Awesome Tamara’s Burning question: “Whose “fault” (excuse the lack for a better word) is it when you encounter unpleasant situations? Let me explain more. Say that you get inspired to go to a job interview, and the interview didn’t turn out to be very pleasant for you. Let’s say your boss looked down upon you and asked you uncomfortable questions or wasn’t being very polite. Is it you or him? Is it because your vibration is too high for this job, or too low? In this case, should you trust that the universe has something better in store for you, or think of it as your vibration is not yet up to par with your dream job and need to go home and work on your thoughts? Because after all, if it was an inspired action, the result should be good right?”

Dear Awesome Tamara,

In every co-creation (events that involve more than one person), there are always several perspectives that can be looked at. And while it can be helpful and often soothing to find a better feeling explanation for why the other person behaved the way they did (they are not just a douche, they are insecure, etc.), it’s important to remember that the ONLY point of view that’s truly relevant to you is YOURS.

You’re in the center of your own holographic Universe and everything else is just a reflection of your vibration. This is a concept that a lot of people have issues with, in practice, so I’m only too happy to explore it in a blog post.

What about the other people?

When it comes to co-creating, the questions I get most often are: “What about the other person? Are they real? Am I imagining them? And if they’re real, am I now responsible for everything they do?” And then they get all panicky and shit. Relax. You are not responsible for everything other people do. But you are responsible for experiencing what it is they’re doing. Sound a bit twisty? Let me explain.

Ok, so there you are, in the middle of your holographic Universe (like the Holodeck on Startrek). Everything you see and experience is simply a mirror reflection of your vibration. This explanation can make it sound like you are actually creating everything in your Hologram rather than just attracting it, which causes a lot of people to falsely blame themselves for all the bad crap others do (since they obviously created the bastards). This conclusion is, however, super wrong (like wrong, but with a cape).

Here’s another way to look at this: you have access to every possible event and experience, an infinite number of them, but you will only ever experience those that match your vibration. What’s that you say? A metaphor that will seem to take us wildly off course only to circle back and make perfect sense in the end would come in handy about now? You got it!

It’s like ebay

Ebay is a marketplace that offers anything and everything one’s heart could desire. It’s also full of a lot of, um, how do I put this politely… stuff so crappy it makes you lose faith in humanity. The point is that you get the whole spectrum. Now, let’s say that money is no object and you’re told that you can order ANYTHING you like from the site and it will be shipped to you immediately for free.

Now, you might be tempted to just go crazy and click the order button on a whole bunch of stuff, because after all, it’s FREAKING FREE, MAN! I mean, who cares if it’s low quality, doesn’t work, is ugly, you don’t need it, don’t even really want it, and have no place to store it. It’s FREE dammit! Well, you might care when the trucks full of batman costumes for your cat start to arrive. It’s at this point that you might think “I should be a little bit more selective about what I order”, and you start to think about what you actually want and need.

So, you make a list of the stuff you want to find on ebay. But, as you begin to search for it, you realize something rather troubling: even though you know the selection is unlimited, you can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for.  What gives? You do a little sleuthing and discover that someone has put a whole lot of filters into the search criteria. That’s right, your parents and grandparents and community have been using your computer and left all their old search criteria in there. They decided that cars over $20.000 are an abomination, brown shoes are ugly, and cute jeans larger than a size 4 shouldn’t exist. So, you can’t find that Mercedes you want; you see shoes in every color except the ones you’re actually looking for; and every pair of jeans you try on gives you a round stomach and a flat butt instead of the other way around. And oh hey! Some of those filters are even yours, put there long ago and forgotten.

So, even though the marketplace could serve up anything you want, with no exceptions, your search through the database will only ever turn up the stuff that your filters allow through. If you didn’t know the filters were there, you might conclude that the marketplace sucks and has a very limited and crappy selection.

Ok, so just in case you missed it, the “search results” are your manifestations and the “filters” in this metaphor are your beliefs. Not all of them will be unwanted. You can use filters to deliberately block out the crap, for example. But when filters that you don’t know are there block out the stuff you actually do want, they’re called “limiting beliefs”. How do you know if you have unwanted filters? Well, you look at your search results. If you KNOW that what you want is available, then its absence from your search results must be indicative of something being wrong with the search itself (rather than assuming that someone else got there before you, ebay hates you and is deliberately keeping you from finding what you want, or you just don’t know how to search and will never learn).

