Awesome Jim’s Burning Question: “In this reality that we are enjoying now it seems almost impossible to manifest the feeling that whatever you have created in your vortex is already here. I am having real problems with that part of the process. I am meditating more and I am feeling better because of it, but the new motorcycle I have in my vortex is as yet invisible. There is still an element of “It ain’t here yet and I want it to be” playing in my heart and mind. How can I overcome this resistive thinking? How can I really feel like the dark blue cruiser with LOTS of chrome, a windshield, and a fairing is already in my parking spot?”

Dear Awesome Jim,

Ah yes, the age old dilemma that everyone bumps up against when they begin to do this Law of Attraction work. You’re told that if you can just get into the feeling of already having what you want, you will align yourself with the frequency of it and then what you want will just float into your reality. And that’s true. But this simplified explanation of the process can leave a lot of people confused. How can you actually get into the feeling of having what you want when you don’t have it? How can you NOT notice that it’s not there? Do you have to become totally delusional and truly believe that there’s a motorcycle in your garage, or a dream lover in your bed, or a million dollars in your account? How far do we have to take this make believe stuff?

Well, don’t worry. You don’t have to completely detach from reality in order to manifest what you want. Let me give you an explanation that’s a little more, um, thorough, which should help to clear up any confusion.

It’s a means to an end

First of all, it’s important to understand that the motorcycle isn’t actually what you REALLY want. Now, I know, you’re ready to argue this point to the death. Of course you want the motorcycle. It’s all you can think about. How dare I insinuate that you don’t really want it? Well, if I may be annoyingly nit-picky here and point out my exact wording: I did not say that you don’t want a motorcycle. I said that it’s not what you REALLY want. It’s merely a representation of what you REALLY want.

What the hell does that mean, you ask? Well, I shall tell you. But, please keep in mind that the concept I’m about to explain is one of the hardest for most people to truly wrap their brains around (not in theory, but in practice), especially when it comes to something they have been yearning for, for a long time. So, please try to keep an open mind until you get to the end. Then you can still vehemently argue why I’m wrong, if you still want to. Ok? Ok.

You see, what you want, what you really, really want, is always, ALWAYS a feeling. It is never something material or physical. This is not to say that the physical stuff isn’t important or enjoyable. Of course it is. But the stuff you think you want is only ever a representation of a deeper desire – a feeling. Your imagination, one of your innate tools of reality creation, will come up with the best possible representation your tiny brain can conceive of. I’m not making fun of your brain in particular here, Awesome Jim, I’m talking about human brains in general. You see, our brains, while pretty magnificent, aren’t built to conceive of or even fully understand all the possibilities that exist in the Universe(s). They are mostly like computers (kick ass, awesome computers, but computers nonetheless). They can follow commands and perform many tasks, but they cannot think for themselves. They cannot create on their own. They need input from somewhere.

Lucky for us, such input is abundantly available. Ok, some of this input is a bunch of rubbish. This is what we refer to as “limiting beliefs”. These are old programs that no longer serve us which are still running on the hardware that is our brain computer. But this post isn’t about that (this one is).

Where do your thoughts come from?

When you have a thought, that thought didn’t originate in your brain. You may think that it did, and it’s totally understandable if you do, but you’d be wrong. That’s like saying that your coffee maker has become sentient and is now thinking for itself. I don’t care how fancy your espresso maker is, the day that it bludgeons your co-worker to death because he keeps making decaf espresso and it’s little Italian heart just can’t take such sacrilege, isn’t likely to come anytime soon.

A thought is actually a manifestation. You became a vibrational match to that thought and it floated on into your brain, where it was translated into something you could understand. The same principle applies to ideas and memories. Your brain doesn’t actually create or even store any of that information. It simply translates and transmits it to you. Your brain, for the purposes of this metaphor, is basically a radio. Ok, ok, a super cool two way radio with a built in super computer, but a radio, all the same.

Nothing floats on into your brain by accident. If you are thinking a thought, it’s because it matches the frequency that you’re attuned to and was therefore attracted to you. If you have a memory, it’s because it matches your vibration. And if your imagination comes up with the picture of a super cool motorcycle, it’s because you’re attuned to whatever that motorcycle represents. The thoughts, ideas and their physical counterparts are merely representations of certain frequencies. They are your brain’s attempt to translate this non-physical energy into something you can understand and can therefore work with.

