Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question: “How can you tell the difference between a manifestation that is there to bring you what you want, or a manifestation that is there so you can release a limiting belief? Let me explain.

In several posts, like the post about your water heater, you say that a manifestation we perceive as negative (for example, your heater breaking down, or you losing your job) is a means to giving you what you want (a gas heater, or your dream job). There are also ‘negative’ manifestations that are there to show you that you have a limiting belief that you need to release in order to get what you want. I understand from your posts that both kinds of manifestations could evoke negative feelings. Is there any way to tell them apart? Because I sometimes get manifestations that don’t feel positive, but I can’t seem to find a limiting belief. Does that mean they are ‘necessary’ to get what I want?”

Dear Awesome Dudette,

Ah yes, the old Water Heater story. I really enjoyed re-reading that. For those of you who don’t want to or don’t have time to click through and familiarize yourself with the story, let me recap it for you:

In June 2011 (when this blog was still all new and shiny), my water heater decided to burst all over my kitchen late one Friday night. Big hassle. I stayed positive for a long time, using thoughts such as “This might lead to that gas heater you’ve been wanting all along” to keep me focused in a good feeling place. But then, issues ensued and I ended up taking cold showers for 3 weeks (not pleasant). My mood dropped and I finally had to admit that I wasn’t having fun anymore. I sat myself down on a Saturday, did the work to shift my energy, and my Monday, the solutions came flooding in.

In this case, my water heater busting like that was clearly a sign of resistance, designed to get me to finally face a limiting belief I’d been ignoring (in this case, the belief was a need to be perfect and a fear that if I wasn’t, I’d look like a fraud. Silly, silly past version of Melody…) But what if it hadn’t been? What if, as I originally thought hoped, the water heater had only broken down in order to make room for a better one? How could I have known the difference?

Negative emotion = Resistance

I know. This stuff can get really confusing. It’s not always black and white. But in this case, it’s actually quite easy. Follow this rule: If there is any negative emotion present, the manifestation is, at least in part, about resistance.

Let’s break this down a bit, shall we? In the case of the water heater story, let’s say that I had been a match to a new water heater, but didn’t have any resistance that the experience of a break down could help me shift. In that case, the water heater might’ve still broken down (in order to make room for a new one), but it wouldn’t have done it at the worst possible time: Friday night. It also would’ve been resolved quickly and easily. Now, I might’ve still had a twinge of negative emotion, but this would’ve been due to not trusting 100% in the fact that this seemingly inconvenient event was actually something really positive. If that belief wasn’t very strong, though, I would’ve easily been able to soothe it and the whole experience would’ve probably been over within a day.

Now clearly, I was a match to a new water heater. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten one. However, I also had some resistance that was holding me back in my life, which a water heater breakdown could perfectly help to highlight. My resistance wasn’t to the water heater per se, it was something more general that affected multiple manifestations and my happiness overall. The Universe could’ve used any number of experiences to mirror this limiting belief back to me, but this one was the path of least resistance. So, it got the job.

When the water heater burst, I had an initial reaction. But, being the happy shiny puppy that I am, I chose to ignore it and just deal with the situation logistically first. No big whoop. I even felt proud of myself for not flipping out. And, at first, it looked like the situation would be resolved quickly. Only, then it wasn’t. The longer I went without hot water, the worse it felt. In other words, my belief and the associated feeling, was given a chance to get bigger and bigger, until I finally couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Beware of Denial

To put it more bluntly, when the water heater first exploded, I went into a slight bit of denial. “This isn’t that bad”, “I can handle this”, “I’m sure this is happening for a reason”, were my mantras. And while there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with these statements, in this case, I was using them to gloss over the fact that I was, in fact, experiencing negative emotion. The resolution didn’t come until I finally threw down the gloves and admitted that I wasn’t feeling nearly as good about the whole thing as I was pretending to and then delved into that. I had to own the feeling before I could release it.

By the way, the “I’m sure this I happening for a good reason” justification has gotten me into trouble on several occasions. In an attempt to be all Zen and shit, I’ve glossed over my subtle negative emotions more than once. But don’t worry, when we don’t face our negative feedback, it gets bigger. So I always end up resolving it in the end. How can you know when that sentence (or any other) is actually bringing you relief or is just helping you stay in denial? Why, by the way you feel, of course. Only, you have to be honest about how you feel. Of course, none of us is dishonest on purpose, but we do have a real tendency to lie to ourselves, particularly when the discomfort isn’t all that bad.

To illustrate this point further, let me give you another example. I’ve seen this pattern many times in people who have physical ailments. Meet Susan, who has been suffering from horrible migraines for years. These severe headaches are tied to Susan’s deep seeded fears of losing control (which also make her a total control freak). She feels quite powerless and has no trust in the process or the Universe. Subsequently, everything is a huge struggle for her. The tension of trying to keep everything together with her own two hands has translated literally into tension headaches. And they’re getting worse.

When the migraines finally get too painful for her, she “gives up”, spends a couple of days in bed and manages to manifest a healer who gives her some herbs that, in combination with the rest, actually help a great deal. The forced bed rest also give Susan an opportunity to see that not everything depends on her. Her family have the ability to fend for themselves and could actually be doing much more to help than they usually do, if only she ever let them. She vows to change her ways, take better care of herself and delegate more. Susan emerges from her rest feeling tons better. The headaches have decreased and are clearly on their way out. Oh happy day.

But, free from the pain that “forced” her to change, Susan soon returns to her old patterns. She takes over all tasks, has no trust that anyone else will do as good a job as her, and places the fate of the whole freaking Universe squarely on her own shoulders again. Until the headaches come back, that is, and she’s forced to remember her lesson. This will continue until Susan is so sick of the cycle of pain that she finally decides to change for good.

The point of this story is this: Many of us are unwilling to make any kind of change until it becomes too painful NOT to, even when we are consciously aware that making that change will make us feel better. We need the incentive the discomfort provides to spur us into action. And no, this isn’t part of human nature, it’s just a deeply ingrained belief, but it is pretty prevalent and the main reason why we insist on manifesting so much crap into our lives. We need the crap as an incentive to move away from whatever it represents.

How the Universe gets our attention

Now, back to your question and the water heater story. The Universe used my water heater manifestation, to which I had no or very little resistance, as a means to help me shift my vibration upwards in a way that would benefit me in much bigger ways. Of course it did. How else would it go about showing me my resistance?

The Universe has to use something you’re already a match to, something you’re already able to manifest, to mirror back anything to you. If you weren’t already a match to that something (the water heater in this case), it couldn’t manifest at all. You’d have to manifest something else in order to help you become a match to the water heater. So, the only manifestations that the Universe CAN use to smack you in the face with your limiting beliefs are the ones you’re already able to allow. It will then choose from amongst all the stuff you already have access to, and find the experience that is best able to represent a particular limiting belief and trigger you in just the perfect way. The experience (aka the water heater blowing up and not having any hot water) is able to elicit the exact same emotions that the underlying fear (not being perfect, being ousted as a fraud) does. This is how you figure out that you have such a belief – you ask yourself how the experience felt, what exactly bothers you about it and you keep asking until you find answers. And don’t worry, if you can’t figure it out, the manifestation will grow and give you more emotional information until you have enough of a picture.

