscious? Do we need to retrain our brain with subliminal messages to get rid of all the junk (maybe some of us know it’s in there and some of us don’t know it’s in there), reprogram new beliefs to override the old that’s preventing LoA from working, from our manifestations appearing, etc? Could this be the biggest reason LoA doesn’t “work as it supposed to”? Thanks in advance for everyone’s input.

  • This response is for Sav (the person who posed the question), so I hope you eventually read this. I am very much like you, in that there is a part of me that believes in LOA, and another part of me that is more rational and skeptical of certain aspects. I have come to the conclusion that it is perfectly okay to have some skepticism! Who’s to say that we can’t just take what works for us and leave the rest? I personally believe that the law of attraction certainly has merit. But I do not believe for one minute that “Abraham” being channeled by Esther is anything more than a money-making venture. I also don’t believe that every single thing that happens in the world is simply a matter of vibration alignment. I will never believe that babies are raped and murdered because their vibrations were too low and they somehow attracted that kind of horror to themselves. I don’t care what any teacher or anybody else says, that simply does not ring true for me. And yes, I realize that we’re supposed to view raped babies as a “neutral” event, but I don’t. I do believe the law of attraction plays a vital role in our lives, but I do not believe that it is the end all and be all answer to everything that we experience. What is the end all and be all answer? I have no idea! And I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t know.

    I think all too often, human beings are afraid to admit that we just don’t know all there is to know about life, the universe, why we’re here, why certain things happen, etc. I think that’s why so many people cling to organized religion, because they can use the excuse that “god” has a plan for everyone and we’re not always privy to that plan, and some religions state that you’re not even supposed to question what that plan is. So they are, in a sense, turning all of their power over to this external being and figuring that whatever crap is thrown their way, they somehow deserve it because it’s part of “god’s” plan. I’ve noticed similar behavior in people who are strict proponents of LOA. But instead of turning their power over to an external being, they have accepted that every single thing that happens to them is a result of their own thoughts and vibrations. Everything. No matter what it is, they manifested it themselves. Nothing else is at play. Sorry, but I don’t buy that. Like I said, I just don’t believe that the law of attraction is the reason for every single thing that happens to us. I clearly remember an incident a couple years ago where this family (both parents and 4 young kids) was traveling for the holidays. They were in a car accident, and all 4 kids died but the parents survived. Just like that, 4 dead children. The pain those parents experienced simply can’t be described in words. And I don’t believe for one minute that they attracted that experience to themselves.

    I think that life and the universe are extremely complex. And I don’t think that LOA provides us with all the reasons or answers any more than organized religion does. But it is human nature for us to want those answers. We want to know what the hell this is all about. And we may meet different people and teachers and mentors, etc who can provide us with a different perspective and way of looking at things. And those perspectives may be quite beneficial. But we have to remember, these people are just human beings just like us. They’re here in this human body, on this earthly plane just like the rest of us. So no matter how enlightened or advanced they may appear to be, they can really only speak on what they choose to believe and what rings true to them. They don’t have any absolute answers any more than you or I do. So don’t feel like you have to completely disregard everything about LOA just because there are some aspects that you may not agree with. Likewise, don’t feel like you have to totally deny your skepticism if it feels right to you to be skeptical about certain aspects. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing on either side. These are just my personal views. I realize much of what I said probably won’t be popular on this particular forum, but I had to say what I feel.

    • It is very popular with me, Samantha.

      Probably the most sane comment I read on this site.

      Funny how people believe it’s ok to ignore the font from which the advice is coming. Makes me think of those people under the spell of this guys in the twenties. He was able to captivate millions of minds with his amazing ideas. Sure, some of those ideas were a little wacky and were against common sense, but boy, didn’t what he said rang true to so many people!!
      (btw, his name was Adolf).

      So, go ahead people, never vet the font where the advice comes from. That is going to serve you very well.

  • I think the best way to see if LOA is real is to try it and see if it works for you. 🙂 I do believe that it works because I have manifested things. A couple of years ago I said that if the Law of Attraction is real I wanted a certain film to come on TV in the next couple of days. It didn’t happen in the next couple of days but a few days later it was on! Also I sometimes get questions answered, like last year I wondered if the gothic metal band Lacuna Coil had a video for their song End Of Time because I wanted to put it on my blog and then when I checked my email later that day, I had an email from YouTube and the End Of Time video was one of my recommendations.

