Awesome Viorela’s Burning Question: “Here’s the thing: I’m on my way to my new love relationship. And because Prince Charming is not physically here yet, one day I just started to talk to him. In my head that is. I decided to have a walk back home from work and when I felt relaxed enough and in a good mood, I “initiated” a conversation with him, as if he were right there, walking next to me. At first, it felt like I was in a play where I had to make up all his answers, but at some point, the phrases that I got back sounded new, surprising, like in a real conversation and so funny that I had to refrain from laughing too hard because …well, you know haw passers-by react to people laughing by themselves on the streets. I’ve been doing this for a while and it feels damn good when I let it flow freely. And sometimes, when I’m a little off, this “presence” would pop-up in my head telling me to chill.

I know this voice is not my better version out there, that know-it-all-me, because that voice feels completely different. I know that one very well and I sometimes ask it for guidance. This new one is something else and has a different “feel” to it.

Who am I talking to? Is it still me? Is it him? Is it Michael Jackson? ;)”

Dear Awesome Viorela,

I think it’s obvious that yes, it’s totally Michael Jackson. In a Universe full of infinite possibilities and realities, there is a world out there where Michael Jackson has become your personal, non-physical love coach.

Shortest. Blog Post. Ever. You’re welcome.

What’s that you say? The guy in your visions doesn’t have bodacious dance moves and spends a disturbingly small amount of time grabbing his crotch? In that case, we should probably explore a different option.

You’re translating energy

First of all, congratulations at being able to communicate with your higher self. That’s awesome. And for recognizing the difference between how that energy feels and how this guy feels. It is quite different, and yet, not really. Let me explain.

Let’s remember that it’s all energy. Everything we are perceiving, physical or not, is just energy which we’re translating using our many, many senses. Our brains then transform that energy into something we can relate to and understand. When we enter energetic realms, for example, that cause us to have experiences that we have no frame of reference for (something that we simply cannot, in any way, comprehend, even metaphorically), our minds blank out and we don’t remember the experience at all (or at least, until we do have a frame of reference, at which point we have a “memory”). This kind of experience can be induced through deep meditation, shamanic journeying, when working with plant medicines, or alien visitation (if you believe in that sort of thing), just to name a few possibilities.

So, when you “create” the vision of your dream lover and he seems to actually take on a life of his own, you are, in fact, tapping into a kind of consciousness and translating it into a character that represents this energy to you. Your brain puts it into a context that you can understand. You are receiving information, and your brain presents that information to you in the form of a conversation, so that you can understand and benefit from the experience.

Who is he?

But who exactly are you talking to? Well, this one’s a little harder to answer. The response I really want to give you is: it doesn’t really matter. But that’s not going to be satisfying without a bit of an explanation, so here it is:

This could be the higher self of the person who matches the vibration of the relationship you really want and are becoming a match to. Yes, we can tap into and translate the energy of other people’s higher selves. But, remember that you can only ever perceive that which your vibration can allow. You won’t ever have access to the entire person, but only those aspects of him that match your own vibration, resistance and all. He would then have to mirror back your energy to you, giving you a chance to “fix” anything that didn’t fit what you really wanted by changing your focus to something you’d prefer instead. If you see him being an asshole, for example, you could then focus on him being really kind and nice instead.

Once your energy has changed, your perception of his energy would also change. He may then feel a bit different to you (better), act differently and even take on a different appearance. How you “see” this energy depends entirely on your perspective. So, if he’s handsome and sexy and seems like exactly the kind of guy you’d like to go out with, then that’s because this embodiment represents the feeling of going out with a handsome, sexy guy, not because that’s what his physical self will actually end up looking like in your reality. The “real” representation of him will feel the same, though. In other words, you will perceive him to be just as handsome and sexy, even if he looks totally different. And, let’s be honest, isn’t that what you actually want?

There’s more than one of him

Let’s keep assuming that you’re talking to the higher self of an actual man who will come into your reality. He’s not generally going to be consciously aware of this exchange, since it’s happening on a totally different level. And also, because you’re not talking to the specific version of him that’s living in your reality and timeline, on your version of Earth right now. You’re talking to a level (or more) up from that. And that level, that higher self, has more than one version of this dude. In fact, it has many versions of him, all with slightly (or drastically) different energies, experiences, pasts and presents. None of those guys are exactly the same, and not all of them will be a perfect match to you. So, as your energy changes and the version of him in your vision changes to reflect that, the actual physical version of him that matches you in each moment might be different.