Everything is necessary

You ask in your question if a negative manifestation is “necessary” to you getting what you want. But this question is redundant. Everything is necessary to you getting what you want. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be in your reality. Everything that manifests for you is a match to your current vibration. What you experience and how you do so is determined by your beliefs, your perspectives and how closely aligned they are with Who You Really Are (the vibration at which you constantly get everything you want in perfect timing). Nothing ever manifests by accident or coincidence. It all means something. Now, before you run off and make yourself crazy trying to figure out what EVERYTHING means, keep in mind that if something is important for you to take care of, it will get your attention in a way that you eventually cannot ignore. If it’s not important, if you’re not hanging on to something in a detrimental way, if a simple manifestation you weren’t even all that aware of causes you to shift, it will just gravitate out. Not every problem needs to be solved consciously. In fact, your conscious mind can’t solve any problems at all. It CAN totally get in the way, though. Any deliberate work we do serves the purpose of getting the conscious mind out of the way so that it will allow the shifting to take place.

So, when ANYTHING happens in your reality, anything at all, you can safely assume that it happened for your benefit, whether it seems positive or negative in the moment. The more allowing you are of that, the more you can get into this positive viewpoint, the faster you’ll be able to figure out what’s being mirrored back to you. When you push against the event, you may be doing so from the belief that bad things just happen to you (or something like that), which is probably totally unrelated to the actual belief that caused the manifestation. After all, you can’t go looking for the underlying cause when you don’t truly believe in a cause and effect scenario. If bad things just randomly happen to you, there probably is no cause. If that’s your belief, the underlying belief will never be found.

When you can allow anything to happen in your reality without freaking out, when you trust that even though you may not yet know the reason something happened, there definitely is one, you open yourself up to finding it. Keep in mind that this process isn’t necessarily instantaneous. In my story, it took me 3 weeks to finally figure it out, mostly because even though I stayed open to finding a solution, I was a little too adamant about feeling good and therefore had to get well and truly annoyed before I finally broke down and admitted to the negative emotion I was feeling.

This is why the belief that everything happens for a reason, that we are not powerless, that no matter what a positive solution is possible, is such a powerful one and a requirement to becoming a truly effortless manifestor. It opens us up to even being able to find those root causes (you can’t find a root cause if you don’t believe it exists), and also keeps us from experiencing any more trauma than we need to. If I’d freaked out about the water all over my kitchen, I would’ve had that negative experience PLUS the three weeks of cold water. I could’ve easily complained the entire time, creating more negative momentum unrelated to the original cause of the event, attracting all kinds of other crap into my reality. As it was, because I was able to keep myself in a happy place, the experience was rather gentle. I still had to have the experience (it was the path of least resistance for this particular belief), but it didn’t have to get any worse than necessary. On that note, I just want to point out that I was the one in charge of the time frame, not the Universe. It took me 3 weeks to face my emotions. That was my choice, even though it wasn’t a conscious one. It took me that long to be ready to have my epiphany. The Universe didn’t make the experience last even a second longer than it needed to. My water was restored within 48 hours, an absolutely unheard of time frame where I live, so basically, as fast I could possibly allow given my beliefs.

Bottom line

There really is no difference between manifestations that are there to bring something about, and manifestations that are there to show you something. It’s all the same. If a manifestation is bringing something about in a way that doesn’t feel good to you, you have resistance. If a manifestation of any kind doesn’t feel good to you, you have resistance. Just because manifestations can serve double duty (bring another manifestation about AND mirror your resistance back to you) doesn’t mean they’re different in this respect. In fact, just about all manifestations are serving not only double, but multiple duty. When you take a good look at co-creations, you’ll start to get the idea of just how many purposes one single manifestation can serve. The perfection of how everything is connected is mind-blowingly beautiful. And complicated as hell. I’m so glad that we don’t have to be in charge of orchestrating all these connections using our puny little conscious minds. That’s the Law of Attraction’s job. All we have to do is set our intentions, relax, and know that whatever happens is there to get us closer to what we want by either taking us someplace we want to go (in which case negative emotion would indicate resistance to where it’s taking you or a general lack of trust in the process), or by blatantly mirroring back some piece of resistance that’s blocking you from going further. Do you see how it’s really all the same? In either case, simply ask yourself what it is that you’re feeling and why. Find the stupid decision you made or adopted from someone else and make a different one. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Because, really, that’s the whole point.

For further reading on this topic, you can also check out: Dear LOA: How Can I Tell What My Random Negative Manifestations Mean?

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  • Oops nevermind! I should have read the other negative manifestations article before this one. You’ve already covered everything. It’s about powerlessness. thank you thank you thank you! mind blown. I have no words for this appreciation!! :O

  • Oops I should clarify. I seems like both examples of the things breaking down are very similar, yet there is different advice for each one, and my question is why is that…? In the other example, shouldn’t she have been straight up with her negative emotion, and then explore the resistance behind it? instead of trying to focus on seeing the car positively, shouldnt she have been exploring the reason why it made her so damn annoyed (the resistance)? forgive me I am just trying to figure this one out 🙂

  • I have a question. There seems to be something I’m stuck on. I’m relating this point to another post- “the “almost” manifestation and what you’re doing wrong”
    you describe in that post, that the Lady ( I can’t remember her name) needs to focus on feeling positive about her positive, broken down car, in order for her to attract a new one. In that situation I can picture myself in her shoes, with the annoyance taking over, my question is, isn’t it possible to slip into denial, trying to feel good about something ( like you described in this post)? What happens then? What would the lady with the car have done if she just felt so conflicted ( both annoyed, and, trying to make an (albeit) inauthentic ( in the sense that it doesnt come from a truly positive place, because you are just so damn annoyed) attempt to view the situation ( the car breaking down) positively?

  • Oh,well…It would be great to find out what the hell the same thing always happen to me.I tried to figured out what the hell it is for years now,and its so frustrating not know why i keep manifesting the same shit over and over again.It makes me so mad ,that i starting to give up the whole loa,energy and all other crap altogether.Whats the point to look for information,if nothing seems to help?Really…The messages here in other places used to help me a lot,but now,nothing its working anymore.Im just freaking tired of trying to find out what am i doing wrong…

  • Hi Melody
    First may I thank you for allowing me into your world which I think is fascinating.
    I am aspiring to be a successful writer and successfully achieved a degree in movie production concentrating on the writing end of things and I write every day. I have 2 books published on Amazon but they are just dripping with few sales every month.
    Thus my intention is to become a successful writer allowing me to travel where and when I want so I would be financially stable with a positive income coming in every month. I have visualised this and the feeling is superb and I do feel that I am on the periphery of my intention. I have set my goals by writing and knocking on doors as the industry demands. I know that I am near the finishing line so to speak but I want to get across it so how do I achieve this? I have tried to align my vibration with that of success in the universe and it is this I feel where I am falling short.
    How do I actually attune my vibration with the universe for the success I want?
    Can you suggest how I would achieve this please?
    Kindest regards from Awesome ME
    Dominic McKevitt

  • Yes! Awesome post! I completely resonate with everything you are saying. I have been slowly raising my vibration by just noticing whatever negative emotions come up, and addressing them, not forcing my vibration artificially higher, which tends to create more insistently dire physical manifestations in my experience. What comes up, must come down–when there is a lot of gravitational force pulling it down that is:)

    Everything is feedback:

    The cat pees in the dirty laundry (when she never does that) oh, hello lingering shame!