It’s all about you

Now, while you could spend your time dissecting why items you don’t want were even uploaded to ebay in the first place, or writing letters to ebay admins demanding that anything not matching what you want should be banned from the site, it’s a lot more productive and satisfying to just dig into and refine your search filters. In other words, when you have a bad experience with someone (unwanted manifestation), you can try to figure out why they were such a douchemonster, or you can get to work on what will actually help you get what you want – your own vibration.

With me so far? Good. Now, remember: the marketplace is INFINITE. What you can manifest is INFINITE. That means that you have the ability to have good experiences and bad experiences, often involving the same people. You see, just as there are gumpy people and happy people, there are also people who are sometimes grumpy and sometimes happy. Take that a bit further and you’ll realize that most of us have a whole variety of different emotions we can experience and a whole variety of different moods we can display.

If someone were to meet you right after you got promoted, they would see a different version of you than if they met you right after you got fired. Their experience of you would vary wildly. Now, let’s say that there is a version of you, right now, that just got promoted. And there’s a version of you, right now, that just got fired. Both are real. The version that you are aware of, the one that you are currently experiencing, depends entirely on your current vibration – the search filters you’ve applied knowingly or unknowingly.

But both versions are, technically, available to you and anyone else. The “you” that someone else meets up with is entirely dependent on THEIR vibration. If there is no version of you that matches their current vibration (or, more accurately, if someone else’s vibration is a BETTER match for the precise manifestation they are receiving), they won’t meet up with you at all.

What you meet up with, what you experience, is always YOUR vibrational responsibility. It’s always about YOUR search filters. A L W A Y S.

How inspiration actually works

Now that I’ve laid down the basics, let’s get back to your question: If you went to a job interview and it went badly, that’s a manifestation of yours. You didn’t turn the boss into a condescending asshole. You are not responsible for his behavior. But, you are responsible for YOUR experience, which version of him you ended up matching up with. In other words, don’t worry about why the guy is an asshole, look at why an asshole, any asshole, ended up in your reality. Did I say asshole enough in this paragraph? Asshole.

“But what about the inspiration?”, I can hear you asking. “Why would we be inspired to have an encounter with something unwanted?” This question makes me think you don’t fully understand what inspiration is and how it works. Don’t feel bad. Hardly anyone does. That’s why you come here (that and the funny pictures. Don’t think I don’t know. I totally know.) Also, to be totally fair, I may have been guilty of spreading a bit of confusion on this topic myself, due to oversimplification caused by not wanting to turn every blog post into a novel length doctoral thesis. In other words, sometimes I have to leave a few steps out when explaining something that doesn’t pertain to the main point of a blog post. That and to make room for the jokes and cursing. (See? I totally had another paragraph on how ebay is just like the Universe, but I figured you got the point and decided to use this space for filthy silliness instead. You’re welcome.)

Ok, so most people (who have studied a bit of LOA, not talking about the Muggles here) think that inspired action works like this: you focus on what you want, like an awesome job. You sit back on the couch and wait, all the while making sure you feel good. Then, out of the blue, you get inspired to apply for a job, which just happens to be exactly what you wanted, and you get it. Happy dance all around.

But that’s not exactly how it works in the real world. I mean, it could work like that, if you had no pesky unwanted search filters. In practice, it’s more like this:

You focus on what you want, like an awesome job. You sit back on the couch and wait, all the while making sure you feel good. Then, out of the blue, you get inspired for a job. You think, “This is it! This must be my awesome job!” And you put on your best interview suit and shave your legs (not in that order) and you burst into the hiring manager’s office all bright eyed and bushy tailed only to find out he’s a troll. But, understanding the Law of Attraction, you realize that this job interview was not your manifestation, but rather a breadcrumb on the path to your manifestation. You were attracted to this experience (inspired to it) in order to show you that you have some search filters that aren’t letting the job you want in. You ask yourself how this experience felt to you (annoyed, frustrated, hurt, insulted, angry, etc.), sit with the feeling until you get some clarity (other thoughts and memories that may seem unrelated but which will feel the same will come to you), and look for patterns in all those memories and thoughts, until you finally identify the belief that’s mucking up the works.