For example, right now, you might still be insecure about something. Your insecurity will be mirrored back by him. If you were to meet up with the physical representation of that right now, your dream lover might not be so dreamy. He might be kind of a douchebag. But, if you get rid of that insecurity, you would then match up with a non-douchey version of your lover. It’s a lot easier to make these shifts while dealing with non-physical energy than actual people (because it’s easier to believe that a non-physical representation can change faster).

So, while you’re quite possibly tapping into the higher self of someone who has a physical representation in your reality, you’re never going to be tapping into just that one particular representation (that one actual person), but always something with a much bigger view. You’re not going to be dealing with any of their neuroses or limitations, for example. You don’t have to be locked into any particular character trait. Of course, you never are anyway, but it’s so much easier to allow this fluidity in personality traits when you’re dealing with a “vision”.

It’s still all you

What are the other possibilities? Well, you could be accessing another guide. A lot of people believe that we only have one guide. My own, personal experience has been a bit different. I’ve always had one main guide, although they’ve changed as I’ve leveled up. I’m currently on my 4th one. The previous guides are all part of that energy and can be separated out any time I like. The way it was explained to me is that I’m connecting with higher and higher levels of the same collective energy, like the guide’s higher self, then that level’s higher self and so on. The distinct energy signature that was my guide a few years ago is an aspect of the guide I’m now connecting to. It’s the same energy, just at a higher level, where there is more information and a bigger perspective. Or, to put it another way, I’ve been able to access more and more of this energy as I’ve expanded my perspective and when it feels significantly different, my brain translates the energy as a whole new personality.

On top of this main guide, however, I’ve always had other energies come in, as well. Some of them come in once, others stick around for a bit longer to help me accomplish certain goals. I “see” the energy of Ayahuasca, for example. We have lengthy and incredibly interesting conversations. I have connected with the energy of money, the energy of certain animals, the higher selves of others, the energy of my own body, my future self, other incarnations of that higher self, the energy of mountains, and a whole host of different consciousnesses.

But here’s the thing: The reason that we can connect to all these energies is because we’re all connected. If you follow the connections up far enough, you’ll come to realize that we are actually all ONE. We’re all different aspects of the same energetic entity. We are altogether All That Is. We are all God. So, whether or not you’re talking to the higher self of another human being, or your own higher self, or something that looks like a big plate of sentient Spaghetti, you’re really talking to different aspects of yourself.

This isn’t to say talking to this dream guy isn’t valuable or mega fun. I’m not trying to diminish the experience at all. It’s just that it ultimately doesn’t matter whom you were talking to, since it’s all just an interpretation anyway. The important thing is, how does it feel? What are you learning? How is the experience helping you to evolve? In other words, the messenger or how you see him is kind of irrelevant. What’s important is the message.

You’re doing it right

What you’ve actually done is to focus on what you want enough for you to get a manifestation. You see, since it’s ALL energy, any experience you have is a manifestation, even if it’s not “physical”. You have manifested a version of a man who closely matches what you want. And, from the sound of it, you’re enjoying the shit out of your interactions with him, which means you’re appreciating, being in the now, having fun with it, and hopefully not taking it too seriously. This is the perfect perspective to have if you want to manifest more of what you’re experiencing. Your non-physical dreamboy is a precursor to the more tangible version. Rejoyce! Use this opportunity to fine tune your vibration (check to see if anything makes you uncomfortable, for example) and rev up your momentum by appreciating that which already matches what you want.

When you’re “talking” to this vision and you’re so immersed in the experience that you want to laugh out loud, you are perfectly in the moment. You are matching the vibration of already being in that relationship NOW, which the Universe can’t help but mimic. So, as long as you let this manifestation be enough, and don’t start lamenting that it’s not “real”, if you can just keep enjoying your visions, a physical manifestation is just around the corner.

This type of play-acting is such a fun way to not only work on your vibration, but allow manifestations to come in. It’s one of my favorites (I’m a bit of a ham anyway, so acting things out is right up my alley). And, as you’ve noticed, the fantasy often takes on a life of its own. This is an advanced version of how you can use your visualizations to show you where your vibration is at. The energy that you’re currently matching up with will inform your visualization if you just let it flow freely. When you actually put yourself into the scenario of the fantasy, your fantasy will become more real, as well, and you can interact with it to a larger degree. Everything you focus on grows, becomes more dense and will eventually lead to physical manifestations. But no matter how big or burly that manifestation becomes, it can’t ever defy your vibration. It can only ever mirror your energy back to you.

