Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question: “Melody, does smoking weed alter our vibrations negatively? Can it hinder or stop spiritual growth? I understand it can be negative if someone uses it to avoid emotions, but what if we are already at a high vibration before we smoke, and use it to promote a deeper sense of relaxation, or use weed to help meditation? I love the effect marijuana has on me and how relaxed and at peace I feel when I smoke, but I’m worried about the long term affects or might have on my spiritual health.”

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Well, Awesome Dudette, I think this is the perfect time to ask this question. With the legalization of marijuana being more and more in the main consciousness, and people waking up to the idea that what their neighbor does to raise their consciousness or even just to self-medicate, is really none of their business. And so, I think more and more people are going to be asking themselves, what are these plants and substances really for, and what do we really believe about them.

For me, marijuana is a drug, but I don’t mean that in a negative way. A drug, to me, is anything that alters the chemical composition of your body. So, under that definition, food is a drug. Food can be used to medicate oneself or to raise your mood; but it can also be used in a self-destructive way. And all drugs fit that description, as far as I’m concerned. You can use pharmaceuticals in a negative or positive way, as well.

What determines your experience?

The sacred plant teachers, such as marijuana, ayahuasca, san pedro, peyote, the iboga root, salvia divinorum, mushrooms, etc. – any of these divine plant teachers can also be used in a negative or a positive way. The difference between having a negative or positive experience isn’t made by the substance. What determines the outcome is the person taking the substance. So, I think we really need to stop blaming the substance, or making the substance itself responsible for the result that’s gotten out of it (even if it’s positive). So, if you use pharmaceuticals or plant teachers or any kind of drug such as food (even exercise can be a drug), in a positive way, good for you. But if you use it in a negative way, don’t blame the negative results that you got on the substance that you used. Don’t try to make that the bad guy. Understand that it was your intention and the way that you used it that caused a “negative” result.

How do these teachers work?

Now, as I said, I consider marijuana to be a sacred plant teacher. But what’s the purpose of a sacred plant teacher? Well, these plants have a certain frequency just as everything else does. They have the ability to open us up to higher frequencies, if we allow it. We still have to face our own limiting beliefs; we still have to face the obstacles that are in us before we can attain higher frequencies. But these plant teachers can help us to do that. As all drugs can, by the way.

Now, some substances, like alcohol for example, have lower frequencies, and these are going to be a really great tool for someone who’s in a really low vibration. For example, if they have a lot of suppressed anger that they’re not letting out, if they have that kind of condition and they drink a bit of alcohol, the anger comes right to the surface. They become an “angry drunk”. What we need to take a look at is WHY this person is so angry to begin with. So, it’s bringing the anger out, but the person still needs to work with it. And of course, most people don’t, so they just continue to stay angry. Their only outlet is when they drink some alcohol and let that anger out a bit, but they’re engaging in very self-destructive behavior. If they would then notice how angry they get and understand that this anger needs to come out, they could use alcohol once, see where their mood is at, and then work with it once they’re back in the sober stage (or even while drunk, providing they’re not too inebriated). But, of course, most people don’t do that.

Why some people get paranoid

Marijuana is much the same; it just has a much higher frequency than alcohol. So what it will do for you is that it will connect you with a certain frequency; it’s kind of like helping you to find an address. And as you reach for that higher frequency, if you have limiting beliefs that are blocking you from fully connecting to that higher frequency, they’re going to come up. If your resistance is very strong, or if you’re reaching really far from where you are, then you’re going to very likely experience that as fear, or paranoia. These are your own demons and limiting beliefs that are coming up. Marijuana’s not creating them. There’s nothing happening outside of you that’s scary. But you do need to take a look at what’s being brought up. If you are working with what’s coming up within you, then you’re using the sacred plant as it’s intended, and you can create permanent change in your life.

If you’re noticing that marijuana makes you feel good, that it’s helping you to deepen your meditations, and that it’s helping you to connect at a deeper level, then by all means use it that way. If you’re going to claim to use it as a spiritual tool, however, then you actually have to work with what’s coming up. Don’t make any substance, including marijuana, responsible for your spiritual growth. See it as a tool that you’re using.

What about recreational use?

From my point of view, there’s certainly nothing wrong with using marijuana or any substance, as long as you’re using it consciously. Again, the difference is made by the practitioner, the person actually using the substance. That being said, I also don’t see anything wrong with using it recreationally. Because I think that if you have a problem with recreational use of marijuana, then you should also have a problem with people using alcohol recreationally, or food, or exercise, or anything at all that changes people’s lives. I really don’t think which tools people choose to use is anyone’s business but their own.

So, when you’re using marijuana recreationally, in other words, you’ve had a bad day and you smoke a joint to feel better – if you’re doing it consciously, there’s very little chance that you’re going to have a really negative effect from it. Because you’re actually noticing that it’s making you feel good. You’re conscious about it. But, being conscious about it also means that now you’re conscious about what you’re escaping from. And that’s the point. If you’re using it as an escape, do so temporarily. But don’t ignore what you’re escaping from. That way you’re getting the benefit of the marijuana helping you to feel better, but you’re also realizing that it’s making you feel better from something that’s feeling bad in your life, which needs your attention.