    A couple of months ago I read an article about asking for treats (stuff that is a treat for you and would make you feel good) and I wrote a list of Energetic and Physical treats I wanted. I just looked at the list now and realised I got 6 out of 11 things on the list! One was an iTunes voucher, I’d wanted one for ages so I was planning to save up and get a £15 one but then I had lots of points in my Maximiles account (rewards programme) that I hadn’t used so I had a look at the rewards and I ended up getting a £25 iTunes voucher. That was really cool. 🙂

    So it’s a good idea to experiment and see what you can manifest. 🙂 Here’s a link to the article about treats if anyone’s interested:

    I think the energetic ones (like how you want to feel e.g. peaceful, calm) are harder to measure but it’s worth trying both categories.

  • Fabulous post! I suspect that most of us here have struggled with questions like these at points through our LOA journey and have worked our way through them to some understanding that works for us.

    I’m an engineer with a strong background in “hard” science, and I decided years ago that I’m probably never going to truly understand LOA, but it doesn’t matter. I just know it works, and I trust it will continue to work, so I go on faith.

    My intro to LOA was (as with a lot of people) Abraham/Hicks. I don’t believe in channeled entities [ which doesn’t matter: my belief or lack of it doesn’t affect whether they exist or not, and if they do I imagine there’s some eye-rolling going on, and I’m ok with that]. What I believe is that Esther (and other channelers) accessed her own “knowing”, but, for whatever reason, is more comfortable believing that this information is actually coming from outside her own Self. And I’m ok with that, too.

    I can see why: when I’m in close “contact” with my own Self, and my own “knowing”, it sounds like a voice in my head, and I could easily believe that it was someone else’s voice instead of my own [and, hell, maybe it is!]. My internal shit detector works the same way. If I listen to it, it pretty much always steers me away from the charlatans & fruitcakes, although I often couldn’t tell you — logically — why I know that.

    Same with those people I believe DO have a true connection to the Universe or Cosmic Divine or whatever you want to call it. Melody is certainly one. And while I don’t find Esther Hicks’ material resonates with me much anymore (or rather, her delivery of the material), I do believe every word she says is true.

    We all learn in different ways, so it makes sense to me that there are a lot of different ways to teach, & a lot of different teachings. Because someone’s methods or interpretations don’t work for me doesn’t make them wrong or untrue. It just means I have to keep looking for the teacher — and teachings — that do. Even the charlatans & fruitcakes have something to teach me if I’m willing to stay open.

    Many years ago, I worked with a guy who, when he heard something that sounded patently untrue to him, would say, “Don’t eat that, Elmer–that’s horseshit”. To this day, 30-odd years later, I find myself saying that same thing now & again. I think deep down, all of us can tell the difference. We just have to learn to listen to ourselves.

    • Hi Susann, This part of your comment—

      I can see why: when I’m in close “contact” with my own Self, and my own “knowing”, it sounds like a voice in my head, and I could easily believe that it was someone else’s voice instead of my own [and, hell, maybe it is!].

      I LOVE this part of your comment. That voice you’re talking about, I feel the same way about it. It talks differently. Perhaps it is me pretending to be all cool and confident(which brings me to Melody’s post on where you get to act as if) but that voice, I swear it doesn’t sound like mine. I mean it sounds like mine inside my head but it sounds like a very composed, calm, sure voice. A voice that surely knows. It’s not my wavering, unstable, frightened voice. Okay, maybe I’m faking it but if it makes me feel confident why not. 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted to say I really liked your comment. <3 Thank you!! Have a beautiful week.

  • I discovered Abraham (Esther) Hicks not long ago and was listening to her videos non-stop. I do find the whole part about channeling a group of beings a little too “woo woo” but I like the basic premise of her (their?) message and it resonates with me.

    Also I was really grateful to see Melody explain in an older post on dating that if there’s no chemistry or connection with a date that you should move on and not waste your time. The reason I bring it up is because a few months ago I was following another LOA guru who kept insisting (and devoted a blog post to it) that you SHOULD continue to date someone with no chemistry because it will develop and it’s not an indicator of a successful relationship. She kept hitting us over the head with it on her Facebook page…that and she kept telling women that we absolutely MUST go online to meet our soulmates because that is taking inspired action from the universe (um…no it’s not if that’s not what your gut is telling you to do.) Just really odd. I even made a comment on her FB page and she kept saying that was how she met her husband. Well good for you, but not everyone meets their soulmate online. You could meet them anywhere! And in my experience, chemistry IS either there or it’s not when you meet someone…or at least after a couple of dates. And this applies not just to chemistry with a possible love match, but friends, family member and colleagues as well. How many of us have interviewed with someone and we just knew right off the bat that we wouldn’t be able to stand working for him or her? As much as I’ve been working my way through attracting a soulmate and trying to determine and release any blockage, this is one area of my life where my intuition has never failed me.