    The dishwasher gets clogged: time to work through a deeper level of creative/money block.

    An animal moves into the bedroom wall: I am still trying too hard to be positive, forcing instead of letting things flow.

    I lock myself out of my computer accidentally: why yes, there is more fear of success.

    Just a few minor occurrences from the last few months. All of them resolved as soon as I addressed the underlying issue. It’s counter-intuitive to the whole LOA need to be positive at any cost ideology, but it works!

  • I have been trying to solve my families money problems for 3 yrs. It seems the more positively I focus the crueller the Universe gets. How can starving my kids and losing everything be benefiting me? I’ve worked on my limiting beliefs and read positive affirmations, worked on raising my vibration, etc etc. Today was a very awkward day as I may be dragging my birth family down with me. WTF Universe! Are you f***ing dense?! I said MORE money, NOT more debt!

    • This was my initial response – yes yes yes, I know, talk about a bad attitude. I calmed down and realised that the Universe loves me and is only revealing to me my limiting beliefs and total vibrational package. So, instead of fighting it, I intend to clean up my vibration. I love you Universe for showing me what and who I am. I am sorry for not seeing it before and therefore having you to show me in greater intensity until I finally opened my eyes. Please Forgive me for ranting and railing, instead of seeing myself as you see me. A beautiful expression of life. Thank you for supporting all my beliefs and vibrational offering, without judgement.

      • Maryam, this is exactly what I was referring to earlier! Do you or (anyone else) think there could be some unrecognized subconscious stuff that needs to be dealt with as opposed to just affirming , “I need to align/raise my vibration.” After all, we all have deep, buried stuff and maybe just maybe it needs to be addressed by subliminal message correction. I’ve read so much lately on subconscious being a big, unrecognized reason for lack of results. Is this possible? And maybe when LoA’ers aren’t getting results they are missing the mark..? Ie- aligning versus digging in to the subliminal closet. If we never address the subconscious, can we “get there eventually?” As always thanks in advance.

        • Absolutely! There is something underlying. I obviously have a belief that is keeping me from receiving. Until I actually address the underlying belief I guess I’ll continue to bang my head against a brick wall. Just some possibles – I used to believe that money was evil. I thought I’d cleaned that up and seen money as it really is – a transformational tool that can benefit mankind. But if the money still isn’t coming, clearly I need to go back to the drawing board. I also had a belief, from my past, that I wasn’t good enough. Again, I thought I’d cleaned that up. But, clearly, I need to go back to the drawing board on that one too. The fact that the beliefs won’t clear up and are stubbornly sticking like glue could also be a belief of mine which I may need to clear up. I can see that whatever I attract is just vibrational feedback – but it isn’t easy to be that objective when faced with certain situations. But then again, that too could be a belief…

        • Hey Kathy,
          I recognize your problem. I too sometimes get overwhelmed by the thought that there are some things that I’ll never be able to fix, just because I don’t know what the root causes are. But then I remind myself that I need to trust the process. I use Melody’s recorded coaching calls as a tool to distract myself from these thoughts and they always lift me up. Many people have a tendency to forget that it is a PROCESS and that impatience does not speed things up, but actually slows things down. The hidden stuff won’t be hidden forever, but what I have learned over the past couple of years is that you cannot start at the finish.
          My LOA process went somewhat like this: when I first discovered LOA I thought it would be a shortcut to money, a big house and a glorious life. However, as I went down the process (i.e. when I still had not got my BIG reward after spending a whole year of saying stuff like “I am a millionaire, woohoo” etc.) I accepted that it was in fact a PROCESS and that I could take my time with it.
          I started to back off. How? By only trying to change the little stuff. For example, when something shitty happened and I got annoyed, sad, angry or whatever I tried to figure out why exactly I felt like that, by asking myself what I did not like about it. Sometimes my annoyance was directly related to the situation; in that case the whole thing could be resolved just by changing my focus. For example, one time I got stuck in traffic and I got really angry about it. Why? Because I really needed to pee, so I wanted to get home as fast as possible. Then, all I did was imagining how great it feels to relieve your bladder when you really need to go (yeah, that’s an awkward example, but it was the first thing that popped in my head, sorry)… And, voila, then it was all green lights and everyone giving me right-of-way. I was home before I knew it.
          My point is: these are the EASY ones. And by this I mean that there are also DIFFICULT ones. I make this distinction because I have noticed that some unwanted situations are very quickly resolved, while others aren’t. With the easy ones I am able to answer the question “what is bothering me about this thing?” right away. The answer brings me instant relief and, moreover, there is an instant reward after I change my focus. The shitty thing is resolved within a day, or sometimes even within the hour.
          When this happens, I know there is not some other “unrecognized subconscious stuff” that I am just not ready to deal with.

          Lately, I have attracted some things into my life that are related to my bigger issues. I believe I am ready to deal with them now, because I have had enough practice with the easy stuff.
          The way I see it, is that the BIG/DIFFICULT things are like onions. They consist of many layers. The problem is that you cannot see through the layers. You cannot see the heart of the onion (or the root belief).
          How do I know whether I am dealing with an easy of difficult issue? Simple: when I ask myself what is bothering me about a certain situation and it seems as though the answer won’t come out, then I know for sure that it’s a difficult one. In these cases, when I try to write down what’s bothering me, my answer feels like a stream of verbal diarrhea. The REAL answer does not come easily to me and it often reveals multiple (false) beliefs. In addition, these beliefs are multifaceted and therefore very complex. It takes a lot more time to get to the root of the problem (or to peel the onion) with these issues. In my early LOA days I often tried to meditate on a specific issue by doing the following: I want to be rich. However, I am not rich, so obviously I have money issues. So, what are they Universe, show me, show me!!!
          Yeah, that was very helpful :s
          In my case, the money issue is layered and some parts of it are still not entirely clear to me, but I am getting there. There are several (unrelated) root causes, whereas I was looking for ONE false belief. Furthermore, I was convinced that the problem had something to do with money, while this is not the case at all! Now I am dealing with these different aspects one at a time. And I kind of like it that way. I noticed that the deeper you go into it, the more subtle or specific it becomes.

          So I agree with you that we all have some things hidden in ourselves that you may not be entirely aware of, but I have noticed that they all come out when you are ready, so no worries there. Actually, I am glad that I get to deal with it one at a time. Imagine what would happen if it all came out at once…

          • I love the community of readers here where we have all done our best to answer Kathy’s questions! Maryam and Lisa, thank you for sharing your processes for dealing with limiting beliefs. I find your processes very helpful!