Whom you’re talking to isn’t really that important (ultimately, it’s always YOU). It’s all about what’s being mirrored back to you – that’s where the valuable information lies. Because, as soon as you shift your vibration, you’ll be talking to someone else (different aspect of YOU) anyway.

Phew! We covered some big concepts today, so I hope that made sense. If not, please ask your questions in the comments (I really do read every one), and I’ll use them for future posts if necessary. Of course, if this was clear as day, I’d love to hear from you, too. 🙂

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  • Okay, I know this is shallow as heck…but that picture just made me totally crack up! I shared it on Facebook and Google Plus with links to here. Thanks for finding/creating it!

    I’m a new visitor here, and am really liking what I see so far. Am bookmarking your page, and looking forward to future visits 🙂

    ~ C

  • Wow…really needed to see this! I’m in a 20 year marriage with a man I don’t always like. I keep focusing on faults instead of appreciating what this relationship HAS done for me. I’ve been using the LOA all wrong. Things are gonna change for me!! (one way or another) So grateful to see this! Thanks so much, you dont know how you’ve helped me. Blessings XO

  • At first I was so lost haha. But I read this over again and now it makes a lot more sense. Thanks for your unique and crazy posts Melody!!

  • Hi
    Can anyone help me out on the following question please? I have been working for quite a while on a big limited belief and I know I’ve moved a lot of energy over the last few months. (It was big)! The past few weeks I have been having lots of signs on a daily basis (places where I would not have expected to see signs) that what I want is here. But it isn’t manifesting for real. Am I reading the signs wrong and how do I best keep myself from losing faith in my ability to be able to manifest what I want? The reason I started working on this limiting belief last September was because in March of this year without removing the beliefs there would be a situation happen that I most certainly did not what to happen. The limited belief was huge so I knew it would take me some time. ( I have removed other beliefs fairly quickly). The more signs I see and the closer March gets here without what I want showing up, the more I’ve started to question if I’m misreading everything.
    Many thanks for your help x

  • I was listening to a LOA meditation video and realized what I really appreciated about my ex was his intelligence and wished I could enjoy his company as friends even though he doesn’t engage with me, and that seems unrealistic. I imagined us not in our physical bodies with my energy sitting alongside his and just being with that intelligence and I felt moved and deep appreciation. I think that’s the first time I have really appreciated him without expectations, up til now it has been yearning and missing feeling, despite my best efforts.

    anyhow, two hours later I got booked to give a massage in someone’s home, the lady turned out to be my ex’s daughter, (and no I don’t live in a small town, so pretty amazing manifestation).

    I previously didn’t want to meet her because she sounded bratty and because my ex- had recently gone through a divorce and they were estranged at the time. So it could be just more understanding and compassion for me to meet her and see another side to her, and be happy that she had seemed to have made up with her father to some degree. Or could it mean he’s coming back into my orbit through my less “needy, yearning” and more understanding vibration? Of course, I’m hoping for the latter! Any thoughts?

    • Your story tells me you are “less” needy than you were before and the last two sentences tell me you are still somewhat still yearning for him. You hoping he returns because of the sign you have already received (his daughter turning up in your life) tells me you are still needy.

      In my experience, it’s easier to manifest a new guy (who’s better than the last) than to bring back the ex. Maybe the new guy is easier to manifest because we haven’t got an attachment to him and we are not attached to the outcome as we are with the ex. Oddly the ex seems to turn up when the new guy does.

  • I absolutly loved this post. Lately I’ve been reading a lot and learning so much, I’ve clarified many concepts. I’m your friend Melody, thanks for all that you share. I always read your mails and then I end up here reading all the articles with so much entusiasm and it’s really a happy moment, I focus so much in the information, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I say wow how amazing this is and I wasn’t aware of that til now! =) I’m 23, and I know that I have so much to learn, so much to live, and figuring out what’s all about with so much details is really great. Like I could feel the energy in your words too.
    Kisses from Argentina.

