Awesome Bhavi’s Burning Question: “How do we help our thoughts when we’re trying to move ahead from the past? How do we shift our thoughts ‘coz at times we find ourselves constantly getting those unwanted thoughts from our past? And how does this affect us in the present as well?”

Dear Awesome Bhavi,

Here’s your video answer.

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I’ve got some “news” for you: The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. There’s only really the present, and that’s where all your power lies.

Now, I know. You’ve heard this before. And it sounds really great, only how do you apply this to real life? Here’s how:

Your memories are manifestations

Here’s the thing; your memories are just thoughts that you’re manifesting in the moment (aka, NOW). Memories, thoughts and ideas have certain frequencies, and these frequencies have to match your vibration in order to come into your reality. NOTHING can manifest for you unless it matches your current vibration. So, if the only way you can have a memory is if you’re focusing on something that feels exactly the way that memory does.

You don’t have to have memories, you choose to have them, even if you’re not aware of the fact that you’re choosing them.

The easy way to stop having a memory is to simply start focusing differently and change your vibration.

But, what if you can’t seem to do that?

Stubborn memories

If you’re having a negative memory that’s consistently popping into your mind and ruining your day, it’s really just like any other persistent negative manifestation. The way to “get rid of it” is not to run away from it or to ignore it, but to look at it, engage with it, step into it. Memories, like all negative manifestations, are simply messengers, here to show you that you’re holding on to something that isn’t serving you.

Case study

Let me give you an example: When I’m working with a client who has some unidentified resistance, we can use memories to help us ferret out what belief we’re dealing with. If he focuses on a recent event (like a fight with his girlfriend in which he got way angrier than was warranted), and gets into the feeling of it, he will activate that feeling and more manifestations that match it will show up. That’s how LOA works.

Now, I can hear you asking if that wouldn’t just make his life worse, because isn’t focusing on the negative a big, giant no-no in the Law of Attraction world, let me explain: when you have resistance that’s affecting your life, you want to release that. If you can’t figure out what it is, you can amplify the resistance, gather more data and get a better picture. Then, once you’ve gotten that clarity, you can release the belief that was causing all that harm. If you’re doing this in a controlled manner, you won’t cause any problems. In fact, leaving the belief where it is, to fester and grow, will actually cause a lot more issues. Ok, back to my example:

As the client focuses on the fight, memories, thoughts and ideas that match the frequency of the event (and therefore the belief) will surface. These memories can often seem unrelated to the event, but the very fact that they’ve shown up means they can’t be. They can only manifest if they match the frequency that’s being offered. So, we dissect these memories, looking for patterns.

The client was mad during the fight. But why exactly was he mad? Well, he might state that it was because he was being yelled at. But when we dig deeper to get a more specific view of the feeling, he’ll realize that it was because he felt that he wasn’t being heard. After a few more minutes of sitting with that feeling, he’ll remember that his dad also didn’t listen to him. It’s at this point that we can usually identify the underlying belief – the decision he made about himself way back when. This belief might be something like “I’m not worthy of being listened to. I’m not valuable”, which is a horrible belief and will bring up tons of anger when activated. It also explains why he overreacted to the fight with his girlfriend. He wasn’t reacting to her, he was reacting to a life-long feeling of not being heard.

Releasing “past trauma”

If you have “past trauma” that’s holding you hostage, you can release it in the NOW. Of course, there really is no such thing as the past, and therefore, all trauma must and can be released in the present. The beautiful thing is that there is not trauma so great that it can’t be let go of. And yes, I know this is hard to believe, but I’ve had the great privilege of being both witnessing and experiencing the release of incredibly traumatic events in seconds. You have to allow yourself the realization that you can decide to feel better RIGHT NOW, that “past” events which are not happening currently have no power over you unless you decide that they do.

Bottom line

So, how do you get rid of negative memories? You don’t. You work with them. You see them as the messengers they are, and release the underlying belief that’s causing you to manifest them. Then, when you’ve changed your vibration, those memories will no longer be a match to you and will dissipate.

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  • Hey Melody seriously, pls don’t do video posts.. i have to watch it a couple of more extra times coz, you were so pretty that i was looking at your shiny blue eyes and totally spaced out into i had to watch again to actually know abt wat u were talking…:) 🙂
    awesome post as ever, couldnt have been more timely for me 🙂
    huge hugs!!

  • I’ve read many of your articles where you talk about getting to the core belief and “releasing it”. But I really haven’t found where you’ve explained how to do this release part.

    In doing my work, I too have discovered that feeling of not being heard, feeling like I don’t matter in this world, that my feelings simply don’t matter to anyone or the Universe. That’s where I get stuck, I don’t know how to just stop believing this. I can tell myself that it’s not true all I want, but that doesn’t change the feeling behind it unfortunately.

    Would you write an article on just this release part? Or show which of your existing articles explains it?

    THANK YOU!!!!

    • Hey Lauren,

      Here’s what I have found to work most effectively for me: the fastest way to release a belief is to see through it i.e. to see how you support that belief. Consider taking some time to do this exercise with these beliefs:

      a) What would I need to believe is true for me in order to believe that I don’t matter in this world to anyone, not even the Universe?

      The power of this exercise comes from the fact that a belief has no power by itself. It must be supported by an argument in its favor. It’s incredibly powerful to see what arguments you use in order to support a belief. It gives you a choice – are these arguments really true for you? Shall we try an example? I don’t know you obviously so this is how I would approach such a belief but you can do this with your own arguments.

      Q) What would I need to believe is true for me in order to believe that I don’t matter to the Universe?