          • This is one of the reasons why I love the Law of Attraction. When we have these negative experiences, even though they may upset us, when we calm down we can take responsibility for them. We genuinely ask ourselves why it’s happened and we can then begin to shift what ever belief that caused the situation to occur. It’s not about life happening TO us, it’s not about random circumstances getting in our way.

            Lisa is right when she says that those bigger beliefs take more time though. For me, it first began with a heavy doubt that I could manifest money. That all seemed pretty simple until I eventually discovered a huge fear of wealth beneath that! I mean, it would literally upset my stomach and make me so anxious. I had a deep fear that money could cause more problems and I was essentially giving my power to it. Sooner or later, I tried using the vibrational ladder technique and thought: “How money affects your life depends on how you use it.” That immediately felt a lot better. That was last year.

            Recently, I’ve been raising my vibration and one day the same fear popped back up… that, and a fear of losing all of my money one day if I’d manifested it. At first I was a bit disappointed, thinking that I’d gone backwards instead of forward, but then I remembered what Melody said. As you get into alignment with what you want, any obstacles are resistance are going to pop up so to be released. So this wasn’t a failure at all (to Kathy, this is also how you could find limiting beliefs. Entertain the idea of what you want and it’s likely that they’ll come up one way or another)! I realized a couple of things about this fear. For one, when I used the vibrational ladder technique and I felt better about money, I didn’t maintain that energy. I didn’t continue to build on it. This is something I often did when it came to the LOA in general: I would feel better and I would simply be in a good place for a day or two and that’s about it. I understand now that I have to be more consistent with feeling good and at ease if I want to manifest my intentions. Just yesterday, I was looking for ways to raise my vibration and stabilize it, but then I realized that all I have to do is shift it some and naturally, I’ll find things that will make it rise even more (or those things will find me), and that happened. In this case, it was one of Melody’s coaching calls she offered for free in 2012. I loved ittt!

            Anyway, anyway, the second thing I realized about this fear was that it wanted answers. Sometimes you can soothe your mind by providing a better-feeling thought, but for me, my mind wanted me to answer: Why shouldn’t I be afraid of money? Why shouldn’t I worry about becoming a money addict or something? So, one night I was rambling onto myself as I do so often, and I began thinking about this fear. I began telling myself of all of the reasons why I should trust myself with money, why it’s unlikely that I would become some kind of addict. I explained to myself the psychological reasons behind these kinds of addictions, I explained to myself that there’s a difference between “I want _____ item because I’d like to have it” and “I want _____ item because I want to impress others and feel better about myself.” People who tend to have that problem are looking for happiness and acceptance outside of themselves, and I know that those things must come from within to be truly authentic. I felt a lot better!

            So, avoiding what I did prior, I stuck with these realizations for a week or so instead of a day. The stomach pain that came from the anxiety about money began to subside. Now, I still feel like I have some work to do with this fear, but I do think a large portion of it has been released. I also have other beliefs concerning money that I think are keeping it from entering my reality, and those have to be reflected upon and shifted as well.

            What I’ve noticed about some of my resistance is that fear lies at the heart of it. But I can understand why. I’ve had the beliefs that a lot of us have begun to move away from, such as being at the mercy of life, not being able to control things, etc. These kinds of beliefs can of course instill a lot of anxiety in someone, and even though it can be difficult working through these things, I am enjoying the journey.

          • Jimminy crickets! Did I manifest these comments/answers?! What a wonderfully helpful response Lisa. Really! Is it ok to communicate back and forth here or is there another preferrable way to chat?

            Ok, so here goes:after reading your response to money, (it of course is one of my loa …wishes too) maybe I don’t have any terribly obvious “stuff” and it really is just a processs that takes time. For instance, I could give a rats ass what other people think ab me, my lifestyle or lack thereof, my stuff, etc. I wear 9 year old jeans, have zero debt, live in my dream home but also live pay ck to pay ck. weird I know so I def am not trying to get cash to impress anyone. When I do get extra cash I really don’t spend it. I don’t dream ab ” stuff. ” I just want freedom…freedom to go when I want, where I want, with whomever I want for as long as I want without having to check my bank acct before I do. I wanna eat sushi once a week without having to ck my act before I do. I wanna walk in to wal mart and pay off all the layaways…just bc I can. Would I buy stuff…of course I would, duh, but would everyone else I know (and don’t know) benefit from my bank roll.. You bet, and I would feel psyched. In the past when I’ve bought the car behind me in the drive thru, meal, I’m high for hours. I haven’t been able to do that recently but I think soon I can.

            I’ve been loa ing for ab 5 months but the abundance/money request started 3-4 months ago. Do you think it is possible to have multiple request ” out there” at the same time or is this detrimental?

            The onion thing is a great analogy and very helpful and I understand my easy or difficult situations much more clearly now. Your self awareness is very inspiring Lisa. And to know someone can actually sort out…what it all means is very encouraging!

            Is it accurate to say if I’m pissed off, frustrated, etc that in itself is resistance/ a limiting belief and to release the belief just start asking why am I really p.o.’d?

            Are the coaching calls you referenced free or pay?

            Again, thanks to everyone who contribute. It really is so helpful.


          • Glad I could help! And thanks for your kind words 🙂

            The way I understand it is that the Universe already knows what you want. However, when the thing that you want has not come into your reality yet, you are not aligning yourself with it properly. You really need to pay attention to the “yeah butt’s” during your visualization exercises. Furthermore, you need to take into account that you have to be really stable in your vibration, that is, you have to really, really mean it. You cannot “half-ass” it, as Melody calls it. The Universe will test you when you try to raise your vibration about something. It asks you: “do you really, really want this? Then show me! Make sure the ‘yeah butt’s’ are out of your system, human!” The Universe will send you a learning experience where you can prove that you really stand by your ‘newly adopted belief’. It’s kind of like the ultimate test where you prove to the Universe that you are in fact truly ready for the things you want.

            All my success stories are the result of very stubbornly holding my vibration. Btw, I’ve noticed that this does not mean that you have to think (positively) about your ‘wish’ 24/7. In fact, you most likely are going to mess it up when you do this because then it becomes a bit obsessive, and that is never good.
            Anywho, I think it is totally fine, even beneficial actually, to be focusing on several things at once. When you do this, you prevent yourself from obsessing about something. But that is just my experience.

            Being pissed off, or any (negative) emotion is a manifestation. It’s a signal that something is off. I used to be a very angry person myself. Often I was pissed off without even knowing why. Back then I was not really able to answer the question: ‘what’s bothering you?’ So, the only thing I could do to raise my vibration was to go do something fun and deliberately changing my focus (animals are great for that). Now, I don’t have these ‘random’ anger spells anymore because I am generally in a high vibrational space. So now, when I get pissed off, I know fairly quickly what’s bothering me.

            You can find the coaching calls in Melody’s shop. I think they are awesome and very helpful. Since English is not my first language I’m a bit hesitant to sign up for a coaching call, but perhaps some day I will. Personally, I am really glad that Melody sells these calls (they are very inexpensive btw), they have helped me in so many ways. Just by listening to the calls and Melody’s uplifting words you will raise your vibration.