For example, you may have felt annoyed at being condescended to. As you sit with the feeling, you realize that you’ve felt this way before – a memory surfaces of a grade school teacher who always talked to you like you were an idiot. It bothered you then, too, but you felt totally powerless to do anything about it. In this case, you’d uncover a belief that people in authority suck and there’s nothing you can do about it. You would then have the opportunity to create a new belief. You could tell a new story. What if you had confronted the teacher and she had reacted in shock, totally unaware of her tone, but absolutely willing to change it? What if people who are condescending are actually secretly terrified that they’ll be “found out” as not being good enough and are trying to cleverly conceal their insecurity by pretending to be smarter than everyone else? This is how you use the idea of looking at other people’s motivations and beliefs to shift your own. Don’t start by focusing on others, but if, during the process of dissecting your own beliefs, it helps to look at theirs, then go for it.

Bottom line

Your manifestation, whatever it is you experience, is all down to your vibration. No one else’s. So, when you have an experience that seems less than awesome, it’s still useful (it’s still a “good outcome”); it will show you what limiting beliefs are currently blocking you from receiving what you really want. This is a good thing, because as you discover these beliefs, these search filters, you can change them. When you have an unwanted experience, it’s never because you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, or because you’re broken in some way, or because you can’t have what you want. EVERY experience is there to help you refine your search criteria, your vibration, so you can eliminate what doesn’t serve you and get better and better results. Because what you want exists. It’s in the marketplace – without exception. All you have to do is keep looking at your current search results, and refine your search filters until you hit the right combination. THEN watch the trucks roll in…

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  • Okey, I´ve read your post:

    What I understand is that if we are “the way we should” in out beliefs and thoughts and all that, then our bodies would be perfect and not ill at all. But lets say that I want an illness. It´s not harmful and cause no pain or anything, but it would help me a lot in life. I would be happy if I got it. (Don´t want to say what it is though)

    Then would it be impossible to be happy and caring about my body and at the same time manifest something that isn´t my body´s natural behaviour/state? In other words; can I live a happy life with good vibrations and still manifest something “bad” but that I think is good?

  • I’m new to this. Still very rooted in old beliefs. Afraid of LOA but intrique. I just read Hamblin’s book “Within You Is The Power” He says usuling the LOA to manifest stuff is black majik. Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi Pat
      I’m personally not sure how someone could validate a belief that using LOA is black magic. It’s a bit like saying that using your knowledge of the law of gravity to not jump from a great height, unaided, is a dangerous thing. The way I see it is that, step 1, understand the laws which govern the Universe and step 2, use them to help you in your life. Nothing to be afraid of – they are just laws. This is just my personal (and very simplified) view. Well done to you for trying to find out stuff for yourself, even if that is a bit scary. It’s not an easy thing to do. This is a great site and you are amongst friends 🙂

      • Thanks Dom I’m going to stick with it. I had a thought to go to the goodwill store and i found a schwin exercise for $8.99. Couldn’t believe iy. I always wanted one but the good ones were too expensive. This one is strong enough for my husband to use. I think it was a manifestation.

        • Isn’t that great when that happens Pat! Good for you that you followed your instincts and grabbed yourself a bargain. Happy days! 🙂

          • Thanks again I’m happy to make a connection with you. Do you know ehy my email addred is showing up at the bottom if the blog?

          • Me too Pat :). Your email address isn’t showing up on my screen so it’s probably only your own screen it’s showing up on. I don’t think anyone else can see it but if you’re worried, then ask Melody to reassure you on the technical side of things. Have a great day 🙂 x

  • Dear Melody!

    I have great news!! Today I woke up feeling better after a massive release that left me feeling a bit down for a couple of weeks and I just felt that it is time to take out the trash. Literally 😀
    So I took the biggest trash bag known to man and began to clean out the shelf I’d been avoiding for years- I used to keep diaries and notes and whatnots, and had a large collection of my own stories and poems and just stuck ’em there waiting for their moment to come. Of course, it never did.
    Every now and then I would take a look through bits of it, and kinda clean it (wink wink)
    but nothing major. Until today! My beautiful today!