What if you’re already a happy shiny puppy?

Of course, if you’re already in a really high vibration when you’re taking marijuana, and it’s still making you feel good and helping to deepen your meditations, then you can use it in line with its true, divine purpose. You can use it to commune with the very, very intelligent spirit of the plant. You’re also going to notice a big difference between using it in its pure form and mixing it with tobacco. I would recommend that if you mix it with tobacco, you use PURE tobacco, not the crap that’s in cigarettes (that’s not really tobacco, and there’s nothing really sacred about that anymore). Get yourself some pure tobacco. It will ground you and you’ll have very different experiences, no less sacred, no less spiritual, but very different. That’s something that you can use to experiment.

I’ve personally used marijuana this way, and I know quite a few people who do. I don’t really know anyone who uses alcohol that way. In my experience, the people who raise their vibration higher and higher tend to really get away from alcohol because it has this lower frequency. But marijuana can certainly be used in a very spiritual way.

How it was truly meant to be used

I think the way marijuana was really, truly intended to be used once you’ve released enough resistance,  is that it shows you the way to a certain frequency, and then once you know what that feels like, you can achieve that on your own through meditation. So it shows you where it’s at, and then once you’ve felt where it’s at, you can find it again. You can then use it (marijuana) again to make the next jump. Now, if you use it that way, obviously you’re not going to be using it on a daily basis. If you’re using marijuana daily, I’m pretty sure you’re using it in a recreational fashion at least some of the time. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just be clear about how you’re using it. And don’t be ashamed of using these substances. Obviously, be careful about who you talk to about this, and if you’re in a place where it’s illegal, don’t use it there. Go someplace where it’s legal, but thankfully, those places are growing in number. But, use it consciously, and I don’t think you’re ever going to go wrong with using any of these substances.

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  • Great post Melody. I’ve wrestled with guilt over my weed smoking many a time but I can never get past the great things it does for me. It’s refreshing to read about it this way and its reminded me to take advantage of the time I spend outside with a joint to enjoy the beauty in nature and raise my consciousness – not just get relaxed and giggly – although that’s good to0!

  • Love this post, like everything else I read on here it makes perfect sense! However, I have tried to meditate with marijuana before and I find that it makes my head far too busy…like instead of one thought per second I have about 5 at the same time lol. Maybe this is resistance in itself and it’s telling me that I should learn how to focus my thoughts more…which actually makes sense to ‘sober’ me.

    I like the idea of of using this to help figure out limiting beliefs, like if you have a thought whilst high ‘what did she mean by that, have I annoyed her in some way?’, without the weed that thought would have been festering in the back of your mind anyway, just a little more quietly and difficult to pick out! And now you can actually identify it as a limiting belief and deal with it.

    One last point on this, I’ve been using marijuana on a fairly regular basis for quite some time now. One thing I have noticed, is that since I have actually been puting proper work into letting go of resistance, less and less of these ‘paranoid’ thoughts pop into my head, in fact it happens very rarely these days. A good sign that Melody’s technqiues are working! I say this because I have been studying the law of attraction for quite a few years now, but it’s only since I have come across this blog that I have made real changes and actually cleaned up my vibration about a lot of stuff, so thank you for that! 🙂

  • Hi Hey I love your post and videos and coaching calls 🙂 You have some awesome chit going on 😀 I learn so much from you, Thank you!

    MY questions are: 1. Can i repost your stuff ? (of course all credit going to you). I am just getting my website up and running. It’s a massage website but it will also have LOA stuff on it because I love this stuff. Your info is the best, and i would love to share it on my website. So that also brings up question #2. Do you have an affiliate program? or suggestions on how I can get your message out there on my website.

    Thanks for your humor and wisdom. Your’e very cool, I am a big fan.

    Sue Burhoe

  • Great post Melody! As you already know, I’m a big fan of the herb 😉 Smoking makes me much more aware of the energies in my body, and it often brings subconscious or suppressed issues to the forefront of my mind. Of course sometimes it’s fun to smoke recreationally, but meditating is one of my favourite things to do while stoned. But if I smoke a lot I find I become a bit ungrounded and unproductive – too much of a good thing I guess.

    I really, really want to partake in a ayahuasca ceremony. I’m hoping to be able to do this sometime next year.