          • April, you said, “As you get into alignment with what you want, any obstacles are resistance are going to pop up so to be released. So this wasn’t a failure at all (to Kathy, this is also how you could find limiting beliefs. Entertain the idea of what you want and it’s likely that they’ll come up one way or another)!” How exactly does one release resistance? Is simply recognizing resistance actually releasing it?

            And Lisa, how do u know what phone calls to invest in before u actually hear them? Can you recommend the ones which have been helpful to u? I also would love to hear ab your success stories previously mentioned. Can u share here what other loa sources u use? If not maybe we can exchange email? I don’t wanna step on Melodys toes. And English is not your primary language,? You sure wouldn’t know it!

          • Kathy, Lisa made a good point about resistance. Sometimes all it takes is acknowledging it or asking yourself why it’s there for it to fall away. However, those more deep-seated beliefs may take a bit more work than that. There are quite a few different techniques pertaining to releasing resistance, but I personally like to reflect on my own. I’ll literally sit down and have conversations with myself about the belief, analyze it, etc until I find a thought that feels better. I’ll also look for evidence of what I want to believe instead by doing research and such.

            Here’s an article Melody wrote about false beliefs if you haven’t seen it already:

            Near the conclusion of the article, she explains how to overwrite core beliefs. It’s pretty similar to what I tend to do. 🙂

          • Hi Kathy. You asked Lisa about other LOA sources. I am sure Melody will not feel that her “toes are being stepped on” by her readers sharing other sources. You are probably aware of Abraham, but if you are not, the Abraham material (and there is a lot of it) has been very helpful to me. Somewhere on her website, Melody also says that Abraham has been a primary source for her. Here is a link to the Abraham website:

            You may also want to try googling “law of attraction”. There are many people and organizations with websites teaching LOA and similar material. You can just spend time on each website to see if one resonates with you.


          • Kathy, I have been one of Melody’s coaching clients for over a year and her coaching has been enormously beneficial for me! I cannot recommend her highly enough! Regarding how you know which recorded calls to invest in, Melody provides a summary of each call. If you go on the shopping part of her website, there is a written call summary provided for each call.


          • Kathy, I replied to some of your questions to Lisa, but I neglected to put the reply here, so that you would get a notification. Now you will be notified, I think.


          • Hey John,

            Yes, I am familiar with Esther, Jerry and Abe and even have a book or two, and have watched you tube vids. I find Esther a bit…over the top…she talks a lot but says very little in what seems to me an attempt to sound all profound, etc. Just say what you mean or answer the question without a 20 min lengthy diatribe! Gawd!Slightly frustrating for me so I opted not to use that as a resource. I do have waaay too many LoA links/sites in my computer favorites and get a bit overwhelmed at times trying to sort it all out, lol. I tend to stick here with DB most everyday though. I like the way it really does make real world since and M isnt trying to sell her latest product or affiliates product. Stay true Gal!! And I think she’s from the South by her writing style..that’s kinda cool too ‘ya’ll’….

            Annnnyway, I do have few questions for everyone..imagine that…

            1) April (I think) mentioned above that the universe knows what we want anyway so all the negative stuff, releasing it etc is just part of the process to getting ” it.”
            Well, if the U knows what we want, why do we even ask for what WE want? I mean, who’s to say that what we ask for is what we NEED (according to the all knowing U) or are “supposed to have” per the U anyway? Isn’t the U giving is what we need, slightly akin to being a robot with something/someone else controlling us, our wants, desires, etc? Part 2 to question 1: Assuming the resistance is there to direct us to what the U wants us to have..what’s the point in asking anyway?

            2) Can you all share what your daily LoA routines are and what you feel is important/paramount? ie-AM- meditation, vision board visualization, repeating affirmations ,etc. PM-walk outside listening and appreciating singing birds, hanging with pets, etc. I’m really interested in knowing what others do 😉

            3) Based on my last few months of being neck deep in LoA, would you all agree that the most important ‘thing’ in reference to LoA is just simply feeling good?

            Even though I’ve never been a mopy, woe is me person, I will have to admit, I feel better these last few months that I ever have, I smile more, expect good things to happen, let more things go or don’t get upset/bothered like I used to, and just appreciate things in general more. I don’t seem to have any down days or get pissed off for no reason now, like Lisa said she used to get. What’s really cool is that it all seems effortless!

            Ok, so that being said, what does ‘feeling good’ actually mean? Elated, ecstatic, goose bumps, wide eyed and jumping for joy all the time? B/c to be candid, I’m not that! Is that an issue? I just am really in tune to life and paying attention more and kinda have the little things don’t matter attitude (even tho I don’t like that word its the best I could come up with), life just is better now. I’m just a bit concerned b/c I’m not crazy, jumping for joy, nut case happy. Thoughts everyone?

            As always thank you. You all are helping me so much.


          • and ps- can someone pls recommend a guided (my mind is always full of idle chatter but we’re working on it) meditation. Right now, it needs to be free/no charge if possible. I’ve used youtube so far.

            And during meditation should I be visualizing my goals, dreams, etc or just chilling and trying to quiet my mind, or looking for resistance? Sorry, all of this is a wee bit if you couldn’t tell by all of my questions. Thanks again.

          • Hi Kathy,

            Well, I don’t think we’re necessarily being controlled by anything. As Melody has said, every time we’ve acknowledged something that we want or otherwise don’t, our inner being takes note of that. I don’t know if you’ve read the article that Melody explains this in, but your inner being is you. The “Big You” as she calls it also. 🙂 She’s also said that our inner being may have some intentions for the physical world, but they’re very general. There are no specific ways how it they have to happen for us.

            Yes, we don’t have to ask for anything since the Universe and our inner being knows what we want. If we have no resistance to receiving a manifestation, it’ll come automatically. So there’s no need to ask, but rather to just entertain the reality of having what you want, but you don’t HAVE to do that even.

            As for my LOA routine, I personally have a journal on my computer to keep all of my ideas, insights and intentions. I also make note of the resistance and obstacles that come up so I could release them later. Oh and I tend to put stories or articles there that I’ve found inspiring for later reading. As for technique, I like affirmations for the most part. Sometimes, for my affirmations, I like to apply the technique explained in Joseph Murphy’s Power of Your Subconscious Mind. A little EFT here and there too. I also like to raise my vibration by dancing and creating little “music videos” in my head about my desires. 🙂 I’m not really good at sitting down and visualizing, so the music helps but sometimes I’ll think about those images later even if I’m lying down because I liked them so much. I also love nature, I love the sky, the trees, etc. So sometimes I take the time to just appreciate it and that makes me feel good. I don’t really make vision boards, but I DO like to look at pictures of things relating to my intentions. As Lisa has said, you’re going to know what’s best for you.