    I began to ravage everything, just teared the notebooks apart and got into the feeling of letting go, and got giddy and felt like I was really packing to leave (the Universe is working on that, currently…any second now…) 😀
    I had been thinking about my desire for a while now. I didn’t understan the meaning of the feeling yet, but I feel I got much closer today- I stumbled upon an forgotten beautiful drawing that my friend made for me years ago. It is so beautiful, soulful. I had completley forgotten about it! And on the back of it was my gem- she wrote that she is thankful for being my friend and that I always manage to uplift her spirits! I was moved to tears !! I am so thankful to my beautiful Universe for making me see clearly, or should I say, feel clearly , and I am also very much thankful to you, Melody, for writing with such inspiration and love! And thank you all of you beautiful posters for sharing your inspiring tougths, too. I hope I didn’t mess up my spelling very much 😀

    Much love,

  • I love this post…recently attended an interview at a design studio where the job was kinda my dream one.During the interview, the person taking it was condescending and questioned sumthng i am pretty good at…felt bummed.
    This post helps…i try not to take any feedback too personally as its just a mirror to my belief.The more playful i am and the more i remind myself “this or sumthng better”…the more allowing i become for a better version to show up…the key is to detach yourself and be general as its sumtimes difficult for me to lay a finger on which limiting belief is holding me back..its a challenge but i am getting better at it by changing my focus and attention to things which make me feel fabulous…loving it…thanks so much Melody.

  • Melody. You keep answering questions brilliantly and at the right time for me. I had been wondering about this very issue recently. Awesome!

  • Melody, you left me laughing out loud several times reading this. Great post, as always, very poignant, and very helpful. We can always control or vibration. Powerful reminder. I mentioned you, by the way, during a presentation yesterday, and talked about the great work you do. 🙂 Talk soon.

  • In other words, in the real world, before you can get to your manifestation you have to get slapped by your beliefs shown in your manifestations over and over again untill you clean EVERYTHING that is in the way for you to get what you want. Geez, that is not very motivating at all… What about the folks who’ve already grown to be so traumatized from being slapped by life for so long that now they don’t even want to try anything anymore? It gives me a really bitter feeling to know I’ll still have to get screwed and tortured some more before I can get to the good stuff. Isn’t there a way to clear beliefs and obstacles along the way before actually trying for the thing you want and getting slapped by the uncleared beliefs? There’s gotta be, something, somewhere…

    • Hi Mandy:

      I am going to try to give you a perspective on this that will make you feel better. The universe, or source, or all that is, or god, whatever name you want to use, is not purposefully slapping us with our beliefs or making us relive trauma. We are all incredibly powerful beings, we are source energy and we really can be, do or have anything we want. The reason we have not gotten where we want is that we do not believe we can.

      The path between where we are and where we want to be does not have to be hard. It can be step by step and the steps can certainly be gentle ones where we are guided down our path by bread crumbs, or any other metaphor that feels good to you.

      If we believe this process is going to be difficult and if this is a strong belief for us, LOA cannot buck that belief. If we can allow ourselves to believe that the process can be a gentle one, then that allows the universe, through LOA to bring to us what we want in a gentle step by step process.

      Sometimes the universe presents things to us in a startling way, or slaps us, because that is the only way we can receive the message. At at some level of our consciousness, we are asking for that type of message.

      Ask the universe to guide you gently and give yourself permission to travel gently on your path. The path does not have to be hard.

      I think the process of releasing limiting beliefs is something we are all doing and will always be doing, until we make our transition to Nonphysical.

      For me, the best way to gently release limiting beliefs is to always look for reasons to feel good, or to take it in baby steps, always look for a reason to feel a little better, and move up the emotional scale day by day, or moment by moment. If I find I am having trouble feeling better about a particular subject, then I do my best to feel around in my emotions to get in touch with what belief is blocking me from feeling better. Sometimes that can take days, weeks or even longer. Sometimes I have to let go of that particular issue for a while and come back to it later

      We are eternal beings, and there is no time clock. There is nothing we have to do. No one is judging us. If we criticize ourselves for not getting “there” soon enough, or for not doing what we think we “should” do then that criticism or resistance just gets in our way.

