Awesome Becky’s Burning Question: “Have you heard of the Tapping Solution – where you tap on your meridian points to help you release your negative beliefs? I’ve released some pretty awesome stuff, but it can be emotionally tiring! I was wondering what your take on it was from your happy shiny LOA puppy perspective.”

Dear Awesome Becky,

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For the Readers amongst you…

Now, for anyone who doesn’t know what Awesome Becky is talking about, another name for tapping is “EFT”, or Emotional Freedom Technique, for example. There are also other names for it. Basically, you find meridian points on your face, neck and hands and tap on them, like acupuncture points. They supposedly open up the energy and allow you to release limiting beliefs.

I personally don’t use this particular tool to shift my energy, but I do have some experience with it, and I do think it CAN BE an excellent tool for growth. The reason why I say that it “can be”, is because you can never make any tool responsible for your growth, or state that THIS is the tool that will help everyone. There is no one tool that will help everybody. But if you are drawn to a certain tool, that means that AT THIS TIME, for you, that tool may very well work. It may not always work for you and it may not continue to work forever. It’s always still up to you to use your intuition to see what tools you’re being drawn to in each and every moment.

Watching a Master at work

That being said, I had the great pleasure of seeing EFT used properly by a Master practitioner, and I was able to observe the energy shifting and what caused it to shift. So, here’s my personal opinion on what’s happening when someone is using EFT. The important thing is that it’s used properly. The first time that I heard about EFT, someone was explaining and showing it to me and I really didn’t get anything from it. I felt nothing and nothing happened. This was because the person was making the tapping itself responsible for the shift and didn’t realize that there was much more to it. Thankfully, as I said, I was exposed to and was able to witness someone doing it properly and to get a better understanding of it.

Now, the important thing with EFT is not so much the tapping. To me, the tapping is really a permission slip that people use to get the mind out of the way and let the energy work happen. The problem is that the tapping, in and of itself, isn’t going to cause that change. You have to use it in conjunction with forming the right statements. If you’re not using just the right statements, you’re not going to be connecting with the right energy, and you’re not going to be releasing anything.

So, when I was able to observe this EFT master, I saw that she very intuitively (like any energy healer) zeroed right in on those beliefs.

EFT in Action

First, she got the person to state the negative belief. She got the person to admit where they were (emotionally). In any energy work, if you’re not willing to acknowledge where you are, you’re not going to be able to shift that. People who have worked with addiction, for example, know that a large part of the healing comes from the person simply admitting that they have a problem. It’s paramount to any healing technique that the person admits how they truly feel. They say “I’m not happy here. I hate my job”. Then you’d ask yourself, how you feel about that (dig deeper). You might answer: “It makes me angry.”

State how you feel

The practitioner got the clients to state, with as much precision as possible, how they were feeling, and to connect with the feeling of what was really going on. This is something that a lot of people will not allow themselves to do, because, in their mind or belief system, admitting how they truly feel is going to be painful. They believe that there’s nothing they can do about it anyway, and so there’s no point in harping on about how they don’t like where they are. They might as well just gloss over it and shove it aside and say, “I’m fine! It’s fine here! I don’t really mind it that much”, when really, inside, they’re dying a little every time they go to work. You first have to admit that you don’t feel good, how it is that you’re really feeling and that you don’t like the situation.

Work your way up the ladder incrementally

Second, the practitioner, got the person to incrementally choose statements that moved them up the vibrational ladder. This means that they made statements that were, at first, quite negative sounding, but were more positive to them than the original statement. Over time, they changed those statements to ever more positive ones until they finally named how they really wanted to feel.

Don’t judge

All this time, they were confirming that there was no judgment against these negative beliefs. For example, if you say “I hate myself”, in EFT, they’ll ask you to state “Even though I hate myself, I fully and completely accept myself.” This causes you to take on the perspective that it’s ok for you to feel the way you feel. Not only are you acknowledging how you feel, but you’re also taking the judgment out of it and saying “It’s ok for me to be where I am”, “It’s ok for me to feel this way”, or “It’s ok for me to be in this situation.” Simply acknowledging how you feel without judgment will already cause a really big shift in many cases. You can get tremendous amounts of relief from just saying the words “This is how I feel. I don’t feel good about this. I hate this. I don’t like this.” A lot of the time, people will already start releasing right then. Just saying the words will get them to break out in tears.

Focus on what you want

The next thing the practitioner did was to take the person incrementally up the Vibrational Ladder, by helping them find the perfect words to describe where they wanted to go, what their actual desire was (naming their desire), and getting them to focus on that. They then built a bridge from where they were to where they wanted to go. They found the perfect words so that each statement felt better and better.

The process is the same as always…

From my point of view, this was just like any other healing technique. The power in EFT, for me (and I’m really sorry EFT aficionados, I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes), is not in the tapping. I think the tapping helps, and that it’s a permission slip; tapping is something you can believe in (it feels like you’re “doing something”, which can be helpful to many people). People understand, “Oh, I tap. There are the meridians. This is going to help me.” But from my point of view, even though this can be beneficial to someone who believes it is, the real benefit came from naming the issues connected with the energy and moving it up. The tapping, for me, was really secondary.