            As for your last question, it’s ironically something I’ve had on my mind too. I even discussed it with my friend last night. I DO have my giddy, joyful moments, but for the most part I’m pretty content and calm. As usual, I did some digging around on the blog. I found one of Melody’s articles entitled “How to be happy all the damn time” lol. Someone in the comments asked if it’s okay to be generally neutral, just knowing that all is well. Not being fearful but having faith that things are going in a good direction. Melody replied: “If you’re generally feeling good, you’re on the right path. You don’t have to be giddy all the time. This is your journey and you get to decide how you want to feel (there’s not right or wrong). No one else can judge how “good” you’re supposed to feel. Do you like where you are? That’s the only criteria that’s important. :)”

            Before I read that I was feeling quite confused and the energy around me felt slightly heavy because of my uncertainty. But when I saw that, the heaviness lifted. I started to enjoy my contentment, knowing that I’m on the right path whether I’m simply calm or ecstatic. There’s nothing wrong with negative emotions either, they can be beneficial as Melody has explained before. And I do agree that one of the most important things to LOA is to feel good.

            Also, I’m sorry but I don’t really listen to guided meditations so I can’t recommend anything. I tried to it in the past, but eh, as I said I’m not really good at sitting down and visualizing things. Actually, unless I’m in front of a computer or otherwise occupied, I have trouble sitting down in general lol…

            As for regular meditation though, you could do both. You could just breathe and relax. In another instance, you could visualize your goals and dreams. Also, no need to look for your resistance, as you raise your vibration, they’re going to come up.

          • Hi Kathy. Here is my perspective on your questions. I agree with Lisa that the most important thing in looking for LOA sources, or sources for any other type of personal or spiritual growth is your own gut feeling about the source. Sometimes this is a trial and error process. If a source feels “right” to you then stay with it. Later on, the source may not resonate with you, maybe because the source itself has helped you move to a place where another source is more helpful.

            I do not think we have to ask for what we want because every time we see something that we don’t want, our feeling of not wanting something tells the universe what we do want. For instance, if someone is rude to us, our reaction to that rudeness tells the universe that we want more niceness in our reality. The act of specifically asking the universe for what we want is not counter productive, but it is not necessary.

            I agree with April that we are not being controlled by anything. Period. We are here in this this life to experience joy. That is why we came. The rest of it is just details. The universe does not judge what we want, or try to “tell” us what we need. I think we do receive guidance from the universe on how to get what we want, on the path of least resistance to accomplish our desires. And that path can include guidance on limiting beliefs that we need to release.

            For me the most important LOA routine is to do my best at feeling good every day. That does not mean I am that great at it. I do think I am better at it than I was a little over 20 years ago when I first started exploring LOA. One thing I do almost every day is sit at my computer and type about whatever comes to my mind. I have all of my writings saved on a Word file and sometimes I go back and read prior writings. My self imposed rule for what I write it that it has to make me feel good about whatever subject I am writing about. Most of the time, the words I put down are general affirming words of encouragement to myself. If I am having a particularly strong emotion about something that is going on in my life, I will look for ways to write about it that are positive or that at least help me feel better about a subject. My goal in my daily writing is to always find ways to make myself feel better.

            Walking outside is my other favorite way of getting in touch with who I really am. I almost always walk outside for at least 20 minutes every day and I find that no matter how “down” I am feeling before the walk, I always feel at least a little better at the end of the walk.

            I do meditate on many days but I do not have a set time of day to do it. I do not use guided meditations, so I cannot recommend one. I just sit and try my best to focus on my breathing and relax, without focusing on any thing in particular, although that last part is still hard for me. I almost always feel better after I meditate and I usually do it for between 10 and 15 minutes on days that I meditate. I user a timer.

            For me, the test I apply to any source that I have not experienced before is fairly simple. Does this source help me? Does it feel right? Is it too complicated for me? The most important factor for me is how do I feel about the new information as I try it out. If I am not fairly quickly excited by a new source of information, I just look for something else. When I first found Melody’s website about a 1.5 years ago, I was immediately drawn to her material and very very excited that I had found her site! If a new source of information does not cause that same feeling for me, I usually leave it alone.

            I think that feeling good means doing your best to feel as good as you can. if you have a particular subject that is bothering you, sometimes all you can do is to feel a little better about it. The universe is not judging us if we feel less than good. But feeling good and joyful is why we came, so I just do my best to feel as joyful as possible every day. Am I bouncing off the wall happy? No. Am I generally more upbeat than negative? On many days.

            I see it as a process. I do my best to feel as good as I can every day. If I find myself feeling down about a subject I will try to feel just a little better by finding something about that subject that is positive. If I cannot do that, I find a way to distract myself if I am able, usually by taking a walk, or listening to music.

            In my opinion you do not need to worry about not being “jumping for joy” happy. Just do the best you can to feel happy every day. As I said, I have been working on this for at least 20 years and I am still no where near “jumping for joy”. Am I happier than I was when I started this journey? Yes. Am I more relaxed that I was when I started? Yes. I still tend to be an impatient person, particularly in traffic. Am I getting better at this? Maybe a little. I recognize this is something I need to work on releasing.

            For me, LOA is a journey. I am very glad I know about it and I can never go back to the way I viewed the world prior to the time I began this spiritual journey. I know too much to go back, and the benefits for me have been enormous. I do not consider myself necessarily enlightened or an expert on LOA or spiritual growth in general, but I can certainly say it has made a big difference in my life.

            One other thing that I often remind myself of that helps me is this. I believe we are all eternal and that after this particular life we once again connect fully with pure positive energy. The worst we can do for ourselves in this life is to pinch ourselves off from Nonphysical, but when we make our exit from this life we are immediately fully reconnected with pure positive energy.

            So, I do my best to feel as joyful as possible every day, knowing that Nonphysical “has my back” in the sense that it will knock itself out to help me get where I want to be if I can find a way to get out of the way. Am I perfect at it? Of course not. Will I ever be perfect at it? Probably not until I make my exit and reconnect fully with Nonphysical.

            But it is a lot more fun to keep looking for joy than the alternative.


          • I think April and John did a great job answering your questions, so nothing to add there.

            About my LOA routines: every time I try to make something into a routine I get bored. I’ve noticed that every time I plan on doing something daily, I make up these little excuses why I don’t have time to do it. I have a gratitude journal, for example. My intention was to write in it daily, but for some reason it did not feel right. Then I felt guilty about the fact that I couldn’t even write a few things to be grateful for each day. That did not help at all. Now I just spend a couple of hours per day reading about LOA or I listen to a coaching call, but only when I’m inspired to. To me it is very important that everything I do is because I want to and not because I have to.
            Overall, it is my intention to place my focus on fun/nice/happy stuff. Throughout the day I ask myself what I like about a thing/person/situation. While in a conversation, I try to focus on what things I like about the other person’s outfit, physical appearances, personality etc. To me, this almost feels like magic, because after a while it seems as though the other person actually has become prettier, nicer or whatever. Just because I focus in a certain way, the other person changes before my very eyes.
            When I am at work and one of my colleagues starts nagging about something, I imagine them being happy and content. When I am in a high vibe I try to change the conversation and talk about something fun, otherwise I just find some excuse to break off the conversation. When they are not susceptible to a ‘happy’ conversation (because they just feel like ranting), I simply ‘tune out’. At first I felt a bit guilty about that because I was raised with the idea that you should always listen to other people’s laments and show compassion. But now I try to keep my distance (emotionally speaking). I acknowledge they are in pain, but I don’t let it consume me.
            When I am having a blah day myself, and it takes more effort to focus positively and stay in a high vibration I do things to distract myself from shitty things. I sometimes play a little game in my head to distract myself. It is from Abraham and is called the ABC game or something. The only thing you have to do is come up with a word/thing/type of food/ person or anything that you like (or helps you to feel a bit better) that starts with A. Then you go to B, and so on. Most of the time, when I’ve reached K, I feel better already.
            I rarely meditate, it just isn’t my thing, so I cannot help you with that. However, that does not mean I never get into a meditative state. I can get there just by sitting in my garden and looking at flowers, or when I am doing laundry or something.