Where it all goes wrong

This process of your brain translating pure energy into something you can visualize or even touch is essential to the reality creation (or actually receiving) process. When you have something concrete to represent a vibration, it makes it much easier to focus on that frequency. In other words, if you want to be loved, it’s much easier to visualize an image (like your grandma, for example) that represents and therefore evokes that feeling within you, than to think of the abstract concept of being loved. The image or symbol is a focusing tool that helps you attain a certain frequency state.

This would all be well and good if it weren’t for us humans having decided that the representation of the vibration is 1.) what we REALLY want and/or 2.) the BEST POSSIBLE REPRESENTATION of our desire that the Universe has to offer. After all, if your imagination can’t conceive of anything better, or if you haven’t heard of a better version, it must not exist. In the infinite potential of creation that is the Universe. Ever. Anywhere. [For the sarcastically challenged amongst you, this is your alert. You’re welcome.] This is why no one ever goes window shopping or spends hours on the net looking at the latest gadgets. When you go shopping you simply send an email with exactly what you want to Amazon. No need to expose yourself to stuff you didn’t know existed. You have, in your life experience, found the best version of everything there is and you’re sticking to it. This, incidentally, puts you in the same camp as the type of person who, after going to one beach in his entire life, declares that beach to be the BEST BEACH IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Do you want to be that kind of person? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Your imagination is limited to your current vibration, which, if you don’t mind me saying, is NOT YET a match to what you want (otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this conversation). This means that your imagination cannot possibly come up with the image or idea that actually truly represents what you want. It can only give you the version you currently have access to. It comes as close as it possibly can.

If you then decide that this version is the ultimate representation of what you want and that it must come into your reality in order for you to feel the way you want to feel, you’ll get yourself stuck right where you are, instead of continuously progressing towards what you truly want. Confused yet? Let me give you an example:

Bob and his new job

Bob wants a new job. He has decided that a job in XYZ company would be his DREAM job. He has heard great things about them, and every time he even thinks of working for them, he gets all tingly inside. Now, you might think that these tingles are a sign that Bob should definitely apply for a job at XYZ, but every time he does, he gets turned down. What gives? Well, what Bob doesn’t realize is that he is not yet a match to his perfect job, and while a position at XYZ wouldn’t be bad, it’s not actually the best he can do. Right now, however, it’s the best representation in his reality that Bob has access to.

The job that Bob wants represents a feeling of freedom, challenge, autonomy, pride, self-worth and abundance. And while Bob has been working on raising his vibration, he’s not yet quite at the point where he fully embodies all of these feelings. Let’s just focus on one emotion for now, for the sake of this example. A job at XYZ represents the highest levels of autonomy that Bob has access to now, given his limiting beliefs. He cannot have an idea or manifest an example that defies these beliefs completely. In other words, he wants total autonomy, which he would have if he started his own company, but he’s far too afraid of the risk he thinks that such an action would require, and so he’s blocking his ability to manifest autonomy to the degree that he would like. He never dreams of having his own business, because when he does, his mind turns it into a negative – a situation in which his fears of losing it all come true. A job at XYZ represents MORE autonomy than he currently has, so it’s closer to what he actually wants. But the truth is, if he took a job there, he’d be just as dissatisfied within 6 months as he is now, because this job doesn’t actually represent autonomy. It simply represents it MORE than his current situation. It’s the best possible representation that his brain could come up with, but it doesn’t actually match what he truly wants. Not yet.

See it as a place holder

Are you beginning to understand how that thing you think you really want could actually only be a place holder for something even better? And how that thing you think you want is actually not what you REALLY want? Again, I get it. This is hard. When you try to tell your brain that you don’t really want the motorcycle, or the lover, or the million dollars, it reacts with panic. Are you trying to take away the thing it wants most? Are you telling it that it can’t have what it wants? And then, like a 3 year old, your brain throws a tantrum.

But remember that letting go of the idea that your desire is what you really want, or that it’s the best possible representation of what you really want, is not the same as letting go of what you want. Your brain may try to lie to you on that. Sometimes your brain can be a bit of an asshole.

If you understand that what you have been focusing on, the motorcycle in your case, is simply an image that represents a feeling (which is why it feels so good to think of it), and may not even be the best possible representation you could receive (it can get even better!!), you’ll be able to back off a little. It’s fine to visualize the motorcycle if it makes you feel good. In fact, that’s why your imagination came up with it. But the whole point of doing that visualization is for you to get into the feeling that it represents, not to actually get the motorcycle.