If you’re drawn to tapping, go ahead. I’m not trying to discourage you from it. What I’m saying is that the tapping alone isn’t going to do it. You have to choose the right statements. If it’s not working for you even though you’re drawn to it, then the problem is probably that you’re not choosing the right statements. I would highly recommend that you go work with a really talented practitioner who has a long history of helping people, and who can intuitively help you choose the right statements.

If you’re not drawn to tapping, then don’t worry about it. There are many other healing techniques out there.

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  • I had enormous success with EFT. Yes it may be a permission slip, like everything else is, according to Bashar. When I first learned about it, I did go to a practitioner. She helped me with family issues, money issues, allergy issues. After that, I learned more about it by myself, even took some classes. I cleared jealousy issues with it, some more money issues, not good enough issues. I love Brad Yate’s tapping videos on youtube. I just recently had an emotional “attack”, and could not get over it with anything else i tried, tapped with him, and am clear. I do recommend going to a practitioner though for more dip sitted issues like family stuff, your past, etc. She/he may help you uncover lots of negative beleifs.

  • Thank you for this article, Melody.

    I ran across EFT years ago and it changed my life and is close to my heart, so my post might be a bit biased. I try to be as objective as possible, though.

    EFT is not tapping and vice versa. It uses the motion of tapping on the meridian points as part of the technique, but simply doing the tapping is not doing EFT. Although the basic procedure is rather simple to do, it follows several steps and if not done correctly might get you nowhere.

    The beauty of it is that you can do it by yourself with a rather high success rate, even as a beginner. You don’t even have to believe in it, you can downright be opposed to it, it most probably still will work. I’m taking a wild guess, but those who don’t get results with EFT are not doing it correctly. The key is TUNING IN, you have to feel the issue you are working on. Words are not even necessary, by the way, but are important (there’s a setup statement and reminder phrase in the basic recipe), but it’s purpose is not a robotic mumbling, but to get you to FEEL your negative emotion regarding your issue.

    This is the reason so-called “tapping scripts” or tapping along a youtube video often fail. I recommend using Gary Craig’s (I love you, Gary!) original technique and follow it to the letter. You will get results. Will your core beliefs vanish as a one-minute-wonder? I doubt it. Core beliefts are not so easy to find and then they are stubborn. But they are this way. Regardless of which energy technique you are using. Simple tapping several times along a video will not make all your problems disappear. EFT means digging and feeling and using the simple technique properly.

    I disagree with you, Melody, on the tapping part. You said that tapping isn’t causing the change. While the statement might be important, it often isn’t even necessary. You just have to tune in, feel the issue and then start the tapping. The shifts are often happening only after a few meridian points, but the tapping is doing the balancing of the energy, it is clearing the energy disruption that causes the problem. The moment you start to touch the meridian points, magic happens.

    I used EFT for health reasons usually, but look where it got me! I never believed in all that I know and do now before. To me energy healing was utter nonsense. EFT changed it all. I used it effectively on physical pain, phobias, limiting beliefs, allergies, all kinds of emotional issues etc. Had my fair share of miracles; phobias disappearing literally after seconds, painful wasp stings healing in only seconds before my eyes, eliminated intense pain remotely without the other believing in and expecting the treatment, freed complete strangers who spoke a different language from fear of heights, had a non-believer drop high blood pressure as she did the protocol herself, treated animals who calmed down completely, healed a bird (!) who “thanked” me and then flew away, etc…..

    My suggestion for Becky (and all others who are interested) is: go to Gary Craigs website, learn the real EFT and then DO THE WORK!!! You will have to sit down, do some digging and work on yourself. You will have to connect to your feelings, you might find some not so nice stuff, too. And while positive expectation always helps and miracles often happen after a few minutes, be prepared to work on your issues for days or even weeks. If, after a few tries, you won’t get the result you dreamed of, then be committed! You won’t conclude that your biceps doesn’t grow after only a handful of times in the gym, would you?!

    Long post, but very important to me…Gary (and later on Abraham) had so much impact on my life. Thanks!


    • I will!!! Thank you!!! Sounds AWESOME!!! I’ve already made some pretty big shifts with it – small in the grand scheme, as I know I still have some work to do, but sometimes it has really created some WOW-release moments!

      • Thanks for your reply! I love hearing that you are getting good results with EFT. Like with everything, one’s skill with EFT will improve over time as will the results. I wish you all the best, Becca! 🙂

  • Also – I combine it with many techniques I’ve learned from you. In particular when trying to deliberately manifest something, I imagine what I want and then tap directly on the resistance. Viola! I don’t even say new positive statements, I just say “letting it go.” and then my manifestations appear! Wee!

  • Melody –
    Tapping! One of my FAVORITE and most effective tools (for me). I’m an avid tapper and also teach it to my clients. I actually prefer the FasterEFT over the traditional and having latched onto that one more strongly I can affirm that you are right when you say getting in touch with the energy is key, but the statements are not actually necessary to do that. The FasterEFT has you become mindfully aware of how you are creating the problem inside your body and then tap it away saying general phrases and then getting more specific. It’s just a little different modality.