    • I want to partake in an ayahuasca ceremony really bad as well. It would be nice to just clear everything out in one fell swoop. Forget the slow, painful, torture method, just rip the band-aid off already! LOL! 🙂

      If you get a chance to do that Karin, please let us know! I want to hear about these experiences. I’m going to get the chance to do it one day and I’m really curious about other people’s experiences. 🙂

  • Finally someone who doesn’t make you feel ashamed for smoking.
    Nice to see someone talking sense on the subject for once.
    It is the person who is the negative effect on anything, sober, drunk, stoned or whatever, not the substance.
    Give us the right to smoke it don’t suppress our true spiritual freedom, UK.
    For me, I relax, and become more balanced. This is extremely difficult for me to do since my mind never switches off and the extreme hypersensitive emotions become more in tune with me instead of controlling me.
    There is a lot of stuff stating marijuana can cause mental health issues.
    I disagree. Those issues must surely already be present and are being brought to the surface like Melody says.
    I think if it was legalised here a lot of people would be able to self medicate rather than face the stigma of telling their doctor they can’t cope, thus enabling a real fear of social services being involved, and ultimately being drugged up on who knows whats in them antidepressants.
    I would recommend a spliff and a seriously good friend to listen in these circumstances, not years on prozac, citalopram, amitryptiline etc.
    Thank you Melody. A real woman with a real sense of reality.

  • Hello!

    Agree with the points and the perspective you made. However, due to some awareness because of my academic experiences and work, I really feel ambivalent about the act of buying and consuming these kind of substances. I include simple cigarettes here. My knowledge on marijuana is limited, but regarding the cultivation of opiates, for instance in Afghanistan, it has rendered its economy to become basically a drug economy. Yes, awareness and fights against that have been happening. Marijuana, to some extent also forms part of similar phenomena. Slave labor is used in tobacco fields…

    My point here is not being all sanctimonious and tell people what they should do or not (there were times in my life where a joint helped me deal with some depression and sleep deprivation), but this is actually an issue that have been in the back of many people’s mind. As in, where these substances come from, the process in which they came to our hands, etc. In marijuana case, most people don’t have (easy) access to happy people working in farms and cultivating and making commercial transactions it in the same sensible and empowered way as organic food.

    The same argument can be made about the clothes we even wear, or food, or buying in chain corporations (many people cannot afford to buy more sensitively)… In these products also slave labor or some kind of big corporate oppression on producers help creating a cycle of dependence and poverty to some people. But it is not as “easy” to spot and be more sure or aware, as in drugs. Maybe due to the more negative stance taken on drugs throughout generations…

    Everyone wants to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest, but I guess that nobody wants to contribute to a system that oppresses people. My point with this comment is wondering how to have a better perspective and make better choices on food, clothing and substance habits. Maybe the increased awareness and care about the oppression surrounding the production mechanisms of substances will slowly but steadily help decrease that system… I am very impatient about these behaviors becoming mainstream (it is happening but oh so slowly!) and – I confess – also for me to be more financially stable enough to make more sensible and empowered choices.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • This was yet again another great informative post, but there is one thing about it that is, urm, tripping me up. The inconsistency detector in my head is beeping loudly..
    In the video, you seem to be saying that alcohol has a lower frequency than other substances. Yet, in many other posts, you have stated that frequency is essentially subjective, and everything has a different frequency depending on the person using it.
    Just to clarify, are you generalizing that alcohol has a lower frequency than other substances for everyone? If so, how is that possible if frequency is always subjective?
    And if alcohol does make some people happy and relaxed instead of angry, am I to come to the conclusion that those people are essentially at a lower frequency than the rest of people who find that alcohol does not make them happy? If so, than what indicates low frequency, other than your own emotions?
    If frequency is not subjective with substances, than what is the difference that makes the difference between substances and say, money? Or is there no difference and I am just interpreting your message incorrectly?

  • Thank you, Melody! This is something I really want to try. Soooooooo exciting. Even before trying it, I’m getting the feeling that this is something that’s going to benefit me greatly. It feels like a romantic poem on a starry night. 🙂 Thank you.

  • “How Weed Saved My Marriage”. That’s the name of my book I haven’t written yet. But its in my head. Weed was a huge factor in my awakening. And most awakened, highly spiritual people I know are proponents of weed, at a minimum. Weed & hemp would save the world in so many ways.
    One Love. 🙂

  • Hi Melody! A great post, as usual! You are so right that setting intention for use makes all the difference. I find that MJ makes it easier for me to tune in to higher vibrations and non-physical teachers during meditation. I also had a great experience recently where it helped me get in touch with a limiting belief/source of negative emotion that I couldn’t consciously put a name to while sober.

    Your article also brought up an interesting question for me: Are the states that are legalizing plant teachers at a higher vibration than other states where it’s still illegal?

  • Hey Melody
    Great post with some very interesting points. I especially liked and agreed with how it is all about the person using it–their intentions,etc… Like you, I have tried ayahuasca and have experienced the healing benefits from such a revered ‘teacher.’ While I don’t smoke pot much these days, I did find that often times when I did, I had some very interesting insights and definitely experienced a higher level of consciousness. Like many things in life, we try to place things in black and white categories, and speak in all drugs are bad, no discussion about it. But, like you, I am not a fan of absolutes. And, like you said, what other people do is nobody else’s damn business!

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