And yes, I can hear you panicking now. Hold on.  I’m not done.

You can totally get what you want. What you really, really want.

You want the motorcycle because of the way that you think it will make you feel. But the truth is, the motorcycle can only manifest when you are an actual match to the feeling it represents. You have to be willing to let go of the idea that you need to actually have the motorcycle in order to be completely happy (and if you’re disappointed that you don’t yet have the motorcycle, you haven’t fully done that), and allow yourself to go straight for the feeling it represents instead.

And here’s the icky truth that people never want to hear: You don’t need ANYTHING to manifest at all in order to achieve that feeling. You can just work your way into that feeling using different representations (images, memories, ideas, thoughts) that evoke that feeling in you. As you do, you’ll notice that evoking that feeling will become easier and easier. You’ll whittle away at your resistance and you’ll become more and more of a match to what you truly want. And, as you do that, representations of your new vibration will manifest in your physical reality. That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

If, however, you still need the motorcycle in order to feel REALLY good, if you are thinking “once I have that motorcycle, life will be so fun”, in other words “it’s not that fun now…”, you are not yet a match to what the motorcycle represents, and therefore not a match to the motorcycle (not to mention whatever the Universe can come up with that’s even better).

Bottom line

When you think of something fun, it simply means that your brain has just delivered onto you an image or idea that represents the fun you want to have in the best possible way you can currently access, NOT the best possible way it can ultimately manifest. It’s also a message that you want to have more fun. If you then focus on the feeling of fun, on having more fun, on bringing more fun into your life, the image or idea you came up with might actually manifest. Or, something even better will come in, something that will surprise you and make you exclaim stuff like, “Holy shit! Did that just happen?!” The problem is that most people have forgotten that life can be amazing. We don’t set any limits on how bad things can get (“I can’t even imagine how bad this could get. Let’s not define our fear but just be limitlessly scared just in case.”), but we have no issues limiting the awesomeness that we feel is possible for us. We’ve gotten so used to expecting the worst that we forget to expect the best (and beyond).

When you insist that things come to you exactly the way you imagined them, you are actually trying to control the HOW – how the Universe will bring you what you REALLY want. Stop that. Focus on the feeling, on what you really want, on the core desire. Generate that feeling within yourself NOW (not someday when things are different). Then, be open to whatever manifestations BEST match your new vibration. Oh, yeah, and prepare to be totally blown away. Vrooom. Vrooom.

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  • Im new to the whole LOA thing and I was curious about how many things should i try and manifest at one time?(if you know the answer PLEASE respond i could use all the help I can get )

  • I am sorry but I don’t agree with you at all Melody!
    As far as I can see (feel), your explanation to let go “the stuff” what I want because that’s NOT “what I REALLY want” don’t convince me at all. If I want a car so I can move around the city because my work requires me to, then I’m not looking for a feeling, I’m looking for a transportation medium so I can be faster on the places I have to go every day. If I want a biger house, I don’t want the feelings of security, independence, etc. Because those feelings I have them right now with the house I have at this moment, I just need a biger house because my family is growing and we need a couple of extra rooms! Ok, it woul be nice if the Universe give me something beter “that my brain has imagine” and drop in a swming pool, but what all I REALY want is more space period! I don’t care how the Universe delivers it, I’m not messing with the HOW!
    If what you said is true, then like Erik Wik said “If we can feel great without what we are looking for, why would we need the thing at all when we already feel great? The feeling shuold be enough? We would all be Buddha or the Dalai Lama just sitting around meditating not wanting a single thing in life.”

  • Hi susann. Just a thought but why not do both? The middle ground would be perfect but when you cant find the middle ground then both extremes need to be looked into. Your subconscious should know since you are learning every day. So do both just before you go to sleep and wake up. You will be told somehow what you need to do. Backing off is difficult but necessary to understand what part you are getting wrong. Then research how to get it right. You will get there. But that is the only advice I can offer right now, since I am pretty new to this. Hope it works out for you.

  • Oh, and I guess I ought to have mentioned that I’m still driving the 17 y/o car because I’m not in the financial position to buy a new one . . . which of course leads me to ask: do you focus on manifesting the money to buy the car, or on manifesting the car?