    Needless to say, I stopped following this person, rushed back into the loving arms of Melody’s advice and won’t look back!

    • Pam, it seems to me that you focused on “finding” your man and “waiting” for him to appear.
      The universe will do its best to make sure you have more of the “looking” and “waiting” moments.

      Secondly, you are over complicating relationship.

      Next time you are dating a man, remember that you are having a relationship with 2 people
      1. With yourself
      2. With the man.

      If you like yourself while you are with him = 1
      If you like him while you are with him = 1
      If you hate either yourself or him while you are dating = -1

      1 1 = 2 : yes you should continue
      1-1= 0 : no this is a waste of time.

      For me, if a relationship is not good enough to be simple, then its not good enough.

      • With all due respect, where are you getting those assumptions from reading my latest comments? I was saying that there are a lot of LOA gurus out there whose main goal is to help people manifest a partner, and this one particular woman didn’t jive with me.

  • Loa is real, even if some teachers out there are dubios (in my humble opinion). Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. I found LOA long before I even read about it. I didn’t know what it was called and how it works exactly, but I knew it was there. Luckily, we don’t have to trust anyone else. We can always experience it ourselves. It’s good to hear other peoples experiences and perspectives, but when I really am in doubt I ask god for reassurance. For me it came in the most unexpected way.

  • There are lots of people out there who say “The LOA is BS and it it doesn’t work” and they are right – it is exactly what is reflected in their current reality. There are also lots of people who say “The LOA is amazing and it works like clockwork…” and they are right as well – it is what is reflected in their current reality.

    However, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about something, the only important question is: What serves you and what resonates with you? You may listen to AH to get a better understanding on how you can work with the LOA and there will be concepts that serve you perfectly well (use them to your advantage) and there will also be ideas you don’t agree with at all…

    Anyone outside of you can only remind you of things you already know, they can only act as messengers, but they can’t change or transform you (the only thing that really counts) – this transformation needs to come from YOU.

    So, ultimately you will need to step into the role of becoming your own Master, because you are living in and creating your own universe and no one knows your own, unique universe better than you.

  • I have always hated the name Law Of Attraction and didn’t know why.
    (I love the theory, just hated the name)
    Melody’s post inspired me to Google and this is what I have found.


    ” Escaping Law of Attraction Limbo
    May 27, 2011 | By Debi Berndt |

    Remember when you first learned of the law of attraction? Whether it was decades ago or just recently with the release of the movie “the Secret,” do you feel like you still don’t completely get how it works? At first, you feel liberated and in control of your life’s destiny. Then, after a few weeks or months practicing affirmations, vision boards and spiritual mantras to call in your beloved, the money or perfect health, you get frustrated with yourself and this whole idea.

    You start to wonder if it really works and if these experts are just selling you snake-oil and getting rich over this big scam. Or, you may be one of those who blame yourself and feel like something is wrong with you because you can’t manifest things like the woman in your spiritual circle who brags about all the money she has attracted with her vision board.

    What I find in working with thousands of people across the world throughout the years is something that keeps most people stuck in their same love patterns, money patterns and health problems regardless of the many law of attraction tricks they attempt. Besides the subconscious component that is often ignored with many of the law of attraction teachers, this problem is something even bigger.

    The biggest setback with the law of attraction is the name itself. The word “attraction” is misleading because it implies that what you want is outside of you. You were lead to believe that love and money is separate from you, an external thing or person that will be brought to you from out there. There is a gap and separation here that gives that external thing or person that you desire all the power. You were led to believe that this thing you want contains all the happiness, joy and well-being that you don’t have yet.

    When I learned about this law it was called by another name…the “Law of Correspondence.” This is actually a more accurate description of this law. What is within you (subconscious & conscious thoughts, energy, emotions, etc.) corresponds to what you experience out there. YOU are the creator and the source of all you want is within.

    So you don’t need to attract anything outside of you, you can create it from your own beingness. If you believe you are one with the universe and God/Divine, then there is no separation. You have access to all the love and abundance all the time, flowing from you out not out there to you.