      If we sincerely ask the universe to guide us gently on our path, and then trust that we will get the guidance, we can move down the path at whatever pace feels comfortable from where we are.

      I hope this helps.

      • John,

        Thanks for that explanation. Along with a wonderful post by Melody, this is the review I needed at this time to solidify my understanding of this process. The universe also sends us clues, showing us where we are and what we need to flip around to go ahead in our journey. Being aware of these clues is important. They are all over the place I find. Your IB serves as a guide.

        • I am glad my explanation was helpful for you, A. Being aware of the clues is hard for me sometimes, but I feel that I am on the path to letting it be easier.

      • John, thank you so much for your reply and explanation. With Melody’s post it makes so much more sense. I was feeling so low since yesterday, having had amazing thoughts and an amazing week last week. Then all at once it felt as if I walked on my cloud – straight with my nose into a glass door I did not see. It hurt like hell – more so because I did not see it coming. I was feeling good, great in fact. Then I got smacked out of the blue. And what is weird – reacting much more intensely than I usually would have. As if what would have not mattered so much a while ago suddenly sends me reeling back. Is it not supposed to be the other way around? Asking for guidance to overcome resistance is such a great suggestion – I felt at the mercy of my own vibration, the fact that I don’t know what I don’t know such a daunting idea. And does one “bad” day send me back to a lower level? Is it lost ground? Can I wipe a “bad vibration day” and pick up where I left before I walked into the glass door? Or does the bad vibration have momentum that needs to run out of steam?

        • Mary,

          This happened to me quite often and I was getting exhausted by it. I was so high then, after some occurrence, was down in the dumps and that set me back a bit. These highs and lows are indeed very tiring. That is why in LOA there is the neutral zone, where you park it in neutral, with a “whatever” kind of stance, like we were reminded of many times here. This works wonders and can take you to higher levels when you practice it. You end up laughing at contrast, saying it is interesting, rather than nerve-racking. This helps because nerves get so tired after all the ups and downs. I am still working on this, as I have been off balance recently by an altercation with a neighbor which was shocking, but you know, whatever. After this, I continued to appreciate the roof over my head, the incredible sunsets the house offers, and I am especially appreciative of my other next door neighbor on the other side and the nice woman across the street who is lovely.

          • Just call me A
            Thank you for the wonderful advice. This blog/website of Melody is the first place I turn to if I need to raise my vibration and this morning I just scrolled down the comments and found all this great advice. Having a “whatever” attitude is surely something I knew but have forgotten about again and I will definitely use it when needing to claw myself back to higher ground again next time 😉 – and actually as in today. Feeling much, much better again.

          • Sure, Mary. I am glad! No sweat (an offshoot of “whatever”).

            I just had a thought. The self-realized must not expend too much energy on this rather trivial stuff we are learning to master in life that keeps us low until we learn to deal with it in deliberate creation. This is worth keeping in mind. They have their moments, but overall, I think, they mastered neutral which served as a springboard for higher things. This is as best as I can describe this in words. It may sound rudimentary, so if anyone has anything to add, it will be great!

          • Hi A and Mary:

            Mary, I am very glad my message was helpful to you. I very much like Melody’s blog and I appreciate the opportunity to share viewpoints and uplifting messages with each other. The back and forth exchange of words, and energy, on this site is very uplifting to me and I have enjoyed reading your messages!

            It feels good to me to be a part of this community of creators where we are all doing our best to lift our own vibrations day by day, and where we can receive the support and encouragement of fellow creators when we need it.

            Mary, I think that many times the unwanted vibration just needs to run out of steam. However, none of this stuff is written in stone and there are lots of things we can do to help the unwanted vibration dissipate, such as taking a nap, going on a walk, listening to music, watching a movie, petting our cat or playing with our dog.

