Awesome Tracy’s Burning Question: How necessary is it really to dig up and release limiting beliefs? I’d describe myself as a naturally positive person, and I’m continuing to work on (or PLAY WITH!) focusing on moving toward what I like. It feels great! I know I still have a lot of limiting assumptions ingrained from childhood or even inherited…but they’re so ingrained it’s hard to even pin them down in order to work on them. But I’ve started to wonder, aren’t those beliefs themselves actually manifestations? And if so, do I really have to dig them up? If I’m moving toward feeling better in whatever ways I have access to, don’t my beliefs have to rise up to meet me?”

Dear Awesome Tracy,

Here’s your video response.

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For the readers amongst you…

Contrary to ever less popular “old world” thinking, you DO NOT have to go rooting around in your subconscious for those nasty, limiting beliefs.

Remember that you have millions and millions of beliefs, and most of them are serving you very well. Hunting around in all of that for those few beliefs that are tripping you up is like, well, looking for a needle in a haystack. You can do it, but it’s going to take you a long time and it’s going to require a LOT more work. There’s definitely a better way to do it.

Say no to hunting

Now, as you so astutely surmised, Awesome Tracy, you do not have to go hunting for what you want outside of yourself and bring it to you; you can let it come to you. That’s why it’s called the Law of Attraction, not the Law of Going-out-there-and-hunting-down-and-killing-what-you-want-and-schlepping-it-home.

So, what you really want to do, in order to bring up the beliefs that are currently in your way, is focus yourself into the frequency of what it is that you want. But how do you do that? Well, you figure out what it is that you REALLY want (not what you think has to happen in order for you to get what you want) – that thing that brings up an AMAZING emotion within you, and then to the best of your ability, start to feel that emotion. By focusing your mind, visualizing, making vision boards, singing a song, listening to music, going for a walk, looking at certain pictures, bringing up memories… it doesn’t matter what tools you use to get yourself into that state, but, to the best of your ability, get yourself into that state.

Basically, what you’ll be doing is this: You’ll be going down a path towards what you want, and as you do, whatever happens to be in your way, whatever’s interfering with that RIGHT NOW, in this moment, whatever’s actively tripping you up right now, those are your limiting beliefs that pertain to this very goal. And, well, you’re just going to run into them. They’re going to present themselves. They won’t be able to help it, because they are actively interfering with the path that you’re taking.

To the best of your ability

The reason that I keep saying that you should get into the feeling of what you want “to the best of your ability”, is because if you’re not resistance free, if you still have limiting beliefs on this topic, you won’t be able to get into the feeling of what you want 100%. If you could do that, you would already be there. So, do the best you can, get as close as you can, activate it as much as you can, and then each time you remove a piece of resistance, you’ll be able to take it further. You’ll be able to get into that feeling more and more and you’ll be able see a more detailed view of what you want, while feeling good.

Here’s the 3 Step Process:

  1. Focus on what you want
  2. Get into the feeling of it to the best of your ability
  3. Watch for the resistance to manifest.

This means, something’s going to happen that will trigger negative emotion within you. When that happens, don’t take it as a bad sign; take it as a good sign! This is your resistance coming up.

For example…

You may have someone say something to you that makes you angry, or sad, or makes you feel sorry for yourself. When that happens, sit with the feeling; actually feel the emotion. When you do that, you’re activating the frequency of that feeling and what it represents, and then more evidence that matches it will be brought to you. You don’t have to go digging around for it. You don’t have to go out and hunt it down. Just sit quietly with the feeling and then memories, thoughts and ideas that match that feeling will come to you. And they may at first not seem at all related, but if they come to you as you’re doing this exercise, they’re totally related. Always.

Let that additional information be brought to you, and then you can look for patterns and dissect what it’s really all about. It will essentially be a decision that you made or that you adopted from someone else, that doesn’t fit what’s true for you.

Bad decisions

So, for example, you may have decided that you can’t get love because you’re unlovable, or that men are horrible, mean people, or that the world is a horrible place and you have no place in it. There are many decisions that we make, but there are also loads of decisions that we take on from other people, such as “rich people are evil”, or “it’s not charity if you don’t suffer in the giving of it”, or something like that.

When you discover the decision that was made, you can simply make a new decision. And that’s all releasing beliefs really is. It can really be this simple. And please don’t let THAT trip you up. There are a lot of people who think that the simple methods don’t work. Of course, you can go ahead and try the complicated methods. Go on. Get ever more complicated. See how that works for you. Or, do the simple method: sit and focus and let the information be brought to you. This is how the Law of Attraction works and it is how to use it to fine tune your vibration, to get ever more into the frequency of what you want, until it can simply show up. And that’s really how easy it can be.

Little wee note to my blog readers: I’m slowly but steadily upgrading my video equipment and learning how to produce better videos. This is the first one I’ve shot using the new lights! Yay! More changes to come, so stay tuned! And don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!

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  • Awsome Melody
    the “aha” moment came with your roller-coaster comparison, – enjoying what I am doing fully and looking forward to the “upgrade” ride. Then I fell off the roller-coaster, meeting resistance with a lot of blood. Now I am back on the ride, enjoying it, but cautiously “expecting” more resistance. And I wonder, will this “readiness” to meet resistance, let old believes surface to be dealt with or create new negative experiences just posing as “resistance”? I get what I expect right. And sort of learned now that a lot of happiness can cause a lot of resistance to surface. To expect to be happy without “expecting” to meet resistance is not the whole, true story?