  • I can’t believe this post appeared today, well I can…of course I can. You see I’ve really been trying to make time for meditation recently, and I managed to get the first session I’ve had for maybe a month in last night. I tried to use the session to let go of some of my points of resistance…one being around dating and guys. I’m scared of getting close to guys, I panic when someone asks me out and in my head I’m planning how the relationship will end before it’s even started! I really believe that this is also why I have issues with my weight…if I had more attention from men the problem would be worse! I think it comes from being a very insecure teenager and feeling as though boys would only ask me out on a ‘dare’ (looking back, not even true!).

    Anyway…I really tried to let some of this go during my meditation session last night and was feeling really good afterwards. And then last night I had this wonderful dream and about this wonderful man. I never really dream about people who I have never met, but this was a whole new person in my experience! We were dating and having an amazing time…it was my life exactly as it is right now only with him in it, and it was wonderful!

    Melody, if you read this and get a chance to comment…do you think that this was a similar experience as to what Awesome Viorela had, or just an indication that my vibration around dating is changing?

    • Hi Caroline, I’m also scared of getting close to men and panic about being asked out. I think my problems partly come from being bullied at school and feeling like if anyone did ask me out or compliment me they were doing it as a joke (I can’t say for sure that wasn’t true in my case). I just wanted to let you know that I understand how you feel. 🙂

      That sounds great about your dream. I find it a lot easier to get close to men in dreams, I suppose because there’s no resistance there! Maybe your dream means you’re getting closer to manifesting what you want (especially because your life was like it is now). 🙂

  • Thank you for this post, Melody! It feels amazing to read it.
    You surely put a lot of good energy into it and I really really appreciate your effort.
    Big hug 🙂

  • Meolody, Melody you ring my Bell-ody!?

    Love the post, as always… you really are so fab! You make me feel fab! This is a great one for me right now and has clarified a few things that have cropped up in the preceeding days. Thank you for helping all of us with your spot on explanations. We all appreciate you sooooo much x x x

  • okay now that post was something..i have a question Melody..i was trying to connect with a guy i love telepathically..even when he seemed to be a little distant as a person , his non- physical was totally in love with me, he missed me and wanted me to stay with him forever..but when my telepathy session was over , the actual physical version of him was not that into me and acted as if he was totally what is it? was i really connecting to his non physical or all that happened just inside my head, me imagining things??i mean we have a past together, we wer so much in love and now we have the bit and pieces of it but not really like how it used to far as our relationship is considered, we are taking a time out, it might turn something in the future or it wont,i am not fixated on any decision, just that for now , i like him so much and is attracted to him and so is what his non physical is showing is true or its all my imagination??
    and if you don’t use this for the blog post , can u pls answer me a short one , here in the reply box??
    Smooshy hugs!!

  • Melody,
    I just wanted to thank you for the time you invest into providing such comprehensive responses. You obviously put a lot of thought, care and consideration into your answers. Thank you. You’re such a clever cookie:)

  • This is so cool. I’ve been doing the exact same thing (engaging in conversations with the manifested energy person thing) for so long. I never really questioned it, it just came naturally. I never suspected it had any sort of influence or was a good sign on the manifesting part, either. So this is a real eye-opener!

  • Very cool post Melody! Love it when u go deep!
    One point I would ask for clarification on, how do u tell the difference between when u r connecting with You & when u r connecting energetically with the energy/higher self of someone u actually know?

    • i think her whole point is that in the end, it doesn’t make a difference, because we’re all one. then again, i might be wrong 🙂

  • Great post as usual, very insightful and interesting as only Melody can be ^^

    Speaking on the love subject… What about when you end up getting to befriend an amazing guy after not knowing any amazing guy for so long you started doubting they even existed? That has happened to me recently but I hanve’t been doing anything LoA work other than admiting to myself I wanted to find someone. I know Melody has said life is not an asshole to the point of showing you what you want, dangling it closely to your face and than taking it away from you, but I totally believe that is exactly what’s gonna happen and I’m so not here for another crappy experience. If he’s not gonna be the guy for me then I’d rather not manifested him at all. What could this manifestation possibly mean?

    • it might mean a beautiful friendship, a valuable male perspective and insight that may help you see how your approach to finding the right guy for you might be faulty, or it could mean a great love interest. the fact alone that it shows you your deep insecurity of fear that it will not come to anything in the end, that you feel inadequate (i can tell, because i am struggling with that issue as well, not preaching here) is enough to help you see what you should work on, to match your vibration to the one you’re looking for. hope that helps, a little 🙂

      • Oh boy, I wrote that post very sleepy and in the dark, and now I see all my gramatical and spelling mistakes lol. Sorry about that, I can totally write better when it’s not 1am lol.