    Sometimes this LOA stuff is so easy and obvious, and at other times it’s like wading through bubblegum. And I am definitely having a bubblegum moment with this new car thing . . . any wisdom or insights from anyone cheerfully welcomed!

  • Ahhh, Melody — been reading my thoughts again, have you? ;-> Fabulous post, as always, and it strikes right to the heart of something that’s been puzzling me for some time now. I get the feeling part — that what we want is the *feeling* that the “thing” represents to us. And I’m okay with that. I can get that to work. Mostly.

    But . . . what if the thing we want is really the thing we want? In other words, what if the cigar we think we want really *is* just a cigar?

    I want, and need, a new car. My present car is 17 y/o, and while it’s still in good condition & runs well, it’s showing it’s age. It’s starting to cost me money for repairs, with parts that are becoming more difficult to get. I’m not as confident in it as I once was, am not comfortable driving it for long distances anymore. But a car is pretty much essential where I live. Public transportation is slim to none, & while I have good friends with cars I could count on in a pinch or could rent a car if I needed one, I want my independence.

    Now, I’ve looked at this from the “feeling” angle until I’m blue in the face. I can work out all the “feelings”: independence, safety, security, confidence in my car, the pleasure & excitement I feel when I get a new car & lots more. But I keep coming back to the central fact: I *want* a new car. Period. I don’t want a free bus pass. I don’t want a friend to offer to drive me all over. I don’t want to move to a city with good public transportation. I don’t want a car rental agency to move next door. I don’t want a tractor or a dune buggy or a big-ass SUV or a really fast skateboard. I don’t want whatever creative alternative the Universe can think up in an attempt to make me “feel” those feelings I mentioned.

    I want a new car. I don’t care what make it is, or even what colour it is & I don’t care how the Universe delivers it — purchase, gift, contest win, someone giving it to me, fairy godmother, genie in a bottle. Don’t care. But I DO have some specifications, and I’m not sure where they fit in: I don’t want some big old gas guzzling thing, or some exotica that is hard to find maintenance for & is a theft-magnet, for instance. I don’t want the Universe to take some whimsical notion to gift me with right-hand drive or a Humvee still in desert camo. But all of this — wanting, not wanting — leave me utterly confounded.

    So I think I’m missing something in this equation, but I can’t quite grasp what it is. What advice can you offer when we just really, really *really* want a damn cigar?

    • The Universe knows exactly what you want, so if you move into alignment with that, why would you receive those things that you really don’t like? The only way I could see that happening is if you weren’t truly in alignment with what you actually want. Also, your comment kind of reminded me of an article Melody wrote a couple of months ago. Have you seen it?

      • Hi, April, & thanks. I’ve been studying & practicing LOA for years, with really good results (I manifested myself a free home last year, so you know I can do this), but for some reason am finding it tricky to get into the “feeling” about this car. BUT . . . it occurs to me that I’ve just been over-thinking it (I do this when dealing with manifesting money, as well, although am improving tremendously in that area). I should be able to apply the same type of affirmations and visualizations toward a new car as I did for this house . . . right? LOL!

  • This is a wonderfuly helpful post. Thank you, Melody!

    I am, or I should say, my brain is still kinda scared. It really does want to know everything and by letting go of my visualizations and things that I thought I really wanted it leaves it kind of blank ( I can see my brain just looking at this new “software” with confusion, poking at it like a scientist XD ) but I feel lifted. When I first got into this stuff, I was thinking that I had to really imagine everything as specific as possible in order for the Universe to really know what to do and was scared that omg what if I had not asked properly or if I missed something..That was my brain being scared yet again. I can always tell, because when that happens my emotions go on to do a little dance with the brain, but my soul feels calm, and bright and just smiling at these two doing the tango. It’s ok to be afraid a little. Bad days are not bad days. Its just our brains doing the work as well. Knowing that the Universe would never let me feel all the wonders that everything is (that I am) and just take it all away like in a bad joke. It is always supporting me, guiding me. Always! And that is the thing that makes me feel safe all the time.

    Much love!

  • This is a great post. I have figured this one out a while back. When it becomes obvious you kinda never want to go back to wanting anything specific, you chase the feeling not caring if it comes in a neat little package. When people do this with relationships it particularly baffles me; who cares if he’s blond and has a job in real estate or something.