  • hey Melody,

    I was wondering if you could possibly do a post, detailing what it feels likes before a manifestation is about to manifest. I have been obsessed with a dream of mine for almost 10 years, and in the last 2/3 years I finally had the realisation of what it was. However, since that epiphany, ive not manifested it and sometimes my heart swells so much it is about to burst when i merely think of me doing it….

    please help melody. I would love to know what it is i am missing and the unique interpretation you could offer with all your insight. Love and see u in London
    All the best

  • I love your videos!!! This helped clarify so much, thanks for making the mysterious not so mysterious

  • Great video, Melody! I just love the simple approach to anything, and you did a wonderful job of explaining it with regard to limiting beliefs! I will likely watch this several more times.

  • Watched the video, Melody because I just had to feel energized and what better way than to listen to one of your awesome videos? Now, I’m all set. THANK YOU!

      • LOL SK gotta admit, I’m already addicted. Melody is like my morning coffee or even better. Lol I’m sure you are addicted to Mellow-D too. I remember reading this somewhere on Melody’s blog, she IS a drug 😉 so, hey, not my fault. BTW, how are you holding up? I can bet you’re addicted too. :-p 😉

          • Ha ha. Yes, John. Well said. 🙂 Melody is truly the most pleasing melody and the best magic mushroom. 😉 I can’t wait for the next post and I’m sooo excited to know what’s coming next but guess what? I’m talking to Melody tomorrow so I get a WHOLE HOUR with her. The best drug I’ve ever had, it’s one that makes me stronger with every passing day unlike others that would suck the life out of me with time. What a miracle drug. 🙂

          • Melody has helped me enormously, too, Rose! I am very glad to hear you will get a whole hour with Melody tomorrow! I am also among the lucky people who will be spending time time talking with Melody tomorrow. I hope we both receive so much clarity and good feeling energy that we are positively glowing with happy shiny puppy brightness!

          • WOW, SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! Yes, I really really do hope we’re both READY to hear EVERYTHING we need to hear and that we make quantum frolicsome happy shiny puppy leaps. SO COOL that you have a call too. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Awesome Melody! Why do I feel like sitting and doing this process is the same as digging? I ask because I’ve tried the process and nothing seems to be coming up for me and my money issues…could I be trying too hard? Or is it possible that maybe the limiting belief isn’t even related to money?

    Marjorie =)

    • We dont want money because the paper is beautiful or that it feels nice in your hand, or that the numbers on the screen is sexy. None of that. Money is usually a solution to something.

      What do you intend to do with the money?
      1. To fix your life
      2. To spend on others.
      3. To follow what feels good.
      4. Or other. Please specify.

    • Hey Marjorie,

      Don’t with with the issue. Sit with the FEELING. How does not having as much money as you like make you feel? And yes, it’s totally possible. 😉



  • Mittens is so adorable. Mittens. Oh my I love it. Thanks for the post Melody! Thank you very very much! You’re just lovely.

  • hey your audio sounds like it has too much trebble and no bass with it and could have low volume issues me thinks, try using a microphone it might help the bass issue. also you actually look hot :O

    • Well thank you kk. Now I’m all blushy and shit.

      And thanks so much for the feedback. I actually do use a lavalier mic, but I’ll check into how to improve the audio. There are many improvements still in the works, though. Yay!



  • Wow your blog is great. Finally a law of attraction site where you aren’t told to be perfect. Some of the other law of attraction sites I have visited say you have to feel good all the time, without saying how you get there or how you figure out the limiting beliefs or give you the tools you need.

    Until I found your site I have been feeling horrible every time I had a negative thought or whatever, trying to suppress it and then feeling depressed because I thought that you have to just feel good all the time and always think positive thoughts.

    From your blog I have learned that it’s ok to feel down sometimes or whatever that doesn’t mean you won’t manifest, your emotions are a tool to help you discover what your limiting beliefs are and ways to move up to feeling wonderful.
    Thank you

  • Great stuff Melody, as always.

    Been holding off focusing on my love life because…well i have loads of limiting beliefs so its kinda complicated and i want to uncomplicate it, but was not looking forward to days of digging and searching and using all sorts of tools to find these nasty beliefs- then i open my mail this morning and viola!- Thank you, thank you.

  • Hi Melody,

    I’ve learned so much in the last two years. Thank you! 🙂
    Huggggs and mmmmwaah!
    Have a great day!

  • This post came just on the right time. I have been feeling anxious for the past few days and spent the whole morning today trying to figure out what was this resistance about.
    I’ll sit with this feeling and do as you said. Thank you so much Melody.

  • Hey Melody
    This post was exactly what I needed today because this is something I have been thinking about the last few days..A LOT. I have made a lot of shifts recently, and it made me think of all the crap that is still inside that I may never figure out and that worried me; It made me scared I would always be falling short of what I really wanted. But, as usual, you soothed my fears. I think today is going to be a deliberate receiving study day–just re read through some of your posts to better understand the ‘deeper’ stuff, and reinforce some beliefs that may be shaky because my damn logical mind gets in the way.

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