    Law of attraction limbo is created by the illusion that you need to attract something into your life from out there. Let’s make the picture clearer for you. Imagine a donkey with the stick and carrot in front of him. The law of attraction makes you follow the carrot. There is always a gap between where you are and what you want. So the donkey gets tired and never gets the carrot. He is separate from the carrot so he can never attract it.

    So, how do you have all the love and money you want? I know you have to pay your rent and have intimate relationships and be healthy. But when you need something, you don’t resonate with the energy of it whether it is love or money. Instead the need creates a projection of lack or desperation. You wait to attract the thing you want to have the feeling of it. This always causes that gap between you and the carrot.

    The law of attraction limbo is created by falling for these traps:

    Trap No. 1: Believing that what you want is greater than you. (You really want a feeling not a person/thing. The feeling is already inside.)

    Trap No. 2: Believing that having things or people in your life defines you in any way or something you need to attain to prove something, make you better, more likable or worthy.

    Trap No. 3: Thinking you need to be more spiritually enlightened to manifest what you want.

    Trap No. 4: Believing that having these things or people will make you happier than you are right now.

    Trap No. 5: Thinking that having more money or finding love is hard and you have to do a lot of inner work to be able to have your dream life.

    Trap No. 6: Fate or destiny intervenes with your desires.

    You were trained from the time you were a child to seek approval, get good grades, earn degrees, do well at work to get a raise or promotion and so on. It is normal for you to believe that you can apply the law of attraction the same way. If you do it right and do it well, then you will get something in return from out there.

    You are already creating your life. You have been doing it all along. If you can look at your life and not blame external circumstances or fate that your life is the way it is, you can then begin to take responsibility for everything. Do not get into blaming yourself because much of what you have created has been from subconscious material. Not all of what you have in your life is your conscious choice, but you did choose it on a deeper level. If you look at everything in your life, you can begin to see how powerful you are that created every great day and every no-so great day.

    You can take credit for all the money and opportunities and love that surround you now as well as all the bad business deals, heartbreaks, losses of income and even people stealing from you. You have to believe you create it all and not pick and choose what is fate and what is your own creation.

    Believe me, it would be so much easier to think that there is a force out there making decisions for you and leading you on a path of destiny. You can sit back, take a ride and feel sorry for yourself for your bad luck. You can explain the bad things by saying “everything happens for a reason” and the good things as if you were being specially blessed. People who believe this have no use for the law of correspondence.

    Law of attraction limbo is when you vacillate between being the creator and being a victim of circumstance. You can’t have it both ways. Pick a side.

    If you are one of those who know the truth, you know that you co-create your life with the divine (however you define him/her/it). You know that you have access to unlimited wealth, love, health and power. You already have the carrot in your possession and you enjoy the process of creation. You stop comparing yourself to what others have and know that all that you desire is already yours (even if it hasn’t manifested into physical reality yet).

    You truly know what William Ernest Henley meant in the words of Invictus, “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

    It is from this place that you can escape Law of Attraction limbo. You close the gap between what you want and what you have. You start to live in the moment and become free. You see your life as a beautiful movie where you are the producer instead of the actor reading someone else’s lines, victim to someone else’s script. Stand in that space right here knowing all you desire is already yours. Engage the feeling as if you have all you desire in your possession right now and simply claim it. Once you accept your powerful self, you will see more money, love and abundance in all areas flow to you effortlessly.”

    • Wow. The Law of Correspondence. That’s even better than the name I had for the LOA; I was calling it something totally different, but I like that even better.
      What you have shared reminds me of a phrase: “Perception is projection.”
      Thanks for this informaiton.

    • I’ve never cared for the term “Law of Attraction” either, for some reason. So I use “Law of Deliberate Creation” instead.

      Somehow, the word “attraction” seems pretty fuzzy, hit & miss & maybe a little arbitrary, as though I can do everything I’m “supposed” to but I still might not get what I want because I’m waiting for some force “out there” to give it to me. [Which for me brings up all sorts of old crap about worthiness & deserving & so on.] By the way, I’m not saying this is true, just that it’s what this phrasing FEELS like to me.

      On the other hand, “deliberate creation” feels solid, thought-out and very much something that *I* am in charge of. And if I’m in charge of it, that means if it’s not working for me, I can study, practice & learn until I get good enough to make it work.

      Don’t know if this makes any sense for anyone else, but it works for me.