        A faulty approach in finding the one for me? I don’t have an approach cause I don’t even try, it’s too dissapointing cause in 99% of times you just try and don’t succeed. I’ve been aligned with a relationship before and for that I believe dating randomly, playing hard to get and following those horrible rules are not necessary at all to get a relationship. But I digress lol!

        It’s not that I am insecure or inedaquate, not that much in this case anyway… This situation just seems so good that I don’t believe life can bring me a miracle like this so easily, so it’s bound not to happen for me. And about matching the vibration of what I’m looking for…the thing is, this guy completely matches my current vibe, that’s why it would be just dreamy if it happened. I really didn’t want a straight guy as a friend, especially one that’s so so so compatible with me. And it’s ok, you did not sound preachy at all, and even if you did it would not be a problem ^^
        Thanks for the answer and I hope you find a solution to your issue too =)

        • im glad that what im struggling with is not the same, in your case. however (and i know that now i do sound preachy and pushy and for that i apologize) go back to read your reply to me (which was very polite, thank you) and see how many negative things you wrote about romance, dating and your feelings about the situation with this guy; and then rephrase in positive 😀 if he really is everything that you’re looking for, i wish you from the bottom of my heart to have your HEA very very soon! all the best!

    • I’ve got that trick down to a tee 😉 I’ve manifested loads of awesome man friends over the years, and I’m glad to have them in my life, I really am. But I really hope that the next one that the universe sends along can level up out of the friend zone!

      • Hey, Caroline! I hope the next guy you meet is really what you’re looking for! As for me, I am not super fond of life sending me straight men only as friends, especially a dreamy straight friend I could get along so well romantically, it’s such a waste. I think I should send a sign so that life doesn’t make that a habit and only send me dreamy guys as partners lol.

        • I dont know if this works for you but my bff was receiving the same type of men over and over again and I told her to yell out, “he’s not good enough, I want to return him for ………….”(insert your desire – in your case not a platonic male friend but a romantic one similar to this current compatible male).

          In my bff’s case, she did just that and within 2 weeks, HER perfect match appeared, that was three years ago and they are still happy.

          It worked, I dont know if it’s the power behind the yelling, or telling the universe that you deserve better, who knows but she was waiting for 9 years and it all changed within weeks of taking that action.

          She is convinced it was that moment her energy changed.

    • I think it’s more about your reaction and the meaning you’ve attached to this guy than the guy himself. Your fears and doubts are being mirrored back to you. For example, he’s out of reach and unavailable to you as you don’t think you can be with an amazing guy like this in the first place. Or you believe that he’s going to be taken away from you. By the way, there’s nothing that can take him away (i.e. the Universe or life) if you believe that we create our realities and experiences. That would mean that the way we receive and ‘lose’ things is by our own beliefs and vibration…

      • I do want to live by the idea that we create our realities, but actually applying it can be a hassle sometimes, after so many years thinking life was happening TO me without me being able to do much about it. I kind of have to remind myself all the time, over and over again, otherwise I just end up interpreting life situations in the old fear paradigm. But I digress…

        I don’t really remember Melody’s teachings about influencing others. But something tells me she’s said before that no one can create anything in other person’s reality, right? So, even if I let myself feel good about knowing this guy, it will not guarantee that he will reciprocate what I feel and then I’ll just get sad again. That’s why I am reluctant to be anything other then fearful, I just really don’t want to get slapped by this manifestation. I don’t know, when it comes to real life issues LoA is still very complicated to me…

        • Relationship is overrated.
          studies after studies showed that Happiness Level for single people and couples are the same – there is no different.
          You are right in thinking you don’t need men. They are not your source of happiness.
          you are.

          If you still want to be with people, then there are actions you can take.

          first do not try to become the best at one thing at the expense of others – it is like soloing mount Everest. It’s a hard journey, it’s lonely at the top, and no one understands why you need to do it.
          stop wasting time becoming an LOA expert – There is no need.
          Be an all-rounder: know a little bit about everything.
          Learn a lot of different things, do a lot of different things. all-rounders are more adaptive to whatever life throws at them. Since they can connect with lots of people. They naturally have a lot of friends They are less likely to be bored. If you are an all-rouder, you will also have a bigger pool of men to choose from.

          spend time examining your habits.

          you first create your habits then they create you.

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