    I feel as if my manifestations have only gotten half way every time because I was doing this mistake. Example, I have always wanted to work from home and a few years later that actually happened. It was a crappy job for very low pay and I couldn’t leave my house. If I had concentrated on a job that makes me feel good and I love going to maybe I would’ve done something completely different but enjoyed it much much more. You have to realise that sometimes, you don’t want what you think you do. Imagine the feeling of freedom and independence a bike would bring. Maybe a little envy from your friends. Maybe a girl you want to impress. Maybe confidence, power, control. Focus on that when you’re visualizing yourself on the bike and not the bike itself 😉

  • What a wonderful post and comments! Thank you, Melody, for reminding me of happiness and it’s significance in everything. I had forgotten. I am now remembering.

  • And Melody NAILS IT once again! 🙂

    So there is this great “build your own emotional grid” tool that I use:

    You identify the feelings that you want to feel and then find examples/memories/fantasies/etc. to get you feeling that way. This tool really helps you get beyond the mental image of the motorcycle (or whatever it is that floats you boat) and into the feeling side of things. 🙂

  • Melody = an ethereal being with wings. This being sometimes morphs into a shiny shimmering Goddess, a fairy Godmother or a warrior chick. 🙂 Thank you, Melody soooo much. This post is a great reminder. It’s funny how I keep forgetting. My teflon brains. grrrrrrrr

  • Thanks Melody! I totally get this, but what I still struggle with is how to reconcile “circumstances don’t matter, state of being matters” with guidance to follow your bliss/highest excitement (Bashar-speak)? I mean, if we are to feel happy now no matter what our circumstances currently are, then why does it matter to follow our excitement if everything now can be a source of our happiness? I’m probably cluster-fudging the entire thing… any ideas/blog posts on this?

    • Jen, google “happy for no reason” by marci schimoff.
      Follow the links, read the book and you will find your answer.

      I can answer it here but it will be more fun for you to discover it yourself.

  • So now I will have “Wannabe” stuck in my head for days. Thanks Melody. 😛 lol

    It’s so funny when you really get this stuff and things start happening. I liked what you said at the end about saying to yourself “Holy Shit! Did that just happen?” I have said that a few times myself. It really is like freakin’ magic!

    I like to look it like you are taking out “the middle man”. Say you think in order to be happy, you have to have $10 million. There’s You…….$10 million dollars…….happiness.

    With LOA you just skip the middle man and jump straight to the happy. Once you get to the happy the U will provide you with “insights” on how to get to that $10 million (or better) or it may require no action on your part (such as inheritence or something like that).

    We all have our good days and bad days – bad days only happen to show you that somehow you are not lining up with what you want. That is their ONLY purpose. You have to learn not to take bad days so personally (which I’m still working on this myself). But I think you are on the right track when the majority of the time you no longer feel like the star of the movie (where everything is happening TO you) and you feel more like the person watching the movie (an impartial observer who is not deeply affected by what’s happening) and you cannot WAIT to see what happens next. 🙂

    • I like that concept…you’re not the star of the movie, you’re the person watching it play out… and if I may add… its like that classic movie we all love… the one where we know its going to have a happy ending, but its what happens in between that captures us… knowing everything is going to work out amazing, but not knowing HOW, gears us toward endless surprises but all the while with a smile on our face.

  • Thankyou for clearing up a major misconception. I am definately going to focus achieving my emotional needs and not the cash in my bank account.
    I think all the gurus out there can and need to learn a lot from you melody.
    I am also going to become what you portray, a wise warrior woman.
    thankyou for taking time out of your busy schedule to help everyday folk like us here for free.
    wow is all I can say when I think about you.
    awesome woman, you deserve the best and if you ever need any help or advice, please ask any of us herwe because you have given so much and we all would love to give something back to you just for being awesome melody.
    take care xxx 🙂

  • This is not easy. I can feel great, have no limiting beliefs but still not manifest a single relevant thing. My reality is exactly the same every day even though I have raised my vibration way higher than before. Obviously I must still have limiting beliefs but I don’t understand what they are since when I visualize what I want I just feel great, there is nothing negative about it.

    Another thought: If we can feel great without what we are looking for, why would we need the thing at all when we already feel great? The feeling shuold be enough? We would all be Buddha or the Dalai Lama just sitting around meditating not wanting a single thing in life.