  • Melody your post reminds me of this koan: If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him.
    Which translates to: no-one can tell you what to think or believe, not even the Buddha!
    If you think you have the answer, and are Enlightened, then you are not, and you need to kill that idea and keep looking.
    Quote: “Believe Nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it; even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason. And your own common sense.” – The Buddha.
    So you are in good company Melody when you order people to think for themselves. We all have our own mind. We get to decide everything. Its beautiful. Its scary. This is the truth.

    • I like your quotes..
      Melody….i cannot tell you how much sense your blog has helped me make of myself…i understood my fears better,my motivations even more so and my existential crisis lessened.I don’t agree with everything Esther says as i think that her ability to explain modern concepts is shaky….but i find you so much more gentle and humorous in understanding any questions sent to you…u never dismiss them and the most importantly u never show complacency or disdain towards any questions we might send your way………..thank u so much for being you coz it gives me the courage to be me.

  • Sav, Dr David Hamilton was a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry who became fascinated with the placebo effect. He has a website and written books about LOA which may help you keep your faith.

  • Wow!!!!
    This has blown me away!!!!!
    You see, I have just started reading a book, which allows people to actually prove the Law of Attraction to themselves: E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality (amazon) View in iTunes (US store)
    How I managed to stumble across the book is slightly strange in itself. Long story short, a website I wanted to go on was down, so then I started browsing through new age books, and found that one.
    I have done the first experiment, and this blog post seems to be the result. I would explain how, but I don’t know if I should write the contents of the first experiment, in case some of the author’s lawyers decide to define that as copyright infringement and chase me down or send a DMCA notice.
    I really didn’t think the experiment worked at first. I deleted my lab report, after the deadline ended for the experiment, and began thinking I was a mad fool. But then I opened my emails, and saw that this post had come through. Mind you, I had even done an innocent little visualization about sharing this book when I commenced the experiment. I still have a nagging voice in my head which is saying it is just one big coincidence, but I am trying not to let that get to me.
    Another good book which may count as scientific proof of LOA is The Science Behind the Secret, by Travis S. Taylor. amazon iTunes (US)
    And from the google searches that I have done, this guy looks legit.
    Just thought I would share this information.
    I hope that no one takes this as spam; the only reason I shared links here is so that people may be able to click the links and check them out. If any readers do not live in the US, I am hoping that their web browsers simply will go to the right store.

    • Hi Anon!
      That very book is the book that got me started. I tried the experiments. They worked. Then I HAD to learn more. Shortly after, within a couple of weeks, my teacher appeared (that would be Melody). All I had to do was google search “can I use LOA to win the lotto”. Lol! That led me here. That book was the best thing to ever happen to me. It led me here. ????
      I love this post and before I even read Melody’s reply I thought, who can really prove ANYTHING? I have learned that you have to take everything with a grain of salt. If it doesn’t make sense to you, then there is a reason. If it does resonate or make sense, there is a reason for that too. The U always has our backs and the answers we need will always appear when we are ready for them.

    • I came across that book at the end of last year. I haven’t read it yet but they have the first experiment on this website:

      I tried it and it worked. (You ask for a unexpected blessing or gift). I did try it again but it didn’t seem to work that time. Maybe because I thought I shouldn’t ask for another blessing or something. Although thinking about it, I don’t know why I should think you have to be limited to one! Maybe it’s a belief I have to work on.

  • Melody, are you going to breakup with us? If you are, I can see that you’re trying to make it less painful. My biggest fear is I will gravitate out of your reality and this post is just depressing for some reason. It’s beautiful and inspiring and gosh, I’m so grateful to have read it but I guess I’m not a student who is ready to hear the message it has.

      • Oh my, I just saw this message, darling Melody. I came back to read the wonderful comments which are mostly filled with so much goodness and such insight. This blog is a miracle and life saver. We love being stuck with you. xoxoxo Thank you soooooooo much, so so much. <3

  • This post had me repeating in my head this phrase that I heard, “What you think of me is none of my business. And what I think of you is none of yours.” It really helps release those dreaded insecurities.

  • Thank you Awesome Sav! Thank you Awesome Melody!

    Two gems that I stopped and re-read several times:
    (1) “What if the teacher that appears when the student is ready, is actually just some random messenger holding a mirror?”
    (2) “Death is not a failure to heal oneself.”

    That 2nd one is going to be important for me to remember. I don’t know why or when, but I feel the need to hold on to it…for now.