      A) I would need to believe that in all the world, that of all God’s creations, I am that ONE AND ONLY who does not matter. Who was not supposed to exist. Who is an anomaly. I am a fluke of nature. God made a mistake with me. God makes mistakes. It is a MIRACLE that I am breathing the same air as God’s non-mistakes; that I have a body, same as the chosen ones. And a mind. In fact, that I exist is a fundamental mistake of nature! I should be studied by all scientists in the world! Hey – I am unique! I am THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES NOT MATTER IN THIS WORLD! CALL EVERYONE! Even though everyone can see me which refutes the scientific nature of matter – I do not exist because I do not matter! Einstein was wrong – everything is not energy! Look at me! I am… What am I anyway then? Just thinking about the enormity of how it is I am really exhausts me. How am I existing same as everyone else then? Do I care? Seriously, do I freaking care? Do I really want to support such a belief? Really, truly? What virtue is there in believe myself a mistake of creation? How does this belief serve me? Do I enjoy this belief standing in the way of my joy? Do I like believing this? Do I want to live life this way? No? OK. What’s an even better question to ask?

      Q) What would I need to believe is true for me in order to believe that my existence is just as necessary, just as powerful and just as important to ALL OF LIFE as the grandest, most incredible person I can think of?

      A) My dear Lauren, I can think of no more powerful answer to this question than the last paragraph of the Desiderata by Max Ehrmann (in fact, read and digest the Desiderata):

      “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
      you have a right to be here.
      And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
      Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be,
      and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.”

      It is my own successful experience that seeing through the arguments that support a belief, going to the far edge of the ridiculous with them as I did above, gives you the power to see through them. Releasing is nothing more than a choice – to stop believing in what does not serve you. You exist. Therefore you matter. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You matter, Lauren. Without you, Life would look vastly different. Even if we did not know why, we would know that Lauren was no more. We would feel your absence in the composition of Life. There is a void that you and only you can and must fill. Step forward and be counted Lauren. There is no virtue in playing small.

      Here’s how the Universe works – I began writing this in response to your question and I wound up writing for me. I just shifted a belief I was not seeing clearly in relation to my career. It was staring me bang in the face and your question just helped me shift it. Now look in the mirror and tell yourself you do not matter.

      • great process Jenny
        I recently used the same one for financial problems: what would I need to believe in order to think that I cannot earn money by being self employed? Ridiculous answers came up…and once the beliefs were identified, they disappeared it for my business, I started getting more inquiries and got a great ideal client after 6 months of nothing- my first one, but I am sure more is to come.:-)

      • I love your process Jenny. I recently spoke with Melody about a limiting belief I had. She basically did the same thing. She made me realize how completely insane that belief is. lol

        I was writing a blog post about it and I found a picture to go with it. See my limiting belief was “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”. This belief could have had disasterous results in my life if I didn’t release it and I knew it – which is why I called Melody! 🙂

        Anyway, the picture simply said this – “How BAD does it have to sound before you’ll believe it”. At that point, there was enough “energy” moving that when I saw that picture, I realized just how stupid that belief is. 🙂

        But we are all here because we are part of a whole. WE ALL MATTER!

        Lauren, I used to feel the way you feel also. Whenever I would feel that way – this was long before my LOA days – I would think of how my mom would feel if I weren’t here. I KNOW she would be upset.

        I don’t know who you have in your life, but chances are there is at least ONE person – I’m sure there’s more than just one, but you gotta start small – who would be extremely upset if something happened to you. Whenever you start to feel down on yourself, think of those people whom you KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, love you and care deeply for you. That was my starting point to pull myself out of that feeling. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Thank you, Jenny. I do remember hearing that it’s arrogant to believe you’re the one mistake God/The Universe made. Thanks for reminding me of that. I’ve come a long way from the low point I started but find myself slipping back to old ways of thinking. I get frustrated when I see the new stuff is not sticking. But I will continue to focus on raising my vibrations.

        Thank you so much,

    • Lauren, I asked this question time and time again. How do you actually release a limiting belief? Simply identifying it doesn’t seem to do the trick for me. Example: I believed that it is really important what others think of me and had a fear of being judged. I couldn’t even take potential employers phone calls because I was so scared of making a bad impression. I dreaded these phone calls so much that I often didn’t even apply for jobs, even though I desperately needed one. And whenever I did answer the phone, I was so nervous that i could barely talk. I knew how ridiculous and unreasonable that was and yet I couldn’t help it.

      I successfully cleared that fear by tapping. The beauty of it, is that it can be used in situations that trigger limiting beliefs. Meditating is all good and well, but doesn’t really help me when it’s urgent. What i like about it, is that I don’t have to tell myself affirmations my subconscious mind rejects. I can acknowledge my true emotions and beliefs and really feel them, before I release them. You might want to give this a try.

  • I love this post, however it brings up another question: what happens when you use techniques to “drain” a memory of it’s feelings? There are techniques out there, (NLP timeline techniques, PSTEC, even EFT,) which can clear a memory of all of it’s emotions.
    My intuition tells me this type of draining can be a good thing to do, and it won’t even work unless you release the belief first. Or, if the belief is ready for release, just draining it may release the belief without you having any conscious knowledge (just what my intuition says here, don’t even know if that’s possible)
    Is my intuition on this correct? If not, than what is?

  • Thank you, Melody! A very precise and thorough explanation. Seeing your smile and inspiring energy shine through on the video is a treat!

  • You are such a GORGEOUS DOLL, darling Melody and you have the most beautiful smile ever! <3 Thank you for this superb video and post. xoxo

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