  • So one of the manifestations I am working on “deliberately recieving ” (see what I did there!) was cosmetic surgery. I was excited about reading this post holding I could apply it to my situation but I still don’t know how I can feel confident,sexy and free when I see opposite staring me back in the mirror or hindering me from wearing others I want. I’m having trouble with this one because it’s not a material object but more of an experience per say? I don’t know maybe I should read the Bob and his job section more thoroughly. What happened to feeling good and stuff you put in you “vortex” just showing up. Thoughts anyone?

    • Interesting of you to mention it because plastic surgery is among the stuff I really want too! I never knew what was Melody’s take on this, and actually thought of sending her a question about it. I wonder if we can really manifest the actual surgery or only the feelings of beauty and confidence having the surgery would give us. no thank you god, I want the surgery itself, not something else!

      I also wish things were really simple as in feeling good and having the material stuff you want just show up in front of you, but it seems it’s all about feelings now, whatever that really means, and the rabbit hole is getting deeper and deeper. It wouldn’t surprise me if the LoA next tendency will be to say we actually don’t create or manifest anything at all, then we’d be screwed.

  • Hi there Ms. Melody
    This was such an amazing post because it speaks to one of the core challenges of getting LOA to work in our favor. You bring up an excellent point about the things we want are not actually the thing, but the feeling it gives us, and there are lots of ways to get into that feeling at this very moment. I am sure this is one post I will be coming back to again!

  • This post is awesome. This is how I thought it worked, but this post confirmed that there is someone else who makes it work the same way.
    There is actually a technique I sometimes use to try to get into the feeling of what I want. It’s a little thing I do in my mind. Say you are looking for a motorcycle which represents a feeling of fun and adventure. What I do sometimes is remember a time when I felt a sense of fun and adventure. A specific time. I associate into it, try to feel like I am actually inside the memory.
    And here’s where the interesting part starts.
    When I feel the awesome feeling begin to increase in intensity, I play a song that reminds me of the feeling I want. I continue repeating the process, getting into the feeling and playing the song. Getting into the feeling and playing the song. Until when I hear the song, the feeling automatically comes up. When that happens, even when I feel really down, I can play the song and automatically get into the feeling.
    I believe there are certain functions in our minds, such as the ability to be conditioned, (like Pavlov’s dogs) which can really assist us if we can use them in a helpful and positive way. I think everything in our minds, every function, can either be helpful or harmful. And if you find the way it can help you, then you can really use it to your advantage.
    Classical conditioning is awesome.

  • Ok – I followed that…but it’s hard researching all of these ideas – I would love a new home, have ‘found’ it but I know it represents space, charm, security and a fresh start (getting me out of a crappy situation in lots of ways). I feel it, I breathe the morning air when I visualise it/look at the brochure and hell…drive past it!) so I cannot manifest this home? I can work on trying to attune and attain that feeling … And it will come and I will recognise it?
    I am kinda confused – not by you but by the conflicting ideas I stumble upon – so, manifesting is NOT ever about things? It’s about receiving a feeling (through a thing or things?)
    But it’s still OK to leaf through the Universal ‘catalogue’ of things?? It’s ok to use my dream house as an anchor to work towards/visualise etc?

    As ever, awesome post!! Thanks and I hope you can expand a little further.

    • I have a similar doubt as you. I don’t understand how this works…. If we can’t get exactly the things we want, only stuff that rises similar feelings in ourselves, then we can’t really get the things, right? So is it wrong to want a motorcycle or a house? If you want them, you won’t get them, only experiences that rises in you the same feelings having a motorcycle would? does this mean you can’t want and get material stuff? It kind of seems like a cop-out to me so we don’t get disapointed when the money or partner or whatever doesn’t show up.

      What would happen if I wanted a certain amount of money per month because i’m poor and it represents security to me? Will life not let me have it and instead give me something else that represents security, like a life insurance or something and still keep me poor?? This is terrible! Does life decide for us what she thinks will represent the feelings we think wanting more money will get us? I think it’s a cop-out and it kind of means we have no control over our lives and that we can’t really get the things we want after all, we can only have what life thinks is appropriate in regards to our feelings….. I actually want physical money, not something else…. It would be really dissapointing to want it and recieve only some other stuff that is not money because life thought that represented the feeling of I want….. I don’t get how the lucky people who actually get the physical money, the partners and the physical everything else, how do they do manifest these things??? And how can we use our feelings right in order to actually manifest the physical money, the partner and not some other underwhelming stuff life thinks we want (I don’t!)?

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