  • Wowza, be careful what you ask for! I needed that good old bitch slapping. Thank you!!!!! I got it loud and clear. It’s my life, and if I choose goodness so then messages of reminders will come lovingly from many different sources to keep me inspire (in spirit). I take a bit of this and a bit of that. And if something just doesn’t sit right with me and creates unease then I feel some conflict and I must leave it to the Universe to settle it for me. Sometimes I hold onto it for way to long but getting better with passing it on, as I did today I let it go to the Universe last night. Today, I took the time to read your post, some intuitive pull. I hadn’t for a while but today the answer presented itself as it was exactly what has been fluttering about me. My questioning! My skepticism! All because I have years of undoing and unlearning. Challenging, yes! My observation shows me that, for me, opening up to believing and having faith (the other end of fear) in your true self and stop worrying what others think, is the GOODNESS. So then Goodness is soooo good and loving reminder and confirmations like this today keep me open and growing xxx thanks heaps Melody talk about being in tune 🙂

  • This site makes more sense every time I read a post. It’s more real and blazingly honest w/o any care of offending for the sole purpose of expressing truth. Never lose that! I have been struggling the last couple of months with telling my ex (gulp..I hate that word) I love her so deeply and soulfully. She decided to end our relationship after 9 years together with a family, a home and a business. She left not bc of infidelity, or abuse or anything irrepareable. B/c of some things she said to me it seems she feels she made a mistake but her pride is big as Texas and she won’t ever tell me. It’s been almost 4 months now. We speak often . After reading this post, I wondered if I should even tell her at all how I feel. I figured she’s the one who left , not me so she should know how I feel. I now realize my decision to tell at all her must be guided by my feelings, I must think for myself and be guided by my decisions. I must be more discerning- something I have asked and prayed for over the last year or so. I must choose to believe what is true for me and what feels good regardless of my fear of looking silly, weak, desperate (which I’m very strong so clearly this is a non issue, lol) or whatever other reasons that I wouldn’t tell her. It would be a travesty if I died tomorrow ( which is a possibility everyday I go to work, b/c I fly in helicopters for a living) and she never heard what’s in my heart. Does she already know…? Maybe …but after reading this post I can’t not do what feels right and good to me. This wasn’t supposed to be a post about love feelings etc.. So sorry for the lengthy diatribe. But Melanie, you never know in what way your blog post will affect someone . After all.. What’s more important than making sure someone you love, knows it?!

  • Thank you for such a wonderful and detailed answer to this question, Melody. I find it useful in considering this type of question to remember, as you said, that everyone has to decide what is their own truth and measure the truth of any spiritual belief by what rings true for them. There is no way to “prove” any of the major world wide religions, yet many many people choose to adopt these beliefs systems, and some people even choose to kill others based on their interpretation of religious dogma.

  • Yes, no one can honestly know that anything is true with absolute certainty. They call it the theory of gravity for a reason. So I do not care if my beliefs are true, its not the metric that matters to me, because really what difference does it make?

    I evaluate my beliefs for pure functionality: does this belief allow me to be happier, stronger, braver, more loving, creative, and free? Does this belief bring me closer to what I want to feel? That’s what I care about.

  • What I love is resontating is true, and that channeling or other worlds does not seem weird if you have almost died or been through NDA. I actually admire that Jerry and Esther made mistakes and were not perfect, that speaks volumes

  • Thanks to Awesome Sav for this deep question and special thanks for your precision in answering is such a down to earth way.
    You’ve given us a lot to absorb.

  • I’ll admit to having struggled with the whole channeling thing to. It’s hard not be skeptical of that sort of thing, because it sounds so freaking weird in the face of everything most of us have been brought up to believe. And when you see the kind of business empire that gets built around these things, it is hard not to get jaded.

    The way that I dealt with this was to stop wondering whether Esther Hicks was faking it or not. I read the books, I liked a lot of what was said in the books, and a lot of it made sense and resonated with me. I decided that it didn’t matter one way or the other whether Esther and Jerry made up Abraham as a ploy to help sell their stuff or not. What mattered to me was WHAT was being said, rather than who was actually saying it. The fact was, regardless of the source, a lot of the material made sense to me and helped me to grow, and to understand a lot of things.

    I believe that what Esther is teaching (whether it’s from herself or from Abraham, and I still don’t know and don’t really care about the answer to that) does a lot of good in the world and that it helps us all to make the world a better place for everyone. And that’s good enough for me.

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