    Anyway- I have to disagree with you on your assumption that the tapping isn’t anymore beneficial than the intention alone. Intention alone and being honest with where your energy is it at WILL move it. Tapping will also move it without words if you are currently experiencing it. (This has been evidenced by tapping on children in distress without saying anything and watching their whole physiology settle.) Together, there is an intense synergy if done correctly.

    From my cursory research, I have ascertained that tapping actually serves the purpose of soothing the amygdala. Essentially, it shuts off that “fight or flight” response to whatever we are feeling by sending a contradictory signal to the brain via the meridians that all is actually well. It helps with bilateral connection of the right and left hemispheres so that the right brain that is churning out all of those sticky emotions can accept the influence of the more logical left brain and help form new beliefs more quickly. The consistent tapping motion also initiates your brain turning on some delta waves which put you into a deeply relaxed state. Those are the brain waves that you usually find in sleeping people and they have the effect of helping to clear emotional trauma (hence why when you “sleep on” something you often feel better in the morning, have more clarity, etc.)

    I fear I might be doing the research a disservice, but the tapping itself really is an essential part of this healing technique and part of why it accelerates the release of whatever energy you are trying to clear.

    The relaxing nature of the technique and the quick reduction of emotional charge has for me and many others I know made it safe to experience deeply ingrained emotional patterns that otherwise would be far too scary to embrace all at once. It clears the energy MUCH faster and smoother than intention alone, vibrational ladder alone, affirmations alone, etc. When done right, it’s really a miraculous way to shift some energy fast.

    🙂 Just my 2 cents.

    • That is exactly my experience with it!! I’m so glad to read it has the same healing effects for others as it does for me – not just coming from the book!

  • Thank you so much for this. I have used EFT quite a bit and have been ambivalent most of the time, and sometimes found it very useful. Combining the ‘vibrational ladder’ with EFT makes so much sense. I am going to start doing that and see what happens. Thanks!

  • I’ve never really been that into EFT, I think I tried it once and it didn’t really work. Thanks for the explanation about how it’s a tool like any other. I may have a proper go with it in the future. I like the fact that there are lots of different healing techniques you can try.

    P.S. Hope everyone enjoyed the London meet-up. 🙂

  • I agree with you that the statements are the key to EFT, but I also believe the tapping is the doorknob. In other words, if we look at the energy blockages as a locked door, you would need a key to unlock it, and then pull the doorknob to actually open it. You can’t just pull the doorknob and expect the door to open. You actually also have to use the key. I see the tapping as the doorknob and the statements as that key.
    The reason I see it that way is because, if the tapping is just a distraction, then couldn’t that also be said about any other energy technique, whether it be reiki, working in nature, or anything else you could imagine? I believe that the tapping has to accelerate the release of energy, just as any of those other tools do. I personally see the function of the meridians as a co-creation, just like the function of say, each part of the brain.
    I just thought I would share my opinion on this matter because I felt inspired to do so, and I am also very curious then, if you see tapping as a distraction, then how can you tell which tools are simply distraction, and which ones actually accelerate the release of energy?

  • Hi Melody – I remember way back in 2004 when I first heard of EFT and had the opportunity to take a course from the founder, Gary Craig (

    It was interesting how at that time how he was helping people with phobias like fear of heights, fear of water, smoking, etc. Just goes to show there can be a number of things that will trigger the right combination to tuning in with our spirits and what’s going on to put us on the right path of release and freedom.

  • Hi melody!
    Thank you for your response!! This is great! I often use EFT with the set up statements and what not, but the one time it really surprised me and ultimately hooked me was when I was in a dreaded meeting that my energy sucking negative boss was leading it. The kind of meeting where after wards you just want to crawl in a hole & sleep. I was randomly tapping on my forehead in the meeting & I remember feeling better. Then I remembered about the tapping. Now I was in a large group meeting, so I very incunspictiously started going through the tapping points, but I wasn’t us in any statements. I was still paying attention to the meeting, but when I left I felt great!! I’m an empath so I always feel drained after those meetings and I’m not great at blocking energy yet, but the tapping appeared to have done that for me. I was able to release my bosses negativity. I’ve released a bit of others things as well, but this was an shah moment for me! Thanks again melody!

  • I’ve tried EFT on my own and with a practitioner and I have to say that working with a practitioner made all of the difference for me!

  • I tried this EFT once with a lady on Youtube and it was kind of boring. I think it helped me get to a place of ‘neutral’, not ‘calm’ and centered but definitely ‘neutral’. I don’t think it worked for me. Thank you for the video! You have such an amazing smile!

  • Hey Melody
    Thanks for your thoughts on this technique. I had dabbled with it a bit, and was actually recently thinking about it again. You definitely gave me some helpful information for getting the most out of it. Great reminder about not every tool being the best for everyone, or feeling like you must do a certain technique or you can’t get results. And I totally agree that the core issue is identifying the right issues to shift energy optimally.

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