Awesome Seeda asks: “My burning question is regarding time travel. Because we have LOA, parallel lives and time is not linear, we should definitely be able to time travel. Could it be that we’re engaging in time travel all the time, but aren’t aware of it due to the fact that one has to completely let go of the old self in order to shift to a parallel life?? Can you enlighten us please?

Dear Awesome Seeda,

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The short answer to whether or not you can time travel is… Yep! Totally! And yes, we do it all the time.

Now, for those of you who haven’t come down the rabbit hole to quite this extent yet, let me give you just a tiny little bit of pre-explanation about what Awesome Seeda is talking about in terms of parallel lives. There is no past; there is no future. Everything is happening right here, right now. So, when we’re talking about past lives, or future lives or other lives, we’re really just talking about parallel lives. They’re happening in parallel to the life that you’re having right now.

The Grandfather Paradox Lie

Now, time travel movies have kind of given us the wrong idea with the whole Grandfather Paradox – the idea that you can go back in time, meet your younger self or your grandfather, for example, kill him off, and therefore cease to exist. That’s not really how it works. That scenario presupposes that there’s only one timeline which you’re jumping back and forth on. But that’s not really how it is.

Think of it more like this: It’s like a series of movie film strips on a reel, and they’re all static. So, there are all these different versions of you, all happening at the same time, but as far as you’re concerned, they’re just standing there, all still. When you take your focus out of this version of you and you put your focus into a different version of you, that new version then becomes your reality. And it starts to move, because you’re moving through it. It’s your focus that animates it. [Note: this is a metaphor, obviously, the other realities are not static, but saying they are helps you to stop worrying about “messing” them up as you shift into them, and a whole slew of other fears.]

Now, when you shift into a different film strip, when you shift into a different reality, you’re shifting into a completely different person. So, when you’re shifting into the past, you’re actually shifting into a different reality, or even different dimension, if you will. You’re getting a completely different version of yourself that you are now entering into, or possessing, if you will (ha!). You’re animating that reality through your focus, but you are now a completely different person. This means that your memories are going to be different; your past, your future, all of that’s going to be different. You’ll have different experiences. Sometimes, those experiences are only slightly different from the ones that you had before, and sometimes they can be vastly different.

Why do you want to time travel?

When most people want to shift into the past or time travel, they’re really doing it out of a desire to change the present. They think, “If only I could go back in time, I could change this. I could kill off Hitler and that mess will never have happened. Or I could kick that bully who was picking on me on the playground in the gonads and I could save myself a whole lot of pain. Or I could tell myself to never, ever, EVER date that guy in the twelfth grade because, OMG, what a douche.”

But when you’re thinking about going back to the past in order to change your present, you’re misunderstanding the fact that everything is happening NOW, and that you don’t need to go back to the past, to change your present. You can simply change your present NOW.

For example, when you discover a belief within yourself that you are not worthy, or that all men are evil, and you can see this play out in your reality by the fact that you’re attracting a bunch of douchebags, you can change that belief. And then your entire reality changes, because YOU change. You are, in that moment, shifting into a completely different film strip, where your past is actually different. As Seeda stated, the problem is that you’re not necessarily going to be aware of that. In fact, in most cases, you’re not going to be aware of it. You’re not going to retain the memories that you had before. Your life is just going to get better.

Things are a little different now

But because of the time that we live in right now, because we’re in this beautiful high vibration that’s getting higher and higher, because we’re in the time of awakening, there are going to be instances when you are going to be aware of the shift. This means that you’re going to retain just a little bit of that old memory (sometimes only for a little while), so that you can actually see the difference and become consciously aware of the fact that you’ve shifted into a version of yourself where that past is no longer relevant, because it’s no longer your past.

In those instances you may still sort of vaguely remember that the guy in the twelfth grade was a douchebag (although, again, that’s going to drift out over time), but you’re not going to care anymore. You’re not really going to think about it anymore; it’s not going to affect you anymore; and after just a little while you’re going to stop telling that story altogether. It will drift completely out of your reality because it was never really part of the new reality that you’re now in.

Can we connect to our parallel lives?

Now, having said all of that, is it possible to connect with your “past” or “future” selves? Yes, absolutely! Because it’s all happening now. But remember that you’ll only connect to those parallel lives of yours that are relevant, meaning that there has to be a vibrational match there, just like with any other manifestation. Now, why would you do that? Well, actually, you do it all the time in order to get a broader perspective, in order to get more information. A lot of the impulses and ideas that you’re having are actually coming to you from knowledge you’ve gained in a parallel life. Your higher self, Who You Really Are, has view of all of those parallel lives and all the information contained within them. That’s how it really knows where to send you, where to give you the impulse to go, because it has all of that information.