          • Thanks, John, it explained things really well although it did not make me feel better. I don ‘t know, everyone in the new age community spills this information about how powerful we are and how we can have all we want but it’s all in theory cause I have never actually seen anyone get what they want… Have you?? All I see are people forcing themselves to get happy even though their lives suck and then nothing changes in their lives, the things they want never give even a glimpse of arriving. I don’t want to become a person like this… I don’t want to get conformed to my life’s bad circumstances and get trained to be happy in such a state and still see nothing change. You say the path doesn’t need to be hard, but the steps in the path seem to be neverending and the journey to the things you want takes too long or forever. Everyone is trying to be nobel and say that they want to experience the journey (the set-backs and all these bad stuff) not the outcome. I feel like I must be the only crazy one who’s not ok with this, if LoA exists to get us what we want then I want to get to the stuff, not experience a long terrible journey to my desires. I know you say it’s only my belief that thinks that getting to one’s desires is hard, but I see in all these people’s lives. Honestly it would be totally ok if my path was excruciating, as long as the stuff I want arrived QUICKLY. I can’t stand the idea of waiting years and decades of forcing myself to be happy before my dreams can arrive. If it takes years it will be too late by then, my dreams are stuff I can only do while I’m young. I also find it amusing and revolting that it seems that only some people need to do all this work for their whole lives before they can have their stuff, while other normal people have the stuff they want already without having to force themselves to be happy or work on their beliefs for years and years. It makes it seem like people like me will never get what they want, all we’ll get is a lifetime of working on ourselves in this invisible path you talk about, forcing ourselves to be happy in a bad life and seeing our desires never arrive. While the other people will keep getting what they want without doing any of these stuff or going down any path. It seems like an unfair and unsolvable condition to me. I hope someone here understands what I am talking about. Thanks for the help anyway. Have a nice day.

          • Hi Mandy:

            You have talked about a whole bunch of things here. First, I have seen lots of people get what they want. It happens a lot. I am sure some of the community of people who leave comments on this blog could write with examples. Some examples:

            A very close friend of mine had a series of very unsatisfying relationships. She took a course on creative visualization, and her goal in the course was to attract a deep, satisfying relationship. She wrote down the qualities she wanted in her partner, and in a short period of time she met the man of her dreams. That was about 20 years ago and they are still happily married.

            When my wife of 24 years made her transition almost two years ago, I was, of course, overwhelmingly sad. Immediately after my wife’s transition, it was hard for me to do anything but focus on how much I missed my wife. However, I also had an overwhelming desire to communicate with my wife in Nonphysical. Despite my sadness, the strong desire I had to communicate with my wife led to a series of messages from her that continue to this day. My desire to communicate overcame the strong resistance I created through my sadness.

            You talk about forcing yourself to be happy even though your life sucks. There really is not a way to force yourself to be happy. If you want to move toward increased happiness, the only way to get there is to look for reasons in your current reality to be happy and focus on those things.

            The path to increased joy and happiness really is simple. It is not necessarily easy. Just simple. We must make the decision that the most important thing to us in the world is to be happy and make a commitment to look for thing in our life to be happy about.

            If we are determined that we cannot find things to be happy about, then, unfortunately, we will not find those things. There are always things to focus on to make us feel better, step by step.

            If we feel that we are having to force ourselves to be happy, then we will not get there. We can find things to be happy about, if we have patience and look for feelings of genuine happiness. Again, if we feel we have to force happiness, we will not find it.

            I know that, in some respects, my answer this time is saying to you again the same thing I said the first time, which did not seem to help you.

            I hope that another member of the blog community will decide to jump in with an answer that might help you more.

            If you are new to LOA, or even if you have been studying LOA or similar ideas for a long time, this is not an easy topic to grasp.

            If you hang in there, I think LOA will start to make more sense.