          • I am very glad you found our replies helpful, Kathy! April, I have never used your google method of searching for Melody’s articles, but I am glad to know that it works in case I need it.


          • Thank you John, for answering Kathy´s questions. I agree with everything you say.
            @Kathy: regarding your question about other LOA sources, I personally like Melody´s approach best because she´s witty and I like that. Furthermore her blog posts and coaching techniques are very straightforward. Although I‘ve explored other LOA sources as well, I prefer Melody’s strategy. But hey, that’s just me! What´s most important when you are a ‘LOA newbie,’ is that you follow your gut feeling. Only read blog posts, articles, and books that resonate with you. That’s also how I know which coaching call I would like to buy. You know best what works for you.
            About my ‘success stories’: I don’t feel particularly inspired to share them with anyone (so, being a LOA semi-pro, I will honor this feeling). They were just little pieces of proof that I needed in order to fully believe in the Law of Attraction, but I don’t think they’ll inspire others (or make sense even). If you’d like to read more of these stories just browse the internet; there are many websites dedicated solely to LOA success stories.
            However, one very cool thing I’d like to share – it involves unexpected money influx, so I think you’ll like it 😉 – is a story about when I found something of great value. It was a couple of years ago, when I was still at University, and I was almost broke. Having just discovered the LOA, I tried to attract some money. I did not care where it came from I just needed some cash, asap. For a while nothing happened, until one day I was looking for my cat. He liked to stroll around in one of those large public flower pots, right outside my building. While I was looking for him, I suddenly saw something shiny. It turned out to be a diamond ring. At first I thought it was a fake, but after I had it estimated it turned out to be the real deal; in fact, it was very valuable. Long story short: because no one had claimed it, I was allowed to keep it. Everyone told me I should sell it, but I did not want to because I really liked it and it was my ring size (can you imagine that?!). So eventually, my mom and boyfriend helped me out by giving me some money so that I wouldn’t have to sell the ring. Now, I wear it as a reminder that the Universe always brings me what I want and need. The money came! Perhaps not exactly in the way that I expected it to, but it came nonetheless. And it was much more than I needed at that moment, so that was very cool.

          • Wow, thank you John, April and Lisa for taking the time to write such detailed, helpful replies. It really is starting to come together for me. April, I used the search box looking for the article you mentioned, “How to be happy all the damn time” , but couldn’t seem to find it. Would you have the link to it? Murphy’s book was one of my first LoA sources. A great read!
            I like John’s idea of when new to a particular LoA source, just see if it feels good. If not, move on. DB and Mel def resonate!VERY cool story ab the ring Lisa! You guys are awesome and I so appreciate you all!

            I feel good each day and am just cruising along, getting outta my own I’m almost wanting resistance to come. Crazy isn’t it ? At least then I know I’m moving forward and getting rid of the roadblocks 🙂 Yikes.

  • Timely post. We are doing some repairs on our older 1920’s home in preparation for putting on the market. We’ve lived here 26 years and I love this house, but am looking forward to living full time at our cabin in the mountains, as we are now retired. So after much worry about how extensive the repairs might need to be and the money involved, we got the main bath done without having to tear out the whole thing, which was a relief. As soon as it was finished and I was still showering in the guest bath upstairs while the paint dried, a pipe burst in the shower and leaked down through the ceiling below. Aarrgghh. So now the upstairs bath has to be torn-out and re-done after my husband had finished painting it all. More mess, more disruption, and, particularly, more expense. It was a manifestation of my worry, and I know I attracted it. I’m still trying to figure out how to change my fear and worry and see this as a benefit. I’m hoping that resolving these issues around the plumbing will help our home sell faster and for a better price. I have to get in alignment with that. And with the plumber and contractor coming and getting the work done quickly. Thanks for the tips. I need to follow your guidance.

  • And again, a brilliant post at the right time. I love it. This just rang such a big bell for me. I was made redundant six months ago and at the time I almost rejoiced as the redundancy showed me that I had shifted enough to leave my (not great) work situation behind and move on to bigger and better things. I stayed totally positive about the whole thing. Even the lack of responses to applications at first, because I just knew that I was being given space to rest and regroup and it was all working out brilliantly. And still no job. And reading this today I can see that I didn’t need to be in that job situation any more, but that I also was sticking a happy face on the whole situation and that the continued unemployed status has been the manifestation getting bigger and bigger. So now I have some work to do to figure out the message and then to shift it. Great stuff.

  • Hey Melody,

    WOW. OMG!
    Two months ago I got a new job, which was created for me (how cool is that btw…) I’ve had some trouble finding a job in the past, so I was incredibly proud of myself that I released all my resistance concerning work and job interviews. This time it all went very smoothly. So, I was very cheery and happy that everything had worked out fine. The only thing the executives had not decided upon was my salary. On my first day of work my executive got a heart attack. (He is fine now). After that happened it felt a bit inappropriate to ask about my salary, so I decided to let it go and wait. However, after one month I still had not heard from HRM and more importantly I had not received my salary. And I desperately needed the money (yup, that’s never a good thing, I know). However, I tried to stay cool and zen about it, because I knew that freaking out would only make it worse. I made a few phonecalls and sent a couple of emails, but no one knew anything and they all refered me to someone else. After 6 weeks I cursed the Universe, and I became very angry and had a very long conversation with my boyfriend because I did not understand what was happening (what the hell, stupid Universe??). I had not freaked out about it, I had waited patiently..Then why didn’t I get my freakin’ money?? I then got very angry with my boyfriend because he thought it was all so very obvious why I did not get my money. I decided to ignore him as well. So, I remained angry for a day or so and then I remembered Melody’s story of the WATER HEATER, which subsequently led me to the post about the ‘random negative manifestations’ (FREAKY).
    I did some soul searching and I figured it all out. *starts ranting* My problem is that I do not like it when other people dictate or control my financial situation; actually I dislike all ‘grown up stuff’ and paper work. You know: the boring stuff. But most of all I HATE it when you, for example, apply for something and then have to wait for weeks or even months to hear back from a company or organization. It makes me feel powerless, because I want something from them but I don’t have control over the situation and I have to wait longer than I want to before I get an answer. On top of that, THEY get to decide my fate. Therefore, I don’t trust others, especially insurance companies and banks etc. They ALWAYS misplace things or things get lost in the mail. If it were up to me I would do it myself because then I would know for sure that things will be done the right way. And quickly!!!