This is also why we should never, with our little one-focus, one-reality human brains, try to figure out how something has to come about. We don’t have NEARLY the amount of information that our higher self does. So, it’s way better to trust our higher self to give us the directions, based on the view that it has, rather than trying to figure it out for ourselves down here.

When you connect to a parallel life, you can get information. You can manifest clarity that way. You can manifest clarity in many different ways, but this is a really fun way to do it. So for example, I have, in meditations, connected with several parallel lives. One of them is a future version of myself – the future version that I’m heading towards at the moment. And I was able to get some clarity from her. Now, did she give me anything that I wasn’t allowed to have? No, of course not. Was she giving me anything that I wasn’t ready for? No, of course not. She really acts kind of as a guide. I’m connecting with a different aspect of myself in order to get that guidance, but I might as well be connecting with a spirit guide, or manifesting through a book, a song, seminar, a blog post or even a Youtube video. It doesn’t really matter HOW I get that clarity; this is just one other avenue that can open up for you.

Let’s not get rid of time just yet

Another thing that I want to address in terms of time travel is that even though there really isn’t such a thing as “time”, in terms of everything happening RIGHT NOW, in parallel, we do perceive a linear timeline. And there is great value in that. There’s continuity in that. It makes sense to us and it gives us a structure in which we can operate.

I have had one experience in my own life, personally, where I was in a San Pedro ceremony in Peru, and I expanded out to everything that is. I became everything that is. This was way further than my conscious mind could handle and I lost consciousness. I was “out of there”. And when I “came back in”, I had a little bit of a rough re-entry. What happened was that I came back in out of time sequence. So, even though I still saw the linear time sequence, I experienced things out of time. So, something that I experienced first, was actually something that happened after the thing that I experienced next. This was profoundly disorienting, and I’ve got to tell you, if I hadn’t years ago gotten rid of the fear that I’m going to go insane doing this work, I would never have been able to handle this kind of experience. It was very disorienting.

For just a little while, and I couldn’t tell you how long because, again, time wasn’t existing in that place, I really didn’t know where I was and if I was really here, or what was real. Everything was kind of converging. And so I can tell you that it was valuable, but it was also quite uncomfortable for me, because we’re used to having the structure of the linear time. And when that gets taken away, our human minds aren’t really built to handle it all that well. I personally prefer to have the structure of the linear time line, to think of it in terms of past and future and present, even though I know, intellectually, that those don’t exist. To experience my reality that way is actually quite valuable and I think that if you think about it, most of you will probably agree.

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  • I wonder if this explains something that happened to me..At the start of last year (2013), when I first started changing how I think about all these kind of things (although I didn’t get into LoA until much more recently), I went through a phase of feeling completely disconnected from my old self. I had always had a really good memory but I was forgetting everything, and the things I could remember I felt absolutely no connection to; if somebody spoke about something I had done in the past all I could think was ‘that wasn’t me’…I knew it WAS but it might as well have been a completely different person. I had always been a trying-to-quit smoker and I just stopped, without a single craving, I suddenly wasn’t a smoker and didn’t understand how I ever had been. Veery strange. It only lasted about half a year though (back to smoking, ha) and my memory is mostly back, though I do still feel pretty detached from everything that happened before I got into this rabbit hole for the last year and a half.

    One thing that does worry me is how do you manage to stay in reality (even if it is a reality you love that you’ve obviously constructed to suit yourself) when thinking about the metaphysical and the spiritual all the time? I am happy with my life and know I am capable of making it as great as I want to, but I don’t feel like I’ve really engaged with anything like I used to before I started believing that there’s more to life than what you’re told. My head has been too full trying to figure other stuff out. Hope this doesn’t make me sound too crazy – I don’t feel crazy, just up in the clouds 🙂 Also, how much do you engage with things like politics and environmentalism if they are things that bring up bad feelings in you; do you still vote and make much of an effort being green? These are things I used to care about but feel detached from now.

    I love this blog by the way I’ve been addicted since I found it a couple of months ago 🙂 And I love you for bringing all this out of the woo-woo realm so it could finally click for me.


    • A weekend “walk-about” will help. It’s essentially spending time in nature in isolation, not communicating with anyone. This helps clear the mind, calm the heart, and reconnect your spirit to everything that is.