          • Hey Mandy! I had to give my head a shake because I could have sworn I had written your post myself. I have been practicing LOA for years..analyzing,honing,going deep…releasing name it,along with being a good person in general.(Real)! And what I do “know for sure” is that the only people I see getting rich with manifesting are those that are “Teaching”…”Preaching” LOA. I have come to the point of pretty much giving up on receiving what is in my vortex.Like u said..Im getting too damn old for what I have been dreaming of MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I suppose that’s why most of these new age LOA profits make damn sure that you also believe that there is NO Death,,,That you are on a continuous journey.WELL Hells Bells I must take comfort in knowing that I have to die in this life first because it will be there on a different “journey”.LOLOL.I am in my late fifties and all I have ever wanted is a home in the country so I could have my own horse. Now any LOA teacher will say ,I must line up with the vibrational match and find those false beliefs.HOOEY!!! ive been through years of inner work with EFT etc.etc.etc.Oh yes …and I should just be grateful that I have released and healed issues in my life and thats what its really all about. (more chuckles).Sure I can find a silver lining on my NOW existence in all aspects but to tell you honestly…Im sick and tired of searching,(finding) but still having to Look for those linings.I want them right there in front of me.I KNOW that being where I belong in the country would not only bring me added joy ,it would FULLFILL me tremendously.Buy MY Goodness I forgot…I mustn’t feel the need,want or longing for it to manifest unto reality,cuz that’s sabatoge!!! YIKES!! I MUST feel REALLY FEEL like I already have it.C’Mon now! I have a terrific imagination and have gone off in my little dreamworld often and have Totally with all senses felt the exhilaration and joy in the deepest part of me, and sure I feel great,I maintain awareness to be able to sense”inspired action”etc.Yet STILL, my dreams are…Intangible.WHADDUP! Obviously I still maintain a faithful curiousity cuz Im here on this site.I love reding Melodys blogs hoping to see where it is I may be going “Wrong”… But then again Its the same thing all the time.You have to be a vibrational match. LOL Well then perhaps I outa drop all this “Be nice” crappola,cuz I see so many dirty,cut-throat,humans that get EXACTLY what they desire and Yes I have seen happy bullshitters! Hey Is that it???? a Don’t give-a-shit attitude because that IS certainly one characteristic I see in common with the wealthy!? AHhhh K that’s out! Whew! JUST SAYIN!

  • This post was just the best. I have so many favorite posts now, I don’t know which is my absolute favorite. And Muggles, eBay and the UPS man. Such a perfect post. Thanks Melody so very very very much!!!! You are doing such a great service to humanity, thank you.

  • I love this post! Thanks a lot, Melody! 🙂 Your metaphors and examples make it easy to grasp the concept. I wouldn’t mind ready your novel, btw, love your style! 🙂


  • Thanks for the inspiring post Melody. I am still curious about something, what about experiences/events in this (our own holographic) world where we stand only as witnesses/viewer, do they also have to do with our vibration? I mean, I live in the world where holocaust happened, wars, starving children, abuse and FGM existed. I do not experience them personally, but those things are real in my world. Do they also have to do with my vibration? I hope you will answer, thanks 🙂

  • Nice. Now i can totally be accepting of even bad situations, because i know they are a “bread crumb”. Totally does away with any excuse for frustration and impatience. Also, its super nice that you’ve told us exactly how to dig deep and make them work for our own good. Thanks Melody

  • Hi Cheryl. I assume Melody is using muggle in the way it is used in the Harry Potter books. In Harry Potter world, a muggle is a person who has no magical knowledge or ability. Therefore, in Melody’s use of muggle, she seems to be using it to refer to a person with no awareness of LOA.


    • Thanks, John! The only Harry Potter character I know (aside from Harry) is Mrs. Norris. Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady. Thanks, again.

  • What if our filters are showing specific people (my best friend) leaving our lives and we don’t want them to. I suspect she’s fading out of my life because when she arrived some 5 years ago I was in the lowest place on the vibrational ladder and she was an exceptional friend to me but now I’m experiencing the “effin awesome stuff” you speak of (with the exception of her drifting out of my life).

    I certainly don’t want to return to the vibrational place I was at when I met her to reconnect with her… there anything I can do to keep her in my life while still moving up the ladder? I miss her so much

  • You just gave me another technique to raise/change my vibration! Thanks, this definitely helped me get to a better feeling place again, thanks again! 😀

  • That ebay analogy is astroF@CKINGnomically brilliant, Melody! There are little explosions happening in my brain, like bulls stampeding across packing bubbles. Holy cow!

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