    That’s ugly right?!

    The funny thing is that I never considered this to be a false belief. I thought this is The TRUTH and it happens to everyone (oh silly me).
    So, I sat down and for five minutes I did what Melody always tells us to do: I told myself a story of how my executive picked up the phone and told the other executives how high my salary was going to be (of course much higher than they normally would pay me). They all agreed and he then signed the consent forms which he sent to HRM right away and it did not get lost in the mail And I was really happy with that 😉

    And then I let it go…

    Two days later I got the message that everything was settled and HOLY SHIT: they are going to pay me the exact amount of money I envisioned in my mini visualization. They were so sick and tired of it that they just randomly picked a salary, without checking whether it was actually appropriate for this position. (It was not LOL). But they just want it to be over and done with. So, I am happy, they are happy. We are all happy. YAY!!

    And then I read this blogpost…hahaha


  • I’d been sailing along and feeling pretty good since your “I focused positively and got something negative! WTH Universe?” post last month. What stuck with me then was the truth that nothing has ever, or will ever, go wrong. Now, with this post, I’ve ‘upgraded’ to the truth that everything that manifests in my experience is for my benefit. I feel like I’ve moved up a rung on my life/general/overall vibrational ladder…and I excited to see what the view looks like from here! Thank you, as always, Melody!

  • Every post here I wanna print it, highlight it to pieces and put it in a binder for reference otherwise they get lost on this blog. My “favorites” is getting full. These posts are just so valuable and finally make some freakin’ sense, lol. Here is the issue: for a non-loa teacher, this stuff is verrrrry complicated or maybe simple but definitely not easy. Ok so if we don’t get this juuuust right, do our affirmations w/positive emotions attached, make the needed adjustments after a given time frame, recognize our resistance which can take months or even years or never, know that we all have deep rooted subconscious junk that is really in the drivers seat and controls IT all and we don’t override it by the correct subliminal messages how in the world do we ever ” get there?” Please… Somebody… Anybody…?

    • Hi Kathy. I am going to make a go at giving you some help. One of the first things to remember when doing LOA work is to be gentle with yourself. If you do not get there today or tomorrow or next week or next month, there is always time. Nothing has ever gone wrong. The universe, or source, is always guiding us, through the path of our own least resistance, to where we want to be. Every time we put out a desire for something we want, the universe instantly records it and holds it for us in its highest and purest form, in our vortex (to use an Abraham term).

      The universe does not judge our desires, but simply records them and then goes about finding the best way to help us get where we want to be. The only thing that ever stands in the way of us getting what we want is our own resistance, which comes up in the form of our limiting beliefs, and we all have them.

      If we could somehow be allowed to exist in a bubble without contact with other human beings and fed pieces of wisdom and guidance only from source, then likely we would not have these limiting beliefs. But it would not be any fun. We have picked them up our limiting beliefs from innumerable places over the course of our lives, and many of them were even useful for us at the time we adopted them.

      The most important thing when trying to manifest something in our reality, or in trying to change the nature of our reality is to find a way to feel good. Period. As you recognize, that is simple but it can be far from easy.

      If you are focused on a particular thing or issue in your life that you want to be different, you have to find a way to feel good about that issue. Sometimes, you cannot find a way to feel good about that particular thing in the moment. And then you need to back off, “go general”, as Abraham would say. Find anything related to that issue that is in your life right now that you can feel good about. If you find you cannot do that, just find anything else to help you feel good. Go for a walk in nature, go to a movie, pet your cat or your dog, search Melody’s website for her earlier posts on this topic, take a nap, day dream.

      Also, whether you are dealing with your life in general, or with a particular issue, you need to find a way to “make peace with where your are” (another Abraham term). For example, if you have a job that you really hate, and you keep focusing on the characteristics of an ideal new job, you will not get to the new job as long as the feeling of really hating the present job is present in you reality. You could start the process of making peace with your current job by making a list of positive things about that job. You can always find positive things if you sit down and try to make a list. Even if all you can think of is the fact that they job pays you a salary that helps pay your bills. Or you could think back to things you liked about the job when you first started it, or the reasons you took the job in the first place.

      I would also encourage you to keep reading Melody’s posts and to even do a search on her site for other posts that talk about your issues. Here is one of her posts that contains what I think are very helpful tips for shifting your vibration.

      I hope this helps. Good luck


      • Well said John. Thank you for writing all that out. It makes more sense when seeing it in one go. LOA isn’t new to me, but I forget things or have trouble identifying which way is best to handle something. This helps, thank you again.

    • Hi Kathy

      John’s answer is spot on – I can’t even come close to describing it as well as he does – he has really been able to put it all into a very elegant nutshell :). However, what I can give you is a ‘pocket-sized’ LOA phrase which I found useful, as a reminder of the basic principles:-

      ‘Want it to happen, expect it to happen, get out of the way and let it happen’.

      I liked that – have fun with it 🙂

  • Very timely post; no accidents here!

    Undergoing the process of separating from my ex of many years (our relationship is _way_ past its expiration date). I very recently met a guy (practically dropped into my lap) who I started developing a crush on…until I realized that he has the exact same body odor as my ex. I managed to attach a lot of emotions to that scent (a la classical conditioning/Pavlov’s dog) which meant that I subconsciously associate that scent with a massive range of emotions. I completely freaked out. Unfortunately, I work with this guy so it’s not as if I can avoid him.

    I know I’m incredibly attracted to that specific scent but at the same time am aware of an underlying current of irritation even at extremely low “doses” of it when I can’t even consciously smell it.

    I’m still not 100% sure what message the universe is trying to tell me, but I’m sure it’s telling me to deal with my emotions/beliefs with…? There’s no doubt in my mind that I need to clean whatever this is up before I contemplate the dating scene, but I can’t figure out how to go about “unconditioning” myself from such a strong trigger.

    This guy at work is like my past personified. Reality is stranger than fiction and a little freaky sometimes. I sometimes wish the universe would leave more explicit instructions. 🙂


    • Nothing too complicated. The odor is just familiar. Our attraction to someone is based on familiarity. Their faces reminds us of our brother or sister, their way of moving reminds us of our ex and so on.

      That’s why most of the time we fall in lust and feel limerance, and when that fades away we are left with someone completely wrong for us.

      It’s psychology 101.

    • Sounds like a great prompt to exorcise your ex.

      I once dated a guy who had the same name as my abusive father, and other physical similarities, as well. I ended up breaking his heart in a very harsh way that was really unlike me. I have since apologized for this and made amends. At the time though, it helped me wrest more of a sense of control over my history. All of this was totally unconscious. My ex had killed a classmate in a car accident, and I believe he co-created me breaking his heart out of guilt and belief he deserved to be punished.

      Either way, if you date this new guy or not, he is liable to be a valuable catalyst for you moving to the next level.

      • Sage, you are living up to your name and thank you for your story. Thanks for reminding me about using the guy as simply a manifestation to nudge me towards what I want. Limerance does seem a whole lot gentler than other avenues! I just remembered that I served as a similar catalyst for someone else once before. Odd how that works.

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