      • Thanks for replying 🙂 I’m pretty outdoorsy anyway and that does help, guess I just need to practice keeping my head a bit quieter! X

  • Hey Melody! Reading the short summary of the coaching call which covered the topic of waiting around for men got me thinking – if you often find yourself in situations where you have to wait for people, for example friends being late, or waiting for other people to make decisions etc – which often, at least for me leads to annoyance, what kind of limiting belief could be the reason for these kind of manifestations? I’m really curious about this 🙂 Hugs!

    • Bex,

      The thing that popped into my mind when I read your question is “Good things come to those who wait.” That might be a place to start.


  • I am curious what happens to the parallel you in the reality that enters, and what happens in a reality when you leave it? The video game analogy is one I can understand, and another allegory that works for me is Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber stories, where the main characters can shift through parallel worlds by focusing on changing their environments through thought. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this. It feels right to me, I just keep finding holes that I want to fill. Thanks.

  • Hey Melody,

    Thank you so much for answering my question. You made my day. I became so happy just by the fact that you chose my question to answer.(Am I sounding stupid???..anyway I don’t care. I am happy..yayyyy)

    {“But when you’re thinking about going back to the past in order to change your present, you’re misunderstanding the fact that everything is happening NOW, and that you don’t need to go back to the past, to change your present. You can simply change your present NOW.”} This clears everything for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a divine gift.

    Oh! BTW, my name is not Seeda but Sadeea. 🙂

  • Hey Melody
    First off..I love the picture for this post..I literally LOL’d. Fascinating topic, but one that tends to make my head spin a bit, like when scientists say stuff like a millionth of a second and what not. Your grasp on this stuff, and how you can explain it so well never ceases to amaze me!

  • Hi Melody!
    As I was reading this, I found myself wandering what your opinion is on the odd “time warp” that you can sometimes experience on Facebook? For example there are some childhood friends that I had that have friended me on Facebook that without such a social media would have naturally wandered out of my life never to have intersected with my path again. Social media encounters like this are pretty new and seem to have the potential to create an interesting sort of third space where your past might sometimes feel like it renters the present.

    • So interesting that you mention this. I have been coming across many people from my teenage years through Facebook. I have felt very aware that there is some sort of meaning behind this. I’ve been wondering if I’m giving off more of the type of vibration that I did at that age. Also I wonder if I’m shifting my future reality from the thoughts and feelings associated when I see these people on Facebook. I honestly have felt an excitement and more of a youthfulness when remembering what these people represented to me! This is what I have been wanting to attract more of into my life, so interesting that my past is what is triggering these feelings. I agree it is as if the past has reentered the present 🙂

  • I have a friend who seems to give minimal aknowledgement to the linear concept of time! She is quite a spiritual person, and I believe that she is an empath even though she hasn’t recognised it in herself yet. She never really had parents growing up, her dad was absent and her mother had minimul input in her life. Tough upbringing, but she’s not the typical ‘troubled’ person coming from a broken home. She is very content and happy. As a result, the way that she sees the world was never really influenced by adults when she was a child.

    Anyway, the way that she views time is very curious. She has absolutely no concept of how much time has passed, ever. Five minutes and five hours same like the same thing to her. She often doesn’t remember pre planned dates, or how long away a particular event is. She will refer to something that happened a few weeks ago, when in fact it was a few years ago. In every other way, her memory is fine…seems like a nice way to live. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

  • WOW!!!!! I could see how the event of experiencing life out of sequence was quite discombobulating. Friggin’ intriguing, although not sure if I want to experience that — I have enough trouble dealing with today’s reality as it is. In fact, I KNOW that I would not like to experience that personally. I was meditating once and my crown began to intensely pulsate and I immediately reacted in fear and whatever I was about to experience didn’t happen because it appeared I was unable to handle it at the time. I regret that but haven’t been able achieve similar results since. I sensed it was some type of possible psychic breakthrough for me. Oh well. I must say that your perseverance is admirable.

    • I’ve had this same experience during meditation and I tend to freak out a little too. Once I was actually able to sit there and allow it and it was really weird. You know how you get that weird tingly feeling when you go down the first hill of a roller coaster? It kinda felt like that. Of course that is no big deal and it’s actually a really fun feeling if you allow it. And now I LOVE it when I feel like that during meditation.
      If it gets too strong though, I do tend to freak out a little bit.

      But now that I know the worst that could happen is I might pass out (I’m not gonna like, lay there and die or anything), I might just barrel on through the feeling and see what happens. 🙂

  • Your higher self, your inner being, “remembers” and gives you nudges and feelings, at least that is how I can explain it. It does know the big picture and can guide you. I came across the person I shared all my “lives” with and there was soul recognition, a very profound experience. This is the real deal and not woo-woo, but if I come across as being that, I will stop here.

    Thank you for this and I hope to see more in the “future”.

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